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  1. With my husband's loans the interest rates are higher, but he'd run out of federally subsidizes loans. Also, less options regarding deferment, forbearance, etc. Yeah, he was a young guy whose school counselors told him to take the loans, and he was partway to a degree that no other school in the area offered, so he'd have had to start over entirely if he'd dropped out of the program. Yes, his had a cosigner, his grandmother.
  2. All his debt is from undergraduate. The school financial aid office helped arrange the private lender loans. He's been able to use tuition reimbursement for the masters program he's doing now, thankfully.
  3. But private lenders are - my husband has a large chunk of his student loan debt with private lenders.
  4. I'd want to see a neurologist, and soon, honestly. Here it takes weeks to get in, so I'd call and schedule something now, and if she is better by then, fine. If not you have the appointment. But urine AND bowel incontinence makes me worry about something with nerve conduction. Has she had any falls or other trauma lately that could have injured her back? Sciatica symptoms?
  5. Yes!!! It is a nightmare if you get the wrong person on the phone, and often they mess it up. Not to mention it often costs money to put it into deferment, which I never understood. If I had money, I'd pay the loan!
  6. Not only do the colleges have zero reason to fix the problem, but neither does the government. Both the colleges and the government MAKE MONEY off of skyrocketing tuition and student loan debt - the colleges directly and the government via interest.
  7. Ktgrok

    Dr. Hive Limp in child with no pain?

    Yup, my reason for going at first was the less germs thing. Not sitting in a waiting room with a dozen people with the flu while my son had a broken arm was such a blessing! No one wants the flu AND a broken arm! But they also are just better at finding the problem than a regular doctor, or a regular urgent care. Reading X-rays is harder than it looks - especially in kids who have different issues than adults. You do NOT want a regular jack of all trades doctor trying to read the X-ray. You want either a radiologist (preferably one specializing in pediatrics) or an orthopedist (again, even better if specializes or at least sees a lot of pediatric cases). This goes for adults too, FYI, although then you don't want a pediatric specialist, lol. Just a radiologist or an orthopedist. Much better to be seen at an ortho clinic than urgent care or ER. I know of several broken bones, one in my family and two more in our homeschool group, missed by regular doctors and later found by orthopedists, often using the same set of X-rays! Heck, I even saw the fracture on my son's finger but figured the ER doctor knew more than me with my vet tech degree, lol. Turns out, nope, I was right, he was wrong. It was broken.
  8. Ktgrok

    Dr. Hive Limp in child with no pain?

    Or see if you have any orthopedic urgent care centers. We have them here, they are called convenient care and run by a local orthopedic practice.
  9. We all accept that the government is actively profiting off people having all that debt, right? Morally, do we want that?
  10. Ktgrok

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    I don't know many people that would identify that way..somet, but not most people I know would. My husband certainly wouldn't. He loves thrift stores too, lol.
  11. 1. When you are in your twenties and single and living off of ramen in a studio apartment you very likely CAN afford to pay off that debt fairly well, but don't understand what your expenses will be down the road. My husband could live on nearly nothing when single. His expenses now, with 4 children, a wife, and health insurance that costs more than a mortgage were beyond his ability to fathom back then. I'm sure he's not the only one. And the for profit colleges pushing these loans are certainly not telling people about those things. Also, people didn't factor in the recession that happened. 2. Why does everyone think that this is about people with art degrees, or paying hundreds of thousands for a major in underwater basketweaving? My husband's degree is in one of the fields with the most demand. Information security wasn't a bad bet. The for profit college system was. Unfortunately, it was the only place offering that degree at the time in our area, and he was working full time while attending so needed flexible classes - not everything was online like it is now. Exactly. You idiot, you probably just wanted to take an easy major and have no clue how money works. Your fault. 1. Again, a lot of these people have higher income jobs...but that still isn't enough once you add in other things, like skyrocketing health costs, etc. 2. Some people do NOT learn well online. Also, this doesn't help those who already have a ton of debt, and attended when online options were not available or affordable. This! My husband didn't even HAVE a real high school diploma. He dropped out (from the honors program, with great grades) in order to work full time to help make sure his little brother had food and electricity . He later got a GED, and eventually his bachelors. He's now one semester away from his masters (paid for by his employer, this time, thankfully). His high school shortcomings didn't determine his later success, which is as it should be.
  12. Ktgrok

    Waxing or threading for removing facial hair?

    Keep in mind that any hair on your face now has been lighted by the sun. If you shave/remove it what grows back will be "fresh" and that is why it appears darker at first. It will eventually lighten up from the sun, but in the meantime would be more obvious. I stand by my "peach fuzz is normal"
  13. Part of my issue with garnishing wages even on someone who didn't default is that, although MOST of the time the right and honorable thing to do is to pay your debts on time, it isn't ALWAYS the right and honorable thing. If your kid has no food to eat for the rest of the week, it's better to buy food than pay your loan on time. If your car blows a tire and you need it to get to work, and not fixing it means you lose your job (and thus can't repay the loan) it is smarter to fix the tire and pay the loan late, out of the next paycheck, and eat the late fee than to lose your job because you paid the loan on time. Those are the kinds of calculations that people living paycheck to paycheck have to make on a regular basis and wage garnishment takes away that ability. Also, we need to remember that unlike pretty much ANY other debt, student loan debt is not erased by bankruptcy. There is no end to it.
  14. Ktgrok

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    Exactly the same!!! I wonder sometimes if the hard non porus materials of glass/silver/etc don't hold the same energy as the soft fabric stuff?? Couches give me the weird feeling too, but not hutches and tables, usually.
  15. Ktgrok

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    I do think this can come into play maybe...for instance I CAN NOT watch scenes with pain/toruture on tv because I feel it too strongly. I almost passed out in high school when we watched a documentary about ants and they were swarming over a lizard and biting it. And I had to walk out of the theater during the torture scene in Bravehart. I also had to stop watching the show 24 for similar reasons...I noted that I was sweating, pulse pounding, etc from the tension on the show. But I don't think mirror neurons explain all of it. I can turn it off during a crisis, but the nursing home I swear I can FEEL all the sadness, resignation, etc as soon as I walk in. Weirdest of all? Thrift stores do the same thing to me! I cannot explain that, but it is almost like all the clothes retain memories or emotions and there are so many clothes from so many different people that it is just overwhelming. I don't shop thrift stores because of this, despite appreciating the earth friendly aspects of second hand items. The few times I've gone I stand there with my arms crossed over my chest just waiting to run out. Malls are also hard, not sure if that is all the people/emotions or just the sensory overload though. With thrift stores I could be the only person there and would still feel...whatever it is I feel.
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