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  1. Yes, I have read that and used it as a toothpaste one time to try it. But the taste got me.
  2. My friend has a house of 10 people! And they all wear clean PJs each night. I have a house of 3 and we wash ours once a week. I just don't feel like adding that much to my laundry pile each day.
  3. I wear jeans about 4 times before washing unless they get dirty.
  4. For my ds he will pick up a book and read if it is something interesting to him or if there is nothing else but chores to do. I have noticed if there are a lot of other options for things to do, especially technology, he won't pick up a book. Also, even with being able to read very well at a high level, my ds really needs a lot of books to choose from of all lengths and reading levels. Sometimes his brain wants an easier read, sometimes he wants a challenge.
  5. Talking with a friend the other day about how often PJs are worn before washing. I just want to see if I am crazy for wearing PJs again without washing.
  6. HWOT is great. We used that to learn how to print. They have a youtube channel that shows the wet dry try method. We used that with the chalkboard.
  7. A half hour to an hour daily. But sometimes I really have to "sell" him on a book I think he would love. If he finds something he really loves he can read for 3 hours a day.
  8. For us, we started with a modern language as we live overseas. However, this would be my priority even if we lived a different life. It has opened so many doors, and provided so many good ways to use ds' brain. Some things to consider: cartoons, books, people (if picking a language used close to you), internet all are available in modern languages. Dedicate all tv or some be done in a modern language, and half the battle is won 😂 not really, but you know. This year for 3rd we have started Latin using Getting Started the Latin. For my son a lot of this has been easy being that he already
  9. A lot of people can read upside down if the print is large enough. When in university for my education major we had a test of reading upside down, out of hundreds only 1 person needed to work on that skill. Many teachers need this skill to work with young ones learning to read.
  10. Follow up question- how does one go about mentioning that this may need to be evaluated or worked on? Without causing offense? Is there a way? Child is homeschooled. Mom is overwhelmed and doesn't enjoy schooling. They are only able to get to the bare minimum with school- math, reading, and language arts. But all the kids are a year or two behind in levels.
  11. That would be my guess. Beyond that I would guess only hearing a few mistakes here and there. Thanks for sharing. Child is over 8.
  12. I taught before having my son, but at private schools and international schools. So my experience has been with families that are well educated and work with their kids. So honestly I can say I didn't see this when I taught. But I think I may have a skewed viewpoint from average families.
  13. Yes, I very much expect 5-8ish year olds to occasionally during a day make an error or several. I started counting after I noticed about 5 errors. So in an 8 hour time together I counted 16 errors. So it probably was close to 20 errors. I don't want to say the age yet, as it might sway some people's response, but child is over age I would expect to hear more than one or two in a full day.
  14. What age do you expect children to no longer make errors while speaking with verbs? Example- saying goed, or felled or just using the wrong verb altogether. Also, understanding when to say on or in correctly in a sentence. Not asking about my son, asking about another child we spent the day with that surprised me with a lot of errors. I know the family does not do much, if any reading, and they do a lot of television time. But this seemed to really stick out to me.
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