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  1. Nice to see the updates. Here's mine: I started back in clinicals at the beginning of August. I'm at the hospital 4 days a week. I was switched to a hospital in an urban area that is a hot spot for COVID. Fortunately, they have adequate PPE and our department is fully supportive of taking precautions. We are allowed one N95 mask a week and we wear a procedure mask over that and a face shield. We also wear an isolation gown (the more cloth-like ones, not the plastic ones.) Since we are in close contact with a patient for a good 30 - 40 minutes at a time and there is significant comm
  2. Wow! This has been a tough year! Whine away. Digging one's way out of depression is a Herculean effort. When life's curveballs remove many of our tools and creates more obstacles to self-care, it is even harder. You have my sympathy and support.
  3. She has a right to be furious. It sucks! And she shouldn't have to deal with it. And yet, as you said, her anger doesn't help with problem solving. As much as she wants to, she can't change them. She can only change what she does. And that may mean going somewhere else, walking with someone (either walking or following in a car), or finding some other form of exercise in the short term. That is the reality of the situation.
  4. Thanks. I forgot to buy some today. Bringing some extra water and a banana tomorrow.
  5. It's very likely that you did overheat and the shallow breathing probably didn't help much. I'd feel that in the heat without a mask. Yesterday was my first day back at clinicals and the first day in a hospital in the COVID era. The department wants everyone to wear the PPE gowns over our scrubs, N95 masks (and a surgical mask over it to keep it clean), and gloves with each patient. The population served by this hospital has been hard-hit so we treat each patient as the Schrodinger's cat of Covid (they both have Covid and don't have Covid until we have a test result.) I didn't even ge
  6. My oldest was aghast that Ping was hit. He told me he didn't want to read that book because "hitting was wrong." It really didn't matter than Ping was an animal because the book anthropomorphizes the animals for children to identify with them, so it totally makes sense that they would see being hit as something that could happen to them. My family loved "Love You Forever". My kids never saw the mom's behavior to her adult son as being creepy because they were still little enough that being an adult without a mommy was a scary thought. As they got older, they saw it as hyperbole and s
  7. Ow! Oww! Oww! Hope it heals quickly.
  8. Our diocese has started with in-person masses this month, but with social distancing and required masks. They have a cantor and they ask that people who wish to sing so do quietly under their mask. The cantor is at least 15 feet from the nearest seat. The priest and deacon are much farther away. They have removed the missalettes/hymnals, but they publish the worship aids on the website so you can follow along with a smart phone. The congregation doesn't line up for communion, but the priest and deacon take it to the those in the pews. Due to distancing, there is always an empty pew in fro
  9. I agree. Even they way they tried to tell you that they didn't say what they said ("you read too much into it") shows that the gaslighting has already begun.
  10. I'm so sorry. Your pastor and your church family have made it abundantly clear that they do not have your back. The followup email shows that they will manipulate you into coming back because they want a body in that position. Stand firm. You have given them the chance to do the right thing and they bit you instead.
  11. We can blame China all we want, but we still had Europe's example to learn from and we didn't. And we didn't accept testing that was available because it wasn't made in the US. And we had a huge segment of our political system that ignored the warnings that the health officials had been sounding much earlier. Public health officials were practically begging the administration to take this seriously, but we have this "We're Americans. We can handle it. No biggie." mentality. The other issue with nursing homes is that much of the staff is low paid without much of a safety net. Th
  12. Well, they are very prepared to emulated school at home. Unfortunately, that is what most of these reluctant homeschoolers understand and want because very few are interested in homeschooling long term. I have offered resources to many of these parents, but most really want the public school at home with less busy work that their kids will love without any change to their own lifestyles.
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