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  1. Two walks yesterday for a total of about 5 miles. Today I'm going to visit my mother and I'm committing to staying on course with exercise. I brought one of my weights so will just do everything twice.
  2. I like this. Dh and I have small but intense disagreements about 3 times a year. Usually about our business, usually started by me being unhappy with some way that he is not managing something correctly, (in my opinion.) It's a few minutes of each of us saying a couple of very sharp sentences then retreating. One of us usually apologizes after a night's sleep - we sleep in separate beds anyway so never have to negotiate that situation. It's rough enough, I don't know how I would handle yelling and cursing. I probably couldn't.
  3. I took a beautiful 4 mile walk in the woods. The ice is retreating.
  4. A quick two mile walk with friends then some heavy arms last night. I'm going to visit my mother and trying to decide if I can haul along my weights. If I don't I may lose all the progress I've made, so I think I will.
  5. Hugs and hibernation peace to you. I hope warmer weather brings you some breathing room.
  6. 32, 32, 28, and 28.5. In addition to certain things I require, they each needed to do a "senior project" which gave them each an extra credit in senior year. The difference between the older two and younger two is that younger two both did extensive extracurriculars at the high school which took a fair amount of time; older two did high school before phones (or the internet, really, for oldest) and were insanely busy. Local high school requires 23.
  7. Holding my oldest son in the light today.
  8. Yesterday I did a 4 mile summit with a lot of walking on glare ice. Dh gave me a pair of spikes for my birthday which I love, they make it so easy to travel on ice. No snowy owls. It's time to tap trees, though.
  9. I did a rainy 4 mile walk and ate a lot of icicles along the way. Also a 20 minute arms video with my heavier weights and was happily feeling stronger.
  10. Wood, I prefer the way the knife ends the cut on wood. I like how they look. I'm in need of a new one now, thanks for the nudge! I've read different things about wood vs plastic for harboring bacteria, but ultimately that argument comes down to user behavior: vigilant washing and making sure there's no cross-contamination. I have one that's just for fruit and nuts so my garlic and onions don't make their way into sweets.
  11. OK, my mental image of your username is now undergoing a lot of reconstruction. You, in a bikini and smartwool socks? Merino base layer and a sundress? I'm having cognitive dissonance! @Laura CorinI am green with envy right now. If I could teleport anywhere and drop in for a few weeks, it would be that street. I got in one whole lap of skating on the lake yesterday, lol, and blew off my arms video due to being sore from the day before. Today I feel good but it's pouring rain - I will still do some arms plus a walk in the rain with my hiking bestie who's back for a few weeks.
  12. Yesterday I helped a friend scrubbing boards that were caked on with 100+ years of barn debris instead of doing any other arms workout, and today I can really feel it. Will walk or skate today.
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