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  1. At this point, I would have him treat it as a workplace injury because at this point you don't really know what the cause of his problem is. Have him ask for the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for all of the things he would come in contact with during a shift. Legally, they must be available to him. Then he needs to find out what the procedure is for workman's comp claims to make sure his MD visits are covered. Redness, swelling & peeling skin can be symptoms of allergies, but they can also be symptoms of chemical burns. He needs to be evaluated by an MD as soon as possible. Have h
  2. We moved within the same city - so same general environment, right down to the grocery stores. It's a great community.
  3. We moved in January and are very grateful we made the move before the pandemic hit. The house meets every one of our needs.
  4. This feels icky to me. I think gifts should be freely given and freely received. Relationships are reciprocal - with give and take. If you start entering money into the equation then it can become a competition or a source of envy or shame. But, I don't want people to feel obligated to send a Christmas card to me because I sent them one, so I don't tend to send many cards. So, maybe I am alone in this and the odd duck, I don't know.
  5. I agree. Why would they have sent her to a specialty store for an item she does not have with that much money if they weren't intending for her to spend it on her friend? It is up to the parents' to decide how much money they give their child, not you. It is rude to return a gift because it is expensive in the same way it would be rude to return a gift because it is inexpensive. If the child spent the money inappropriately, that is between her and her parents.
  6. I was just going to post this! My best friend told me about it. I'm a protestant with an RC background and I miss the liturgy.
  7. This has all brought to light the fact that people still don’t understand what homeschooling is. When government officials refer to public school virtual learning as “homeschool,” that’s the tip off. It’s understandable why some parents in that situation would think a group of homeschoolers would be able to help. In reality, the differences need to be patiently explained. I agree that beyond some time management tips there isn’t much crossover between the two. I understand their frustrations. It would have been so much better if the schools had lowered expectations this year, covering the basi
  8. I can empathize with this so very much! I have severe myopia, astigmatism and vitreous detachment. I get my eye glasses through a place that my ophthalmologist recommends. It is almost this expensive. Places like Costco, WalMart, Target and the online places simply don't make what I need. I am putting off getting a new pair right now, because I really need to get a pair of sunglasses. My parents both had macular degeneration and I need to protect my eyes from the sun. I think they need to wrap around to the sides for that and I think II will need a pair of sunglasses for outside and a regular
  9. When my son chewed gum for sensory reasons, we found that Orbit gum has the longest lasting flavor. He likes their lemon and cinnamon gums. I like the sweet mint. Their bubble gum is decent, too.
  10. Coretta Scott King was an incredibly brave woman and there are biographies of her around. The Hiding Place is about the Ten Boom family during WWII.
  11. Teachers and school administrators are not trained to determine risk level. That is the job of social service and law enforcement. Likewise, they have no idea if there is abuse in the home or if someone is a “flight risk.” The presence of a weapon in a school setting is threatening to many people, and for good reason. Giving someone a heads up when worried about safety & you don’t actually know the people involved doesn’t fall under the realm of common courtesy. Every year when school starts hospital ED visits & admissions for abuse related reasons go up. Why? Because there are more e
  12. No, the teacher was not out of line. It is alarming, and as teachers aren't equipped to evaluate situations like this, making a report to those who could was the responsible and right thing to do. IMO a BB gun should be locked in a gun safe and children should not have access. The parents are idiots, but I'm glad that they didn't clean up the background because now the authorities know there is reckless behavior at that home and they can be alert for the safety of the family, neighbors and themselves. Stupidity isn't a right. The mom consented to a police search and then complained about the
  13. Thanks - this is a good resource.
  14. You're not a killjoy. We are environmentally conscious people (to the extent that we have an electric car as well as 30 solar panels on our roof, avidly recycle, try to reduce waste, etc.). I live on a corner lot in the city - most of the yard is already illuminated by street lights all night. This is also one of the reasons we are doing solar landscaping lights - they aren't on as long and they don't draw from the power grid. Directional lighting will help as well - illuminating the footpath to the driveway & not the side of the house, for example. It's not perfect, but it could be worse
  15. I am also not a fan of those! The color is way too blue & bright for night outdoor lighting.
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