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  1. That's interesting. So an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist is seen to have expertise in thyroid due to the gland's location in the neck? Again, honest question. I have only the experience of my endo doctor who's expertise is bone metabolism. This doesn't make sense, either, unless you know about the underlying issues with what can cause some bone diseases.
  2. I'm confused. Why are people so worried about endocrinologists? I work for one, and she's amazing, as are her colleges. They do specialize in specific areas, though, so you may need to investigate to find one that has expertise in thyroid issues. I'm in Canada, but there is a lot of great research in endocrinology coming out of the US.
  3. All I can say is that the parking lot owner is probably making a mint! Wow, almost no overhead, possibly $400/month per vehicle. What am I doing with a 9 - 5 job?
  4. Unless there is some underlying health issue, he should bounce back to wanting more food. The body is phenomenal about regulating what we need. I have btdt, on a couple occasions and my hunger eventually increased without any problems. Congratulations to your dh! Hope everything is going well for him.
  5. Margaret, how did your "best nap ever" go yesterday? Hope things went smoothly and all is ok health-wise. I go for an abdominal ultrasound in a week, where I will try not to cry when the technician presses the wand thing all around the tender areas. I find that when they rub next to the bones (ribs, pelvis bone or spine) the pain they create is unfair. I wasn't hurting there, but you made it hurt. 😕
  6. Had a very good night's sleep. Yay. My sore neck is enjoying the heating pad while I sit at the computer. Done: - washed supper dishes from last night - drank my morning coffee! Delicious! To do: - phone my mom; need to psych myself up a little for this 😉 - walk in the woods with friends; lots of fresh snow so it will be fun - make food and eat; I want to grill some Chinese eggplant and portabello mushrooms - buy live rush tickets to the local theatre; Extra bonus is that ds wants to try to see it. He must be feeling a little better!
  7. Children's Place is my absolute favourite. Cute stuff, decent prices (for Canada), spans a lot of ages and tastes.
  8. I'll be going for my weekly walk in the woods with friends. Lots of snow on the ground, pretty chilly, but beautiful outside. It will be really nice to chat with the ladies. My GP has mentioned/suggested I try pro-biotics, but I never have. I saw some in the grocery store yesterday and thought about it again, but still never bought it. My gut seems to be producing gas too well. Maybe it's the wrong sort of gas, though. 😉
  9. Well, I have recently discovered that clearing sidewalks before roads just blows. There just ends up being more snow on the sidewalks due to the plow overflow. So if Sweden has developed the technology to plow snow without leaving any snow on the roads or sidewalks, that would be a Christmas miracle!
  10. These guys look warm. I'll be hiking in woods like this in the afternoon. Lovely! I try to avoid looking at the low temps on the weather network. It's depressing. Weather guy, just give me your best guess at the high, and drop that useless word you seem to like these days "guaranteed high," because it's never even close. 😉
  11. Canadian Thanksgiving was early October, but my dh is American so we can pretend we're celebrating the US one. 😉
  12. Ok, I just read my mistake about yogurt; fat isn't going to be protein, because it's fat. Silly me. I think I just liked the creaminess of full-fat yogurt. I bought a skinnier, Chinese eggplant to try and see if it's much different than the bigger one. Yes, I was grilling outside with 6 inches of snow on the ground, grill, flipper and side table. The snow on the grill melted in the grilling process, the rest didn't. 😉 It's about -10 celcius. The food was delicious, but produced a lot of gas. I'm trying to blame it on the dog.
  13. I got in a walk today, but sadly not a hike in the woods. I will do that tomorrow with friends. I grilled portabello mushrooms and some eggplant outside for supper. I think I would have liked them sauteed in oil better. They were tasty but a little dry. I could have added some kind of sauce to them, too. I really wanted to taste the veg flavour, though. Top notch! Do you eat the purple skin of an aubergine? I didn't as it was a little tough. Maybe there are different kinds of eggplant. Mine was the size of a smallish mellon. I've seen ones that look more like cucumber size. Perhaps I should get this next time. Another question: why do some of you eat non-fat yogurt/greek yogurt? Isn't the fat the part that makes it satisfying and rich in protein? I go for high-fat coconut milk when I use it, and I always tried to get 5% fat Greek yogurt when I ate dairy. I usually got plain, and added the flavouring myself so I could control the sugar content. Maybe I'm missing something?
  14. Well that might do it. 😉 Why can't I live on the same street as my councilman? My street is nice, just not the street he lives on. We also live on a bend in the road of a quiet street with no school buses. The plow only runs by in one direction, so the snow banks get built up farther and farther away from the end of my driveway. By March my "driveway" is 10 feet longer.
  15. I tried with my 17 year old son who was having a lot of gut pain. We both went gluten- and dairy-free together. He absolutely hated gluten-free and chose pain over that dietary restriction. I was fine with that. I benefit from gluten free, but I won't force it on anyone. He isn't celiac, so it's not like the gluten is hurting him. I don't find gluten free expensive. I just don't go in for the pre-packaged stuff. I shop in the international foods aisle, and use coconut flour and stuff. I have nut allergies so I can't use any nut milk, butter or flour. Indian/asian food has a ton of gluten free food choices that are very inexpensive. Especially if you can tolerate the chance of cross-contamination.
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