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  1. She lives 10 minutes from me. I have texted and we planned coffee twice but she bailed. This is new for her. I have texted a few times with no response. She did text Merry Christmas on Christmas, no idea.
  2. One of my closest "people" and I were casual friends for years. It wasn't until two of our kids got extremely close and wanted more time together that we started doing a lot more together and really got into each other's lives. Now our friendship isn't dependent on our kids at all and if they go separate ways (and never marry), I am sure we will still be close.
  3. @Bluegoat @hjffkj @OKBud For me, I can use the term friend loosely. I have lots of casual friends and acquaintances. But few are in that inner circle of "my people". To me, that is different. These are the people I go the extra mile for (and I know they will for me too). These are the people that I get in the trenches with and love to the moon and back. These are the ones I can spill it all too. I have only about 4 ladies that I consider this to me right now. So, when those people start avoiding texts, not returning calls, turning down events or get togethers and canceling coffee dates, how long do you keep reaching out. For one of my people, I have reached out, reached out, reached out. I don't want to lose her. She's like a sister.
  4. NOT primrose oil vaginally. I read that with my last, wanted so terribly not to be induced, tried it for days, my entire uterus got infected, and ds almost died. I will not apologize for always repeating this every single time someone asks me how to start labor.
  5. Whole Foods has a large container of almond milk yogurt that we love. We add honey and berries or nuts (we do granola but your dd can't).
  6. It is about finding your people and what it means to have your people. I get that with the right people you don't need constant contact, etc. These are the people who will walk through h*ll with you and stay by your side and you don't have to talk to them everyday. But what I am struggling with is this.... "You want the ones who will keep showing up, even when you don’t. The ones who don’t take the unopened text messages personally. Nor do they care if you haven’t made it to the last 18 invites." I will get into the trenches with close friends. I will continue to reach out, even when they withdraw. BUT, at what point can you assume that the friendship is only being invested in by one side? Is it really ok to continue to give, give, give to someone who doesn't respond to texts or show up to invites? And aren't you at some point responsible to make sure that you are the "right people" back? Thoughts? ETA ~ this may seem like a basic question but sometimes I have a difficult time discerning when I am supposed to keep, keep, keep reaching out to someone and when I need to let go a little. I tend to invest more than the others around me. I tend to be a "fewer friends, tighter bonds" person.
  7. Two of my kiddos had this problem and the only solution was to go dairy free. ALL dairy - even cheese and butter. No, they aren't allergic per se, but dairy free stopped the problems. DS also had chronic ear infections and DD had migraines and those went away with the dairy free diet as well. Who would have thought. The specialist will not tell you this, haha. It is trial and error.
  8. Thank you. As part of figuring out her health stuff we have removed dairy and gluten. It turns out the heart racing out the roof, the breathing problems, etc have turned out to be a severe intolerance to caffeine. She had to cut coffee and then black tea and now she's realizing that even chocolate is a big no. We didn't see that coming. Her adrenals were so weird they thought she had a tumor. Turns out she is just hyper sensitive to caffeine. We know that dairy is a huge problem. Gluten is suggested because of hashimotos so whether she can feel a difference or not I am encouraging her to stick with it.
  9. I am not upset that you are asking me to go to a counselor. It is just the reasons are invalid. You have totally misread my posts. I am NOT NOT NOT pushing college on my dd. Period. My original question was "So what does a mom do to support, lead, and help her think through and process these desires? What can I do that doesn't squash her dreams and supports them but makes sure this is a decent direction? I won't lie, this had led to some anxious thoughts on my part. I have had to step back and trust God with dd in this area." WHAT DO I DO TO SUPPORT HER DREAMS AND NOT SQUASH THEM?!?!?!? How much clearer can I be? Geesh.
  10. This is wrong on so many levels. I sent her to counseling while making the choice to leave private school to become homeschooled. She was having some health problems and some (here mostly) suggested that they could be due to anxiety and I wanted to help her sort that out and make sure removing her wasn't just taking away a chance for her to work through her anxiety. Counseling had NOTHING to do with college or not. Period. Please re-read and if I miscommunicated then I need to correct. I am now wanting het to return to a counselor to help with ANXIETY. Whether she goes to college or not is up to her. Anxiety will make her life difficult regardless of the path she chooses. I think you have some past experiences that you are reading my posts through. Take away the filter and read again. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to type all of that out. It was a lot to think about but also so much good thoughts and information. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I might need to wrap back around and ask more questions after thinking on it more and processing it all. Her doctor thought that since her T4 is only a bit high and since she seemed like she didn't have hyper symptoms, she thought all was ok. Her last appointment was when she was feeling good and before the anxieties reared up again. I need to think through whether the anxiety is following med changes/shifts. I have wondered about it before. We tried to increase meds for a long time and couldn't because she would have panic attacks. Our dr does not use only labs to adjust meds. She likes to look at the whole pic, DD is on 90 mg of NP thyroid. She is 5'1 and 120 pounds. Not sure if that is helpful info, haha. She is definitely trying to pray, trust the lord, memorize scripture but, no, it isn't really working. Maybe I need a different counselor. Ugh, every time I look up counselors it is overwhelming. SOOOOOOO many and how to know who is helpful. I can't find anyone who specifically does CBT. I need to dig deeper. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I will check out focus too and see what they list.
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