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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad he is doing better. Stay safe.
  2. I've been tackling like crazy, as have dh and ds, bless them. Those awesome boys have moved furniture, weeded gardens, finished repairing the screened porch, and even swept out the garage. I have been steadily decluttering and organizing for a couple months. This week I tackled BOOKS. So many books. At one point most of them were more or less organized, but let's just say entropy is powerful here. I have given some to friends, donated some, and reorganized what's left. I'm not quite done but there's not much left to do tomorrow or later this week.
  3. @Jenn in FL So sorry about the muscle relaxers. That’s how they work with me as well. We have a licensing inspection on Monday so I am focusing on getting the house shipshape. It’s definitely a do-something-anything!-day for me. I am aiming for a post-dinner walk.
  4. If you figure that out, perhaps you might help us with a link. 🤩
  5. Checking in--when I see the thread I offer up a prayer. I hope your son and your family are okay.
  6. There are people who have gotten covid more than one time. Therefore it is entirely possible for people who were previously ill to also contract the Delta variant.
  7. 25 minutes of exercise definitely counts, especially with low calories and anxiety. Pat yourself on the back for getting rolling despite having a rough day.
  8. Honestly, the very best thing she can do is get vaccinated. After that, the most effective is ventilation with masking. A fan with an open window is ideal. If none of them are vaccinated, then the only way I see to be sorta safe (outside of quitting her job) is with an N95 and a face shield with ventilation.
  9. You go, girl! Great job forging ahead with the morning routine anyway!!! I took a walk this evening, and I hope to do some stretching and light strengthening a bit later while watching a TV show. Tomorrow I plan to do my abs and back rotation.
  10. Chiming in with my hearty recommendation for The Gift of Fear. Absolutely the very best book out there on the topic of personal safety
  11. @Jenn in FLI have similar morning struggles. I cannot cope right when I wake up--I desperately need 15-20 minutes to just sit up and unstiffen and come to alertness. Because I am a night owl, getting up early feels impossible, yet there are various reasons why getting up early is what needs to happen. All too often exercise is what gets pushed aside, yet with a chronic condition and health challenges, exercise and sleep are both things that absolutely require serious commitment from me. I haven't really figured out a solution, but I feel your pain. Your plan to hook your walk to your hair appointment is a fabulous strategy. I find that the more I include exercise with something else (triggered by something else), the more likely it is to get done. I've also been keeping my good shoes in the car so they are handy whether I go to the gym or just find myself able to take a walk somewhere random. I want to find a morning solution similar to one we came to when my kids were little and I faced a similar struggle in getting homeschooling up and running. For a long time I was anemic and didn't know it--the morning fog and exhaustion were bonecrushing. I just could not seem to get rolling. We wouldn't start schooling until late morning, and then I spent the rest of the day beating myself up for being slow and lazy. Such a negative cycle. Finally I decided to accept the morning fog and stop trying to will myself to overcome it. Dh got the kids up for breakfast with him before he left for work. Then he'd bring the kids to our bed with a cup of tea for me. The kids looked at books or played quietly while I sipped my tea. When I felt able to cope, we'd do read-alouds and work through one workbook activity. I wrote up their lists then and there. By then I was starving, so I'd go eat my breakfast while they progressed to the next item on their list that could be done without my help. This way we got started early but I didn't have to get out of bed. We all treasured the snuggle read-aloud time. All that to say, I feel a similar solution (working WITH who I am and not against) is in order, but I cannot seem to figure it out for the different stage of life I am in now. The days are more disciplined when I have an outside obligation first thing (like a doctor's appointment or some such).
  12. I did a pretty intense weights and core session yesterday, then spent hours doing some home rearranging. I am sore today and am going to allow myself a day of rest. I might go for a walk this evening when it cools off.
  13. No. I'll get a dog. I might consider being roommates with my besties like the Golden Girls.
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