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  1. Sort of. Which was confusing, lol. I mean, I am not sure what you want from your sister. If it was something left just to her, without a stipulation on it, she could split it with you. But with the step mom living there, it's out of her hands, and so she likely has no idea what to do or say. If you know what you want from her, tell her. Even if that means, "I need to know you get how left out I feel". Or if you don't know what you want, then you can't expect her to know either. It does suck, but it is your father I think who deserves the anger, not your sister. She's muddling throu
  2. I'm pretty sure you are right. The Trinity and say, multiverses (or any big physics stuff) make my brain hurt, lol. Self medicating is required. Maybe peyote or acid though, not sure Pot will cut it with that stuff.
  3. Yes, sorry, I should have used "common" teaching. There is not one "standard" Christianity, lol. And it is based on this verse I imagine, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done"
  4. So your sister should what, kick your step mom to the curb and sell it and give you half the profits while a widow is left to fend for herself?
  5. I think that's pretty standard Christian teaching, and pretty biblical. Also, I am only a single person, and still have to sometimes submit one part of my will to another part, so it doesn't seem far fetched to me at all.
  6. I really think it sounds like she does see that, and is just being awkward in how she handles it. Sounds like she is trying to push to you the idea that she won't profit off of it anyway, likely, because step mom may sell it and use the profits to move elsewhere. In her head that makes it better and more fair, since she wont' profit from it either. That doesn't make you feel better, but I bet money that is her intent.
  7. 1. oddly, I have a cat that has been caught stealing salad multiple times. Weird cat! 2. Fancy Feast classic pate style (not the chunky stuff) is pretty much all meat. The chunky kinds tend to have veggie protein to bind them into the "shreds" or whatevr, but the pate style are low carb and high protein, and as they are canned, they are high in water content. They work well for a lot of cats, including diabetic ones, etc. Don't get me wrong, humans will think the ingredients are gross (things like liver, lungs, giblets, etc) but cats love the stuff. Friskies pate style isn't bad either,
  8. I think this as well. Like, she feels awkward that it was left to her, so her answer to that is to say it should have been left to step mother. If it had been, that would alleviate any favoritism between you and her.
  9. Forgot to say, this is one of the reasons given for paedocommunion - communion children, even infants. That we can't make "understanding it" a prerequisite cause no one would ever pass that requirement!
  10. When the topic of women in authority comes up I always want to share this podcast, which I really enjoyed. https://www.missioalliance.org/podcasts/tishharrisonwarrenjonathanwarren/
  11. LOL. Yeah....I've heard it said that there is more heresy preached on Trinity Sunday than any other Sunday during the year - just because it is SO hard for priests to manage to talk about the Trinity without touching on heresy of some sort, lol.
  12. Adding to the ways of thinking about it, "head" can mean "source" not just "boss". So the head of the spring/river is it's source.
  13. That does sound like an allergenic cat, reacting to something - may not be food, might be pollen, dust, etc. Some cats are super sensitive that way. Mine had that same gi upset off and on, plus skin issues. Trial and error food wise was what it took, honestly. He does well on fancy feast pate food, and purina one sensitive systems dry. Not much else. All the "really good grain free high protein" stuff made it worse. This is what works, so it is what we do. He still has allergies now as an old man, to pollen we think, but now it manifests as respiratory, which is fairy unusual. He gets an
  14. Yes! Exactly! Writing out answers to what they think are dumb questions just to prove they read something they didn't want to read so they can get a good grade to use to apply to college so they can do 4 more years of boring work they don't want to do so they can get a job and someday a decade from now maybe earn a paycheck has the reward SOOOOOOO far removed from the actual effort it basically doesn't even register with their brain. I mean, they can repeat it in theory, but in actual brain chemistry terms, it's not registering. I'm still convinced teen boys should work - not go to schoo
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