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  1. @wintermom He lit up the lilac tree with an LED light in the ground. It's a little weird just having one, but now he wants to light up the other trees in the backyard. In the front, he did some LED lights in the ground along the walk up to the front door and he lit up the star magnolia nearby and I think there's one by the front door--not sure it's lighting anything in particular! I don't know details, but I think they're all hard-wired to a timer he installed in the garage--they come on automatically and turn off at 10:00pm. He's pretty handy.
  2. I like the lights. Isn't it nice to have an outdoor space with lights? Dh got our patio well-lit this summer and long-term he plans to get more landscape lights in the yard. I like turning them on when I let the dog out in the morning--just looks pretty.
  3. The world is up too early for a Saturday morning. It's supposed to just be me! Dd actually has an ACT test this morning. She took it in February but wanted to take it again to improve math and science scores. We signed her up pre-shutdown for a test in June. Every test in spring and summer was cancelled. The very first day the fall schedule opened, I tried signing her up locally but there were no openings. So I signed her up in Portland. That was cancelled about a month ago, but she found an opening on the coast. We haven't heard it was cancelled, so hopefully that's a go today. She and dh got
  4. I had a really good chicken and sausage gumbo served over rice in a restaurant about a year ago--my first time trying gumbo. It was wonderful winter comfort food. I wanted to make some over winter break when I had extra time and I used Emeril's recipe with minor changes. I'm sure I used red pepper instead of bell pepper because that's a standard substitution for me. And I used Andouille sausage. It was delicious. It is time intensive though. I think I made the chicken stock the night before. https://www.emerils.com/127540/chicken-and-smoked-sausage-gumbo
  5. Did Cardio Ballet which I hadn't done for a few weeks and that was a good fit for today. The mysterious extra 1.2 pounds are gone again which makes me happy--it's nice to end the week at a good weight. Pizza tonight, so I want to watch the bready stuff the rest of the day. Found some mashed pintos in the freezer so dd and I will split that for lunch--lots of fiber and protein. I have managed to keep work from taking over all my time this week, but I do have a long hard day today. Then the weekend!
  6. @Laura Corin I think I have most of that every morning--apples and blueberries in my oatmeal, tea or mocha (if my chocolate syrup has any cocoa in it). @wintermom Fun project! Thanks for the updates--it's fun to see how it's coming along. I think planning placement would be most difficult for me. I don't really have the designer's eye. Did my regular dumbbell workout--the strength + cardio which is quite a bit easier than the killer squat presses et al I did Monday. Weight jumped up more than a pound today--hate it when it does that. Will try to do better with hydration and really wa
  7. Did a 25 min barefoot cardio this morning. Still really sore from all the squats and lunges Mon/Tues. Like if I'm trying to sit I can only bend my knees so far before I just let gravity take over and fall into place!
  8. Glutei and quads sore today. Did my bodyweight circuit twice anyway--more squats and lunges! Then Yoga For Flexibility was a nice treat.
  9. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, but it is never this!! Just brought a smile to my face. Hope you sleep well tonight, no weasels or grizzlies.
  10. Just a thought on barefoot vs. not. I've had PF twice, once in each foot 5 years apart. When I have it, I think it is good to wear shoes inside (Birkenstocks being my fave). This summer I had something different, I think extensor tendonitis in the top of my right foot, I think from my running shoes, possibly from lacing them too tight. It hurt to wear shoes, but otherwise my foot felt fine. So I started exercising barefoot, and doing youtube workout videos and yoga instead of walking on a treadmill. I think the barefoot exercise and the type of exercise has really helped my foot health. I thin
  11. Had a restful day of rest yesterday--actually napped twice! My body needed it. Today I searched for a new Jessica Smith dumbbell workout and found one that was only 25 minutes. I should have known then it was going to be a hard 25 minutes. At Target on Saturday I found one more 10 lb weight--not an exact match for the one we already had, but the grip is the same shape and they're both neoprene covered, so close enough. So since Jessica was using 10 lb weights and I now have two, I decided to use the 10 lb weights too. I made it through the squat-presses and the easier exercise that came a
  12. I didn't get much reading time in this week. Still reading The Woman in Black, and it's a short book!
  13. Did some yoga this morning, and then did my first Target/Costco run since August. Then I was tired!
  14. Wish I had more time for comments. Did a new aerobic-type workout this morning that I picked out a couple of weeks ago to try on Wednesdays, but my last two Wednesdays have been messed up. It was good to try something new. Time for work now--looking forward to the weekend and some recovery time (mental health, sleep, stress recovery time--not so much physical!)
  15. Yesterday I tried do my grocery run at 6:00am instead of exercising at 6am. I've been going Wednesday afternoons and since the college kids have returned it's been really crowded. And last week they were out of several basic ingredients. It was nice shopping at 6:00--there are definitely people out, but fewer and no large groups of roommates. But there are pallets in most aisles that you have to dodge. I won't do this every week, but it allowed me to stay home in the afternoon (usually I'm already out on Wednesdays). It did make it very hard to get exercise in. I was exhausted after school and
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