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  1. @soror Thanks for starting us off this month. All the best with your covid-at-home challenge. Hope your allergy symptoms diminish really soon. @Laura Corin That is really nice to see how your dh and you team up to control diet and motivate each other to exercise. Hope you can get more opportunities to use your new wetsuit as well this month! My plan this month (which may change if I get a new job): - daily walking (even if it's just walking the dog around the block) - daily stretch and strength exercises, adding in extra strength work and/or kickboxing for fun - tenni
  2. My end of month summary: Did pretty well with striking a nice balance with tennis, walking and biking. My stretch and strength exercises reduced somewhat because I'd forget to do them, especially if I was tired out from other activities. They are so helpful, though, so I'm determined to keep them a priority. Body weight: steady, trending down. As the weather gets cooler and I'm outside being active, I seem to burn more calories. I remember seeing some research on this phenomenon. Highlight: My hot flashes are very much reduced!!! I still have to do some careful 'blanket management'
  3. @PinkTulip So sorry to hear about the covid scare in your house. I hope all goes really well! Big hugs.
  4. That's good to keep in mind. Our silver poodle's puppies are black and then gradually turn silver. He was just the same. If he were called Blackie it would seem pretty weird. 😉
  5. Or the more generic Hazelnut, with Hazel or Nut for short. 😉
  6. If you want to brush up on your Norwegian, the series Occupied is pretty good. There's a mix of different Norwegian dialects, and apparently the topic is pretty true to what would probably happen when a country becomes occupied by a major power. I watched the first season and it was excellent.
  7. @Penguin I was thinking of you, as I've been thinking in Danish at night these days, as I started watching the Danish TV series Borgen on Netflix. 😄 It's about Danish politics, and there's a woman as Denmark's first Prime Minister. I'm really liking it, even though I'm not that crazy about politics. We have a minority government in Canada right now, and some of the political strategies among the various parties is similar to what's going on in the TV series.
  8. That's too bad. Really hope it does spread through your family. Big hugs to you all!
  9. Stuff we've been doing with our teens: - Pursue a second language on duolingo - Learn a new musical instrument (Irish flute, piano, ukulele, guitar) with or without lessons - Build a back yard tennis/volleyball/badminton courts with a net that can be raised to the proper heights for each racquet sport - Rebuild our back deck - Create a rock garden - One of our sons became a Dragon Master and created several D&D one-shot and longer adventures for our family. It was really fun. It was a LOT of work for him, but he really enjoyed it. He's passed on the torch for
  10. Coco was going to be my suggestion. 😂 How about Brownie? That's what my sister's chocolate lab was called (named by her dc).
  11. My early morning tennis got rained out, which was sad, but the extra sleep was fantastic! The rain has cleared up, too, so ds and I are going to go for a hike. I've added in some kickboxing into my quasi-yoga routine. That's an interesting mix of emotions! 😄
  12. @soror Sounds like you got some really good news, good information, potentially helpful meds, and it was productive visit. I think part of the reason there is no 'quick fix' is that the allergies are not 'that bad' (relatively speaking), and also because there really is no 'quick fix' with allergies. You're in a similar position to me, though you're fortunate not to have oral allergies related to the tree allergies. You're also in an excellent situation where you don't have carpet throughout your home. And hey, if you didn't come home with a prescription for an epi-pen, then it was a fantasti
  13. Hope you get a lot of good information at the allergist.
  14. It was a really nice rest day for exercise. Ds 14 and I took the dog for a long walk, and I'll go do my stretch and strength exercises now. It was cool and overcast today, and very pleasant to walk in compared to yesterday's super sunny and humid. It got up to 27C with humidity, which is crazy hot for the end of September in the Great White North! No complaints here, though. 😉 I finished up my 2 job applications and submitted them. Now I wait and see what happens, if anything.
  15. @Matryoshka Great photos! Kayaking can be 'exercise' is you aren't sight-seeing at the same time, and/or if there is wind and waves. 😉 I love the 'floating lawn chair' aspect of being on the water. Glad you had a good time. @Laura Corin Sorry your sleep hasn't been great. Hope you get some good rest tonight. My sleep has also be pretty bad. Last night I had a couple glasses of wine and my sleep was amazing. I wasn't expecting that, as sleep is usually not good after alcohol. @soror Sorry about your sleep being messed up. Glad you had a nice walk and bike ride. @FarmingMomma Gre
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