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  1. Hugs! That just sucks. I mean, I'm glad it is PLS rather than ALS, as it seems that some PLS patients do retain speech, and it doesn't effect their breathing, etc, but it's hard to be happy about small blessing in such a moment. I'll be praying for you. And please, do remember that feeling badly for your husband won't help him one iota. Not one bit. Sometimes I catch myself feeling badly for a person out of a sense of solidarity, or even if it would be disloyal not to lay awake worrying about them. But then I am reminded by a small voice from on high that me worrying won't make their burden one bit lighter, it will only hurt me, which will actually make their burden heavier. So I give myself permission to stop being anxious for them, as there is no point. Maybe that will help....either way, hugs and prayers your way.
  2. Polite Pets Dog Training A Polite Pet Dog Training Polite Pets Canine Training Friendly Fido Dog Training Friendly Fido Canine Training SEO keyword research has convinced me to use Dog Training not Canine Training.
  3. YIKES!!!! That is NOT a connotation I had thought of or would want! But now that you say it, I totally get it. Loyalty Unleashed suddenly sounds like a marketing slogan for a swingers resort or something. Not sure I can get that image out of my head now, lol! I think my favorite so far is The Polite Pack but not sure if it sounds weird? Like the Rat Pack, lol? The Polite Pack - Training Pets, Teaching People?
  4. I think my favorite part about Domestic Dog is that same cozy I'm picturing a dog in front of a fireplace too. love that. Except I'm in Florida, lol...I do actually have a fireplace but it isn't very common 🙂
  5. you like that tag line with any of the other business names better, or best with that business name? Like, maybe, The Polite Pack - Training Dogs, Teaching People
  6. Call poison control, the regular human one. They are very helpful, and often have the information for canine ingestion, not just human ingestion. There is also an animal poison control but it isn't free, the human one is, so I'd call the human one first.
  7. I updated the poll with the top choices (other than sunny day, which turned out to be too similar to another local trainer). I took a few minutes to mock up some logo ideas for two of them on canvas, you can see them here. They are NOT final products or even husband is an awesome artist and will do a logo for me that is much nicer but just an idea of how it could work.
  8. Ktgrok

    Can I ask for advice for my dd's future?

    Pet sitting, limited to small dogs and cats/hamsters/etc might be good. She could sign up on to start with, just to see if she likes it.
  9. Just found that there is a Sunny Dog Training not far away. So Sunny Day Dog Training is probably too close.
  10. Gotcha, I like it too. And yes, teaching the person is a large part of dog training, for sure!
  11. Polite Pack Dog Training The Polite Pack Pet Training Pack Manners Family Dog Training Pack Manners Pet Training
  12. Agreed.....but already taken. That's the problem with using very popular search terms.....there are only so many and most are taken.
  13. Unfortunately Pet /ettiquite is already taken in its various forms 🙂
  14. The Domesticated Dog - Better Manners for Your Best Friend How's that?
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