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  1. I agree with almost everyone else here that with the additional information about how long they have worked for this it's important to go. Once. Then you never have to do it again.
  2. I'm pretty sure that your mortgage company's failure to fix the escrow issue constitutes fraud. About 7 years ago a judge in Denver warned that an executive of Wells Fargo Mortgage would be going to jail indefinitely for contempt of court if they pulled this crap again. As far as I know, no one ever went to jail. I'm not sure what jurisdiction oversees this sort of thing, perhaps someone can comment who knows. But I might start by filing a complaint with your state attorney general. There's probably a form to do so on the .gov website.
  3. Science Daily has this new article on probiotics that reverse food allergies. But the summary doesn't list which probiotics, and when I googled Nature Medicine, where it was published, I only found one strain of bacteria listed in the public article (not commercially available). If you have library access to Nature Medicine and can look up which strains reverse food allergies in mice I'd be very appreciative. Even if none are presently available, I'd like to set a google alert to buy them when they do come on the market.
  4. I had a friend my age who got lung cancer. Never a smoker. Stage IV at diagnosis, an aggressive strain. He decided to fight it with everything he had. I read the literature on the treatment he chose. It directly killed 3/10 people involved. Of the remaining 7, it lengthened their life by an average of 2 months. 2 months of agony. He died earlier than they expected for no treatment anyway. If I was diagnosed with Stage IV I don't know if I could do the same, or if I would rather choose palliative care and spend the time I had left preparing presents and letters for the next 25 years for my children. I would probably fight, for their sake, but I'm not sure I would if they were over 30. I would probably ask them to just tell the doctor they wanted to give up and switch to hospice care. I guarantee you it wouldn't be the first time.
  5. In theory I don't care either, but if I'm ever in charge of planning one I'll also skip the ham & cheese on rolls, the weird cold salads, and deviled eggs. So many people brought deviled eggs after my dad died I haven't liked them since. They're burned in my memory as awful funeral food. I do remember one person brought over baskets of fried fish and hush puppies. They were still warm and delicious and had the best homemade tartar sauce. I really liked that, but I think that's a Florida Gulf Coast thing and wouldn't go over as well in the midwest where it seems half the people I meet hate seafood.
  6. I always wanted to but DH (an engineer who grew up with them on his roof) said if I did the math I'd find out they are a toy, they still aren't economically viable without huge tax incentives. They last ten years and they take more than 10 years to pay for themselves if you don't have tax credits to cover them. I thought he MUST be wrong, but I did the math and discovered he's correct, at least for the states we've lived in.
  7. Dawn & Vinegar work great for hard water deposits and soap scum, but it has to be boiling hot. Leave it for 20 minutes, wipe out with DRY towels (do NOT use water), repeat if neccessary. Tilex with Bleach work much better than anything else I've tried for mildew, slime, and other random non-soap scum grossness. The fumes are bad compared to all the environmentally friendly stuff I've tried, but it gets the shower much cleaner with much less effort than anything else. Spray, wait 20 minutes, rinse. Repeat if it's really bad.
  8. I can hear myself already, "You want DS to DIE because you're TOO LAZY to put on your glasses and read a label? WTF is wrong with you?!!"
  9. I'm so sorry for your losses. All of them. And I'm glad you're okay. And I'm glad you have people who love you, even if they don't understand. Hugs.
  10. It's probably anemia. I prescribe Beef Fajitas for lunch (and leftovers for supper!). You'll be better in 48 hours.
  11. It's a well known dish:
  12. Well she IS at least a 2nd wave feminist or she would have never joined the military. I don't think I personally know anyone who isn't a feminist by the second wave definition. I've read some fundamentalist Christian blogs that state women shouldn't be educated, shouldn't vote, shouldn't be anything other than barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but even then it always seemed more like a troll job than a real opinion. As to the extreme 3rd & 4th wave stuff (men and heterosexuality are evil), I also don't personally know anyone who believes that either, but those ARE the things you can read in feminist literature & magazines written in the last 20 years. When those are the women identifying as feminist in the media you're going to find a lot of women who will claim to not be feminist. Some women who have made their living as feminists wouldn't identify with those definitions.
  13. Does this article fit the description of her? I think in the USA this behavior from a female is most likely to be diagnosed as Autism now, unless she has a significant trauma background (severe abuse and neglect before the age of 6), in which case it would likely go more towards ODD and conduct disorder. Is it possible the idea that no girls are good enough for her standards is actually a mask to prevent rejection? It's so difficult to diagnose girls with autism, but the diagnositic criteria have changed a great deal in the past 10 years. With that description, social difficulty, and twice exceptional I think if she were given a full evaluation today the most likely outcome would be somewhere on the spectrum.
  14. Go to a mirror and look at your gums. Are they the same healthy pink color they always are, or are they strangely pale?
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