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  1. I can't link from my phone, but if you enter "Thomas Hardy set" on Amazon , a lovely boxed set come up. Pricey, but pretty.
  2. Paracord and a booklet of projects to make with it! Binoculars Nature journal Birdhouse building project to do with a parent? Fishing gear? Compass - When my ds was a Webelos 1 and had learned a little orienteering, we gave him a compass and a map (that dh drew) as the first present for his birthday. He had to find the rest, like a scavenger hunt! Walmart carries inexpensive, inflatable solar lanterns that work well.
  3. Good morning! We overslept and had a crazy scramble to get out of the house on time. Dropped dd at tutorial and now at the dentist with ds. Next up: Library school with ds ✅ Lunch out ✅ Appt. at 1:00 ✅ Meeting at 3:30 Piano recital tonight at 6:00. Then take mom home. Fall into bed and listen to a podcast.
  4. Does she have favorites that she only has in paperback?
  5. Tutoring done. Boy is off to Scouts. He's been a pill today and dh wanted to keep him home, but I insisted on getting him out. He'll come home happy, having had fun and learned something. My extrovert boy must.have.people. (Mom doesn't count!) They are discussing movies they watched that show how one individual can impact a community for the better. We watched Rudy over the weekend. The list of choices was so good that we may just watch them all. 12 Angry Men, Stand and Deliver, Remember the Titans, To Kill a Mockingbird, and several others I can't remember now. Next up: Jammies and go to bed with some hot tea
  6. Basic school done with ds. Dd has Bio and piano left to do today. Dishwasher is running, laundry is folded, ds cleaned his room, and a simple dinner is cooked. I feel a little better after a shower, more ibuprofen and some food. Headed out shortly. I think dh is doing Scouts stuff tonight?
  7. Good morning! I am stil sick so not much besides school happening here today. Need to get better bc tomorrow has several things that cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. school maybe tutoring? figure out dinner
  8. Resting, reading, wishing this cold would go away. This coming week is busy and I don't have time to be sick!
  9. Home from all day BSA training. Had good cream of chx soup for dinner and am going to bed early. My small cold has become a raging sinus infection and I feel crummy. Did the neti-pot and took some Advil. Talked to my mom on the phone. Told dh that I'm staying home from church tomorrow, so he won't wake me up. Next up: hot lemon ginger tea and a novel.
  10. Done: Work at church, grocery, gas, prep dinner, tidy the house, figure out clothes for tomorrow. Waiting for the poppers to finish cooking to put the nachos in.
  11. No, my inlaws are often very unkind to my mom and she doesn't enjoy being with them. Generally we alternate years.
  12. On my second cup of tea. Coffee never appeals to me when I have a cold. Dd is up and going. Ds is awake, but trying not to be. Grouchy bc he is missing the FT. I have: done about 7 AHG things, mostly emails culled my inbox to 5 emails checked dd's English and given the next two assignments revised Wild Thing's assignment sheet decided that dinner is nachos and jalpeno poppers (which will require a short grocery run) decided that tomorrow's dinner will be something in the crock pot since I will be gone all day. made the grocery list Next up: order a couple of Christmas gifts on Amazon prep for tomorrow - clothes, notebook etc. maybe do bills and budget
  13. I want a new blender (just basic, not a vitamix), some brown boots, and some earrings. Probably shopping for myself, but that is fine. Mom is buying me the blender. Other than that, I want some restful days with lots of time to read, watch movies, and sleep late. I want evenings when we are all home together. Lots of evenings with a fire in the fireplace, soup for dinner, and no meetings, practices or parties to attend.
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