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  1. You could try to make filters from this fabric for masks you already have. That's a lot filters for that price (on sale today). https://www.missouriquiltco.com/shop/dailydeal https://www.missouriquiltco.com/shop/detail/123593/fibrix-llc/-/mountain-mist-face-mask-filter-24-x-3-yards
  2. Thank you! We don't have a rolling pin but there might be something in the garage I could adapt. After raising 3 boys, we have all sorts of equipment. LOL
  3. I haven't. I take B12 because I'm a vegan but I've become lax about my other vitamins. I'm trying to remember when I stopped taking them to see if it correlates to my foot pain but I can't. I have these on hand as well as a multivitamin so I'm going to take them right now. It sure can't hurt. Thank you! I'm so bad at finding knots. I used to have doctor who was great at finding the ones in my back and giving me shots for the worse ones but I never could find the ones should have been able to reach. 🤦‍♀️ Can you think of a regular household item I could use in place of a stick? I'm wrac
  4. That's me! I've never felt like I had a nice enough home to have people over so I always choose to go out somewhere as a way to spend time with friends.
  5. My thought process on who reaches out has always been the one who is busiest is the one who lets others know when they are free. I hate feeling like I'm intruding on what little free time they might want to spend with their family or even just on their own. So I've always let them decide when a good time to hang out is. But now that I've read this thread, I'll have to rethink how to handle this going forward.
  6. I haven't but I do have some on hand so I'll give that a try. My dh has had success with soaking his feet so hopefully that means I will as well. Thank you! I've wondered about the top sheet because my foot feels better when I turn it sideways away from the pull of the sheet. I wish I could keep it sideways but lying on my side hurts my back and keeping it that way while on my back feels awkward. Getting old stinks. LOL I just washed my sheets yesterday so when I remade my bed last night, I gave the top sheet more length so it wouldn't pull as tightly. My feet still bothered me bu
  7. I'm so sorry! I feel for you that pit of the stomach sick feeling you get when this stuff happens and happens and happens...We've also had more than the usual repairs this year including back to back slab leaks. Now the roof is leaking and dh is out of work for the foreseeable future with a broken leg. 2020 is the year that keeps giving. I hope the dishwasher holds out for you and that hopefully the chimney is less to repair than they think. Hugs!
  8. I always thought barefoot was better too. It's funny how much I want to resist wearing shoes in the house (LOL) but I'm willing to give it a try because this heel thing is making me crazy. Thank you so much for the help!
  9. I'm so glad you took him in too. And even behind his mask, he's a real cutie.
  10. I think the problem I'm having with Google is that I'm not using the right key words to find the answer I need. My heels are bothering me at night. Not pain, more of a discomfort that I would like to relieve. My heels feel like they are folding. I know that's not possible since bone doesn't fold but that's what it feels like. It's really uncomfortable and affecting my ability to fall asleep. Any ideas? Thanks! Oh, and what DH tells me of his plantar fasciitis, what I'm experiencing is nothing like that. And what helps him to relieve that pain, isn't doing a thing for my problem but I may
  11. My rule of thumb is if I would normally tip for service then I tip for curbside delivery as well. As other have said, not as much. I agree with the 10 to 15%.
  12. Ridiculous! Utterly, ridiculous! I am so sorry you are still dealing with this.
  13. DS came over today to mow the lawn since DH broke his leg. And darn if he didn't start talking about the Wax and Wayne series. LOL I think that's definitely a sign that these books need to go on my list. Now I need to track down a Mistborn summary to rev up my old memory since it's been so many years since we listened to it.
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