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  1. Hello, My dc has finally been labelled gifted. They are logical, math-oriented, remembers anything you tell them(except spelling it seems!) and hates writing of any sort. They love reading encyclopedias and learning facts. Our kindergarten year was interest led but they will be in first grade and I’m hoping to really help them succeed but I’m feeling very inadequate. I’m hoping for minimal writing curriculums that are secular. Here’s what I’m thinking for next year: Morning Basket with all: Canadian History, First Nations, Geography, People of the World, World History, Poetry memorization, Picture Study, Nature Study Miquon math & Life of Fred(already started this last year) Grammar Galaxy or FLL Handwriting Without Tears Keyboarding Without Tears All About Spelling Aesops Fables for narration Sassafras Science(not my fave but I think they’ll love it) Is this too much? Usually we don’t do this much for first grade but I’m trying to challenge and keep them busy. We are also more leaning Charlotte Mason as we go along BUT I think he might do better with WTM? Just a bit frazzled!
  2. Hi, I have a very active 5 year old who I will start homeschooling in September. Her birthday is in January so she'll be 5.5. We live in Canada. I wish I could get on board with the Charlotte Mason approach but the whole zero writing until 4th grade idea and how she uses dictation just seems very foreign to me so it's a mix of classical/Charlotte Mason. Phonics - Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading - 4 days a week Math - JUMP Math K - 4 days a week Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears K - 2 days a week Art - Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World - using activities that correspond with our social studies - 1 day a week Poetry Memorization - Random House Book of Poetry for Children - 4 days a week Social Studies - Children Just Like Me - will be adding living books from the different countries we encounter as well - 3 days a week every other week Science - DK Smithsonian Animal Encyclopedia - will be adding living books from any animal that she seems to take an interest in. - 3 days a week every other week Nature Study - 1 day a week Is this too much?
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