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  1. 6500 steps yesterday, I planned to get more in the evening but instead got roped into helping dh with 2 hrs of Algebra homework and then it was bedtime. I don't know if it is a bug or allergies, or what, but I'm just not feeling great. I tried to rest up more yesterday because if I keep resting it will maybe go away but it keeps dragging on and I'm sick of whatever it is. Today is a rest day and is shaping up to be a total rest day.
  2. WTG, that does sound very intimidating. Best wishes on the challenge, sounds like you got a shot to me. You can do whichever works for your schedule. You can do cardio and lift on the same day if you want and you are only able to get there are certain days. ________________________________ Yesterday, I did lifting and 10k steps but that is about all. I'm still not feeling right and I felt really terrible yesterday afternoon. I know the fall always kicks my butt with allergies but can't remember if I usually feel this bad. Now, last Sunday I felt fabulous and some times I feel ok but I've had a whole lot of fatigue, general ickyness, and some dizzyness.
  3. I lost abs after #4, it's been a road to get them back! I don't generally carry weight in my tummy either but I've heard that changes with menopause, I guess we'll see. I like how I look as a fit 135 lbs but I feel more myself at this weight. You've got so much going on, don't be hard on yourself, and low iron too, that's hard. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. _______________________________ I had a great workout this morning but still not all that peppy.
  4. That is nice you guys have another option, smart thinking on their part, wish we had similar!
  5. You have made it look easy but you are also on the other side fully in menopause, I'm at the beginning of peri and all that fun. Most women gain during peri, especially in their belly. I won't go down without a fight but I want to be prepared for changes. I know when I did any kind of birth control I gained weight and as soon as I was pregnant I gained 5 lbs all 4 times, it makes me nervous! I'm so glad you are feeling better and you got in some tennis! I know plateaus are so annoying. We all carry weight differently but you can build up your butt when you build the muscles. I'm generally curvy but have lost my butt at times.I don't do a ton of lower body work these days because I've been focused on building upper body strength because I'm not naturally inclined with it and also my bottom half is as big as I want it but I do squats, lunges/split squat varieties, and hip thrusts. Great job getting to the gym! Sounds like a kick butt workout!! Well, you are entering menopause in kick butt shape, hopefully it finishes off for you soon. Building muscles is so important too as we naturally lose muscle mass as we age, especially in menopause and our protein synthesis decreases. Fwiw I'm only 5'4" height makes a big difference on weight! __________________________ yesterday was only 8k steps I got some important errands knocked off my list, took the kids to the park, and then skating. I visited with friends, so mostly sitting around but it is so nice to visit after so much mom time all week. I brought the girls home (along w/ 3 friends) and we had an hour until TKD testing and I grabbed a smoothie, I'm so glad b/c we didn't make it home from testing(nearly another 2 hrs of sitting) until 8pm!!! So, dinner was at 8:30 while dh and I vegged and talked. Today I'm hitting the gym with my friend, i took even more b vitamins today 🙂 hoping for a good workout, a nap, a walk, and getting some housework done.
  6. I'm not a fan of popcorn sales either, I do wish they would pick something else. But we sell popcorn anyway because as a troop we use the facilities that popcorn helps to fund. I am highly annoyed with troops that take advantage of tons of camperships but refuse to do any fundraising that benefits the council. Some Scoutmasters sign everyone up for camperships but turn away FoS and don't sell popcorn, council properties and camperships don't just appear out of thin air, we have to fund them or they don't exist.
  7. Well, that is good point. ________________________ I still was not all that peppy yesterday, I think I've got a bit of this virus or it is just the allergies kicking my butt. I did get 10k steps, a walk with dd1, and my workout at the gym and decent food, so that is a win. Today is errands and such, so just walking, maybe some skating (or maybe just visiting while the kids skate). DD2 is slowly getting better.
  8. Interesting, Dh put on a MBU last year and I was thinking there was some kind of rule that it could not be a for profit event, something about Scouts couldn't be charged for advancement. We are in a lcol area so super expensive things do not work well. Dh and his SM ran MBU's at $5 a kid, they got the facility for free and a discount on pizza. Camporee is $10 to district for badges and activitiy suplies, I'll be charging another $10 for food for the weekend. We have a campout in a few weeks, I got free camping, so it is just $10 for the food. We shop at Aldi's and the church that sponsors us gives us free paper supplies.
  9. LOL, I do not have a 2yr old, dd2= 2nd daughter (I have 3) 🙂 I'm not upset about my weight at all, I was annoyed with eating the too much snacks and a ton of sugar. I've reached my goal weight, my preferred range is 120-125. Now, after months of being stalled the weight started coming off more easily so I've let it went with it as I know heading into menopause it will be much harder and there is a good chance I'll put on weight, so if I'm smaller before hand all the better. Ya, you did it, you are almost on a roll! That is a lovely day! I know I have to fight to get steps when we have a HS event. I'm glad you are going GF, I'd bet money you are Celiac, with a positive blood test and all your symptoms. It is not uncommon for them to miss it on the biopsy, some dr's these days just take the blood test as diagnosis. Of course, going gf on your own you will not be able to get the verification of Celiac. OH, the popcorn was not terrible, I just ate so much, like an entire bag!!! You are getting there, one day at a time!!! I'm working on the muscular part 🙂 trying to build broader shoulders, I'm naturally very narrow in the shoulders. Glad you had a good Pilates class, sounds like a great addition to your week. ___________________ I slept pretty well last night, did not get woke up at all, which was heavenly, woke up at 4:30 but that was still almost 8 hrs as we went to bed early. Today is strength training at the gym and a walk or bike ride, and the usual goal of 10k steps. I don't know what I'll eat today not much sounds good this morning.
  10. This day did not go at all like I planned. I ended up taking dd2 into the dr, who said it is just viral after umpteen hours, a bunch of hassle, and who knows what kind of bill. I was starving by the time I got home. So, breakfast was good and lunch was ok but dinner was pretty much a TON of popcorn and some cherry sours. Being so hungry when I finally got home and I just didn't stop eating. I felt like the whole day was a fail but I'm trying to focus on the positives. I had a sucky afternoon, after a crappy day. I also got in a walk today and 10k steps, so here is hoping for more sleep tonight and a calmer day.
  11. National BSA reg. cost is $33, ds' Troop has $5 a month dues to the Troop, which is not required if one sells $180 in popcorn (as 1/3rd goes back to the Troop). The girls' Troop I've started will have the same fee structure. With AHG we had a $26 reg and $20 support both to National and then $5 a month that went to our local Troop.
  12. today's food: pumpkn protein pancakes w/ blueberries (if still hungry) gf chicken wrap tomato and cucumber salad burger w/ roasted veggies tonight (never made a burger Monday and I'm craving some beef here on my cycle) snacks- usual suspects- fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, maybe a smoothie (plain yogurt, plain unsweet almond milk, fruit, nut butter)
  13. Those are impressive weights, WTG!! I bet you were walking on air!! Good job getting out there, one day at a time, do what you can! __________________________ Last night with trainer was not a great workout, I wasn't feeling overly strong and I wasn't impressed with her programming. She said we were doing maintenance as I wasn't feeling 100% but I think it was not enough, I wasn't feeling that bad. After working with her(30 min) I did my Ultimate Pullup Workout, hip thrust, bent arm hang, dead bug, farmer's carry, scap retract/protract, and bent over row. I need to do hip thrust in the back as I can't really go heavy enough with plates without squishing my guts, I don't want to put more than a 45# on my belly and I can do more than that, it's just a pain to have to go back and forth. They've rearranged things and it drives me nuts. Oh, and scap work feeling more smooth, that is not so much strength work but engagement work and I need it. On the negative I ended the day with only 8,500 steps. I was just feeling a bit wrung out, starting my period, stress, and not enough sleep. Last night was better although I was woken a couple of times by dd2 (poor thing 😞 ). I am hoping for another nap, then hopefully I'll be caught up. Otherwise staying home today and hope for a walk and some light stretching and at least 10k steps (although that seems a lot right now to my tired self). I'm taking extra b vitamins and am on iron now for my period, so I'm hoping the pep kicks in. Oh, and yesterday my weight hit 120.4, lowest had been 120.6; today it was 120.2. Fluke, perhaps, we'll see. My appetite has been a bit less. I have not hit this low since baby #3, my usual maintenance range is 120-125 but I got 117 after her and after #1.
  14. When we need to cut back dh and I always semi-jokingly say, "rice and beans, beans and rice," it's from Dave Ramsey and very true. Beans are very healthy for us and most of us don't eat enough, the worlds longest lived peoples all eat some form of legumes.
  15. The big things, IMO, is to plan what you are eating, don't waste food, use cheaper staples for the base of meals, don't buy a lot of snacks (including drinks), and shop in cheaper stores. We do a lot of the same meals each week to save time and money. As HomeAgain mentioned, we repurpose food from leftovers and we also have one night to finish off leftovers every week (to save money and time). I primarily shop at Aldi's as they have the overall cheapest prices, if I've got extra time I'll check sales bills and look for loss leaders but that is not happening right now. When making the menu for each week I survey the frig and freezer to see if we have anything we need to use up and I also look for what's on sale/in season when planning.
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