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  1. My favorite is Merlin, but it is longer than 2 seasons. I second The Crown.
  2. Another version of this that I’ve seen a lot is a red VW beetle with a tree on top I like this one too because I grew up riding and driving a yellow super beetle. I’ve seen a few Christmas cards that have toddlers in their crazy coupe car with a small tree on top-cute.
  3. I think they are part of the gift unless person says they want them back. I have several that have pretty holiday decorations painted on them that I put under the tree.
  4. LED rgb lights strips for computer. Smart light bulbs that are colored. Keyboard that is colored lights. I was just walking around a computer store and saw some of these and thought they were cool.
  5. a Bluetooth stocking cap/beanie, nice compass, folding outdoor chair, phone charger pack, reflectors to put on clothing if running in dark, nice car window ice remover/scraper, license plate holder of hobby or sports team, cooler, nice scarf, umbrella, wallet with scan protection built in, park pass, escape room gift card they could do together, do you have an indoor climbing wall or an ifly near you they could do those together. These are things my sons would like. Hope you find something you got a lot of great ideas.
  6. I mounted a nice kite on the ceiling and we would use it outside when weather permitted. They also had a star gazer that lit up the ceiling that they both liked.
  7. Bass pro shops. I saw today that Best Buy has a special buy 50 $ gift card one of which is bass pro shop get a free 10$ gc for Best Buy.
  8. Wilsons leather has some really cute ones kohls has faux leather one
  9. I think it looks nice. If you're still looking here are a few ideas;
  10. Last year there was a thread similar to this and I bought a suggested gift- a "Pun Map" which my English major really enjoys. Also just bought laptop skins on redbubble. So many to choose from.
  11. I used to have 2 different kinds-I used them a lot for camping. I would look at the capacity of what they can hold and the length of time they take. If you buy one with trays I would suggest buying extra trays at the same time. Both of mine were expandable types. I only used mine for drying fruits.
  12. I don't mind driving in the snow-I mind driving next to people that don't know how to drive in the snow
  13. I buy both from the vet. A bonus they offer is that if your pet needs treatment due to fleas or ticks and you bought the prevention med from them that they will treat your pet for free.
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