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  1. stephanier.1765

    Jayme Closs found alive

    I'll have to ask dh when he gets home. He was in charge of the remote and had been flipping through channels so I'm not sure which one he landed on. ETA: He said it was Monday's NBC nightly news.
  2. stephanier.1765

    Jayme Closs found alive

    I'm not sure which one. There were two lawyers there but I'm not familiar enough with the case to know who is who. We were watching the evening news. After he said that, dh and I looked at each with dumbfounded expressions. We couldn't believe what we had just heard.
  3. stephanier.1765

    Jayme Closs found alive

    We saw an interview with his lawyer last night where he said that he has seen defendants with more evidence against them get off scot free. Really? Really you have? I know the DA is just doing his due diligence but comments like that make me want to smack him.
  4. stephanier.1765

    I think I am convinced to build

    I love front porches. That's one of my favorite features of our house. The entire thing is just as cute as it can be. Here's hoping for a quick and easy build.
  5. stephanier.1765

    Where do you store your files?

    Thank you! I totally forgot about Google drive. I'm busy backing up right now. What a relief!
  6. stephanier.1765

    Where do you store your files?

    My tablet is is dying a slow and painful death so before it's completely gone I need to do something with my files. Where do you store yours? The cloud? And if so, could you tell me how? I'm really a dope when it comes to these things. Thanks! I've got my pictures uploaded to Amazon so at least they are safe.
  7. stephanier.1765

    Happy thread

    The Office and Bird Box 😂😂😂
  8. stephanier.1765

    I have a copyright question (never mind)(short update)

    Good idea! I didn't want to do it at home because it has so many colorful pictures which would suck our ink dry but I could try a few of the ones that have more text vs pics.
  9. stephanier.1765

    I have a copyright question (never mind)(short update)

    Because I didn't know you could do that. 😏 And I'm not sure which pdf program I'm using. I assumed it was Adobe but when I opened the pdf to look I didn't see a name. Apparently, I'm hopeless. Usually the only pdfs I work with these days are recipes which are short, to the point and easy to print. 😂
  10. stephanier.1765

    I have a copyright question (never mind)(short update)

    Not yet. I keep going back to make sure I didn't skip by any information but so far I've found nothing.
  11. stephanier.1765

    I have a copyright question (never mind)(short update)

    You're right, the worst they can say is no. They have a section in their FAQs that addresses things such as downloading and sharing among multiple devices but nothing on printing. I finally found contact "form" and sent them the question and I'm hoping for a resounding yes. I hate repeatedly scrolling through to find my spot again. Of course, the quilt pattern I'm interested in is near the end of the book. <sigh>
  12. Update in case anyone was curious: I heard back from the publisher and they couldn't have been more helpful. They said the document was owned by me so I could absolutely have a third party print a copy and they gave me advice on how to print just the portions I need (which I knew how to do but was pleased they threw that in there). If I only had the patience to wait to wait over the weekend, I wouldn't have had to bother you guys. 🙂 Never mind: I got a quote from Office Depot of $44 for the printing. I'll deal with the pain of working with the pdf instead of paying them $44. It's probably a very reasonable quote but it is also very far out of my ballpark cost range. I bought a quilting e-book because the hard copies are out of print and the used ones go for $75. But I hate trying to follow along a pattern by looking at my tablet and prefer a hard copy. Ideally, I'd like to send the 99 page book to a place like Staples and have them print it for me. On the copyright page it says, "This download is for the exclusive use of Stephanie Lastname," and "All rights reserved by Company Name." Does this exclude me from having it printed by a 3rd party? Thanks!
  13. stephanier.1765

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    Or yes I have shirt holes and lean against the counter and I have shirt holes but not an agitator washer. 🙂
  14. stephanier.1765

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    Me too, especially when washing dishes.
  15. stephanier.1765

    Nature abhors a vacuum (pet grief warning)

    He's a whopping 20 pounds. A lot of hair but mostly a lot of cat. I thought for sure the vet would say something about him being over weight but she said he is just a big cat. DH tried to talk about our dog last night and I tried to listen but it got to be too much and I asked him to please stop. I'm still too raw. He wasn't there when she was put to sleep but I was there and holding her when it was done which is probably why I'm having such a hard time...well beside the fact she was my dog. 🙂 I am so, so sorry! Your poor boy. 😞 My heart hurts for you all. Rooster, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, sugar glider - they all carve out a hole in our heart.
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