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  1. Op, I hope some of the info here resonates and is helpful to you. The depression and anxiety will make it where he doesn't want to do school or try, btdt. It will be hard to unravel what is him not wanting to do things is due to that and what is due to a teen boy who finds school pointless. Until the depression and anxiety are treated it might be impossible. Does he have any opinion on staying in school or hsing? It is a shame mental health services and treatment are so difficult.
  2. I've been wanting a sign for the front porch but when I priced them they were $30+, which is not in my budget right now. I decided to make my own and had a board in the shop just the right size. I also have some leftover paint from house painting and projects last year. I'm hoping to get it started today.
  3. many many hugs! I'm walking a similar road although mine hasn't refused school (he likes to go to see friends) getting him to do work this year has been a challenge and I'm ending the year hoping we get credits for all his classes. I hope that you can get treatment that works for him and he can start feeling better very soon. I'd consider pulling him to hs as well. If you can't get him to do work or even go to school he will fail classes and not get credit anyway. At home, you can tweak what you do for school and shift the school year as needed. At this point, I'd not even care if th
  4. OUrs is the same, accepted on the 12th. Did you get your stimulus? We haven't but I expect that is because our tax return is in limbo land. I have no hope of reaching them by phone. My brother didn't get his stimulus for many months last year and never could reach them on the phone. I'll have to shift some money from the vaca fund to cover the rest of the shop costs if the tax refund doesn't come in by summer, same with money for our little vaca in May.
  5. Nope! Or the bonus dh is supposed to get. I reconciled the budget today (usually do at least a few times a week). Somehow I had messed up the transactions for cashback on my CC's. Not sure what I was thinking. Got that all lined out and all transactions entered. Need to make a grocery list and menu for tomorrow. ____________________ I still need to make an inventory and list of spring clothes. Ds probably doesn't need much of anything but socks. Dd1 will go through her own things and tell me. The younger two I need to look at. Prime membership costs go through this week but
  6. Can't remember when I checked in. I got a nice walk with the girls at the Lake on Friday. Took a rest day on Saturday. Did a family walk yesterday along with some yard work. I'm planning more yard work today and some strength work.
  7. Happy Birthday! That sounds like a delicious meal, yumm! Snow showers, eek! We're having days of 80 degree weather here. 3 weeks to go, you are nearly there. Congratulations on the weight loss and continuing with exercise! Ya! You are so close!!! Mercy, that does sound very stressful. Good job to your daughter, that is awesome!
  8. I went through the budget again and did some adjustments. I've tried keeping more money in the health and vehicle fund but I've had so many expenses there and many more coming. I decided to go ahead and let it go- I've got a little bit left in there but it might well end up zeroed out by the end of the month.. Once we hit deductible it will be much easier and we can build it back up. For now I'm going to be happy if I can cash flow them without hitting any of my other funds. I think after I get my vaca funded I'll use my check to hit the med fund hard so I'm ahead. I want to have it fully fund
  9. Thank you. We're well past the point of therapy as optional for kids, otherwise I'd not be nearly so stressed. We're addressing issues but these things take time. I've got no desire for therapy myself and am spending enough on medical expenses right now as it is!
  10. I'm so sorry. I hope someone here has some good info for you, that sounds absolutely miserable.
  11. Thank you all for letting me vent. I need to externally process but I hadn't been able to. It has been raw and painful and there hasn't been a space for it. As a Mom being emotionally supportive, unconditionally loving, and as physically present as one can for my kids in their time of need there isn't a lot of room for my feelings. I needed to get it out without hearing what I should or shouldn't feel and do. I've felt so much -fear- hurt- humiliation- resentment-anger- guilt. Lots of ugly feelings and thoughts. When the kids were small I remember it was this huge
  12. thank you ladies (hugs) all around
  13. My son and I got left over vax at a mass vax site. We received an email around a week prior to the event for the 2nd dose. At the mass sites here they have an event then 3 wks later (for Pfizer) they come back and it is just for boosters then (or first shots if they have no shows).
  14. I can't even catch my breath this year before some new, big, scary, stressful things happen. I don't have brainwaves leftover for pandemic stress. I apologize for being cryptic. I need to vent but some things aren't mine to share and it is still fresh and raw. It has been only a couple of weeks since the last big scary stressful event which is still ongoing (although seemingly improving- still scary as hell) and then today more big news that will have huge consequences. I hope I'm wrong but I foresee so many shattered relationships coming among other things. On a proactiv
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