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  1. I really like all three of these, particularly the first one. Thank you! More to consider.
  2. Groom's parents are both really lovely people, and we genuinely like them. Dd gave MOG exactly the same vague guidance she gave me (any color in nature), so I think we're all doing our best here in a new role and a new stage in life. It wouldn't surprise me if Dd told her blue is my favorite color. I know exactly what you mean about thinking one thing from the look on the rack but finding that it fits completely differently when you try it on. That is my reality. I am planning to order a few to look at. I found a few options on Eshakti and one on Amazon as well, so there's a lot to p
  3. This one is really pretty! Definitely my color and I love the cascading leaf effect. My one worry is about the waistline falling right at the natural waistline.
  4. This is really helpful! I didn't realize you could do this!
  5. Look into Air B&B? Sometimes you can rent an entire house or entire apartment for the same cost as a hotel room. Camping? Consider carrying a camping potty in the car?
  6. Though low on sleep, I started off right with a half hour strength training. It's good to have it taken care of first thing.
  7. That level of lethargy is pretty profound. I used to struggle similarly, and it turned out I was badly anemic. Consider checking for anemia (making sure to measure BOTH hemoglobin AND ferritin, as ferritin can drop really low while hemoglobin stays in the low-normal range). Check also for vitamin D levels and blood sugar issues. If a doctor confirms all is fine, consider a vitamin D light. 20 minutes of light first thing in the morning wakes up the brain beautifully and sets the course for the body to shut down with melatonin at the appropriate time at night.
  8. Thanks for the tips! Re shoes: Has to be flat or almost flat because of chronic foot pain AND grass. Re food: Believe me, I am on full coronavirus protocol. There will be servers and we are planning for masks and distanced tables and hand sanitizer. I question whether a big affair will be allowed at that time, but dd would like to plan for their ideal and then scale back if necessary.
  9. Late afternoon/evening--ceremony at 4pm, followed by dinner. New information from dd: Semi-formal or cocktail attire.
  10. This one is beautiful! I'd say this leans towards Sunday-best (less formal but still lovely and dressy). I am personally better off with something longer, but it's good to have some reference for what others have done.
  11. I will not wear a dress with a thigh high split. If I buy such a dress, I will sew it shut or at least a little lower. I am willing to consider dressy flowy pants and any skirt longer than knee length. I tend to look better in longer skirts, but am open to any number of variations.
  12. I do live near Nordstrom's but we are totally locked in here. Both dh and I are working from home (me because that's how it's always been and him because of coronavirus), and we don't go anywhere these days. We don't want to get sick, and we don't want dear fil to suffer either. So I am trying to guesstimate from the internet.
  13. My beloved daughter is getting married on Memorial Day weekend. I do not know what to wear and feeling insecure about it. I've never been a fashion plate.😅 Here are the stats: Bride in standard gorgeous lace gown with a bit of a train. Bridesmaids in long, forest green infinity dresses (brushing tops of feet). Groom and groomsmen in gray suits. We've rented an elegant barn both for coronavirus safety and because bride and groom and families love forest hikes and camping and being outdoors. We are city folks (originally from Chicago), so even though we have a barn
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