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  1. If you have a need for a good digital piano, start checking in August/September. They usually have really, really awesome bundles on Yamaha digitals for Christmas, but they often sell out before Halloween. I usually tell any of my students who are starting on a cheap, non-touch sensitive keyboard to try to go to Costco or find a friend with a membership, because it's usually several hundred dollars less than for the same set up at a music store.
  2. See if she can get the shot from a paramedic. I had my first one done at a clinic by a paramedic because of past bad reactions, because that way they could stabilize and transport right then (and are very used to dealing with anaphylaxis). That wouldn't reassure her that she won't have a reaction, but might reassure her that if anything does go wrong, they'd be ready. They can also do a longer observation period. FWIW, I've had bad reactions to the DPT, and get them separated out (in my case, the D seems to be the issue), but had no problems with the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
  3. We have gone out to Reno pretty regularly because L is involved in a program based there, and that was what struck me most. Not the presence of various things that were illegal in TN, but how normal they were. So, there was a medical dispensary right next to WinCo, where I'm used to seeing a CVS or Walgreens (and, once recreational was legal, those were similarly placed). Slot machines were often right next to claw machines and gumball machines and maybe a video game or two. I think I had kind of had a mental image of legalized X looking like illegal X, and it just plain doesn't.
  4. If you remember Calvin and Hobbes or Bloom County, and don't follow Berke Breathed on FB, check out the series he's been posting for the last couple of weeks (but try to start at the beginning)-it's been pretty awesome, and the last one yesterday was perfect!
  5. I can't imagine the planes we took for our Australia flights with 25 passengers! I think they had about that many ROWS-and rows in coach were 10 seats across. And you can't really go to a smaller plane like you can for domestic travel since you need the fuel capacity.
  6. Do any of our hive experts know anything about this herb? This was posted on one of my groups by someone who works with a mission group in Thailand. It definitely sounds like this might lead to a new first stage antiviral, which would be awesome, if it pans out. https://www.bangkokpost.com/life/social-and-lifestyle/2101707/a-promising-development-in-the-fight-against-covid?fbclid=IwAR2CwD0isSYIzUlYcRi0BCRBgspXsJARCuT3hk5FmHCdqlWw6Zfp-wZf_2w
  7. Cutting freight stinks. I wonder if Amazon, etc had some warning. I know one author's piano books that are published through Amazon have not been available on Amazon AUS for the longest time,but suddenly just suddenly started being printed in AUS last month. Having said that, every person we talked to before we booked our flights to NZ/Australia, from friends to professional travel agents, all recommended against using US based carriers, because the experience was so much nicer on Air NZ or Quantas. We did Air NZ, and it was easily the nicest flights I've ever had, making the one from Houston to Memphis on the way back on United a very jarring experience. American is low on my list of airlines to pick, even for purely domestic travel.
  8. I don't know if Adaptive Curriculum (formerly Uzzingo) is available, but it might work if so. It's middle school level, but is text reader friendly, and having the experiments be virtual helped a lot to mitigate motor skills and frustration.
  9. The VA dpt of health dashboard is pretty clear cut (I wish my state would break down the stats like this). https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/covid-19-data-insights/covid-19-cases-by-vaccination-status/?fbclid=IwAR2BAfKxSVnEG0IbwZvYH-JyOVLSQYrKdT-rPqKaYRsxF0YgpLsKUksjYic
  10. My teen is also a big fan of TV tropes. It's a wiki that analyzes tropes in media works, not just television, and most school assigned books are on there. Often a lot of what teachers ask is highlighted there, and some of the interpretations will be under YMMV (your mileage may vary) or WMG (wild mass guessing). I enjoy reading it, but would never have thought about using it for a class until my kid used it while reading for a DE lit class that was a "big pile of paper" class.
  11. So far, Sid's outfits have been pieced together with stuff on hand and maybe a dollar store trip (the batting helmet had ice cream in it originally) He's officially a Halloween decoration, and so far has held up outdoors. We had a snake Halloween decoration who stayed out from Halloween through Christmas and New year's (with hats and bow ties added), but she started to disintegrate about Valentine's day. Sid is a harder plastic, so he will hopefully hold up Better, and on the porch has some protection. I'm hoping Sid survives for awhile. I'm enjoying dressing him, and it's something that I can share with L next school year.
  12. Yes :). Apparently the fact that I've gotten so much help from the hive for years has rubbed off 🙂
  13. Unfortunately the endless meetings actually got worse because then the virtual folks were easier to include. I think DH is hoping that he can drop off the radar a bit if the office reopens and get more done!
  14. I mostly use unwired ribbon, and you can reverse that easily. I often use htv and add letter before making bows, so often make my loops inside out, then turn right side out, replace on the dowels, and tie off where I can see the print. It's usually smoother if you don't tie the middle where you've glued or sewn the ribbon together.
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