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  1. Oh that looks lovely... (about ready for a chance in weather and scenery, sigh)
  2. Pam in CT

    Question about marijuana, drugs...

    I don't quite understand the question. There are LOTS of prescribed drugs that are used by people other than those to whom they've been prescribed. Opioids and drugs like Xanax are used (abused) recreationally; Adderall and Ritalin are -- I dunno that I'd quite call it recreationally, but by students to help their performance; steroids are -- again, I dunno that I'd quite use the word recreationally, but used off-label and often unprescribed by athletes to enhance performance. Sometimes doctors are complicit in folks' using these drugs differently than their FDA approved use; and all of them also have a lively trade outside the classification of for whom and how they're legally approved. As other pp have said, many substances (pseudoephedrine, alcohol, caffeine, codeine) have both an unprescribed/OTC use and are also used in prescription medications. But I don't expect it's a particularly great idea to think of *any* of these substances, including alcohol and nicotine, as OK to use "in any way we like." Which substances are permitted without any fetters at all (caffeine), which are semi-circumscribed by something like age requirements (alcohol, nicotine), and which fall into varying categories of FDA regulation are all a matter of balancing their pleasures/benefits, their health/addiction risks to individuals using them, and the public health/social risks around things like driving while impaired, secondary smoke and so on. Those balances shift over time.
  3. Pam in CT

    Carry-on question...

    Yes, but make sure it's *empty* before you get in the security line; there's generally nowhere to dump it out once you get to the screening machines. Expect to remove laptops/ iPads etc, to pull out your ziplock or clear plastic case with any small-size toiletries and medications, and sometimes I've had to remove phones and cameras as well. I've definitely never had to pull out underwear! Enjoy your trip.
  4. Pam in CT

    Kids movies I hate

    Looove Up, and Aristocats is probably my favorite kids' movie of all time, though ...I suppose what I like about it is that it's not really a kids' movie. And Spiderman/Spiderverse... well, my kids aren't even kids anymore and I, um, have already seen it twice . But I tell myself that's about the animation genius, lol. I got pretty weary of the princess movies, but not to the point where I actually objected to the kids' watching them. Anything with good music -- Lion King, Aristocats, Jungle Boy, Princess & the Frog, Mulan -- tended to live in the FRONT of the DVD cabinet, while dopey damsel-in-distress storylines tended to languish in out-of-sight locations.
  5. Many national park sites are either not gated at all -- only the buildings and very selected areas require entrance (Mammoth Cave/KY), or have public roads cutting through them (Smoky Mountain/NC-TN, Shenandoah/VA), or have gated sections interspersed with private/residential/ungated areas (Acadia/ME) that make access in practice open, on the honor system. I can understand a family who's planned a vacation for months and paid for non-refundable airfare and accommodations being quite frustrated with a shutdown that hinders their longstanding plans. (Not CONDONING skittering into technically closed park sections, and certainly not condoning leaving trash behind -- understanding.) Hey, that's MY house!! This. The issue is not having infrastructure and services to haul garbage away. It's not like there are roomy dumpsters available outside the technically-closed park ready to receive dirty diapers, leftover picnic remnants My understanding is that those facilities (including the porte-potties) are closed and locked.
  6. Pam in CT

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    re family living accommodations Her first year there I got an apartment over Thanksgiving week (which of course she did not get off), and we took the kids and my parents and did a big old Thanksgiving feast, to which she invited about 10 Americans who otherwise wouldn't have had any celebration. Bit of a squeeze but very fun. Warn your son that it does get dark by about 3:15 pm over Nov-Jan. There are those of us who find this difficult to take.
  7. Pam in CT

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    re University of Edinburgh My daughter spent two years there; shoot me a DM if your son would be interested in talking to her. She loved Edinburgh and had a good experience with the university though she ultimately transferred and finished up in NY for some very specific-to-her reasons. As a parent, it was great fun having her there. And so long as we planned ahead on the flights and properly planned them out (so she didn't have RT tickets for short breaks; we stacked them so each travel interval was at least two months) the flight costs were more manageable than I expected; certainly offset by the lower cost of housing there than anywhere in the US my kids have lived.
  8. Well, my basic strategy is to aim low: I set ONE GOAL in a secular area for the calendar year and ONE GOAL in a spiritual/ religious area for the Jewish year. So my 2018 goal was around regular flossing, LOL. I did OK. My current spiritual goal (Sept-Sept calendar) is regular silent meditation, and I'm not doing nearly as well there as I'd hoped. Serious problem with monkey-mind, here. My secular 2019 goal is around keeping up IRL connection with longtime friends and family who don't live close enough for regular IRL contact to be easy and convenient. It's related to a 2018 realization about the limitations of social media interaction. Hope I keep on with the flossing, though.
  9. ((Lucy)) thanks for this reminder. Giving blood is about the easiest and sure way to save a life there is.
  10. Pam in CT

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    Absolutely. I'd want to plan accommodations around where the train stations are, and maybe do a bit of tripadvisor sleuthing on Uber availability in less populated areas. But t's Scotland - even in remote areas where Uber isn't reliable I expect the innkeeper can round up a neighbor with a car willing to shepherd you around to the dog shows or escort you on the heath trail or whatever. There are places in the world where some upfront planning is time well spent, and other places where you can rest assured you can wing it once you're there; Scotland is solidly in the be-serendipitous-if-that's-your-style territory.
  11. Pam in CT

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    How do you plan on getting around? That will make a difference. You definitely don't need a car in Edinburgh, and getting between the airport, Edinburgh and Glasgow is easy-peasy on public transport, and it's also easy to do day tour bus trips from either city to adjacent areas. If you want to get out and are planning on doing it by train, that will affect where to stay. I'm not really comfortable driving on the "wrong" side myself -- it takes sufficiently more cognitive energy that I'm tired by the time I arrive where I'm going -- but my husband is a champ so we generally do rent cars unless we're in cities.
  12. Pam in CT

    25th Anniversary Party

    Happy anniversary!! Not tacky at all to throw it yourselves and also not tacky at all to say "no gifts please" right on the invitation or e-vite or whatever. I don't know what time of year you're aiming for, but we went to an anniversary Garden Party at the garden-club-tended section of a local park a while ago -- mid-afternoon, not a lot of fuss or expense, just tea and fancy cakes and little sandwiches and maybe mimosas or punch or something. It was AWESOME. Ladies wore HATS.
  13. Pam in CT

    I need something to watch

    No one's mentioned The Good Place? I think that's my favorite current series. I like funny and smart, and it really hits both cylinders. I don't do violence. Also: The Crown, British Bake-Off, Queer Eye, Mrs Maisel (language alert), Dear White People (sex alert), Parks & Rec (my prior favorite), Downton Abbey (my first favorite). And there are only a handful of episodes so far, but Hasan Minhaj's Patriot Act is Fan.Tas.Tic. It's unlike anything else out there.
  14. Oh dear. Please update with any news. Holding him and your community in the light.
  15. re tree identification For birds, I second the Sibleys. For trees, I love this Fandex -- it has the shape of the leaf on top, the texture of the bark along the long end, and on the back a photo of the full-grown shape and information about habitat / pictures of cones where appropriate etc. Can leave in the car, pop into a backpack for a short hike, etc. With the bark you can even identify trees in the winter when the leaves are gone.
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