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  1. I disagree. There will never be enough proof for something so ridiculous, and I wouldn’t subject a friend or former coworker to interrogation by a conspiracy theorist either. I interned for a Senator in college, I can think of several people who have been at the White House since the inauguration, but it isn’t my job to track down proof or ruin relationships on behalf of someone who is acting completely nutty and who I’ve never met in real life. Sooner or later Pen will take the time to look up all the drops, realize none of them have been true, and that a very young guy in the Philippi
  2. I don’t know about way more influence, but I for one am grateful that I listened to the hive about Covid in January 2020. Even DH still asks what the hive thinks about some news headline and he analyzes numbers for part of his job.
  3. I’m not part of Q anon, but I think years ago I read she & Diane Sawyer used the same plastic surgeon. I can’t remember his name but he was a handsome black guy in Washington that specialized in tiny, subtle, but frequent surgeries.
  4. I looked on .com and they have an option for free now, but I didn't click through, it might redirect to .org.
  5. Do you want to start one for fun, or are you imagining a business? Wordpress.com is an option for a free one, last I knew. If you're imagining a business you might want to buy a domain name and server space, and take the time to customize a wordpress template (free or paid) on your own server. That way you can post affiliate links and ads and learn money. Wordpress.com is an option for a server there, but there are a million others.
  6. The Pen we used to know is clearly no longer there. She’s either let a troll take over her account or she’s let herself be brainwashed by a cult.
  7. We can’t just ignore it or she might suck someone else into the crazy too. We can possibly ask that these sorts of discussions be banned, but I don’t want to chase off someone I used to really value just because she’s apparently let either her rational mind or her account be taken over. Also I don’t want to confuse conspiracy crazy with the politics ban.
  8. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being a troll at this point or if you’ve fallen deep into mental illness, but this is not logical or healthy. None of it. Please seek help.
  9. They moved out so apparently it’s old news, but Scarlet has posted about how weird it was that they couldn’t see the baby, and how weird it was when they finally went over there before.
  10. Yes, that’s what I meant. I’m glad they moved out.
  11. I think the first step is talking with her doctor. Any advice beyond that is going to vary so much by state there’s not much you can do.
  12. It’s not, the DSS lives with his in-laws and have severely restricted access to the baby. Any pushback at all would likely result in no visit. There’s weird enmeshment with her parents going on.
  13. It can be done, but for about the same money you can get a sharp microwave drawer that is built in.
  14. I seriously doubt anyone who has ever been in a similar situation would think negatively of you. I guess I would just try and focus on her. What does she like that’s interesting to you? Is there something you could talk about that would make her happy? Could you look at pictures together and ask her about them? Could she write out a (short) autobiography so her grandchildren could get to know her better? My DH’s grandmother did that & it was amazing. I wonder if she thinks you don’t approve of her either.
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