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  1. I enjoy doing our photo card and letter. Dh's big hobby is photography, so he'll take a family photo of us sometime during the second half of the year. I like writing the letter and usually make it pretty humorous. I do keep it real; no one will be stressed out comparing their lives to our amazing accomplishments! The letter is as much for us as for our friends and family. We have all of our letters and photo cards in a Christmas scrapbook, and I also save photo cards from family. We all really enjoy going through our 2 Christmas albums and reading our family history. I could see scaling it down when the girls are out on their own. I might do a photo card and just a brief summary on the back of the card for instance. We send about 45 cards now--I could see that going down to 25 as we get older (it's more fun to get photo cards with cute little kids than old folks). So I would vote for scaling back rather than eliminating it--as long as you are enjoying the tradition.
  2. I like a nice green salad on Thanksgiving to balance out heavy carby stuff. I usually make one with romaine or spinach, a little red onion, diced apple, craisins, slivered almonds, and a homemade honey mustard dressing. And I like good rolls too. Pies/desserts vary from year to year, depending on what we're in the mood to make. It's feeling like a chocolate cream pie kind of year. And I always need to have some cheesecake for brother-in-law's family.
  3. We've been to both twice (have family in both CA and Orlando). But we only go for 1 day. I think Disneyland is a little less overwhelming. We stay at one of the hotels across the street; I love just walking across the street to get to the park. We usually arrive the evening before and love going to Downtown Disney in the evening (right by the park) and then doing the park in one long day the next day (we've never done CA Adventure). I think if we go to Orlando again we've decided we'll just do the Harry Potter theme park. We had a not so great experience trying to do Magic Kingdom during spring break on our last trip, but Universal was much better.
  4. I don't know what else is going on in your life, but I went back to work 18 months ago. I'm an educational assistant--a classified position, for 6.5 hours a day (basically the school day). Pay is not great, but I enjoy it and if I needed to get insurance, I would be able to get it with the district (I have coverage through my dh). Since I'm not full time, I would have to pay more, but it would be doable.
  5. When I was interviewing for Educational Assistant jobs in the school district 18 months ago, the three I interviewed for were all like this. I think it was even an on-line scheduling system--I had to log in and select one of 3 available times within a 2-hour window (20 min interview I think). The interviews were all with a team of about 3 people, all of whom had a script, each had their own questions they were supposed to ask. I was subbing at the time, but only 3.5 hours a day, and I think I was able to fit them all in without missing my sub assignment.
  6. Oregon has voted to stay on DST all year, but only if the rest of the west coast does the same. I think CA voted for something similar but is still "studying" it to see if DST or standard time is better. Our paper had an article on it this weekend. Then it said that any change has to be approved by congress! Dd usually has a bad seizure week when the time changes because we're messing with her sleep. She just had a seizure an hour ago. I would so love to just stick with DST year-round.
  7. We routinely freeze cookies and brownies with no problems. We've been known to eat them straight out of the freezer (it does slow down consumption to have them out of sight!), and to thaw we do nothing fancier than sit them out at room temp for a bit.
  8. Get both the Men A and the less common Men B vaccines. Both of Oregon's big universities have had outbreaks of Men B in recent years. We also had the sad case of a local high school grad lose fingers and limbs to this disease. This age group is more vulnerable than older adults.
  9. We throw them in the attic and throw them all away every 15 years or so! Never noticed a vermin problem up there.
  10. My chicken pox case when I was in junior high was so mild that I thought maybe I hadn't really had it. But I got shingles when 35 and very sleep-deprived from nursing my 9-month old dd, so that confirmed I had indeed had chicken pox. I happened to be on the phone with my dad who is a doctor and I commented on this weird rash I was noticing just on one side of my abdomen. He told me it sounded like shingles and had me go to my doctor, so I got on an antiviral very quickly, healed quickly, never had any pain. Because the vaccine has been in short supply and because of a friend's report of being knocked off her feet from the vaccine, I haven't been eager to get it immediately, but I'm sure I will eventually.
  11. I'm reading this more as a public high school staff person. I think the issues you describe are becoming more and more common. Have you reached out to her school counselor at all? Because it has become more common, they might be helpful with ideas about what you can put in place at school to help her. Our kids with anxiety or other diagnosed issues usually get a 504 legal document that spells out things they can do to function better in school: taking a break from class, testing in a quiet place, extra time on tests, etc. And in Oregon it would absolutely be possible to homeschool academics but take electives at school--my kids did that in middle school (band, science, and Spanish all counted as electives).
  12. He's a good example of the fact that C-section babies are the most beautiful. What a perfect head! Sorry it was the scarier version though. Congratulations!
  13. We ordered some open stock dishes from Crate and Barrel a few years back.--just a basic white, but they do look a little nicer than Corelle. I think I actually ordered salad plates for our regular dinner plates because I don't want huge plates. There are some chips on the edges of some of the cereal bowls, but that doesn't really bother me. They're inexpensive enough that I could replace them if it did.
  14. Around here the realty sign often goes up with a placard on top saying "Coming Soon". I don't know why. It can be a couple of weeks before that "Coming Soon" sign comes off.
  15. Hope it all works out. I did a year of subbing which launched me into my current position as an (underpaid) Educational Assistant which has the potential to get me back into teaching someday. There are some positives to starting small. I know I'm excellent at what I do. I excel at being an EA, where if I had gotten a teaching position I wouldn't look quite so amazing! And I do enjoy working and earning some money. And I don't have the homework a teacher has.
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