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  1. It is up to the individuals as to how fast they advance. There are 7 ranks- scout, tenderfoot, second class, first class, star, life, and eagle. The first ranks they can work on concurrently and going to summer camp can give you a big leg up on that b/c they have a program to work on several of those things needed. For first class, star, and life they also have a time requirement to finish as well - 4 months, 6 months, and 6 months. They could possibly finish in 18 months to 2 years if they really worked at it.
  2. Also, if I try to restrict myself too much I bounce back hungrier than ever and find eating well an uphill battle, so I find it best not to get too caught up in the details. I eat starchy carbs with every meal (even though carbs are out of fashion). I eat a good amount of protein to help with satiety and my efforts to build muscle to counteract the muscles we naturally lose as we age. I sometimes eat junky sugary things just because but often avoid it in everyday meals (I eat oatmeal w/ fruit but no sugar). I eat bacon, often trimmed of fat but whatever. I eat beef and eggs and sometimes a pat of butter. I try to eat 10 servings of fruits and veggies a day, some days I make it, some I don't. My diet is horrible according to the Paleo low carb folks and the vegetarian low-fat folks but it works for me. I don't claim to have any idea on what works for others though I think if you aim for whole unprocessed foods you will be better for it. My cholesterol numbers are freakishly low and blood sugar good.
  3. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good is my personal motto too, and never more so in the healthy living category. So, many give up because they can't meet an ideal, you are not alone. Is it better to have 1 healthy meal a day or 0? Is it better to get in 2 servings of fruit and veggies or 0? Start with where you are at and forget the rest. I'd not stress the condiments, I'd focus on the main aspects of the meals and then I'd maybe just focus on one meal at a time. Pick something that you think you can do, buy prepared options that are healthier (chopped veggies and salads if needed for example) Forget about what you think you are supposed to do, focus on how you feel when you eat. What foods make you feel good, in the long term, not the short pick up from sugar or carbs but sustained energy. My personal goals are to eat whole foods, get in as many fruits and veggies as I can. I eat chocolate every day (dark but still).
  4. OH, thanks for the heads up on the cookbook! I use mine selectively- it is great to cook dried beans quickly and stew meat and then I finish both off with seasonings.
  5. Monday night will (hopefully) decide the fate of our girl's troop at the church. I'm not sure where we'll try if they turn us down. Fingers crossed they don't because that will move things right along. I sent the money for dd1 to go to summer camp. I also signed her up for a camp-out/work day in 2 weeks. It is at the camp where she will have summer camp, so she will get acquainted with it before there are a bunch of people there. I will be coming up during the day Saturday so I can observe and learn about Troop life and help out. I've not been to a lot of Troop meetings (as we have AHG at the time). Monday is our BOR for AHG (and my Explorers are finishing their Outdoor Skills badge) and then next Sat is our last outing (a hike). The 20th is Red, White, and Blue.
  6. I do understand wanting to be active. I've done a hodgepodge of things- workout at home around the kids, go to the gym when dh could watch the kids, and working out with the kids. When ds was 9 months old my dh worked nights and I'd meet him at the gym when he got off so the baby was away from me the least possible amount of time, it worked well for our schedules. Maybe your little one will sleep well enough you could slip out for your once a week class before they got up once you were filling up to it. I think the bigger issue is your husband not taking care of babies. My young ebf'd (never take a bottle babies) could stay with dad an hour or so while I worked out at home or at a gym. Some times would be better or worse than others depending on the kid and we'd have to tweak things. Life with young ones seems to be constantly evolving schedules as they start sleeping more at night, then drop naps, etc.
  7. Dd1 visited the closest girl's Troop (nearly 1 hr away) and had a good time, she's wanting to go every week but I don't know that we can swing that into our already full Tuesday schedule. Dh went ahead and signed her up for summer camp and I think they even picked out badges to work on. I do need to go up there sometime, I thought about volunteering to stay a couple of nights, especially as we very well could be going to summer camp on our own next year and I've never done a week-long camp, we don't have any where we live for AHG and dh has been the one who has stayed for BSA camps. I ordered her a uniform shirt. I'm going to take her to Academy for pants, she might just take ds hand-me downs if we don't find any others that fit better. I started work on YPT training, I *just* did it in July but have not done the updated version. re: publicity- obviously what we've done has not worked for us but might work for others- we have done parades, we have done flags for veterans and other community service and been in the paper, we've passed out fliers at all the local schools both for sign-up recruitment and special events to bring people in, done recruitment nights at schools (they head straight for GSA- even though our local GSA is crazy unorganized - we had little projects for the kids to do and handed out candy)
  8. I made a Thai Quinoa Salad last night and loved it. Does anyone have any similar recipes? And I'll post a link just in case people are wondering but I tweaked the recipe heavily! I took the dressing recipe and added a dollop of peanut butter and generous amount of dried ginger. So, I had the dressing, red quinoa, chopped red cabbage, chopped shallots (no green onions either) and carrots- tossed w/ some chopped peanuts and beef. I had to use the veggies I had on hand and ended up leaving off the mint and cilantro, I only had dried of both. Next time I'd like it with some edamame.
  9. Girl, I feel for you, BTDT I was actually officially the Treasury but she would not hand over any of the books and paperwork. Finally, I had to step down from that position as she refused to turn it over and she got someone else that I guess would just let her do it, it did set us up well at all when she left then I had to fix it, and there were some discrepancies. We have 2 more meetings for our AHG and a day long hiking trip. All my dd's would be crossing over and 2 are earning level awards, they've earned them so we are giving them, although I don't know if it is worth it!
  10. We had a steady amount to start but then we had a small implosion 3.5 yrs ago when the Coordinator resigned mid-year without having chartered us, leaving us hanging and then last year the Cub Scouts who meet at the same church (where we could pull some girls from the families) had a huge decline (from 130 to 30 kids) after they had a changing of leaders. We've busted butt trying to get and keep girls but still yet every time they are looking for BSA or Girl Scouts. We have given it all we had for the last 7 yrs. Parent involvement is always hard, hard, hard. Especially these days kids are overscheduled and parents are looking more for drop off activities but that doesn't work so well for volunteer ran groups. My husband has been fortunate with their Scout Troop they have had a lot of good leaders and thankfully new ones stepping forward as others have stepped back.
  11. re: girl power My son asked me how I felt about all the women going across the field at one time, he did not care for that scene. To me, I'm thinking why is this a thing? Why is it we think a line of just female heroes is significant? Would it be significant if it was only males, no, it would be nbd. Yes, it was strained and probably a move on their part to get into the chick market but I don't care. I think the pendulum will have to swing a bit too far before we find a good balance. I enjoyed Capt. Marvel, yet didn't love her in this film, she was cocky but yet again we enjoy cocky male characters (Iron Man!), so I cut her some slack for that. It is good to have a variety of female role models, we've had so few for so long. Despite Capt. Marvel's spectacular powers I found her personally more relatable than Wonder Women (although I loved WW).
  12. I did the book Strong last year and really enjoyed it, it has well thought out, clear progressions and works the entire body. You should be able to do most anything with basic equipment. It has 9 stages to go through, each a month or so long. This is the newest book from the author of the popular The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women.
  13. How much equipment do you have? Just dumbbells? Weight bench? Squat rack??
  14. I've not posted here in forever. Looks like lots of new Eagles and other awards, congrats to all! Ds, after much feet dragging, got his Eagle Project approved and a work day is even on the calendar in June. He'll have to work on supplies and such but I think we might see an end in sight.He says he wants to quit after that but still has lots of friends, dh is strongly suggesting that he stays active for a while. He always was all in but this year became somewhat lukewarm and then just not interested, not sure why really, I'm blaming teenage hormones. Our AHG is ending, after years of our Troop dwindling we are stepping away. We have so few it is not worth the time, effort, and money. We've done recruitment in several different ways without luck, AHG is still an unknown entity where we live and now there are packs that are co-ed too. And with that said it looks like I'm starting a Girl's Scouts BSA Troop. Dh and I had planned to start one when the news came out they were allowing girl troops but life had been crazy and I stepped back. So, fast forward we've had 2 meetings about a prospective girl's troop, both times there were people who said they wanted to lead and then they don't show up. So, here we are. We're hoping to possibly charter through the church we've been using for AHG. They had a boy's Troop that folded last year (after flailing for a while), so we're hoping they'll be ok with reviving it as a girl's only troop. They are familiar with Scouts, have supplies, a good meeting place, and it is a convenient drive for me. I'll need IOLS training but that is not on the schedule until the fall, there is one this weekend but I had plans already. Dd1 is planning on going to summer camp with the one girl's troop that is going, she's going to check out their meeting tonight (they are 1 hr away from us). I'm a little nervous but I do have help with starting it, dh and his SM just went through starting a new Troop 2 yrs ago and SM and dh are right there helping already. Being with AHG so long serving on the board and as a unit leader for the entire 7 yrs. I've done every aspect except the chartering paperwork and running fundraising(I've tracked advancement, made schedules, budgets, calendars, opened meetings, closed meetings, planned and led campouts and events). I know the basics of the BSA program, so I'm not coming in entirely blind on that. I imagine I'm going to learn a lot very quickly and wonder what I've gotten myself into, because that is the way these things always go🙂
  15. Here hs'ers can technically participate in ps activities but are barred from any competitions, which effectively means that they can't. Noone wants a teammate that can only play part of time, this applies to sports and music. We have rec. track and swimming up through highschool (iirc) and rec. teams for other sports, not to the level of some places and not for those that are really serious but it is something.
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