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  1. My son with ADHD went to school in 8th. We started him on medication for the first time in his life to help with this transition. For the most part he has refused my help but I do go over with him every night and weekend, what homework he has and when it is due. I then sometimes help him prioritize, like he'll say I do this first and it is due days later when he has some assignments due the next day. I have helped him break down bigger tasks- hey what all needs to get done here, what needs to be done first, etc. Mostly he does ok but there have been times I have pushed him to start an assignment, even though he doesn't think he needs to because he doesn't have a sense of how long it will really take, he doesn't like it when I do that but it is needed at times. I've also sat alongside him just to keep him focused, redirected, and help when needed. He does great if he can get things done in school but by the time he has homework the meds have worn off and he sometimes don't have much left to give. This year in 9th I've not provided much help or support as he usually brushes me aside. I do still ask about homework and go over due dates with him. He is also highly motivated to get good grades, which I think plays a large part in how well he has done, that motivation helps, along with the meds during the day so he can get a good chunk of work done then. I would also say in 6th there are TONS of parents providing all kinds of help for big projects, even for kids that aren't ADHD. So, it depends on if the teacher has expectations for a project a kid can actually do or is accustomed to the projects kids turn in that they've had lots of help with. Helping her in 6th isn't an anomaly at all, or setting her up as a failure.
  2. I vote it is an EC, not a credit, looks like double dipping to me too.
  3. re: eggplant- I just started liking it a couple of years ago, I realized if you salt and let it sit it improves the flavor and draws out the moisture so it is not so soggy, it always tasted bitter to me before. I've not had it a lot of different ways- I do breaded and baked and in ratatouille. I've not used it in a lasagna but have used zucchini like that, I bet the eggplant would work well. I had a solid workout at the gym last night. I felt stronger on my negatives and rows but weaker on thrusters but overall good. I think I may have FINALLY figured out the sweet spot with pre-workout nutrition(timing and intake) for am and pm workouts and it seems to make a big difference in my recovery and how I feel at different heart rates. I've not felt nauseous working out in a while (knock on wood as we say here!) I think for the pm workouts it also had to do with when I take my evening dose of thyroid meds, I now do doses at 12 hrs apart and that is pretty good, before I was dosing before my workout but seems I do better all around at this interval which puts my lifting 2 hrs before my 2nd dose. Food has been pretty good too, eating food I enjoy, feeling satisfied, good energy, and cravings are settled down. It is always a balancing act keeping ratios and amounts where I need them to feel the best. I think I slid a bit too far on carbs for awhile and got out of my best zone. I'll post a meal below, still plenty of carbs, all with some fat and protein. My sleep is still meh but I'm tweaking different things to see if there is a factor I'm missing. Yesterday I had whole grain/seed gf toast w/ almond butter pre-workout sauteed sweet potato w/ red onion and 3 eggs dark chocolate w/ almonds salmon w/ quinoa & broccoli salad 1/2 gf bagel w/ slice of colby jack - pre- 2nd workout nf greek yogurt- unsweet almond milk, choc almond milk, 1/2 banana, strawberries, and spinach post workout brown jasmine rice, chipolte flavored pinto beans, roasted veggies, and a bit of steak (seasoned fajita style)
  4. No, cute doggies in my house, we just an inside cat but she is pretty chill. I trained the kids a long time ago to either join with me working out or leave me alone! Cardio/HIIT workout today- 28 min Lifting tonight
  5. That is wonderful, I hope the changes are sustained long term.
  6. Even the Versa Lite (what I have) has the HR monitor. I just started using mine for sleep as it has a sleep mode now. I think it counts some time awake when I'm not awake but does decently.
  7. I understand that, I feel really self-conscious at potluck at our church. We switched to a little parish closer to us, for the first couple of years we just skipped due to dietary issues but now we come and I still feel crazy uncomfortable. We are by far the youngest family and people have been going there for 25-50+ yrs, all older with things they already make and their own ideas of how food is done. So, I stick to basic stuff. Usually I do a side dish and another thing. And I don't usually cook much because I'm paranoid they won't like it anyway. Last time I brought rolls (packaged), corn(homemade not that corn is all that hard!), and chocolate covered donuts for desert (found those on sale so hey, why not) I stick to rolls and corn or baked beans as no one else makes them and they go with the fried chicken the church supplies. At our last hs potluck I made 2 platters of sandwiches and 2 dozen mini cheesecakes, along with paper supplies. I used to always do meatballs but they are time intensive and more expensive, although they go like hotcakes and I never take any home. I've been experimenting with various dishes to find something easier, in the end I'm sure the sandwiches saved time or money but they worked well outside. My girls usually make the dessert.
  8. I don't care about the store bought vs. homemade but it is just a general lack of anything of subsistence, used to be just a few did that but when the overwhelming majority due, it is not a potluck meal but potluck snacks, which don't work well if it is a long event where people will need to eat.
  9. What I've done sometimes is just have people bring their own lunch, that just works if it is a hs event that is around lunch time. Or I bring a small dish to share and my own family meal. We have also just done snacks for some evening events. People want to have a potluck (they are big where I live) but they don't want to mess with bringing anything. there is a fellowship aspect that you get with potlucks that are nice but I find potluck to be a stress as a planner. In our group it is always the most busy people that bring the most and the least busy that bring bring little if anything. I'd surely not want to charge for a maindish, the chances of make anyone happy with that is about 0%, it is too much (no matter the cost) or they don't like it.
  10. I remember one potluck we had for hs group and my friend was the only one that brought a main dish, the rest brought a few random snacks. Thankfully, she had made a GIANT taco salad that was enough to feed everyone.
  11. Preach it! We just had a potluck this summer, out of the 20+ families we had 3 main dishes, the rest were mostly desserts and random snacks/junkfood. I'm thinking the next time we do a potluck we'll do it how we did for Scouts- a list published and everyone can sign up for something on the list, first to sign up get first pick.
  12. Fight Club (martial arts moves)- 27 min; Core 23 min --Done
  13. Ya, they can really work you. My hamstrings are really sore and tight and I'm not sure why, I guess something I did on leg day but I'm not sure which exercise, no swings for me lately. When I did single leg romanian deadlifts Saturday I could really feel it. I only have a 26# kettlebell, it is light for somethings, heavy for others.
  14. Hmmm.... ya, I'd want my thyroid rechecked, they should be able to catch hyperthyroidism/Graves pretty easily and it is nothing to mess with, even more so than hypothyroidism it can go bad fast and can mess with your heart and eyes and other things. Usually with stress you lose weight because you aren't eating and menopause usually causes weight gain. It seems you've lost weight pretty fast but some of that could be due to losing inflammation. Thyroid disease is related to celiac fyi, if you have one you are likely to more autoimmune diseases. _________________________ teaching now will do morning meltdown when I finish
  15. I hope it is a small bug that you fight off 😞 re: stretching- I don't think anyone needs extreme flexibility and in some cases it causes more harm than good but we do want to keep a level of flexibiity as we are older to do various tasks. We lose it if we don't use it and it can really impair are abiity to do things. Things like getting down on the floor and all the way back up, come in handy. Also, the balance training, not that it is only done in yoga just to say it is something that we should incorporate in some way- falling as we get older is a big deal. So, I don't see yoga as a requirement but working to maintain flexibility and balance as I get older yes, working on relaxing yes- because stress is a physical and mental killer. Stretching after a workout or when my muscles are sore feels good to me, even though often I'd rather not. I did about 3 miles of walking yesterday delivering bags w/ the girls (a chunk of that running), ended w/ 13k + steps and ended the week higher than I'd hit in a month (and the 2 weeks before that are really bad due to being sick). I woke up at 3:45 and did some work around the house and am now laying down for a little nap before starting the day. I'm visiting Mom today and I don't know what else, hopefully some work outside b/c the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I'm planning to prep some salmon and quinoa/veggie salad for the week's lunches as having soup all week was really nice- a hot meal I didn't have to cook. In theory salads sound good but I'm not in the mood right now.
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