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  1. I juiced regularly for a couple of years. I had an Omega juicer like @AngelaGT. It was not all that hard to clean up as long as you did it right after juicing. I primarily juiced vegetables too. In the end it wasn't worth it to me to continue- it is a lot of money to juice very much, clean up although not a ton is still there. Eta: There are obviously far worse things a kid could drink. If he wanted to do it I'd get him in the habit of immediately disassembling and washing off the equipment directly after using it.
  2. I am adamantly against purity culture and all the slut shaming of girls that brings with it. But I'm also not a fan of the attitude that teen sex is inevitable and NBD. My parents had this attitude and I wish they had not been so whatever about it. There are a lot of consequences to sex that have nothing to do with religion. Disease and pregnancy are obliviously the big ones. For me personally, the bigger issue was the emotional one. Too often girls are used for sex and discarded. I am here to support my kids being safe but I will not be encouraging them to have sex as minors like it is an act without consequences. Ultimately, it is their choice. I am not going to keep my kids locked up but I also won't put them in situations that encourage sex.
  3. Of the ones I know that have had the vaccine and that are conservative (1) has significant health problems (5-family) got it because of travel requirements, and (1) low risk but think of it as protecting others, college educated and very much stay out of extreme politics. My husband leans conservative but due to my being more liberal ends up towards the center on some things and is not a fan of one certain politician- he is vaccinated and is one of the few at his work although they had a clinic at work with time off for everyone to get vaccinated.
  4. Yes, this, there is a definite political divide, but also education and race too.
  5. Great progress on regaining the strength. Very nice to get new weights (I was just looking and dreaming today but will have to wait until next month and more funds since I just got shoes). It is very annoying to use smaller weights on the barbell. We had bumper plates at the gym in both 10# and 35# which were a big help to moving up without being so dang low.
  6. Ds got his school shopping done and dd got a pair of shoes and tshirt. Dd still needs at least 1 new pair of shorts, another pair of shoes, and more tshirts but that will have to wait until I budget more next pay check. I've been working way more than usual this month. I think I'll have enough this check to top of my vaca savings, taxings for Sep, and put a bit into the 'new' car fund. I refuse to buy anything for Christmas this early for my kids. They change their minds a million times about they want between now and then!
  7. No walk yesterday, instead I spent my time doing some (light) work outside. Got in steps and was productive, win/win. Today is full body weights workout and bicep add-on- an hour total. Might go to the lake (I keep saying that and not going so we'll see). It is back to blistering hot so it is quite miserable.
  8. I have the TC5. Capacity is about 2/3rd of my previous washer but it is less than half the wash time at 30ish minutes for a regular load (what I do almost all the time). Capacity is more than sufficient for our family of 6 and on the plus side I don't have to worry about loads taking forever to dry, washing full loads in my previous washer would take over an hour to wash and 2+ hrs to dry (certainly not energy efficient). ETA: I had no desire for a front load machine with the reports I'd read on mildew being an issue. (sure seems like some people must make commissions on washing machines or something)
  9. Yes!!! I get that. I didn't get nearly enough done in June. Too much stress. It catches up to you. Like you I thought I'd get to the I don't give a damn age, but guess not.
  10. Sounds wonderful, glad you enjoyed your time. ___________________________ rest day here- will do stretching and quick core workout (10ish min). Want to get to a different park for a walk- hoping to get out the door this am as my teaching schedule is light today.
  11. Oh, re the size- my previous washer was the largest residential washer I could find locally. The Speed Queen won't fit my big thick king comforter but everything else fits fine. The smaller loads dry more quickly so that is a big plus
  12. We went with the Speed Queen this spring after our 14 yr old needed an expensive repair. It is way faster and does well cleaning. I went with the model that I could open mid-cycle, I love that feature. We bought it for the warranty and durability.
  13. I'm glad to hear your back is doing well with the lifting. Have fun on your zoom call 🙂 _____________ Workout done. Primarily bodyweight today(only 2 exercises with weights), trisets alternating between isometric (holds) and plyometric (jump) moves. The lunge finisher was as advertised sets of various lunges (20) and static lunges (20) each for a minute, so sometimes there was a break and sometimes not. My legs are toast, no weights needed! Need to do food prep- hoping to do a taco bowl for lunches.
  14. Yes, it was just like Black Friday! Ds said he got the last of the kind he wanted. He got the alert in the middle of the night (night owl) and left here around 4:30a. He didn't want to wake us up earlier than 4! I was very nervous he would drive all that way and he wouldn't get one.
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