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  1. The more I read, the more horrified I am. For a legal meeting, it is absolutely unacceptable to have people entering and exiting the room without all participants being aware. I believe it's actually illegal in many places. And them being able to see you, but you not seeing them is outrageous. I would not tell just the eye-roller about the issue. It will get buried with her. I would not trust the staff to talk together, no matter how nice they may have been in the past. Every part of how this was handled is appalling. My biggest concern is the effect this has on the kids. The
  2. I am not personally experienced with IEP meetings, but I wanted to say how sick this makes me feel. She clearly communicated to your son that your advocacy on his behalf is an irritant, and by extension she communicated to your son that his valid needs are unimportant and irritating, which delegitimizes and devalues him. That is absolutely unacceptable. I'm so sorry.
  3. Absolutely stay in bed. I would take a hot bath first to fight off the chill that is plaguing you, and then crawl into bed with tea, perhaps some movies. Just lay there and let your body work on healing. Sorry you feel so crummy.
  4. Serious suggestion: Just get new counters? Laminate is not that expensive.
  5. For me personally, I love the statement Black lives matter, because they absolutely do. That statement recognizes the value and worth of a people group who have been and are being marginalized and abused. But I think it's important to point out that while racism can and does affect politics, racism goes far beyond politics. It touches every part of our lives as Americans, though that is very, very hard for white folks to understand. It's a political discussion if I bring up policy. Otherwise, it's a discussion about the condition of fellow human beings.
  6. The thing is, this is not likely about arson for the sake of fire. It's about racism. That's what makes it extra scary. Racism is a human condition that affects all areas of life, including but definitely not limited to politics. It is possible to reflect on the ugliness of racism without discussing politics. The racism raises a definite concern for continued and escalating vandalism and violence. And the ugly feelings that cause such behavior are sickening.
  7. Same here, though not nearly so dangerous. We have a sign with a Martin Luther King quote out in the yard. It was targeted by paint ball guns one night. We let the rain wash it down and it is still out there. We are committed to keeping a sign up no matter what. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's unnerving and sickening.
  8. So sorry for your loss.
  9. Even with your concerns about his needing a job rather than gaming all the time, he needs to quit his job. Hands are precious. The reaction you described is not a mild one. And it is a terrible lesson to say he should accept that risk. He got this job. He can get another. Grocery stores are almost always hiring. There are other food places. There are retail stores. And Christmas season will open new jobs as well starting in just a few weeks. There are options.
  10. Not the same, but hopefully it will make you chuckle. When ds was a little guy, one day we heard a knock on the front door. It was one of our neighbors, there to tell us that ds was poking holes in his window screen with a screwdriver. 😣 😂
  11. One thought on depression and not wanting to take pills or do therapy: Years ago I went to my doctor and told him I was positive that I was clinically depressed. Told him how hard I tried to exercise my way out of it, tried to take vitamins through it. How exhausted I was, how much I slept. And so on. I fully expected him to give me a prescription for an antidepressant, and I would have taken it because I absolutely could not cope any more. That blessed man look at me thoughtfully for a long moment. Maybe a couple moments. We'd know each other for many years first as neighbors and fr
  12. Happened to my daughter. She was born with beautiful, fluffy, strawberry-blonde curls. Everyone asked where all that red came from. (Answer: my grandmother) I did not cut her curls, nevertheless her hair changed as she grew. By the time she was 2yo her hair was long and extremely thick and honey-blonde. It's wavy but not curly, more so when she wears it short. She's very beautiful, but she is not a redhead as we originally thought she would be.
  13. A friend's daughter had to cope with extensive burn scars. She swears by Mederma, and they did twice daily scar massage for a couple years. They also used colloidal silver applied topically, which had a remarkable effect on healing. (Colloidal silver is now used routinely in burn treatment for that reason.) I have also heard that manuka honey is particularly effective with wound care. Someone else I care for deeply has had to have skin cancer patches removed from his head and cheek. His dermatologist specifically said not to use antibiotic creams, but rather use plain petroleum jell
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