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  1. Oh my word is she ever beautiful! So perfect!
  2. I did this last week because I was afraid I would forget to check in and then when the alarm went off I forgot why I set it. 🤦‍♀️
  3. That's just not cool! What's the point of me paying extra to board early when someone further back in the line gets the seat I want? Ugh. I might have to do some complaining online to SW.
  4. I like to fly Southwest for a number of reasons, from the destination airport to their usual flight times, when visiting my son. Because I like the aisle seat to help not feel claustrophobic and because they have open seating, I pay extra so I can board earlier and have my choice of seats. The last couple of times I've flown a few people who boarded ahead of me would save seats for friends or family by putting bags, coats or other items on the seats. A few would take the full row. My last flight, in particular, had three people hog 3 different rows and this was a flight where I specifically wanted to sit near the front so I could de-board faster. I think it's rude to save seats for people in the C group when people in the A group paid extra. I was sorely tempted to insist on the seat I wanted but chickened out and didn't. Is there an unwritten etiquette about saving seats or requesting to use seats that have been saved? There are a lot of unwritten rules I haven't figured out yet.
  5. Religiously! My parents were very strict so I had to be home while everyone else would still be out having fun. I'd go straight to my room, turn on the radio to a low level to help disguise my comings and goings, and then head right back out the window. Even worse, I didn't have a driver's license but I would still roll the car down the drive way and then head off back to my friends. There were plenty of times I headed out my window even before those teen years to sneak off with my neighborhood friends. I was a rotten child. To head off the the desire for my children to do the same thing, we just asked when they would be home. If it was 2 am then it was 2 am, but we wouldn't need to worry unless it was later than that. Oddly enough, it was rarely that late. Usually they would be home before midnight. And never once did they not come home by the time they said they would.
  6. Any updates? I'm hoping everyone is well. 🤞
  7. I really enjoyed Stars Uncharted as well. Something so satisfying about a well done space opera.
  8. I would absolutely get a pod or rent storage space. When it was time to dismantle our school room with all it's shelves, books, desks, etc., that's what we did. We didn't sort it as we pulled it out. Once the room was done with painting and other updates, we slowly moved what we still wanted back in and got rid of the rest. But having it out of the house and not seeing it every day really helped with my stress level. ETA: I totally get the stress. My son moved out over a year ago and I so dread redoing his room that I haven't even started yet. I think I'm going to have give myself some rules, such as working for 15 min a day, and then slowly increase it as time goes by otherwise I'm never getting that room done.
  9. Darn, I bought this pattern specifically because it was promoted with the layer cake. I thought there would be a little more hand holding with it. Oh well, I guess there's nothing to do but switch my brain on. Thanks all!
  10. I can use any help y'all can give me. I'm trying to make the quilt pictured. I even have the same layer cake, which is why I bought the pattern in the first place, but I'm having trouble with the cutting directions. For example, eight 5" squares are cut from 2 pieces of the layer cake, as well as a ninth from a 3rd one. However, if you look at the picture, each center piece (the 5'inch squares) of the blocks is a different fabric, which means nine 5" squares from 9 different fabrics. 😱 I'm really struggling with knowing what cuts come from what fabrics. Maybe I should make a practice one before I cut into the layer cake. Ugh, I bought the pattern so I wouldn't have to figure this out. 🤬
  11. I got some a pair within the last year and hated them. Put them on in the store and would have handed them right back if they hadn't given me a week to get used to them. And get used to them I did. Now I can't tell the difference at all and it's so nice not to have keep taking my readers off and on constantly in the store.
  12. My father, 79, wears them under everything including tee shirts and we live in Florida. I think the actual reason to wear them is to smooth out/hide unsightly body parts (nipples, muffin top, etc) and to help absorb sweat before it reaches the outer shirt. My oldest son wears them as well but only to work. My father also wears a belt with everything, including shorts, and always tucks in his shirt. Around here, that's pretty much the uniform for men that age.
  13. The Border Trilogy. Not a genre I normally read but I grabbed a used copy simply because of the author while thrifting. The whole time I'm reading it I'm thinking of who I could pass on such a beautiful book to.
  14. Such beautiful animals! There is a stray American Bobtail hanging around our house and he is gorgeous. I wish I could convince him to become a pet but so far he is too skittish to be caught long enough to get checked out. He's getting better but we have a long way to go before he trusts anyone yet.
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