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  1. Very Entertaining and so much fun. Ready to see again!
  2. Cotswold woolen throw or scarf, Aran wool blanket. I am still using mine years later.
  3. I’ll be there tomorrow-can’t wait
  4. I have several pairs from that work well. I also like that they feel like fabric not plastic. I’ve had them for more than 5 years. They totally block the sun. I hung them close to ceiling and wider than window so they would block the sun from top and sides.
  5. Along with a schedule written posted up on a wall ,which would include times like from 1:00-1:15 play dough, I would suggest he had timer near him so he can watch. It sounds like you have great ideas and activities so maybe the schedule time would calm him some. Start with short time and work up to longer spaces. Have all the activities listed from wake up, breakfast, clean up, tv, read, outside play catch,...and a time for each one. I have seen “visual schedule “ examples on line that could be used as a guide. Sometimes routines calm some people down.
  6. I work with my local historical society and we absolutely love it when people go through their attics and ask us if we want things donated. Many times they say they “didn’t think anyone would want it. Find the local historical society where your parents lived and ask , there may be several local ones too. I don’t think we have turned anything away yet. We actually put ads in the paper requesting items. Things donated are: scrapbooks full of newspaper clippings, photographs, old greeting cards, journals, clothing, housewares, tools, school yearbooks, toys, recipe cards, buttons, sports items........ i think it helps people de clutter knowing they know someone else would appreciate it.
  7. I would call a landscape architect. If not I would contact an architect and explain what needs are and they may refer out.
  8. Such a cute dog! She looks like Chrissy Snow (Suzanne sommers) from sitcom Threes Company.
  9. They shall not grow old - is on my list to see it’s by Peter Jackson 2018 The imitation game with Benedict Cumberbatch The theory of everything I have the movie the darkest hour just haven’t seen it yet
  10. Joyeux Noel, silent night,”-(2002 with Linda Hamilton) are both good. I can respond with more later.
  11. I have the black and decker cultivator- works great only goes about 30 minutes on charge. leaf blower only goes about 30 minutes doesn’t have much power but works good getting leaves out of areas that have bark mulch- gets leaves not strong enough to blow the mulch. weed trimmer again only about 30 minutes all are light in weight so easy to handle
  12. Well it’s May 8 and it’s snowing- the ground is white again in areas. Glad it won’t hurt my rhubarb or asparagus.🤣 I just got an alert- we are under winter weather advisory with 4+ inches snow and blowing winds. I have to laugh. i am enjoying all your garden photos though:
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