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  1. Was this the first time she had a seizure? Unfortunately I have way too much experience with seizures. I know how scary it is, particularly when it's not been part of your normal. And I know that feeling of hoping to get the information that will explain everything. I do hope you find out more about what's going on and can get your dd to a level of stability with seizures and with her other challenges.
  2. Did my 30 min on the treadmill this morning. Sunday is officially my rest day, but I did place some more pavers yesterday for our second, longer path. That counts as weight lifting, right? We got far enough along to figure out we need to go buy more pavers for the last 4' or so of path. Got the salad made this morning: spinach, romaine, cukes, grape tomatoes, turkey, red pepper, and I'll add salad toppings and Italian dressing. This weekend I did not do salads at lunch but I did have them at dinner (and I usually don't have them at dinner when I have them for lunch). I'm still getting a salad
  3. For the late teen data set, my dd's symptoms were the same as mine. The whole family had no reaction other than a sore arm to the first Pfizer vaccine. For the second shot, 18yo dd and I were both down the next day with chills, fatigue, and I had fever but dd never checked since the thermometer was way out in the living room with me. Dh had nothing more than just a touch of fatigue later in the day on the day after the 2nd shot. Disabled dd was hard to tell--I left her in bed with toys and music since I was not well and she sounded happy enough.
  4. I finished both The Lager Queen of Minnesota and Leave the World Behind this week. I found The Lager Queen to be an easy, maybe even a comfort read. Leave the World Behind kept me reading, but not in an easy, comfort kind of way. Some kind of apocalyptic thing is happening, but you never find out exactly what. And I decided by the end that I don't like the author's crude, sexualizing writing style. I just started The Other Bennet Sister last night which will focus on Mary and I think give her a better life than you would expect from Pride and Prejudice. Should be a comfort read. Looks lon
  5. Well, the morning mocha has become a habit (but most especially the 15 minutes of peace while sipping it on the sofa). This from a non-coffee drinker (it's too bitter for me without making it in milk and adding chocolate). Then there's the Saturday evening cocktail--this from someone who doesn't really drink alcohol, but there are a few drinks I like. And again, I think it's more the time to step away from everything even if just for a few minutes. Share a few calm moments with dh while we work on our patio projects. I'm sorry life is hitting you hard right now.
  6. Did Yoga for Courage this morning. Of course I choose it for how long it takes, but Yoga for Courage is definitely applicable to work challenges these days. 10 more weeks to the school year and it's going to be a long 10 weeks. We're in the midst of changing schedules from online-only to hybrid, which is online in the morning and a little bit of in-person by cohorts in the afternoon. And after the state of OR agreed with CDC's new "kids can be 3' apart instead of 6' apart" guidance, we will only be in hybrid for 2 weeks before we go back to full in-person with everyone (no cohorts). But with s
  7. During the hours of leading up to totality, you watch the moon slowly creep over the sun through your safety glasses. Just watch a few seconds at a time. You notice the quality of light changing around you--everything seems sharper, crisper, more in focus.
  8. Dh combined many photos into this one. He got just one great shot at totality but I don't seem to have it on my computer (it's pretty much the center photo here).
  9. We were lucky to live in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse. What an incredible experience! If you live in driving distance to the path of totality, do make plans to be in that path. For us, nothing will ever match the ease of walking to our wide-open neighborhood park and hanging out for hours with friends and neighbors to experience the eclipse. Dh is the family photographer--I think he had 3 cameras set up, most pointing skyward. But this is my iphone panorama shot during totality, and it's my favorite for capturing the feel of the event (yes, the horizon stays light during tot
  10. 30 min on the treadmill this morning. Planning on a taco salad for lunch but I've done zero prep. Maybe I'll go get the chicken out of the freezer. I had a short season of running 5k's (slowly) before plantar fasciitis stopped my brilliant running career. The winners were always women around 50--not the young college kids. One in particular that I know is probably 5-10 years older than me and amazingly fast.
  11. We didn't go to appointments when shutdown first began a year ago. We did do dental appointments over the summer--it felt relatively safe. I purposefully did no appointments during the big surge (Nov-Jan). I started up with appointments again in Feb after being vaccinated. And I had a cavity in a front tooth, 18yo had a cavity, disabled dd had a lot of tartar build-up (she hadn't been in a year and a half). It was good to go. In your shoes, I would go. Your first shot provides some protection and dental and doctors' offices have had very good procedures (at least here).
  12. Did my dumbbell workout today. I like how I don't clock-watch with that one, even though it's one of my longer workouts. Today will just be a little side salad at lunch--cucumbers and grape tomatoes. But I think I might also make a spinach salad at dinner to go with our sandwiches.
  13. Did a dance workout today. I'm planning on a chicken caesar salad for lunch but have prepped nothing in advance. Except I got a little grilled chicken out of the freezer.
  14. I actually did this two years ago. There was a measles outbreak in OR, and I was pretty concerned that I was born in that 4 year window when the shot first came out and they aren't sure it was effective. When I talked it over with my doctor, he also told me that after an outbreak in the late eighties/early nineties, they decided children needed two shots, not just one. So everyone born before then may be somewhat at risk. It didn't matter so much when almost everyone was vaccinated, but with more people not vaccinating, we have more outbreaks now. Anyway, he said the easiest thing to do was ju
  15. Living in a college town, I sincerely hope there will be a vaccine requirement this fall. What happens at the college affects the entire community. Their case numbers were keeping our county in the highest risk category this winter (almost all cases were in the 18-29 age range), and the result was that restaurants couldn't open, k-12 students couldn't go back to school, parents couldn't go to their kids' sporting events when those started back up, etc. But other nearby counties were in lower categories and were able to do these things. It's more than just me being safe because I'm vaccinated;
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