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  1. Lots of water around the world has high arsenic levels. Where we live you can't drink the tap water as it is too high. We get large bottles of water to drink (comes out to around 6.5 gallons). Wonder if the bottled water is any better here......
  2. I have never seen them called that before. I have only seen them called cheesy potatoes. Now I want to eat some!
  3. Any thoughts on Apples and Pears or Sequential Spelling?
  4. They cover almost exactly the same content each year. They are just set up very different and CLE includes spelling, and handwriting. CLE is sprial so it seems like more looking at samples.
  5. Basically, the school didn't want to work with a homeschool family only having 3 months in the states...... He took a reading test with an edicational specialist for expats. He is reading at the end of first grade level. So he is on par for reading. But she didn't do any testing for spelling. Although I did tell her how much of a struggle it is.
  6. Handwriting without Tears- the whole thing. This is great for him and what it looked like before!
  7. I should add- the picture is a free writing he did. He just brought me the paper because he had no clue how to write laundry.
  8. Dh is dyslexic and dysgraphic. Ds reading- he reads well. But will skip words like a, of, on etc. He has trouble tracking to the next line unless MY finger is pointing. Not all the time but at least one sentence while reading he will flip the words around- so if it says it was there, he says there is was. He understands everything he reads well. He finished CLE I Wonder (first grade reading) just fine doing the reading on his own. He still sometimes has a hard time with short vowels and seems like longer words are easier. We are using Phonics Pathways and ETC for phonics and CLE for reading. So- you wouldn't allow free writing? Always being sure it is spelled correct even for a free write? DH did therapy for reading and writing in school. We however are expats living with horrible local schools or crazy expensive private ok schools. We were in the states for several months and I asked local schools which would not help because he was young. And insurance covered no evals. He turned 7 in April. He has just started to like to draw. Fine motor has always been a bog struggle. I worked so hard (about 2 years) on correct pencil grip, which he now is consistent with doing right.
  9. Trying to figure out a good spelling program to use for 2nd next year. This year we did Spelling You See A. I liked it ok. But it looks like B will be a lot more writing (which is a struggle), it doesn't seem to be specific enough on spelling patterns/rules, and it is a lot of money. I suspect ds has dysgraphia. We can't get any evaluations. But he struggles to write anything, and has no visual ability in writing. This is a sample of his writing (I wrote laundry obviously) but his sentence is all squished together. Any program ideas? Ways to help his writing not be squished? What spelling has worked for your kids? He reads well, but can't seem to hold what a word looks like in his head.
  10. So what do you think of the schedule? Are the books choosen good ones?
  11. Thank you all I will look at these.
  12. I am looking at the history schedules.
  13. I am using Veritas Press for history. The cards list Famous Men. Using most of those books. I am not around a library so need to order all the books before the school year. But I am also looking at Easy Classical which uses Veritas Press, but uses Gueber instead of Famous Men.
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