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  1. I'm so curious now as what the heck happened. I know James Charles is an uber famous beauty vlogger, what does that have to do with school!!! Inquiring minds!
  2. I work Mon- Sat too, for about 3 months or so at the beginning I worked 7 days a week, that was rough but the beginning of their school year they were giving incentives like crazy, even better than they are doing now. I'm doing about 38 classes a week now. You have a sweet time zone if you don't like mornings. I start at 5:30 or 6. I was starting at 5 before the time change.
  3. That is great and you started in the slowest time of the year! I hit $1500 a month, I could make more if I wanted to work more, it is a definite boost to our budget. It takes some people time to get bookings but I got pretty lucky and it sounds like Sneezyone did too. It you don't mind the mornings it is a good gig, some kids are pains but I love most of my kids. You get to really know them.
  4. Ds used Right Start through E or G or something, to the point of pre-alg. Then he did BA, Jousting Armadillos, and AoPS pre-A. I've got plenty of experience with 'conceptual programs'. My dd1 switched to CLE at the end of last year and dd2 is switching next year. There are strengths and weaknesses to every program. Things like BA, SM, AoPS can be great but they can also be really awful for some, like those who need more practice and review, need more work on memorizing facts, and need things broken down into smaller steps. My dd2 has been using MiF but I just switched her to CLE as she finished her 3rd grade book and there are gaps (decimals), partly because every program has gaps but also because the mastery nature of MiF she has forgotten some things. I used to be on the conceptual program bandwagon but seeing it played out, don't even care. I've BTDT, they are not the pinnacle, they are not perfect. I plan on keeping my girls in CLE until it stops working, dd1 used 5th and 6th (selected parts because she started it after doing most of Saxon 5 and breaking down) and starts 7th next year. Dd2 is starting CLE4 and dd3 is using Horizons now b/c I had it on hand but I'll switch her the following year or whenever it is I run out of books, Horizons and CLE are similar but I do like CLE better.
  5. Guys, thanks for all the great info. Today's been BUSY but I'm hoping to pore through all the info and think of new questions to ask.THANKS so much!!! You guys are the best.
  6. VIPKID I work for VIPKID, you have to have a Bachelor's Degree and some experience working with kids (which as a hs mom qualifies you), the hours are early except the weekends. I've been with them for 7 months and make more than I thought I would, the kids are sweet and it has been a big help to us. I work in the mornings mostly before the girls get up, right now I work from 5:30-8:30/9, Mon- Sat.
  7. LOL, a cousin that has been to Rome also said we needed to get a gelato every time we could. We plan to eat out once or so every country. I do have a small crossbody bag. I'm looking for shoes, I'd like one pair more stylish for things like church and visiting nicer places but also good for walking and another pair for days when we're hiking out of cities that are more waterproof. I have some shoes now obviously, but I don't know that any will be exactly right for the traveling, either too nice and not comfy enough for walking or not waterproof. I've been checking out Rick Steve's info since it was posted here, hopefully I can get some of his books from the library. Thanks for the heads up on Ocado and the grocery stores, that is a huge help. It looks like their will be grocery stores at least somewhat close to our apartment but I will certainly consider food delivery it might work out for the best. Dh noticed a ton of Aldi's when looking at maps of Ireland so that is one less thing to worry about there (although we likely won't have kitchen access in places we're staying there since we are hopping around to different places. Thank you for the heads up, that is cool, we'll pop in if we have time. I did look some at the British Museum, it sounds really cool, it's on our back-up list. This is our current Rome list we have- (some of these are rather small but so close to other things we thought it would be silly to not at least checkout. We've been going through and looking at admittance times/days and cost, we're hoping to bet some of the crowds with the 2 biggies by hitting them in off times. I think just about everyone we would call would be on a landline. Roman Forum Palatine Hill Arch of Constantine Colosseum Pantheon Piazza Novana Trevi Fountain Spanish Steps St. Peter's Sistene Chapel Thanks for the heads-up about candy at the airport, that didn't occur to me, we have to bring home some for sure. Thanks for the info about the taxis too. I hope you have a wonderful time on your tour! You'll have to update when you are done. When is your trip? I told dh I want our next trip to be to Asia, probably China (since I work with Chinese kids via VIPKID and would love to visit some students but that might be better to do on my own someday) but there are so many Asian countries I'd like to visit. We're hoping/planning to take the kids on a family vaca overseas in a few years, we'll see if we can pull this off. We started with a trip through Groupon, not a tour group but it was all planned hotels and flights BUT once we went to finalize our plans then they added on 36%, so that's when we just decided to plan it all on our own. So, at least we get to pick exactly where we want to go and for us it is at least $2k in savings, here's hoping we pull it off, it is very nervewracking doing it all on our own but after that fell through we thought the h*ll with it, we'll just do it on our own and there happened to be good prices on London tickets at the time. Thanks for the info, I hadn't thought of photocopying my passport but have now read this elsewhere as well!!
  8. LOL, actually it is on the list, just forgot to list it and Buckingham Palace. We just have Tracfone, quick googling says we can use it but no clue if that is actually true or the details, we have to research that. re: transaction fees- We've already checked our primary card and it does not have any, we've not checked our secondary card yet. LOL, yes very good point!!! I know we'll have to think about when to arrange for phone calls, it will be hard with the time difference!
  9. I agree with chili powder, cumin, and chipolte powder. I add chili at a 2 to 1 to cumin and just a bit of chipolte, gives it more depth. Always yes on the garlic!
  10. I do love the idea of a some Christmas ornaments, that would be simple and something to be used for years.
  11. Very good point about medical care for the kids, that is something we'll have to make sure is settled, we do have back-up care!!!! I bet that was a bit scary. We were planning 2 CC's just in case, we planned on getting some Euros and pounds for London but no clue how much we need. WE're going to pay for most stuff ahead of time but some things, like a taxi that won't work. Dd3 did ask for some Brittish candy!
  12. Thanks for the info! No, I was not planning on packing shorts for Rome, I was thinking I needed elbows and knees covered for there (and from what I can see it doesn't look like Ireland or London will be warm enough for shorts), certainly no flip flops, we're doing too much walking for that anyway. Dh thought about talking to the kids over Skype or something, I believe places we are staying have wifi.
  13. Thanks Laura, we are staying around Putney near a tube station. The plan so far was to do a day for Stonehenge and Bath tour. Then the other 2 1/2 days for walking tours. We were thinking we would take the tube to our first attraction walk around from here to there and a tube back to our apartment. I think we mapped it out it was around 6 miles total, which didn't seem bad to us, especially spread over a couple of days. So far on our list- Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace, London Eye (not sure that we wanted to go up in it), Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Picadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey. Hmmm, we'd planned to just do a taxi, coming to and from the airport to save time but we'll see how the time works out.
  14. Thank you guys, so many good ideas already! Does anyone know about the London Pass and Oyster Travel Card? We're trying to figure out if that is worthwhile. Thanks for the heads up on the card, we'll make sure they are ready to go. Good point on the shoes, dh has water proof shoes and I need to get some. Thank you for confirming our suspicions about our layover time. Thanks for the heads up on the app, checking that out now. We are only driving in Ireland and it does not require an international license. Yep, we're prepared to drive a manual, we both used to have stick shifts and are good with that! We just won't be able to do everything b/c we have limited time- 3 days each in London and Rome and 2 days in Ireland so we are picking and choosing what to do. We'd love to go to Pompeii too but I think we've already got our time planned out, but we'll keep it in mind. Good info about security and great reminder about the bathroom. I'm LOL'ing at the disposable undies, I'll consider it though, that's worth considering. Thank you for the rec. I do have a smallish cross body purse but didn't think it would be good to bring. I'll check out his site and books.
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