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  1. It was rainy in the morning, and I didn't get out for a walk until it was dark. But it was a really nice evening for walking - passed many people and fellow dog-walkers. I ended up walking a solid hour with the dog. @Laura Corin Hope your sleep improves tonight. Part-time work would be lovely! @Soror All the best with your new job and the application process!
  2. It was a lovely sunny and warm day. I took the dog for a short and a long walk. Otherwise just work and some driving around running errands.
  3. No regrets at all, however I was a teacher going into the 'new gig' of homeschooling and I really enjoy teaching. Having the opportunity to follow my 4 dc throughout 16 consecutive years of their education is an amazing blessing. It's the best teaching gig ever; a 'class' of children I really love and get to follow year after year, the freedom to choose curriculum that fits the learner (and me!), very little administrative duties, and much more. My dc have all graduated homeschooling, and I've started a full-time career in research. My experience in home education is actually seen as a benefit by others, as well as myself. I'm enjoying my new job, but if I get the opportunity to support one of my dc in homeschooling grandchildren, that would be amazing! At the very least, I'm saving up a lot of books to read to them. 😉
  4. I got in a long dog walk this morning and ds 15 came along, which was really nice. Then I went for a solo kayak paddle in the afternoon. It was sunny and beautiful, with lots of turtles sunning themselves on logs. Lifting and carrying the kayak around is feeling easier, so my muscles must be getting stronger. I'm not a fan of weight-lifting in a gym or home gym. I'd much rather do it naturally with practical activities. I like to carry the groceries by hand, laundry, etc. around the house. In the winter, wearing heavy boots while walking certainly helps build leg muscles. 😉 Finished off the physical activity part of the day with a short dog walk.
  5. I went for a bike ride with ds17 to buy him some running shoes, then a couple of dog walks. Otherwise it was a day to relax.
  6. Dh and I played almost 2 hrs of doubles tennis this evening. It was really fun! I also got in a very short dog walk. Tomorrow I'm canoeing with friends!
  7. @Jenny in Florida I love the visual of you and your dh marching in from of the TV! Well done! I should do more moving while watching TV. @Laura Corin Glad you could get a run in on the beach. Sounds lovely! @Harriet Vane Great to hear your breathing and allergies are much improved! I'm in a similar boat - waiting until the first hard frost before my allergies improve. @Ali in OR Hope you have a safe drive! @Soror So sorry you're having trouble sleeping. Hope it improves really soon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went for a short, intense bike ride to watch ds's outdoor basketball game. Also walked the dog once, and will give him one more walk today. My weight if finally going down. I swapped in eggs instead of rolled oats for breakfast, and I don't feel the need to snack before lunch. If I eat enough protein at lunch, I can also last until supper. And if I have enough protein at dinner I can last until breakfast the next day. So basically, cut out snacking and increased animal protein. 😉
  8. I got in a couple of dog walks, then dh and I went for a 45 min canoe paddle. It was a nice evening with a beautiful sunset. I'm feeling much better after resting yesterday.
  9. We have a few Boots drug stores in Canada, too. I didn't realize at first that it was a British chain. I'll use the terms drug store and pharmacy equally. I don't remember a lot of soda shops when I was growing up, but there were a few malt shops in department stores. Malts are just like a frosty at Wendy's hamburger restaurants.
  10. @Jenny in Florida Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your walking scenery. Looks gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the newly discovered trail. @lynn Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Just precious. I had a really rough sleep mostly because my body felt exhausted, like it was crying out for oxygen. I slept in late and now I feel ok. I'll take it easy today and just do some easy walking.
  11. @Ali in OR That sounds really frustrating. I hope the school can figure out a solution really soon. @Harriet Vane Hope you had a nice canoe paddle! @Laura Corin I hope your hip is feeling better - or that you received some good advice from the dr about recovering. @MissLemon That's wonderful news about your weight loss! Great job! I went for a couple walks today and a kayak paddle. It was windy paddling, so it felt like a good work-out. I'm really tired today, though. Probably a combination between the tennis last night and my allergies. Hopefully I'll bounce back tomorrow.
  12. I took the dog for a short walk in the morning, then played doubles tennis for 2.5 hrs in the evening.
  13. I went for a lovely canoe paddling this evening with a friend. I also got in a short dog walk.
  14. @Harriet Vane and @Jenny in Florida I'm also getting frustrated with my increased weight over the last 6 months. I've had the quickest weight increase since my first pregnancy 21 years ago. It's been kind of shocking. A lot is because I started a full-time job and had a university course, so I was sitting and stressing quite a bit. I was also snacking a lot more. Age is probably a factor as well, being 54 now. So now that my course is finished and I have more time to fit in exercise, the weight is not decreasing much at all. All this to say, this situation kind of sucks. I'm totally with you that the focus is on maintaining my overall health by eating well and remaining physically active. Also checking in on this thread to receive support is great! 😃
  15. We've had a lot of restrictions imposed on us in Ontario, Canada, so organizations have gotten really creative with how they organize events and keep their businesses functioning, using outdoor spaces. Drive-in churches, movies even BINGOs have sprung up to help people gather and do some fun things.
  16. There are much more responsible ways to sharing poetry and creating community than setting up situations with many people in small spaces, and that would make me very frustrated. Outdoor gatherings, or gatherings in large, well-ventilated rooms with limited attendees (enforcing masks) and just a couple solutions that can work well. Because you are being responsible, it's like you are being punished. If the event organizers were acting more responsible then it would be safer experience for everyone.
  17. It's motivating to hear how everyone is pushing through some discomfort and accomplishing their exercise goals. I really do need to take a proper rest day, as 4 days in a row of 2+hrs of tennis makes for a very sore body. I'll do some light cycling to keep things from getting too stiff, and some stretching. This is the first school-start is 16 years where I don't have to plan homeschool classes. I miss it, but also happy that the dc are excited about their adventures at their new school. My 2 youngest (ds15 and ds17) are going to a private christian high school. They will know a few people, which should help the transition. Hey, look at the view outside my office/bedroom window. A squirrel loading up on maple seeds in preparation for the winter. 😃 I love nature through the window when I'm too tired to get outdoors. 😉
  18. The weather was so nice that I went for a kayak paddle in the afternoon. Saw a lot of turtles enjoying the sun. Then dh and I played 2 hrs of doubles tennis in the evening. I also walked the dog with dd. So I got in all 4 of my outdoor activities in one day; biking, paddling, walking and tennis. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a rest day for me. 😉
  19. Another 2.5 hrs of doubles tennis last night, and I was really feeling tired. Just too much back-to-back tennis for me, I guess. I went for a really nice bike ride with ds19 this morning to my favourite bay. On the way home I stopped at bakery that just opened up near my house. Excellent treat to finish off the ride! 😃
  20. We ended up playing doubles tennis for 2.5 hours last evening. Fortunately it was on nice, soft clay court surface, which is a lot easier on the lower legs and feet. Dh and I are playing more doubles tennis this evening.
  21. A canoe and a kayak. I love them both and have been using them as much as possible this spring and summer.
  22. @Laura Corin Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing. It is so green where you are! We've had so little rain during our heat wave that lawns had a brown tinge to them, though they are recovering now. I love those stone buildings! I went for a really nice kayak paddle with a friend yesterday evening. We saw lots of kingfishers and frogs, but no turtles. This evening dh and I are playing doubles tennis with friends. Should be fun!
  23. Thanks for starting us off on a new month, Laura! @Soror Hope you make it through the day! Getting up for 4:30am is definitely a challenge. Enjoy your work-out, walk and nap. 😉 My plan for September is to keep on paddling a couple times a week, bike, walk and play tennis. I'd like to keep up this routine until snow comes. 😁
  24. I got in a short bike ride and a long walk with dd and the dog this evening. It was really nice; beautiful sunset and mild weather. Great way to finish off the month. 🙂 I can't believe it's the end of August already!!
  25. @Jenny in Florida Paddling and seeing turtles is definitely a wonderful experience for me! There are also lots of other wildlife to enjoy in that river that makes is very special. Great job keeping up your walking! @Ali in OR Glad your 'tail' is healing and your dog's is all better. @Soror Enjoy your last day off. That's a very early start to your day. Hope you can get in all the naps you need. 😉 @Laura Corin I hope your flu symptoms are all gone and you are feeling better. Has colder fall weather started for you yet? When I lived further north in Canada the end of August was already showing signs of fall with shorter and colder days. The weather is truly beautiful today. No more high humidity, which is a great relief. I went for a dog walk already and will do something fun outdoor after work. Ds15 has his outdoor basketball summer league, and I usually walk or bike to that and watch the action.
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