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  1. So sorry for your loss and for the drama.
  2. What led us to homeschool? We lived in a rough, urban neighborhood with abysmal schools. A friend was enthusiastic about homeschooling and I was intrigued by what she had to say. Read and researched a bunch and tried it out thinking, "How could anyone mess up kindergarten?" Had a blast. Fell in love. The rest is history. Re homeschool in the high school years: My dd homeschooled all the way through. For high school I taught some subjects, while others were farmed out to her father, tutors, co-op classes, and community college. We did lean heavily on WTM recommendations but didn't follow every jot and tittle. Re life after graduation: My ds chose to attend a private school for high school, and he has thrived there from the first. His GPA is high, as are his AP and college entrance test scores. He is also an Eagle Scout. Homeschool prepared him well. My dd is currently a student at Purdue, where she is thriving and due to graduate this December with a high GPA. She has no regrets about choosing to homeschool all the way through high school.
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your relationship with your ex was a long, significant part of your life. Hugs for you.
  4. Yay!!! So much good. I'm really glad to see this all come together.
  5. I have scoliosis, and yes, back pain positionally is a factor. I get angry when I hear of doctors stating mild scoliosis does not need treatment. The reality is that aggressive core exercise makes a HUGE difference in pain, comfort, and spine degeneration, especially for mild cases. I would urge your son to add core strengthening and weight lifting to his life.
  6. Is this the placement that was right by dh's work? The one you wanted? Or is this different?
  7. Regarding side tables. I would go with either white, cream, OR naked, blonde, very pale wood. Anything dark will fight with the paneling. Definitely bold white curtains that reach to the floor and center the bed under the window. I think you'll find a way to make the glider and the toddler bed to fit somewhere. Centering the bed makes the room look balanced rather than random. I like the idea of a quilt if you want to go that route. Pretty white pillow shams with the bold white curtains will look lovely.
  8. Yes. This. There have been many who assumed that I was pushing my kids or helicoptering in some way. They never saw the conversations to evaluate what sparks joy or the evaluations of kids' personal goals. They didn't see that helping kids achieve what they wanted was often different than what I had in mind and that the kids' goals required considerable sacrifice on my part. We have always encouraged the kids to choose what is important to them and strategize to achieve that. And the money!!! Don't even get me started. My observation has been that there is a percentage of homeschoolers tend to expect everything to be free or only nominal in expense. When I engage in private school settings (for myself, for my son in high school), there is a contrasting mentality that education is so important the family will do all kinds of crazy things to pay those bills. And as someone who has taught a LOT of co-op classes as well as private students over the years, I will say (and have said before) that what many expect to pay is laughable, often faaaaar less than minimum wage.
  9. Hugs to you. It's hard to be the strong one.
  10. I have a grub problem too. No advice--just bumping the thread in hopes that someone will offer some good advice.
  11. I am cooking for a retreat in a week. I would like to make a whole grain, French toast casserole. Any tried and true, totally amazing recipes?
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