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  1. Such a cute dog! She looks like Chrissy Snow (Suzanne sommers) from sitcom Threes Company.
  2. They shall not grow old - is on my list to see it’s by Peter Jackson 2018 The imitation game with Benedict Cumberbatch The theory of everything I have the movie the darkest hour just haven’t seen it yet
  3. Joyeux Noel, silent night,”-(2002 with Linda Hamilton) are both good. I can respond with more later.
  4. I have the black and decker cultivator- works great only goes about 30 minutes on charge. leaf blower only goes about 30 minutes doesn’t have much power but works good getting leaves out of areas that have bark mulch- gets leaves not strong enough to blow the mulch. weed trimmer again only about 30 minutes all are light in weight so easy to handle
  5. Well it’s May 8 and it’s snowing- the ground is white again in areas. Glad it won’t hurt my rhubarb or asparagus.🤣 I just got an alert- we are under winter weather advisory with 4+ inches snow and blowing winds. I have to laugh. i am enjoying all your garden photos though:
  6. I bought moving boxes from uhaul. The boxes have handles and are sturdy. All same size boxes made it so we could put more in the vehicles when moving. No wasted space from odd or different shape boxes. Uhaul used to buy back any unused boxes. Plus the boxes fold perfectly flat when stored till used again or given away.
  7. Sending positive thoughts. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Some days seeing that glimmer is what got me through.
  8. I imagined the clanging at the end being Starks daughter picking up where Tony left off. A whole new generation coming forward with the younger characters. I did read the clanging was Tony making his first mask in iron man 1.
  9. I thought the movie was great. I did leave with some questions and have spent some of the weekend starting to re-watch some of the older movies. Cant wait to see it again.
  10. Tuesday I noticed buds on Lilac bushes, but that was all before the snow started and now there is at least a foot plus of snow with more coming down.
  11. “Adams Rib” is a great movie, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. MASH reruns seem to be an escape for me too.
  12. I like this brand. I have sensitive skin and this brand works great plus it feels clean.
  13. Preparing for another snow weekend. We got over 30 inches in the month of Feb and depending on which news channel I listen to this weekend we will get 13-20 inches of snow. The city was out trying to knock down the snowbanks on the corners of roads so a person could see oncoming traffic. This is the second snow storm for March. I am ready for spring.
  14. They held up - I did the method that had several layers or wraps around- I watched a couple videos and tried a few different. I was pleasantly surprised- I even tried some veggies that usually don’t like being transplanted and they did ok since I put the whole unit in the ground. If going longer than say 5 weeks I would probably use a different container. When I started flowers I used a sturdier container.
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