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  1. Listening to your heart and bloodwork won't show everything. You need an EKG and stress test most likely. Did your GP know you were having exercise intolerance?
  2. Also, remember that lifting weights is about muscle, but what you are describing is cardiovascular fitness. There are PLENTY of super strong guys who look like a Marvel superhero and can lift a small car for hours but get winded walking up a set of steps. Cardiovascular fitness is a totally different thing.
  3. Check peak flow. Could be you are getting enough oxygen for regular stuff, but not exercise. Or, exercise is triggering inflammation and your peak flow is lower when exercising. Exercise induced asthma is a thing. Or, you are anemic, which can cause panting, etc because you are not getting enough oxygen to the body even though you are breathing fine. Or, you are pushing yourself harder than you should be.
  4. FYI, my ADHD meds are not for academic success, obviously, and they don't even help that much with my writing career. But they help tremendously with my social skills (as I can remember people's names!) and with getting stuff done. Little stuff, big stuff, it's amazing what I can accomplish. Plus, I'm more likely to start a project because I trust I can finish it now. I'm also SO much more able to prioritize. And less anxious overall because life is more manageable.
  5. I can sort of recognize people, but only after a long time, and in unfamiliar situations I have trouble. So say, meeting someone coming off a plane, I can manage if it is my immediate family, but not much beyond that.
  6. Keep in mind if it's a matter of keeping up, she can use the wheel chair between rides, then park it and walk/stand during the lines, if she's up to it.
  7. there are a lot of medical supply places in the area, can you rent from somewhere else?
  8. Ugh. I think people handle it differently. For me, losing an pet leaves a pet sized hole in my heart and the only thing that helps is to get another pet. Like, to the point where I actually went and got another dog while pregnant because I had an intuition my older dog didn't have long. I was right. Had I not had that sweet puppy to go home and snuggle while I cried I don't know what I would have done. Actually, I do know. I would have driven straight from the vet to the animal shelter and adopted a dog. So that's my only advice, and it isn't right for everyone. But for me, the only thing that helps with that gaping wound is another dog. It doesn't fix it, doesn't replace the pet you loved, but it stops the bleeding and lets me move forward.
  9. Interesting...dyslexia also effects the fusiform gyrus, which my daughter has! No ASD for her, not sure on face blindness yet. Crazy
  10. Anecdote only, but I never had GBS, didn't have antibiotics in labor, and my son has ASD. Wondering the same, if it is just more infection? Is face blindness something that goes along with ASD? A moderate level of face blindness runs in my family....I have it, my Dad I think, and I know my sister does to an extent, probably not as severe as me. And my son with ASD as well. It causes a LOT of social anxiety, and eventually can lead to giving up even trying to make new friends/aquaintances because you know you won't recognize them next time anyway and who needs that stress.
  11. We were doing our social studies unit on Europe (Explore the Continents from Catholic Heritage) and just learned about Notre Dame on Friday. DD is so sad. So am I.
  12. Ooh! My church just recently did a class series based on this book, but I wasn't able to go. Definitely going to check out the podcast, I think I know someone who will like it as well. Thanks!
  13. See, I think various churches serve different people at different times. Now, there are some that are nothing more than pop psychology and the sermons there have the depth of an internet cat meme. But the Gospel is literally the GOOD news - it SHOULD make you feel good!!!! And although I would hate a church like you describe, with loud contemporary music and modern stuff, I do like a beautiful choir, pretty stained glass, and a good coffee hour afterward. I won't lie, that my current parish serves good fair trade coffee afterward is a big bonus. It's not why I go, but it helps keep me coming, lol. Maybe now would be a good time in your life to listen to some services from other churches? None of the drama of going to a new church, no people staring at you, no one has to know. But you can hear some different messages, different takes on things, and see how that settles with you. Maybe help balance out the other stuff you are hearing? My church has their services on youtube, and although you are welcome to listen/watch the whole thing, they do provide in the description the time stamps for the sermon and the children's sermon, if you want to just skip to that. I think he does a good job of challenging us to grow in our faith while also ALWAYS reassuring us that God is love, and that God loves us more than we can imagine. (I'm afraid there is definitely no contemporary music, but the choir is wonderful)
  14. Or, you know, they are there to worship their Lord and savior, not participate in a service club 🙂
  15. I think when a particular situation, like this Sunday School class, creates negative feelings that could spill over into your relationship with God and your faith itself, it's time to step away and do something different. I've been through this recently myself, and changed churches as the one I was in was becoming, wether because of what they did/were doing or because of my own issues, a stumbling block between me and my God. And I am somewhere now where every week the priest points out that the parish welcomes everyone, no matter where on their walk with Jesus they are. That it isn't about the priests time, or the church's time, but God's timing.
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