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  1. The other thing that worries me is my mom was misdiagnosed as OA for many years as it started in her dialing finger when she was working at a desk doing phone scheduling for a while. I'm guessing because she was rheumatoid factor negative? Later it was explained to her that hers acts like an OA initially, but then the inflammation from the overuse triggers the autoimmune part so it acts sort of like OA and sort of like RA but is neither. But they know a lot more now, so hopefully if there is anything to worry about it will be caught before hers was. Also on my side is that she was a long time smoker, which I know greatly effects inflammation. I've never smoked, don't drink much, take my vitamin D etc etc. And since it did get better in my other finger when I rested it, I figure that's a good sign.
  2. I eat some gluten, but very rarely. I did get tested for gluten antibodies and was negative.
  3. Are you near the great lakes? Not marine, obviously, but many things will overlap regarding studying aquatic creatures, plants, etc. I'd look for stuff like that, that is local, if at all possible. And yes, boating, swimming, scuba, etc.
  4. Hmm...I bet that was my index finger if it was months ago. I then started using my middle finger instead of my index finger for most things, and now the index finger is mostly better but the middle finger hurts. I did have some lab work 6 months ago and ANA, RH factor, and sed rate were all normal.
  5. So, I've mentioned before that my mother has some kind of inflammatory arthritis that has totally crippled her hands. She also has some in her back I believe, and maybe her feet. The hands were the first, and are the worst. She is bone on bone, with several joints that don't really work at all in her fingers. She went on disability in her 50s for this, from what I remember. My aunt has a bit as well, in her hands, but not as bad. My mom does more physical things with her hands than my aunt - she was a nurse for years, does lots of housework, and now babysits her grandkids, does my sister's laundry and cleaning on top of her own, etc. (yes, with lots of pain). So, with that history, I'm more aware of hand issues than most people. I've noticed for several years that in the winter, especially if I do a lot of driving, my fingers get a bit sore..heat makes them feel better. Diet does effect this to an extent, and since my weight loss surgery I haven't really had a problem until recently. Also, I did have X-rays done several years ago when they WERE hurting and nothing was seen at all - no joint damage. So, now, I've spent the past month doing heavy yard work, landscaping, putting in an irrigation system underground, etc. Digging through rock with my bare hands in places. Work that left my husband's hands literally bleeding after one day, I did for days on end. I have a few new callouses, but otherwise am find except my right hand - the middle finger in particular. That finger is visibly swollen around the middle knuckle compared to the middle finger of the other hand. It is fine doing something like say, digging a trench, but then is incredibly painful when say, twisting off the top of a water bottle. Twisting in general, or sideways motion, is what really hurts. Oh, and pulling weeds (which I think I do with a twisting motion) is the WORST - I really did a lot of that, but now have stopped. When it was the worst a week or so ago there were days where tapping my keyboard with it hurt, so just a gentle tap. So jarring it, or sideways motion. On the worst days I woke up in the night and my hands were painful to move, so I'd fist and stretch a few times, then it was better and I'd go back to sleep. Right now I think it is really just that middle finger, the ring finger is maybe a tiny bit sore/stiff sometimes, which I think is how I started using the middle finger more, but doesn't hurt now. I''m starting to wonder if I might have sprained that middle finger while digging, or even a slight fracture or something? Just given how some movements are okay, and others are not? My husband wants me to go to the doctor, but I have been putting it off until I'm done with this big landscaping project, lol. I don't want to be told I can't finish it 🙂 But now I'm almost done, and was thinking I'd make an appointment at our local orthopedic center - they are very good (they are the orthopedist of one of the professional sports teams in the area) and have quick appointments, etc. I am thinking that they can x ray it and examine it tell me if I'm looking at a tiny fracture vs a sprain vs arthritis like my mom has setting in. Obviously if it is the last one I'll have to arrange to see a rheumatologist. But I'd rather start with an orthopedist just because they are so much easier to get in to see, and I'm an established patient there, as long as they are capable of handling something like this. Good plan?
  6. I cleared out my inbox so you should be able to PM me at now.I cleared out my inbox so you should be able to PM me at now.
  7. Do you have an air filter running in his room? Any carpet/blinds/stuffed animals?
  8. Yup. DD is nine but an early bloomer, and's like having an angry 2 year old around, but with a bigger vocabulary. So much passive aggressive stuff, plus lots of angry/moody/pouty faces. She does REALLY like some snuggly time with me now, and needs more food and sleep than before. Mine, probably because she is young, doesn't want to grow up too quickly, balked when I got her the Care and Keeping of You (told me it was for older kids) and I think that is part of her issue too....she's getting all these big emotions but still wants to be a kid - still IS a kid.
  9. I'm not sure they did lump it all together. The booklet my daughter brought home for instance had a page specifically pointing out how it was more than just the safari animals being presented, and they talked about this a bit while she was there. (could only get one photo to upload, but there was more, talking about victoria falls, penguins, surfing, etc)
  10. To clarify, it seems the language thing was dropped from the program in the revisions sent out after people pointed out that it was insensitive. Also, no racist terms like you are referring to were used. I do think it is beyond comprehension that people are still using such horrid language - old or not. As many have said, if you can learn to use a smart phone you can learn to use appropriate language!
  11. Keep in mind that kids with dyslexia will sometimes look like they have issues with eye movement because they are scanning looking for something that makes sense to them, when reading. As for curriculum, we tried AAR and it did NOT work for my dyslexic. Not enough repetition. Kids with dyslexia need way more phonogram practice. What did work was doing level 1 of Barton, to start to rewire her brain and also to help me learn how to teach a dyslexic student. Then we switched to Abecedarian. We started with Short Level A, which is a sped up version of level A. Then did Levels B1 and B2, the regular levels of those. We powered through all three in I think 7 months, but she was a bit older. We also used the supplemental stuff on the website - those are VITAL to the program (and free). The eye spy pages are fantastic, and quick and easy. Abecedarian doesn't look like much, but man does it work!
  12. Also, this thread has been going on for 4 years and just today did I check it out - booyah! I'm either unobservant or I follow directions well (to ignore the thread).
  13. Yup. To try to avoid the rebound I do one squirt per nostril instead of 2, and I only do it at night, so only once a day instead of twice. i still get some rebound, but not as bad. Usually I use the Afrin when it is terrible, then use Sudafed to get past the rebound. Oh, and I've been known to treat just one nostril, when getting over the rebound, so I can at least breathe via one side of my nose, lol. Then when the rebound wears off on the untreated side I can stop with the treated side.
  14. KDP is the self publishing arm of Amazon and it is pretty easy to do. Also, Canva is a free online program that I think I remember having book cover templates you can use, for making the cover, etc.
  15. It could be a focus issue, in which case do look at ADHD symptoms. Also, try snacking, as sugar fuels the brain, and things that require focus quickly deplete the energy supply. One ADHD doctor recommends drinking lemonade while studying for this reason. or It could be a reading issue. That he can focus with an audio book but not the written page makes me really wonder how great his reading fluency is. I'd definitely check that. Low fluency could very much be the issue.
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