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  1. All the best with the house viewing!! Those can be so stressful. I always found that the more I cleaned, the more messy areas were revealed. It becomes a never-ending job! 😉
  2. Glad you're feeling better! Awesome with the weight loss! It's so nice to feel in control of one's own body. This can be so challenging! Sorry about the poor sleep. Hope you can make up some sleep tonight. Great news about your shoulder feeling better! Such a tricky joint for pain. Was this part of your difficulty sleeping? I often have trouble sleeping if my shoulder hurts. Great goal with relaxing muscles while sparring! It's actually good to try and do with all physical activities, though it certainly isn't easy. Great reminder! I can do this quite well with running, but have big problems while playing tennis by staying too tense. Eating can feel like such a struggle, as we try to 'dominate' our body. I've been trying really hard to remember to find pleasure in eating. Enjoy the tastes and textures, the opportunity to relax and talk with others, and listen to my body. When I re-watch episodes of the futuristic TV series "Firefly," and see them eating blocks of dark coloured food stuffs, it's a good reminder that there is a lot more joy to be had with eating than simply consuming calories.
  3. I got in a nice little skate ski this morning. It was icy and fast, so lots of double poling and tight leg muscles to stay upright. I will go for a hike in the woods this afternoon. I'm trying to get in lots of outdoor time before tomorrow, when we're supposed to get cold and lots more snow. Just a not-so-gentle reminder that it's still winter in the great white north! 😉 I'm so thrilled that my daily stretches and strength work from the physiotherapist has been working wonders with eliminating my upper back and neck pain! I don't think I'll need to go back for any more visits. Woo hoo!!
  4. If you have a neck injury, then you really need a professional to assess you in-person. In Canada, registered physiotherapists are great for providing these services. I'd probably want an x-ray and physician initially. There are so many muscles, joints, and bones that come into play in the neck and upper back that you really need to get qualified help or you could be facing years of pain. I would never want to rely on self-help programs found on-line with a neck injury.
  5. There is definitely lots of opportunity to try new activities later in life. My dh and I took up tennis in a big way at ages 44 and 45. We were surprised to find out that we were pretty much the "babies" at our little club. Most of the members were 50 and above, some in their 80s and still playing tennis daily. This was incredibly inspiring to us! We've been playing for 7 years now, and there is still room for improvement in our strategy and skills. It's also a really social activity, and something that dh and I can do together.
  6. Enjoy your rest day! Have a great work-out. I just decluttered my martial arts uniform this weekend. I don't know why I was keeping it, as chances are I won't use it again (kept my black belts, though). I do miss those HIIT punching and kicking work-outs, though, so I kept my sparring gear in case I want to do some of that again. In reality, they can be really hard on my body, and I'm not sure I want to put my joints through that kind of stress. In other words, enjoy yourself while you are young and your body can handle it!! 😉 Yay for no/little soreness!! It's sunny and mild outside again, so I'm definitely going to get in a hike or ski. I'm finding that with skate skiing "a little goes a long way." I feel great after 30 - 50 minutes spaced out in alternating days. However, my stretches and light-weight strength exercises need to be done daily. The reality of getting older! 😂
  7. Think of body movement as over-all health enhancer. Even our aging cars need some TLC in order to perform as expected. And my 6 year old dog does some stretches first thing in the morning before walking around. It's funny that humans, with our big brains, somehow believe we can simply go on moving perfectly throughout our lifetime, and that aging comes as a big shock. 😂 We are so good at denial. Look for ways to make it enjoyable and/or relaxing. When I walk I try pick routes where I can look at interesting scenery, like wooded areas or quiet neighbourhoods. I also like combining movement and errands when I can, like walking to get a few groceries and carrying them home. Time your movement for optimal benefit. My physiotherapist told me that doing stretches and strength exercises in the morning helps the muscles engage and move more effectively throughout the entire day. I have some weaker small muscles in my upper back and shoulders, and when I do my specific exercises to strengthen these areas first thing every morning, it not only feels good but I see positive results very quickly.
  8. I don't know how I was able to do a full pull-up, either. I've never been able to do it before. I will try to keep doing them on an on-going basis just for the fun of it, as long as they don't hurt my shoulders. Mine are a little sensitive as well. If all the hurdles are cleared, we'll be in Colorado for Aug. 1st. It still feels unreal. We're all pretty excited about it, though.
  9. Wow! Three acres is a lot to care for. It must look lovely, though. Sorry the political situation is having a negative impact on your house sales. That must be frustrating.
  10. We are really fortunate that our selling market is extremely hot right now. We won't have any problem selling. This is a huge blessing for us. I'm jealous about you being able to get out and see your garden. Mine is under 2' of snow. At least I know what to do on snow! 😂 No raking required!!
  11. I'd love to find a replacement for nagging/reminding my teen-agers about stuff. 😉 Any suggestions?
  12. I'd also look in the men's shoes if finding ladies models is limited. Men's sizes tend to be 2 less than women's. There are plenty of men's shoes with nice blues, greens and reds that would be totally fine for a girl. Two of my latest hiking shoes happened to be men's, and they are my absolute favourite. They seem a lot more solidly built than most of my ladies shoes.
  13. It's looking like mild weather for this last week of Feb. I'll definitely be trying to get in as much skiing, snowshoeing and hiking outside as I can. I'll have the time and opportunity to do this for the next month, and then the snow will melt. We've cleared the next big hurdle for our move to Colorado, so things are getting more 'real' and urgent for selling our home. I've been chasing up quotes for flooring, carpeting, and other necessary home renos. I'll also be doing a lot of painting come April. That will keep my muscles working and sore! 🤪
  14. Great job on the work-out with your friend!! It's fun to exercise with a buddy. I always manage to do (or at least try) more. Positive peer pressure can be really effective, as long as I don't push myself too much. Sounds like you found a happy medium. That is so nice you got in a hike with your dh! I was thinking of you the other day. My ds 13 has been doing pull-up challenges with himself over the last year. Just for fun, I tried one myself, to see if any of my skiing and snowshoeing with poles transfers to pull-ups. I totally shocked myself when I was able to slowly and continuously pull myself from hanging to above the bar. I tried one more, and only got half way. it was pretty inspiring! I haven't been able to do a pull-up in decades. I may have to work a little more on this and see if I can build up to more. What program are you using for pull-ups?
  15. I went for a hike in the woods with dd. It was sunny and mild. I wish we could have had a lot more time, as it was lovely. @IvyInFlorida Isn't running in the cold a huge relief from running in heat and humidity? I actually quite like running in cooler temps, though I prefer playing tennis in the heat. 😀
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