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  1. Maurice, especially the high waisted ones but I have a pair that aren't high waisted and I love them as well. I've even picked up a pair with holes already in them and they are so darn cute. Matter of fact this weekend, I am headed there to pick up another pair or two.
  2. Ahhhhh, that face brought a huge smile to my face. So seriously cute!
  3. I picked up a couple of used books to take with me on the plane. After reading just the first paragraph of The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card, I knew I was in for a good ride and could not have cared less about the multiple delays in both my flight departures. It feels like food for a starving mind. I haven't finished yet but it's flying by and I'm sad that it will soon be done.
  4. What?! How can they just leave the story half done? I need to know how it ends or at least why it all is happening.
  5. Just out of curiosity, how big of a back yard are we talking? Is this a neighborhood with a quarter acre type of yard or the more close together almost touching like mine kind of neighborhood? Doesn't matter, just trying to picture it better so I can live vicariously through these teens.
  6. Agreed! I once had a package stuck in a different sort of delivery purgatory and the Amazon customer service rep canceled the order and resent it. It's a total PITA to find the customer service number but worth the search in the end. ETA: I think there is an option to have them contact you. They pretty much called right away.
  7. That is really good to know! I had one of those Clorox travel spot remover things but the job felt much too big for that. Wipes on the other hand, would have been perfect That is good to know because I do still want them. I am absolutely doing that the first chance I get. I had to do a lot of airport walking that first day and the floor was starting to feel pretty hard by the end of the day. I would probably not wear them for tourist type walking except I'm going to do just that next weekend when we go to Boston for the day. I either have to wear those or the flip flops and I'm worried the flip flops will wear my calves out. No she did not. She wasn't overly concerned about it either. She did offer a passing apology and if I wasn't so annoyed I'd cut her a break and realize she was most likely embarrassed by the whole thing. However I just wore my shoes again for the first time since then and the insole won't stay in place now. I must have got them too wet so I'm still annoyed.
  8. I like the way you think! I really want to do this but my mind keeps telling me it's a waste of money. I keep going back and forth between each pair and back and forth between keeping them both or not. Smart!
  9. I like to wear socks when going through security otherwise I would. I just hate the idea of my bare feet on that floor with all the other bare feet.😲 I usually slip my socks off afterwards though because I don't normally wear them but I do like to have them on up to that point.
  10. Mainly I am looking for a pair that will go with as many clothes as possible when I travel and be comfortable walking through large airports. I'm trying to lighten my carry on luggage by carrying no other shoes or maybe only a pair of sandals.
  11. You're right about the Roxy being flat on the bottom. They feel thin too. But I love how they fit like a glove. The dirt though does weigh on my mind. The Adidas would be so much easier to clean.
  12. I brought home two pairs of sneakers, one pair of Adidas and one pair of Roxy, because I couldn't decide in the store which would look better with various outfits. So at home I tried on each pair with shorts (athletic and dressier), skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, capris, skirts and dresses. I thought the lower silhouette of the Roxys looked best overall but the when looking at models around the internet it seems the Adidas look is what is fashionable right now. Plus I'm pretty sure I had this exact same pair of Adidas sneakers while in high school. I'm also concerned that the Roxys will show more dirt. So the problem is that I want the Adidas but, in my eye, the Roxy looked better. I certainly don't need two pair of white sneakers (or do I?) so please help me choose. Update: So I chose the Roxy because they really did look cuter across the board but also because I get the better deal on them. I figured if I still wanted the Adidas later I could add them to my Christmas list. So I wore them for the first day of my trip and wouldn't you know that a lady dropped a huge latte right on top of my brand new white sneakers. The Adidas could simply have been wiped off but not so for the Roxy. 🤬 Luckily I had a pair of flip flops in my carry on that I could change into and had time before my flight to go to the restroom and wash my shoes in the sink. I could only shake my head at my own naivete for choosing fabric white shoes to wear while traveling.
  13. Maybe the conspiracy is that he paid off someone to look the other way. What a mess all around.
  14. Out of curiosity, I checked my bank's website to see what they had to say about using the bank app to deposit checks. According to them, it will post the same day unless it is after 5 pm, after which it will post the next business day. Any checks deposited over the weekend will post the next business day. I think my dh can start depositing his own paychecks from here on out. 😁
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