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  1. Hi Kelly! (Need the waving emoji here.) It is good to see you!
  2. Good morning! Have fun, Selkie! school update budget (today is payday) watch bball. Hopefully the Vols will not lose in the early rounds this year. call mom AHG stuff bookstore go explore the location for Sunday's recital - need to know where to go! figure out dinner prep for tomorrow's hike! early to bed!
  3. My kids do not even get money for doing regular chores! For harder chores like mowing the yard or washing my car, yes. They earn money by pet sitting for neighbors and by helping my mom with household tasks. Whatever money they get, earned or gifts, is usually divided this way: 10% tithe to our church, 20% (at least, can be more) in long-term savings toward their first car, 20% (at least, can be more) toward short-term goals like summer camp, outdoor gear like a sleeping bag, a trip, or some other expensive "want". The rest is their fun money, to do with as they please. For Starbucks, movies with friends, small toys or jewelry, snacks at the pool grill, youth group activities, gift shop purchases at museums etc. They pay for a lot of their fun - especially things that are done with friends rather than as a family or that come up suddenly and I do not have in the budget.
  4. Good morning! I woke up an hour and a half ago and am enjoying my coffee, some time to read, and the birdsong that comes with the sunrise. school errands - Office Max and the grocery yardwork?! Nope AHG with Dd. Dinner is shepherd's pie and a green veg. Made!
  5. The Cornell Ornithology site has loads of teacher resources for all ages.
  6. Avoiding sugar and grains helps me lots.
  7. Done: Housecleaning Snack Webinar about the CLT To do: AHG uniform Office Max remind kids to practice piano bake bread
  8. Nope. Big dog with a thick undercoat here.
  9. Good morning! Slower Wednesday here, with no piano or church. Both kids have friends coming over for a while in the late afternoon. School Pick up milk and bagels, stop by my mom's. Post Office Make dinner early. Not sure what else. I'll add as I go.
  10. Good morning! I've made coffee, registered Ds for a program at the Nature Center and checked my email. Tuesday light here today because no Science class for Ds. Much less driving this week, hooray. Not spring break, but still feels restful. School Dd to/from tutorial Make dinner early - eggplant parmesan and salad Office Max? not today Brief (I hope!) meeting in the early evening AHG stuff
  11. Dinner out was nice! Dh and I rarely get uninterrupted conversation these days.
  12. Done: Shooed both kids and the dog outside for some sunshine and exercise. Gas in my van DW and laundry are running HSA paperwork - ugh! YNAB updated Bought a book with Amazon birthday money! Signed up for a CiRCE webinar. Next up: Figure out what I'm going to wear tonight. Computer stuff.
  13. Good morning! Back into our school routine today, though our week is lighter because many of our ec's are on break. School Laundry! Meal plan, then Aldi. And Publix. And Kroger. Out to dinner with Dh for my birthday! Two nights in a row out to eat feels very luxurious! Hopeistheword, how is your mom? Hi Amy! Enjoy the convention!
  14. Redeemed Reader and Read Aloud Revival are good sources. RR is especially helpful, imo, because it keeps up with newly published books that I might not have other reviews on. Dd loved Gary Schmidt's Straw into Gold. Seconding A String on the Harp, The Dark is Rising series, and the Chronicles of Prydain. All faves with my fantasy loving kids. The Vanderbeekers books are fun. Has she read The Hobbit?!
  15. We are still some years out from this, but I expect one to go to college. One might thrive without it. Dh and I both have master's degrees.
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