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  1. We stayed away from activities that prevented family dinners at a reasonable hour.
  2. Friday evening to Saturday morning: Austin - 13 shot - suspect at large Dallas - 5 shot, including 4 yo girl - suspect at large Savannah - 9 shot, including 2 yo and 13 yo; 1 dead - suspect at large Did you know that each of the numbers I listed above represents a human being? Each one is someone’s child? That there are mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, friends among them? Did you know that when people are shot, the bullets are often left in the victims? At least one victim of the Columbine shooting has lead poisoning as a result. Did you know that there will be
  3. I have a hard time believing that this is a third grade assignment. The example isn’t even written on a third grade level, much less the questions.
  4. This one puzzled me for a bit, too! The meritocracy and color blindness go together. If I understand correctly, CRT sees the narrative that in the US, we are a meritocracy and everyone has equal opportunity to succeed in any scenario regardless of the color of their skin as a false narrative. This is because our history has shown this to be false and because there are past and present barriers to success that are present for black and brown people that aren’t present or have a disproportionate impact. One example that I learned about recently is that houses in a predominantly black or brown n
  5. I’ve circled back to this piece from the American Bar Association a few times. It’s been helpful to me as I attempt to wrap my brain around this idea that has become so controversial. I am certainly not an expert on race, the law, or sociology. However, it seems to me that this controversy has been largely manufactured by people who don’t want to lose control over the narrative because they a) fear change b) want to maintain power over others and c) want to pretend everything is fine and people are just stirring things up. People have fought over what students should be taught about our countr
  6. They are a wonderful resource! They explain procedures to the children in a developmentally appropriate way, teach coping techniques and accompany children for different procedures to provide play distractions when needed & appropriate. A children’s hospital will definitely have them on staff, other hospitals that serve a significant pediatric population will as well. This is a video that does a good job explaining what they do.
  7. My son had a serious needle phobia and had to learn to deal with it due to a chronic illness that required regular blood draws. While he has figured out how to manage the procedures, he does have a vasovagal response to blood draws, stitches and injections. It usually happens within a couple of minutes after the end of the procedure or injection. Can you call your local hospital and ask to speak to a Child Life Specialist (CCLP)? They will have really helpful ideas for you. They are literally professionals at this kind of thing. If your local hospital doesn't have one, keep going to the n
  8. My husband runs a lot of meetings. It's pretty much what he does all day long. He also gives a lot of conference keynote speeches & seminars, at both internal and external events. All of these meetings, speeches and seminars are on his areas of expertise. That is what he is hired to do - lead in and speak about his areas of expertise. These tasks are among his primary job responsibilities. He works for an international company. He has been in meetings with the CEO/President of the company he works for. If he were to go off topic to promote a cause he personally believes in that has nothi
  9. For me, it isn't about first amendment rights, but about being appropriate for the situation at hand. In the working world, or even in university, one doesn't go to a meeting where they are on the agenda to talk about subject A and talk about subject B instead unless it's a flat out emergency of some sort.
  10. If the young man wasn't supposed to drape the flag over his graduation gown, then why didn't someone stop him before he entered the venue, or when he was sitting in his seat? Why wait until he was in the process of receiving his diploma? It seems like the point of that was an attempt to shame him. I don't have patience for people who treat others like that. I respect their right to have a dress code, or to list "appropriate attire." I don't respect the way it was enforced. As for the young lady and the speech, I think her speech wasn't in keeping with the purpose of the event and because
  11. Let her do whatever she wants. If she has asked about it, show her how to do it and let her decide. It's a cultural practice, that's it. Some may choose to do it, some not. IME, most teens & women in the US shave armpits and legs, particularly in the summer months, but again, it's cultural. I've never connected shaving or not shaving to feminism. Giving her the information/instruction she is asking for and letting her decide is consistent with my understanding of feminism. Shaving doesn't make your hair grow back darker or thicker, that's a myth.
  12. “I don’t think this is a good match for me. Thank you so much for thinking of me.” Why? ”A traditional tutoring program is more in line with my philosophy and skill set. I can tell you’re passionate about what you do & I wish you the best.”
  13. Congratulations! No, it’s not at all cheesy to throw your own graduation party! Have fun!
  14. I haven’t read all of the responses, so I don’t know if this has already been mentioned. It’s not a new idea, but it’s helped me a lot. When I fold towels, I stand in the closet and put them directly on the shelves. It saves a step and they are actually where they belong. Since I moved early last year, I’ve been nearly relentless when deciding what to keep and what to toss as far as mail goes. I also don’t bring a lot of stuff into the house. Frequent trips to goodwill occur and I get rid of things like ripped clothing quickly. Again though, I don’t think this is really a new way of
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