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  1. Cuddling or playing with the kitten. If I want a real distraction from getting any work done on the computer I bring kitty into my office. She can prevent anything useful happening. 😂 The guy in this picture must have replaced his pencil holder after 'prepping' for his meeting.
  2. I think there is a difference in other countries, such as Canada, where we have some pretty good laws about severance. It's better to be fired than to quit. Still not an easy thing to do, but if you are in the position to offer a fair severance package it sure helps. Or at the very least you could be informative about Employment Insurance (unemployment benefits) that are offered by your area.
  3. My ski was really nice. Super cold wind down by the river, so I stayed in the trees rather than skiing on the river. I passed this little fella along the trail. Also took a photo of bushes that looked a little like 'popcorn' trees. 😉
  4. It's sunny and there is good snow! I'll be taking off for a ski right away, even though the temp is -17C / 1 F. It will be chilly, but that just means less people on the trail. 😉
  5. I get outside for a walk. If I don't have time for that, I look out the window where I have my birdfeeders and watch the action. If there are no birds, I just stare out the window. It's especially good if the sun is shining.
  6. Gorgeous sunset! Thanks for all the beautiful photos. Sorry to hear that things are nuts people-wise. Can't do much about the weather, but people putting themselves into risky situations seems much worse this year. I understand the draw of the mountains. I'd probably be right up there myself. How much public education is going on to inform people of the dangers?
  7. I've never had anyone complain about my re-usable bags. If a cashier did say anything I would simply point out that self-checkout is on its way in and then he won't have to worry. He also may not have a job and I'll have to do all my own bagging. 😉 I try to avoid self-checkout because I like cashiers having jobs.
  8. Funny you should bring up this topic, as I'm currently snacking on 'pet du soeur' (French) which means 'nun's fart.' Someone in Quebec has a good sense of humour and recognizes the value of a quality toot. 😄
  9. I got in a great little ski this afternoon. I'll call it a HIIT workout, as it was definitely high intensity on the uphill skate skiing along with easy intervals on the downhills. As you can imagine, the uphill parts take MUCH longer than the downhill parts. 😜 It was tough but fun to have some good pace after all the walking I did this week. 😉 I'm now snacking on some Quebeqois pastry called "pet du soeur" which translates as 'nuns' fart.' I love that name. They are so delicious!
  10. I'm hoping to go for a ski this afternoon. It's a reward if I get all my work done. 😉 @Lucy the Valiant If you like walking, try wearing heavy boots and carry poles or walking stick(s) while you are out on your walks. It's amazing how that extra weight can build more muscle without taking extra time out of your day. And you are already doing something you enjoy, which is a bonus! 😃
  11. It's slowly warming up this morning; from -13 C to -12 C so far. It's also snowing. I'm going to wait a few hours before venturing outside. I'll just enjoy the pretty flakes through the window for now. 😉 I'm walking with a friend this afternoon. There may be some sunshine by then.
  12. Yes, those outdoor basketballs will last longer, but the material breaks down with heat and sun, too. Soccer balls have a more porous surface and need to dry out after getting wet. The surface will crack and shred much faster than basketballs if not cared for. Using soccer balls on hard, rough surfaces destroys them really quickly as well. Avoid leather if you aren't going to care for it. Just my experience. Also, when pumping up the balls, ensure that the metal tip on the air pump is wet before sticking it in the ball. It can break off or damage the ball otherwise.
  13. Can't Dean Brody sing as fast as the Great Big Sea guys? It's like he's in slow motion. 😉 I just listened to an entire GBS concert on-line and it's all fast-paced music, even the ballads.
  14. Hey ladies. If anyone is having a rough day, here's a little tip from a celtic rock group from Newfoundland. So great - "It's just an ordinary day." Hope you enjoy it. Or maybe it's the end of the world...
  15. I'm way more fumed about WalMart and Costco allowed to be open during this recent lockdown (Canada) while all local stores have curb-side only. There are political and legal issues everywhere.
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