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  1. Oh I forgot, before our first mortgage our credit union had this "credit builder" loan. It's a secured loan of $1,000-2,000, but the entire amount was in a savings account. The credit union paid on the loan each month out of the "secured" savings account. So it literally did nothing except raise our credit scores a few hundred points. We had used the Dave Ramsey system and stupidly had only one credit card we rarely used, and no car loans before we tried to buy a house. We'd planned on not buying until we could pay cash but after the second rental nightmare we were done and needed to buy.
  2. Yes, you are correct. This is what happens when I try to ignore the multiple people who have been talking at (not to) me all day. Sigh. I should go to bed.
  3. You can co-sign for a car. Or loan or gift him enough money (30-50%?) towards a car so he can get a loan in his name. You can get him a card but keep it yourself except for one bill that's automatically charged and paid for each month.
  4. Typically when you've saved enough money you move into a nursing home anyway, pay privately until assets are exhausted, and then switch to Medicare. This is what happens in most families I think.
  5. I don't know anything about them, but I know someone makes GPS location bracelets/anklets, etc so if she wanders off you'll be able to find her.
  6. I agree, call your local aging agency and also your mother's doctor. It's possible she simply has a UTI or some minor infection that can cause memory problems until it is treated, and I'd want a course of antibiotics first just to be sure. Covid complicates things, but generally by the time someone has memory problems so severe they leave burners on it is time to move to a nursing home. Families who avoid this are the ones with the tragic stories like the person wandering off and dying of exposure, or burning the house down while being left alone. There may be specific options that are be
  7. Whole Foods or other local health food store gift card? (I'd normally go for a restaurant in this scenario, but given the dietary restrictions)...
  8. I'm being careful because one of my children is high risk. Otherwise we'd still be meeting with family. Don't change your life for fear of being judged by strangers. This is not the same thing as taking no precautions at all. At this point if a vaccine comes out we may be only halfway through this pandemic. It's also highly possible no vaccines will work, at least not for more than a few months. Generally catching a virus confers more lasting immunity than a vaccine, but we've already seen multiple people catch different strains of this virus more than once. If your MIL would rather r
  9. I don't see your visiting for Thanksgiving as any different than an elementary school or grocery store staffer visiting. It sounds like she's already decided. If she's the only high risk person I might decide to honor her feelings. What does your DH say?
  10. I would demand DH hide the junk food from the kids or keep it out of the house. Especially sugar. I try to only do snacks for kids under 5, and no dessert unless you eat at least 3 bites of everything on your plate. Sometimes that low blood sugar attitude thing is from eating too often. If you never go without food, especially sugar, your insulin levels never get low enough to easily slip into fat burning mode, so you get a hangry kid. Eating solves the symptom but not the problem. In a few cases when I was sure an older kid did need a snack it was only healthy options like apples
  11. Outdoor event, cold rain... forget what you look like and dress the kids warmly. The call for rain gear means it's fine to put them in brightly colored plastic! Put them in layers so that they can strip off if the sun comes out or they get hot dancing. Cheap ponchos or nylon raincoats are fine. Leggings under dresses are fine. I'm sure your presence will be more important to them than what you wear. As for you, It's perfectly okay to put on leggings, long underwear, wool or corduroy pants in a dark color, wear long underwear, a button down blouse (in silk or satin if you have it, co
  12. I'm curious why someone who wants to make himself look as creepy as possible wants to teach young children. Preschool and kindergarden teachers are typically cheerful and patient and encouraging, which are pretty much the opposite attributes of people who try to look like demons IME. Is he creepy in other ways?
  13. I wonder if you could build a (grounded) covered playhouse in your backyard? Possibly with a covered walkway from your backdoor or porch? Safe from lightening but still out of your house.
  14. I would leave a negative evaluation (in neutral terms that don't identify yourself) such as It isn't professional to shame an adult for a tech issue, especially in front of coworkers. If the instructor is this unprofessional in the beginning of a course I have serious doubts about all the material. If it is abusive to use shaming in disciplining a child, what is it to do this to a peer? Does this person even have a teaching license? It sounds like his class needs supervision, possibly with questioning prior pupils. Then I would go straight to whoever you go to (Principal, Distri
  15. I was going to suggest an indoor rebounder.
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