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  1. @Laura Corin and @Ali in OR I noticed on the race times I used to participate in that the 40 and 50 age group times were super fast compared to 20s and 30s. I'm not 100% sure what the explanation is, but I have a few guesses. They may be focusing on running, while younger sporty women are not competing in those mass races or they are doing other sports. Those 40/50+ women who choose to go big into running seem to go really big into it. And when their children are older, they have to time to dedicate to training. I don't think they can last long into their 60s and beyond, though, as running is
  2. As an advocate of physical activity and outdoor pursuits, I appreciated Prince Phillip's initiation and support of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He was a champion for physical activity in a time when it certainly wasn't popular for youth. https://www.dukeofed.org/
  3. So glad that you slept well!! Enjoy your walk today. My arms were sore this morning from paddling. That's the kind of pain I'm happy with, though, 'cause it means I've been doing some fun things. 😉
  4. I'm sad that the journey you've so graciously shared with us here is over, too! 😢 It's been so interesting to follow all the fascinating adventures your daughter and you have experienced over the years. It would be wonderful to have a photographic reminder of all you both have done over the years to enjoy now and in the future. I wish I'd done this with my gang. There are bits here and there, but to have visuals to go back to when you are really missing her (and she's missing you) might be nice. I'm sure this next stage of the journey will be exciting, too, just in a different way!
  5. I went for a really nice walk in the woods with a friend. Then ds 18 and I went for another canoe paddle. I got a photo this time. The conditions were perfect! We're going into another, even deeper form of lockdown tomorrow and I wanted to get in a little more paddling just in case it's banned.
  6. We went down to 1 car early in our marriage, and have remained a 1 car family for over 20 years and 4 teens. I would just do some number crunching and look at the actual costs of insuring, maintaining, parking and fueling a second car. In our case, it was not worth the expense at all. We make use of public transport, cycling, walking, car pooling and renting or borrowing a second vehicle on the infrequent occasions we really need it.
  7. Ds 15 and I went for a bike ride late this afternoon. It was a fast, intense 30 min ride. My heart was definitely pumping!
  8. It doesn't have to be a boat ramp. Just a big enough access area to carry the canoe to the water. We bought a kevlar canoe, which is light and strong. It's very easy for 2 people to carry it. Right now we just leave the canoe on the trailer, then hook the trailer to the van when we want to take it to some water to paddle. Enjoy your warm weather!
  9. @Soror So sorry to hear that stress is causing so much disturbance in your life and for your health. Big hugs. Hope things get better for you soon. @Laura Corin Very impressive with the outdoor yoga with nature and your running!! @MissLemon Great job keeping up with yoga and biking! Enjoy your virtual tour through the Pyramids! Sounds like fun! @Ali in OR That black bean dish is sounding like something I need to make! The weather forecast look superb this week! Ds 18 and I already have booked a canoe paddle on Friday, but hopefully I can get out again before then. I'll al
  10. Dh and I went to the paddle store to buy paddles and pfd's, then I went for a nice walk with a friend. Later in the afternoon ds 18 and I went for our first ever canoe paddle!! It was awesome. It was pretty windy and a little wavy, but the canoe is solid and secure, and felt wonderful! There was one other person out on the river in a small kayak, and I felt so much safer in the canoe. As much as I love the water, it does feel great sitting a little higher up and staying dry. 🙂
  11. First draft of my paper completed! Went for a long walk with the dog and a beautiful evening bike ride. The canoe (Blueberry) is finally home! If I can buy paddles and life-jackets tomorrow, I'm hoping to take it out for a paddle.
  12. Pretty successful day overall. I got in a bike ride and a nice dog walk. I also nearly finished the first draft of my final research paper!!! I'm thrilled, but my brain is mush now. 😉
  13. I got in a couple of nice walk today. It was relaxing and the weather was great. Tomorrow I'm going to do some biking in the neighbourhood. Dh is picking up our new canoe tomorrow, so soon I'll be able to paddle!! I can't wait! 😃
  14. My exercise goals this month are to maintain my streak of daily outdoor exercise. It seems to be mostly walking during the week, with longer hikes and bike rides on the week end. This weekend we're getting our new canoe, so I'll be adding in paddling very soon! 😃
  15. I'm only managing to get in walks in the neighbourhood for the most part this week. It's busy with work and the weather isn't great. Spring was snatched away from us. I hope it returns again soon. 😉
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