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  1. My thought too, unless she’s massively uninformed about wet masks.
  2. I’d try to book all 3 in a bulkhead or emergency exit row, together.
  3. There’s a soft place to fall & there’s enabling really poor behavior. I want to teach my children to thrive in the real world. Not to think they know more than people with graduate degrees and decades of experience. Endless complaining serves no one. If you can think of a better way to do things, great! Research and present it properly, don’t just whine and complain when you never took the time to think through WHY this decision was made.
  4. I think assuming I was speaking to my child with disrespect is really detrimental and ugly. And I said nothing about punishment. Minimal complaints and sharing the frustrations of the day is one thing. Endless harping and complaining and disrespecting people in authority for no reason except the assumption that they know everything is something else entirely.
  5. I love this thread idea but I don't think I've come across anything recently.
  6. Two things I've noticed helps... Video of them acting like that. I guarantee he has NO IDEA how off putting it is. It's like hormones take over and they lose all sense of self-awareness. I have a rule that there is NO COMPLAINING (thought I may use a more colorful term) unless they come up with a better idea. And then the job is to go to whoever is in charge and ASK them why they don't consider this other idea. Being proactive about these things in high school can net you a really great college recommendation letter, as well as get you networked into opportunities you had no idea existed. If you don't like it, find out why it is that way, figure out a better way to address this problem, and then fix it. And if you're so good at figuring out solutions to problems like that you might want to get an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and an MBA because you'll excel in being the boss of fixing problems. Otherwise shut up and just say you're frustrated. The world is bad enough without hearing YOU complain. I also once threatened to make someone do a book report on a Dennis Prager book about the moral duty to be happy, but the child stopped (I think because of a video her friend took) and Prager went off the conservative deep end about the same time I became much more liberal. I never did read the book.
  7. Early morning grocery pickup is what I do. I try to make it Tuesday - Thursday because it's even more dead then. Several times I've been the only car in the parking lot.
  8. It’s funny, I often have intuition about these things. When I heard about Mollie Tibbets my first thought was “She’s dead in a cornfield and she’ll be found before harvest.” But with this case I’ve got nothing but a general feeling of dark dread. What makes you sure she’s dead @Scarlett?
  9. I wouldn’t go looking up statistics on Delta, that will only make it worse. The information boardies have posted from New Zealand of how brief contact was (verified with genetic tracing) might make him refuse to leave the house. I agree, get permission for him to move away from the tables to eat. And Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety if the things he’s saying seem anxious.
  10. Mariella (I think I spelled that wrong) was born a week or two after they interviewed Josh. He was telling the truth there. In the bond hearing the agent said that it was not the first time he had done this. They could see he'd done this at least a few times before. The drive had been partitioned, illegal files downloaded, and then those were deleted (badly) as if Josh gave in, downloaded something, felt ashamed and deleted it but without wiping the drive, and did it again over and over. They caught him because the specific file he downloaded was SO bad they had an agent watching for people to openly download it and trace them.
  11. Huge language warning, but Emily Baker, an attorney with a history of prosecuting state CP cases is analyzing Josh's case and I'm learning a lot.
  12. Everyone I regularly send to has an iPhone, but I’m commenting for more visibility. It does look like this has been a common problem in the past and if you Google there are plenty of other steps you could try.
  13. I’ve found when I’m getting too much like that they’ve adjusted information about me to be incorrect somewhere in the settings. Like it will say I’m conservative when I’m not, etc. When I dig through the privacy, targeted ads, and profile settings I can usually turn these off. I haven’t done it in long enough that I can’t give specific instructions. The other thing I do is block the third party source of everything I find offensive. It took a year of consistently doing this but now it’s pretty rare for a new offensive thing to pop up. All my friends who post offensive things get them from the same places.
  14. Hugs. You're absolutely, unequivocally right. And you handled this with far more grace than I would have.
  15. I'm sorry. Praying something turns around for you soon.
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