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  1. I always assumed someone did especially any time I told Alexa she was stupid when she couldn't figure out how to answer my questions. If the machine can't figure out the problem, then it's time to bring out the big guns or the actual human beings.
  2. Cumberland Island is a lot of walking, some is sand and some is hard top, but it's beautiful. Hopefully the azaleas will still be in bloom. Mine have already wilted but they're a little more north than I am. Are you staying on the island? We've only ever done day trips so I'll be interested to see what you think of staying there. I don't really have a trips or tricks. We just kind of go our own way and see where the trails take us. If you haven't been to St. Augustine, it might be worth a day trip down there. If you like historic districts but want to stay closer to Cumberland Island, visit St. Mary's. It's a pretty little southern town. I wish I knew what was closer to St. Mary's but the only time we head that way is to go to the island. 😞 I live in Jacksonville.
  3. Cumberland Island will be out of your way but it's one of my favorite places.
  4. I live in Florida and almost never use the sunroof. Too much light and too much heat. Plus there's the thing where it blows my lovely locks into a tangled mess. On the drive home during temperate temperatures, I do open it and love the feel. It does bring a touch of joy to the day.
  5. The way I've seen Jackson Galaxy handle this is to play with the kitty right before bed. Get them going hard, then rest, play hard again, then rest, and then one more time. Afterwards, feed the kitty. Hopefully you find a solution too. Cats are weird.
  6. If she's going to be an indoor/outdoor cat anyway, how about a kitty door?
  7. I like using the 6 qt even though it's just dh and I because it usually gives me enough leftovers to freeze for another day. There are things that don't though. The lasagna soup I like requires the 6 qt but only produces 2 servings.
  8. My Humane Society fixes cats for free. It doesn't matter if they are feral, stray or owned. Do a little investigation and hopefully you'll get lucky.
  9. The more I read the more my jaw drops. Wow, this was a vast and intricate system they had in place.
  10. I don't know if our dog did outgrow it or if our strategy of quick short car rides increasing slowly into longer car rides actually worked. When we first got her, just the car trip home required an iv drip from the vet to replace her fluids. By the end though, asking her if she wanted to go bye bye would sending running circles in a delirious state of happiness.
  11. So I was checking out the Out Of Print link in the Pam Breezely thread when I came across this onesie. I can't decide if my son and DIL would kill me if I bought it for my granddaughter or laugh. Everyone Poops was my son's favorite book as a toddler so it's funny on two levels.
  12. My son that is the gifter is 22. He's still young, he doesn't have a high paying job, but he loves to buy little surprises for those he loves. If it was him and he bought me something because he expressly heard me say I wanted it, then no way would I even consider getting something else. Or I'd get the something else with my own money and still exchange his gift for a bigger size. Giving is his love language and I don't want to stomp on that it by being deceitful or unappreciative of him hearing me and the surprising me. No way, no how.
  13. I love the look on her face in the 3rd picture. LOL! I get that look from my cat when I'm yelling at her to get down from wherever she is and she knows darn well she isn't supposed to be there. I love the name Midge. Cute!
  14. Ditto! I love his eye lashes and sweet sleeping face. My granddaughter just turned 3 months as well and it is one of my favorite ages. Well until the teeth start coming in. Give that sweet little boy a hug from this auntie. Editing to add a similar picture of a falling smiling baby. It must be a 3 month thing. LOL
  15. I'd be tempted to frame it just like it is. But working on something your father worked on will bring you a lot of joy. You can't go wrong either way. What a lovely thing to have from your father. @Quill Oops, my comment copied yours almost word for word. Great minds and all that...
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