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  1. I had to work today, so no biking or hiking. I got in lots of walking to and from the buses, plus got to try out our new LRT. The highlight of the day was playing some awesome mixed doubles tennis tonight for 1.5 hours.
  2. Cheering at the event is awesome support! Asking him what he would like is appropriate. Trying to give him advice, not appropriate for an adult who said he wants to do this on his own.
  3. This one looks so cute! I want it just for the music options: Japanese pop song and Chinese folk music? Plus Kenny G and French music; cannon or birdsong. What a variety! That would just make me smile and laugh every morning. 😉
  4. Sounds like a very wise decision. That is wonderful you'll be able to finish up your certificate! Congratulations!! So sorry that all the health issues came up so suddenly. Hope the new job is going well.
  5. I forgot to mention that I also got in a wonderful hike yesterday, in between bike rides and tennis. The hike was so relaxing and mentally theraputic for me. I'm so fortunate to have several hiking areas within a 10 min drive. This one in particular is especially great because it has a couple very small lakes that are completely "wild." No one uses them except water fowl and other small creatures. The Canada geese were very vocal and plentiful on the lake yesterday, so I just sat on a rock in the sun and watched them do their thing. It sounded like some bullying was going on between a few of them, as suddenly 3 or 4 flew away about 20 feet only to land again on the water and resume honking. They are pretty funny. I prefer watching loons as they are more interesting with their diving, and their calls send shivers through my body.
  6. No, it's a great time of year. No tourists. The weather is mild in the fall and early spring, or you can do some skiing in Norway or Sweden from Jan - Mar. I wish my dc were younger. I'm so sad.
  7. I went for a walk with a couple friends yesterday. We also went to a farm for fresh veggies, apples and raspberries. I picked a whole bunch. They are so delicious! Extra sweet because our nights are getting really cold. Today I'll do a couple little bike rides, and later I play my competitive tennis match that was rained out last week. It's nice and sunny today, so the match should be a go!
  8. Sadly, I didn't get to play any tennis today. My match with friends got post-poned. I did go for several bike rides, though. I was volunteering with a charity run, and cycled 15 km during the event. Later cycled probably another 5 km. Otherwise, I did a lot of standing at the event and making a large family dinner for 20 people (it was all gluten and dairy free, and no one but me knew it 😉), and now I have to work at the computer for a couple hours. My back is not happy. 😯
  9. I love Nygard clothing. It's a designer father/daughter team from Finland. Their Slims pants are very nice and have a lot of "tummy support" that is still really comfy. The tops are really nice, too. In Canada we have Nygard Slims stores, but I'm not sure what is available in the US.
  10. It's only a couple days into the gluten-free and dairy-free and I'm feeling wonderful! My head-aches are completely gone. I didn't even feel the need for coffee this morning, though I did have half a cup black. My ds 17 is also doing the same diet as me, as he's had constant stomach and head aches for a couple years. He's fighting a cold now, so he's not feeling any positive effects from the diet. My fingers are crossed, though. I did some walking/running to and from the bus today, but not by choice. I was running late, so I had to run in my dress shoes with my backpack on and try not to sweat too much. ;) I got to play 2 hours of awesome tennis this evening. I also played 1.5 hours of tennis last night, but it was way too slow. At least I was out there, though.
  11. It's excellent that she has several different social circles and activities already in her life. And once she goes to college/university (maybe in Canada!!), she'll broaden her experiences even more. Most athletes as they age into adulthood tend to fluctuate out of a main sport, and re-enter other physical activities. She's got a great base of fitness and body awareness that will stay with her for the rest of her life. It will be easier to pick up new sports and physical activities than adults who have never reached her level of athleticism.
  12. Sun glasses are often required if it's very sunny in snowy areas as well. The glare can be very painful.
  13. I really noticed that in the dry air, the temperature changed quickly with the sun. When the sun came out, it was noticeably warmer very quickly. When the sun was behind clouds, it was colder. I find in humid climates, the heat/cold stays more constant. I did not notice any effects from high elevation in the Alberta Rockies. I know that some people do, though
  14. My dd just started full-time studies at our local university. She's commuting, as is my ds doing part-time courses at 2 different universities in town, and my dh who is a part-time prof at the same university. It's affordable and works for us. My dd has 3 long days of classes and 2 day with no classes - and that's with 4 classes with lectures, labs, tutorials and discussion groups. She has a LOT of time on-campus, but also a lot more time at home. I didn't stay in a residence until after completing a 5-year undergrad. I HATE residence life. It drives me completely bonkers.
  15. Kudos to your son! He sounds mature, kind and wise beyond his years. I hope he continues to have a wonderful experience during his undergrad! It must be a challenge to be so far from home, navigating a different culture. If he ever wants to pop up to Ontario, we'd LOVE to show him around. BTW, my son would have started the conversation with the TA with, "I'm sorry." It's the Canadian culture to appologize. 😁 I'm pretty sure Bianca appologized to Serena for beating her at the US Open.
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