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  1. JCPenney’s 18 slims look too big in the waist based on the size chart from this page. but JCPenney has 26x29 in young men’s here oldnavy has some jeans in 26x28 and 26x30 here. do you *have* to have jeans or just long pants? If just long pants, that might open up more options.
  2. After Lands End, we used size 18 slim in JCPenney’s Arizona brand and bought online. It was hit or miss finding them though. Like the others, American Eagle is where we finally ended up.
  3. I have no experience with these science courses, but it looks like you could still join in on their intensives: https://hscollegebound.com/Science-Intensives.htm a self-paced option: conceptualacademy.com
  4. Check the back of the book. I think there’s a timeline after the main text. (We use the audiobook more than the physical book, so it’s been a while since I looked at a physical book.)
  5. I have no good solutions except to use only trusted sources or previewing episodes. For a short while, I controlled it through my phone and let them have a Bluetooth speaker in their room. But it got cumbersome.
  6. “The Problem” by the Regenstrief Institute NPR’s “Planet Money” isn’t about science or world affairs but always entertaining. and of course, “Brains On” for science.
  7. @BlsdMama did you ever end up buying anything? Inspiration did not hit me this summer, so I’m ready to purchase inspiration. also did you see the Cindy Rollins’s Handbook of Morning Time is back in print in a revised version? It’s on Amazon.
  8. Is there an easy way to search what books (for the learning to read crowd) are able to utilize the Immersion Reading feature? Any way to do this with the Kindle Unlimited option? Or with the Audible premium plus catalog? Or are there blogs where moms have created lists of books already? (I know I'm asking for a unicorn.)
  9. Angelina Stanford’s middle school class does this at a very gentle pace. My kids did the self paced option this past year and enjoyed it. (And Animal Farm was one of the selections this past year!) https://houseofhumaneletters.com/
  10. A short term solution might be a summer sublease near one of the universities
  11. Do they work? Yes. I find them better than nothing. But sometimes I want it to be more cooling. I’ve tried frog togs (Walmart has them for pretty cheap, sometimes at the B&M store) and a more fabric-y one like you linked. I found the fabric-y got stinky much faster than the frog togs and warmed up faster than FT. And I’ve had one of blue FTs bleed onto a light green FT.
  12. Re: investing/stock market Maybe ask for an online class too to make it more educational like one from outschool or from Funda Funda. So ask for a class and money. re: flint and steel. You can link her to Townsends.us for supplies and advertise it as historical reenactment. re: cooking. What abt cooking historical recipes? Check out the Townsends YouTube channel and the Tasting History with Max YouTube channel to try to hook your DS and mom.
  13. Book darts box of donuts or macarons personalized note pad (Shutterfly’s pads are nice and thick paper) someone once posted here about lovepopcards.com fancy/gourmet spices like from Spice House.
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