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  1. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    Yes, this is when I felt the most pain, too. I wear Keen sandles in the house all the time now, and shoes with really good support when exercising, and I haven't had any issues in a couple years. Massaging the heel and sole of the foot with a rolling pin, tennis ball or similar feels really good and helps with the pain.
  2. wintermom

    Question for pool owners

    One thing that the OP needs to be aware of with the layout of the pool and house in the photo is that it appears the sliding door leads directly to the pool deck. It is much safer to have a locked fence/gate that completely surrounds the pool. Otherwise, that sliding door would need to be locked so that no one exits the house and has access to the pool. With a 3 year old, the first thing I would do would be to build a fence between that sliding door and the pool. Most stories I've heard about toddlers drowning or near-drowning are the result of them wandering out of the house and to the pool side when there is no fence between the house and the pool, or the gate is unlocked.
  3. wintermom

    Seeking Tonsillectomy Recovery Suggestions

    Ice chips, popsicles, and cold packs seemed to be really helpful for my ds for pain management, too. My ds 16 also had his tonsils removed at age 14, and there was a big difference between the two boys' recovery. You won't really know how your dd will tolerate the pain until post-surgery. And don't panic if she seems really out-of-it right after surgery. My one son was talking non-stop right after the surgery, and then spent the next 2 weeks just miserable, while my other son was a mess right after surgery and did much better for 2 weeks with only ibuprofin and tylenol. Every patient is different.
  4. wintermom

    Pregnancy and cramping

    How many pregnancies have had? I had various cramps and pains with my 3rd and 4th pregnancies that I never had with the first couple. It was weird and a little worrisome, but the babies came out just fine.
  5. wintermom

    Seeking Tonsillectomy Recovery Suggestions

    My ds14 just had his tonsils removed in Oct. It is a pretty rough recovery. He was home from school for 2 weeks, and he definitely needed all that time to rest and recover. The pain management was a daily dose of liquid celebrex, and Tylenol 3 - 4 times a day. This worked great for him. I highly recommend the liquid celebrex as it's easy to swallow at at time when swallowing is painful. Why is the surgeon not providing any pain meds. We did have a scrip for morphine, but it wasn't needed at all. The celebrex was very much needed, though. We had to get it from a children's hospital, though, as regular pharmacies may not have the needed dosage in liquid form.
  6. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I've been able to get in a few days of skate skiing where the snow and the weather were good. I'm really loving getting in a nice intense work-out. I've also been walking with friends, which I love but it doesn't give me the same feeling of body strength and fitness. I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick ski tomorrow morning after it warms up from -20.
  7. wintermom

    Question for pool owners

    No one swims alone, and there is a dedicated person who is the "life-guard" on duty when the pool is in use. The "life-guard" is doing this job and is not distracted with the phone, making/serving food or drinks, drinking alcohol or visiting. The life-guard has their eyes on the pool and is either in the pool with swimmers, or right at pool-side while the pool is in use. This is easier to do when there are no guests over, but when there are guests over, or there is a party, then a dedicated "life-guard" still needs to be in place. My friend used to hire a life-guard during birthday pool parties so that she could deal with the food/drinks and party side of things, and know that a life-guard was on duty. It sounds like your pool is rather large, and I would equip it with pool-side rescue items such as a pole to reach out and help weak swimmers, a ring-buoy or similar. Quick response to swimmers in trouble can prevent the need to use artificial respiration and/or CPR.
  8. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I got in a walk with friends this afternoon in the woods. It felt good to get outside, but the weather was really cold and windy. I would love to get out and ski tomorrow morning as the snow looks good, but if it's -20 I may not want to take the plunge. It's the wind-chill that makes things very unpleasant.
  9. Had my first class yesterday, and the prof is excellent! I also have people in my actual program taking this course, so I'm really excited. Last course I was with people from an entirely different program. They were great, and the prof was as well, but it will be really nice to get to know people who doing the same thing as me.
  10. We have spring/summer term as well from May to June or August, and our winters in Canada easily extend right into April. So winter term is definitely most appropriate! 😉
  11. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    That's exactly what happened to me the first time back with skating! I just went for a 50 min skate. It's a very similar motion to skate skiing, though, so in theory my muscles shouldn't get too sore. 😉
  12. wintermom

    Article: How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation

    I find these over-generalizations based on one person's view/experience to be pretty useless. Sure, running errands is very low down on the priority list because they are boring and take up time one would rather spend on something else, something easier, or something more fun. That's not burn-out, though, and certainly not millions of people of a generation being burned-out. The author seemed to have the energy to write a very long article about being "burned-out," which must have taken a lot more time and energy than going to the post office.
  13. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I don't usually sweat while skating, but then again the temperature is colder. You're working a bunch of different muscles with skating, and if you up the pace you should get a great work-out without the pounding on the joints that running does.
  14. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I went for a skate ski this morning with ds, and then a walk this afternoon with a friend. It was pretty windy out there, but otherwise beautiful with snow and sun. I'm so happy that my legs are recovering faster with each bit of exercise!
  15. wintermom

    Most efficient way to learn PowerPoint

    You may find it helpful to look at and explore an existing PPP, and have your dh walk you through it. If he uses PP often, ask for a copy of a simple one so you can have a look at the layout. There are usually only a few basic things on each slide: heading(s), bullet text, graphics. You can choose a template from the existing options in PP. I find that graphics are the most time consuming to find and/or create. I'm just not used to doing them, but they probably go quicker the more you work with them. Good luck!
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