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  1. I warmly recommend this book, which includes an extremely detailed discussion of hormone replacement options.
  2. I think it was more like the prosecutor stretched to charge him with third-degree murder; it wasn't an outlandish idea, but it also wasn't squarely in the mainstream of how that statute had generally been used, and as it turned out, the MN Supreme Court wasn't on board.
  3. This article has a very good explanation of the issues that were up on appeal. The gist is that the MN Supreme Court clarified that the definition of third-degree murder does not include a crime in which the conduct was directed at a particular person, as was the case here.
  4. Yes, Pfizer. I also hope that they will be able to get boosters soon.
  5. My elderly parents, who were vaccinated in January, have twice tried to get boosters but to no avail -- the pharmacists here require written proof that you are on one of the listed immunosuppressants.
  6. I listened to The Dream podcast and this is the part that broke my heart -- the whole business model is getting women to turn their personal relationships into business ones. I have never known anyone who worked for a MLM -- it isn't a thing in my circles -- but I do remember reading about LulaRoe, possibly here? I was kind of amazed that anyone would ever buy patterned leggings, but probably they are like peasant tops, one of those styles that look adorable on other people but just bizarre on me.
  7. My 13 and 15yo sons got vaccinated immediately after it was approved for their age group. The 13yo just had a very sore arm after both shots. The 15yo felt pretty awful starting about 8 hrs after the second dose; he ran a fever and was pretty miserable until about hr 36, at which point all symptoms evaporated. I was concerned about myocarditis so I didn't let them do really vigorous exercise for a few days. I quizzed the nurse extensively on what to watch for and she said that the major symptom to be alert to is extreme shortness of breath.
  8. That is one of the most depressing things I have read in quite some time. And I read a lot. Almost every day it crosses my mind that Rupert Murdoch was one of the first people in the entire world to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
  9. Warmly recommend this recent episode of TWIV. So much good info on immune response in both vaccinated and infected folks. The gist is that vaccination seems to provide considerably broader protection against variants, but infection may give longer-lasting immunity to the same variant. But the killer combo is infection followed by vaccination -- people who were infected and then got vaccinated can go out and lick doorknobs, sounds like.
  10. I think it is actually an interesting question if and when conditions of employment should be considered coercive. Here is a good and provocative book on the subject. That said, I also teach at a university and of all the requirements that the school imposes, the "you need to get vaccinated against a novel respiratory virus that is currently spreading exponentially before you spew aerosols for several hours every week in an enclosed room in front of hundreds of people who live in communal settings" rule seems not especially problematic. I personally find the vaccine requirement INFINITELY more justifiable than, say, the university's IT requirement that I change my password every six months. Which is so, so stupid, and just means that I wind up writing the d--n thing down on a piece of paper, because who can remember a new alphanumeric password every six months?! Just maddening. And indeed, hundreds of universities and colleges across North America -- including conservative ones -- have mandated vaccination for employees and students, and on the whole it has been a nothingburger. Which makes me wonder who her intended audience is. It certainly isn't her colleagues, and increasingly, not even the general public. 75% of adults in both the US and Canada are now at least partly vaccinated. Vaccination against covid is really popular!
  11. Oh dear. Is it really noticeable or can you, like, pretend it's okay for a while? Maybe it will fade. Or you just might stop seeing it, which is almost the same thing.
  12. This is very interesting, if alarming. What is the theory why vaccinations seem to be working so incredibly well to keep people from getting really sick, though? Is it just the antibodies? This past week heard a presentation by the head of the biggest hospital system in my area. He said that the covid patients in their hospitals are nearly all unvaccinated, and the vaccinated patients were mostly folks who are seriously immunosuppresssed (cancer patients, transplant recipients, etc).
  13. More school districts in TN are closing because of staff shortages. I think the count is up to 18 districts now. Plus a whole bunch more individual schools. Apparently a lot of bus drivers and cafeteria workers, in particular, are out sick. The state education commissioner has consented to allow individual classrooms or schools, but not entire districts, to go virtual. This is a major concession from the current governor's administration. However, so far all the reporting is that these districts are just shutting down completely until after Labor Day. (ETA: I just read that the commissioner is granting some, not all, of these requests.) TN is a very conservative, rural state and AFAIK outside of the cities schools (and school sports) across the state were in-person and operating normally last year. Vaccines, masks, and other covid precautions are quite unpopular in most of the places that are currently closing schools, so it is very striking that they are taking such drastic measures. The situation must be just completely unworkable.
  14. Like the ancient rabbis said, "All Israel is responsible for one another, until people get tired of it, in which case, whatever."
  15. 6.5 hours of vision statements? This meeting sounds like a nightmare even without the extra frisson of potential covid exposure. Very easy for these sorts of events to just slip a person's mind. So much going on these days.
  16. DH started teaching, and DS started his (small) college class. 95%+ vaccination, mask mandate, some testing. A startling number of students in DH's class tested positive the first week, but the university moved fast (tested the whole first year class) and the second week was much quieter. We will see how things go. One student in DS's class was late to join because he was still at home with Covid. Yeah, I suspect some of the students realized this all of a sudden. Most faculty are recording lecture classes, at least, so students can try to keep up, but being out for two weeks of a 14-week semester is not great.
  17. This lentil and sausage soup is spectacularly good. I've made it with both beef and turkey sausage.
  18. It is a fun thought! We drove from TN to CA some years ago -- it took 10 days and my kids were older than yours -- but it was a great experience. Of course, then you'd have to drive back. Do look into the safety thing, though. Maybe there have been improvements since we investigated the possibility, which also happened to be when we, too, lived in a NYC apartment with little kids 🙂 (Although no pandemic.)
  19. OP, don't you live in NYC? Where would you keep a van or trailer? I don't think one would fit in even a garage space. Or are you just thinking of renting one for a vacation?
  20. We looked into this years ago and the safety issue was a huge issue that put us off.
  21. Last year my son took a course through the Online Jewish High School program that is part of VHS. It was fine. The course was fully asynchronous -- the instructor just gave feedback on written assignments -- so it was essentially self-study. (I also did some of the readings so I could discuss them with my son.) The course was very thoughtfully designed and the person in charge of the OJHS program is extremely on-the-ball and helpful, so everything ran smoothly. No idea if any of this applies to the VHS as a whole, though.
  22. I was going to say the name. My DH ordered a bunch from Project 95.
  23. School in my state (TN) started about 2-3 weeks ago and multiple school districts, as well as a number of individual schools, have already had to close because so many staff members are out with covid. (Loads of students are out, too, but that's not why they're closing.) Some districts are sending administrative staff to cover classes and/or drive buses, and I've heard from friends with kids in school that classrooms are being combined when teachers are out. The state has prohibited districts from switching to virtual learning, so these schools are just closing completely for a week or two, using "stockpile" (whatever that is) and/or inclement weather days. There is increasing pressure on the governor to allow some flexibility, but it is not clear how this is all going to shake out.
  24. Same, and that was true even before my university required faculty and staff to vaccinate. From what I have heard from people better placed than I, making it an official requirement was not at all controversial, at least among faculty (although there were some issues with the system for uploading documentation). This would be in sharp contrast to the recent change in the parking policy, which is extremely controversial and generating extensive complaints.
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