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  1. I work in a high school too. We won't have an exact plan until August (state budget stuff won't be determined until mid-July--possible staff cuts just to make things even harder), but what I'm hearing is students will have 2 days in school each week, the rest online. As an educational assistant, I really need to see the kids I work with sometimes, so in that sense I'm happy to have at least part time in the building (I imagine I could end up with 4 or 5 days in-building--they're talking about Fridays being for kids who need more help). They're also talking about kids taking 4 classes per semester instead of up to 8, but they'll do the whole year in one semester. Ugh. Not ideal for my senior planning to take 6 AP's. And I honestly don't think the teacher I work with will be able to do a full year of algebra in a semester. It will be a difficult year no matter what. And I'm guessing we may end up back to online only at some point.
  2. Mine is so fat for a bar. I would be tempted to try putting it in a 13"x9" pan and just have 2 sections instead of 1.
  3. Did my bodyweight circuit and two Foundations of Yoga videos. I was kind of congratulating myself that I can do all of the squats and lunges and I don't limp around for days after anymore. Then I was quietly cursing planks--I still don't like those and don't feel any better at them, though I do two, one for one minute at the end of each set. So I get through all that, find my next Foundations of Yoga video, and find that it's--you guessed it--The Plank! I did the video, but I did have to drop out of the plank position after a bit. I'm sure it's more a mental block than anything else. I'm not ready for 3 planks in one session! But actually I've been thinking I should try 3 sets of my bodyweight circuit instead of 2 sometime this month, so I will try to get over the block. The second yoga video was Forward Fold which went surprisingly well. Probably because she said to bend your knees as much as you need to! The girls and I are off to the dentist today. We were due in March. Not taking disabled dd--she doesn't get to go anywhere these days.
  4. The first day of course it's hot and a bit mushy (in a good way). The other days I put a section in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. It's still pretty bar-like, but warm.
  5. You know, I just saw this today for the first time. Here is my exact recipe which I know by heart because I make it every Sunday morning! And this is the order I add the ingredients. 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 1/2 cup applesauce 2 Tbs brown sugar 6 Tbs flax seed meal (totally optional. I'm hoping it helps my cholesterol) 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp baking powder 1 cup milk 3 cups old fashioned oats 2 cups frozen blueberries, or 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup Costco's frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) 1 apple, peeled, diced I mix in stages as I go along. Spray an 8"x8" pan with Pam. Spread this out in pan, trying to distribute berries somewhat evenly. Bake for 35 minutes at 350°. Cut into 6 servings; eat one a day for 6 days, have eggs on Saturday, repeat process on Sunday! 272 calories, 9 gm protein, 8 gm fiber per serving. Great way to start the day.
  6. I think we can do Halloween safely if everyone behaves. We live in one of those neighborhoods that everyone drives to--I would rather see that NOT happen this year just to keep numbers down. The streets can get pretty crowded, you can get more than one party at your door at a time, etc. What I've been thinking is this: we have a little wall in front of our house. I'd like to block the walkway up to our door and set a piece of candy say every foot along the wall. I will man it from the house side, restocking candy while gloved and telling trick-or-treaters to take one. Kids can just cruise by and pick up a candy. It's outdoors, everyone masks, no congregating--probably pretty safe.
  7. Did the same barefoot cardio as Monday and it went a little better today. Will do this one Friday too. Ending June one pound lighter than I started, and I think I'm probably a little more fit too. July goals: Formal exercise 5x/week: cardio MWF, bodyweight/yoga TTH. Something informal on the weekend like a walk or more yoga. Weight loss goal: 2 lbs. For online BMI calculators, this would put me at normal instead of overweight for my height. Track food on MyFitnessPal most days. Aim to hit my numbers: 1500-1550 calories, 58 gm protein, 25 gm fiber, 12 gm sat fat. Sundays are a little more relaxed. I'm not always dieting or trying to lose weight, but I'm motivated at the moment and I have more time over the summer to focus on this. And less stress--stress tends to kill my healthy eating habits. I'm not fasting from sweets--there are some special foods in summer; I am planning to make a blueberry pie this month for instance. But I will try to fit it into my calorie count or save it for Sunday.
  8. Just the 5 of us, perfect weather forecast for the 4th. Here's what I'm thinking as of now: Grilled hot dogs Grilled chicken drumsticks (because just hot dogs doesn't seem like quite enough) Fresh berries (I'll buy from a local farmstand on Friday, but probably marionberries which are like blackberries and also cherries) Blue Jello Jigglers by request from dds Baked beans? Some kind of salad? Potato chips? Cupcakes leftover from the freezer from a half-birthday celebration this last weekend. We have vanilla ice cream too if anyone wants it. Raspberry lemonade by request
  9. Finished 2 sets of my bodyweight circuit then did 2 Foundations of Yoga videos--Tree Pose and Staff Pose. I can't do Staff Pose very well--just feels like the muscles up the back of my legs are too short to sit at 90° with legs straight out in front. Need to work on that. I had another pound off on the scale this morning which is what I was hoping to see yesterday--maybe it was just a day late. Or maybe it's not really real yet. I do expect tomorrow will zig zag up a little, but hopefully not too much. Thinking about some goals for July. Do you all set goals for yourselves?
  10. Oregon's governor extended the mask requirement in public indoor spaces to all counties today. It had been just the 7 counties with highest numbers of cases. I'm glad it's consistent now. I am also hoping it will apply to high schools. I work in one, and so far the plan for fall is a hybrid model where kids can be online only or two days/week in building but online the rest of the time. But while they will require staff to mask, they weren't planning to require students to mask. I hope this directive will change that.
  11. By the end of summer, our small chest freezer in the garage is probably 2/3 blueberries, 1/3 meat. Blueberries grow really well in our area, and there are lots of people like us who will try to put up a year's worth of our delicious berries. We do use Costco for other frozen berries through the year. With the garage freezer full at summer's end, any grocery store frozen stuff has to fit in the kitchen freezer. I wasn't expecting to start the bulk berry picking quite so early (drove by the farm Friday and found out Spartans were opening Saturday--dh and dd love Spartans best, so they were up for early morning picking which tripled our volume). I froze 22 quart bags of berries from this batch, which is about 38 pounds, and both freezers are full to the top. I think last year I froze 40 quart bags total (still have about 6), so there will be more picking, but not this week! Need to eat down the fudge bars first. Well, no glorious weight drop today. I'm a pound less than last Monday, but I would expect that anyway for cycle ending. Still hoping to end June strong. I did a new barefoot cardio video today--I think it was called fat burning barefoot cardio. I'll stick with this one Wednesday and Friday too and see if I can get better at it. There was a section of plies that I couldn't complete because my legs gave out on me and then there were some moves where I could not get the arms coordinated with the legs right. I'm just finishing my Monday Mocha, then I'll get some pork tenderloin going in the crockpot for pork carnitas tonight. I don't think anyone else in the family likes pork carnitas quite as much as I do, but it's good food that helps me hit my numbers. Yum! Have a good week everyone.
  12. I think it would depend on the child's mouth issues and the virus situation in your area. My kids have been done with braces for a few years, but youngest's first stage to correct an overbite was important to start when her jaw was actively growing, so that one i would not have delayed. We have our first dentist appointment since last summer this week (we were due in March). We'll check youngest's wisdom teeth then. If they're like her sisters, we may go ahead and get them removed this summer. Our numbers have been rising, but I think it will be worse in fall and winter. Our cumulative case number is still lower than 100 in our county, just over 8k in state (cumulative--less than Florida had just today).
  13. I started graphing my weight a year or so ago (just the weekdays), and it really helped me realize that weight fluctuates daily. For me, there's a natural swing of up or down a pound, and a zig-zag line is completely normal and nothing to worry about. But I can also tell if the whole zig-zaggy line moves up to a new range, like I'm now zig-zagging two pounds higher than I was at the end of Lent (my no-sweets season). So I'm now tracking my food to see if I can get back to my post-Lent range. I was up early this morning but not for exericise--blueberry season in Oregon is starting! My dh and college kid joined me for picking at the blueberry farm at 6:30am. We have high bush blueberries here in Oregon, and a particular variety called Spartans opened today. They are huge and very popular around here, so the place was packed in a socially distanced way (they opened at 6:00). We picked 57.5 pounds in a little over an hour, $2 per pound. And I'll pick more over the next few weeks to lay in our year's supply. We spend hundreds of dollars on berries in the summer, but it's part of our healthy eating plan for the whole year (blueberries in particular freeze really well). I use 2 cups a week just in my oatmeal. Only 3 of the 5 of us like blueberries, but the 3 of us easily eat 10 lbs/week fresh during blueberry season. Not sure if I'll get any official exercise in today--maybe a walk, maybe some yoga, maybe just a nap!
  14. Well, I had never heard of it until today! I think the cardio part just means it's a cardio workout--gets your heart rate going. It's kind of like an aerobics workout, but if you've done ballet you would recognize that a lot of the moves are based on ballet moves, like a nice plie instead of calling it a squat. And doing a bunch of plies over and over in beat to the music. You also get to do nice ballet arms and point your toes sometimes. I don't think you need to know anything about ballet to do it though. Just an aerobics-type workout you can do barefoot in a small space!
  15. For barefoot cardio this morning, I did Jessica Smith's Cardio Ballet. Good workout. I'm thinking I should aim for cardio 3 days/week, so maybe barefoot cardio MWF and the bodyweight circuit and yoga on TTH. Lots of plies today, but they're not bothering me as much as when I started. I'm ending a good week eating-wise too. Tracked everyday, met eating goals, no major disasters. Still, this is the week of the month my weight jumps up, so no immediate reward for all that self-control! Hoping it magically jumps down a pound on Monday or Tuesday, but I need to have a clean weekend first.
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