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  1. His GI doctor was in the office today and he reviewed his labs and said he needs his adrenals tested asap. I think he is also thinking Addisons or adrenal insufficiency? He has placed the order. Maybe this will tell us something?
  2. @Pen @Ktgrok One of the best, most thorough doctor's I know works in urgent care (he was a pcp for years and very loved). He is working today and I am going to take DS to him to be seen. He is thorough, a thinker, a problem solver. They can also run another EKG since it is urgent care and we can see if things are still askew there. I think I will also see if we can get him to cardiology without a pcp referral. If we cannot, this doctor can do a referral. I have wondered about Addison's too.
  3. I am hoping to get him an appt Monday. I just don't know if we will have to see a PCP for a referral first.
  4. He has Crohn's disease. He is on a biologic for that which decreases his immune system. The first thing they did at the ER is flagged him as immunosuppressed so I know it lowers the immune system. He has not being using potassium salt, limiting salt (he craves salt actually and eats a lot of salty foods), he doesn't like any of those foods, haha. No energy drinks.
  5. Dr mentioned potential hyperkalemia in notes or pericarditis. He focused on Covid as the presumed diagnosis though.
  6. Troponin level were fine and not elevated and that is why they didn't look further. I guess the ekg read out isn't always accurate and we can't go by that. The doctor must have decided that it was fine. I have no idea what is wrong with him. He has IBD so his labs are always a mess. @Ktgrok He is on a biologic med that that is why he is immune compromised.
  7. Our hospital was dead. We went to the largest hospital in the largest city in our state and it was not busy. We went through the Covid tent and then I parked by it and sat in my car for hours waiting for him and no one else came through the tents. It made me question if Covid is real, haha. I mean, I am joking but it did make me go ???
  8. He had a fever earlier in the week/last weekend. His oxygen was fine. He is immunocompromised so he has stayed home diligently and so have we except DH who is working but careful. None of us have been sick.
  9. I think I am reading the analysis from the EKG. This is exactly why I wanted to ask someone who knows. So it might not be a correct analysis? I can disregard it. I know that it triggered them to test the lab for Troponin. other than that I don't know.
  10. Because of Covid I could not go into the ER with my 18 year old 😞 He was having shortness of breath, chest pain, tiredness, mild dry cough, and dizziness. Because he is immunocompromised and Covid is a thing, his PCP wanted him to go straight to ER for testing. They prescreened him and decided he needed testing and eval at the ER based on symptoms plus elevated heat rate and very low blood pressure. They ran some labs, did an ekg, chest X-ray, etc and then released him as suspected for Covid. Today the Covid test came back negative. The EKG is now on his portal and it is not normal. I am confused. I didn't think of his issues as being heart but now I can see that it might be and I can't see that they tested further. His EKG shows tachycardia, biatrial enlargement, ST & T Wave abnormality, and potential inferior ischemia. I asked DS About it and he said because it was abnormal they did a troponin lab test and since it was normal they dismissed it. Is this a legit reason to dismiss the ekg? I am very concerned. Did they totally dismiss it because of his age? He can barely walk up the stairs because he has pain and gets winded. I watch him taking really deep difficult breaths at times. He is dropping weight so fast. He is pale as a ghost. Can anyone tell me what the EKG means and how concerned should I be? What questions do I need to ask and to whom? thanks so very much! ETA- The Dr notes are uploaded now. He confirmed the things on the EKG. He said he wasn't STEMI so it wasn't emergency. No one has told us to go to cardiology though so it is just confusing. Potassium is elevated, chloride is lower than norm, sodium is low than norm, protein is high, calcium is high, alkaline phosphatase is high, AST is high. If anyone cares about labs then there you go, haha. His platelets, etc are high but his CBC is always off because of IBD. Never normal here. ETA EKG pic
  11. She lives 10 minutes from me. I have texted and we planned coffee twice but she bailed. This is new for her. I have texted a few times with no response. She did text Merry Christmas on Christmas, no idea.
  12. One of my closest "people" and I were casual friends for years. It wasn't until two of our kids got extremely close and wanted more time together that we started doing a lot more together and really got into each other's lives. Now our friendship isn't dependent on our kids at all and if they go separate ways (and never marry), I am sure we will still be close.
  13. @Bluegoat @hjffkj @OKBud For me, I can use the term friend loosely. I have lots of casual friends and acquaintances. But few are in that inner circle of "my people". To me, that is different. These are the people I go the extra mile for (and I know they will for me too). These are the people that I get in the trenches with and love to the moon and back. These are the ones I can spill it all too. I have only about 4 ladies that I consider this to me right now. So, when those people start avoiding texts, not returning calls, turning down events or get togethers and canceling coffee dates, how long do you keep reaching out. For one of my people, I have reached out, reached out, reached out. I don't want to lose her. She's like a sister.
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