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  1. I fully agree with you. That isn't the issue I've had with this thread, but thanks for pointing it out.
  2. I haven't posted here in so long that I forgot to clarify for all the angles I'd be hit from, haha. You know, years ago you didn't have to do that so much. It's ok. It is easy to make pre-judgements based on our own experiences and to read things with that in mind. Completely changing words and pulling things out of context is more than I know I can handle right now. Once it goes down that path, its best just to bow out 🤣 Thanks for your support.
  3. I am not going to comment on this topic anymore. Thank you so much for you thoughts. I was hopeful that someone that struggles with anxiety (especially regarding relationships) could share their thoughts and feelings. I have done some reading on it but I was hopeful for first hand experience. I was hoping by being honest about both sides and expressing her relationship anxiety, that someone with that experience would speak up and share their experiences. I do not have anxiety like this. I am sorry that some of you don't have daughters who talk to you about these things so you don't
  4. I am not the one second guessing here. She is. Do you even read my posts???? and I apologize that responding to other's questions and comments makes me seems overly invested. I thought I was being polite.
  5. I agree with you in some ways. But she has to want it enough. I am not forcing her to stay in the relationship, I'm only watching her be tortured. I have told her that she is justified to end it if that is what she wants, but she is tortured over it. So sad, so heart broken, so upset because it isn't what she wants. So then my suggestion is that if it isn't what she wants then she should give it time and not focus so much on the future but where they are now, how it is going now and just see how therapy goes. See if she still feels this way in 1-2 months. She is a roller coaster of emotions ov
  6. Read the post above yours that I am quoting here. 😉
  7. It is if she is transparent with him about (she is) and he asked her if she can. He has asked her to give it time, to see if they can balance it, to see how they both handle race season. She isn't hiding the fact that she is struggling about it.
  8. This is what she needs to take time to figure out. They started dating at the end of his last race season. She only made it to one race where his car was torn to pieces so he stepped out the rest of the season, about 3 weeks early? My mama opinion (that I don't say to her) is that in 1-2 months of race season she will know whether she can truly be supportive or not. It won't be based on fears alone but experience and facts and I think she will probably say it isn't the lifestyle she wants but she will walk away with confidence knowing what she really wants rather than just a fearful mindset.
  9. She hopes to. She just started seeing her and hasn't had the chance to really talk about it yet.
  10. Like I said in only 2 posts above this, I am not emotionally invested in this relationship. I AM emotionally invested seeing her make a decision that she wants to make because it is what SHE wants and not because it is solely out of a fear for the unknown. I have never dismissed her concerns, not once. Please read my posts through a different lens. You are taking my "absolutely devastated" comment out of context. Someone specifically asked me how he would feel and I stated how he would feel. Where did I ever say that this is something I am saying to my dd? Where did I ever say I am usin
  11. We have this one in the largest size https://www.potterybarn.com/products/benchwright-extending-dining-table-seadrift/?pkey=s~dining table extendable~76 We seat 12-14 at it comfortable when it is fully extended. We got the bench to fit the unextended size but it is against a wall when it is unextended. We have 8 chairs how it is but when we extend it, we slide the bench up and move the chairs to the open spaces. we didn't buy the pottery barn chairs.
  12. We have a pottery barn extendable table and we love, love, love it. Still one of my best purchases ever.
  13. We know a few families where there isn't a balance and that is what she speaks of. Where one particular kid is good at something so the whole family has to go and be and travel and whatever. Not a night a week of soccer but like 4 nights a week and then weekend travel. She has friends who are the products of having siblings who are stars and it is a miserable existence for the kid who isn't the center of attention. It sounds like your family has a balance and each kiddo has something y'all devote time to.
  14. Then you have read my words through an incorrect lens. I validate that these things may be issues. I don't tell her that it will all be fine and I don't encourage her to stay with him. What I do is listen and try to help her to understand where fear is the factor. I AM emotionally invested in her learning to make decisions out of a place that isn't fearful. I want her to learn to manage her anxiety and her fears of the future. If she made the decision right now, she would be making decisions out of fear and "what if"s". Race season starts in less than a week. What I have encouraged her to do
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