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  1. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    It's the aliens that are causing it! Close encounters of the emoji kind!
  2. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    Shhh... Don't tell anyone... ‍
  3. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    I wonder what they look like when you put them in the middle of text. Here, let's experiment with this to see what happens.
  4. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    I didn't realize our emoji library had expanded so much - it's awesome!
  5. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    I'm on a Mac w/Firefox as my browser.
  6. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    Well, I guess the return key isn't the issue. Look - an exploding head!
  7. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    OK, let me try something. Maybe the "return" key is the issue. I am putting a smiley in and then will hit the return key. Now I am putting one in and not hitting the return key.
  8. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    Oh, no! My last smiley wasn't giant. So sad...
  9. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    happy - are you using the smiley's on your phone or on the tool bar of the box where we write posts? I'm using the bar on the tool box. They look small when I choose them, but after I hit "submit reply" they are huge, I tell you, huge!
  10. TechWife

    Giant Emoji's

    I have noticed some giant emoji's in threads today. I know SWB has submitted a request to get it fixed. But, in the meantime, does anyone want to have some fun with me?
  11. TechWife

    How did you or will you pay for college?

    More than half a lifetime ago, my college was paid for by a combination of Pell Grants and money from my parents. I took care of personal expenses through money I earned on breaks. We started saving for our son's college when he was six months old (yes, really). He did two years of undergrad at a state uni and we paid for it. He did not qualify for any financial aid or scholarships. He is thinking about working on some technical certificates and we will pay for those out of the money we saved for his college.
  12. This isn’t universal, though. I had everything ready for my wedding specifically so that I could spend time with family & friends in the week leading up to the wedding. I also made sure to spend a bit of time with people I could only see on the day of the wedding (I sent a bridesmaid into the church sanctuary to find a specific person before the service so we could spend time together). I also know great fun was had at the hotel with college friends and family getting together in their respective groups.
  13. TechWife

    Dog TED Talk

    I thought this was going to be a thread about dogs giving a TED talk - like thoughts of dog on Twitter, or emergency kittens, but for dogs. Oh, well.
  14. TechWife

    New Tax Law Impact

    Many estates make more than one distribution. There is often an initial distribution and a final distribution. I did two for my mom's - one right after the house sold and then another two months later after all of the utility bills had cleared. I remember my parents receiving money from various relative & it was always handled this way as well - an initial distribution and then a final distribution once all of the dust settled. Most estates are not taxable and the executor knows very quickly, upon examining assets at the outset, whether or not this is the case.
  15. TechWife

    New Tax Law Impact

    Estate taxes are widely misunderstood. They only kick in for the very rich - those who have estates valued at $5 million or more (check that amount, it may be different now than when I settled my mom's affairs). The estate is the one who pays the taxes, not the heirs. Any tax should be paid before funds are distributed. You do have to pay taxes on income generated from an inheritance - for example, if you inherit stocks, you have to pay taxes on the difference between the price when you inherited them and when you sold them (assuming the stock price went up). If you inherited the house (or a part of it), you will have to pay taxes on the difference between the value of the house at the time of the inheritance and the time you sell it (assuming the price went up). If the estate is selling the house, the estate is the one that pays any taxes, but again, only if the total value of the estate is $5 million or more. If the estate sells the stocks, then the estate pays the those taxes if the value of the estate is $5 million or more. If you were a beneficiary of the life insurance policy, that is not taxable unless the insurance company pays interest, then the interest only is taxable income. My mom's estate was fairly straightforward - the estate owned everything and I as the executor, sold the house and divided the proceeds among the beneficiaries. The deed did not transfer to the beneficiaries. IIRC correctly, her will stipulated that assets were to be liquidated, which is why I sold the house as opposed to transferring the deed to the five heirs. Boy, that would have been a mess, as all five heirs would have had to agree to sell and then to agree on the sale price, sign the closing papers, etc.. Remember to thank your BIL - settling an estate is a lot more work than it seems at the start. I feel as if I should get a merit badge just for dealing with AT&T alone, not to mention all of the other stuff.