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  1. Extended family (great aunt) who 82 fully vaccinated was hospitalized for 10 days needing oxygen. Earlier in March or was it April family member not vaccinated was hospitalized for 4 days needing oxygen.
  2. I think Simply Charlotte Mason has a video on sewing.
  3. I think it is because Latin appears easier. I think there is a fear since Modern Greek is around. And people are afraid of the alphabet. But really learning any language requires a lot of work!
  4. I ordered a used McGuffey 4 reader. I didn't realize there were so many different editions! Is it worth the money to buy new (so I can be sure the edition) to get the Wiley revision?
  5. Yeah I am in that group. It doesn't offer much.
  6. Yeah I am in that group. It doesn't offer much.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. DS is 9 and going through a big growth spurt and emotions are high. I want a book to cover the physical changes, and sex. We will just work through it as needed. And probably a different book covering maturity (responsibility, work, emotions, etc.)
  8. What are some of your favorite books for boys concerning puberty and growing into manhood? Preferably from a Christian perspective.
  9. We are entering our fifth year of homeschooling. So much of the resources out there (books, blogs, etc) focus on those in countries where homeschooling is a thing. I am reaching the point where I am feeling like homeschooling is limiting DS friendships. People don't homeschool here, so there are no groups to join. BUT homeschooling gives us the ability to travel so much. We get to learn history and go see the places where it all happened. And we can personalize DS education. I really enjoy homeschooling and the opportunities it gives us. Anyways, any resources or books for those who live overseas and homeschool? I feel like I have asked this before. There has to be something out there of people who have gone before and how they handled it all.
  10. Memorizing is important, but it must be relevant and needed. We do a lot of memory work in our homeschool, but it is always connected to what we are learning or needed. We also memorize a lot of poetry and Scripture. From what I have seen CC does memorization for memorization's sake in the early years. It is disconnected to what each child is needing at the moment and just a program to work through. And then they try to use what was disconnected in the next two levels. I have seen a lot of friends leave CC during the middle school years. I think people then see that the memory work didn't produce anything.
  11. Rod and Staff has clearer and more mathematically correct explanations. CLE takes many lessons (even splitting between workbooks) to fully explain one concept. I really don't think (after 4th in R&S) that there is much difference in how they are able to be independent. Rod and Staff does have a lot of review built in. But you could also type up or use a whiteboard and put the review the TM has for each lesson. We found CLE to be too much variety in a day's work. And it moved too slowly.
  12. My 9 year old only listens to around 20 to 30 minutes. We do read aloud a several times a day. So it adds up to most days being an hour or and hour and a half. When he was preschool ages he wanted to hear the same stories over and over again. It was the best thing we ever did. That is how his vocabulary grew. He heard the same words used in the same stories so often that those words became his. We only owned 120 books from the ages of 3 to 6. And we rotated through them daily. (We lived overseas then and that was all we brought with us. We still live overseas, now in a different country, but have brought more and different books with us here). Rereading is a necessary step in development.
  13. Looks like a great resource. Thanks for sharing.
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