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  1. Survived dd's first musical theater production. Looking forward to being home and slothful tomorrow.
  2. We sometimes use a Coleman cot (from Walmart, about $30) which is sturdy and foldable, but not small. We put a memory foam topper on it.
  3. My ds takes the Calm gummies. I can't remember right now which form of mg they are. Not oxide and not glycinate. They have not had a significant laxative effect on him and they taste yummy. We did ease in to the full dosageover several weeks, in case of a laxative effect.
  4. Good morning! Pack clothes and things for the play. ✅ Church - teach Sunday school, enjoy worship, invite friends to the play ✅ Braid Dd's hair, make sure she eats some lunch and drop her off for the play. ✅ Read or talk with friends. Lunch for me? ✅ Last show! ✅ Help clean up. ✅ Take Dd to/from the cast party. ✅ Home! Read and go to bed! Do NOT set an alarm or make lists in my head.
  5. Good morning! I am going to do a little cooking, and buy some groceries this morning. ✅ Then off into the Lion King whirlwind again! Braid dd's hair and drop her off. ✅ Pick up my mom and take her to the show, then home. ✅ Then back to the show to work the ticket table for tonight's performance. Fun, but exhausting!
  6. BBC Dance Mat Typing then
  7. All done for today! I have Lion King songs in my head now. Off to bed, humming...
  8. Science Shepherd's Life Science might work for you.
  9. Just don't let her miss the summer fun stuff, whatever that is for your family. You don't want to get to late September with a kid who is burned out and needs a break! I agree about non-textbook based science for youngers. Math, reading, typing, Read Alouds, and call it good.
  10. Good morning! Quiet morning here. All my people are still asleep. Do some prep cooking, including grill flank steak. I have been a little off the low-carb wagon lately and don't feel great, so I'm trying to have some good options available on this busy weekend. Update YNAB 2 (only 2!)) AHG emails Cull my inbox Shower! Make ds try on some clothes so I can see if they fit or not. Too late now. Tomorrow!? Print tickets for both tonight's and tomorrow's shows. Work at church. Braid Dd's hair and drop her off at the theater. ✅ Pick up Ds from a friend's house or the pool. ✅ Go to see Dd in her first musical theater production! Very fun! The show rules our weekend, of course. Done!
  11. Morning list DONE! Plus some extra AHG stuff and more laundry. Off to bed to read.
  12. Eels?! Eeeuuwww!!🤢 It's 1:30 and I've been up since 6 and have only done two things on my list. 😕 Done: Returned a Redbox movie Laundry
  13. Sorry you're sick, Amy! Woohoo for the 50's club!!! 😎
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