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  1. Tennis/walking/cross training athletic shoes if you won't get wet. Waterproof hiking sandals if you will. Take several different styles and brands because when one type starts irritating your feet you can switch to another. I agree that ab exercises help your lower back. Also try to loosen your hips and rotate them like a race walker when you do move. It's terrible form for running but it really helps your lower back when walking.
  2. When we first moved here the water softener was full and there were a couple of huge totes of salt in the basement, dumped from their bags so the brand was unknown. A few weeks ago we ran out and DH just bought whatever brand he usually buys in the past at the grocery store. I don't know if it's the combination of that brand of salt and the water here, or if the water treatment changed or what, but ever since shampoo has been more and more difficult to rinse out. And not just the kids. I got back in the shower TWICE this morning because there was still visible bubbles in my hair. It now gets stripped squeaky-clean before all the shampoo even rinses out. The females in this house all have fine hair, so until now it didn't matter if it was Suave or Biolage for fine hair, everything performed the same. Now not so much. I clearly need new shampoo for me and the girls. Do I just switch to a more moisturizing one? Using conditioner doesn't help. Should I seek out some fancy thing for softened water? It's irritating enough when I think I double rinsed but still have bubbles, even more so when a tween has to get back in the shower to get the soap out.
  3. Also - I don't wear graphic tops either, but you DID look so cute in the top you posted in the chili thread the other day that you seriously had me considering changing my whole style. Which at the moment is fleece lined long underwear layered under wool and corduroys because it is COLD.
  4. Check out the highest ranked leggings on Amazon. I've ordered from most of the top ones and they're all great. Just remember they're closer to hosiery than pants and they're easy to poke a hole in and create a run.
  5. Look around locally at having the cabinets professionally refaced. They put veneer over the frames, install new doors, hardware, and pulls. It looks like a new kitchen, it's done in 2-3 days, a week if you want new counters too, and you don't have to do any of the work yourself.
  6. As far as I can tell the only glucosamine supplements with good reviews also contain Turmeric. Turmeric really reduces inflammation in measurable ways but it also thins your blood. So if you're having very heavy periods you should stop taking it during your cycle.
  7. Do resorts in snowy areas decorate for Christmas? Yes, that's real. Do resorts in snowy areas ONLY do business for Christmas? No, that's fiction.
  8. I've never heard of it before just now, but one of those white shirts I saw the same photograph used to advertise two different china import stores on Pinterest. One thing I've noticed with these stores is that half a dozen of them will open selling the same things with the same photographs, and they last until Pinterest shuts their links down because multiple people report them as fraudulent. Then the stores close and a couple dozen more open. There's women on YouTube who frequently order from them and compare what they got to the sales picture. Sometimes it's worth it, often not. But I don't see anything on Annie Cloth there yet, even though lots of people have searched for reviews and hauls there.
  9. It's ridiculous everywhere. I don't understand how it's legal.
  10. I don't have an awesome anything, but I thought I'd try two new side dishes this year, cornbread dressing and mac & cheese (a gluten free one for some and a gluten free vegan cashew cheese one for others). I rarely use recipes. I read several (and the comments) and combine them into my own.
  11. I don't want to discount the emotional reasons everyone listed above. They're clearly true. And even if you're going to be fine, anything that legitimately shakes your life up is traumatic. You need time (and possibly therapy, even grief therapy) to deal with trauma. But I also don't think you should discount the physical reasons. Even if it was "slow growing" any major surgery increases stress and inflammation markers in the body. Inflammation decreases dopamine. It makes you not only not feel like yourself, it makes you less capable of the volume of work you were doing before. There was a study that came out about this in Science Daily very recently- like the last week or two.
  12. I think when Hallmark starts playing Christmas movies it feels like Christmas for many people.
  13. I haven't yet because my house is still a mess from moving. For the last several years I've been decorating the first week of November too. I'm sure I'll do it before Thanksgiving though. We're hosting this year and I won't see my nieces and nephews until Spring so I was thinking I'd surprise them with early Christmas presents the day after Thanksgiving.
  14. I've only been to Florida, but there are a ton of vloggers (Both family and career Disney reviewers) that post videos of all the parks. So if you aren't sure you can check videos on YouTube. One of my kids LOVES to watch theme park videos. Not the Disney travel professionals, but family vlogs with noisy kids.
  15. I second bleach for 100% polyester workout clothes.
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