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  1. I love my iPad. DH has a fire, and I find it far more limited.
  2. We're not looking for schools with strong Herpetology programs, since such don't exist at the undergrad level, but at schools that have strong undergraduate research and have Herpetologists who are generally known to be good PI's to work under, particularly and that have a history of supporting female, minority, LGBT+ students. We also wanted schools within a few hours The top four finalists ended up being: UAH-has two wetlands/stream focused biologists, strong support for undergrad research, we know one of the faculty quite well due to the TN Herpetological society. It also h
  3. Here's my playing with design software for t-shirts. I'm thinking a black shirt and the hydra in gold with lettering and hats in green, to stick with the ame color scheme. Vinyl for t-shirts is less metallic than the sign vinyl, and I think that the gold usually looks better than the silver (and I bought a roll of silver to put letters on the mailbox, so I had the silver at hand when I started working on the sign project. I'm guessing I'll need to order vinyl for shirts).
  4. I also imagine they had to make a choice-do we allow these images to be edited, allow them to stand, or remove them entirely. A couple of years ago, we got to see a gallery show of original art from some of the books (primarily the beginner books). They were amazingly beautiful and detailed in a way that doesn't come through completely in the printed versions. I can understand why the estate chose not to go the "editing" route-and if they had already decided, based on feedback that these images were hurtful to some, that they could not stand, the only other option is to stop publ
  5. It's been a very "do the next thing" process. We spent a good part of last night working on planning for a new class on dinosaurs that will be available for younger students this fall, which in many ways is coming full circle, because we largely started our homeschooling, even before we were officially "homeschooling" with a complete fascination with dinosaurs. It is very weird to think that next year L's education is completely out of my hands. I think it's getting more "Real" and stressful on the teen side, too.
  6. Here's the links for the pharmacies here. I think they have zip code locators so should work for you, too. FWIW, I just checked the main sites here, and there are a LOT of appointments for next week at some of the sites, especially if they are in more residential, vs business, locations. Kroger – Locations vary. Very limited quantities available. You may find information online at https://www.kroger.com/i/coronavirus-update/vaccine or by calling 866-211-5320. Veteran’s Administration – Now vaccinating all veterans age 65 and older at the VA Medical Center at 1030 Jefferson Avenue. V
  7. We're going to visit the campus of one of the top 2 schools on L's list next week. Even with all the precautions (self-guided tour vs going with a tour guide, renting a house rather than a hotel, ordering food delivery, etc), it still will be a nice change and break. And not really a small thing, but I also get my second COVID vaccine on the 15th. I'm also getting into graduation planning, and it looks like my parents, brother, SIL and my long time best friend (and L's Godmother) will be able to come out. All of the adults will be vaccinated by then-not sure on the 16 yr old. I'm
  8. One nice thing about age bands-almost everyone has ID showing their age. Proof of status is a problem when you're dealing with qualifying based on employment or medical conditions. In my area, that seems to have resulted in most sites saying you need ID, but not actually looking at it.
  9. What isn't said-my kid was on a major mythology kick at the time-and loves dragons and snaky things in any form-and, at age 5/6, felt very left out by not having a school name, t-shirt, and sticker on mom's minivan. We've used it for book orders, etc for years, and until L started presenting under the name of the college (mostly because it felt less noticeable to be presenting as a college student than as a high schooler, and was definitely easier to get professional memberships), presented research under that school name. The only comment we've ever gotten directly was on a post it note that
  10. Here's the text right side up (it needs to be upside down so it's the right way up when the cards are folded) Mount Parnassus Academy is the name we chose for our homeschooling adventure. Mount Parnassus is the home of the muses in Greek mythology, and climbing Mount Parnassus has been used as an idiom for success in intellectual endeavors for centuries. The Hydra was chosen as a logo and mascot because paths of learning branch but are all interconnected. The laurel wreath has symbolized achievement since the first Olympic games.
  11. In my area (other end of the state), there is a county portal for sign ups at sites run by them, but you can sign up for Walmart, CVS, etc directly. I qualified due to my job in 1b, and brought documentation, but no one looked at it. Here, new appointments show up at noon on Monday and Wednesday on the portal. If you can go during the workday on a weekday, usually it's not super hard to get one (although it might be this coming week since 1c just opened).
  12. The extra lines are just because I still had the text highlighted when I did a snip to share-they won't be there in the printed version.
  13. I'm playing with Publisher. What do ya'll think??? (this would be printed as the outside of a 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 card, with the information on the inside)
  14. I may have to put the Hydra on grad announcements, too. I assume one of the print on demand services could use an SVG. The grad hats are a separate layer.
  15. I've often wondered when schools post their list of acceptances and scholarships how much is typical vs a few high achieving kids. Suddenly 10 million in scholarships from a graduating class of several hundred students doesn't look so impressive 😜
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