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  1. Good morning! It is spatkly and sunny here and that helps me handle a busy day. Sunshine is glorious, regardless the temperature! Today: Budget and bills Work at church ✅ Dd to/from dance Church prep Tutorial paperwork ✅ Any move-out prep I have time for. (Tomorrow afternoon will be the main time for this. Hotel check in is 4pm.) Dinner out and see a play with dd and friends. Double check time for dinner!
  2. I tackled my long list well today! My people are all out and I am resting a bit before leaving for a homeschool moms' gathering at a friends' home. Ds is on his first cold weather camping trip this weekend. He has the right clothes and gear, and I know he will have a great time. I love how my Wild Thing is growing up in Scouts. And I'm very glad I am not sleeping outside in 17 degrees tonight!!!
  3. Good morning! My blood sugar was down 40 pts today and I'm adding a second Rx that should help too. Drive ds to school ✅ Call church ✅ Target - while there get cash ✅ Call about lasagnas ✅ Pick up lasagnas done ✅ and cook them ✅ Dog to vet for nail clip and to buy flea/tick med. ✅ Fold laundry ✅ Get gas ✅ Call mom ✅ Pack a bag ✅ Clean a cooler ✅ Pick up ds. Get him working on Scout stuff. No time for badge work. ✅ Drop ds off for Scout camping trip ✅ Eat leftovers for dinner. ✅ Meeting this evening. Listen to Dd recount the fun of tonight's dance when she and dh get home.
  4. AHG was fun. Winding down for bed. Hoping to sleep well tonight, with no leg cramps. I did remember my supplements today, and upped the dossge a bit. Tomorrow is a busy day.
  5. Made good progress on church work. Waiting for ds now. Next: Pick up dd and my new Rx on the way home. ✅ Prep dinner ✅ Move laundry ✅ Tag clothes AHG with dd. ✅
  6. Cleaned up the kitchen. Made calls, sent emails and texts. Starting laundry now.
  7. Jean, I am so glad you have gotten some relief! I think there is a ratio or proper balance for some of these minerals that has an effect on their helpfulness. I forgot to take my mag/cal/zinc at bedtime and am consequently up with leg cramps. Now I can't turn my brain off and go back to sleep. Thursday: make a lunch for ds AHG things bills and budget ✅ tag clothes - MUST DO! laundry Michael's ✅ work at church ✅ pick up Ds ✅ AHG Dinner is leftovers/odds-n-ends, as we continue to eat through our refrigerator food in prep for moving to the hotel on Sunday.
  8. Jen, glad your dd got home safely. Jean, I am glad you have had a good day, despite the long drive and no meds. And for unexpected blessings in the middle of farm country!
  9. BSA is thriving in my area too. The local council owns our camps, their office building etc. outright and is in solid financial health. Numbers are up (without counting girls). Our area has lots of troops, small, medium, and large. My son is in a small one and it's a great fit for him. BSA has made a lot of poor decisions over the last 10 yrs or so that are coming back to bite them. I think many aspects of our current culture make Scouting a less popular choice than in generations past. Sadly.
  10. Cleaned up a bedroom. Folded and put away laundry. Started more. Ate lunch. Returned a call. Called mom. Next up: Gather things to take when I leave in an hour or so. Done ✅ Computer chores ✅
  11. Good morning! Get ds up early bc of FT ✅ Drive carpool done ✅ Meeting. ✅ Get milk ✅ YNAB and pay bills Tag clothes Work at church ✅ Prep for tonight's lesson ✅ Pick up Ds. ✅ Piano lessons ✅ Church Fall apart
  12. Back from the meeting. Cleaned the kitchen, made b'fast for Dh and lunch for Ds, then tonight's dinner for Dh. Cleaned up again. All done. I'm wiped out.
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