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  1. Bass pro shops. I saw today that Best Buy has a special buy 50 $ gift card one of which is bass pro shop get a free 10$ gc for Best Buy.
  2. Wilsons leather has some really cute ones kohls has faux leather one
  3. I think it looks nice. If you're still looking here are a few ideas;
  4. Last year there was a thread similar to this and I bought a suggested gift- a "Pun Map" which my English major really enjoys. Also just bought laptop skins on redbubble. So many to choose from.
  5. I used to have 2 different kinds-I used them a lot for camping. I would look at the capacity of what they can hold and the length of time they take. If you buy one with trays I would suggest buying extra trays at the same time. Both of mine were expandable types. I only used mine for drying fruits.
  6. I don't mind driving in the snow-I mind driving next to people that don't know how to drive in the snow
  7. I buy both from the vet. A bonus they offer is that if your pet needs treatment due to fleas or ticks and you bought the prevention med from them that they will treat your pet for free.
  8. I have several pairs of yak trax the ones with spring looking bottoms and some with the spikes/cleats. They both work great and in different conditions. The spikes I wear when there is a lot of ice or snow ice mix. The ones with the metal wrapped around like springs I wear with little ice, and no snow. The spring ones collect wet snow, which does fall off after a bit. Both have springs and cleat on the whole bottom of the foot. I've seen some where they only have cleats on the heel and others with cleats only on the ball of the foot.
  9. They are the 3M command hooks, they are metal and come in medium and large size. They stayed up for 5 plus years. When I took them down they didn't leave any marks. I have had problems with the small plastic one not staying up but these were great. The surface has to be clean and smooth and the glue strip has to have time before you put the hook on. I put them on the back of an outside door that was painted steel.
  10. We found a place that would strip wood and either we refinish or they would. They had vats and would dunk the wood. I think we called around asking different cabinet places and found them that way. They did cabinets and full size doors.
  11. Sorry your Dad is in the hospital . You have good questions-same as everyone who goes through this. For now I would suggest: take a deep breath. Spend time with your Dad and Mom. Check with your Mom and his Dr. about if they filled out paperwork for health care directive, or medical/durable power of attorney. Your parents may have agreed to be each other’s. They may have also agreed to be each other’s Power of Attorney for finances. If there’s concern about bills due now your mom can talk to their banker about setting something up. I’m not an attorney but I have been through this several times and no matter how much you think you planned things happen- and that’s ok.
  12. I just ordered Nite Ize reusable rubber twist ties in different lengths. and colors. I also really like the 3M removable hooks. I have some in plastic and in metal. The metal ones I used in my old house attached to the back of the outside door and they held up bulky winter coats, snow pants etc.
  13. I have had the same safety can opener for over 10 years and its great. Kuhn Rikon prepology bunny safety lid lifter. The handle mechanism is a ratchet instead of turning so its easier on the hands. Ive tried looking I dont see the bunny shape anymore but on amazon they have a new style called Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety Smooth Touch Can Opener, No Sharp Edges, Lid Lifter.
  14. They happen every weekend around here. They are mainly fundraisers for different groups. I’m not a meat person so I don’t go.
  15. I would suggest that you talk to an admissions counselor at several schools that you are thinking about attending. I have been looking at finishing my MA and learned some interesting things talking with admission people. One that I never thought or heard of that 2 of the local Universities had said is that college degrees have what they described as an expiration date on them when you want to pursue an advanced degree. Meaning that since it has been so many years since I had gotten my degree or taken graduate classes that they would require me to take so many "refresher" classes. I was surprised to hear this. I can understand the logic but had never heard this before. I really want to finish my MA at the time I only had 2 classes left but my employer would not give me the days off to attend the final classes. In hindsight I should have found a different employer. I am challenging myself to get this degree but if none of my classes count then looking at what field to study if I have to start over.
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