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  1. Our neighborhood association (not a HOA) runs a holidays lights carriage tour every December. We contract with a horse-drawn carriage business and sell tickets for half-hour tours of the neighborhood. Over the eight (?) years that we've been doing this a lot of residents on the designated streets have gotten very into decorating and some of the houses are amazing! We also simultaneously run a competition for the best-decorated house. It is a huge amount of work but also quite lucrative, especially if the weather cooperates. We make money both through ticket sales and by selling ads to local business for a book about the neighborhood that we hand out to riders. There are 2-3 people who put in countless hours for months getting everything set and selling ads, and then it's all hands on deck (maybe 20 people taking shifts) for the two nights themselves.
  2. I am sorry, that is tough. I've never known more than a couple of HS families IRL and like others, my main HS support has been from this board. My oldest is in 9th grade this year, though, and I find myself unpleasantly unsettled over our decision to keep homeschooling into/through high school. I always felt really good about homeschooling (although fortunately I was never at all rah rah to anyone other than DH) but now I just can't seem to get into a good head space about it all. I can definitely imagine making different choices for subsequent kids.
  3. Oh my goodness. How horrible! I am very glad that your son is (presumably) all right, but this story boggles the mind.
  4. This is very helpful, thanks! The "steady hand and consistent angle" bit is what I am hoping will translate to his regular handwriting.
  5. He does some kind of chemical treatments to the cubes that are supposed to make them better/faster. Apparently this is a big thing in the Rubik's Cube world.
  6. My 14yo has two businesses -- a web design business and then another selling chemically treated Rubik's Cubes. The web design - which is far more lucrative -- basically pays for the the cube stuff. Although possibly he's starting to break even on that? Not sure. Anyway, as a PP said, the online vendor takes care of sales taxes and so far he hasn't made enough money overall to need to file a tax return. I haven't really thought about the transcript part, but I guess it would be an extracurricular. It has definitely been a great learning experience!
  7. DS11 would like to learn calligraphy instead of doing regular handwriting practice. (His handwriting is OKish, not great, which is why I want him to continue to work on it) This seems like a reasonable request to me. Any recommendations for a good practice book?
  8. Yes, we started today! And I am more than a little freaked out about high school, too!
  9. Yes, everyone I know uses gendered pronouns constantly. (DH and I are both academics, BTW, as are many of our friends.) I do see that students occasionally put their preferred pronouns -- which are nearly always gendered -- in their email signatures. In my writing, I usually use female pronouns to refer to a generic person, because I am a woman.
  10. Instead of diluting the concentrate with flat water, I dilute it with seltzer. So, three ice cubes, fill the glass halfway with concentrate, add a good splash of milk, and then fill the rest with seltzer. Voila, coffee soda!
  11. Cold brew coffee is the nectar of the gods. It flows through my veins, the only thing making it possible for me to cope with the muggy misery that is summer in the American South. Cold brew, over ice, add milk and a shot of splenda, top with seltzer water. Yes, you can make cold brew with cheap grounds. If you want to buy concentrate, though, the best brand is Chameleon.
  12. Great thread! A few favorites: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Go Down Moses Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Will the Circle Be Unbroken Avinu Malkeinu (FWIW, I am Jewish.)
  13. I am looking for engaging, secular science kits suitable for 6th grade. I know that folks frequently recommend Thames and Kosmos but from online reviews it looks like the kits vary quite a bit in quality. I also really like the look of some of the kits available at Home Science Tools, Any particular favorites to recommend?
  14. I really like the book selections for second grade language arts, and the science/nature study seems unusually well laid-out, with lots of ideas and options for each topic. I'm going to wait and see what the third grade program looks like before buying anything, though.
  15. Does anyone have any experience with this program? I have been looking at it for my rising 3rd grader. If I were to get it, I think I'd actually get the 2nd grade program, since the read-alouds seem more age-appropriate and as he is a strong reader we'd be skipping the reading instruction anyway.
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