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  1. From the Midwest and never heard of this. We did have gnocchi - pasta made from potatoes.
  2. I have an “I touch less” sensor garbage can and really like it. It is stainless and doesn’t show fingerprints- but you don’t really touch it anyway. Regular kitchen bags fit it. It has a ring that holds the bags in and an odor pack that is replaceable inside. I use batteries but it can be plugged in if near power. They come in different shapes and colors.
  3. I know a lot of life alert companies advertise that they’ll pass along information, but after 15 years as a paramedic and dispatcher, I’ve never once gotten information from one of them except perhaps a key location or door code. Thats to bad that it doesn’t work for your area. It worked really well in my area. The responders here got the medical history, current meds, allergies, contact info and passcodes for the doors and who the main Dr in charge of care was. The company also called me and I could listen and be involved . I knew several of the responders and when I asked about the different options they told me which ones were more thorough. I was glad to hear first hand that they got all the info before arriving at the house.
  4. My parents had a “file of life” information cards and alert stickers. The stickers were attached to all the entry doors so that any emergency responders knew to look on the fridge where the file of life sleeve with info was attached to front of fridge door. https://www.folife.org/about/ I had also contacted the er staff and ambulance staff about medical alert bracelets that had info inside either paper or computer and I was told they would not put computer, like a really small thumb drive into their computer and that the small paper would not work well. so the file of life worked well until a life alert was needed. With life alert you can store more medical info and the responders receive the info en route.
  5. I would check the city website. Our website has the city council agenda online and recordings of past meetings online. You can learn of any issues and developments that may be planned.
  6. I will add another line ”In a golden cage on a winters day in the rain “ released same year as Beatles “here comes the sun” answer: “White bird” by Its a Beautiful Day
  7. at the play you are staging big Beatles fan “while my guitar gently weeps” lyric, on a winters day…in the rain
  8. My 2 cents would be for the moose print. I like the pop of red and the design of it. I think it goes with the snowboard t-shirt really well.
  9. Skouts Honor products might help. They specialize in pet odors. https://www.skoutshonor.com/collections/pet-odor-stain-remover?campaignid=9838130366&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtrSLBhCLARIsACh6RmhjV3VEwKU9xVpTEKpxuHEd7iEa2u5EmzUQ28vIVBMk0gCj5qR-m0QaAnc8EALw_wcB&hsa_acc=8765798122&hsa_ad=430922473893&hsa_cam=9838130366&hsa_grp=103758814761&hsa_kw=skouts honor odor&hsa_mt=e&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=aud-894735903774%3Akwd-394575317474&hsa_ver=3&src=google&utm_campaign=HM_SNO_Branded_B&utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=adwords&utm_term=skouts honor odor
  10. Purse magnet tile mate portable collapsible metal straw vaccine case if need to carry proof smart watch stand Himalayan salt night light smart light bulbs white or colored under cabinet lights gear ties cord organizers universal dust cleaner Universal socket mini mag flashlight extra long charger cords lock laces screen cleaning pads clean peeps eyeglass cleaning tool phone charger for car phone charger pack/card echo dot wallet card holder to attach to phone Flash drives nice stylus/iPad pen I need to remember this list.
  11. Regarding the brachs thanksgiving candy— Anyone else picture Violet Beauregarde?!
  12. My dh was in the marina business. I can’t count how many marinas and docks/piers/wharfs ….. I have walked. I did actually enjoy walking on the waterfronts and seeing all the different watercraft-much more than the indoor boat shows I had to go to.
  13. The toilet in the basement alone or with washer dryer seemed to be common in older houses with unfinished basements. I was told that the basements were plumbed for a bathroom that could be finished later and some people wanted the toilet installed so that the plumber wouldn’t have to come back and that it was available to use.
  14. Ive bought several shirts from litographs and my sons really like them.
  15. Pass! We had a neighbor that remodeled their 1960’s ranch house and put the bathtub in the bedroom all open. It’s right by the door between the window and the bed. They also had oak floors- wonder how it’s working for the new owners? I prefer my privacy.
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