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  1. Or they could have a sibling that wakes them up and tries to goad them into getting into trouble all night long.
  2. I have been taking it for the same reasons and I find I do get very drowsy whether I take it or not. Unless I am stressed, and then it doesn't matter if I take it or not, I am not sleepy.
  3. The second agent doesn’t hate you. You asked her to justify using an agent to build, she did just that and left it up to you if you want to work with her. The first one probably flaked, which isn’t great but isn’t uncommon in jobs that require a lot of work & are 100% commission.
  4. While I didn't post (I don't think) I found this forum through random google searches many times for YEARS before I knew about classical homeschooling. If you're searching for something quite specific but have vague knowledge about the topic and someone asks a vague question it can be quite tempting to comment. Maybe posts more than 2 years old should all be archived?
  5. Where do you store the data? I’d love to just buy digital streaming for all our DVDs but I figured out if I paid full price that would be close to $1,000. The few online services I looked into a few years back seemed complicated or expensive. And then at the beginning of the pandemic I was glad to have DVDs because when DH started to work from home we had serious internet issues for months b
  6. From what I’m getting every store handles it differently. I’m trying to do contactless pickup so my high-risk two year old can come with me, but the description of contactless got removed from the site so now I have no idea if they offer it near me. I think in most areas the stores & showrooms are open and you can go in the old way if you’re not worried about someone in your home being high risk. I guess I’ll place an order for either when someone else can watch her or someone old enough to watch kids in a car can come with me.
  7. Have you used the Ikea Click & Collect? Where you buy online and then go to the store to pick up? I can't figure out if it's curbside or if you drive to a curbside line and then go inside to talk to them. I tried to call customer service to ask but they have a recording that said that due to high call volumes they cannot take my call at this time. The only reason this matters is that my high risk kid likes car rides but I can't take her into the store. She won't leave a mask on. And the Ikea store nearest me isn't in an area I'd trust leaving any kid in the car, even just to run
  8. Nope, the trend started with “cottage core” on Instagram, a few high fashion houses picked it up, and now it’s trickled down to target & h&m. Think of it like the granny dresses in the 90’s. I know there was a similar trend in the 70’s too, but I can’t remember what my mom said those dresses were called.
  9. IME half of them don’t. But it’s been a year, maybe they’ve improved.
  10. Katy


    Congratulations on your baby. I said a prayer for your daughter. I’m sure they are right, they caught it early. There’s no need to feel guilty, hormonal fluctuations at that age are usually the cause, and you’ve had a lot on your plate.
  11. Onions are one ingredient in all of those meals that cause diarrhea in my family.
  12. I think Ikea has a pull out thing for cabinets like that. It's $139 USD. A cheaper option would be to put a shelf up in the middle and use cardboard boxes or cheap clear plastic bins to put stuff that's rarely used in the back and things you use frequently in the front.
  13. Go to the Best Buy stores near you RIGHT NOW and ask about open-box items (returns). If they have the computers and the iPad you want, you can likely get them for 50% off if you talk to the store manager, but they might require you to finance them through Best Buy (zero percent if you pay off in time). I've never tried this with the apple watch, which we just buy through Verizon, but not only have I done this multiple times, I recommended this here a few times and a few other people had great luck too. DO make sure you boot them up before you make the deal, especially if you live more than
  14. I unfriended my MIL and block every 3rd party meme source my FIL shares.
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