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  1. For most of my life, my right eye has been significantly weaker than my left.
  2. Harriet Vane

    Today is my birthday...

    Happy Birthday! Many returns of the day! You have long been one of my favorites here.
  3. Harriet Vane

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Just a different perspective. I found the only way I could get any rest in the hospital was when someone (usually dh) was in the room with me. Honestly, there are zillions of people who all have to come in and out of your room, and they are constantly poking and prodding the patient or banging something around. Both after giving birth and also when I was hospitalized for a serious infection, I was astounded at how often hospital staff felt it necessary to wake me up. Sleep was what I desperately needed, but there's no sleeping in a hospital.
  4. Harriet Vane

    Countertop preference?

    One that I definitely do NOT recommend is concrete. We have concrete counters, and I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. They stain. It doesn't look like a nice patina. It looks like ugly food stains and drips.
  5. Harriet Vane

    Burned face, magical naps, and a family of smart@$$s

    So, some burn tips. Not that you asked, but we have some experience. Did they give you Silvadene cream? It's definitely best for burns. Use plenty and keep the burns moist. Then after the healing is done, switch to Mederma cream and use it religiously for several months to keep the forming scar tissue supple and to reduce the appearance and thickness of the scars.
  6. Harriet Vane

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    I thought of one more. It's well worth a day trip to the Isle of Arran to tour the stone circles there. If you google, you'll see there are several stone circles in close proximity. Very easy to see a couple different kinds, from a small barrow to three magnificent, humongous standing stones and a couple others. The island is stunning and gorgeous, with wonderfully picturesque towns. It's easy to ferry over and rent a car once there. Or if your kids are old enough, you can rent bicycles. The views are so wonderful that biking would be a dream, but it would be pretty challenging--be prepared to bike miles and miles. (We rented a car.)
  7. Harriet Vane

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    Two of our favorites: --Tour Mary King's Close in Edinburgh. --Enjoy a day watching the Highland Games if at all possible. Really cool, uniquely Scottish athleticism and music. Loads of fun and perfect for a family. We also enjoyed the castle in Edinburgh. Public transportation is easy and wonderful in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Definitely rely on trains as much as you can. We did well with busses also. Don't bring a car to Edinburgh--waaaay too chaotic and difficult.
  8. Harriet Vane

    What type of doctor to start with - joint pain

    I have problematic hands, too. What has helped you?
  9. Harriet Vane

    What type of doctor to start with - joint pain

    Yes, they do. The idea is that if you are having a flare-up, a PT can help tamp down the episode and show you how to adjust what you do day to day to prevent further flares as much as possible.
  10. Harriet Vane

    What type of doctor to start with - joint pain

    I think it's worthwhile. I have joint pain throughout my body. I do have some arthritis, and particularly bone spurs in my spine, but the majority of my pain is from connective tissue issues. The way I choose to move, work, and exercise are all based on which spot hurts and why. I choose to not take systemic pain meds for a variety of reasons, but I have found, for example, that I have choices in terms of icing, heat, topical anti-inflammatory creams, and type of exercise. Another example that comes to mind is bursitis--this can be fixed, so knowing if you have it and where helps you target what to do to address it. There are many possible reasons for joint pain. Knowing what and why helps you live life as fully as possible.
  11. Harriet Vane

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Edited to update: Got up at 5am to bake. Had to be done this way, while everyone is asleep, because big cooking projects stress out my dear, aged father-in-law, and I simply cannot produce this many cookies with his anxious hovering. While I was at it, gluten-free brownies went in the oven. Now I will not feel quite as sad (I hope) when everyone else is eating kolacky. Okay, did that. The kolacky turned out particularly well this year. Cha-ching! I forgot to bring the brownies with, though. Oh well. Other than that, there is simply the craziness of getting everyone fed and out the door. Oh, and the small matter of obligatory events with unhappy, dysfunctional people. Chances are it will be nice to see them, unless it's not. We never know until it's all done. Went to the obligatory event and had a surprisingly nice time. Everyone was relaxed. There was actual connection instead of talking about the weather. Honestly, it was the nicest time I've had with this bunch in many, many years. Praise God for unexpected blessings.
  12. I like to think of myself as bold and adventurous, but the reality is that I do not like either swamps or heights. My trail-blazing is heavily influenced by my desire to avoid those two features.
  13. I loved this book! I had completely forgotten about it. As soon as I saw the cover the whole story came flooding back. Had to order a copy for my home immediately.
  14. Harriet Vane

    Remudamom here

    Lovely to see you! You made me laugh out loud many times. And many times you cut right to the heart of the matter.
  15. Harriet Vane

    City living: NYC, Philly, Chicago

    If Chicago, take a look at Oak Park. It's an easy el ride or Metra ride downtown, and the town is charming and bustling and wonderfully historic style. Oak Park has a wonderful downtown district, so there is nifty stuff local to your home and all the big awesome Chicago stuff a short train ride away. If you'd rather live in a suburb, consider your options based on Metra train lines or el lines.
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