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  1. Spring skiing is pretty awesome. Though it can be a bit challenging to embrace the snow after suffering though 6 months of it.
  2. Same here. Too much snow to even see if there is grass or dirt under there. And the snow is old and dirty. I went snowshoeing on the first day of spring. The maple sap is running, though, which is my favourite sign of spring! Not as cute as lambs, though. 😉
  3. wintermom


    These parents need to be informed as it can have a direct impact on the care their baby receives. Canabis use has recently become legal in Canada. These are some thoughts regarding use and child care that parents should know (from the Government of Canada website: Using cannabis may reduce a person’s ability to pay attention, make decisions or react to emergencies. This can affect how [a person] respond to a child’s needs and keep them safe. [A person] can miss: Signs of danger Need to be comforted Cues for hunger Desire to play and learn Some people may have a higher risk of: Developing a mental health problem Having an existing mental health problem worsen Having psychotic episodes
  4. Seems like there was something going on with your inner ear that is being effected by the outer ear. It's not necessarily the fault of the syringing, rather is was a lack of knowledge about the problem. Now that you know you have eustachian tube issues, you can focus on finding ways to deal with this. For those people who have no problems with their inner ear, having the wax cleaned from their outer ear is very helpful with hearing. There are a lot of people who have wax issues.
  5. The closed-toe are perfect for walking and also cycling. The sandals don't slip off, and the toes are protected.
  6. My university break was a different week than homeschool and public school break, so I was pretty much "working" during both breaks. I only have 2 more classes left of my course and one big assignment to finish, though, so I'll get a nice long spring/summer break very soon. I'm really enjoying my course and wish it could go on longer, or that I could have this same prof for another course.
  7. I would have voted not a musical. Though looking at a couple of the music scenes on youtube, I can see that there are definitely some "musical" elements tossed into it. The parts with dancers and star singers seem to be pasted into a regular movie, rather than the main characters bursting into song and dance to tell the story.
  8. I'm a singer. Was a soprano, but more a mezzo-soprano now. When I listen to music that I would sing along to, I like it to be within my vocal range. When listening to instrumental music I have no preference. I love super high violin parts, cello, double-bass, oboe - pretty much anything. Actually, when listening to vocalists, I'm not so keen on sopranos unless they are very skilled and not shrill. It's easier to listen to a tenor or baritone.
  9. Yes, your dd is exactly correct that it doesn't make sense to have the keyboard and harp playing the same thing - or even the harp and the vocalists on the same notes. This is where having the harp play a gorgeous intro for a song may work out well. Then the beauty of this instrument can be appreciated by the entire congregation.
  10. In truth, this music director doesn't always have time to score every song. Then he may simply ask the violin to play a note from the chord. This is pretty boring for a violist, and wouldn't work at all for a harp. She could play the chord or part of the chord, though. When I lead the music for a service, I would have my dd play an intro on the violin, and then if she knew the songs well and we had the time to prepare, she would come up with her own harmony lines for the song. I know that classical guitarists have to do a lot of arranging of pieces written for other instruments. It's a definite skill-set, but it seems to be at a very high level (graduate studies). Perhaps your dd's harp teacher could help her make a harp arrangement for one or two songs/hymns your church plays frequently. This is assuming that the music director is comfortable with this.
  11. My dd (violinist) and I (keyboard and vocals) have been playing with our church's worship team for about 10 years. A lot of the amount of musical collaboration depends on the group leader's comfort level, experience and musical background. Some worship leaders don't read music at all, especially if they are guitarists. They simply go by chords, and they may also change the key they play in almost on the fly using a capo. This makes it very challenging for musicians on instruments that have set keys, such as harp or violin. They may have to be flexible enough to play in a variety of keys, improvising off of a guitar tab sheet. My latest music director has a very strong classical music background and writes the musical score for the various instrumentalists so he knows exactly what and when they will play. This is wonderful, but doesn't seem to be very common in the worship music world. I would say that your dd will have to be patient and slowly figure out what is going to be a good fit with this worship team. She may start off by only playing intros for certain songs, and gradually work up to coming in more often when the team leader becomes more familiar with the possibilities.
  12. I think being honest is the first step, and start a discussion. Then the two spouses can work toward a solution. There are a million ways to "rectify and situation," but it should involve input from both people.
  13. Thanks for the update, Monica. Hope you have some relief from the sinus pain now. Glad you're getting the other issues looked at. That's awesome your healthy diet and exercise are working to keep your immune system strong! Keep up the great work!
  14. We still have several feet of snow in our front and back yard. No blooms yet, but maple syrup should be starting soon! I LOVE sugaring-off season. It's the best part of March, especially as we are usually still buried under tons of snow.
  15. We knocked out a couple walls to make an open-concept main level in our 2-story house. I love it as we have plenty of room for 4 teen-agers to move around in the kitchen at a time. It is louder, but it's also so much brighter. In my northern location, I LOVE to have as much opportunity to see sunlight as possible. We have our tv viewing area in the basement, so that avoids some of the conflict over sound.
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