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  1. Did the link I shared about psoriatic arthritis/sausage fingers seem right? If so, I'd call the Rheumatologist office back - explain and use the technical term of dactylitis. That's an Rheum thing, as far as I understand. Derms treat psoriasis, but not psoriatic arthritis I don't think.
  2. Sounds like they are thinking Psoriatic arthritis maybe? https://www.healthline.com/health/rheumatoid-arthritis/dactylitis#causes
  3. Are you likely to be offered the vaccine within 90 days? If so, I'd get antibody testing. Not because I'd worry about a bad reaction, but because if you just had the infection you might have antibodies that fight off the vaccine - no idea if that can happen with this vaccine, but it happens with maternal antibodies and vaccines in puppies.....so unless I could get a definitive answer on that from an immunologist who would know, I'd want to space things out. But if you are not in a high risk group, it may not matter as it may be months before you can get a vaccine anyway.
  4. Given what you are saying, he's at great risk if he gets Covid, and with the newer more contagious strains having all of you caring for him, if you go out of your house at all, seems riskier than the vaccine.
  5. Meant to add, I know it is frustrating to go to doctor appointments if they can't figure stuff out, but some things are easy tests. Celiac, looking for certain markers in the blood that indicate IBS, looking for certain things in the stool (she poops in a container and drops it at the lab) that will indicate digestive enzyme issues, crohns, etc. Black and white objective tests.
  6. I am thinking the same. Could easily start with a small infection in her nail bed, from a torn cuticle - something so small you don't see/notice it. And then it spreads - happened in my toes. Any tenderness, redness, heat? If so, go to urgent care and get her on antibiotics asap.
  7. Honestly, have her go to a GI doctor. Have her labwork checked for basic easy things, like celiac. It's worth doing the actual medical tests.
  8. Ok, looks like if they sign up for UPS My Choice they can have packages shipped to a local UPS access point and then pick it up.
  9. UPS I wonder if you could have it sent directly to a UPS store near them, for them to pick up? That would eliminate delivery issues. If you have a UPS store near you I'd go in and ask about that.
  10. I'd do warm compresses until you can talk to your doctor, and then call the doctor who treats your psoriasis. Could be an infected hair follicle, or just clogged follicle, or a lymph node. Concern is you may need antibiotics.
  11. Did 30 minutes PT to finish the day.
  12. I'd speak to sister and say that you understand this is very hard, but you are concerned that DD is picking up on it and don't want her feeling rejected in the midst of her grief. Would it maybe be best if you all just do thing totally different thing year, and she and your mom do something one day and you and DD do something another day?
  13. Got a chance to ask my parents about their vaccine experience. They got the moderna shot on wednesday. Dad had a sore arm for a day, mom had no side effects. They have an appointment for second vaccine.
  14. could be the owners are out of town and petsitter or something let it out, could be it was dumped. OR it got out, and they didn't bother to look for it. So many strays in Florida. Definitely right that the shelters are full of pit type dogs, and are high kill.
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