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  1. If her oxygen was at 90 and it resolved I suspect it is allergies. Still, I would have her call the local hospital and speak to a nurse. Yes, I would say she is at higher risk given her health history.
  2. DH developed a rash like that on his leg when he developed an allergy to Tide. We had to switch to All Free & Clear. Of course that doesn't explain the PANDAS flare.
  3. I had this "salad" once at a work function. It sounded and looked disgusting but tasted SO good. It was basically green peas, mayonnaise, and tiny chunks of cheese, cubes the size of a pea. I'm craving it. I also just saw someone say that Jimmy Kimmel posted a video of him using an immersion blender in an open can of cannellini beans to get them completely pureed. Then he dumps them in a pan with some olive oil and garlic, heats through, and uses them as a pasta sauce for his kids. Great way to sneak in beans, and the person who shared this tried it (I think she mixed in Parmesan too), mixed in with macaroni, and said it was surprisingly delicious.
  4. Katy

    Blood sugar

    I've heard many people say that ideal is less than 70, but statistically "normal" = less than 100.
  5. Let's see.... they watch Cocomelon and Badanamu on youtube, as well as anything the other members of the family watch. The boy loves Trucks and Tractors, and therefore tolerates The Minimal Mom when I watch her (the creators of those YouTube channels are married). If you can gift YouTube without commercials that would be awesome. We read their favorite books 9 million times a day. Mommy tries to rotate in a few they don't know well every week. We have morning AND afternoon "quiet time" even though only one sleeps in the morning and the other sleeps in the afternoon. They can have toys and books in their beds but they must stay there quietly for an hour. We find reasons to tickle them a lot. We turn on What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) radio on Pandora and dance. They "help" mommy by pretending to fold laundry but actually dumping it all over the floor They take extra baths They have sensory play in the food they don't eat, and in the mud in the backyard. I try to be more relaxed about this than usual. We rotate in toys they haven't seen in a while and learn new games They look out the windows on our street and watch for trucks They go outside to watch the garbage and recycling trucks They "help" by making a mess while I make cookies They graffitti our patio with sidewalk chalk they kick around a soccer ball in the back yard (with parents and siblings) They color, but have found drawing on old appliance instruction manuals from the recycle bin to be far more entertaining than coloring books They think Play Doh is gross. Mommy hasn't let them near finger paints yet, but maybe bathtub soap paint is an option to send. Or other new bath toys. We watch stuff from Disney's streaming app when I'm exhausted. We dig out DVD's when the internet is too slow to stream something and have Daddy work at the same time. Sometimes we go for walks, but one is fussy about cold so it generally has to either be no wind or above 50 for that to work. And I don't take them out when the weather is really nice because ALL of our neighbors are out when that happens. We practice petting the dog nicely.
  6. I would call your doctors office to ask. They may want to do blood work to make sure you aren't also having an ectopic pregnancy if it lasts longer than a certain number of weeks.
  7. Coolibar has some that also have UV protection, but they are pricey.
  8. Yeah, the cartoon version is as cute as can be. The real ones (and you can get hundreds if your neighborhood is filled with bird feeders) create all kinds of havoc. Not to mention if you have a dog you will never get a moment without barking until they are out of your yard.
  9. I can tell you how to kill them but the last time I shared this people got upset because it seems cruel. You need a 5 gallon bucket, sunflower seeds (birdseed, in the shell), and a board. Fill the bucket 2/3 full with water near wherever they live. Dump enough sunflower seeds on the top to cover the surface of the water with floating seeds. Lean a board up to the edge of the bucket and trail some seeds down the board. They'll crawl up, jump in the bucket for the seeds, and drown.
  10. I'm craving a big salad. I have bleached the fruit & some veggies but mostly we've been eating frozen produce. Is there a way to bleach lettuce myself and still have it taste good? Or is this just a craving I should ignore until the pandemic is over?
  11. The thing is Smithfield didn't shut themselves down. They were going to close the plant over the weekend, fumigate with something that's supposed to kill the virus, and reopen on Tuesday. The governor shut them down, which is why they're putting out scary statements like this. They want to be open and continue to make money, and they don't care who they put at risk. Will farmers and feed lots have to continue to feed the animals for a few more weeks? Yes. Is this as big a deal as they're pretending? No. Sometimes they are farmers. Sometimes they are huge confinement feedlots who hold the pigs to fatten them up for several months until they are slaughtered. In this case I'm pretty sure Smithfield has their own feedlots and they'll have to feed them for a few more weeks until they slaughter them. This entire thing is political smoke because they don't want to lose the margin on two weeks of profit. Especially when the "farmer" is Smithfield itself. I'm not saying there is no reason to stock up your pantry if and when you can. There very well may be produce shortages here and there throughout this crisis. Almost all food supply issues are a matter of logistics, no matter where you live. But I don't think there's any need to panic about it either. If there are extended food shortages we may be looking at rationing on some level, but historically we live through it and are generally healthier for it.
  12. This has happened several times. Congress always approves increasing postage rates to save them. They have crazy union rules too (and I'm generally pro-union). At our last home I had to take something to the post office on a summer day. There was a line out the door but there was literally three parking spaces that had been repainted that were cordoned off and a uniformed employee was sitting in the middle of this area in a lawn chair to ensure no one messed with the paint. They were literally paying someone to watch paint dry while the line stretched out the door to the parking lot.
  13. I stained some wood shelves Rustoleum Weathered Gray a few years back. It's a perfect trendy neutral gray, is really easy, cheap, and I don't remember that it smelled at all Home Depot or similar should carry it. Do have them shake it up if they can shake a stain can that small, it takes FOREVER to stir up.
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