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  1. I have a grub problem too. No advice--just bumping the thread in hopes that someone will offer some good advice.
  2. I am cooking for a retreat in a week. I would like to make a whole grain, French toast casserole. Any tried and true, totally amazing recipes?
  3. I was thinking a little more about your awkward fireplace room. Some of the nicest B&Bs I've stayed in have included fireplaces in the bedrooms. Can you embrace the fireplace as a charming design feature? If you cannot use it for a fire, you can still make it sweet with candles or a pretty screen. Consider dividing the office from the bedroom with a hanging fabric screen? Just some ideas. I definitely agree with getting the kids out of the basement. That much water is not healthy, and there will be chaos trying to manage their stuff with a basement that gets wet sometimes. But the health issues are a big deal, and I would not consider that acceptable at all. A dear friend of mine had to deal with parsonage issues. You have my wholehearted sympathy. Unfortunately sometimes the ministry family is expected to put up with conditions that are not acceptable. The basement flooding is a big deal, and the church should recognize it. Take pictures, document problems, and be the squeaky wheel. Just my two cents. YMMV
  4. Take a day at the Tower of London. The Beefeater tours are worth every penny. Bring lightweight, hiking quality rain gear. We found that having something superlight (easy to carry in a purse) but waterproof makes a huuuuuuuuge difference in our enjoyment of a wet day.
  5. I'm so sorry for this unhappy health dilemma, Scarlett. FWIW I had terrible reflux as well as general gassiness and bloating that all disappeared when I gave up both gluten and dairy. It's not an easy switch, but I feel so much better.
  6. A friend who I love and trust and who is truly wonderful (as well as fully credentialed) does this. If you want her information, pm me.
  7. My disclaimer is that I am not all that savvy on the inner workings of insurance bureaucracies. But I wonder if a written letter of complaint to the insurer would be effective in compelling the insurer to object. As for paying for your mental health, I certainly wouldn't blame you for it. I have done so myself in the past. It's terribly unjust, but your time and your peace are both precious commodities. If paying it is all you can do to end this, then I support you. Whether or not you continue to fight, I do hope you place your account of what really happened in the file.
  8. You do have the right to place your own documentation in your file about what happened. You also have the right to request that the doctor update your records to reflect what happened with accuracy. And no, I wouldn't pay a dime for this. Ridiculous.
  9. I geek out on philosophy and theology in my spare time. I love doing martial arts and cannot believe I picked it up again after so many years away and injuries/illness that changed my body. I love British literature and British TV/film.
  10. I haven't done a stress test, but my ds had to have numerous 24-hour holter monitors for the first five years of his life. Never once did any stickers fall off his sweaty, active, sometimes filthy little body. We wanted good, thorough readings, so we had him running, jumping, climbing trees. I would insist on a new test. Period. End of discussion.
  11. I cannot log in on my iPhone. At all. This is a recent development--I have been reading the boards on my phone for years. When I read posts in the politics social club, every post I open jumps wildly up and down several times before settling and staying still enough to read. It's tremendously irritating. Sounds like some bugs are loose in the system...
  12. I'm sorry it's so hard. Truly so sorry. I hesitate to offer any thoughts, as I have no experience and do not want to cause pain. Have you considered a residential setting for her? It seems unfair that the rest of the family has to be broken, too. Please forgive me if that is an insensitive. I know you love her, and I'm sorry it's so rough.
  13. Maybe, maybe not. It can be hard to pinpoint when your case is not screamingly obvious from dislocations or some such. It took me more than a decade of escalating injuries, symptoms, and joint pain before I was diagnosed.
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