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  1. F and windy. Although I visited our new place in summer so I don't really know what it feels like in the cold of winter. We move first week of January.
  2. I am moving where it will be subzero for most of winter. I will be taking public transportation so a lot of standing and waiting and walking. I do have a nice one for skiing already.
  3. Looks like I need to look at Lands End.
  4. Yes, I am planning on spending a lot so that it will last.
  5. I am in need of a new winter coat for the subzero temps. What brands have been your favorite? Columbia is the brand I have used, but it isn't very warm.
  6. I wish Masterbooks hadn't taken it over. The original are great.
  7. DS, 8yo and in 3rd grade, has loved learning Greek Myths. I want to find ways to encourage him in his love. I think he will like the National Mythology Exam. Does the exam cover all myths? Or does it focus on Greek myths? We have the D'Aulaire's book and audiobook. Will this be enough to study with? He also has watched Mythic Warriors. Any resources that have been helpful to study with? What is the format of the exam? (short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice)
  8. We have really liked Rod and Staff. Maybe go up a year? It is so well priced too. It does a good job of working on rules during the week and can be done independently. For a good speller I think it is a great way to be sure and cover all the rules and common words.
  9. Yes, bad form for a joke. I have several friends with grandfathers/fathers who were nazis. So maybe that shapes my view.
  10. Are they reading well? If so drop phonics. I haven't used AAR so I don't know about the readers, but if they are reading ok you can just have them pick out books to read from the library. WWE 2 will have copywork so just use that. We have not found vocabulary needed. I would wait and see how your weeks are going and about 8 weeks in see if you feel you could add something else in. It takes time to adjust so I would start off light and then add in and see if you are still getting to everything.
  11. I think I will try just a lit. guide and see how it goes.
  12. My experiences with children and languages is that this is an example of how children learn natural grammar. In other words age has everything to do with it from what I have seen. Ds' second language has different endings related to verb and direct object agreement. But all young kids struggle through this even if it is their native language. Just as English speakers struggle through plurals and am are is. Each language has a natural progression of common struggles all learners go through. But Memoria Press makes the argument that because we internalize English grammar it is better
  13. This is what Memoria Press says are the things still needing work on. Punctuation, captilization, phrases vs sentence. They do have an English grammar program, but it isn't in depth or made to be used without doing Latin as well.
  14. I have spent many years as an expat and around other expats. Nothing would change her struggle. The brain really really changes after having children. So many mothers have a hard time learning language.
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