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  1. This is what I was going to say. We have a nearby community going through this right now -the landfill wants to expand; people are fighting it, but I’m pretty sure the landfill will win ultimately. And I’d be concerned that is what is going to happen to the forested land in your map
  2. If we get a realtor involved, it adds to the cost. We are trying to avoid a realtor (for now. That may change if the tenants don’t buy it). I was not aware, either, that appraisers can be hired to give their opinion of a fair market price, hired by the seller. Apparently that’s something they do.
  3. Thanks, everyone. I guess I’m asking, has anybody ever used an appraiser to help set the price? This would be BEFORE the bank got involved.
  4. I hear ya. And our tenants have taken good care of the place. But we’ve also given them a RIDICULOUSLY low rent. Even lowered the rent a few years back. My husband is the soft-hearted one who would give the place away, but I have to temper that with a little bit of realism. If we can do this without a realtor, maybe we can all be happy with the price. But I do appreciate the advice and totally understand where you’re coming from.
  5. Hi Everyone! We’ve been renting one of our houses to a family for the past 12 years. We finally FINALLY decided to sell the house. Our first step was to tell the tenants that we were considering selling. At first they said, now that their kids were older this would be an ok time for them to downsize. But a week later (today) they emailed and said they might be interested in buying the house. Then he asked how much we would be asking, and if we would be using an appraiser. We had not thought of an appraiser. We assumed we would be putting it on the market with a real estate agent. So
  6. Hey! I just wanted to followup and say thanks for all these suggestions. Obviously, I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I did just finish the 8-part series Bag Man and it was great! So thanks for the recommendation and I want to suggest it for anyone. Great little slice of history that I was only vaguely aware of.
  7. We tried Keurig a few years ago. We didn’t like it. I like the coffee I like. Same type all the time. I could see maybe a family having one if 1) either someone liked to try various coffees, or 2) if different people in the household liked different coffees. It just didn’t deserve to take up my counter space since dh and I drink the same coffee. It’s better for a work or business situation, imo, but others will probably disagree. Yes, I believe you can do hot tea and apple cider etc but like you said, a tea kettle is pretty easy
  8. I agree with those who suggested Schtisel. We loved it. I watched Unorthodox and it was ok but not as great as Schtisel. DH and I are currently re-watching Mad About You. I guess it’s not a hidden gem, but maybe there are people here young enough not to have watched it when it was first out. It’s on Amazon Prime.
  9. Yes! Thank you. That is the name of the author I was trying to think of. Turns out maybe she’s not Black or Hispanic, but there are at least some of her books that have Black characters.
  10. It’s been too many years since I homeschooled little ones. I’m trying to think of the name of a picture book author/illustrator. I think the characters were mostly Black. Maybe Hispanic. Patti Pellacio or something like that. Can someone help me out?
  11. Along these lines, I assume, I have also enjoyed Civics 101. Nice and short but informative.
  12. Thanks. These are some good suggestions - lots that I’ve not seen on other lists!
  13. I know there was a podcast recommendation thread not too long ago, but I think I’m looking for something different than that poster. I’m looking for recommendations for ME, not to listen with the family. During the pandemic, I walked for hours and listened to podcasts that I wouldn’t have thought I would like but surprisingly did. Work Life with Adam Grant (I was laid off and pining for work) Happiness Lab (cuz pandemic sadness) Nice White Parents But now I can’t seem to find a good podcast series that grabs me. I don’t want true crime. I tried Brene Brown and that di
  14. Dh has allergies. We used to use a comforter, but we have found it too hot recently. So instead we use a top sheet and 3 blankets. That sounds like a lot of blankets but it gives us flexibility that the comforter didn’t. So washing three blankets can take a big chunk of the day - some times they don’t get dry the first time so I need to do the dryer twice. So, I’ve been doing them about every three weeks instead of the every week like allergists recommend. But I feel guilty for not doing them more often.
  15. I'm not talking about blankets that you rarely use. I'm talking about whatever it is that you sleep under every night. Anyone of course can answer, but I'd especially like to hear from people who have allergies or sleep with someone who has allergies.
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