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  1. Given the information in the article, I would be inclined to agree. Admittedly I have not read all 235 pages of the indictment, but any organization that doesn't require adequate accountability is ripe for abuse. In this case it happens to be the California public school funds that were misused as they were applied to the Homeschool Charters. Here's another article:
  2. Disney Education is a great resource and the classes have a great reputation overall. By way of personal experience, my son took a photography class through the program at Epcot - he said it was by far the most informative and helpful of all the art classes he took in high school (including at the CC and the Art Museum). So, yeah, I wholeheartedly believe that a lot of education can occur at amusement parks with careful planning. Disney Youth Programs - Including Properties of Motion Physics (you know, roller coasters and such).
  3. I wouldn’t allow that. Go to an oral surgeon for the implant. I wouldn’t want a dentist messing with my jaw bone. The only reason for multiple root canals on the same tooth is if the first one wasn’t done correctly in the first place. I’ve had root canals by both dentists and endodontists. The endodontist had to repeat two root canals done by dentists because they didn’t get the entire root. She actually asked me if they had been done in another country because the way they were done is so unusual. I won’t do a root canal with a dentist again.
  4. My husband is a fit, healthy marathon runner who has to take medication for high blood pressure. His mother did as well, although she was not as healthy overall as my husband is. His doctor has said it is definitely genetic in his case.
  5. Passports have an expiration date on them. They don’t expire just because someone turns 18. If it hasn’t expired and isn’t due to expire within the accepted time frame of his destination, then there is no need to get a new one. There isn’t a “child” or “adult” passport in the US, the passport itself is exactly the same. The age of the person is taken into account when setting the expiration date.
  6. Talk about medical and financial power of attorney. If he is incapacitated, who does he want to make decisions about his medical care and finances? Talk about consequences of not having it in place (court costs, delays in treatment, possibility a non family member could be appointed). Have forms ready for him to sign once he turns eighteen. As part of the above, you might want to talk briefly about what his thoughts are on artificial life support and organ donation. Talk with the pediatrician about transitioning to adult primary care and ask for referrals/recommendations. Make sure your son has contact info for any past and present MDs and dentists in case he needs to access history while away from you. Don’t forget specialists, even if it’s been a while since he has seen them. Give pertinent information about family medical history, especially as it relates to cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart issues, psychiatric and vision issues. Make sure he knows cause of death for any grandparents, parents and siblings, if applicable.
  7. I just paid $15 per day for two cats, twice daily visits with medication administration for one of them twice a day. This is for a vet tech doing undergrad, hoping to go to vet school. She is awesome!
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. The funeral home should do it, for both the SSA and the VA. They will notify the VA when they request the flag (which they actually keep on hand, but have to document who they are used for).
  9. When he was in my early twenties, I made a few decisions that set my course on a path drastically different in my family that I was around at that time. I was leaving behind some toxic, narssisstic behavior had had been drawn into, Working Through the book “Search for Significance” THis book establishes self confidence in myself as a person created by G od to do good work. After completing that. Book a really started imderstanding who I am & how much I have to offer that my confidence rose. A bit of time later, I read Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend and it to was a life changing experience in that I was able to clearly see the relationships we have with extended family aren’t ones we are required to have in the same way. I learned to speak up and to protect the well being of myself and my family. The last book I’ll recommend is The Healing Path by Dan Allender. It helped me see learn to work through some events of my child & teen years and to tell my story and to look for and appreciate other people’s storires as well.
  10. As a seller, if I had limited resources, I would want them to make all of their repair requests at the same time. If I were to spend money fixing problem X for one inspection and later another inspection yields problem Y, which they buyers may consider more important than problem X, I may not have enough available cash to also fix problem Y. I would prefer that they state up front that they see problems X and Y and want them both fixed, then negotiation can commence if I am unwilling/unable to fix both problems. ETA: Usually it is the lender that requires a clean termite inspection. They will not underwrite the loan without one. If the buyers can't secure financing, they can walk away. In this case, with the buyer not getting any financing, it is to their advantage to know whether or not they need to walk away. I can totally understand why they want the termite inspection before they talk about repairs. When I sold my parents' house, I had to have the termite damage repaired and it was $9K (yep, you read that right). Termite issues are huge.
  11. My son has ASD. There have been some years where my "moral" choice was allowing him to eat "junk" food or allowing him to starve, because failure to thrive was a real risk. So, you might want to stop where you are.
  12. Sensory experiences and aversion to manual labor fall under personal preferences. I have a son with ASD, I know all about oral sensitivities and realize for some they aren't preferences, but requirements. However, for the majority of our population the sensory experience provided by food leads to personal preferences. The preference not to cook means people prefer to spend their time in ways other than cooking. If you mean YOLO as being "you only live once" - than I don't see what that has to do with whether or not someone is a foodie. There are foodies who eat "healthy" food and foodies that eat "unhealthy" food. I live with one who used to eat "unhealthy" food and now eats "healthy" food. He is every bit of a foodie now as he used to be, his interest is just expressed differently.
  13. I think our culture is unnecessarily obsessed with food, diet and with trying to control other people. Additionally, food choices are seen as moral choices, when much of the time they are personal preference or financial choices. I'm sad we mock people about food and weight, no matter where they fall on the weight spectrum. I'm so tired of having this conversation, it comes up over and over and over. People need to get over food, period. Food is fuel. Figure out how to fuel your body as best you can, leave everyone else alone, unless they don't have any food to eat, then give them some of yours instead of just talking about how someone else needs to help them. Yes, I practice what I preach.
  14. This is so sad. We have a lot of childhood memories of my son building various contraptions and attending Maker Faires. I hope they are able to convert to a non profit model and keep their website & archives up and running. It's really a blow to those of us who love seeing the creative things others did and getting ideas from them for contraptions. It was a great intro to science & engineering.
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