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  1. I think this is similar to why you can't prove that parachutes work: it would be unethical to have a control group. Same for masks in a healthcare setting.
  2. I think it is the way color is applied to cabinets. Most white cabinets (at least that I come in contact with) aren't painted but have a color cooked on. Emily
  3. My dad is a custom kitchen designer and builder in the SF Bay Area (so $$$) and he actually recommends IKEA kitchen cabinets (but not for homeschooling families with five children!). He has installed a number of IKEA kitchens and says they are well made. He designed and installed an IKEA laundry/storage/pantry area for me and the cabinets doing great. The one warning about mission-paneled doors, even from super-high-end companies, is that the foil finish on them chips really easily. My dad has noticed that they chip even in homes with double-income married couples.
  4. I went to Caltech with a guy who had gotten an AA beforehand. He received one year of credit for his two years at CC, so was a transfer student but transferred as a sophomore. Emily
  5. This reminds me of DH, who used to faint when I would give birth or go to the ER (once for appendicitis). They actually tried to admit him one time and he nearly had to fight his way out. A friend mentioned to him, "When you stop breathing, you faint." He realized that when he got faint he just had to choose to breathe. He's had no more episodes since then. So, watch your breath and breathing. And, yes, exposure desensitizes you. Emily
  6. Yes. My daughter is using this book right now and really likes it. She said, "Why can't all math books be like this?" She finds it very logical and easy to use, as do I. Thankfully. It has taken a long time to find something that has clicked with her. We do odd problems for the sections that don't have word problems and then all the word problems.
  7. I loved the Shanks textbook, but realized I couldn't spend the amount of time I needed to for DS15 to not be lonely. He was asking me to sit with him for an hour every afternoon to work problems with him and I just could not handle it with my other kids. After telling DS15 that Intermediate Algebra no longer has Alcumus and working through a number of problems from that book with him with him, he reluctantly decided to try out the AOPS Precalc class. He's on week 6 (I think) and *really* likes it and feels quite successful. He says he appreciates the pace of the class. He is my kid who th
  8. I had a lot of success with the Levi's automated size and fit finder. It asks things like your age, weight, height, best fitting jeans brand and size, maybe if you've had kids, and things like that. It was great because it directed me to jeans that make a 39-year-old mom look good. (Just bought two more pairs today, before I saw this thread. For me, the 315, which have some stretch and just the right amount of tummy control, fit perfectly.) Emily
  9. Yes, absolutely. My mom had a problem with overspending on credit cards and once gave my dad all her credit cards cut up as a Christmas present! I also know why my friends went to Hawaii and we camped. My parents gave me a clothing budget beginning when I was in 7th grade ($500/yr) and it was my job to buy all my clothes, shoes, etc for the year. Also, I remember that my parents never paid for us kids to eat out. When I graduated from 6th grade, my friend and her mom invited me to go to lunch with them. I asked my dad if I could go and he said, "Yes, if you have the money." I never
  10. FWIW, we're very rigorous CM homeschoolers. I think a lot of "adaptations" of Mason end up throwing away the rigorous principles of Mason while keeping her "gentle" approaches. I actually was not really attracted to Mason until I read her volumes and realized how much she expected from the students. I expect you either have a very modern/simplified Mason approach or you are a beginner in the philosophy and aren't aware of or implementing the rich variety of pieces within the Mason puzzle. Just thinking about dd's 5th grade year last year for some ideas that you might not have that might a
  11. Anyone know where to buy canned enchilada sauce? That is something I haven't seen since February and I'd love a good pan of enchiladas.
  12. Having major life changes, like a move and changes to a job schedule, can really shake up things in a household, even when they are good changes. Sigh. In my life, when I've had little things that got me angry, but felt like they shouldn't, I could usually find something deeper that was causing it to bother me. For example, I'd been handling the budget for a long time when all of a sudden my husband wanted to be part of it. I got really angry at him (even though I should have been happy!) because it made me feel like he didn't trust my management of money. Another time, I got upset when h
  13. My kids use Anki for foreign language memory work (sentences and words). I make their flashcards until they are in 6th grader, after which they make their own flash cards. They use a computer and iPad for this. My kids use the iPad to listen to music (Suzuki, folk songs, foreign language music) and foreign language material (recorded stories or conversations in the language they are learning). We read the news online. My kids generally choose their own news stories from our city's main newspaper website, but they also use simplified news in German. Sporadically, my older kids ha
  14. Can you walk? I find a walk outdoors mid-afternoon helps, even if it isn't as much as I'd like us to do. Or, could two kids exercise together? My girls (12 and almost-14) like going biking together.
  15. With the pandemic and "online" PE, DS15 is biking 12 miles at least three days a week and then hiking 4 miles. He's the happiest I've seen him after one of those bike rides. (His online PE is "go do something for exercise for 60-90 minutes" so he bikes 12-15 miles).
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