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  1. $650 round trip is a great deal!
  2. My dh had horrible teeth. We switched to a mineral rich homemade powder. Works wonderful. DH has had his dentist ask how his teeth improved so much. We don't use flouride. Using different clays, calcium powder works wonders. Cure Tooth Decay Naturally is a good book to read too. We don't follow it exactly, but even just a few changes has helped so much.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. I have done two things: 1. Reuse and dump into the kitchen garbage can. 2. Asked other people for their shopping bags. I figure they already have them might as well use them. I asked before garage sales, book sales and other times and end up with so much it lasts forever...
  5. Next week I have a 24 hour travel day. I need a suggestion for a good book to read. I like fantasy or time period fiction. Anything good out there?
  6. I have looked close at this one too. Seems close to Memoria Press'. I think it is a little cheaper too. Maybe that is what I should do then.
  7. I am glad! Big strollers are always an inconvience to others. They take up so much space, and people seem to walk so much slower pushing them. I also find sometimes people buy the big strollers and don't realize little kids really can walk and walk a lot just fine. It just takes getting through a little complaining if kids aren't used to it.
  8. I know WRtR is going to be too much work for me during this season. DH and I will be tag team teaching this next year as I will be in language school.
  9. Another question- Does Beast have units in time, money, measuring and things like that? Or does that need to be added in? Miquon has some and ds learns math quick without needing much review, but Miquon doesn't seem to have a lot in these areas.
  10. I have looked at All About Spelling a lot. It is just expensive and comes with a lot of moving parts. I haven't seen it in person either. So I have a hard time knowing if I and ds would like it. But OG methods do appeal to me. I think ds would like the rules based instruction. I just need lots more structure than some OG programs supply, as I am not just staying home and homeschooling. Sometimes school needs to fit in a bag and get done while I am working. Which I don't think AAS would easily travel?
  11. DS is finishing up 1st grade this year. We used SYS a. Ds is not a strong speller. We spent most of this year working really hard on fine motor and handwriting. He gets most of the words correct during spelling. But I am finding SYS doesn't give any help in knowing how to spell a word or rules. I am having to tell ds if it is a c or k all the time. And he needs to be reminded over and over what sounds the combinations th, ch, sh make. I think he really needs the added spelling rules along with. Does SYS include this better in level B and above? I like the thought of copywork and have loved the layout of the workbooks. But it is expensive, so I want to be sure it adds more instruction in the following levels. I have also looked at MP's Traditional Spelling. Which seems like it gives spelling rules, color coding to help, and includes dication. Is this going to be a better fit for what I want? My only issue is that there are only two levels. And the workbook layout is more crowded which will bother ds some as he still writes very large.
  12. Ds favorite school of all is Miquon he asks to do it all the time, even first thing in the morning. So we will be continuing with that. I just need something that reviews concepts and gives more practice with paper and pencil. He really gets the hands on concepts well with Miquon.
  13. I gave ds the placement test today. The test said to be able to complete without help. Does that include help from Cuisinaire rods? He took the 2a test and the last question was a number puzzle and he used the rods to figure it out. Hs got the answer correct, but wouldn't have without the rods. Next question- is all the teaching for the lessons in the comic guide book? Or is there something that I teach from? This year we have used Miquon with Singapore. I am able to teach the lessons and concepts from Singapore, but want something to go along with Miquon that does the teaching/explaining. Singapore just seems to require too much of me at this stage right now. We are moving and I will be in language school soon, so I need something a little more laid out. I also gave the CLE placement test, but even during the test ds said it was boring and he loved Beast. He really likes puzzley math and I think he would enjoy a challenge. Although CLE is laid out so independent like which appeals to me in this season of life.
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