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  1. AHG was good. Got asked to serve on the committee interviewing candidates for the head football coach position at the high school where my son plays. Agreed to do it. Should be interesting! Time to wind down. Tomorrow is a busy day!
  2. Ordered a new hair dryer from Amazon. Got some done at church. More to finish up tomorrow morning. Next up: Unload TJ’s items. ✔️ Make dinner ✔️
  3. My hairdryer died with a flash of sparks! Gotta replace it this weekend. WM or Amazon.
  4. My kids liked the Anatole books when they were younger. Does DK have a book on France or Paris?
  5. I would probably wait til the beginning of the year bc there is lots of support for new students then. Plus what @HomeAgain said. But I’d also consider what the school thinks. Plus, I’d not want to just throw away the rest of the year with WHA. Their classes are pricey and ours (math) were very well taught. School does not automatically = friends. It has taken my very extroverted Ds three semesters in to make real friends.
  6. Leaping! 🐰🐸 Grouchy boy is at school. Good riddance. I have towels in the dryer and am making coffee. Today: Shower ✔️ B’fast out with a friend ✔️ Trader Joe’s ✔️ Work at church ✔️ Add a slide for tonight? Nope, good enough as is. Call mom? Make dinner early - dragon noodles, broccoli ✔️ AHG Night Ops meeting
  7. Church was crazy. Our classrooms were chaos due to redecorating and school teachers being inconsiderate. Kids were wild, especially Kindy and 1st! Whew! We are all ready for SB! Ds is being a jerk about doing his homework. I’m out. If gets bad grades, so be it. I am gonna drink water and go to bed to read and wind down. Hoping no one wakes me up an hour into deep sleep tonight! That happened yesterday and it took me over two hours to fall back asleep. 😠☹️ Tomorrow will be a busy day!
  8. @mommyoffive Praying for quick healing and relief from pain!
  9. Ugh, weather. So sorry about your back! Is it something heat/ice, rest, and ibuprofen will help, or do you think you need to see a doc?
  10. @HomeAgain I wish my Ds’ school had some fun stuff like that.
  11. Whew! Got in just in time to beat the rain! It’s pouring and windy. T-storm. Saw it coming when Ds was driving to school. Dryer and dishwasher are running. Boy is at school. Dog has been out. Wordle in 3. Coffee is hot and I had a small piece of banana bread. Today: Pick up milk ✔️ Tutor online ✔️ Tutor in person ✔️ Church tonight - find a substitute this afternoon, just a second adult for crowd control. Sub secured. Homework list ✔️ Amazon return ✔️ Meal planning ✔️ Read
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