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  1. What a wonderful time, I'm jealous! How fun, I bet it would be hard. I'm not great at any swimming but swimming outside makes me nervous. Rest day today, planning for a walk. I ended up sitting on my butt much more than planned but dh and I had some very nice time talking together. Weight ended the week .6# up but back down today as it was 2 weeks ago, last week I was on my period so that was hopefully the big part of that and things will continue on in maintenance. I will be continuing to monitor for awhile longer to make sure I'm hitting my intake correctly.
  2. No money spent yesterday for me. I worked morning and evening as I have been, fingers crossed I don't have a bunch of cancellations next week and meet my monthly teaching goal. I got a bunch of certifications last weekend and am still considering if I want to apply to another company to fill in cancellations and empty spots. Things have picked back up since the holiday passed but cancellations are still higher than they were. 7 days to go, really hoping nothing else comes up and we finish the month on budget. If anything else comes up it will have to come from savings I planned for this m
  3. I know dealing with clothing for everyone is my bane. I hate it. I think we are good on coats except for oldest dd. The other two girls still fit (bought big) or hand me downs. DD1 still has a coat for home but might need a new hoodie for school, I doubt she'll wear or want a coat. I bought ds a coat last year maybe, he never wore it, only hoodies, so I won't buy him another. Sorry for the trouble with orders, that is a PITA. Even in great months you have some days you need to spend money, I'm sure the time together was nice. Nice, very resourceful looking at ways at using all
  4. I'll try to look it up. It would require me searching back for weeks and that's going to take a while. I'm having exciting date night at home 🙂
  5. She wasn't talking about her anecdotal experience but research. I mean she shared her experience but that wasn't what I was referencing.
  6. The group that Laura linked at the start of this thread also has information on COVID and estrogen-- https://covid.joinzoe.com/us-post/covid-hormones-estrogen
  7. It wasn't her research and I wasn't and am not relying on her for research. She had linked to different studies on it because she has been affected personally and is interested in the why. A quick Google shows lots of references to the role of estrogen in this illness. I just found it interesting.
  8. Fitness professional- personal trainer etc.
  9. I just saw an article about long covid being more likely in older women 50+. A fitness pro I follow developed long covid and is post-menopausal and had shared some research showing more issues with lower estrogen levels, I found that interesting.
  10. So glad to have your approval 🙂 I've never had it so I've no idea how it is supposed to taste but it is yummy anyway. Which rooms are you switching out? _________________ Workout done! I survived. I had to back off on the jump lunges as my knees don't like to do them so quickly. I made the pushups easier and had to take a break on some army crawls but did better than I thought. This time it was 8 exercises- 50 reps each w/ 45 sec of army crawling with floor sliders after each exercise. In 2 weeks we go up to 75 reps, last I did it was 25 reps.
  11. Overall I have been eating more this week and I'm not sure why. My average weight is .5 higher, which makes me not happy. So, I'm keeping an eye on intake and weight. Crucible workout today- aka- really hard. I think it is 50 reps per exercise, some I'll be able to do, some not. It will interesting to see how I do now compared to the end of the 6 weeks. I'll modify as needed. b: beet blueberry muffins; protein smoothie l: Mulligatawny soup decided to try instead of "best lentil soup" this one is really good too- should have asked @Dreamergal for her recipe but this one popped up
  12. @wintermom Nice work, I am sure that will be well enjoyed. Glad to hear that work wasn't quite as stressful and your weight is back to 'normal'. Nice to get in such a long walk and with a friend, I bet that was really nice.
  13. UGH, I absolutely hate that, things happen but it still stinks. Nice you had the money but sad it didn't go for what you planned. Score on the candy! $20 off helps at least, kids just keep growing! I've got to inventory here, I might still need a few things for winter. The girls lost my ear muffs and dd might need a new hoodie (no one wears coats). __________________________________ Groceries bought. I noticed that I was charged twice for some cereal at Aldi's and I went back today for a refund, $1.36 but that money will buy groceries for next week. I had to shift some
  14. quick check in. Workout done (woke up early). Was HARD work, isometrics. My muscles are tired but they are getting stronger. Today: b: beet blueberry molasses; homemade turkey sausage? l: must make something some to go w/ leftover guac or lentil soup s: ? homemade pb cups d: bunless burger; purple cabbage slaw
  15. I do give the outside dog and cat scraps so very, very few things are just thrown away but it still feels like waste to me as it was intended for us to eat, not the animals but it isn't just thrown out.
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