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  1. Boy, isn't this the truth. My kids are not adopted but we're a mixed race family and it never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to just urgently need to know exactly who in the family has what ethnic origins. OP, I have nothing useful to add re commemorating adoption, but I often read your posts and would just like to say that I think you are a wonderful mom.
  2. Yes! My mom hosted both families for years. Then we moved 600 miles away and my parents continued to have my inlaws for Thanksgiving. They would all get together and sometimes we'd Skype in to see everyone and say hi. Now my parents moved to be near us and my mom is kinda bummed that my inlaws won't be here.
  3. Ooh, pretty top! I agree that you probably need slim pants, or at least straight-cut. What about pants in velvet, to up the dressy level? (Athough I'm not wild about that side stripe on the pants I linked -- would have to see how that looks in person). For shoes, I'd look for ballet flats, which are pretty easy to find in fabrics other than leather. Do you have some jewelry you can wear?
  4. I am reading this thread with interest. I don't have SAD but over the last few years I have become increasingly convinced that my middle son is unusually sensitive to the amount of sunlight he gets. I've considered buying a light box but I myself have a history of melanoma and when I asked a dermatologist about it he was not at all keen on the idea. Off to read the link upthread ....
  5. I make this combo roast/stir-fry thing surprisingly often; everyone likes it.
  6. Rain during the day, dry by night. But the temperature is supposed to drop about 30 degrees between midnight and dinnertime, from the 60s to the 30s. Plus wind. I went looking for the warm coats this afternoon.
  7. This makes things so much easier! The city where we will be living has free public WiFi basically everywhere, so I was really hoping that my domestic phone would work on that.
  8. 'Oh, that's great to hear, thanks! Were you able to access the internet on WiFI?
  9. Have you traveled internationally with your phone? Did it work/ RW maintains that the phone should work as at home when on unlimited WiFi abroad, but some years ago I went to Canada with the phone and I could not receive texts even over free Wifi. It's entirely possible that they've upgraded the system since then, though. I am also wondering whether I will be able to receive WhatsApp messages on my domestic number when on WiFi abroad. We are going to be out of the country for a number of months and I'm leaning towards switching to the WiFi only plan for my RW phone, bringing it with me so I can stay in touch with people from home, and then just buying an inexpensive local phone to use for in-country calls while there. I don't want to switch out the SIM card on my RW phone because then domestic callers won't be able to reach me on my current number. Anyway, I've read all of the official (and unofficial) info about using a RW while abroad, but I was wondering if anyone here had personal experience?
  10. I am reading this thread with great interest. I absolutely could not swallow pills as a child and now I can manage very small ones -- if I psych myself out and take a bite of food first, and even then it sometimes takes me a couple of tries -- but it has always been a major challenge. I've often thought that if there ever comes a day when my health depends on my being able to swallow pills I will be in big trouble. (Either that or I guess I'll finally master it.) On the up side, I'll almost certainly never become a prescription drug addict.
  11. This is all great info, thanks!
  12. We are going to be spending seven months outside of the US and while I much prefer paper books, I think e-readers are going to be our best bet for English-language reading material while we are away. Any particular recommendations? We should be able to borrow e-books from our home library through Overdrive, and an organization where we will be living also has a large English-language e-book library that we can access. My understanding is that it is not always possible to buy e-books through Amazon while outside the US, though -- does anyone know anything about this?
  13. You're sweet to ask! Yes, he is. It's a great troop and the scoutmaster is amazing. DS does not want me to be involved even one little bit so I am not 100% sure of what exactly he has been doing, but apparently he is making progress and he is definitely enjoying it a lot. He's done some day hikes and next month will go on one of the camping trips. That's interesting that you mention physical fitness requirements. DS just got home an hour ago and said that tonight they did pushups, situps, and a half-mile run.
  14. DS11 has been asking if he can take a live online class. He has seen his brother take AoPS classes but he isn't quite ready for those himself. DS11 has taken a short online Bravewriter class but was not at all keen on the asynchronous format. My own experience with online classes has been markedly underwhelming so I am more than a little skeptical, but considering what a battle school is with this kid I am open to experimentation. Any recommendations for particularly good live online (secular only) classes suitable for the 6th grade? The subject is less important than the quality of the class.
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