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  1. My DH is planning to go back to synagogue on Monday for the first time in over a year. It will be a relatively small group of people, all masked and distanced, and likely all vaccinated. I'll go back when all the kids can go, which won't be until DS10 is fully vaxxed. The older two will go with DH once they are fully vaccinated in 5 weeks.
  2. My oldest two got their first doses at about 10:30 am yesterday. By the evening they both had sore arms and were perhaps a bit more cranky/tired than usual, although I hesitate to attribute the latter to the vaccine, esp for DS13. This morning DS15's arm was almost completely fine, DS13's still a little sore.
  3. That's amazing. When I asked the receptionist at my dentist's office whether the dentists and hygienists had been vaccinated, her answer was, "Uh, i don't know. I don't ask people that question." When DH and i were finally fully vaccinated and went in, we were both very pleasantly surprised to discover that actually, the medical staff was taking the pandemic extremely seriously. Not only had they all been vaccinated, but the doctors had long since had a new ventilation and air filtration system installed and they had all sorts of other protocols in place as well. If I had known this
  4. I am all in favor of states and localities trying different strategies. Will be very interested to see how this one works out. Our state health commissioner is a conservative evangelical Christian and she thinks that framing vaccination in religious terms is the way to go: I have no particular opinion on her strategy other than that it does not appear to be working terribly well so far(see here and here).
  5. I brought the kids' passports but nobody asked for ID.
  6. Done! DS13 gets anxious about needles but he did fine, and DS15 said he barely felt it. We were at the children's hospital and so everyone there is clearly very used to treating kids. Finding a parking spot was by far the most difficult part of the experience. DS15 saw two friends in the waiting area. They hadn't seen each other in person in over a year, and between the masks and everyone having grown so much, none of them were quite sure at first that they recognized the others.
  7. DS13 just came into my room. He went to bed an hour and a half ago but can't sleep. "I'm too excited about getting my vaccine!" My kids have coped remarkably well with isolation, and it is possible that I have underestimated just how tired they are of it all.
  8. DS15 and DS13 have appointments for tomorrow morning at the hospital nearby. Hooray!! They are thrilled.
  9. I've been looking, too. I was hoping that the city would keep open the mass vaccination site downtown for a little while longer but it looks like they are going to go ahead and close it for first shots as of Friday. I called the big hospital near my house (where both DH and I got vaccinated) and they wouldn't let me schedule DS15 -- who turns 16 in a few days -- until he actually turns 16, let alone DS13. I did not try the pharmacies yet.
  10. DS15 started the year as a 10th grader, but we've decided to push his graduation back by a year, so in retrospect it was 9th grade. Hits: Asian and African history, loosely based on Farrar's GPS curriculum. NYT writing curriculum. (The NYT Learning Network has been the sleeper hit of the year, actually. DS13 has also been using pieces of it.) Private Hebrew lessons -- DS (finally) has a tutor he likes so much that when her schedule changed he was willing to wake up early for lessons instead of switching to a different teacher. Everything else was just fine. No real misses, I
  11. Wow!! That is incredible. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful outcome all around.
  12. My son did AP Physics 1 and 2 this past year at home, using the Knight textbook, a lab kit, and a (slightly modified) syllabus regentrude shared some years ago. (Oh, and her tests, too!) DH supervised him but if one of us hadn't had the necessary background it would have worked fine to just hire a tutor, I think. DS hasn't yet taken the AP test so I can't tell you how well he did, but he learned a ton and generally enjoyed the course.
  13. Of course it's not 100%. And people can lie, just like they can lie about about their symptoms. But if you're going to use self-reported screening measures to evaluate risk, you should absolutely ask about vaccination status! It's the most important risk factor there is.
  14. In the last few weeks I have been to two different doctors, the dentist, and had a life insurance physical/interview. All did some sort of Covid symptom screening, but -- to my utter bafflement -- none of them asked about my vaccine status. If you're worried that patients might have covid, surely the #1 thing you'd want to know is if and when they've been vaccinated? The life insurance interview was especially mystifying. Several questions along the lines of, "In recent months, have you had substantial weight loss, chills, night sweats, or unexplained skin lesions?" But no questions
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