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  1. Hi all, @JHLWTM @Not_a_Numbermy son had a hard time with Intermediate Algebra back when it had the Alcumus component. He said the sets were easy, the Alcumus oppressive. I think the Alcumus part has since been removed, so it likely wouldn't be that bad.
  2. I'm signing off until January for Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas and may everyone taking a break have a good one. 😉

  3. LOL, my kids are the opposite of yours in this respect! Calico Critters have been a favorite since day 1. DD12 has had Calico Critters since 4 and still plays with them occasionally. She's got whole worlds made up about them with a friend and sometimes they talk about them like friends. They make things for them out of Fimo and Sculpy, as well as out of cardboard and cloth. Lego went over like a lead balloon here. The kids find them tedious to build with and get annoyed with them. They come out for about a week every six months, people play with them, and then they get put back into
  4. Nope, no snoring or known allergies.
  5. Sorry about your shed. We dealt with this stuff from the other side last summer. We have a large tree that a few neighbors enjoy the shade from and we ended up talking with our insurance agent about it because one of the neighbors had a nervous breakdown and started calling trees "weeds" that needed to be destroyed. The idea with the insurance is that multiple people benefit from trees and therefore share the risk. (Imagine if all of a sudden everyone in a city or town had to cut down their trees due to liability concerns.) However, if you had reached out to your neighbor and told th
  6. Hi all, You guys are such an amazing source of info! I'm a teeth clencher. I've worn various styles of night guards for a few years, but I'm wondering if there are any more natural treatments to at least decrease clenching. Are there stretches? Exercises? Sleeping positions? Being 100% stress-free probably isn't a possibility, LOL. Emily
  7. My sister had appendicitis in Africa at a great hospital. She got laproscopic (sp?) surgery at the hospital and full treatment for $1500. The issue was that she had to pay before they admitted her! She said the care was wonderful, though. DH had appendicitis the same month and the "sticker" price was $10K. The insurance paid something like $3K. Our co-pay was $150. Emily
  8. DS15 loves loves loves Wingspan. It is an engine-building game. The illustrations are beautiful and accurate. Sometimes the younger kids (8, 12) don't want to play the whole game, though we have gotten faster as we've played it more, and then we let them each play a round and rotate through. If anyone in your house is slightly interested in birds, I highly recommend it!
  9. Still, according to the agency my friend contacted, the agency had never heard of a doctor transferring from the USA to Germany. I think if what you wrote were correct, there would be some who made that decision. Emily
  10. If you look at the numbers I quoted above, it looks like it'd take about 4 years for an American doctor to get ahead of doctors in Germany, even when college and graduate school debt is taken into account. I'm not saying that the system is *good*. Just people like to demonize insurers and health conglomerates for making oodles of money; doctors are benefitting, too, and you can't criticize the insurer for overcharging the patient without also criticizing the doctors. This gets left out of a lot of discussions of the pros and cons of other health care systems. ETA: I'm not criticizing
  11. Hi all, Maybe you can help me with this. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a subscription box for my son that was craft-focused, but that built real things. I kept coming across 1) junk or 2) girl-focused crafts. Finally, I found a website that focused on high quality handwork by teenage boys and up. I think it was run by a homeschooling family. They had things like glass-etching and wood burning. Now I can't find it again. Do you know of this company? I'd like to buy something. 😉 Emily
  12. Doctors are also earning a lot. To have medical care like in Canada and Europe, we'd have to significantly decrease doctors' wages, too. 22 High Paying Countries for Doctors in the World to Immigrate - WiseStep From this website, the average specialist in Canada makes $70K less per year than in the USA. In Denmark a specialist would make $140K less and an GP $50K less. In Germany it would be a pay cut of $150K/years for a specialist. From personal experience, my German friend was calling an agency in Germany to find out what her husband would have to do to work in Germany as a
  13. It isn't just US health insurance that is expensive, it is anything with liability for Americans. Our kids went to camp in Israel for 3 weeks and the cost for American citizens was $100 extra for extra liability insurance.
  14. We're doing half-ish days this week; just foreign language, math, and labs for our science that we've neglected. It is pretty restful without the chaos that often accompanies a break.
  15. I know one manufacturer does every 3-6 week nasal swabs, so that should give some info eventually, though it will take more time because they have to get enough data to analyze well. I think they didn't do this because they were going for *fast* and everything extra you do slows things down. Also, the goal was preventing severe disease and, at the beginning, people didn't even know that this would be possible. Even the TWIVers said yesterday that we're extremely lucky this vaccine is working out so well and that it is easy to think you were smart when really it was luck. Obviously a ton of res
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