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  1. soror

    My dad's funeral is this weekend.

    (lots of hugs) for your loss and all the PP's dealing with the death(s) of their loved ones.
  2. 1) Compound interest!!!! 2) Security and less stress- we can't control everything so we just got to do what we can 3)Options- managing your money well gives you choices-
  3. soror

    Help conversing

    Me too, I have to get things out to think sometimes (I post on the board or talk to friends for this sometimes). But dh is the one who over complicates everything he talks about. When he's telling a story it is always, to make a short story long..... And he has to use his hands and quite often draw diagrams. I sometimes don't know where I'm going in a conversation because I need to think about it out loud and sometimes he catches that but for general information I can convey it just fine. He has difficulty getting to the point. And he totally zones out when I'm speaking to him. I *just* shared a meme today that is so true,
  4. soror

    Wasted hors d'oeuvres from a "shower"

    There is no fault on you for making what was asked for, you went above and beyond! Where I live people would more likely turn their nose at healthy options and I have totally had the same experience with family get-togethers as PPs, they expect the usual dishes and nothing else and you better not change the recipe. I gave up, I might as well make what I want to eat. And I'll also say considering obestity levels and chronic disease *across* the country most people aren't eating healthy, sometimes people like to pretend they do, especially in public (much more so for women) but most people don't eat healthy on a day to day basis. I've grown to hate potlucks. Just abhor them. I like the idea of everyone sharing but find it to be a HUMONGOUS stress trying to think of something we can eat, others will like, isn't too hard or expensive to make. I've had to do potlucks every other week this summer and I've got 1 more left, hallelujah!
  5. I've never been asked this question. That would be a hard question for us to answer. We had so much of a loan for the original house and then we had the insurance money when it burned but that doesn't count the money out of our pockets that we spent doing the finishing work over the years as we could afford it.
  6. soror

    August frugalistas

    I'm sorry 😞 Ya for Red Robin my kids LOVE that place! (hugs) us Moms have lots on our brains, hope this month gets better for you. Ya for the good, boo for the bad! Sounds like you guys get soup all week 🙂 ________________________________________ Gah, I keep having this thread freeze up, I couldn't get it to work yesterday at all. Saturday we went to the city, on the way home we stopped for ice cream, our potluck meal was pretty sparse and we were all a bit hungry still. I dont' remember when I last posted. This week has been a small pinch calmer but still very busy. Monday I mostly waited around the house all day for a call from the MS counselor, in the evening we went in for dd1 and dd3's Open House, stopped by 10 Box on the way home for to pick up a very nutritious GF Corndog supper, however on the plus side our cost per person was just $1 or so, so that is on par for normal meals, we also got $2.50ish in taffy for a treat for everyone 🙂 Tuesday I had 3!!! trips to town. In the AM for dd's Ortho appt- that was just back and home, lunch time for dd1's testing- I stayed in and visited with a friend. We went to Goodwill and Starbucks. I spent some of my $20 spending money and $20 on some more clothes for the kids. I found dd1 a pair of shorts and leggings, I think I'll be returning the shorts though. I found dd2 another pair of jeans that fit perfect, a pack of 2 new belts (she needs them with her skinny waist) and a pair of Converse in the next size up in great shape, I found a pair of shorts and jeans for dd3, and a Nike DriFit top for ds. I went to Aldi's and bought 4 lunch divider containers for the kids, they were $4 each, they had some nicer ones but they were $8 each and I think these will work. On the way home we stopped by Krogers to pick up some sale items. I spent $35- bought various sale items- most of it snack stuff for lunches plus a mark down GF waffle for $1.34 and a GF pizza for emergencies and a stash of sale chocolate for my mental health. I had dh stop at Aldi's b/c they had a 12 pack of housebrand pizza pockets for $6.5, he takes those for lunch if we don't have enough leftovers. On the way home I stopped by the house where I'm dogsitting. Came back home roasted some chicken and potatoes for dinner and went back in for ds' Open House. Today I've just got 2 trips to town- 1 to take dd1 back to see where her teacher was- they are supposed to finally assign her today so I told her I'd take her so she could see her exact room instead of having to ask someone, it's a pretty good size school with 400 kids in her grade and several classes so she is a bit nervous about that. I'm hoping to grocery shop when I go in for that, I don't need a ton but I'll have to inventory the basics. I might do a Wal-Mart pick-up, it is free and they have $10 off your first order. They have GF bread just a bit cheaper and jasmine rice the cheapest (if you buy in 20# bag). In the evening we've got open house for dd3 and then that's it, they start school tomorrow! Also, some leads on a few jobs, we'll see if I can muster the guts to go by the K Center and try to speak to the Principal!
  7. soror

    Job Ideas

    Thank you for the ideas ladies! No safeway here but we have a new Starbucks. I'd thought about trying for a support position in the district but thought it would be best to sub first, looks like it would be better to go for it. I have a friend who was recently hired so I'm asking her for some more information on that. I have 2 contacts at the local CC and one told me about some jobs there, pay at the bottom of the range I'd like but it does have health insurance and a chance to move up some. Some holidays off and 3 day weekends in the summer. The big benefit is free tuition for myself and my family members. I'm going to work every contact I have and see what I can find.
  8. soror

    Job Ideas

    Pretty please throw me some suggestions for jobs. I had planned to just do some little part-time gig this year and try to figure out what I wanted to do. BUT dh keeps hearing word from multiple people that his plant may be closing sooner than we thought. He is very worried and he typically poopoos my worry in this area. I know it would take a huge load off of him if I had a job with so benefits so the kids could have health insurance in case of a closure and my check would be enough with his unemployment to get by until he gets a job. I need resume tips and hints, websites to check out? I have a 4 yr degree in Social Work but haven't worked in 14 yrs and only worked 2 yrs after getting my degree for Div. of Youth Services I've done a lot of volunteering and could get references from a variety of people. So, I'm looking for a job that pays at least $12 an hour w/ healthcare I'm still going to try for VIPKID but who knows w/ my tech glitches if that will work and the problem is too that it pays great but no benefits, so if it worked I'd probably snag some hours (since it is super early schedule) for the extra money. I really, really prefer to keep the hours closest the kid's schedule I can There are Caseworker jobs open but heaven help me, I really don't want to do that. I see Easter Seals has an opening for Autism Specialist- I know they hire people right out of school so my lack of recent experience might not be a hindrance at all Goodwill is opening an adult school and has an opening for life coach, I don't see the pay listed though. They want a 4 yr degree and 2 yrs experience, that is probably overly optimistic? IDK, on the plus they are off 7 weeks a year. 5 planned and 2 discretionary Someone told dh about bank openings, pay is $13, not sure on benefits. Good things are closed on holidays schools are closed on. I don't know if that type of customer service is my forte.
  9. I loved Parks and Rec, IT Crowd, Arrested Development, and Jessie. I really liked Santa Clarita Diet too. I like the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but haven't been able to get into the other seasons. I tried Portlandia but it didn't do it for me.
  10. soror

    Another Aldi thread

    Our Aldi's has whole grain bread, seed and nut based bread, and gluten-free bread. They also have some low carb options. Our produce is great, I've never had any issue and I buy 95%+ of my produce there and have for years. Like any store it depends on your location.
  11. soror

    Another Aldi thread

    Yes, I was just reading they are working on rolling this out everywhere to compete with Wal-Mart and Krogers. They are also working on grocery pick-up but aren't so far along with it. Grocery pick-up is free.
  12. soror

    Another Aldi thread

    I hear you, I've had plenty of time I've not messed with it but I can't get everything we use at Aldi anyway. I don't hunt for sales, I just look at the weekly sale bill. I go to Krogers anyway so it is NBD to pick up the sale items while I'm there. I only use the digital coupons on the Kroger app and I have ds load those for me based on the sales bill based on the ad, I never messed with those either but they started putting some pretty sweet deals on there. We are in town quite a bit anyway I just pick up things when there and Aldi and Kroger are both on dh's drive home. I send dh a list too but I base that list on the weekly sales, that saves me quite a bit and isn't a big effort, I have to sit down and make the menu and grocery list anyway.
  13. soror

    Another Aldi thread

    Aldi's is generally cheaper than WM and Kroger's here. BUT if you watch the loss leaders you can find some things cheaper than Aldi's. But as @kbutton I don't feel guilty about just buying from Aldi's because they are nearly always cheaper. The way I do it now is look for the super sale items at Kroger and pick those up each week and get everything else at Aldi's (except a couple of things I can't get at either Kroger or Aldi's).
  14. We can only do what we can do. What is the most upsetting about my parents is that my Mom ALWAYS put their kids first, always, when they were younger she never had any time left for my kids. When I talked to her about it that is what she said, they come first. As with our younger kids things are never the same/equal but such glaring differences are a bit to stomach.
  15. The main issues are my connection, they tech guy keeps thinking he has it fixed then it craps out again, he's changed out so much stuff, last week he changed the modem and the dslam?, thought it was good went bad again, came back and found a little short in a wire (internal short in 2000 ft of wire it is very hard to track down). The first time I also had some random issue with their program not recognizing my mic, finally got it fixed where it worked in Firefox but the day of my next Mock Class I couldn't bring the class up in Firefox at all, it would only work in Chrome. The other issue is on their end they have my name wrong so the last evaluator wouldn't even let me do my Mock Class. There is nothing more I can do on my end, maybe the tech guy will finally get to the root cause but I'm not holding my breath and if my connection is not up to snuff it doesn't matter if I can pass the Mock Class b/c I can't teach.
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