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  1. I waited tables all throughout college and a couple of years after. It was a fascinating view into human behavior. We always tip 20% and often more. There have been a couple of quirky servers for sure, but at the end of the day, I don’t have to cook or clean and someone is bringing me things, I get to sit and visit with whoever I’m with. When we stay at our table longer than a typical eat and go, I tip more. The server has a section and at the end of the night, they don’t make as much $ if their tables don’t turn over with a regular cadence. I try to consolidate our requests - okay, when the server comes back, what do we need? Napkins, drink refills, more ketchup? Etc. Keeping the server running around for one more thing every time they bring us one more thing means it will take their time away from other tables. I recently went with a friend and our kids who are friends with 7 of their friends (so 2 adults and 9 teenagers) to a pancake restaurant. The kids all got milkshakes that were buy 1 get 1 free. The mom and I decided to pay for their milkshakes so the kids wouldn’t have to figure the $ part out of splitting milkshake $ since the kids were each paying for themselves. I asked the kids if anyone needed help calculating tip and said they should leave 20%. The mom and I said we would tip well on our bill too at the beginning of our meal. We were there for 1.5 hours because the kids were having fun talking and being together. When it came time to pay, the kids didn’t trash the table, but there was a lot to clean up. The other mom barely left 20% and I left 30%. The extra 10% wasn’t a lot of money and the server did a good job on a larger party that stayed for a long time and was a lot of work.
  2. For me personally, I would prefer part time longer only because it would give me flexibility to travel and have more space for myself sooner. We never know when our mobility or abilities may change, and I would rather have some of that space and time as a younger person. Plus I would probably like the structure of part time as a transition.
  3. Congratulations! I also think it’s wonderful you are open to evaluating what is best for your DS as you go. Even if he stays in the US for most of the time, there could be long visits during breaks or seasons that he could take advantage of to enjoy the experience too.
  4. I can so relate to your exhaustion. DH was laid off right as we headed into lock down and my work got super busy. Like, working many extra hours a day no time to process anything busy. My PS child had a terrible year of virtual learning and I’ve had health stuff. Big changes in friend relationships. In hindsight, I should have taken time off when DH got a job so I could start to process things. I am exhausted.
  5. I couldn’t read and not respond....you are not alone. The last year has really given me so much inner growth and peace. But I feel like I don’t belong and I miss having meaningful and fulfilling friendships. I hope things get better for you.
  6. I am so sorry for your losses. Praying for you and your family and sending you many hugs!
  7. It could be low blood pressure - whenever I go to the doctor they ask if I’m a runner because my blood pressure is low (but not concerning while there). kbutton, I’m also going to ask about pernicious anemia. Thank you all for the suggestions and support! I will come back and update - going to call my GP this morning and go from there.
  8. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt, math teacher, and that hurtful actions continue. My mom also won’t wish me a happy Mother’s Day and until a couple of years ago expected to be doted on all day even though I have my own children. Me drawing boundaries has been hurtful to her. Interestingly, my DH’s sibling passed away unexpectedly a few years ago and she will text my MIL a sweet sympathy text but has never said anything to me or DH, even if we are in person with her on the day of.
  9. This is exactly it. The GP I have now has been the best of the lot but there have been gaps. I.e. she tested DH for Lyme but not with IGeneX test. He tested negative with the other test but had Lyme. But, she does listen and will make recommendations for other doctors to see. So, that’s a positive.
  10. Yes, agreed. I’m going to pause on driving until I’ve seen a doctor.
  11. Three to four times over the last three weeks I’ve had something like a micro / mini blackout. Three weeks ago, I was leaving a little shop with friends and it was like I blinked and realized I had spilt coffee all over myself. It happened again today and it was the most serious based on what was going on at the time. No commonalities from these episodes (have eaten, I’m hydrated,etc). Within the last 6 months I’ve had iron infusions which have “cured” my anemia but I’ve remained low on vitamin B and my white blood cell count has dropped the last three rounds of blood work over 2 years. I need to get this checked out, right? What kind of doctor should I see? I have pretty good insurance and don’t need a referral to see a specialist. But, I don’t want to bounce around from doctor to doctor.
  12. My dad gave each of his children a certain $ amount to go towards the wedding. My mom paid for the photographer. My in-laws gave us a really nice rehearsal dinner. MIL asked DH what item he loved the most on the registry and that was my bridal shower gift. It was really sweet and we used it for 16 years until it was disintegrating (bedding set). We have boys, but plan to contribute $ when they get married and would like to gift them something special too. Are they taking a honeymoon? Or planning on buying a house? Those things would give you options for gifts - special dinner or day trip; big purchase like a grill or stand mixer.
  13. We’ve been attending a church we’ve really liked for the last two years. We have only attended online since COVID, but they had returned to in person a few months ago. We went last week for the mid week service, and I’m so disappointed. People wore their masks until they were just inside the sanctuary, then took them off, shoved them in a pocket, sat right next to whoever and carried on. A family member that also attends there told me they aren’t worried about getting COVID in the house of the Lord. Do you wear your seat belt on your way to church?! What the heck 😡 and we as a family are back to online church.
  14. Miraculously none of us got it when DS had it a few weeks ago. DS was completely quarantined for 10 days after his symptoms started and he had been fever free for several days. I was a little nervous about going back to “normal” having him making food, hanging out with us, etc, but none of us got it. I hope you can ease back into a daily routine and he’s back to 100%!
  15. When we were house shopping 16 years ago, we tried to get a feel for the overall sense of community of our shortlisted neighborhoods by driving through morning, mid day and early evening. We were looking for pride in ownership and a place that was family oriented - were the houses decently maintained, were there kids outside playing, did people wave at others, etc. I would try to get a feel for how strict an HOA is and if that’s something I want. Are there things walkable if desired? How convenient are grocery stores and other stores I frequent.
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