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  1. I wonder where a mandated vaccine would leave people who have survived COVID19 already. Or even if not a mandate by government, but if one becomes routine in the schedule. Where does that leave natural immunity? I think a rush vaccine won't change many people's thoughts on the dangers.
  2. Or if rates drop it could show natural herd immunity. Or could show like many are thinking right now that people can have mild symptoms. If a vaccine comes out and rates drop will not show vaccines work. There are so many factors involved.
  3. 2nd everything she said. Regular spiral really is the best in my opinion because of everything she said. Also, I don't want to vote if I need to give an email.
  4. Canceled summer trip plans to Lithuania. Glad we hadn't bought tickets yet. Waiting to plan something for August. We need time out of the big city to survive the rest of the year. But we will wait to see how things are much closer to August.
  5. We LOVE Miquon here. I took out all the pages and organized how I felt best. So we do two to three (sometimes more) pages a day. Love how simple and easy to use it is. It is so flexible. But if you like scripts or step by step you won't like it. I like the freedom and open endedness of the program.
  6. Dictation Day by Day is split up with a day's work. Very straight forward and easy to use.
  7. I just need to hear (and yes, I already know it is ok) that I can put aside CLE reading for a time and just have ds read books. We have CLE reading 2nd grade. The reading level is easy for him, but the workbooks have so much good stuff in them. It has been easy to use. But there is a whole year worth of workbooks for 2nd grade and it is just getting to feel like a lot. And leaves little time for just reading books. I hate feeling "behind" with workbooks. But we need a change during this season of being home all day. I just hate feeling like we will need to catch up. So please just reassure me that this is ok, and we won't need to "catch up"
  8. He has read My Father's Dragon series. He loved those! Our family read aloud was just the Naria series. He might be at that level to read alone, but he would need a little help. But being we just finished the Last Battle in January he wouldn't want to go through those again just yet.
  9. Our schedule is so turned upside down right now. We live in a big city, all parks are locked up. We are not leaving the house except to walk the dog. This is so hard to keep an 8 year old inside almost all day. DH is home all day. He is in the office for the most part, but our apartment is small he hears us we hear him. There feels to be no end to this! I know there will be it just feels like no end. DS had a lot of fun things he did each week. Now it is just us all day everyday.
  10. Thanks I will look into the ones mentioned.
  11. I have family wanting to buy ds, 8 years old, a book series. He has finished The Magic Tree House series. I would say he can read close to 4th grade, but is still working on stamina and needs larger print (although he just got glasses for reading last week so maybe that won't be a big deal anymore).
  12. I just sent dh on a walk to get out of the house for an hour. We will survive this, but man this apartment is not big enough for 3 of us to spend ALL day and night together. We will survive I keep telling myself this.
  13. That is normal to confuse in talking and reading between languages. I am glad we waited and did learning to read in one language first then moved on to the next. The family will figure it out. The brain can do a lot. The child will be fine and work it all out it just may take more time than a monolinguist.
  14. We focus more on lit than history at this point. But for us (2nd grade) our literature is read alouds. I pick my own books to read. Books I think we will all like. I picked 2 books that are connected to our history this year for read aloud time. We simply talk about literary elements, thoughts on character actions, vocabulary that comes up, connections to other books. In years to come we may need to add more, but I feel this is enough for elementary ages.
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