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  1. Do you know anyone locally who can tell you the reputation of such places? Because like anything else, some of them are more reputable than others. Has he explained why he wants to try Kung Fu? Is it something he heard about online or in movies? He should definitely look into Brzilian ju jitsu as well. Many places will let you either observe a class or take one-two free classes. Perhaps call the studios or check their websites and see if that's the case near you. Go with, see how you feel about them and what your gut says.
  2. I don't think I've ever wished that someone would literally drop dead before but in this case... ugh...
  3. Well calling someone an old coot is an insult. And going on a "snipe hunt" is a classic way to burn a bunch of energy off of a group of young boys by sending them trudging through mud and brush, especially at boy scout camp. In both cases many people are unaware the terms come from real creatures. Especially in terms of snipe hunts, because no one is ever actually hunting them.
  4. If you're looking for a whole color scheme: SW Sea Salt semi gloss enamel on doors BM White Opulence OC-69 (white) or BM Cotton Tail 2155-70 (ivory) for trim BM Revere Pewter for walls. In a very dark room perhaps BM light pewter.
  5. Contributing? Yes, but the definition of contributing can definitely vary. Healthy and happy? There will probably be a mix. Some will be upstanding citizens but perhaps with poor coping mechanisms. Others will be addicts to avoid the issues. Others will likely have kids taken into foster care themselves. Some will find something disciplined, possibly a religion that's very structured and discourages free thinking, that will make them feel more stable and safe. A rare few will go through a few tough years of adjustment and then go on to be remarkably amazing adults. It's sort of like how the happiest people I've ever met were refugees from African genocide. I guess once you live through hell on earth everything else is the small stuff.
  6. Pre cut fruit salad from the grocery store.
  7. This thread reminded me of this hilarious YouTube video. DH has called her "The Jello Lady" ever since.
  8. I like it on doors but I think it would be too much green in a whole master bedroom. Next to white or cream doors and Revere Pewter walls most people don't even notice it's not white, it just feels fresh and restful.
  9. I think cognitive behavioral therapy is the best long term solution. It forces them to evaluate their thoughts and confront the errors in thinking that make the depression seem logical. For short term if they are suicidal idk if it's been approved for kids yet but a small dose of ketamine has amazing immediate results. If this is a girl and she's gone on the pill to regulate a period or reduce cramps or something you need to get her off the pill. If the hormones are triggering it and she goes off the pill it will be quite obvious in less than a week. Is this child feeling responsible for something they cannot control? That's enough to put anyone's mental health at risk.
  10. What are the three biggest churches within 10 miles of the places you've been when this happened? 10:1 if you check their online sermons in the days prior to when this happened you'll find they issued a challenge to do something like this.
  11. Yes, especially with a denomination as large as Episcopalian. Small independent churches may have no one over the pastor at all.
  12. How do these sentences actually work out in California? I was under the impression it was more common there to get out in half the time due to prison crowding. Is this one of those things where in any other state it would have been phrased, "life in prison, possibility of parole in 25 years?"
  13. He called the police. The woman was arrested. She refused to speak or give her name. The police said it was surprisingly common. She'd been there for at least a couple weeks. He ended up moving to California last I knew. ETA: If you click the YouTube icon at the bottom of those videos it takes you to the video's location on YouTube itself, where you can see anything the person who posted the video commented. This guy had a channel that I was subscribed to for a while, which was why I remembered it, but I don't follow him any more.
  14. I was going to add on to everyone else's list: a straw cowboy hat with some sort of string to keep it on her head polarized sunglasses to stop glare a couple sundresses and sandals outfits for church, dates, and any other occasion where she wants to feel pretty like going into town, tennis shoes for when her boots are too muddy, her feet are too sore, or she just can't put them on for one tiny chore, running shorts & top just in case she decides to take up extra exercise boot cut jeans because wearing them tucked into cowboy boots doesn't look right. An umbrella because the one time she goes to town it will be rainy. comfortable cowboy boots that are already broken in A long sleeve shirt or two both to stop the sun and bugs. A cardigan for the odd post-storm moment when it's 75 but with a sunburn that feels cold. extra contacts and glasses if she wears them because it won't be simple to fix if vision is an issue
  15. Wow. If it's scanned in that much detail, anything is possible. In theory they could use steel beams and 3D print plastic wraps that look identical to the original wood. They could run hidden LED lights and sprinklers and speakers and ducting to improve the technologies in the future with ease.
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