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  1. I will say that I told DS20 today that if/when he ever gets married I am going to pay for him to go to pre-marital counseling first. Even the best matched couples need to have certain relationship skills, communication skills, etc. I will probably pay for a few sessions of individual therapy too at that point. Ugh. So many of the people around me are in horrid unhealthy toxic situations. And a lot of it doesn't have to be that way.
  2. so, to update, friend stayed, her DH is back on meds, she had an appt to see a therapist. I'm praying. meanwhile today another friend is in a situation involving DV and I'm trying to help her with navigating everything. and just feeling down about so many people in so many crappy situations. And the worst is knowing that the kids may end up repeating the cycle.
  3. Oh, and protein can absolutely be something that can spike glucose if eaten in too large an amount. Fat will not. But agreeing that fasting might be the missing item here.
  4. Wait, are people predicting lockdowns long enough to have time to grow your own food from seed?
  5. Yes. For one child that learning might be look like the Robinson curriculum, nose in a book all day, and for another child it might look like taking apart machines and putting them together again and another child might become a baking fool, etc. I would not have been building. I would have been learning similar to the Sonlight method if it were up to me. But my kids are not me, and that means they don't learn that way, nose in a book, as much as I wish they did.
  6. Khan was great for my kid with PANDAS when he was in a flare. He did the "missions" version of it, and liked seeing his progress, etc. And each mission is really short, so if it is a bad brain day you can do one, and then do something else. MUCH less overwhelming than a whole page of problems staring at you. And it auto adjusts so that if they get a concept right twice they don't have to keep doing it, other than every now and then as review I think. But if they get it wrong they will continue to get those problems until they get it right twice. And he can rewatch the videos whenever he needs to. And you can print out a screen shot of his progress for his portfolio as proof he was doing something.
  7. Ktgrok


    Once again proving that his silver tongue designation is accurate. That man had a way with words.
  8. Inflammation/pain/stress/disease absolutely will spike blood sugar. (for instance, cats get so stressed by veterinary visits that we typically don't use the actual normal values to evaluate their blood glucose - have to use a higher number as the ceiling because we know the stress of the visit will spike it). And then the high blood sugar leads to high insulin which leads to fat storage. The only thing I can think might be helpful is shorter exercise, or water exercise, and fasting. Fasting is supposed to help with inflammation and possibly autoimmune stuff, and definitely with weight control. There is a new documentary on Netflix on Fasting if you want to check it out.
  9. Ktgrok


    I thought about a few things and then remembered a priest who told me that if giving a thing up makes me less charitable to those around me that is not a good choice - so yeah 🙂 I've been meaning to get back into intermittent fasting, and not doing it. This might be a good time - to actually fast for a period of the day.
  10. Try using some anti fungal cream. Like for athletes foot. I have several times gotten uncontrollable itching in my arm pits, and it turned out to be yeast. Some people have an allergic reaction to yeast beyond the normal discomfort, which would explain the spreading rash. If it is yeast you'll get some relief in 24 hours most likely. It's just a warm, moist environment.
  11. Khan academy for math? Free, fairly low frustration, pretty independent. And agree, this is a concussion and the more you do now the longer it will take to get better and the higher the risk it WON'T get better all the way.
  12. I definitely think the bolded is the issue. That assumption, that people should make it on their own, is not true in all families or cultures. For some, it is much more collective - the family does well, not the individual.
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