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  1. Well, DH is the Keeper of the Important Documents, so all of our social security cards are neatly filed in a folder labeled "Important Documents,' tucked away inside a lockbox. If I were in charge of important household documents, however, the card would be stuck inside my passport, which would be jammed in a drawer. Obviously, this is why I am not in charge. I feel for you, OP! Definitely let us know when you find it.
  2. This is what we did, too, and it worked remarkably well. I had my doubts that they would actually be fooled by a golf ball but as it turns out, chickens are not exactly geniuses.
  3. Agree about the Moto phones, especially the Moto G line.
  4. Wow, that's stunning. I guess it really is true that none of us are safe until all of us are safe.
  5. Yeah, it was a bit of a surprise at the time (here's an article from May summarizing the findings), since there were earlier reported cases in visitors from China and South Korea, and then there was a whole bunch of infected Israelis returning from European vacations in March. But ultimately most of the spread was traced to a small number of visitors from the US. Israel's borders have been almost completely closed to non-citizens since March, and nearly everyone* who enters the country must complete a mandatory two-week quarantine either at home or in a designated facility. But the tr
  6. I think it's hard to overstate the extent to which the virus disaster in the US has been a disaster for Israel as well. Genomic analysis showed that the original wave was primarily seeded by American visitors, and even if Israel gets control of the domestic situation again they just can't open the borders until the virus is under control in the US. Pilgrims, tourists, Birthright groups, seminarians, educational tourists .....just all gone, and it's such an economic catastrophe.
  7. I've been following this theory and it is super interesting. Here's another article that goes into some detail.
  8. During the strictest part of the first lockdown, back in March/April, group worship was allowed outside in groups up to 10. Of course, this meant that no women could ever attend. Eventually the number was raised to 19, although I'm quite certain that this had nothing to do with facilitating women's attendance. IMNSHO the much higher caps this time around reflect not a public health consensus but rather the lowest numbers that the PM thinks that he can get away with without the ultra-orthodox parties leaving the governing coalition and/or widespread flouting of the law. The latter is
  9. I'm sorry, too! We wound up staying longer than expected but it was/is such a strange time. Despite everything, though, we're so Incredibly grateful we had the experience. I already miss that Jerusalem light. Unfortunately, the new lockdown in Israel is really a sign of failure than of success. The country did a great job back in the spring, getting new cases down to single digits a day, but then just utterly squandered that very hard-won progress by reopening *way* too fast. There are also some serious political pathologies at play that have made it effectively impossible for the
  10. We just left Israel on Sat night to return to the US. We finally pulled the trigger and bought our tickets several weeks ago, before we knew about the second lockdown, but now all of our Israeli friends and family are telling us that we got out just in time. The first time around (which was even stricter -- we couldn't go more than 100 meters from home) people were very compliant but it sure seems like this one may not go nearly as well. Such a balagan (mess). Hope you're managing OK, Chris.
  11. Excellent overview of all the different vaccines in development.
  12. I have printed everything since the 5th grade. My printing is neat and fast. I learned cursive in school from an older teacher who put a lot of emphasis on penmanship. However, I am left-handed and so the whole experience was memorably unpleasant. I realize now that there are in fact methods to actually try and teach left-handers how to write cursive, as opposed to just scolding them for messy handwriting, but such pedagogical niceties were not on offer at the time. The other two lefties in my family -- my dad and my grandmother -- were both forced to write with their right hands
  13. The very frequent testing is key, as I understand it.
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