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  1. Well, today was crazy and I might not make it on here all week, with the insane schedule I have right now. Lots of last minute things to get mom settled at her new place. Regular kids stuff, plus Wed night church starts back this week (outside). Ds is being hugely exhausting lately and Dh won't do anything for him or take him anywhere except school, so I have extra to do. Done today: lesson prep teach 6 students Ds to/from Scouts dinner out, by myself check in with Dd about hw camp application pick up a few fun things at a pricey grocery store To do: jammies
  2. Flag football was fun! Lost a close one to a better team. Got behind by 18 in the second game, then came back to win by 1! Ds got a touchdown in each game. I got sunburned. Ate dinner, helped Dd with camp stuff, did registration paperwork for Dd’s tutorial, general tidying up, folded and put away a load of laundry, found my reading glasses, worked on calendar and schedule. Next up: Close Reads Patreon podcast on LOTR. Hot tea and gf oatcakes.
  3. (((Soror))) Sorry your road is so hard right now. Echoing others: sunshine, stress supplements, light reading, crying, prayer, consistent gentle exercise, petting a dog or cat, focusing on today. My family is in the midst of terrible things too. Huge, awful, scary things. Some that began long ago but the pandemic has made much, much worse. Adding you and yours to my prayer list!
  4. Good afternoon! Spectacular spring day here! Done: Church - had outdoor Sunday school for kids, hooray! Lovely service. Two encouraging conversations with friends. Lunched Bathroom towels and rug laundered. Switched out my clothes for spring/summer and reorganized my closet. Made dinner: chili mac and steamed broc. Reminded Dd about camp forms, sheet music, and buying shorts. At flag football with Ds now bc games were rained out yesterday. Will probably try to get some work done while we’re here. Double header. Need a table. Later: d
  5. We didn’t really have a plan except to do a year of American. I would happily have found or created whatever course my dd wanted. We did a five yr cycle (2 yrs in Med/Ren bc it was so fun!) and a three year one through a typical history sequence before high school. She did an overview of modernity from the Enlightenment through the late 20th Century as a 9th grader. American this yr for 10th. Either no history or a very light Med/Ren or a light history of classical music next year. Govt and Econ her senior yr bc they are required by our umbrella school.
  6. Good morning! Just drizzly rain here, at least for now. Recycle glass Grocery Dd to/from dance Work on mom’s new place - make the bed, cull papers, organize her “desk” basket. Figure out dinner. Maybe chx fajitas?
  7. About to watch Angelina Stanford’s webinar for the Literary Life Conference.
  8. My ds has been to both regularly since last summer bc he really, really, really needs to go. Dd and I had a regular dental checkup/cleaning appts last summer and will again this summer. Dh only goes if there is a problem, so he hasn’t been in years.
  9. Good morning! Ds to school. ✔️ Shower ✔️ Make lists and think ✔️ Coffee with a friend ✔️ Target ✔️ Mom’s new place ✔️ Pick up Ds ✔️ Dinner is chx cordon bleu casserole, some veggie, and green salad. ✔️ Tonight -listen to a podcast. @mom31257 I think there are 2 Friday threads. You and TC posted within minutes of each other.
  10. Dh got his first Pfizer shot yesterday afternoon. No side effects except a mildly sore arm.
  11. The movers were amazing! Mom’s stuff is moved and unpacked. Picture hanger part of their team comes tomorrow. I have through next Wed to get all the little things done so it will feel very homey for mom when she arrives next Thursday. AHG was fun, though we had a small crowd due to a rampant stomach bug and multiple dance/theater dress rehearsals. The girls chose Geocaching and Orienteering as next year’s troop badge. Fun! @SKL Tonight I gave out the last of the shirts you sent and they were received with enthusiasm! Thanks! Next up: hot tea and my book.
  12. Good morning! Rainy here, but supposed to clear off. I have taken meds, tested blood sugar (high. Boo!), made hot cereal for kids and woke them up. Coffee soon. Today: Ds to school. Let movers into storage unit. Supervise as movers set up mom’s new room and unpack. AHG meeting this afternoon, including a Tenderheart BOR. Dinner is?
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