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  1. I agree with this x100. My parents, while well-intentioned, also did not want me to learn to drive when I was in high school/college. It was incredibly frustrating and I just couldn't do anything about it until I had graduated, gotten a job, and moved out. It would have been a tremendous help -- and actually would have probably improved my relationship with my parents -- if someone else had been able to help me learn to drive sooner.
  2. Davis-Kidd is long gone, I'm afraid. But we have Parnassus Books, a great independent bookstore that was started by the author Ann Patchett after Davis-Kidd closed.
  3. I use mine about once every two weeks in the summer.
  4. Thanks, ScoutTN! When we were considering this I remembered that your DS was a Scout and that had it had been a good experience for him.
  5. My DS11 joined Scouts a few months ago and did his first hike with the group on Sunday. He had a wonderful time and got some positive reinforcement from the older Scouts and the leader that made him feel very good about the experience. We had not been looking to get him involved in Scouts but I happened to meet a local scoutmaster who seems like a genuinely good guy and is very committed to an inclusive troop. I thought for sure that the fact that DS cannot participate on Saturdays for religious reasons would be a dealbreaker, but the scoutmaster assured me that it was not and that they would make it work. And DS, who too-often dwells in his older brother's shadow, really needs an activity that is all his. Hopefully it will work out. DS is not at all ready to go away to camp this summer but the scoutmaster suggested that he visit for a day when the troop is camping, so we'll make that happen.
  6. Wow! We have lived in Nashville for 8 years now and I have yet to get into the Bluebird. DH has been twice and says it's fantastic -- I ams sure you will have a great time. I love the Grand Ole Opry and recommend it to everyone who visits Nashville.
  7. Oh great, delighted to hear that people liked The Brave Learner. I will check it out then. Here's Farrar's book. She's got lots of great ideas in there.
  8. The semester is nearly over and I am putting together my summer reading list. Has anyone read The Brave Learner, by Julie Bogart? Is it worth reading? I have read and enjoyed her other work but I can't quite tell how much this book is targeted at new homeschoolers (which I am not). Any other recommendations for restorative reading for a non-Christian, semi-burned-out, deeply cynical homeschool mom with kids in elementary, middle and high school? This past year I read and loved both Susan's Rethinking School and Farrar's fabulous book on homeschooling tweens.
  9. Yeah, this is how we feel, too. My kids have been learning this language for years and it has been a huge priority in our homeschool. It is going to be a little tricky to get them set up in schools that work for them (esp for my middle son) but I really believe that immersion is the way to go if we can make it happen.
  10. This is great advice, thanks! Amazingly, it is looking increasingly likely that this adventure will come to pass, although nothing is definite yet. Tentative plan is to be gone for six months (!).
  11. But the CB is already providing colleges with information about test-takers' economic background. It's called the SAT score. I agree with whoever said upthread that the CB is desperately trying to stay relevant.
  12. I hate flying so much. Yes, I know that it is way safer than driving, blah blah blah, but it still terrifies me. And don't get me started about turbulence. My younger two find flying very exciting, but DH gets headaches and DS14 gets both headaches and motion sickness.
  13. We have about a 35-minute walk to synagogue, and mostly we play word games en route. Some weeks it works better than others. Usually DH and DS14 go together earlier than the rest of us, which also helps.
  14. Thanks, Lori! I don't think we'll do DE, but I am now thinking of perhaps doing a chem class that would set him up for AP Chem in 10th.
  15. It looks like we will be living overseas during the second semester of oldest DS's 9th grade year. I think the most workable plan is going to be for us to do a double-credit class of science (and no history) here in the fall, before we leave, and then do a double-credit of history (and no science) while we are there. While we are away DS will do some sort of TBD intensive language/cultural experience -- probably just going to a local public or private school. We will keep up with math (Algebra II) all year and do an English credit both in the fall and then the summer after we come back. DS will likely apply to selective colleges as a science major. If he had to pick tomorrow it would definitely be chemistry, but who knows. Anyway, the original science plan was AP Bio in 9th, AP Chem in 10th, and AP Physics in 11th. Now taking AP tests will be out of the question for 9th (since we will be out of the country in May) so I would like to choose one science for us to do *not* as an AP, and also as a double-credit homeschool class in one semester. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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