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  1. LOL. This is my dh. He doesn’t care about looking normal. 😜
  2. Bummer. I like Sparkpeople. I haven’t done it as consistently as you (!) but when I want to get serious about logging my food, it is my go-to app. I’ll be sorry to see it go.
  3. Thank you for this! I had my phone set to Automatic Updates, so (silly me) I thought my phone would update automatically. Lol. I did what you said and there was an update available. So, I’ll see if that solves the problem. It generally occurs after I have left the house and come back home, so I’ll find out this afternoon. Thanks!
  4. I still don’t know why this is happening. I think like TheReader mentioned, it has something to do with the two levels of wifi. I can only seem to get one level of wifi on the phone. I have discovered that when it is not loading a page, instead of just turning OFF wifi, if I go to Settings and choose my wifi, it works better. It seems to be going to other wifi options rather than mine (like generic xfinitywifi) for some reason. I haven’t gotten a notification recently that there is an iOS update available so I assume I’m up to date
  5. Thanks for both responses. Yes, this is happening at home, only to me. My phone is updated. We do not have internet monitoring. I did reboot my router and that didn’t help. I do have two different wifi levels. I’ll try the other one and see if that helps.
  6. For the past several weeks, when I try to go to a website or certain apps, the page has a hard time loading. I’ve figured out that I can turn off the wifi and then the page loads quickly. But no one else in the house is having issues with the wifi, so I assume it’s my phone. I’ve tried turning the phone off then restarting but it makes no difference. It’s not all the time. It’s not all websites. I can’t figure out the pattern. Any ideas?
  7. I just got back from a "sisters weekend" with three of my sisters. The hostess put together bags for us that contained fun but inexpensive things: foot masks (who knew THAT was a thing?!), eye gel, lemony hand sanitizer, lip balm, car coaster, and candle. It was at the beach, so many of these had a beach theme or scent. So maybe you could put together a few small items with a theme?
  8. Oh no. Satin and chiffon scare me! I have no advice to give cuz I avoid sewing with those. But I’m sure you’ll figure it out!
  9. Janeway, I know that sibling situations can be very tricky, especially when there are in-laws involved. Especially when your husband feels excluded. I’m going through something very similar to this right now, and I know that the answers are not simple. It also sounds like if you haven’t had a family vacation in 8 years, that the suggestion to “just go on TWO trips!” might not be realistic. Just to clarify, will you be staying at your grandmother’s or a hotel? How many and how old are your kids? Is your dh ok with driving that far with the kids? Is there a specific bday even
  10. Another vote for gas. We’ve had both over the years. When we re-did the kitchen in the current house, we actually had a gas line added just to have the gas stove. So, if you already have the gas line, stick with gas!
  11. Well, it looks like we’re okay for now. Repairmen were able to fix the problem. For now. But from what all of you have said and other articles we’ve read, it does sound like the cost to retrofit would be prohibitive. So, when the time comes, we’ll probably just replace this one with another traditional hot water heater. Thanks for all the input!
  12. Why do people have to stagger bath times? I thought there is limitless hot water? Isn’t that supposed to be one of the advantages?
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