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  1. I had been talking to dd's county case manager in early January just to set up the yearly meeting and I explained that dd doesn't get out into the community these days (one of her goals) because she can't mask. He said then that they were working to prioritize people with disabilities for the vaccine, but he didn't know when they would know for sure. Then when it actually got figured out, I was so impressed that they did not only the person with the disabilities but caregivers and those they live with too, as he said to provide an extra layer of protection for the disabled person. I love Orego
  2. I've had 3 days in a row of not getting in my extra activity until like 7:30 at night. The idea is to do this after school, but I've had meetings or errands the last few days. So last night I still hadn't done anything by 7:30. I've been doing the most recently posted videos of 30 days of yoga and they've nicely been not much more than 20 minutes. The newest one last night was (gasp!) 36 minutes. I just didn't have the energy for that. So I looked over the days I missed early on and did day 5, 23 minutes, theme word replenish which sounded like a nice way to end the week. Theme word burn was n
  3. All 4 of us living here at home got first shots tonight (Pfizer). In Oregon, people with disabilities and anyone who lives with them or cares for them are getting vaccinated now, so thanks dd! They let all 4 of us go in together (the sign up was 2 at a time 10 minutes apart) and since my disabled dd can't mask they put us in an exam room immediately to protect the lobby area. We filled out paperwork, got our shots, and waited in the room for 15 minutes--no problems. I'll report back if anyone has any issues over the next week. My immediate reaction was that science is wonderful (it's amazing t
  4. Has anyone heard anything about when you should get a booster after your first two shots? Or do they even know yet? Wondering if this is something we do again next fall when we get flu shots or one year after first covid shot, or what. Hopefully future boosters can be one shot.
  5. Did day 13 of Adriene's 30 days of yoga last night, theme word feel. This morning I did a 30-min treadmill walk--hoping to make that my Friday thing. We all get our first vaccine shot tonight thanks to dd. Disabled people are high on the priority list here in Oregon, and the people who live with them and their caregivers get vaccinated too. This will make me feel better if we end up back in the school building--school personnel will be vaccinated soon, but if they're families aren't, it's possible they could still bring it home to them. We should all have some protection from that by mid-
  6. @wintermom Thankfully I'm not really trying to kickbox--just get a decent cardio workout. The one I'm doing seems to be good enough for that! And you're right, cardio ballet is not ballet--just a cardio workout that has a hint of ballet moves and positions.
  7. I'm sorry it was a rough day. My disabled dd can't mask--she's able to take it off, there's no way to make her understand why it's needed, and she'd rather not wear it. And the end result is that she doesn't go anywhere these days. Our pediatric dentist used to schedule her at lunch when no one else was there and it took 3 of us to hold her so her teeth could be cleaned, and she screamed most of that time. But they were awesome about it. And when she aged out of that practice (she's also 23), my dentist was great about taking her on. I explained that the goal was to get in and out as quickly a
  8. Ha ha ha! The mere thought of doing this on my own... This is just a free Jessica Smith youtube video. I've done it 4 or 5 times and for the first time today I was thinking that I'm starting to get the swiveling the hips coordinated with the punches. There's no way I could free style anything. Though I guess if I'm free-styling I can't be wrong...
  9. 90?? I would not worry at all about eggs. Feed him your good, homemade food.
  10. Yesterday's extra activity was day 12 of 30 days of yoga, theme word drop. As in "drop your heels" when you're in downward dog, and other drops. My calves are feeling it today. This morning I did a kickboxing workout.
  11. Yesterday's extra activity was yoga again--day 11, theme word flow. Lots of help from the dog. We had a lot of rain yesterday--I think it was supposed to be 1.5" by the time the storm ended in the middle of the night. A good day to be indoors. This morning I did cardio ballet for the first time in awhile. Probably more yoga this afternoon, but maybe a dog walk @Laura Corin I do a lot of Jessica Smith workouts on youtube. Lots of walking and she has some different things like the cardio ballet, some with weights, kickboxing.
  12. We're all scheduled for Friday because my dd has developmental disabilities and they and their families and caregivers ended up with high priority. I would probably put some other people higher, but if I have the opportunity I'm taking it! I assume we're getting Pfizer since they scheduled the second shot 3 weeks later. And this will ease my mind as I work in the school district and will probably be back in the high school building in the next month or two. They're trying to get school employees vaccinated but that's not scheduled yet. And now I know that my dd will be protected, the whole fam
  13. Yesterday's extra activity ended up being yoga--day 10 in Adriene's 30 days of yoga, theme word connect. If she's going to keep posting 21 minute sessions, she's hitting my sweet spot. After school it was about 50° and just starting to drizzle, and I just didn't want to go outside. So yoga won out, even though Molly would have preferred a walk (she was much more active during this yoga than she is on Saturday mornings!) This morning was my bodyweight circuit x2 then a short "wake up" yoga. This afternoon I need to return my overdue library books, so extra activity will be whatever is easi
  14. @FarmingMomma Thank you! My youngest loves Corgis and just oohs and ahhs whenever she sees one. She will love the Corgi in the snow.
  15. I'm also in OR, in a liberal college town. And my impression is that most Oregon cities are liberal. My impression is that these protesters are always coming from more rural areas--sometimes quite obviously, like taking over I-5 in their huge trucks to get to their protests in Portland this summer. They do not like our governor, they do not like Portland, they do not like liberals, and they are in the minority. So they like to protest and antagonize in a scary, show-of-force kind of way. When the FBI announced that there are plans for armed protests at every state capital, my thought was just,
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