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  1. I have been listening to audio books on the treadmill recently. Finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and am now listening to Louisa May Alcott's Eight Cousins (I still have my hard copy my dad gave me when I was young). I finished reading Delia Owens' Where the Crawdad Sings which was good and a quick read. Then I quickly read a YA book that was in our Jolabokaflod last year thinking my girls might enjoy it, but I think only dh and I read it: One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus. It's a Breakfast Club type mystery and fun and easy to read. A teacher I work with lent me Math with Bad Drawings, so I'll probably start that soon. The Jolabokaflod pile has gotten pretty small and I'm starting to think of titles for this year's flood. Looks like I have Prairie Fires and The Hamilton Affair left (dd had that one most of the year and just returned it).
  2. Might depend on size of church--any financial gift is significant to small churches. If everyone decided to give to other missions instead, there would be no church. But I don't think all 10% needs to go to the local church. Set an amount less than 10% that feels right and use the remainder for other missions/causes/organizations you want to support.
  3. Glad it was our little corner of the world that brought you so much joy! Thanks for sharing your journey.
  4. I had eczema as a child (usually inside of elbows) and I can remember flares in early adulthood--I remember seeing a doctor at my college and one when we first moved here 26 years ago, both times to ask for the prescription med that helped me as a kid. Then nothing for a couple of decades, but it returned in my mid-forties. Now I can get flares on my fingers (usually left hand), my neck/jaw, or above my upper lip. Occasionally inside elbows, rarely eyelids. Does not seem diet related at all. What helps keep it all pretty mild for me: 1) Aveeno oatmeal lotion after shower (I finally decided I like this best over Eucerin or Lubriderm) 2) Eucerin cream as my daily face/neck moisturizer. Very soothing. 3) Daily zyrtec 4) Prescription Triamcinolone ointment 0.1% (very mild) for flares. I like the ointment better than the cream. I'm allowed to use it on my face but I'm aware that some people have issues with longterm use, so I try to use it pretty minimally. I've used less than half of my large tube I got 3 years ago. It knocks down a flare for me in just one or two applications. 5) My current dermatologist had me switch from Ivory soap (turns out its not so mild and pure) to Dove for sensitive skin.
  5. My kids thrived at our public high school after K-8 at home. Hope yours does too! And hope you find your next thing soon.
  6. We are far from hurricanes here. Just curious what you do to prepare for having enough water? Buy a gallon per person & pet per day for x days? Fill a bathtub? Fill 2L bottles with H2O and a little bleach? Or do you usually still have access to clean water?
  7. We're also a Honda family. We had 2 Odysseys--a 2000 and a 2012 wheelchair conversion van. The transmission was going on our 19.5 year old one this summer, and we ended up getting a 2019 CR-V to replace it. Our Hondas have been super reliable, great to drive, so I was strongly leaning toward Honda. We mostly looked at the CR-V, the HR-V, and the Rav4. I just wanted something a little smaller than a minivan, but I had to be able to fit dd's wheelchair in it for emergency situations. The HR-V was a little small for that--had to lower armrests on wheelchair. The CR-V felt delightfully roomy in comparison. The Rav4's interior just isn't as nice as the CR-V (IMO), and it cost more. Local dealers only stock AWD models in our area. We don't get snow often; we can have icy roads a few weeks in winter. I like the CR-V's looks best of these crossover SUV's. Youngest and I kind of share it as we try to leave the conversion van for oldest and her caregivers to use. I think it's going to be a good fit for us.
  8. For a long time I wanted a tee shirt that said "I'm doing the best I can." Never saw one, never designed one myself. But it's kind of my motto. You are doing the best you can. Celebrate this awesome step your son is able to take now. Nurse any sorrow in a bowl of ice cream once, then move on. Surely you have new mom challenges on your plate--go at them, doing the best you can.
  9. Yeah, my dds like American Eagle also--as does almost every high schooler where I work! I won't even try them because I don't want to look like I'm trying to look like a high schooler, so I go for the Mom brands. Eddie Bauer is my favorite but I also have some Lands End.
  10. We always planned to only homeschool through 8th grade, and I would say that is the most common approach here. It is hard to homeschool high school well--I can teach anything through an 8th grade level, math through 12th, and I would do better than a mediocre teacher at most subjects, but there is no way I can match a good specialist for AP science classes, English, and Spanish. Our CC options are not at the level of excellence of a good high school honors/AP class, and the peer set is not a good match either. I do believe my kids' best opportunity was at our public high school. While there were some years when we had homeschool acquaintances and a co-op, they were mostly pretty lonely years. The last couple were hard, but I was determined to go through 8th grade. I see better now that that wasn't the only option. I am now enjoying my next stage of life; I can understand homeschool moms that are just tired and want to be at that next stage too, before they're in their 60's.
  11. Eddie Bauer straight leg mid-rise in short. I have several pair in various shades of blue.
  12. We have the smallest chest freezer and I think it was only $169 years ago at Sears. We've really gotten our money's worth! The right side goes down lower than the left, and at the bottom of that side 2e have stuff I never need (dh's collection of film even though he doesn't shoot film anymore, some curry SIL brought me from Malaysia years ago as a bag lasts a long time). On top of that are some of the vast collection of 2 quart bags of blueberries which I won't get to until next spring. Then some ziploc freezer bags of meat cuts that are rarer treats (steaks). Then I bought 2 plastic freezer box things--one has 1 lb hamburger sleeves, one has the 2-breast packs of chicken breasts from Costco. The basket insert fits over all of this and that is currently full of half pint freezer jars of peaches. The left side has the bottom up higher (I think the motor is under it). The back has 2 rows of frozen blueberries (we have 40 quarts this year which is probably 10 too much). The front has some butter, bacon, cheese. There is a little more meat between this stuff and the chicken/hamburger bins. It's completely full right now as it has the full year supply of blueberries, but as we use that up we have more room to stack some Costco boxes on the left side--fudgesicles, taquitos, etc.
  13. I found the 11 cup Cuisinart for $75 or $80 at Macy's on Black Friday last year. I've been happy with it but I don't use it much--mostly salsa and the occasional pie dough.
  14. OP, I'm sorry you're going through this. We've had a rough couple of seizure weeks here too. My 22 yo has had seizures all her life. Neuro wanted to try weaning her off 1 of 3 anti-seizure meds and it went well for awhile. Until it didn't. Didn't get completely off that one, had to increase another, seizures better but not back to her recent level of control. All that to say I understand the stress! Hope you get answers soon. In the meantime, have him practice excellent sleep habits. We have our worst problems when her sleep gets messed up. Speaking of which, I better go give her her evening meds and get her to bed.
  15. And no smoke! (August has been pretty smoky from forest fires in recent years)
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