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  1. We have a couple of inches of very wet snow. It’s forecast to change over to rain shortly, so I expect the snow will be gone by the end of the day. It’s very pretty right now.
  2. TechWife

    Book recs for DS15

    The Disappearing Spoon Outliers
  3. TechWife

    Help! Drawing supplies for a 4 yo girl?

    Crayola came out with twistable colored pencils - they are awesome for kids who can’t quite coordinate using a hand held pencil sharpener yet.
  4. We signed the papers today! We should have a closing date in June or July of 2019. Here are two more pictures - This is the stone for the fireplace surround - it will be floor to ceiling & there is no hearth or mantle. The fireplace "floats" on the wall about 4' off the floor. Two more pictures of the model - we decided to get the molding on the staircase done like this - it goes all the way up to the ceiling and partly into the second floor hallway. We aren't getting the breakfast nook section done - we're going to do something different with that after closing. I am so excited!
  5. Sadly, they are not. I wish that they were, I know that as low as the edge of the shower can be, that just couple of inches can be a barrier. It is something we will look into having modified if needed.
  6. TechWife

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    We are of the same generation! I had a metal dollhouse, too! I'd have loved to have a Swatch watch! I went to the Swatch store when we were in Switzerland a few years ago and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on what is really a disposable watch! My husband kept telling me to get one, but I just couldn't do it.
  7. TechWife

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I wanted a Barbie swimming pool. I got a Barbie airplane instead.
  8. Thank you. Yes - I don't have the measurements handy, but it is a narrow lot. The neighborhood is being built with an "urban density" concept. Homes close together & there will be a grocery in the neighborhood, so we will be able to walk to the grocery store. I'm looking forward to that - I'm going to get one of those wire carts, I think. The lot sizes remind me of the neighborhood my cousin lives in near Chicago. There is about 20 feet between the houses in our section.
  9. Yes. We are planning for the future and limited mobility. We have no small children and there will not be a tv in either the living room or the master bedroom for the time being.
  10. Here are the floor plans: First floor: Deleting the door from office to powder room; no closet in office; not getting the shower only option on master bathroom. We are getting the third floor (also this "second floor with no third floor" is a misprint in their brochure, just ignore it). Outside: We are getting the three car garage & covered porch; we are getting the patio finished from the privacy wall all the way to the edge of the 3 car garage, covered portion will be the same as on on the plan. We are getting the outside fireplace and also having plumbing added for the gas grill on the open side of the patio. Second floor: Bottom left layout - delete door from bedroom 3 to bath 2; delete door on staircase to third floor. Third floor: Top left layout - rec room: powder room and closet next to it will be rough in only; elevator shaft & equipment room will be finished as closets; no wet bar. The staircase wall is a 1/2 wall so you can see over it onto the staircase. I think it will be a cat perch.
  11. TechWife

    Sports-Are-King vent...

    It sounds normal to me. Players attend practice unless they are contagious. Honestly, I learn a lot about many different topics by observation. I'd encourage your son to attend practice and ask himself the 5 W's and an H questions about what he is seeing, for example: Who is playing? What are their strengths as a player? What are their weaknesses? What is the differences between the way John does that and the way Jim does that? Why do they do it differently? Which way seems to work better? How can I improve the way I am playing based on what I am seeing? What happened when that shot rebounded? Where would I be if I were participating? How can John improve his whatever move (I know nothing about basketball, sorry)?
  12. Games are a big part of my gift giving this year. People were so helpful with ideas on another thread I had, but now I can't find it to update it, so I thought I'd post here. This year we are giving: Settlers of Catan Qwarkle Dutch Blitz Exploding Kittens Castle Panic Ticket to Ride I bought Pandemic for us to play.
  13. TechWife

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    I don't understand why, either. Maybe more people should read Everyone Poops? It's just science, folks!
  14. Yes, I think people will get it.
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