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  1. I would definitely recommend talking to the parents. When my nonverbal wheelchair kid has been involved in activities, I don't expect her to have the same experience as other kids, but I expect her to have fun being around activity. She likes movement--would love to be pushed around in her chair. Getting out of her chair is good for her and she has a blanket in her backpack that can be put on the ground. When she was a little kid, transfers were pretty easy and a teenager could have done that safely (now it requires a minute or two of parental training). She loves music--if there is a way to incorporate music into any activity, she is happy. She can't speak but understands some things and people should definitely talk to her, pat her on the arm or leg (she's mostly blind), etc. She likes being around people.
  2. We had a very good experience with using Costco last year. I followed online advice to upgrade my membership to executive before booking the trip and used our Costco AmEx card and our reward check this year was huge! Dh and I did Maui and Kauaii (I can't spell it) on our honeymoon 28 years ago, and Maui is our perfect not-too-crowded, not-too-rustic spot, so that's where we went with the whole family last year. We stayed at Kaanapalli beach in a resort condo last year and the only change I would make would be to get a resort right on the boardwalk because it turns out my favorite thing was doing a sunrise walk with my wheelchair kid along the boardwalk (she never changed timezones and kept waking up at 4:30). There were all these cats who lived in the bushes along the boardwalk (we saw dishes and beds in the bushes, so this was encouraged). Lots of folks were out and about walking or jogging along the boardwalk which runs along the beach. Just a great experience. There is also a grocery store and cheaper eating type places sort of across the street from the resort. Made for a nice home base. One of our sunrise walks below. We're looking west, so the rising sun is behind me. The boardwalk periodically has side runs that go down to the beach--that's what you see part of here.
  3. We do a $20 for kids of friends, $75 or a printer for nephews (whichever they prefer), $75 for nephews' college graduation.
  4. Two more weeks of school which means hopefully more time to read in two more weeks. I'm on my third week of Notes on a Foreign Country which is good, but I'm ready to return to fiction and lighter reading. I can only do about 10 pages a day on the treadmill. Up next will be Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine which is our book club book for June.
  5. The footbed is perfect for my feet. I've had plantar fasciitis twice (once in each foot, 5 years apart), and Birkenstocks were the most comfortable shoe I could wear. It has an arch where my foot arches, and they're just shaped right for my feet. I get the soft footbed model, Arizona style.
  6. Shriners is awesome if you have access to one. We didn't think to try to get to one until dd was 12 and not standing well anymore. We saw an orthopedist who said, "we need an x-ray then AFO's then meet with the PT". They wheeled her down to x-ray, then took casts of her legs for the AFO's, then had us meet with the PT all at the same visit--no checking with insurance, no waiting, no fighting for coverage. At that time they didn't take insurance info from patients. They do now, but you never hear a thing if insurance doesn't pay. It's all free to you. Shriners also found a charitable organization that got us a stander (we had medical insurance that said they covered durable medical equipment 100% but that standers weren't durable medical equipment! So frustrating). We like Converse shoes for slipping over the orthotics. DD has tiny feet and still fits in kid size 2. They have a little elastic around the tongue. They used to come with fashionably untied laces, but now they're long and need to be tied. I just skip the last holes so they're still easy to slip on.
  7. We've had good luck buying separate pieces at Target, and I do have one dd who is a 32DD (and short). Before bikinis were their thing, both dds got Dolphin Uglies suits from High neck, cute patterns, worked fine for busty kid, not too expensive.
  8. Not finding much time to read here, but I'm working on Notes on a Foreign Country while I'm on the treadmill in the morning.
  9. I like Sambucol. I do think it lessens a cold if I can remember to take it 3-4 times per day for 5 days. The liquid is a lot stronger than the lozenges, but I do like the lozenges too when my throat is a little scratchy or to calm a dry cough.
  10. My little sister once wrote my name on the toy box in the sentence, "_______ is smart." Guess who got in trouble for that one. Not her.
  11. I have a 22 year old nonverbal wheelchair kid who graduated out of the school system last year. Medicaid pays for her in-home care and I went back to work at a job I love (Educational Assistant helping out in high school math classes--I taught math before kids). This has worked out really well. I have my own life now and she has had mostly great caregivers about her own age who care for her and get her out into the community. I think she's healthier than when she was in school (gets as much sleep as she wants and has had only one cold this year). I also think that her long-term health is better living at home. I'm not sure an adult foster home would notice health issues as fast as I do since I've known her for 22 years (we've been through a lot together). We hired a local agency that hires the caregivers. There is high turnover in this line of work so I am glad it is someone else's job to get the next person, do the background checks, etc.
  12. It's been almost 17 years since I last moved, but I remember really liking the paper tape I got at the Uhaul store.
  13. Wow. That was my first thought also--that makes two from my gen this year.
  14. I now only use my cell phone, but I know my DH will get some amazing shots with his Nikon (photography is his thing). My pics are more "tell the story" kind of candids, his are more visually amazing.
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