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  1. That is #genius. I expect it raises the temp by several degrees.
  2. OP, if you tend toward big data to get yourself over a decisionmaking hump: So far in the US, 31.7 million people have been confirmed to have contracted COVID, of whom 568K died of COVID; many more have had longterm effects. So far in the US, 212 million COVID vaccine doses have gotten all the way into arms: that is, 7 times more COVID vaccines than COVID cases. If the vaccine were as dangerous as the disease we'd be looking at more than 4 million vaccine related deaths. Obviously, there have not been. If OTOH you tend toward experiential narrative to get yourself over a decisionmaking h
  3. Yeah, I avoid elevators as well -- take stairs up to 3rd or 4th floor. And when I *have* to go on one -- my FIL and SIL both live on the 12th+ floor, I take a YUGE breath before I go in, hold it as long as I can endure, and pray fervently the entire time it's moving that there isn't a malfunction. There's a teeny tiny chance this may be a bit over the top, LOL.
  4. re crowds & crashes when new cohorts first become eligible Yeah, we had Hunger Game crowds and portal crashes as each new cohort became available as well; that was among the reasons why our governor decided back in February to drop all the pre-existing condition and employment categories for eligibility and go simply to an age-based system -- to reduce the complexity and associated "stickiness." That decision was controversial at the time -- a lot of folks with pre-existing conditions were pretty grumpy -- but just in the 4 weeks following, as eligibility quickly expanded down to
  5. re stoopidly untimely frosts: Welcome to my world, sigh. I'll start with good news: you cannot kill daffodils, peonies and hostas. There will be some brown leaves, and otherwise they'll be fine, even this season. I have so many deer I gave up on tulips years ago. Tulips are bred for normal orderly climates like the Netherlands, so, dunno. Unless your blueberries are weird hybrids that deliver ALL the berries in one 2-3 week flashmob, they should be OK. The current blossoms may freeze, but new blossoms will emerge after the frost and you'll still get a crop. There are a
  6. re signup systems in PA Have you tried going directly to the pharmacy portals? My son lives in Pittsburgh, and he & many friends have signed up directly with Rite Aid and CVS. (Pharmacies participating in the federal pharmacy program get an allocation which is separate from, and distributed outside of, the states' allocation. It can be helpful to know what day of the week the "new" slots become available; in my state the allocations are on Thursday so Thursday night/Friday has a lot of new slots suddenly appear for the following week.)
  7. Yesterday I met up (outside) for the first time in over a year with the parents of my now-18 year old's posse from middle school. So we're a bunch of 50-something boomers with a pack of late-adolescent kids. Every single one of the boomers has had at least 1 dose, most of us 2 doses; and every single on our of 16+ kids has either had their first dose or is soon scheduled for it. The days of the mad scrambles for slots, and the tip-swapping on how to navigate all the maddeningly confusing sets of multiple portals, are over. So long as you have the information and online access and transportat
  8. I've become vastly more conscious about ventilation. I consciously note whether there are windows, whether the windows are open, ceiling heights, cross currents, etc. As we slowly shift into Re Entry phase in the coming months, I think I'll privilege spaces that are ventilated and NOT air-conditioned, which will be a significant change from the BeforeTimes. Echoing previous posters re more and better rest, better nutrition, less hectic pacing. I'm attempting meditation again, and doing a bit better than prior runs at it. (I have always had serious difficulty turning off monkeymind.)
  9. Interesting read, and interesting cognitive model - thank you for sharing. I'm not of the OP community / target, so I'm processing the model in terms of other realms (I think analytically, it has insights for other realms as well).
  10. Compassion fatigue is real. We all need to do what we need to do to manage our news intake and tend to our own mental health. And at the same time: empathy is the capacity to hold the pain of other people. Not to avoid it or deny it, but acknowledge it. Which is life-affirming in the first order, and becomes a source of fuel for constructive change in the second order. Ruth Messinger, one of my life teachers, often comes back to different variants of the concept that "we must not retreat into the convenience of being overwhelmed." I think about that a lot. I also cu
  11. I think an existing passport with your married name along with a digital copy should be sufficient. We all went through it ages ago. I actually never changed my name so that *particular* issue didn't come up, but we had various other small issues -- travel to Cuba which was at that time subject to restrictions, several land border crossings that made electronic checking a bit cumbersome, etc -- and with careful / calm explanations we all got through.
  12. Hard boiled eggs, nuts, hard cheeses. When my father needed to build back / keep on weight, we plowed protein powder into anything we could stir it into. We were particularly successful with thick creamy soups. Hummus definitely can be made without garlic or other spices, and eaten with carrots / celery / red peppers if processed carbs are hard. Are you trying to work calcium in as well? Or is she beyond that point.
  13. For most of the time the kids were young, my husband worked crazy hours on top of a long commute -- rarely got home much before 10p. A lot of stress, a lot of burnout, a lot of kids & me getting sick of each other (both directions tbh), and a fair degree of resentment on my part. Leaving the kids *with my husband* wasn't really an option because he worked long and constantly, including over all weekends. In those years I *often* orchestrated trips with other women with their kids, no husbands. Typically 2x a summer. With different women -- my SIL, my cousin, several different fema
  14. re corporate sponsorship of public wifi networks and/or hardware for students who need it Yep -- and in a time of crisis like COVID, such corporate efforts are both immensely helpful, and also generate a lot of (deserved) goodwill and PR. I'm a big believer in private-public partnerships. There are many cases where they can be win-win. The thing about private incentive structures, though, is that they NEED to be win-win, in order to happen. So in the places where there isn't a fairly short timeframe private incentive (sparsely populated rural areas, for example; or very low i
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