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  1. I'm sure it is about unlocking funding, but statistically they are likely to be one of the major outbreaks first. There's a big Chinatown area, and the Bay area is one of the places Chinese investors like to buy property. There was a senator that raised concerns about it last year because technically the Chinese government can still seize property of any private citizen at any time and properties were being gobbled up in strategic areas like SF, NYC, and DC. I don't know if a bill passed to block purchases or not (I think maybe I saw that report in an airport on a news station we don't typically watch), but it was a concern. Anyway, if you had the money to invest millions in overseas real estate and you heard there was a weird outbreak in your town... I bet a lot of rich Chinese people fled to the Bay area in the few weeks before the travel ban. All it takes is one that was infected. And if the reports today that the CDC test is worthless and we're going to be importing them from Japan are correct we may already have an outbreak here and just not know it yet. I had the same thought today.
  2. I think from an authority perspective if a state of emergency is declared the government can do whatever they want.
  3. The dow dropped 800 points in the 15 minutes after the CDC speech.
  4. Because if an area is quarantined for even the weeks they've already had in China there will be food shortages here, just like there are there. Because truck drivers in the USA tend to be older men with higher rates of heart disease and diabetes, so the supply chain will likely face major issues if truck drivers start dropping dead. Because 6 months of rice, beans, oatmeal, oil and salt, and some canned produce will cost most families less than $200 so it's very cheap insurance, and much less than stocking up on almost anything else. Most families can spend $200 on this now and not worry about it in the future, assuming it's stored properly. Because that's not the only thing they are likely buying. We got a bunch of paper products, water, and medication too. Because THIS might not be the catastrophe we need to worry about, but $200-300 on nonperishables isn't a terrible insurance investment. We've spent more than that on an umbrella liability insurance policy over the course of our marriage and we've never been sued. I doubt we ever will be sued, but I don't worry about it because we have the insurance.
  5. If he can wear trail running shoes or cross trainers, take him to buy some of those AND an insole called Superfeet. That will help a ton. He'll want to try them on in person, try them with the insoles in person, and he'll want thick supportive soles with some cushion, nothing with a thin or minimalist sole when standing still on concrete or tile for hours at a time.
  6. But what if you aren't sick but there's nothing left on the shelves of your local grocery store because the food supply chain is shut down? I'd rather put together rice, beans, and anything else I have in the house than let my kids be hungry. I'm sure I could survive 6 months without food but my skinny kids probably wouldn't last 60 days.
  7. I was going to suggest this one for little kids, but it's sold out: I'll link it anyway because I'm sure they'll be back in stock eventually. I agree under the tongue is the most accurate for anyone over the age of 10.
  8. I suspect if/when more than 3 countries have more than 100 deaths the media will start using the word pandemic whether the WHO acknowledges it or not.
  9. Oh, our YMCA has classes for latchkey kids that are for 9-12 year olds, and babysitting certification classes for 11-15 year olds. And come to think of it, my mom put me in classes like that around those same ages.
  10. Sprouts take a few days, and if a place is shut down for weeks fresh fruit & veggies may be difficult to come by. Heat shock proteins also just means inducing a fever. You don't have to leave home have a sauna for that. You can take a hot shower or bath, put on heavy clothes and go to bed under a few layers of blankets for an hour or two. Several "leaked" rumors from China also say that inducing fevers seems to help treat the virus. No clue whether that's accurate, but I don't see why not. It also tends to help severe colds, because many severe colds are actually a mild flu, and even if a body isn't over-reacting and causing a fever, a fever can block replication of the virus. I think many people ARE quietly stocking up, because I went this morning to stock up myself. There were several people at Aldi with a TRUCK load of food, which I've never seen here before. All the varieties of canned veggies were nearly sold out, and the fruits canned in juice or water instead of heavy corn syrup were sold out. And Sam's Club was out of many things we often buy there - my favorite soap, large packages of lean hamburger, and several other things. And the prices of eggs and lean meats were way up - like turkey bacon and turkey sausage. We still need things like a variety of beans, so there will probably be another trip before bed tonight. I think we're supposed to have snow over the next few days so I don't know the next time we'll get out of the house.
  11. I got Sauder ones from Amazon too, and we get compliments on them all the time, but they are very difficult to put together and I would order them all at once because the third, that we ordered since we moved here, is one INCH taller than the other two. It seems they update the designs a bit without changing the style.
  12. I would go to the ER. Chances are it was a ruptured cyst, but it could also be endometrial cancer, ovarian torsion or an ectopic pregnancy. ETA: rupturing a large cyst is worse than back labor IME.
  13. I agree Naproxen is better than Advil. Also try ginger. They make supplements of it that are sold many places, even Walmart. Sudden changes in pain might be triggered by anything that affected your hormones - a higher fat diet, a higher histamine diet, eating less cruciferous vegetables or fiber, eating less iodine, stress, a virus (even if you never had symptoms). Is there any chance you're having a very early miscarriage? Passing clots, even from what might have been a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum can be significantly worse than usual.
  14. Did they use brushes or sponges instead? I have a container with clean crochet dish cloths under the sink for when my mom comes over, but I don't like washing with them. I use plastic brushes with nylon bristles. They have a scraper built into the back and they can go through the dishwasher when they get gross so I never have that gross bacteria smell from a dish cloth or sponge left out too long. I do have two drawers of towels though- one with pretty hand towels and one with flour sack cloths I use for drying or when I want something bleachable.
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