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  1. We've experienced this so often in our family. And it's not just weddings, but that is only the latest issue. When my older siblings were having kids, we all went to their kids' baptisms, birthday parties, recitals, big events, etc. Even as a poor college student, I sent cool gifts to their newborns. When my kids were born, they were all over this whole young kids thing and couldn't be bothered. My oldest is 2 years younger than the next oldest. My kids missed out on a lot of family bonding events because my siblings were "past that." It has come back to rear its ugly head with weddings
  2. I got my first dose on Tuesday. It was the Pfizer vaccine. I felt fine the first day, just a little bit of arm soreness. I went to clinicals the next day and was really tired. I was also really irritable and had to work hard not to let it show to anyone. I ended up leaving halfway into my shift. I was dead on my feet and was afraid that I would not be able to filter my reactions ... either getting snippy or crying (2 things that you can't do at clinicals, which are basically a long job interview.) I went home and slept for nearly 3 hours and I rarely nap during the day. I'm feeli
  3. I loved these books as a child and credit them for making me a reader as well. We didn't have lots of books in our house, but my best friend had this series and they lent the books to me. I devoured them. I do remember being bothered by the parenting, but it really wasn't that far from my own parents' attitudes ( or at least, I internalized them that way.) I always saw Pa as the fun parent and Ma as the law. I know that wasn't accurate, but I felt Ma's constant disapproval through the pages of the book. I remember being horrified by the attitudes toward the Native Americans, but I did ge
  4. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you. I'll add to the voices telling you that it was not treats you gave him. You didn't give him Covid. You showed him love and care.
  5. Quoting myself here ... I have an appointment next Tuesday. I finally got an email from the county to make an appointment. I don't know which version of the vaccine that I am getting. I guess I'll find out when I get there. Now to decide which arm should take the shot. Everyone I've talked to says that this vaccine made their arm more sore than any other vaccine. Do I have lots of pain at work (right arm) or do I give up a night's sleep (left arm - I'm a side sleeper)?
  6. I'm doing my clinical rotation in a hospital that serves communities very different than my white middle class suburban upbringing. Every day, I am encountering names that I have never seen before or only know one pronunciation. I try to be respectful if I have to ask how to pronounce it. If the patient corrects me, I thank them. Some seem annoyed at first, but I make an effort to use their name with their correct pronunciation during the course the exam. All of my kids did this. My oldest was an early, voracious reader who still has a couple of mispronounced words. My younges
  7. I was at clinicals yesterday so I didn't get a chance to watch it live. I did watch the replay later in the evening and was so moved, with a sense of relief and hope. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could watch the parade. Will do so later today. It was so stereotypical Bernie! I'm dying at the bolded. (I miss out on so much not being on Twitter and rely on you all and my kids to let me know whats up.) Being a Midwesterner, 39 degrees isn't all that cold if you are moving around, but if you are sitting in the shade, yeah, I'd want to be dressed like Bernie. I froze
  8. I thought etiquette deems the MOB gets dibs on color and then the MOG chooses accordingly. I think you would look lovely in any of the jewel tones - navy, a darker orchid, grape would all look lovely on you. They would compliment your hair and coloring nicely. Of the selections you linked, I like 3 and 4 the best. But, you never really know until you try it on. I needed a fancy dress for a black tie wedding and ordered several dresses, thinking I would love them based upon how they looked on the model. When I tried them on, they just weren't flattering. One waist hit in just
  9. Our students are spread over 5 counties and they are all doing things differently. I am 2 miles from the border of the one county that has its act together. The county where I am doing my clinicals is relying on the hospitals to administer the vaccine. But one hospital made national news for giving the vaccine to employees who work from home while other hospitals don't have enough for their staff with direct patient care responsibilities (like the one I'm at where community positivity rates are among the top 3 in the state. ) They said it was due to the fact that it was going to expire. B
  10. I have been in this no man's land regarding getting the vaccine. I'm a student doing clinicals in a hospital in a high community spread area, where I am required to spend 30+ minutes in close contact with each patient. Even though I don't work with known COVID or PUI patients, I do deal with emergency room patients and outpatients who may be asymptomatic. Fortunately, our hospital has adequate PPE and we are encouraged to treat everyone as capable of spreading COVID. Our county created a website and said that health care providers would be able to get it through the county, but it wa
  11. It wasn't nearly as bad as we were expecting this year. The sleeting weather may have had something to do with it. But, we did dose up our dog with rescue remedy when the first ones went off around 8pm or so. Bear doesn't shake and cower. He continuously barks angrily out the window as if to say "Hey, knock it off! This hurts my ears." Fourth of July is miserable for us because of the random, all day for 3 days fireworks. Can't drug him for 3 days straight. We fell asleep in front of the TV then were woken up by fireworks and the dog at midnight then went to bed.
  12. {{kand}} And I wholeheartedly agree with the bolded.
  13. I'm in this no man's land when it comes to qualifying for the vaccine. I am a sonography (ultrasound) student doing clinicals in a hospital. I don't work with known Covid or PUI patients. Those are all portable exams handled by qualified staff in full PPE. So, I'm not front-line. Also, I am not staff. So I don't fall anywhere on the healthcare worker timeline. But that doesn't mean I'm not at risk. Although I don't scan C+ or PUI, I do, however, work with outpatients (who may or may not have been telling the truth at the registration screening for symptoms - I was coughed on repeate
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