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  1. Neck/back much better today, but I still didn't do my dumbbell workout--didn't want to risk it. And that workout is too long since I got up a little late and got a load of laundry going first--I did the 25 minute cardio core flow workout instead which was a good fit for where I am today. We're doing some summer planning around here. We'll have a short camping trip Sun-Tues with too much junky food, but we're talking about doing meatless dinners for a week sometime after that. We want to try some new things--meatless burgers and something with tofu--and we have a few regular dinners that a
  2. Walking workout video this morning. Last night as I was about to go to bed I had a lot of pain in my upper back/neck area. I looked it up this morning--I think it's the trapezius muscle--and I know exactly what caused it, my ridiculously heavy book bag that I was hauling up and down stairs and out to the car late yesterday. I heated up a microwaveable heating pad and that felt really good while I was trying to fall asleep. The rain has finally left us and it looks like summer is beginning with temps in the 80's for the next week. Yay!
  3. @Jenny in Florida I am impressed with all that you accomplish. I know 14k steps each day is a lot! And congrats on the new house--glad you were able to find something. I did my bodyweight circuit x2 and then Wakeup Yoga this morning. That feels like an accomplishment because I keep wanting to say no to doing the bodyweight circuit, but I skipped it last Tuesday and I don't want to skip it two weeks in a row or I'll never do it! Need to really work on eating and weight but I think I need to finish this school year first (last day Friday).
  4. 30 min on the treadmill this morning.
  5. Still working through the pile of books the library delivered all at once in early May. This week I finished Yaa Gyasi's Transcendent Kingdom which I thought was excellent. I am still working on Pachinko for book club which is also very good. Up next after that will be The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Ten Thousand Doors of January and then some Bridgerton fluff for summer reading.
  6. My college kid returned to campus in January after being home since last March. Students had to be able to move all of their stuff in--no one could help them. We employed the "travel light" approach--we have half of her stuff still here at home. And she has ended up moving four times since January, always by herself, so it's been a good thing. Now as youngest prepares to go off to college, there is some wisdom to "traveling light," but I'm sure both girls will have a bit more than older dd has right now. I've been asking older dd if she needs her (whatever), or if younger sister can use it. Sh
  7. They're slow fliers--pretty easy to just "clap" them to smithereens. No toxic fumes. Wash hands after.
  8. My youngest is 18 and hadn't been to the doctor in years when we scheduled her most recent exam for college vaccinations. The doctor's office prefers that at this age kids handle it on their own. I gave dd a list of reminders (what time appt was, what time to get there to check in, sign the paperwork that allows me to make appointments for her, which vaccinations she needs, get a printout of her vaccine record, make next appt for 2nd meningitis B shot), and she took care of everything while I was at work. It worked out great.
  9. What an amazing space you're creating! I like the current color. I wouldn't go grayer, but I live in Oregon and there's already too much gray here for many months of the year.
  10. @Laura Corin That top picture could be our Willamette Valley. But not the bottom picture--no rock walls. No rocks to build them! I did Root to Rise yoga this morning. Rainy weekend ahead--the usual chores plus a Costco run. I should get more patio cushions sewed this weekend--recovering the 12-year old ones to look a little better with the new furniture. If time feels infinite, I could clean the living room carpet too. But that will probably be a different weekend.
  11. I was thinking a pale creamy yellow before you described the kitchen. I would think about carrying the same color into the laundry room. I like a sunny, cheery space.
  12. Dd was aiming at more competitive schools--all had 20% more applications than last year (dropping SAT/ACT requirements is the major part of that). I do think smaller, private colleges may need more students, but it would be interesting to see more complete statistics on which schools are down in enrollment and which got more selective this year and are full.
  13. And today's sample looks negative for both. Perhaps it was a sample-cleanliness issue. I don't think I'll follow up on this path.
  14. We're trying to test our disabled 24 yo dd who has been screaming and behaviorally off since March. We had to get seizures under control first and we are in the process of switching her to an adult neurologist (appointment June 24--I'll be asking about behavior issues then), but her primary care also suggested testing for a UTI. She's a wheelchair-bound diaper wearing non verbal person--a UTI is certainly within the realm of possibility. But our efforts to try to get a urine sample were traumatic for all of us and we never finished pursuing this path. Then I saw Quill's thread about the home t
  15. @wintermom Okay, maybe I just need to move to Canada. That looks like a much healthier, beautiful way to relieve stress. 30 min on the treadmill this morning. Did not get the middle school job I interviewed for (and I didn't think I interviewed all that well, certainly couldn't answer any questions in Spanish as they wanted). Rainy day. 5 more days--I think I just need summer break to get away from it all, but then I signed up to teach summer school, so not enough getting away from it all!
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