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  1. That is great you can help out your family member while they wait for money. I know labwork can add up so quickly, it is crazy. I used to get it free with orders through dh's clinic at work, I would get so much more done but they cut services and don't do it anymore. I'm much more picky with what they do but sometimes you don't have a choice. I need to be placing some pick-up orders for books too, I've been working on school planning but haven't got that far. Awesome that your dh is getting OT today too! Is he working all day? Mine was hoping to just be in there a couple of hour
  2. OH, you mean counting the last 2, I see. I'm with you, I hope it is being used wisely. I know many have no choice but to spend on necessities with reduced income and increased expenses this year, it is a needed lifeline to pay for bills.
  3. OH, you mean with the tax credit too? I was like I'm not getting that much at all. I guess we'll see, it seems likely there will more than likely some negotiation and things will get whittled down from there.
  4. Good job planning it out. I hope we all have a great year this year! One can hope, last year was a roller coaster for us. Things have looked up since dh's company was bought out, I'm hoping that continues. I just did the math and all savings gals for the year equal to half our take home (not accounting for OT which varies). -EFund(Phase 1), European Family Vaca, Health-house-car- sinking funds, Shop Savings I have some other goals too, those equal to about 20% of take home pay. -bigger eFund, expanded car fund, more retirement savings That doesn't account for ou
  5. Received another medical bill- looks like my total for the last week of December- which was the abdominal ultrasound, thyroid bloodwork, Urgent Care vist+ labs is $43.12. That is actually less than I was expecting. My urgent care bill was $205 and insurance paid $200, my portion is supposed to be 10%, so I don't understand but that is what BCBS says and what the hospital billed me. I've not received all of my bills so I'm waiting until all the ones from the hospital come in so I can pay them at one time. And the $410 bill that I've now called about twice is still showing denied. Now, I'm
  6. Thanks for the rec, sounds interesting. We had a bazillion dental appointments too, hopefully wrapping them up this month. Our dental insurance pays fillings at 50% too, the root canals are at 80% though (thank goodness). At least the food was good, now you know where you want to go next time you have a night out. Maybe they have specials some time. _________________________________ re: Insurance- We've had 2 payouts for the house I can remember. The first was for the house fire, they sent us some money right away for a place to stay while we rebuilt. Then we got the big check f
  7. I premake lunch most weeks, it is an easy way to get a healthy meal without making something every day. LOL. I've never been around yaks but even the taste and smell of cow's milk I find revolting. I will eat some cheese and yogurt but can't stand cow's milk. ____________________ Some yoga planned for today for the day I missed. Hopefully, a walk. Plan to make some muffins this am. More soup for lunch and homemade bread. I made some chicken liver pate so I'll have that for a snack. I used to eat it regularly but haven't in ages. I'm cleaning out the freezer so I ha
  8. Short walk in the snow flurries. ❄️
  9. Have you looked at Ellen Mchenry units? I just noticed the 1-4th in the title I think her titles would probably be too old but I'll leave it up in case you want to check out her things. https://ellenjmchenry.com/
  10. I ordered a Brother Laserjet 5 yrs ago in November. It could use a drum replacement but I'm waiting for it to entirely give out before replacing it. At the time it was recommended here and had good reviews. I paid $550 then on sale, I don't remember the usual cost. Of course, the cartridges run out but generic have worked just fine. I like the option to be able to print large amounts and in color.
  11. I would not have been able to isolate a 5yr old to their room. For a day or 2 maybe, for 2 weeks straight, no. I felt horrible for ds and he is 16. My youngest at 8 would struggle. At 5 she was still scared to go to the bathroom by herself. Maybe in the summer when we could spend some time outside - where it would be possible to talk from afar but still see people. I think for most 5 yr olds this would be very rough. I'd not want to do it unless the kid was a teen unless I absolutely had to.
  12. I worry greatly too about the long term effects which makes me want that Efund all the more. _____________________ I started working on school planning for next year too. Aiming to keep costs low and use what I can of what I already have. The list is looking good so far and within budget- aiming for $300. ______________________ I think I mentioned ds got speakers for Christmas, they got the speaker box in and it is not wanting to fit. Dh thinks he may be able to get it in if he entirely takes out the backseat (and puts it back after installing). Fingers crossed that is the
  13. The last Christmas gift arrived yesterday. It was ordered on November 23rd from Amazon and shipped from the United States. Tracking stopped updating on Dec 16th. As mentioned before it was only 2 hrs away from me on Dec 7th I believe, from there it should have went to my local post office but for reasons unknown instead went further away. It arrived in good shape and was nicer than expected. It had said it could be this late, although I don't understand why it was supposed to take so long, but gotta love USPS.
  14. Freezer inventory this morning, I've got a little over 2 weeks until I get half a beef. I have to be strategic with meals and empty the freezer as much as I can. After these 2 weeks I'll still have 6 bags of chicken thighs (bought on mark down and portioned to meal sizes), and 3 venison roasts (plan to use these for homemade jerky). I'll probably still have some cooked ham in the freezer too as we can never eat a whole one before tiring of it (will see if MIL wants to share in this meal- she is not big on homecooked food but maybe). Upcoming 2 weeks meals (this week already posted):
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