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  1. re the climb out from the darkness Sadly, that isn't how the story goes. Eurydice, Lot's wife -- the compulsion to look back is overwhelming. As a kid, I used to spin out alternate endings. It does happen: JK Rawling wrote one, in Percy. Just keep on extending the hand. re manifold shades of gray Yes, well, that is reality. In simple stories, all the Good is clumped on one side and all the Evil is heaped Over There; the heroes are perfect and the villains wholly depraved. In real life (and in real literature) people are nuanced, conflicts have multi
  2. What Amira said. This page takes a while to load because it integrates so much inputted-daily data, so be patient. But once it's all up, you can tool around and see, at current daily shots-into-arms rates, how long it will take different countries to get to 75% (estimated hurdle to achieve "herd" level) vaccination. US: 3 months Guatemala: 11 years Globally, we're at less than 5% of the world's population. And this pandemic is global: new variants will continue to arise so long as it's circulating. Business travel, leisure tourism, airline traffic and profits, to
  3. Nope. Duty, it's a thing. Obligation towards others is what holds the world together. I *admire and respect* people with a sturdy sense of duty; I think less of people who figure it's only about The Individual. No man is an island and all that. Someday we too will be old and lonely. So. Onward to Reframing... I would fit the visits in around your work schedule, after work. Because that will work for YOU. I would seek to take advantage of the glorious late Scottish nights you have to work with over the next few months. And her general physical fitn
  4. re who knows??? who got the vaccine where The data set here is exactly n = 2, but... The night my husband and I became eligible we did the Hunger Games at Midnight thing, with both of us set up at opposite ends of the dining room table madly scrambling for any appointments anywhere in the state. I scored 2 two weeks out, 2.5 hours drive away, through one of the (then) 5 independent hospital networks administering the vaccine (NOT the state, NOT FEMA, NOT my municipality; private health networks)... and then we kept going, seeing if we could get anything earlier and/or closer, whi
  5. re whether private sector vaccination "passports" and other private institutions' requirements will stand legal challenge- this thread has flown off this issue, which anyway maybe warrants a thread of its own since it's somewhat distinct from the individual decision focus of the OP. Nonetheless, I offer up this perspective on the legal issues, which, headline: are NOT definitive one way or another. We haven't been in this particular situation before (the closest public health comparables are the 1919 Flu, for which there was no vaccine; and polio, where the vaccine was developed and roll
  6. My husband and I got ours through CVS; my eldest through Walgreens; and my middle through Rite Aid; none asked for mother's name. All asked for insurance if you have it. Under the federal pharmacy program, the full costs of vaccination (including personnel costs) are being shared across the public and private sectors. If you have insurance, insurance will cover it (no OOP to you). The pharmacy gets reimbursed for the cost of the vaccine itself, but covers most of the cost of the staff. If you don't have insurance, the vaccine is still free to you.
  7. THANK YOU for this prompt - back in 2017 when we chased the last one down to Kentucky it seemed so improbable that 2024 would ever arrive, LOL; but NOW I'm all about planning for the AfterTimes. I am 100% stealing this. "fretting about preempitvely" sounds vastly better than "futile ruminating...."
  8. re "both sides" are using different analytical methodologies Right. Even at this moment, there really are people on this earth (though not on this thread) who are on the "side" that the earth is flat. Which evidence and the scientific method do NOT support. So though we can imagine a lively debate with proponents of "both sides" linking peer-reviewed scholarly articles chock full'o'evidence on One Side, and youtube links on the Other Side, with "both sides" arguing for /defending / justifying / linking other proponents of the two respective "sides" ... folks who derive their ana
  9. re why can't people look at the evidence from "both sides"? People right on this thread ARE looking at articles and youtubes from "both sides." People ARE figuring out (or defending/ substantiating/ justifying) "what they believe." Even if it IS "the dissenting view." I don't understand what you seem to think *should* be happening, that isn't.
  10. re race against variants This. So.Much.This. Re "coercion".... ... versus "persuasion" .... v ... versus "frustration" There's always a dance, any time the actions of one affect the wellbeing of others. Within my adulthood, I've witnessed two big ones: "if you don't smoke, that's fine... but don't tell ME I can't enjoy a cigarette after finishing my dinner in a restaurant." "if you believe drinking and driving is dangerous, then don't do it... but don't tell ME I can't manage my own alcohol intake respo
  11. re what 95% efficacy "means" Right - that article is just running running out the math of the probability of a vaccinated person *being exposed to the virus* and landing in that unlikely 5%. The lower the number of cases circulating and transmitting, the lower the chances of *being exposed to the virus.* The vaccine's 95% efficacy *doesn't* change but the probability of a vaccinated person contracting COVID *does* change as the number of circulating cases decreases. If the virus were fully eradicated, polio like, then there would be sero breakthrough cases. The efficacy woul
  12. re why are cases rising when vaccines are rising The entire US is all one herd, whether we feel like we are or not, whether we wish we were or not, because planes and trains and things that go, because spring break and holiday travel, because Walmart, because grocery stores. Because folks who have the virus may not know it and go out and transmit unknowingly. And others who know they have *something* may attribute the something to allergies or a cold and transmit it unknowingly. And others who know they have it still go out and about because reasons. There is no such thing as
  13. I needed proof when I started a mid-career degree program ~15 years or so back, so my PCP ran titers (which evidently show up for most diseases whether the immunity is from vaccination or from disease). Since then my PCP more or less has more or less everything, EXCEPT there have been a handful of shots I got at specialized travel clinics that I don't suppose have made the records, and I get my annual regular-flu shot sort of catch-as-catch-can at CVS or the town VNA or whatever, and not COVID. It would be really really really helpful to have a national clearinghouse, so if I entered int
  14. re what constitutes The Ultimate Cancel K, the notion that this, only this, constitutes "vilification" pretty much made my day. (This possibly demonstrates that I need to get out more... 7 more days til I'm 14 days post V2 and fully immunized!! ⚡)
  15. re better ways to achieve some of the same objectives Stewardship-minded omnivore/ generally uneasy with Frankenfood technology, living in a mixed family including folks drawing various other ethical lines here. I share many similar thoughts, and particularly your close: But that is, in US society, precisely the answer to why we HAVE to do it this way. We do not have anything approaching a consensus on animal welfare standards. We do not have anything approaching a consensus on agricultural labor and/or meat worker conditions. (Much of that labor is undocumented; and we
  16. re dominant voices and "tipping points" I've been here 21 years (and also cannot believe it's been that long). It was here I first heard about Young Earth, here I first learned of the existence of Duggars and the Creation Museum, here I first heard about "blanket training," here I first heard about "dominionist" and "complementarian" worldviews, here I first heard about TULIP and Rapture. All of which OTOH struck me as eye-opening and in many cases alien -- by which I mean, not for me, but you do you -- but not (except maybe the blanket training) in any way troubling.
  17. We have cellular blinds on all the upstairs windows (bedrooms and bathrooms). For some of them, I put up valences just to sort of soften the room / match the furniture; and others I just left alone. Privacy-wise they do fine on their own, and I think they look "finished" as they are. The one drawback about them is that they're not very good insulation, so for one bedroom that's over the garage and because of how the roofline slopes doesn't have attic space above it either, which was therefore by far the coldest room in the house, I did this whole double-insulated carpet pad thing for th
  18. re inadequate access to enough vaccine to run campus sites Dear me, that is super frustrating. Son's university (about the same size as yours when all the students are there; of course at the moment a lot are NOT there) will run I believe 2 (maybe 3?) events in cooperation with one of the major pharmacy chains. Dunno how many doses they're going to get but the communications thus far seem to suggest that those who sign up as wanting one, will be able to get one. Daughter's boarding school, which is comparatively tiny and also only some of the students are 16+, are doing it in p
  19. Yeah, I doubt any institution in the US will require under EUA (just cuz who needs the risk of cranky lawsuits)... but that looks also like it'll be moot by end-August.
  20. Two of my kids went to/is just now finishing boarding school for high school, long before COVID, and meningitis was required of all boarders. I *believe* meningitis was also required to live on campus at both universities the older two attended (but it was moot since they'd already had it so I can't really remember). Re implementation vs timing of annual flu vaccine: The way it works at youngest's boarding school is that when you do the electronic health paperwork for the year, consent for the annual flu shot defaults to "opt in" (though you are able to slide it over to "o
  21. re the disheartening business of public apologies I have such mixed feelings on this subject. For a harm like this one... the harm wasn't wreaked against the public at large, it was against a single specific person. If the purpose is acknowledgement restoration... I dunno that the apology needs to be, or even SHOULD be, public. Other harms *are* betrayal of public trust: a lawmaker accepting a bribe to direct public policy or taxpayer expenditure, as an extremely clear example. In that case, the taxpayers (all of them, not just those who voted for the lawmaker) DO deserve pub
  22. I'm also glad you raised this, @Scarlett . I absolutely concur that multiple things that lie in tension with one another can be (and very often are) simultaneously true. I also agree that multiple true things in tension are going on in this case and in the parade of (all too many) similar cases. The disagreement is more around what are the truths in tension, and who is in the best position to speak them. Some truths-in-tension that I see include: Truth 1: "Young black men are much more likely to meet LEO violence and end up dead" is true. Also true 2: Neither you nor I
  23. re The Talk vs He's No Angel These posts suggest (?) that you're working toward is a version of The Talk that a great many POC parents have described as having with their children. That you will not get the grace / patience / break / warning that a white person in the same situation likely would. That the reality you face is different. How to hold your tongue, hold your body, speak slowly, keep your hands visible. If that is the kind of counsel you're advocating... those Talks *do* take place, prospectively, repeatedly, coming from parents/elders caring deeply for t
  24. re picking out the "right words" (( hugs )) What I learned when my father was dying was: it doesn't matter what words you say; it only matters that you connect. The content doesn't matter; the communication itself does. Take a picture of a sunset or emergent flower or the ocean or desert or anything, and send it along with a voice message along the lines of, I am thinking of you constantly. I love you. You cannot imagine how much the *fact that folks check in* matter. So many are afraid to.
  25. (thanks all; I have reading to do...)
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