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  1. He wanted to get the right paperwork for being brought here as a child but he said it was just so expensive with no guarantees.
  2. But at least DACA keeps you from getting deported right? I don't think this guy even has that so I am even more concerned.
  3. I think he is just a tad out of age range (he's 28). DACA came a bit later right? See, I am not prejudiced haha. I would be fine if he had DACA.
  4. Do y'all know anyone with experience marrying an illegal immigrant? Someone I love dearly is in love with a someone who is undocumented. He was brought here at 5 years old by his mom (so not his choice). He does not have resident status. I fear this person is falling in love and marrying someone who can be deported? I have tried to read up on these things and there are such conflicting ideas. Does anyone here actually know anything about this? If I have influence in this person's life I should try my best to point out all these red flags? This is not about his race at all, I wouldn't
  5. I love this so much. I have told my girls the same thing about the lady in waiting idea. They want to get married yet say "if the Lord wants me married he will bring a guy to me" haha, no, go meet people.
  6. It is tough to watch them want that and not have it, right? I have a very mature 18 year old dd who is similar to that, loves to be home, doesn't like social media (she has it for her business though), she is an old soul. She was explaining to me the other day how she wants to date someone a bit older than her because she just wants to settle down into boring life with someone. She would rather build a life with someone at a young age than have to head in one direction and then try to mesh that with someone down the road. To be fair, I was 19 and my husband was 27 when we got married and I h
  7. I have girls. We just need a WTM matchmaking service 😉 I am kidding but it would be a hoot right?
  8. It seems that at 42 I am now old and behind. Most people now meet via dating apps? The problem with this is that I have three great young adults in my life who would love to date but aren't willing to go the app route. Are there alternatives? Our church doesn't have a ton of young adults. These kids want to date to marry and that is becoming more and more difficult in our hook up culture. And it seems most apps tend to be hook up apps. Help me guide them please 🙂 Any ideas? Tips? for good kids who are looking for real relationships.
  9. So years and years ago y'all talked me into getting rid of my top loader for a front loader and now you are all telling me to go back? You ladies needs to make up your minds 🤣
  10. Friends have been trying to register to hs in our state for two weeks but the site keeps shutting down because too many people are registering.
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