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  1. Thank you all for the replies. We don't give grades on assignments yet as DS is in 2nd grade. I am referring mostly to grade level assignments and expectations. Right now I am thinking of switching math over to fully using Gattegno, but it isn't a graded program at all. So I overthink stepping out of the norm of what is expected for 2nd grade math or whatever subject. There are areas of life I am easily able to go against the stream and just do our thing. And then sometimes I feel like we have swung far enough away from the norm that I need to provide some norm of some kind. Sorry mostly just rambles from my head, but there have to be others out there right?!?
  2. So you use this for reading or for spelling or both?
  3. Thanks. Are any of these your favorites for elementary?
  4. Thanks! Good to know others are using it. I was planning to get a graphing notebook. DS needs help lining stuff up.
  5. I would buy a lot more books. Rent an apartment with a second floor just for books and a hs room. Piano lessons. Take all the field trips ds wants (Egypt, Rome, Japan.... he dreams big). Hire someone for help in writing. Hire someone to help clean and cook so I could just read more.
  6. I really do have a desire to be an out of the box homeschool family. Not unschoolers, I firmly believe edication needs direction from those wiser. But I find myself falling into the "easier" path, buy a workbook, complete a lesson, done. The safety net of the grade on a workbook is calming. But then day to day and week to week look the same and just become a get this many pages done. But we live a very out of the box life. And I enjoy and have more fun when doing less typical educational things. Like making plays to show what we have learned. We go on field trips often which helps break up the same old same old. What are some ways you homeschool "out of the box"? How do you encourage creativity and indivduality? How do you push away the nagging grade expectations? Help me get some ideas on how to school uniquely. What makes your homeschool look different because it is your family?
  7. What are some favorites for public domain or "older" books for curriculum or to use as a resource. I have been loving Dictation Day by Day, and Gattegno math. I find I like the freedom some of the older books give. I don't really like scripted resources. I am looking at Primary Language Lessons as FLL 2 isn't really working for me (too scripted, and too much memorization of lists). Anyone use PLL? Thoughts?
  8. Anyone using just this? DS is 7 and in 2nd. We have mostly used Miquon since k. Done a little MEP and Singapore too. In Kindy I bought Gattegno book 1 and did a lot, but stopped for 1st thinking Singapore would be a better fit. Just pulled Gattegno back out and I think this with Miquon is what I need. It makes math a discussion and a discovery together. What is a good sequence plan for Gattegno? It is so different I just don't know how to pace books. Anyone use all the way through book 7? Where did that leave you? Was it a good plan for elementary math? Just wondering if anyone else has used it as it never really gets talked about.
  9. We are both native English speakers dh just has a much easier time picking up languages than I do.
  10. Ds is 7 years old. Thanks that was very helpful! Have you found any problems using books translated from English? Most children's books are translations as this is much more of an oral storytelling culture. And I guess I just feel cultural concepts lack sometimes when things are translated? I have asked natives to tell a story to him and made an audio tape of it to use. Which is fantastic during our quiet time. Sometimes I feel homeschool just limits the language learning time. But I don't philosophically or religiously agree with the school system here. And it really is hard to even think of putting him in a school that has such a vastly different worldview than mine.
  11. Yes both of us can speak the language- Dad much better than I. Yes this is the language spoken here so anywhere we go it is spoken to him. Verbs change based on the subject of the sentence. He is still figuring out how they change and often will mess it up. People can understand as it is something almost all kids do. But he still needs work on knowing what ending to use (as do I....).
  12. Thanks that gives a good idea for me.
  13. How much time each week on average do you spend on your child's weaker language? Ds is 7 and does well with his 2nd language, but he still needs work on subject verb agreement, and his vocab is more around a 4 year old level. Currently he averages each week: 8 hours with a tutor for lessons (they play a lot so it doesn't feel formal), watches around 3 hours tv in language, has a 3 hour sport class, and free play with other kids is around 3 hours. Is this enough time? Do I increase time, and where?
  14. Looking ahead to next year for 3rd grade. I know MP used R&S before they made their own grammar. I have looked at the samples of both and really like both of them. Wondering if anyone can give experiences to both of them. I need something easy, quick, able to be done at least partly orally. I don't want to do grammar everyday. Also, if we have a different language than Latin that we are learning does it still work ok to use MP grammar? Not a Latin based language, but one that endings change based on verb and subject.
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