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  1. It was not your plastic bag. Your world is upended; grief is awful; it was not.your.fault. Holding you in the light.
  2. I was comfortable with the concept, with certain risk-mitigating strategies, back in September, and had made plans. Sadly, because my kids' return-to-school schedule got juggled at the last minute, we didn't end up doing it. Between 1) much higher cases throughout New England; 2) increased evidence of airborne transmission; and 3) the emergence of the new much more easily transmissible strain, I'm no longer comfortable. That said, these are the risk-mitigating strategies we'd sorted: standalone properties (like a house) rather than shared HVAC (like an apartment) planned
  3. re sincere hopes for our future This is how I experienced every election of my life up to 2016, and it is my fervent hope that we're able to make our way back to the garden. We're supposed to have different views about policy matters. That is healthy. We're supposed to argue about them; that too is healthy. And when the candidate we favor loses an election, we're supposed to behave they way we teach our kids to lose a ball game. You feel the sharp pang of disappointment, you take a breath, you line up (perhaps grumpily: that is OK) to shake the hands of the winning team. And
  4. re folks unhappy with the 2016 electoral outcome vs folks unhappy with the 2020 outcome In 2016, there were a lot of folks deeply unhappy with the outcome of the election. I was one. We stressed and stewed and vented; then we pulled it together and sat up to knit pink hats; then stood up and marched; then organized hard for the next electoral round. What we did not do was orchestrate kidnappings of governors, storm state capitols, break entry into the US Capitol, construct gallows with nooses, bring napalm and IED to the Mall. Or make repeated cries to overturn the electoral resu
  5. Agree with pp on both "fix him whatever registers to him as comfort food" and also "try to orchestrate so he's got someone with him when he's eating." Both of which it sounds like you are, collectively as a family, doing. I've had modest success in two different contexts trying support weight gain (a chronically underweight kid, a parent with cancer) leaving small bowls of nuts near them, unasked for and unannounced, so they absentmindedly take handfuls of them. This worked better with the kid, who'd reach for them unthinkingly while doing homework, than the adult. With my father,
  6. re hydroponic winter gardening OMG I.Have.Questions. Will come back with them later because like everyone else in America I am currently on Zoom, pretending to "multitask" (as if browsing WTM is a "task," but, Denial, a powerful drug...) My problem isn't so much that I can't pull off "old-fashioned gardening" -- I genuinely adore being outside with my hands plunged in dirt when the weather allows it, it's probably the healthiest and most therapeutic thing I do. It's that I have neither sufficient light, nor sufficient space in on the (narrow)
  7. I spread them out on paper towels, put them on my "garden bench" which is inside a south-facing picture window for maybe 2 weeks, and popped them in. Evidently according to the interwebs you're supposed to build these mound things -- like a very short cone volcano -- so they drain properly. They run all over the place, climb trees and run up stone walls and the backside of the barbecue, so we had spaghetti squash festooning the terrace like birthday balloons.
  8. Last summer was my first effort at vegetables as well. (I've long grown flowers and attractive herbs.) It was modestly successful - kept us in lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and carrots throughout the summer, with a a comical surfeit of zucchini, a good end-season crop of green beans, and bits and pieces of other stuff. Spaghetti squash was BY FAR the runaway surprise - I just dried out some seeds from some we had for dinner and gave it a go, and they came up numerour and enormous. Critters ate my brussel sprouts to the ground so I'm never trying them again. I've failed to keep the
  9. I *wish* I could be gardening, sigh. Deep dormancy around here. I did order a bunch of seeds a few days ago. The browsing and choosing hauled me out of my navel for an hour ago, and just thinking about a new growing season feels like an act of heroic hope at the moment. After a long COVID-driven hiatus, I've resumed teaching ESL and citizenship students, now via Zoom, so I've been working on how to re-configure materials into formats that work virtually. I recently figured out how to make Jeopardy! games, which work *brilliantly,* so I've been having fun with that. Exercise helps.
  10. NY state opened up appointments for all seniors aged 75+ started today. In my area at least, NY City is a bit further along in terms of having sites, staff and appointment portals than outer areas in Westchester County (the first ring of suburbs as you head north). My FIL, his wife, and two more extended family relatives all got appointments lined up within the next few days (thanks to my tireless sister-in-law who spent most of last night and this morning constantly refreshing and calling); and my Westchester-based aunt and uncle -- who were unable to get anything in their suburban circle --
  11. Very glad to see you back. You've been in my thoughts. And glad to hear things are moving in a better direction.
  12. re lurkers emerging to make their voices heard Me too.
  13. re cosplaying insurrection Fun fact: sedition performed "ironically" is still sedition. See: Ken White's legal analysis of The Rule of Goats
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