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  1. Thanks again, Lori! I have been looking through the Motherlodes over the last couple of months -- what an amazing set of resources! I actually think of Art Appreciation and English as very closely related subjects.
  2. Thanks Lori! This is very helpful. After more consideration, I think what I am really wondering about is how to transcript interdisciplinary/unit studies for purposes of college admissions.
  3. I would like to do one semester of art appreciation with my rising 9th grader next year. I'm not sure what we would do, exactly, but we haven't yet really done any sort of meaningful study of the visual arts. However, he has a pretty full schedule and I am reluctant to add this on as an elective. Is it possible for me to somehow turn this into an English credit? I envision that he would do a lot of writing in this class, but we would obviously be studying paintings, sculpture, etc. instead of written texts. More broadly, for purposes of college admissions do I even have to turn this into an English credit? Trying to figure out how much leeway I have here ...
  4. I successfully lost 10+ lbs some years ago doing 5:2 eating -- eat normally 5 days a week, 500 calories tops on the other two. After a couple of years I stopped doing 5:2 and gained the weight back (shocker). I just could not get motivated to go back on the plan so I tried (1) low carb, on which I gained a few more pounds AND felt horrible; and then (2) 16:8 (eating within just an 8 hr period), which was a lot easier but did not result in my losing weight. So, as of a week ago I am back on 5:2. Not my favorite state of being but I am confident that it will work, at least. I am not overweight but would look a lot cuter (IMO) 10 or even 15 lbs lighter. I know so many people who swear by low-carb or keto but I have finally concluded that it is just not for me. Lots of carbs are no good, but I just feel my best on a moderate-carb diet.
  5. Ruth, are the AP equivalents to which you refer the NZ national exams? And your son was also on the national math team, correct? I would love to not get bogged down in too many AP courses/exams, but I am not keen on DE (for a variety of reasons) and I very much share the OP's concerns about not shortchanging my rising high schooler by failing to do enough outside validation. It is just very difficult to figure out how much is 'enough."
  6. I don't know if it's hard to get a high score itself, but most students who take the test do score very highly, so I think your DD would only want to take the test if she is sure she can do really well.
  7. Have you checked out the curve for this test? I looked at the SAT2 for Modern Hebrew a while back and while the test was not excessively difficult, the curve was brutal.
  8. My rising 9th grader is crazy for chemistry and I have been looking at the Chemistry Olympiad program. I also see that AoPS offers a ChemWOOT class to prepare. Has anyone done this? If, so, any thoughts on what sort of high school science sequence would get a student ready to participate? We haven't really used textbooks or formal science curricula in middle school, although DS has wound up doing a lot of chemistry-related stuff.
  9. I actually did change my mind in about 15 seconds. I was never anti-vaccination, but I had a lot of ambivalence about vaccinating my babies and debated spacing the shots out, etc. When my second son was 4 weeks old, though, I got a phone call from the dean of the school where DH taught -- and where we lived in faculty-student housing -- informing me that a student in our building had meningitis and were my children vaccinated yet? It was one of those moments that suddenly crystallized everything. I realized that I was exponentially more afraid of my children becoming seriously ill from one of these diseases than I was about the possible side effects from the vaccinations. I immediately called the pediatrician; DS couldn't get the meningitis vaccine until 6 weeks, so I brought him in first thing the morning he turned 6 weeks, and all of my ambivalence was gone, forever. (The student recovered, fortunately.)
  10. This is a very helpful thread; OP, thanks so much for starting it. My oldest DS will be a 9th grader next year and I have been struggling with how to balance the need for outside validation with our desire to really take advantage of the academic freedom that homeschooling affords us.
  11. I am reading this thread and hearing this dialogue in my head: You just like things the way you like them, OP! No shame in that 🙂
  12. Black workout pants? I always wear black workout capris, and while my cotton underwear is frequently drenched afterwards, it's not really visible from the outside.
  13. I did it for a while and didn't have too much trouble sticking to the plan, but I also didn't lose any weight. It was a bummer, really, because I found it quite doable!
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