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  1. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    Sounds like a plan! Now, I don't weigh everything, I do measure and try to keep honest but I'm not that precise I've not found the need to do it to that level and it has still worked for me, I'm of the what's the least I can do and still have it work.
  2. LOL, so maybe it's in my head or perhaps we've just hit some shorter lessons. Dd feels they are shorter and that's a good thing! It felt like Level 5 had long lessons but not as long as Saxon.
  3. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    YES, I hear ya. I don't know, I was just thinking of reporting here daily that we tracked (whatever that means for us individually) you think that will cut it? I got derailed when I had a boatload of stress and limited time for cooking and of course throw in a bit of stress eating. I've started and restarted umpteen times I just don't make it very far, I get back under the limit I want and then I get lazy. Funny thing is I'm feeling a bit frumpy but that is more in my head I know b/c I'm still lighter than I have for a good chunk of the time since developing thyroid disease. I also know I've put on muscle too. But past experience tells me ignoring it just means I'll keep adding on, my eating has got off track, both portions and choices and I've got to right it and realign that habit.
  4. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    That is awesome!!! I know I've seen a big improvement in biking from my strength training, it takes less endurance when you are stronger. Speaking of food tracking, do you want to be accountability partners???
  5. soror

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    Good for you on the fencing and GIRL I am with you I've got to track food, I start and then quit, I don't want to better now then when I accumulate a bunch more but GEEZ. I started when it was a few pounds and now I'm at 5, 2 for sure UGH. I'm trying to cut back portions and make better portions and feel like I'm doing somewhat better but I don't know the scale agrees or it is thwarting me so I need to write it down. lifting last night, need to look and count weeks I think this may be the last week of this level I'm on...
  6. Thank you ladies for your thoughts! I do have the teacher's manual now from a friend but haven't really looked at it yet.
  7. Well, it looks like the date of my grade 5 books is 2014 and the new 6th grade ones is 2016. It seems there are fewer pages on some lessons and just fewer problems on the pages.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts! I guess I can see how this year goes and if I end up wanting the workbook, I think likely not but maybe I'll find some of it worthwhile.
  9. Dd was using CLE 5 which I had bought a few years back and used some with ds. I just got in CLE 6 in the mail and it sure seems that the lessons are shorter. Did they update the books recently or is that just particular for this level or am I just crazy?
  10. I'm currently using Mosdos Lit- Pearl with dd 6th. We just started it a few weeks ago, so far we are reading the stories and going over questions and some of the workbook activities orally along with filling out story charts from Teaching the Classics to go over the theme and plot. The whole program seems like overkill to me but I'm curious how others use it, while I prefer the idea of just reading whole books I do like the idea of using it for discussing literary elements and Figuratively Speaking doesn't seem to get done other than spurts. I've seen it raved about a lot on here and I'm curious how others use it (what components and scheduling)? Since we just started I thought we might aim to finish half this year and the rest next year (assuming we continue to enjoy it) and add in a couple of lit guides.
  11. soror

    3rd grade reading/literature

    My last 2- 3rd graders weren't the best readers at that age so their lit was a wide variety of read-alouds. My current 3rd grader is a pretty decent reader so she has readers and read-alouds. So, far this year I've just let her pick her readers from a shelf stocked by me. Right now she's reading Socks by Cleary, before that she read Half-Magic, Ella Enchanted, Double Fudge, and Ramona's World and I can't remember before that. For read-alouds we-ve done - Igraine the Brave, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and Fortunately the Milk. We will finish- The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Moorchild by Christmas. I''ve not made my list for read-alouds or readers for next semester yet, I'll be directing her readers a bit more then.
  12. I am but not so much because of school stuff but life stuff. This year has been utterly nuts and I'm very ready to say goodbye and look for a fresh start next year. I'm hoping to get things more in order around the house to make our day to day run more smoothly. As of the new year, we will just have 15 weeks left(we started in July) which always gives me a boost through those long winter months and because we only have 15 weeks I scheduled breaks every 5 weeks 🙂 We are also finally getting back in the groove with dd1 being back home and I'm ready to have that settled, we had to do some tweaking to our plans with her unplanned 3 month trial at PS but that *seems* to be worked out for now, now we just need to get it done.
  13. soror

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    Adding in more walking on the treadmill when you are already doing so much walking at work seems utterly ridiculous to me. What I'd look at would be HIIT sessions to get your heart rate up in 8-16 minutes (1-3x a week) and something for strength training. But that is if you wanted to add something, it doesn't sound to me like you want to do anything and I think that is the far bigger factor than the busyness. As you become more accustomed to the work you might have some more energy left. I remember how you posted when they increased your hours and how hard that was on you but you've kept with it and are able to handle it now so that is massive progress! I can sympathize as I have a bit of the opposite problem here, I started working part-time 3 months ago and work nearly every morning and thus wake up around 3 every day. My job is sitting so whereas I used to start the day out walking around the house and cleaning stuff up and would hit 5k by breakfast I now start it sitting on my butt. I do strength training 2-3 days a week and often take little walks with the girls but I'm not getting in enough walking most days. I bought a step counter to help me be more cognizant but I'm just tired a lot of the times. My strength training is built into my schedule when the kids have TKD so it doesn't get missed unless they are off for a holiday or something because dh has started back to college I'm the one that always takes them. Anyway, I'm trying to give myself some grace in this transition period. From what you've written before I think you're more active than you have been, even with not doing any official exercise.
  14. Only on here would the solution to chronic math switching would be buying more programs ! : ) I don't think that the issue is necessarily the programs themselves. Or rather I think maybe you need to sit it on a bit and think about the exact problem. I used Right Start with ds, I guess that is manipulative heavy but really we mostly used the abacus and that is as old as Math 🙂 (or nearly). I used Beast for him too, it worked great in ways, not so great in others. He thrives on a challenge but he needed far more practice. Right Start was great for him, the upper levels just weren't as good. We used every supplement known to man but I didn't hop around all the time. The way I worked it was to have a main program and use others as supplements for areas we needed to work on or areas of weakness for the curriculum. That works much better than switching all the time, sometimes there isn't one magic right answer or just one right program, you have to tweak the program to your needs. Now, I had a horrible time figuring out math with dd1 because she is so very, very different than ds. Programs worked until they didn't and then there were tears (not once but consistent near daily frustration). I used MiF through 2nd then the tears and we did Saxon through 5, then there were tears. Now we are on CLE, fingers crossed we make it more than a couple of years. DD2 has been using MiF since K (she's in 3rd now), we tried BA for a brief stint when 2A came out but realized it wouldn't work quickly but it did give me a big realization. Dd2 is bright and great with LA, she picks up things quickly, I had mistakenly seen her as bright and quick across the board. BUT she is not as strong in Math. She's doing ok in MIF but next year I'm putting her in CLE as well. She's had some frustrations with MIF at this level, not as bad as dd1 but enough so I don't want to continue it another year. I've also found parts of the program I didn't care for at this level. As 8 said above about SM I think it overly complicates somethings. I like the kids working on mental math and learning different ways to problem solve but it becomes a bit tedious, like we're just seeing how many ways we can do it rather than practice 1 or 2 ways and really get them down. Dd3 is in MiF 1st now, I'll likely put her in CLE after she finishes MIF1. Like her other sisters she prefers more traditional math and finds manipulatives annoying and I personally prefer spiral. I like that it is a worktext and that there are daily review sheets in the back, no extra program to worry about. It is not perfect but I'm so picky, no program is perfect. I think there is too much review sometimes. If dd1 is really getting a concept we will skip some problems of that type. My big thoughts are- Can you teach it? Do you understand it? Do you find it worthwhile? Is the kid learning with it? Does it present the material in a way that both you and your child understand? Is there enough practice to make it stick?
  15. We usually did content over time. However, I picked programs and scheduled things in a way that would fit with my kid's attention spans.
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