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  1. I think you need an earlier bedtime too. I get up at 4:30, my bed time goal is 8 aiming to be asleep by 9. I never hit snooze it defeats the purpose you will not get any quality sleep at that point.
  2. I did a class it was good to get out. We had some good strength and flexibility work. re: grains- I am pretty boring and there is not much available here. Brown Jasmine rice, quinoa, wild rice. I usally just cook with water.
  3. I scheduled a yoga class today at 9. I nearly chickened out but fought the urgh to huddle in at home. It is an hr long class, just a basic vinyasa class.
  4. Oh, my, that is terribly exciting!!! How long until you know what they are offering??? _________________ Side note- new favorite breakfast- oven roasted sweet potatoes + scrambled eggs and a giant pile of spinach and carmelized onions. Yum!
  5. I agree that it makes no sense but if I wasn't the main cook I'd try to go along with it, try.
  6. I have had good luck with Good and Beautiful handwriting for the girls, it gradually adds cursive in to the levels.
  7. I just reordered progesterone cream, I know, I know I said I was doing that two days ago. Hate to spend the money again but times are desperate, it will be here tomorrow.
  8. Oh, sounds like everything is ready and waiting! I don't know. I'm going back to being more consistent with my old standby mood lifters- Omega 3s and b vitamins. I am torn between not wanting to see everyone and thinking being around people will help me. I had the entire day to myself as MIL kept the girls as I was supposed to have jury duty. I'm trying and thinking.
  9. So, I got a bit more sleep and a lot more deep sleep. I was awake at 2:50 and took forever to fall back asleep but that is better than the previous days, I upped the melatonin. My mood is WRETCHED so excuse me if I come off like a grump, I'm trying. Might go to yoga class this am. Otherwise lifting and stairclimber tonight.
  10. I'm so sorry for the stress 😞 My FIL passed away 2 yrs ago after a nearly 2 yr battle with cancer it takes a heavy toll, I hope you are getting some down time and things stabilize very soon 😞 Three more Days!!! Snow shoveling and ice picking are very hard, we rarely have enough that we have to mess with it but it is always a pain when we do. So, what did they think when they came back???
  11. soror


    Here we go. I uninstalled FB on my phone, as that is the biggest temptation. I have also decided to give up chocolate, which is a big sacrifice for me! Trying to focus on being thankful for all that I do have and the relative luxury I live in compared to the world, I am planning to keep spending to necessities. I am not a big spend thrift but found myself wanting this and that lately, I want to refocus priorities. The last thing I'm focusing on is my negative talk, hormones have my mood in wretched shape and I've been more than a negative Nancy as of late, I'm trying to curtail that inner dialogue stopping it before it comes out, turning around the thought into a prayer or good thought about the person or thing I'm thinking negatively of, the goal is not to think these thoughts but if I can at least refrain from saying them out loud that is a victory. I have bookmarked some sites to visit to help with prayer and relfection.
  12. How did the viewing go? How often is your power yoga course? So glad to hear the back pain is gone, that is incredible. I've been doing the 45/15 on the stairmaster (well on the 15 I go down to level 1 or 2) it is a buttkicker. You know I think it is ok to have those times when you eat a bit *too* much and if you are always pulling back before full you will not make it back to maintenance. It is finding that sweet spot of just enough, so you have few of those desires to really eat too much (and of course especially not before TKD)! You can do this! One meal doesn't break anything. I had a big carby vegetarian lunch with a couple little splurges and it didn't sit the best, lifting felt blah, but I got in there and got it done. I didn't even have the appetite for ice cream I planned after dinner for a Fat Tuesday splurge! Today is yoga and Jury Duty is cancelled!!! I did nothing much during the day yesterday other than a short walk, I had paperwork to do for Scouts which took way longer than it should have and what do you know they lost the paperwork I turned in, that they had verified in December was all there. UGH!!! And we had roofers here all day replacing the roof from hail damage, they are back today to finish. Sleep again horrible, I went from high 70s- high 80s sleep score to low 70s, 69 last night. I'm reordering progesterone today. Today is a day of fasting. So nothing big activity wise other than yoga this am. Yoga yesterday am felt good, although frog pose is killing me. I could tell I had a lot more flexibility in the evening at the gym.
  13. LOL 🙂 Ya, for losing weight, feeling better and getting back in the groove with running, WTG! _________________ No walk yesterday, should have but the crap sleep sucked my energy and it was teeth cleanings for us all in the am and Scouts in the pm. I did get the last of my school planning done for the year and last session filed, so I made good use of my tired time. Today's plans: BodyFlow am (flexibility/mobility): PM Lifting StrongCurves Wk 6+ Ultimate Pull-Up program My shoulder is finally feeling better from all the raking and I had better sleep last night (took a bit extra melatonin). Might take a nap if I get a chance, feeling a little behind. Hoping to get some spring cleaning done and maybe a walk. I really want to knock out a chunk of things since I have Jury Duty tomorrow and who knows how long that will last. But I also have some paperwork for Scouts too. The weather is looking up here, we have some sunny days and warmer temps coming, more rain and clouds but at least not every day.
  14. 40 min BodyCombat done- a lot of fun and I was faster this time! Progress. Got my heartrate up plenty and had fun, win/win.
  15. Another vote for yoga, I do all kinds of exercise but as far as feeling good in my body, aches and pains I think yoga is the most benefit along with walking. I notice a difference with mobility, aches, and pains when I slack. As we get older if we don't use it we lose it and the body is much more finicky. Personally, I'd aim for just a short practice every day to help with how you feel. Adrienne has a lot of short videos, if you could do 10-15 min in the am I think you'd feel a difference pretty quickly. But do what works for you. And yes, you can def, increase strength with yoga, yoga labeled Power or Vinyasa yoga is going to be more challenging (generally). My only caution on that would be that power yoga can have a whole lot of pushing in the flow and no pulling, so it is good to balance that out. I hurt myself going a bit too crazy with yoga and my shoulder is still sensitive. Like with anything, be mindful of how your body feels and build up slowly.
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