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  1. soror

    June frugalistas

    frugal loses- had to throw out some food- some nectarines that went bad- I didn't pay close enough attention when I bought and the bag was not the best and then we were gone for the whole weekend and a lb of frozen turkey- again we were busy and then I kept forgetting to make it- frugal wins- went to the city and spent no money except gas- brought snacks and foods; have not made any extra trips to the grocery store So, we are going to the movies today. Mil gave me $10 from something I sold in her Flea Market booth that I forgot about, it had been months and I found another check I forgot to deposit- so we can go for less than $5. I could deposit both but it would mean a lot to dh and we can't afford anything else. We're going to see the Incredibles! The girls earned some money working for g-ma so I'm taking them by the Dollar Store before hand to buy some treats.
  2. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    You ladies are cracking me up! I agree let's avoid injuries and after @wintermom 's fence snafu I'm not looking to try my parkour skills out anytime soon! @Sarah CB your run sounds perfect, absolutely, glad you got some stress relief. @Monica_in_Switzerland ITA ease back into it, way better to avoid an injury which will really knock you out of exercising. WTG @Kim in Appalachia ! Do you have special workouts at the end of each stage for NROWL? At the end of each phase in Strong you test your maxes, I'm really excited about it, although for some I don't think I'll get any high than I am now. I did Workout A of Stage 1 today, 3rd week in the books, 1 week to go. I skipped intervals but had done a stand-alone session Thurs. Yesterday, was a pretty darn lazy I just felt tired, too many long days and last night I didn't get in until 11:30, 3 hrs past my bedtime. I dragged butt out of bed this morning! I measured today and I've lost another inch off my thighs, even though my weight hasn't moved but 1-2 pounds. Body recomposition! When I lost my weight and my hips were still so much bigger I just figured that was their new size, guess I just needed to build some muscle. I'm now just an inch bigger in my hips then my pre-kid size. I'll be interested to see where I end up as I work on strength training, it is changing my body much more quickly and easily than yoga (although yoga is good for other things).
  3. soror

    June frugalistas

    We've paid off the house so we don't have a mortgage, still have plenty of expenses though. We still have taxes and insurance, our utilities are less than $300 for everything. Our biggest area of spending is groceries though, that is the easiest to save.
  4. soror

    Curious - summer camp dress codes?

    Yes, a rash guard is not the same as a t-shirt at all, they are designed to be in the water
  5. soror

    Ya'll Heard of this diet?

    I've heard of it but not read about it. I did read the book Why French Women Don't Get Fat or such but that's been years. Our culture is designed to make people overweight to line the pockets of food manufacturers. We're so busy we shovel food in- eating so fast our bodies don't have time to signal we're full before we've already overeaten. Most foods people eat are not grown or made but designed to be addicting combos of fat, salty, and sweetness that don't naturally occur in nature. Our culture doesn't walk. I live rurally, which was not a problem before as we would have so many chores to make up for the lack of walkability of our towns but we don't have that many chores now. I have more than the average city dweller but we don't have a farm. Kids are in school all day long from a very young age, often with little breaks. Serving sizes are huge.
  6. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    LOL, I'm totally jealous b/c I want it. Like you I've heard of it for years but never looked at it much but I'm really impressed. When I get some extra money I'm going t buy a copy, I'm going to make some copies of the sections related to the movement I most do although there is so much info I am going to have to pick and choose. Great job lifting this week and yoga, good luck on running I hope you can keep at it pain-free. CONGRATS on your deadlift, that is awesome!!! Hugs on the moving and kudos to your ds. Be gentle on yourself, you've got a lot going on! Went to the lake, gah my endurance sucks swimming! I'm totally being lazy this evening.
  7. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    I can now take the boys on the climbing wall, which is utterly awesome. I would have asked to climb it myself if I wasn't feeling so bad. It has 2 sides that have regular climbing holds, another with a cargo net and the last with a rope ladder up to an attached net and some wood blocks, it is crazy high too. Woohoo, so glad to hear the inhaler helped! Morning workout done! It was a pretty good one, we did 5 intervals on the rowing machine. Taught an hour long yoga class this afternoon to girls in residential treatment center, they are always so good! We did some breathing, balance, strength work, games, and relaxation. Headed to the lake for playing and swimming
  8. soror

    June frugalistas

    Hi all, dh's work has been cut the last several months and there has just been a lot going on, the budget is on defcon 5. I'm trying to get back in the frugal mindset. Frugal wins for this week- the girls have been planning a sleepover for weeks and I really wanted to do something special but I have to keep it cheap. So, we checked out some movies from the library (we'll pop some corn for a snack), we're going to the lake to swim (free), and the girls are going to do nails and make-up. Nothing super fancy but I think they will have fun and I'm spending a minimal amount of money. I found dd1 some shorts for camp at Goodwill- I did also buy myself some pants in the half off rack- my one dark jeggings are too big now- I also got a tank top and skort- I really wanted some rain boots and a button up shirt but I at least stopped myself with those, so I spent like $9.25. I did not stop and buy jelly beans or a kombucha that I really wanted to get 🙂
  9. soror

    I just need a hug.

    lots of hugs
  10. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    (hugs) I felt exhausted this fall when I did anything, it was horrible 😞 I hope you get some relief. ------------------------------------- I went and got my certification for the climbing tower but I nearly overheated. I think it was a combo of the heat - heat index of 100, nervousness, and the fact that I had taken a long hot bath before coming after a hot sweaty bike ride (which in hind site wasn't the smartest). I tend to get hot easily anyway. I was so embarrassed then my brain wasn't working at alll from the heat and nervousness, UGH. I felt like an idiot but I tried to keep it together. PM-Intervals with warm up and cool down at the gym- and then a couple of ab things just for the heck of it; Relaxing walk at sunset w/ the girls AM- headed to gym with Mom, doing workout B. So, I've tried the whole eating early thing. I just can't do it. I also find I don't like doing a small breakfast and then a snack mid-morning. I'd rather just have a bigger breakfast. A 3pm snack is good though
  11. soror

    Happy Incredibles Day!

    We had planned on seeing it but I don't know, money is tight right now. I'd love to see it Matinee on Father's Day. The original was our favorite Pixar too.
  12. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    Ya, for finding your shoes!!! WTG!!! Ya for new clothes and losing weight! ------------------------------------------------- Short morning bike ride - 15 min- about 1.5 miles- 2 fair size hills but not the one that nearly killed me last week, I couldn't face it. I am meeting dh to get certified for the climbing tower. Currently hopping in the bath, feel like I should be productive but yesterday was crazy busy, and I've got enough planned for the next couple of days I'm going to chill while I got a chance- trying to not overdo it b/c you know I tend to do that.
  13. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    😞 @wintermomDo you have some allergy-induced asthma? I really felt like last fall I was having trouble with that I had no endurance and lost it suddenly. That is a horrible feel ing. Yesterday was crazy busy, plenty of walking while shopping and also visiting ds at Scout Camp, their spot was way back in there and up a hill and we were carrying in chairs and food, some people had to stop and rest on the way! Crazy. It is closer to the boy's activities though so that is good for them. Tonight is TKD so I'll be doing intervals, not sure what yet. I might try out pushing the sled if it isn't too busy (or hot- the lifting gym is always way too hot and I run hot anyway). My usual Thurs am workout w/ Mom is moved to Friday this week. I might have to run back up to camp to get certified on the climbing wall today- I am hoping I can climb it while I'm there but I doubt I'm so lucky! If I don't have to run up to camp I'm hoping the girls and I can take a little bike ride.
  14. It didn't seem like that much to me, looking at the quantity I guessed it was less than what I eat now and around what I ate losing weight. I figured her chickpeas and cottage cheese at 1/2 c, almonds at 1/4 c (for nuts), dressing at 160c (which is a serving of higher calorie dressing that I have) and veggies at 120 (big variance between potatoes and greens and an amount wasn't specified so I aimed higher). All of that came to 1475. Of course, that is assuming that all servings were measured and veggies and chickpeas were without oil. I lose weight easily on 1500 calories and cannot stay that low for long without feeling it. That goes to show how individual it is. I was meticulous about measuring and counting everything but I did not weigh my food, I didn't find I needed to go that far, but maybe the pp does. I do think journaling in some way is key because otherwise, you can lose track. When I lost weight from Depo I journaled, when I lost weight from my pregnancies I journaled, but journalling requires that you are very honest with yourself. The other day I was thinking you know I really haven't eaten that much (and I'm only sporadically tracking now b/c I've not been actively trying to lose- although have been shifting down a bit and am aiming for 1 lb loss this month- to hit a milestone number) I went to tally it up and realized when I was trying to do my mental tally I kept forgetting things and I had eaten just enough for the day. It is easy to forget things and as mentioned it is easy to cheat on measuring. There is a ton of info out there I just read a book called The Hungry Brain- which was entirely too detailed about the brain science on eating, weight loss etc. I'll throw out his points, fwiw, in case any of them are helpful. Most of this is common sense but often not practiced in our culture. I was at a conference this weekend and we were told to bring snacks and of course, everyone is sitting around all day eating said snacks when the meals provided were buffet style. I overate the first day and felt miserable, even with practicing some self-constraint and not having any of the sugary drinks available. 1-Fix your food environment- remove calorie dense easy to grab foods in your home and work, especially those that are readily visible on counters and tables. That includes chips and cookies but also things like salted nuts (high calorie easy to overeat). Reduce your exposure to food advertising. Create barriers to eating- fruit in peels, nuts in shells, if you are really hungry it will be worth it. The most stringent is to have only food that has to be cooked. 2. Manage your appetite- if your brain thinks you are starving you will eventually break down. Eat foods that send strong satiety signals to the brain for a moderate number of calories. Foods that have a lower calorie density, higher protein and/or fiber content, and a moderate level of palatability. Fresh fruit, vegetables, potatoes, fresh meats, seafood, eggs, yogurt, whole grains, and beans. Foods based on white flour in particular have a high calorie density and low fiber are definitely off the menu. 3. Beware of food reward- the brain values foods that contain calorie dense combos of fat, sugar, starch, protein, salt etc and makes your motivation to eat these kinds of foods high, independent of hunger, that is why it is easy to overeat ice cream, brownies, french fries, bacon etc. When you eat simple foods less dense and closer to their natural states. Not everyone finds the same foods rewarding but most people know their problem foods. 4. Make sleep a priority. 5. Move your body. Do it every day if possible, choose activities that fit in your schedule. 6. Manage stress. Identify if you are a stress eater. Identify stressors; try to mitigate stress- can you fix it or avoid it- make a plan to help mitigate it- even if you can't change it taking some control may reduce the drive to eat; practice mindful meditation; replace stress eating with other coping mechanisms- calling a friend, exercising, taking a bath, etc; remove high-calorie reward foods
  15. soror

    Curious - summer camp dress codes?

    I found 2 pair of bermuda shorts at Goodwill yesterday that fit perfectly, I think dd has enough now!
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