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  1. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- October Edition

    Sorry about the knee but KUDOS on the weight, that is awesome! I hope the dr. gets you on your way to recovery.
  2. Awww, congrats to him, you must be relieved!
  3. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- October Edition

    That is awesome, good for them! I need to look for some 5ks for ds, he wants to do some in the offseason. That is the course distance for hs cross country and he's ran that several times in practice. My first (of 2) 5k's - although that one was actually 6k- I ran with him, 3.5 yrs ago I think. No records for us, LOL, I actually ran 5 min slower race day than practice because I felt horrible. He barely beat me- I think we were at 39 min. Thursday at the gym- it is so nice to have time again!!! I'm feeling refreshed after a season of pulling back. Last night I worked on: Bulgarian split squats w/ 25# KB 3x6 (each leg) Push-ups 3x10 Lat pull-downs 60# x12; 75# 2x6 Pike press in TRX straps 3x5 shrimp squat 3x5 And ds has an extra TKD practice Sat. because they have belt testing coming up so I'm going to go the gym while he's doing that; 3x this week, that's the first time that's happened in FOREVER!!!
  4. Thanks for the update! I'm mainly using it for history and literature myself. I was just doing SOTW w/ the activity book before but wanted some extras that I wasn't up to planning, so this is a help for me. So far (only 1 week in mind you) dd prefers CC. The other books I'll get as I can find them from the library. We are liking the Two Truths as well but we'll be tweaking the schedule since I'm borrowing the books from the library and one of those is ILL (so I only have it for a limited time). I'm also using SQUILT, I already had tons of free lessons bookmarked and I'm trying to keep purchases to a minimum. We're doing our own science b/c I already had that planned, although I'm considering just doing homegrown unit studies. I was already doing a mishmash of LA so I'm just pulling in bits of the TL LA. ITA that the LA is lacking, some weeks there is only reading books and writing vocab words. I had bought Guest Hollow LA but am not really using much of it (found it to be too disorganized and scattered for my liking) except Beowulf's Grammar, dd loves the grammar. We've been doing WWE2 for writing, just throwing in bits of GH and now TL LA stuff for fun. I think we'll go ahead and do the Bard writing project, there is not too much to it and I think she'll like it. We're doing our own spelling.
  5. soror

    October Frugalistas

    Not bad considering what we got. I needed winter clothes especially. I finally have my thryoid stabilized but had gotten rid of my smaller winter stuff (I gained weight every winter for the last 5). I think everyone is good on coats but ds, although he will hardly wear one. That all sounds yummy and good deal for Denny's.
  6. soror

    October Frugalistas

    Thank you for the info! I expect I'll make $4000 this year at most. October was $1100, November is on track to be about the same. December may be more since there are not any big Chinese holidays but not that much more. ____________________ I finally went through and did some budgeting. I need to get dh's receipts but got mine all sorted. I spent $72 at Goodwill (hanging head in shame) bought myself a dozen or so shirts, mostly for winter. I did find a stash of some nice name brand tanks in great shape in my size and picked some of those as well. Also, bought dd2 a pair of winter boots, long sleeve shirt for ds, pillow for dd2's room and a couple of shirts for dd2. I think that's all. Yesterday I bought a few more books for hs'ing, went over my bookselling funds by $10-$15. More hand hanging in shame. My hs year got turned on its head and it was feeling all wonky since the focus is entirely different with just the 2 younger ones. I think I've got about $200 left for groceries (need to verify some Wal-Mart receipts from dh). Yet again I'm feeling a bit of breathing room and hoping I can get back on track of budgeting and meal planning, fingers crossed.
  7. So, I went ahead and bought a few of the spines- A Child Through Time, Archers Alchemist...., When in Time, and Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face. CC has samples through week 3 so I'll buy it in PDF next month. I have 2 Truths and a Lie: It's Alive and Medieval Projects from the library. Dh is picking up Be Glad Your Nose, Show me a Story, A Child Through Time and 2 Truths and a Lie: History.I think we'll make our own schedule with the logic books so I don't have to buy them and I'll buy the logic games for Christmas (I always buy some family games anyway). I think that takes care of the main books. I've not looked at all the lit books yet. I'm going to skip some weeks in the schedule since we've already started school and it is so late but I've got to figure out where to make up time and what things I want to push to other weeks and what to just drop.
  8. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- October Edition

    Lifting tonight! I got to take my time instead of rush. I pr'd my bench press at 90#, only really got 2 (spotter helped me with 2 more so I'm not counting those). So close yet so far away from 100#. Did walking lunges with 25# db's in each hand (3x10), climbed the rope, did a few chin-ups(from a step- not hanging), and played around with some stretching a yoga stuff.
  9. soror

    October Frugalistas

    It was my understanding that it depends on the bracket. I believe I've read if you owe a $1000 or more you have to pay quarterly. good for you for calling that is such a pain in the butt.
  10. soror

    October Frugalistas

    Our tax bracket will be pretty low this year, not sure how low. It is all going into savings now and we'll see when tax time comes. I won't make enough to need to do quarterly tax filing this year so it will wait, I'll have to reconsider for next year. We need some winter shirts too/! Sorry about the car. sweet a vacation. ___________________- No budget stuff done. Maybe today.
  11. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- October Edition

    Gah. Too stinking busy. I did make it to lift Tuesday but Thursday we went to ds' meet. Saturday we had Challenge Course with the boys so lots of walking and some climbing. At the end, I was the last one in the perch (30ft+ up) and tied my own repel and belay lines without anyone to check them, that was scary! Now, ds is done with CC, so I get a full hour of lifting Tues and Thurs again. I think the schedule will be slowing down, thank goodness, feeling a little bit stressed out here to say the least. Way too many late nights, especially with getting up early every single day. It is downright cool here, we camped the weekend before and it was 90F, Challenge Course this Sat. was overcast, misty and 40F. 1 week and 50 degrees difference, felt like more than that with the sun in hiding. We've had little walks most days but need to do more, just need more time and energy. Weight is inching back down. Trying to keep focused so I'll be back at the lower end of my range by the end of the month (which is flying by). I opened the thread and was thinking, Is it still October???, but we still have a couple of weeks left. With my new schedule, my eating schedule had to change but looks like I've got it lined back out. I was eating way too much breakfast since I was eating it so much later than usual and I was so hungry but I'm doing ok now.
  12. So, I had them read this today and they loved it. I was going to read Mona and have dd2 read Ted but dd3 had a fit that she wanted to read too. So, dd3 read Ted and dd2 Mona. I had to help dd3 here and there (she's just in K) but she did pretty good. They were sad when I told them that we weren't read tomorrow, even though it took an hour. We did 2 Truths and a Lie (misread the schedule and did all the sheets) the girls liked that too. They enjoyed Igraine, I'd had it out to read anyway, and dd2 like the Vocabulary book just fine. We didn't do the Map yet, I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. I don't have the Orchestra or Alchemers book yet. I have Medieval Projects from the library online. I think we'll keep our own science...
  13. soror

    October Frugalistas

    All levels pay the same. It says it starts at $14 but that is base pay but you get $2 an hour more just for completing classes, so the least amount you would possibly receive for teaching would be $16 an hour. You get other incentives for the number of classes. My pay has been at least $20 an hour. My base pay is $8 a class, that is decided when you do your interview. If I had known that I would have worked even harder but $8 seems to be the average base pay for those starting out. With incentives and short notices I've made as much as $32 an hour. Good for you selling things! I need to do the same.
  14. soror

    October Frugalistas

    Been too busy and I'm behind. We've had the heat on a bit here too. I'm feeling buried. Hope to get caught up on budget stuff today. Ds is done w/ Cross Country and the schedule is looking lighter. I'm not feeling I'm balancing it all very well or doing as good as I need to on about anything- the house, cooking, budgeting, schooling. Sigh. It's a new week and there is a lot less going on. I'm currently scheduled for 18.5 hrs for this week and 13 hrs for next week (those numbers can still go up and down until 24 hrs before each booking). The money side says 18.5 sounds better, my sanity says 13 now seems like a nice break.
  15. I wonder when CC Medieval Ages is going to be released as an audio? It says sometime this year. Looking through it now if I'm not sure what to do, I prefer SoTW but it looks like it will be a pain to try and line it up to match or I just need to let it go. Or maybe my brain is just fried. I scheduled out a few weeks but we're only using parts of it, due to what we have and modifying. But I kind of sort of dream of just doing something as is instead of tweaking it so much!
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