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  1. I shopped for a relative at these sites: https://www.womanwithin.com/w/coats-and-jackets/?utm_medium=em_m&affiliate_id=009&affiliate_location_id=23&cid=L212606&mid=5555006636985&utm_source=Marketing&utm_campaign=LB_Thursday_09%2F23%2F21_PM_V1_WW_IPWARM_ACTIVES_NoLC_V1&start=30&sz=30 https://www.catherines.com/ca/coats-and-jackets/?start=30&sz=30 https://www.roamans.com/r/coats-and-jackets/ https://www.ullapopken.com/en/coats/c/articlegroup_110?query=*&b=UP&filterCategoryPathROOT=Coats&campid=100&partnerid=1001&adword=performance%2Fsearch_gen%2Fgoogle%2FUP_US_SEA_GEN__Mode%2F&gclid=CjwKCAjwy7CKBhBMEiwA0Eb7ajz4Th0mgBsozZAg42xRmbOv7OUFPZkbfplMD4VdY54EagFSASZJCxoCwaMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds This site doesn't have their winter coats on yet.https://www.ontheplusside.com/plus-size-coats-jackets-outerwear/plus-size-casual-jackets-coats.html
  2. You may need to request ROI release of information forms from each of her Dr’s so that they can give you all/any of the information. You would list yourself as contact and check all the box’s. You might also want to get a health care directive form established, medical power of attorney. It’s hard taking care of a parent, been there.
  3. I wouldn’t bother with a couch. Just get enough comfortable seating so that when you return it to formal LR you can rearrange. My kids had iPads or laptops so that they would/could be in the same room and watch or listen to what they wanted and the older person still felt involved-worked for us but may not for others. There were many shows that we all did watch together too- Who knew Harry Potter would be such a big hit with the older generation. I was also surprised at which older shows grabbed my kids attention.
  4. https://verilux.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1dGJBhD4ARIsANb6OdlOApHJtKiaFwB9tPZHBcbv8JYwBMOX3rQLdoiiFyv0DSdwS6CP3ssaAkqJEALw_wcB https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/sleep/advanced-sleep-phase-syndrome/treatments/bright-light-therapy.html This is the brand that I have. I don't have the one that mimics the sun rising. Mine is a stand alone it is the size of an ipad and I stand it on the table in front-side of me in the morning when I am at the table or my desk. I am including a couple links that can explain the whole theory of it-They explain it better than I can in this post. I think I paid around $40 for mine. Hope this helps you.
  5. I began using a verilux sun lamp every morning "Happy Light". I wasn't sure about it at first but I notice a difference in sleep patterns when I don't use it.
  6. When you talk to the person in charge of scheduling the visit maybe ask for advice. If they have an onsite salon maybe a giftcard for a few items like a hair set or manicure. If they can have food items in their room and if no diet restrictions-flavored water, snacks. If she is in a wheelchair I remember special cushions that the pt recommended. A friend of mine takes her 100 yo grandma home made jams, and pickles of all varieties. She is aware of any diet restrictions but her grandma really enjoys the homemade taste.
  7. I second talking to the church secretary. I think it varies by church as well. When I have contacted churches to do masses for relatives I had noticed the difference. The suggested amount around here was 10-20 dollars.
  8. Sorry you are having to go through all this. I watched my parents go through this almost exactly, with one of their kids (an ex-sibling) and grandkids. Anyway, once you figure out your limits and what you can do I would suggest not looking at her Facebook page so that you don't feel guilty for doing "self care" for yourself. You can't control how they will react. Take care of yourself.
  9. I've gotten all different sizes of posters laminated at office max/depot staples.
  10. Sometimes stretch marks happen with rapid growth.
  11. We use Disney+ a lot. We have huge Marvel fans in the house. Plus there is so much variety that it’s been fun.
  12. I have one ds who is 6’7” and one that is 6’4”. I think they are done growing. I don’t think they have measured their height this year yet. But I am 6’ and dh is 6’1”. Having access to healthy food choices is really all I did.
  13. The universities and colleges are requiring staff and students to get vaccines and masks are required indoors and outdoors if in large gathering. I looked on the primary and secondary school websites and no masks are needed at any time except if your student rides the bus because that’s a CDC rule. No options for online were listed on the websites. School starts - 9-7. There were vax protestors outside local hospital this week. our numbers for covid have been rising
  14. I have noticed a different flavor in several vegetables when I get them fresh from the farmer or my garden vs the store. A new vegetable last year in my csa was salad turnips which became a new favorite along with “breakfast radishes “.
  15. Cilantro - tastes like soap I agree with Ina Garten green beans- to squeaky and fuzzy parsnips just no I'm ready to 86 carrots unless they are fresh from farmers market they have no flavor
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