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  1. Can you? Sure. We did a field trip/game day for k-3 each week. And then a short day each week with chores or errands. It has worked for us fine. But most field trip and chore days involved some school work for us. We did reading aloud, reading/phonics practice, math practice. Teaching independence takes time, and focus from the parent. You will want to work on independence. Know what is reasonable, and set small goals. Work towards having your third grader do 15 minutes of work indepently. If you could squeeze in 30 minutes phonics/reading and 30 minutes math on the oth
  2. Does using a clock cause confusion? I looked into this years ago, but using a clock and going counter clockwise seemed as if it would make telling time more difficult.
  3. I would try approaching math differently. Are you using a method your daughter connects with and understands? Cusienaire rods are my favorite math tool. Look on educationunboxed.com for different ideas on how to use them. Going back and working on place value is a great idea. That really is the foundation. Spend the summer playing games to help cement the idea. RightStart has a great math game book that covers lots of different topics.
  4. Good ideas, I am sure his cousins would like a video call with him reading.
  5. Good idea- I will try it tomorrow Mindfulness has been hard for him, but we have been working on it, and he is getting better.
  6. Has anyone used anything from New England Dance Masters to learn American Folk Dance? They have dvds and books to purchase. I can't tell if they are easy to follow or not, or if you will need a large group of children. Will this only work with a school or co-op? Link: https://dancingmasters.com/
  7. Yes, he has a lot of signs. And it runs in the family on both sides. 😂 Ds never stops talking all day long! He talks a mile a minute!
  8. He has followed along with Harry Potter as he listened to the audio. That one got us through lockdowns last spring!
  9. We have done a lot of audiobooks. And not to toot my own horn, but I read aloud very well. And we have read everyday of his life. He knows what good reading sounds like. He just goes quick. And still needs some practice. Punctuation will get him sometimes.
  10. Yeah, my ds reads aloud so fast. I think it is just hard to slow down when he can read so fast. He is an only so he has no one younger to read to. And we just moved at the beginning of the year, so currently no little friends either.
  11. Anyone know of any good books that explain the Biblical practice of blessing. In reading through Genesis in a Bible study a few people have asked me for more books to talk about how to bless children. And I don't know of any.
  12. He still needs work with read slow enough and pronunciation. More the skills that make people want to listen to the reader. You know what I mean? He is past the skill of learning to read. He reads almost everything I put in front of him. We started Latin this year, and he is doing well with it and enjoying it. I just want him to keep developing the skill of being an interesting reader out loud. Maybe I am reacting to those I know, but there are some people who have preached, read books to kids, etc. that are so hard to listen to as they just don't have the skills down.
  13. We did a lot of buddy reading as he was learning to read. But now he hates it as he says it takes too long to read a book this way 😂 He reads on average a book every two days.
  14. What is a good anthology for ds (almost 9) to practice reading aloud with? Would McGuffey be good for this? He does a great job reading aloud, I just want to keep the skill developing. We used Pathway Readers for this, but he got bored with them, and they didn't offer much of a challenge. We did 1st through 3rd. So maybe 4th will become more challenging and have more variety?
  15. Ds was only a week. Dh has underlying health issues so he took a good 2 months before he was feeling like he had energy. I also was 3ish months before full energy. BUT- the energy part is hard to determine because we were also in complete lockdowns. So really I don't know if it was also a lack of sunlight from not being outside at all for 16 weeks.
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