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  1. A man mentioned at church this morning that his wife is in the hospital, and she had to be transferred up to Portland because our hospital is full. I'm guessing it's flu season stuff, but we're already at capacity without any COVID19 going on here.
  2. I've given up sweets for Lent pretty much every year since I was a teen. It's not easy for me, but I do go back to it every year. It reminds me of sacrifice the whole season (though especially the first week or two) and it does make Easter that much more joyous. It also has health benefits--I feel better getting off the sugar and usually lose a couple of pounds. I wish I could maintain it as a more regular lifestyle, but at least I get a reset every year. It's a family thing here--we all go off sugar. I will make an exception or two that I define ahead of time, like we'll visit college kid next weekend and we just might go out for ice cream. But no casual, unplanned cheats.
  3. In the high school where I work, the secretary and administrative staff work most of June and all of August but have the month of July off. I bet your schedule would be similar.
  4. I'm wondering if that's where we stayed? Can't remember, but we were walking distance to Times Square and the bus station. Maybe it was a Hampton Inn. I do remember that it included free breakfast buffet--it turned out to be a really good deal. But the room was the size of a postage stamp. It really didn't sleep 5 (plus a wheelchair). But maybe you have 2 rooms for that price.
  5. Not much, but a few little ideas. You mentioned holes in kids' pajamas. In our local area, one solution to that is putting a request out on our free economy FB page. The idea is to reduce the need to buy new (more from an environmental/anti-consumerist viewpoint), so people offer up or request items they have/need for others. Kids' clothes in particular are often posted. When one person needs something, there is quite often someone else trying to clear clutter who is happy to share. Some parents organized a childrens' clothing swap 4 times a year too. My other thought is wondering if you already get all the support possible for Benny. When my dd was 15 we finally got into a state program that provides assistance to families who have intensive medical needs. She got a medicaid card then (otherwise would have happened at 18) and one of the biggest benefits was just getting diapers paid for. All her medical copays are now covered by medicaid (our health insurance is the primary). The program paid for the conversion costs of our conversion van. And a biggie was respite care. If you have a case manager (ours is through our county health department's developmental disabilities program), you might see if there are any more helps available that you aren't getting now. They might be able to brainstorm on the formula costs. I've heard that in some situations/states, a parent can be paid for caring for their disabled child. Worth asking about. Do you have good high schools? You might consider putting your older kids in public school if it's good. Easy for me to say--that was always our schooling plan all along. It's worked well for our dds. I'm sorry that you have all of this dumped on you. It's a lot to go through, and I'll echo the vote for universal health care in our country.
  6. Well that sucks. I am so sorry. Praying for strength and wisdom for what lies ahead.
  7. I can't remember when I last posted, but I'm having a good reading year. Just finished How to be an Antiracist which was instructional for me. I am currently reading This is How You Lose the Time War. I'm enjoying the short chapters and epistolary element and I think I will enjoy the short length (~200 pages). There are details in the time travel fantasy that elude my understanding, but overall I'm enjoying the book. My 2020 reads thus far:
  8. We did a lot of that on two different vacations. Loved it all. One thing I thought I'd mention is that there was a Historic Triangle pass at Williamsburg that allowed admission into Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown any time. I think we were there for a week--not sure if there is a shorter version. It was nice because we could come and go at Williamsburg for instance when we wanted a break from the heat or needed to give disabled dd a nap. And of course it was a lot cheaper than buying separate admissions. The season for family/educational vacations is finite. This is money very well spent. Enjoy the quality time and memories with your son!
  9. I take a multi and I do additional C and D during cold and flu season. I haven't had even a mild cold this year, which is really unusual working in a school. I do also wash my hands before I eat at school.
  10. It's definitely not mono (a virus). The hospital did identify the bacterium. She took the whole course of antibiotics and knows that is important. She laid low for a few days but I think as soon as she was feeling better she got back to not enough sleep, too much stress, etc. I'm sure she didn't change her toothbrush; dh thought of that last night and I mom-spammed her today with lots of advice--change toothbrush, clean hydroflask well, clean your retainer well, etc.
  11. Before this year, dd had never had tonsillitis that I'm aware of. So this is something new. I guess we'll see what happens after this round of antibiotics.
  12. I had my dh get me a dutch oven for Christmas, specifically for making round loaves of bread. I got a ceramic 4 qt one from King Arthur Flour. I like that size for bread, but I could see getting a bigger one and a cast iron one for more general cooking purposes too. You might have fun perusing the KAF website. I also got cinnamon chips with my order and used their recipe for cinnamon chip bread, but did a nice round loaf in my dutch oven. I was thrilled that it tasted so much like Great Harvest Bread's cinnamon chip loaf--our most local store closed and that was our favorite for French toast.
  13. My college kid was hospitalized for several days 3 weeks ago with acute tonsillitis and bacteria got in her blood so she needed IV antibiotics. Then another week of oral antibiotics. She's a week past finishing those and she got sick yesterday. Not as bad as before, but acute tonsillitis again. They have her back on oral antibiotics and a referral to see an ENT. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this. Is it more likely that she just needed to be on antibiotics a bit longer or that she will need to have a tonsillectomy? My brother used to get strep every year or multiple times a year and eventually had his tonsils out as an adult--no more problems. But I have never had strep and this isn't strep anyway--some other bacteria. This is just my stress and anxiety trying to logic through what is going on. Thanks for any insight.
  14. There was just an article about this in our newspaper. I would tend to think someone stole the number at the store. It's a popular scam, especially around the holidays.
  15. I'm sure my pro-flu-shot view is highly influenced by two things. 1) My dad'a a pulmonologist who in his hospital work would treat the sickest patients. When H1N1 came around the first time in 2009 he was quite impassioned about all of his adult kids getting the vaccine as soon as it was available. This out of his compassion, fear, and frustration trying to keep alive a young pregnant patient who had contracted it and was in the ICU. That's just one of many of his examples for us to always get the flu shot just based on what he saw going on at the hospital. 2) We also have a severely disabled dd with a seizure disorder. The only time she has ever had a seizure we couldn't stop at home was when she had some virus (maybe flu) when she was 2. After getting the seizure stopped at the ER, her pediatrician urged us to always get flu shots for the whole family to protect her. In 20 years now, we've always all had flu shots and none of us have had the flu. It's also easy for me to say get the flu shot because it's always been free for us with our medical insurance. And we have no adverse reactions. I do think it should be free for everyone, but that's a whole 'nother story.
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