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  1. I never thought I’d have everything outsourced. NOT how I wanted our homeschool to be, but life has taken some difficult turns and we are doing the best we can. For my Dd: PreCal online with WHA Medieval and Renaissance Literature with Angelina Stanford. Also probably a Roy Speed Shakespeare intensive. Argumentative Writing at local tutorial. One semester focused on essays and one on research papers with APA and Turabian formats. Physics at local tutorial French 2 at the tutorial Vocal Music PE - fitness at the Y (when it’s safe again) and dance.
  2. Ds came charging into my room when I’d been asleep for a while, complaining loudly about a problem (which turned out to be non-existent) that I couldn’t do anything about at 11:15 at night anyway. Sigh. Kid has no sense. I guess that’s part of being 13, right? Stuff like that sends my stress levels through the roof. Cortisol soaring, which affects my blood sugar. Now I’m wide awake and it’s almost midnight. Can’t stay in bed bc dh wants to go to sleep and needs it dark. So I’m out in the cold house, (we keep the heat very low at night) reading. Have to get up early and go hard all day t
  3. Ds' covid test was quick and easy. 10 minutes in the drive through line at CVS. Results supposed to come by email in 3-4 days. Dinner was rosemary garlic chx and it was good. Tidied up and made kids do some too. Laundry is running. Ds' new airsoft gun came. Man those things look real. Prepped for AHG tomorrow, paperwork, camp chair, fundraiser prizes. Got directions to funeral home for visitation tomorrow. Next up: jammies, some Lily's chocolate and hot tea, my book
  4. Thanks! His quarantine is going to be hard on all of us. We all do SO much better when he goes to school. Lots of screen time and no live people or activity will make him super grouchy. I am going to let him do some outdoor exercise most of tomorrow because he will not be near anyone else and will be having fun.
  5. Good morning! Today: Tutor at 8:00 and then log session notes breakfast! New filter in Brita pitcher Walk? Telehealth appt with my PCP at 10:15 to discuss recent lab results Figure out dinner and prep early Library! Get cash from the ATM Sign Dd up for a class Pay a bill Have kids call my mom Ds to drive through covid test after (virtual) school AHG things
  6. Thanks, Lori D! I looked at Lantern English and at Write at Home last night. I think either will work, just need to check the schedules. Dd has done a middle school level term paper before, but didn't do one last year in 9th. I thought her Bio class was going to require a research paper last year, but it ended up being just a super short presentation and not a longer paper. She just needs someone to guide her through the steps. Organization is not her strength and she needs the accountability that I just cannot provide right now. This paper will be for American History, so more interestin
  7. Dd needs some help in this aspect of writing and right now, due to circumstances beyond my control, I just do not have the time or energy to walk her through a history term paper this semester. I am thinking something 4-8 weeks long. Doesn’t matter if it’s live or asynchronous, but MUST have deadlines and good structure.
  8. Sproul is good. Accessible systematic theology. It will stretch most 9th graders.
  9. Tutoring done, logged session and sent a reminder email with zoom link for tomorrow's 8:00 am student Tidied the table and my staging area Brought recycle bins back from the curb Ordered a new computer mouse for Ds Lots on my list didn't get done and will overflow onto tomorrow and Saturday, I think. And even Monday because I will have time then due to MLK day. No tutoring. Next up: organize and present leftovers for dinner Later: Read! maybe a bit of AHG work, but nothing on a screen.
  10. Well, a second teacher at Ds' school, who was actually at school earlier this week, is positive, so Ds has to get tested. Ugh! he has an appt for drive through at CVS tomorrow afternoon. Put gas in my car. Turned in Dd's grades. Printed some things Reminded Ds to do and turn in his already late Science HW About to eat something and make an AHG phone call.
  11. @TravelingChris Hi Christina! (Waving emjoi goes here)
  12. @Margaret in CO I am so sorry about the Scout stuff!
  13. Agreeing with the pp, that blood sugar has way more effect on cholesterol than dietary fat or cholesterol. Also, high cholesterol does not necessarily mean coronary artery plaque. My cholesterol is high and I recently had several tests to check my coronary arteries. I got a great score on the tests and have no arterial blockage at all.
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