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  1. This year I have finished: Silver on the Tree Pancakes in Paris Smilla's Sense of Snow Ellen Foster and I am now working on Shark Drunk, but slowly as the only reading time I have right now is on the treadmill.
  2. Ali in OR

    What are you doing for Valentine's?

    Everyone gets a bag of Dove chocolates. College girl got hers in a care package last week. Dh gets dark chocolate, girls get milk chocolate, I get the peanut butter filled ones. We went out for my bday a couple nights ago, so Valentine's Day is always low key. I'm making tacos for dinner. But dd's caregiver gushed about how great dh's and my marriage is, so that was kind of a nice little treat!
  3. Wow, sounds like it's a really good thing you went to Stanford. Sounds like they are dialing in on exactly what treatment you need. Praying all is successful and not too hard on you.
  4. We like this vegan black bean soup (we're not even vegetarian, much less vegan, but I was looking for a black bean soup without bacon or ham. This was perfect). When I make it, we usually freeze half for another dinner or freeze a couple of lunch portions in pyrex bowls, so I know it freezes well.
  5. Ali in OR

    Speaking of Vaccines.... Rabies

    That was their cost AFTER insurance. That's our country's messed up medical care system. After he died and they learned it was from rabies, they (I think county health department) said everyone who visited him in ICU had to get vaccinated, and she said they told her not to worry about cost.
  6. Ali in OR

    PNW peeps...snow?

    Sigh. No snow here. Our snowflakes on the phone weather app are always several days out and they always turn to rain before they get here. My phone said 5" of snow on Monday a few days ago. It's rain now. The week of snowflakes has turned into one next Sunday, a week from now. We had a half inch of scanty snow overnight last night that was all melted by 10:00am.
  7. Ali in OR

    Workplace equality?

    If this is a tech company, they want and need more good female employees (and minorities). In a large company it would not be difficult to tailor a position for her. In dh's company, some people travel a lot, some don't travel much at all. You need to send one engineer to the foreign site, not the whole team. And there are many, many conference calls at weird hours between multiple international sites. Sometimes travel is necessary, but you can also be a full contributing member of the team and not travel much. ETA: and for the record, my dh did a lot less travel when we had a young disabled child with serious seizure issues. So it can benefit both genders.
  8. Ali in OR

    Unexpectedly homeschooling again

    He has a right to a free and appropriate education (Individuals with Disabilities Act). I would argue that an hour a day isn't appropriate for a third grader. If the district feels the pain a bit more of providing a 1:1 teacher for more hours of the day, perhaps they will be more motivated to get him off the wait list. Around here districts have had to pay to educate children in expensive private specialist schools if they cannot provide services. If there is a need to be in social situations, that should be in his IEP. He could go in for part of a day, just music, just PE, just math, they could provide transportation and a 1:1 aide, etc. Yes, I would provide home instruction too, but I wouldn't let the district off too easy.
  9. Ali in OR

    twin 2 :-(

    If you're wondering what you can do to try to avoid seizures between now and when he sees the doctor, a major trigger for my dd and many others with seizures is messed up sleep. If possible, keep him on a regular sleep schedule. Waking up too early is worse than staying up too late (though either can bring on seizures in dd). For eeg's when they try to make you have a seizure, they sleep deprive you by having you get up at like 3:00 or 4:00am. Speaking of sleep deprivation, I guess I should go get dd to bed now...
  10. Ali in OR

    PNW peeps...snow?

    We're farther south--1.5 hours south of Portland. School was delayed 2 hours yesterday for about an inch of snow. Clear today and tomorrow and not sure about the weekend. Dh says up to 5" of snow on Monday which would definitely close schools. Haven't had that much snow in the last several years. And it's cold all next week with snowflakes for each day on my phone. I'm stocking up on food Friday or Saturday and kind of hoping I get at least one snow day.
  11. Ali in OR

    New van because of accident

    No problems with transmissions with our 2000 and 2012 Odysseys. When we needed to get a wheelchair conversion van, I was quite depressed thinking I would have to give up my Odyssey for a Caravan or Sienna. We had a Sienna as a rental and the interior was so cheap looking compared to our Odyssey. And their conversion van back seats are tiny. Then we found out that there is a rear-entry Odyssey conversion van and I was happy again. Nice interior, full-size back seats, and we just don't have mechanical problems ever with either car. I loved my old Odyssey so much that we just kept it as our dds would be driving in a few years. Best decision. Still no major problems with a 19 year old car!
  12. Ali in OR

    Looking for a funny movie to show at an upper elementary BD party

    Ramona and Beezus! Love that movie. We like Enchanted a lot too (not the same as Ella Enchanted).
  13. I almost never abandon a book, but like others, I'm choosy about what I'm going to read. And I enjoy many different types of (well-written) books, so not picky in that sense. Just picky in only starting books I already have an interest in. The last book I abandoned was one that just felt evil to me. Not good vs. evil--just a vivid description of evil and that was stuff I did not want to put into my brain.
  14. I finished just my second book of 2019--Pancakes in Paris (for book club). It's a memoir from the guy who started a diner called Breakfast in America in Paris. I thought it was just ok--in a season where I don't have that much reading time, I thought it was wasted on this book. Still reading Smilla's Sense of Snow which is bogging down now. It will get my frequent complaint that it should have been edited down to 300 pages or less (it's 499--one short of a chunkster). Way too much time at sea with characters who weren't in the first half of book. And I've started Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons which I'm loving--definitely worth my reading time!
  15. Ali in OR

    Losing weight when sick

    I kept it off for several months last year just by eating less. I was working in a school, so it was easy with my work schedule to do that. I regained it over the summer when I didn't have schedule restraints to keep me from eating. And everything tasted so good!
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