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  1. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Home from fun night at church. Made some progress on planning 9th grade today. Trying to get kids to wind down, get showered and into bed so I can have some quiet time.
  2. ScoutTN

    The after lunch slump

    Low carb lunch and a few minutes near my Happy Light! Carb crash will wipe me out in the cold, gray months.
  3. I outsource math Algebra and up b/c my math education is seriously deficient. Dd is in a local tutorial which requires students to take 3 classes. Trying to decide if math should be one of them next yr. Dd is a good math student, but not "mathy". She did Right Start A-E, then MM for elementary, and Dolciani (with Wilson Hill) for preA and Alg 1. Trying to plan 9th grade. Right now our two options are WHA 2 days a week with the Jurgensen book or our local tutorial 1x/wk (optional study session each week, so could be 2 days) with the Glencoe book. I know the Jurgensen is harder, with lots more proofs. Assuming the Glencoe is just a typical ps book. How much does Geometry matter? Will the basic Glencoe text cover all that she needs for the ACT/SAT? Would a deeper Geometry help her later on in math? Probably Dolciani Alg 2 and whatever WHA uses for PreCal. I love the challenge of the harder, and likely more interesting, text, but not wanting everything to be hard next year. Dd is a Lit, language and fine arts kid at heart. She prefers Algebra to Geometry thus far, but she hasn't had lots of Geometry or a great teacher for it either. Sigh. Little kid homeschooling was more fun...
  4. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Good morning! Regular Wednesday here. School ✅ Errand run: milk, bank, mom's ✅ Piano ✅ Church for choir, dinner, and class. ✅ Put Christmas CDs away. Finish Henry V podcast. Read history. Start compiling course info for next year for Dd. ✅
  5. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Done: more laundry made Dh's breakfast and lunch AHG stuff email Headed to my comfy bed to read. With a cup of hot tea and a cookie!
  6. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Reading while ds enjoys the Science Center.
  7. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Drive safely, Pink and Green! So glad you got a contract on your house and can move on. Done: FT registration! started laundry Made coffee, put bacon in the oven. Woke up dd. To do: Laundry ✅ Dd to tutorial ✅ Check with Dh about taking Ds to bball practice tonight ✅ Start dinner in the crock pot ✅ Math, piano and Bible for Ds ✅ Ds to orthodontist ✅ Haircuts for me and ✅ Writing with Ds ✅ Quick grocery trip ✅ Reserve library books! Ds to Science class ✅ Help dd stay on track with school work. Read History book, finish Henry V, read novel. Maybe listen to a Julie Bogart podcast?
  8. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Yikes, Jean, I'm glad you are ok!!
  9. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Well, I got Dd up early to do math hw corrections, but she is such a slow-poke that she's been up 45 minutes and hasn't done anything except read the handout. She's had mocha and a bagel. School -busy week! ✅ AHG things ✅ Take Ds to stuff: swimming, bball game, Cub Scouts. ✅ Dinner is sandwiches because we'll be out and around. (Dh has a meeting.) Chili mac or leftover bean soup for lunch. ✅ Set my alarm! Registration for an event that fills fast is tomorrow. ✅
  10. ScoutTN

    Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

    I hope you get some relief from pain and much better sleep tonight, Jean!
  11. A good base layer/long underwear will really help. Comfy walking shoes with good socks, like the ones for hiking, that are warm and breathe. A hat! Love those handwarmer packet thingees!
  12. ScoutTN

    Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

    Fritters were meh. Need a better recipe. Relaxing afternoon. Dinner is almost ready.
  13. All of my family's winter coats, both ski jackets and long wool coats, have come from thrift or consignment. High quality under $25. It's worth a try to see what's available.
  14. ScoutTN

    Any can't miss books for SOTW3?

    Johnny Tremain was our favorite read aloud that year.
  15. ScoutTN

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I did Wild Thing's room yesterday. He really does play with all the toys, so I didn't cull too much. Mostly cleaning and reorganizing. I took about one kitchen trash bag in the trash, while several large toys and a stack of clothes go to thrift. Next up: framed photos kitchen
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