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  1. My personal teen didn't like the vibe at Rhodes or Sewanee, and both are quite competitive. I wpild be nervous about sending a non-driving kid who needs prescriptions to Sewanee because it is literally on top of a mountain, and there is NOTHING until you go down the mountain. And then it's a pharmacy/discount store, grocery, pizza hut and McDonalds. I could not get test strips for my glucose meter near Sewanee when we visited, so I would be nervous about getting medications unless they could be managed 100% online. Hendrix is probably a bit far away for you (it would be within you
  2. I do have a couple of 8th grade classes on my senior's transcript, but it's because they were college classes that would be on the college transcript, and I wanted the two of them to match. My kid ended up with 44.25 high school credits and 68 college credits, and honestly, there was really no padding there except for a couple of minimal box checking credits required for high school grad.
  3. This is one reason why I am a little concerned when I see early college kids or other child prodigies getting a lot of media coverage. I've been told I'm just jealous when I've raised such concerns-but I am kind of glad that my teen's online presence is largely limited to conference listings and titles, not articles about "Kid Genius comes to campus" that would potentially be googled by a future roommate, when all my kid wants is to NOT stand out based on age.
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