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  1. My goodness! Yes, this has been the case for me as well. I am much better now. Much better. Not perfect by any stretch--there are some things that will always be dysfunctional, especially with aging--but so much stronger and in much better condition. I pray you can find the answers you need as well.
  2. The doctor who has helped me the most advocates stripping out the four foods that cause the most food allergies and intolerances, AND he advises stripping out processed foods and cutting down sugar drastically. The four foods are gluten, milk products, soy products, and corn. Then after a minimum of three months, you can try adding things back in to see how you do. (In my case, we know that I am gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant, so those will stay out permanently. But with continued healing, I am hopeful that I will add back in corn and soy products this summer.)
  3. Just commiserating. I hear ya. I have had a similar journey--I spent more than a decade trying to get answers for joint pain and injuries, and finally received a diagnosis of EDS. Then I had a life-threatening abdominal infection with sepsis and it was a whole new body after that. Soooo many layers to figure out, and some doctors were actually not helpful or even downright dismissive and obstructive. The most helpful of them would only look at one tiny piece at a time. It has been through sheer dogged persistence and through the expenditure of a ton of money that I have been able to address a
  4. Kassia I’m sorry you are suffering. I pray you find answers and relief.
  5. I have had a few difficult visiting scenarios. My aunt (more like my sister) suffered with dementia from a brain tumor, and my grandmother and my darling in-laws had/have severe dementia. My relationships with my aunt and my grandmother had been complicated by dysfunctional family dynamics, but I felt strongly that I needed to visit them regularly. I really do understand about reframing. It helped me to know that my visits eased their suffering. It also helped me to remind myself that the bad moods or, in the case of one of them with advanced dementia, attempts to hit or cause hurt, were/
  6. Scarlett, I find I have to have good substitutes for situations like this. In my case, I eat just a bit of a dark chocolate bar that is 85% cocoa. There is very little sugar in it and the taste is so intense I feel satiated with just a little. When I want something that feels like a genuine dessert, a scoop of chocolate chia pudding made with cocoa and sweetened with maple syrup does the trick.
  7. YES. I agree. I do have a long-time friend who was diagnosed at Mayo with long covid. It has been horrifying to watch. It has been almost a year since her original, severe infection, and she still cannot work even part-time hours. This is someone who relishes her career and loves what she does and tended to work a lot because she is just so interested and fascinated in what she does. And now she can hardly crawl through it.
  8. To add to your side note, I've been on this board many, many years. And I have seen this EXACT scenario debated more than one time. Each time it came up here (that I saw), it was about co-op policies. There were posters on this board upset because peanutbutter is cheap and the only thing their kids will eat and they should not have to stop because of one allergy kid who should just be more careful. I was genuinely horrified the first time the debate raged, and then sick to my stomach when I saw it cycle through again and again over the years.
  9. I’m just so sorry. It’s truly awful. Hugs and prayers for you.
  10. Something similar happened to someone who is dear to me. She was sick and had taken a heavy dose of cold medicine which knocked her out pretty thoroughly. Her husband woke up with abdominal pain and called the on-call nurse. He'd been having these types of issues for a while and had tried numerous solutions, to no avail. The on-call nurse advised him to go to the hospital. When he told his wife, she was sooooo groggy! He told her to go back to sleep. He drove himself to the hospital and ended up with an emergency appendectomy. She found out when she woke up mid-morning and saw a note he left o
  11. I will take this opportunity to mention I have been making Indian food from Chetna Makan's recipes (Healthy Indian and Healthy Indian Vegetarian). Soooo much flavor!!! Fabulous food. She's on Youtube and Intagram if you are interested.
  12. I was introduced to Ramona the Pest by one of my favorite teachers of all time, Mrs. Logan, in second grade. God bless her for reading those books to us. Also for end-of-the-day circle time and for the warm-fuzzies stories (literally stories about creatures called warm fuzzies) and for being the lovely human being she was. I will forever associate her and Beverly Cleary and Mr. Rogers all together in my heart. My personal favorite as a kid was Ellen Tebbits. Both of my kids loved Beverly Cleary, but my son in particular found a kindred spirit in Otis Spofford. Absolutely LOVED that c
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