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  1. Got about 20 things at TJ's. 5 were on my list.
  2. Rushed to get to tutoring, only to remember too late that my first student cancelled for today. So I have an hour and a half of down time on this side of town. Next up: library Trader Joe's?
  3. Having one or two deepish snows (6"+) a winter for kids to play in. I love where I live now!
  4. Sorry about the insomnia, Amy! Monday is my long teaching day too. Tutoring prep ✅ Grocery? ✅ Make mortgage payment ✅ Tutor 5 students Nephew's Eagle CoH Read and relax
  5. Church Read, nap etc. Make a snack to take to small group Small group Pack my lunch for Monday Listen to a podcast? Tutoring prep?
  6. I buy my teens' suits at the local swim shop, off the sale rack. $15 for boys' jsmmers and $25 for a girls' practice quality suit. Neither if mine are year round swimmers, but they do have long, relatively thin builds and the team suits fit well and hold up well. swimoutlet.com is good too.
  7. Not going to get to my second organizing project today. Did a bit of AHG work after the badge day. Checked schoolwork. Discussed schedule with Dh. Walked the dog. Dinner is almost made.
  8. In the sense of teaching me to manage it? No, sadly. Trying to do better with my kids. My dad was always complaining about lack of money, mostly bc he was a poor manager of it. My mom did much better, but it never discussed much.
  9. Clothes, music, and books for Dd15. An airsoft gun and legos for Ds13. Outdoor gear for both.
  10. Good morning! Spending this morning at an AHG badge day. ✅ Later: Help Ds organize his school papers ✅ Organize my tutoring stuff Dinner is meatloaf, green beans, roasted root veggies, and green salad. ✅
  11. Good morning! Tutor one student and log the session Email a poem to a student Check Algebra and Chemistry Pick up Rx! ✅ Mail a package? ✅ Pick up Dd's raincoat ✅ Print Ds' math AHG things - Uniform email, Board discussion Get out some roasting forks for a campfire Have Ds call my mom. Double check directions to two places. Dd to a riding lesson ✅ Dd to a birthday celebration ✅ Dinner is leftovers Pack a lunch for tomorrow.
  12. Hmmm. So many fun choices. My maternal grandparents who died when I was a baby. C.S. Lewis Dorothy Sayers G. K. Chesterton
  13. AHG meeting was excellent. We have a great troop. Weather was cool and cloudy and damp, but no rain. Dinner was good. So was my square of Lily's chocolate! Kids are watching a movie. Ds will not be going to school tomorrow bc I didn't have time to get a doctor's note for him today. Will set that up with a friend tomorrow. Not a bad thing for Ds to have a couple of slower paced days. He needs the sleep! Next up: listen to a podcast, then read.
  14. Late to the thread today. Ds has a sore throat so I kept him home from school. Struggling through math corrections with him = not fun. I think his symptom is just from allergy drainage, but now he needs a doctor's note to go back to school. No how am I taking him into the ped's office or urgent care, which are filled with actually sick people. We'll get a friend or family member doc to sign off on him this weekend. It won't hurt him to rest some, though he'll get behind in school for sure. School needs to be prepared to include kids who are out sick by Zoom. I need to do the tutoring
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