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  1. @soror Glad you had the weather to get your outdoor yard work finished. We were supposed to get storms yesterday, too, and they never came. Enjoy your day! @Laura Corin That's great your calf soreness disappeared. Enjoy your walk at lunch. @Dreamergal Hope you can begin swimming again soon. @barnwife Being pregnant in hot weather is tough. Hope you get some relief and are able to sleep well. When is your due date? @EmilyGF That's wonderful you and your dh can do yoga together! You can do your own HIIT with any activity (e.g., running, biking, stair climbing or steps, elliptical, etc.). Just pick a short distance or time interval for the sprint/intense part, and alternate with a longer, low intensity part. Decide how many repetitions in a set you want to do to start with, and make sure you build in lots of recovery/rest between sets. For example, 3 X 30 sec high knees running on the spot, walking around the room or yard for 90 sec between each rep. Do this set 3 times. @Matryoshka Thanks for typing out the fitness test! I may try it next month. ----------------------------------------------- I cancelled my tennis match today, as it's another very hot, humid day today. It's going up to 91F. It would be too hard on my body to have 2 days in a row of 'heat exhaustion tennis.' I've completed my yoga and push-ups, and I took the dog for a very short walk in the woods with dd. A swim in a pool would be great, but sadly not available.
  2. - vacuum but don't 'dust' rather wipe surfaces with a wet cloth. Remove 'dust collector' items from the bedroom, such as books. - keep windows closed and consider limiting outdoor time to when pollen levels in the area are lower. Check the pollen levels on weather websites. - our allergist stated that higher humidity often makes allergy symptoms worse. So I wouldn't get a humidifier. - remove carpet from the bedroom, and keep cat out of the bedroom. - use an air purifier in the bedroom. I've never needed one, but some people find them very helpful. Good luck! He may want to try using a different allergy med, or a stronger dose for peak season times.
  3. It's a scorcher out there at 89F (31C)! Dh and I played doubles tennis in the heat. It was a really fun match, though draining. The season is too short to waste, though. 😉 @soror Hope you got your lawn mowed before the storm hit. @EmilyGF Enjoy your HIIT work-out and the dinner by dh!
  4. It turned out to be a beautiful and relaxing day. I walked the dog a couple times, did yoga with dh, and did some gardening with dd. We finally got out to a garden centre to buy some new plants. It was very fun! I was very excited to find Thai Basil plants, so I bought 2 to supply my stir fries and pho cooking. I also bought some bird seed and put my feeder back up. I found a much better spot for it and I've already seen one visitor! I think it was a female cardinal. 😃
  5. What is a 'viking tour?' See open air historic viking towns/building and ships?
  6. I had to get my own coffee grinder as the ones I usually access were closed, so now I have the smell of fresh ground coffee beans and delicious coffee to enjoy in the morning. I've also indulged in real maple syrup for sweetener. Got a subscription to Britbox so I can watch a more British TV series. I love it! Time for long walks and bike rides.
  7. I thought so, too. I'd never heard of it much before, but there seem to be several places to do it now. I don't live near an ocean, so it would also mean a trip to the ocean, which is really exciting as well. I love beachcombing and eating seafood.
  8. Board games or outdoor games? I've never heard of 'deer in the headlights."
  9. I'd love to go whale watching off the east or west coast of North America, or perhaps off the coast of Scotland.
  10. That was my dh as well. He talked about it for a bit out of the blue, and then suddenly said that today he would start.
  11. Dh asked to do yoga with me this morning! It was really nice having company, and it will be great for him if he keeps it up. We may even get our ds 14 joining us eventually.
  12. Great job on the restorative yoga. I plan to do some of that this morning as well. Yes, I'm going to have to try and spread out the tennis so I don't wreck my body. Right now it's once a day with rest days scattered throughout the week. Keeping up with my stretching and yoga is really helping. It's also helping by avoiding piling on additional intensive activities on the same days as tennis. I may play singles tennis later this afternoon if the rain holds off. Otherwise, it will be a relaxing yoga and walking day today.
  13. That does sound like a really big job moving the shed. Congratulations for pulling it off with success and creativity. Enjoy some lovely yoga today. 😃 Your food sounds delicious!
  14. I played my first singles tennis match this morning. It was really fun, though a lot more physical work than doubles. It's sunny and hot outside (for our standards) and I ran out of water right at the end of the match. Have to bring more next time. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with a friend and go for a walk this afternoon.
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