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  1. Every few years my mom asks about how the kids are getting socialization. I usually roll my eyes in response. As an introvert I need decompression time even from interacting with the grocery pickup person. I'm just curious how many sports/Activities do your kids do in a week? I honestly feel run off our feet by "socialization" during the week and can't imagine having kids in school too. Monday afternoons we go to the library or do other errands. This is also the day we try and schedule drs appts. Friday we go to the grandparents house and pick up groceries or go somewhere like a field trip. Wednesday is our home day. No errands, no appts, no activities. 8th Grader - Equestrian 2x a week, Art class 1x a week 6th Grader - Girl Guides 1x a week, Art class 1x a week 5th Grader - Karate, swimming lessons 1x a week 5th Grader - Archery 1 to 2x a week, swimming lessons 1x a week Kindy - Girl Guides 1x a week, swimming lessons 1x a week
  2. Ended up getting - clothing for the girls - Pilsbury gluten free funfetti cake Mix - - regular Betty Crocker strawberry cake Mix - Mother's Animal Cookies - nature's Bakery Strawberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars - Nature's Bakery GF Raspberry Bars We are on our way home now.
  3. Myself and my two oldest girls are going shopping in Watertown today. So, of course we are going to Target. What are some things we should get? I am gluten free but they are not. *We are Canadian but we live about an hours drive north of the border.
  4. My 6yo is obsessed with Zoey & Sassafrass, Secret Explorers, Magic Treehouse, Magical Animal Adoption Agency. What other books series are we missing that she might like?
  5. I will buy Hagen Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream when it goes on sale at Walmart for a mom splurge too.
  6. Avocados are a splurge(that we buy anyways!) Because we like them and we eat a lot of Mexican food. The mangoes are a splurge because my kids could easily eat 2-3 in a sitting 🤣. At $1.50 a piece with a dozen minimum thats $18.
  7. Avocado, mangoes, dried mangoes for kids. I will buy myself special cheese for myself as a treat. Saint Andre is my favourite.
  8. I agree. My husband and kids are so excited though so I will just pretend and stay in my house.
  9. Even my pickiest eaters will eat olives, soy sauce and sauerkraut. Most of my kids hate: applesauce, pudding, green/yellow beans, mushrooms, onions.
  10. My husband decided to make banana bread this morning. My kids normally eat muffins no problem but apparently 2 of my kids dont like the "crust" on banana bread. Luckily the other 4 are eating their crust.
  11. Ghostbusters 2: "Don't worry. She's tough. She's a harbor Chick." It gets us through any dr appt or tricky time with the kids.
  12. My Kindergartener has finished 100EZ lessons. We are just buddy reading and using Explode The Code. She has finished her Handwriting Without Tears so we are using Explode the Code for Handwriting, phonics & spelling. She seems to be quite good at spelling so now I'm thinking All about Spelling may be overkill for next year. I may just have her do Handwriting without Tears and Explode The Code and re-evaluate for second semester. I'm also really drawn back to Brave Writer Darts for 2nd grade for her but I am not entirely sure since kids change so much when they are little.
  13. But this is our hardest time for homeschooling. The weather is getting nice and so the kids want to be outside so we are doing bare minimum just to drag us to the middle of June. We do more typical school calendar here because we want to enjoy the sunshine in July & August.
  14. We have looked at Oak Meadow, Bookshark and Build Your Library. She is leaning towards Build Your Library 8 because she wants to do Story of Science. She doesn't love science and much prefers to read so I hope it's a good fit. Hoping to add in Encounter Canada Geography. I don't want to overwhelm her so I suggested Art and Home Ec as two electives that she would find enjoyable and "easy" to do and she seems fine with that. She may want to videography instead of Art but I think the bulk of her credits will be through Build Your Library.
  15. I had my youngest just 2 weeks after my 36th birthday. I'm glad that I was able to sleep through the night before I was 40 too 🤣
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