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  1. Thanks for responding. Somehow I skimmed past that part. Reading too fast, I guess. And feeling silly about it now, too.
  2. I will confess to some honest confusion here. I thought it was correct and expected to keep the toilet lid down unless actually using the toilet. I can recall many memes and jokes about guys who leave the seat up. I taught my kids to always put the lid down. Not judging your personal preference. Just confused.
  3. @Farrar You're the hero in this thread. Thanks for speaking truth.
  4. It is good to hear from you, Beth. I have such enormous respect for how hard you work to be self-aware and take care of yourself and those you love. I'm so glad that horrible lady is gone! I have had to work with toxic people before--they can take years off your life. And I am delighted that your boss is so kind and supportive. These rough weeks are just a bump in the road. In this marathon, you are a winner.
  5. Just had to pop in and say I am so excited for your sonography program!!! You go, girl!
  6. I have no personal experience to offer, but I want you to know that I prayed for you tonight and I hope this season passes quickly. May God give you full health soon.
  7. Spryte, I'm so sorry about this stupid pre-authorization delay. Ask your doctor to ride their tail for that authorization. C diff is nothing to play around with, as you well know.
  8. I'm so sorry you are sick again! When I was infected with C diff, I did some research, and it is my opinion that they should stop bothering with Flagyll. It doesn't work. It is considered the first line of defense primarily because it's so cheap, but it is simply not very effective. I think it just buys time for the infection to really get entrenched in your system rather than knocking it out as Vancomycin or Difficid would. I get downright angry at the passivity from the medical community on this--they should stop "giving it a try" and go directly to the drugs that are effective. Difficid has a great track record, though. As quickly as you can possibly start on that, do so. You are also doing the right thing with Florastor. I will pray for you, Spryte. I'm so sorry you are so miserable.
  9. That's $25 an hour, which is a solid rate of pay. It's normal for house cleaners to cobble together numerous jobs with different expectations. But there's also nothing wrong with telling her how much you value the good job she does and giving her supportive extras from time to time.
  10. I think YOU set the terms, not her. You tell her what you want and how much time, and then you pay her. End of story. I worked as a house cleaner through my college years, and I have employed many house cleaners over the last 25 years of grown-up life. Different clients want different things. If your house cleaner does not want to come fewer times, hire someone else.
  11. It could have been vasovagal syncope. My dh and dd are prone to it. We had a biiiiig, scary episode with dh several years ago when he slipped to the floor and shook rhythmically before coming back to awareness. Happened twice. We went to the ER and he wasn't allowed to drive for months while we tried to figure out if it was a seizure or not.
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