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  1. Good morning! Today: My MIL is coming by around 7! Get kids up and fed, and dd off to her tutorial. Pack lunch while ds practices piano, then head out for the downtown library. School there, then a free concert at noontime. Come home after that? Head to the science center? Plan C? Remind dh to pick up dd and vegetables. Ds to Science class in the late afternoon, then home. Call mom, for sure bc I forgot to yesterday. Walk the dog after it cools off.
  2. Dinner is chx chili (on the stove now) and spinach salad, which is not made yet. Walmart run was only partly successful. I'm $30 over my grocery budget, found one thing Ds needs for this weekend's campout, but not another. Need to make a thrift store run later this week. Scout Committee mtg tonight. I have no practical skills or knowledge to offer scouts, but maybe I can assist the troop in an admin sort of way. Next up: check the soup, check some school work, make the salad.
  3. Local tutors for high schol math here range from $30 to $65/hr.
  4. Good morning! I was awake for a couple of hours in the wee hours, so then was in deep sleep and overslept this morning. Coffee is helping, but still feeling like I am behind on the day/week from the get-go. A late afternoon meeting just got cancelled and that gives me some wiggle room today. School with Ds. Slow today, but good work. Pay bills and update budget Reschedule coffee with a friend Confirm Friday appt. Check consignment details and make a plan The sale is later than usual and my life is too busy for me to work. Just selling. Maybe buying a few things, but I will miss the best things bc not shopping early with workers. Call mom Walmart with Ds for items for camping trip and grocery items. Menu planning - decide what to make tonight. Needs to be enough for leftovers tomorrow night. Check main library hours Lesson prep for Wed night AHG things Some done, always more to do....
  5. Several BSA troops here sell Christmas trees. My Ds' troop does a carwash, but they sell popcorn too. One troop I know of does Wreaths Across America and does very well with it.
  6. My dd's AHG troop sells coffee (and tea and cocoa). Very easy sell.
  7. Dwane Thomas teaches online classes using Lingua Latina.
  8. Church nap, read, relax Make sure both kids practice piano. I think that got skipped yesterday. Dinner is meatloaf, okra, sweet potatoes and salad.
  9. Updated YNAB and paid bills Quick grocery trip. Decided that this will be "Eat up the odds and ends" week. Clearing out my fridge, freezer and pantry some while also spending less. Chatted with dd about various and sundry unimportant things. Also about some important AHG stuff. Dried the bathroom rug and bathmat after kids soaked them. Ironed ds' shorts for church. Next up: read!
  10. Jen, I hope y'all get a reliable, affordable car! You have had so much car hassle! Got a hardly worn pair of Merrell hiking shoes for me for about $45. And some things for Ds that were not on sale, but he needs now. I priced hiking shoes/boots for him at both REI and Walmart (Ozark Trail - we have some of this gear and it has been fine). The better shoes have a high resale value (Ebay or local consignment) and are actually the better deal, in the long run. I like REI because the salespeople are so knowledgebale and Ds will listen to them (esp the men) much more than to me! #12 yo boy! Next up: visit with my mom, dd to dance and the scout store.
  11. Summer - ribs, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, salad. Winter - chicken pot pie or beef enchilada casserole. Snd green salad. I used to akwYs make pork chops with red wine cream sauce, but it doesn't work to be made ahead. I prefer to have attention for my guests, if possible, and all the food close to ready.
  12. I have never seen a flag recycling program that is free. All have a $4-10 fee per flag. The VFW and American Legion here will take them and recycle, but they wouldn't likely take so many at one time.
  13. Waffle House and REI garage sale with Ds. Pick up dd from my mom's and take her to/from dance. Scout store for a book cover. Figure out dinner and make sure the house is basically clean.
  14. The VFW here will take the worn out nylon flags to be be recycled into new flags. We buy the cotton ones bc they "retire" better.
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