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  1. July goals: Weight has been 123-125 want to shift to 122-124 Continue meeting daily dozen goals Keep up no dairy for the month (testing this for allergy purposes) Continue shifting eating more veg*n Experiment w/ tweaks from How Not to Diet- I've been doing some every day but am reading the book now and might be adding in more Strength work 3x a week; walk 3+x a week; biking 1+x a week;
  2. Ugh, stupid forum lost my post. Short version as I've got to get ready to teach. Had a great day yesterday, energy has been really good, still a bit low in the afternoons but nothing like it has been lately. I did strength sets between read aloud chapters yesterday and a walk after dinner. I got the menu done and grocery shopping finally done. Today is going to be an easy day and after 4 days of intense house cleaning and starting back to hs'ing I'm ready for it. exercise plans: yoga + barre; bike ride food: veganized no oil, no sugar, apple carrot muffins; spinach smoothie; fresh strawberries (2 grains; 3 fruit; 2 greens; 1 flax) lunch: vegan spicy chicken patties made last night- super yummy; w/ homemade whole grain bread; quick cabbage slaw; raspberries- black bean brownies (spices; beans; grains; cruciferous; berries) snack: black beans + tomatoes+ peppers and avocado; (beans+veggies) dinner: stir fry w/ tofu and edamame over brown rice (grains; beans; lots of veggies; spices) [might skip rice and just do veggies prefer to keep grains to earlier in day and I'll have my quota in by then- we'll see how active and hungry I am]
  3. Welcome!!! Congrats on your weight loss so far. Food and exercise posts are welcome here, anything to do with health, sleep, mental health, etc. So, what are you doing now for exercise? Not pathetic, you are moving in a way that works for your body. Fruits and veggies are always good for you too. Hey, you're still moving. I remember walking when I was pregnant with ds1, I think at the end it took like an hr for a mile walk, or something ridiculously long. I'm never fast but I was so crazy slow it was funny. Great goals Ali, specific, measurable and realistic, best wishes this month. Stress levels do play a big role and it does take more time to put the focus on weight loss. We all only have so much time and energy and it is constantly shifting with all our varied demands being moms. Happy Canada day! We have our big celebration this weekend. Ours will be happening as usual (b/c people are crazy here) but we never go in person anyway (too many people), we watch from the car across town. How did the swimming go?
  4. @wintermom Love your goals, have fun at the river today. I am busy today with starting back to hs'ing and tasks around the house. I'm hoping to formulate monthly goals to post sometime today or tomorrow. Today makes 3 weeks of hitting the Daily Dozen food goals 🙂 I'll do some strength work walk or bike with the girls. My food intake has been down some with being so busy that my weight has shifted down. That is good and bad. Good as I want it to shift a bit lower and bad as I'm sure that is what is disturbing my sleep (as weight loss tends to do- I thought it was being low carb before but I'm losing now on a rather high carb diet and my sleep is still getting messed up). My energy and mood have been great though. I keep thinking I'll need a nap but haven't had one all week. Last night I went to bed at 8, so even though I was awake in the night I still got 7.5 hrs sleep.
  5. Well, now you have the theatre you need the exercise room too. Weight fluctuations can be very frustrating, even if they are expected with you just hitting your maintenance it is very understandable to be a bit worried. I'm glad it went back down for you so you don't have to continue to stress about it. Congrats on moving along towards your black belt and continuing your walking. Good idea to wait before you weigh, bloating can really shoot the weight up. Love the belly bump, happy to hear from you. Swimming and walking are great for you and the baby, I'm glad you are up to some exercise now, I know that has been hard for you. Ya for another loss! Staff pose is surprisngly difficult for a lot of people, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to sit up straight but we don't do it a lot and we are often tight in the hamstrings. I do set goals, usually, weekly, monthly, and yearly. But as with anything things change and I adapt- like this year I planned obstacle course races- signed up for a Spartan and another- I can't do either b/c of COVID so I've been playing it by ear.
  6. It's a new month, please join us! All are welcome!
  7. I got up yesterday at 4:45 and kept busy teaching and then working around the house until noon. After lunch I relaxed for the afternoon and enjoyed my lunch and blackbean brownies. I played games with the girls in the evening and helped dd a bit with supper. Dd made baked eggplant for dinner and I had that with a simple kale salad. We rearranged the great room, cleaned the windows (7), pulled everything out and dusted, vacuumed the furniture, washed the cushion covers to the furniture (gotta love IKEA furniture), swept, mopped, and decluttered. I did not sleep well last night, dh and I had a little tiff over a misunderstanding so by the time we sorted that it was a bit after 9, about an hour after my usual bed time- then storms woke me up. I've been awake since 3:45 today. I laid there until nearly 5 and gave up and started in on the laundry room before teaching. I've just got to mop it now, then it is - cleaning out some kitchen cabinets, wiping the exterior of the cabinets, ironing the armrest covers, and the rest of the upstairs windows (4). I aim to have it done by lunch as I'm certain I'll be ready for a nap then with waking up so early. Yesterday I took a shortish walk and did a short strength session, today's plan is just yoga and cleaning. Will aim for a walk this evening. I've got to get the menu done, I honestly forget to yesterday breakfast: apple carrot muffins: smoothie lunch: blackbean/rice/veggie(throwing in some shredded cabbage for cruciferous) +avocado dressing snack: blackbean brownies dinner:? maybe stir fry??
  8. I'm so very sorry, that is a huge disappointment. I am certain your children will look back on fondness with this time. Many congratulations on the house sale! Kudos to you on the strength gain! We are a bit south for blueberries. I have a freezer but it has a hodge podge of different things. 1 pound loss is 1 pound loss, that is great. Congrats on the push-ups. Glad to hear you had fun biking.
  9. I got a ton done around the house this weekend and am feeling much better starting school this week. Yesterday, I went through my clothes and shoes, I managed to find a garbage bag worth to donate. I try to do a seasonal purge but never did one in the spring as we did so many house things I was worn out. We also went through the entry way yesterday. I've sold or given away 4 bookshelves so far and have another still up for sale. The kids are all deep cleaning their room and sorting their things. So, I still want to deep clean and purge the kitchen, great room, and laundry room. The living room is today, will try to do pantry too. I recently organized in the pantry so it isn't bad. Today's plan- vacuum out couches, thorough dusting and clean windows in great room. Purge game cabinet. Exercise- strength and ? Dd and I had a nice short but intense bike ride yesterday and I had a short stroll with dh. Food has continued on point meeting daily dozen 🙂 breakfast: apple carrot muffins w/ spinach smoothie lunch: black bean, brown rice, veggie grain salad w/ avocado dressing; black bean brownie snack: popcorn w/ nut. yeast + kale; dinner: TBD (I want to make something special for my bday and haven't picked out a recipe)
  10. Sorry tennis was rained out 😞 Rest days don't make you a lump!!! Get in what you can, sorry for the crazyness. Good equipment does help, so gald your dd enjoyed her bike. Fresh blueberries, yum!!! We used to have a farm up the road but it has been ages, closest one now is hour+ away. Where do you store so many blueberries? I have a freezer but it is so full with so many things and we use so many different berries I don't freeze them in surplus, a years supplies of all the ones we use we take the whole thing.
  11. Quick Sunday pop-in I'm keeping busy cleaning and organizing preparing to start school this week. Saw this article and thought I'd share it here so I can look more later, lots of yummy suggestions for lunches--
  12. We finally got our taxes filed!!!! And I got the basement cleaned up (it has been a wreck since we had to move the shed stuff in there but I rearranged it so it is useable with stuff tucked away in corners). I even dusted and vacuumed. I'll have the kids vacuum out the couches and clean the entertainment center. Knowing we're starting school and having things disorganized stresses me so I'm suddenly hyper aware of things out of order. I've got 7k steps so far today just with cleaning around the house. Considering a walk or bike ride this afternoon but we'll see. I might just do cleaning and organizing.
  13. Thanks, I'm trying to improve the mood! Sorry for the weight bounce. It probably is just normal fluctuations- hormones, weight rentention due to soreness or salt intake, the body does what it wants. Good luck on the 5k! Great job getting in the exercise. Pregnancy makes eating harder, I think your goals are good strive to do better but do what you can.
  14. My day got all messed up again. Just having to drive out to Mom's put me in such a bad mood. Then it was that they were going to go to Mom's in the am and I would have the whole day, then it was the afternoon. By the time I made it home it was 2 pm and I was just annoyed and worn out from 3 days of running. And our date night that was supposed to be for my bday was dh holed up in the basement doing Calculus homework as he had an assignment due. I'm going to stop bitching now as it is upsetting me just thinking about it. We did finally get a walk in and some time to talk but then I went to bed while he worked on homework some more. I don't know what I'm doing today, currently working on cleaning the basement while dh sleeps in. Might try to walk or bike, really hoping I feel more energetic and less pissy today. I told dh I'm not driving anywhere all weekend, nope, no way. breakfast: apple carrot superhero muffins (oil replaced with unsweet applesauce and maple syrup cut - next time I'm going to eliminate sweetener all together and throw in some raisins); spinach smoothie (this breakfast combo has kept me full all week so I am sticking with it); (2 fruit; 2 grain; 2 green; 1 flax; nut) snack: strawberries and grapes lunch: chickpea salad or some bean burgers- might make a kale salad or kale chips (depending on what I feel like fixing) (1 bean minimum; veggies; cruciferous veg) snack: homemade popcorn w/ nut. yeast dinner: 3 bean veg chili ( 2 bean; other veg)
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