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  1. Why is testing drama? Is it difficult in your area? Here, 5 minutes online to make an appt at CVS. Drive through testing takes about 5 mins and the lines are not any longer than for Rx pickup. They notify by text and email. Cost is zero. Really, nbd.
  2. It’s raining! 🌧⛈🙂
  3. 😐 Our grass is dry and crunchy.
  4. Finished my list! Plus some laundry. Home early from the pool due to thunder. Crazy thunder and lightning, but no rain. Argh!
  5. Unbroken or The Boys in the Boat (young readers version? Preread before handing him the regular edition of Unbroken.) Christian missionary bios like Bruchko or God’s Smuggler? 7 Habits or something by Cal Newport? Do Hard Things?
  6. Slow morning here. Nice and relaxed. Kids are still asleep. Dishwasher is running. Today: AHG budget, registration, and prospective members. ✅ Register Dd with umbrella school ✅ Work at church briefly ✅ Set up a laptop for my mom to watch a memorial service in Zoom. ✅ Buy cream! I detest regular milk in coffee. ✅ Pool with friends tonight. = No cooking dinner! ✅
  7. My Ds needs an alarm clock too. My dog is NOT a good alarm clock!He will go snuggle with the sleeper…. The Alexa is most interesting to me bc he would enjoy it and it would not “accodentally” get broken. Thinking of all kinds of fun things it could be told to play….
  8. Intermission at a good production of Newsies. I’m tired, but it’s worth the drive.
  9. @BlsdMama Congrats to you and your family on the new GD! Waiting in the parking lot at the orthodontist.
  10. Katie, how is your Ds feeling?
  11. TGIF! Cloudy and cooler here today. Maybe rain this afternoon? VBS! ✅ Ds to orthodontist appt. ✅ Grocery ✅ AHG stuff ✅ Shower ✅ Dd and her friend to a play. Across town in Friday traffic. Ugh. Need to figure out a gift for a friend with a birthday coming up.
  12. Home from HOT, buggy outdoor meeting. A/C is lovely!
  13. Kelley definitely has the best day planned! Hooray for a grandbaby! Headed to Walmart. Ugh!
  14. We are still about 5-7 years away from having no kids at home during the school year, and 9 years from truly empty nest. I am working on finding FT work and looking forward to time to pursue my interests, and to seeing my kids launch. But there is definitely sadness too. I will be 64 when Ds is out, assuming he goes to college.
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