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  1. Bread fell. Experimental recipe. Still tasty though. Dinner lis leftovers Called a friend Folded and put away a load of laundry.
  2. My city will enter phase 2 tomorrow. All metrics are stable or improving so far, but it's early in the process. The only spikes here recently have been when testing was done at a poultry processing plant and a prison. Lots of testing here, readily availble to all for many weeks.
  3. Yes. State health dept and my city government are officially reporting relevent hospital data, but it is also available from the four or five main hospitals (or hospital chains, since one is a huge multi-site deal) in my area. Plus, as pp said, the hospital staff talk. Impossible to suppress truth in this scenario, imo. Too many people involved. Many hospitals here have furloughed or fired people. One is being sued for age discrimination in letting only older workers go. The three largest downtown hospitals and one small one have CV patients, but few of the outlying hospitals have had any at all. The county hospital nearest my mom has had zero CV and (before restrictions eased) laid off orcut hours for almost half their staff.
  4. It's summer here! Hot enough that people seek out the shaded parking spots and use sun visors on their windshields. Got a snack and sat in the shade and the quiet to read for a while Got gas. 13 gallons for about $18. Helped ds with something. Bread is rising. More towels are washing.
  5. I have thought about this too. I feel it a little bit even now, as ds is no longer homeschooling. Thinking ahead to working full time and some volunteer interests that I do not yet have time for.
  6. We have enjoyed Cranford, Lark Rise to Candleford, Belgravia, and recently three versions of Emma. If you like Shakespeare, we recently enjoyed The Hollow Crown series.
  7. Made a new seasoning blend for breakfast sausage today and it was very good. Got a shower, folded a load of towels and refilled the TP holder. Need to be by myself. Even extroverts need alone time! I love my family, but need a break from them. Headed out to get a cup of coffee and read somewhere. Have a mask and a water bottle and a new book.
  8. Good morning! Worship in Zoom ✅ A little yardwork? Read! Walk! ✅ Help Ds with some things ✅ Reorganize a notebook Make a grocery list Send a text about Dd's birthday party. ✅ Have kids call mom Dinner is ??
  9. Most of my best church friends are also homeschoolers. My best friend is from another era of my life and lives in another state. Some are from work - ft long ago or pt since kids. Agreeing with pp that Kindred Spirit type friends are rare. Scouts/AHG - agreeing with Momto6 and Margaret here. A genuine shared interest (as opposed to mom signed me up for this)and the kind of involvement required for scouting can build deep friendships. Same can be true of other ec activites. neighborhood I met one boardie at kids' swim lessons!
  10. Our private pool opens 5/29 and there will be modified swim team. No meets, just exercise and sunshine. Some outdoor sports are on, in some leagues. Near us: baseball, flag football, tennis, golf, soccer. Cross country practices for July are still on the schedule. The YMCAs are all still closed. Public recreational facilities vary widely. Dd's dance instructor is having small camps in late July, but we will be out of town. Just online classes for now.
  11. Laundry - basic Dishwasher - load, unload if they are tall enough to put everything away. Trash/compost/recycling Feed and water pets Make the bed Vacuum, sweep, swiffer Dust Water plants
  12. Talked with mom on the phone. Did a bunch of picking up and putting away Folded and put away two loads of laundry. Helped Ds organize some mb papers Eta: Ordered a new pencil sharpener Texted with Ds' teacher Printed the Order of Worship for tomorrow Discussed chickadees and woodpeckers with Ds Confirmed a time to meet friends for hiking next week Made a list!
  13. Wiped out and tidied the fridge Put pork into marinade Got sweet potatoes out of the fridge Made kale salad Made salad dressing Reminded kids to do some things and made sure they actually got done. Texted a friend Enjoying a second cup of coffee and about to spend an hour or so reading magazines.
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