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  1. Is your focus on HR during exercise and at rest something that your physician has recommended you do? I have heard of studies where researchers used heart rate was as an indicator to help athletes returning to exercise post-concussion measure when the speed of their walking/running on the treadmill is within their "safe zone." What sort of system are you using to see if changes in your HR are significant (meaningful) and are changing due to exercise?
  2. Does your library have free access to computers and internet? I've heard well-informed Americans state that this is a draw for individuals who want to access porn, etc. So, ya, parents could have a valid reason for not wanting their minor children access to the computers, unrestricted internet access, as well as others doing similar.
  3. Yes, loved this actress! It's always a bit of a toss up as to how to present Prince Charles. He's had his fair share of bad publicity over the years, and for very good reason. I wonder who produced this series, and why they are so sympathetic. There must be some reason.
  4. Is there a "language" of fear from the administration down? If so, no wonder some parents are starting to panic. Here, the front doors of elementary schools are locked and visitors buzz in via an intercom. Easy peasy, no need to call this "lockdown."
  5. I wondered, because in my city "lockdown" means that all classroom doors are locked, students and teachers stay inside, turn off lights, and essentially hide from an attacker.
  6. Will you have an opportunity to practice on a piano that is similar to the one your dd will be playing on for the performance? Pedal height and placement, and how this can be managed with new shoes, could be a potential unknown and risky factor. It's nice when you get to bring your own instrument, foot stand and stool for smaller instruments (i.e., violin, cello, classical guitar).
  7. What do you mean by a locked down MS? Is the Middle School in a constant state of "locked down" or is this a special term for just your school? Perhaps there is a police educational officer who can come in for a parent meeting and do a presentation about the likelihood of the situations your parents are concerned about? Along with the "stats" these parents (well, all parents) can have their fears calmed down with accurate information about how to live a life that is not in constant fear. Being aware of possible dangers is good, but being afraid of every possible bad thing is a drain on mental health.
  8. Look for "injury prevention" information instead of "childhood dangers." "Dangers" is not the term that will give you what you are looking for. Search google scholar if regular google isn't helpful.
  9. I was just challenged by my hair dresser that I was a hoarder. I will take that label and raise it to "disorganized hoarder" who was raised by parents who lived through very hard times on farms in the Canadian prairies and kept all useful and non-useful stuff "just in case." There is both nature and nurture in my hoarding tendencies. Plus my dh never wants to move (or throw anything out). How do I work around these obstacles? 😉 I think the only reason our house can fit all of us people and stuff is that dh and I are "frugal" and too cheap (poor) to buy loads of stuff. Thank goodness for this or we'd have to buy another house for our collected stuff.
  10. So are we, except we can't find the stuff people would like to borrow (or we ourselves would like to use) amid all our non-minimalist, unorganized stuff. 😂
  11. Yes, "giving up" the guide dog puppies is really tough, but we know going into this gig that they don't actually belong to us and they will enrich the lives of someone in need. That's a pretty good feeling. My ds's psychology prof is off getting training for her guide dog right now. And we usually take the option of having another guide dog puppy soon after one leaves! 😉 Re: heart rate fluctuation: Have you studied the "normal" rise and fall of heart rate, and what can effect this, and when to be concerned? I haven't, but I'd be interested in finding out more. My HR can begin to race like a scared rabbit for no reason at all in the middle of the night (probably hormone related). After coffee, I'm sure it increases as well. I've never used HR very closely as a training indicator. I'm not an elite athlete, and for me overall time of my event, or who had the most points, was usually all the info I cared about. I did wear a Holter monitor for a couple weeks last year, and apparently all my heart fluctuations were "normal" and good. I wore it playing tennis and got hit with a tennis ball 4 times. Luckily the Holter didn't get hit, but I was pretty worried about damaging it. I would have loved to see my HR during these times! 😂
  12. I went for a walk with the black lab. It was more of an errand run to my dr's office and then to the physio-therapy office. I brought his "guide dog in training" vest so I could bring him right into the offices. It was an excellent learning experience for him. He hasn't been around much loud traffic, elevators and big staircases lately. He's the wimpiest on staircases. He's always been afraid of stairs, though. Now he takes a look, a deep breath, and then races up. You have to hold on tight and go up along with him. I think this is probably the weak link that may cause him to "fail" the guide dog training. Dd will be thrilled if he becomes a "career change dog" aka fails the program. Then we can buy him and keep him forever!
  13. I am sooooo fortunate to have some really amazing women still in my life on a regular basis. Most of them are from the homeschool world, and a few are building up from the tennis world.
  14. I know she's excellent, but when you've been binge watching her comedy shows then seeing her as Queen Elizabeth it's mentally tough to switch the mindset. Comedic actors can do drama, but very rarely does it transfer from drama to comedy. I value comedy over drama, personally. 😉
  15. These gifts are probably not the greatest source of the "clutter," though. It's the accumulation of stuff over time that eventually causes clutter. Otherwise, it's simply stuff we use and like to have around us to enrich our lives. However, the more stuff you bring into the house, the more stuff is there. Right? So either get a bigger house, or somehow decrease the amount of stuff. OR reduce the amount of stuff brought into the house in the first place. Gifts could be consumables, too. Eatable, activities, experiences, etc.
  16. That's really hard for you and for them. You could start by asking them what would be helpful for them at that point in time. Why try to guess. Everyone is different. Big hugs to you all.
  17. I'm feeling like tackling the day is getting easier. Reading the long to-do lists people have make me jumpy, though. It's probably just my own personal stress level is out-of-whack. I know it's helpful for people, so I wouldn't expect anyone to change. Just my musings. Done: Coffee, breakie, e-mails for work To do: hair cut, guitar concert, make appointment for physio-therapy, homeschool stuff
  18. I've seen a couple episodes. I LOVE the actress who is playing Princess Margaret. The actress playing Queen Elizabeth is a comedian/comic actress and I just can't get into her as the Queen. She just makes me laugh. Maybe that's a good thing. 😉 I'm Canadian, so our Royal Family has made me laugh many times over the years. I just never expected a "serious" mini-series to be this funny. 😂
  19. I went for a really nice 1 hour walk with 2 friends. It was wonderful. Then some tea and more chatting afterwards while our boys played cards. We came up with the idea to crochet blankets together. One lady has a blanket that is gorgeous, extra heavy, but not too large. I want one! I think it will be a perfect combination to walk/hike/snowshoe, then crochet, drink tea and chat. I'm excited. Dinner was pretty tasty - for me! Fresh veggies, including 2 avocados. I'm stuffed. No one else ate anything except ds 17 who had an avocado. They are all meatatarians. 😉
  20. That's rough. I'm struggling myself with newly diagnosed celiac, along with lots of food allergies. It's really a learning process for myself. I still make mistakes, and I have complete control over what I buy and what goes in my mouth. I can understand how a leader of a group might think they have it all under control, but make mistakes. Camping is always an experience in learning how to deal with unexpected situations, though. Truly. I've been teaching outdoor ed and camping for decades. That's one of the reasons why it's a fantastic learning opportunity. Use this experience to grow in your knowledge, and to be better prepared for next time.
  21. It's a different world in Canada, firstly because we don't have community colleges. However, it seems like each US state and school can be a little different as well. My high school kids have taken university courses (offered as "Head Start" or "Special Student") for several different reasons. We are VERY happy that some universities allow high school students to take courses. Sometimes we get a much appreciated financial reduction in the cost of the course, and sometimes not. Here are some reasons my dc have take university courses: - Complete an elective for the program they will enroll as a full-time student - Reduce the number of courses they need to take in the first year of a program - Use the university courses to apply to a program - Opportunity to study a specific subject not typically offered at high school (i.e., philosophy, psychology)
  22. When there are a lot of people in a house, and they need quite a lot of stuff, then it becomes a storage issue rather than an issue of "minimalism" in my opinion. And when these people grow and need different sizes of stuff, there is a need for more stuff. Is this mom on the youtube channel someone who leads a life-style very similar to your's? Do you have realistic goals, or are you getting tired of clutter? Reality check: there will always be clutter in a home where people actually live. They even add clutter to make museums more realistic. You can have a minimalist life-style, but maybe not right now when you still have growing children living in your home. It may be a lot easier to do this when your children and husband are away most of the time. I could be so minimalist if I lived by myself. 😂
  23. This can be such a struggle at times, and that balance never seems to stay firm. Not to mention, everyone's different. Teen-age boys (and often girls) are always hungry, some people are never hungry, some can eat a horse everyday and stay as skinny as a broom (how is this even possible?), and some can eat like a bird and gain 5 pounds. It's crazy.
  24. I love this, too!! When I would build up my push-up capacity for my black belt tests in Taekwon-Do, I'd get serious pipes. We had to do 250 push-ups. I'm not a fan of push-ups, so I never maintained this level for longer than I needed to for the test. In Norway they call biceps "Fish balls" (which are the equivalent of meatballs for kids, in Norway). I think that is appropriate. Let's just remove all negative and positive connotations of this body part, and have a little giggle. 😂 Who really cares how the things look anyway? Just get on enjoying life.
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