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  1. I had a thought just now.....he likes to play minecraft and watch Dan TDM and such...nothing graphic as far as violence (we are very careful about that due to his OCD/PANDAS/Intrusive thoughts/nightmares), but it is a LOT of cartoon fighting. Ugh...is watching that why he has to constantly play fight??? Or is that just normal boy stuff? DS21 has ASD and didn't really play with other people, and was an only child until he was 10, so we didn't have this issue! I did tell him that if he can't find a way to play that isn't fighting I'm taking away minecraft, dan tdm, etc...so that may motivat
  2. Yeah, it's been raining all day. (and we get a lot of thunder with our rain - lightening capital of the world - so usually playing in the rain isn't an option) And most days the heat index is around 100 degrees - so they come back in overheated (red faced, clammy even) if they run like crazy out there, and are too hot bfore they are worn out 😞 In a month or so it will be better, and they can play outside a ton. But I need to keep my sanity until then! Yeah, there is no way we are doing indoors exercise here right now. DH has multiple risk factors, and this particular child ha
  3. Well, it could mean you live in an area without much traffic, to continue the analogy. So none of the times you ran the stop sign was there a car coming the other way. But if there ever is, it will be a tragedy. Same with this. If no one at the event has covid, then it won't spread. But as soon as someone who is contagious attends one, there you go. I never called you that, myself, but I did say that taking a known positive person into a public space, or yourself after known exposure into public, would be wrong and felt that a potty in the car might be very impractical if she en
  4. Yeah...it's just either 100 degrees outside or raining...or both.....constantly. Sigh. So they get overheated before they get worn out. Legos, wooden blocks, train set, other construction toys, play food , cash register, etc. But EVERYTHING turns into some version of chase/tag/wrestling/fighting/ninjas/etc. This is my sensory seeker, and we've said since he was little he was "made of noise", but MAN! And granted, the three year old is not a good influence for calm play, they egg each other on. but I need a way for them to play that isn't SO crazy. DH is working from home i
  5. It seems like my DS 8 is either on his butt looking at screens OR running wild through my house being incredibly loud. I keep trying to get him to be off screens, but not screeching and laughing at the top of his lungs while doing things likely to break himself or my house. Any ideas on things he and a 3 yr old can play together that don't destroy the house, or lead to broken skulls, and don't instigate screaming and yelling??? (examples of the chaos I'm trying to limit....trying to get DD3 to "help" him fall over while in the laundry hamper. Playing "bop the balloon" to keep it in
  6. Interesting! At what pace? Like, the day or 5 after, in which case would be indicative of what was happening a week before or so, or a few weeks later, or steadily, or? I really did take at least 3 weeks to see our rise slow down. And then a while longer to go down. Did other things change during that time? I mean, I doubt wearing masks and controlling the spread of droplets made it more contagious, so what do you think caused the increase? Did people actually follow the mandate? Other things open up? People shift to private gatherings to avoid the mandate? Very curious.
  7. If your friends run a stop sign, and don't have an accident, does that mean the premise of "running a stop sign is dangerous" is wrong? No. The premise isn't that all gatherings or risky behavior will lead to illness anymore than running a stop sign will always lead to a traffic accident or smoking will always lead to lung cancer. It is that it greatly increases the risk. Some will absolutely do the risky thing and be fine. That doesn't make it not risky. Well, first, I don't think restaurants open are a great idea anyway, lol. So to me, neither of those is a safe choice. But th
  8. Also, adding that people often have time periods where they believe, and times when their belief is weak or gone, and then it cycles round again. A Catholic priest once said that best Catholics he knows all left the church for at least a decade before coming back.
  9. Despise? Are you going to large indoor gatherings unmasked? Having big indoor parties? Refusing to wear a mask in stores? Those are the people who we are saying are being too risky.
  10. Ok, I think what you are missing regarding the emphasis on weddings, parties, etc is twofold: 1. Yes, Abby might have caught it at her doctor's office, or grocery shopping. And we SHOULD trace and find that out! But people need to eat, and get groceries, and go to the doctor, so knowing it can spread there is important, but we can't change that behavior. We can't stop using doctors or buying food. We CAN stop having large gatherings indoors. 2. the focus on indoor parties/weddings/bars/etc is because if there is a person there who is a super spreader, they have more chance to infect
  11. But the point is not that "students" spread it, the point is risky behaviors like congregating indoors without masks spread it. I don't care if they are on campus, off campus, or studying abroad - they shouldn't be partying in large unmasked groups. That's really the point, right? Ok, well, that you have no real need/desire to go out doesn't mean a lot of people don't need to or want to. I'd like to see my mother who I haven't seen since March even though she lives an hour away. My kids can't see their cousins or any friends. My kids went 6 months without leaving my property which is f
  12. OH! I was trying to figure out the "not a Christian" part and was confused, because of course he could still be a Christian who did bad things. But this adds a WHOLE other layer. I would say that he is likely rejecting Jesus because he is confused, and scared, and angry, and doesn't want to think about how bad what he did is. And he knows that the church will be upset with him, so he's pushing them away first. Sort of like doing something wrong and hiding it from your parents...but the truth is, what you did is what you did and has nothing to do with if your parents know or not. I'
  13. Because the more spread in the community, the riskier it is for all of us to go out in public. If everyone was being more cautious, we could do more things safely. My mom is super super high risk. COPD, high blood pressure, and is missing a lobe of her lung. Her pulse ox isn't good on a good day. But she had, until this, an active life - babysitting grand kids, traveling, etc. She isn't ready to die or whatnot, not by a long shot. She is having groceries delivered (at higher cost), etc but had to travel from Florida to Duke in North Carolina for her cancer follow up. So that meant stoppi
  14. But do younger people have a higher positivity rate, when not congregating on campus? During the summer, was that a thing?
  15. ooh - we have one nearby! I love Tractor Supply, lol. Thank you!
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