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  1. What is out there for a Bible reference book or encyclopedia for early elementary ages? Something with maps, pictures of clothing, artifacts, culture info. We love all the Usborne encyclopedias we own. Is there anything like Usborne out there?
  2. A family with 8 is our biggest close relationship. But we do kind of know a family of 11. However, where we live families with 4 are the max and they struggle with transportation and housing needs. It is a big family when in a large city.
  3. lulalu

    Medical Bills

    Insurance has gotten so much worse for us in the last 3ish years. I spent so many hours last year on the phone. Probably close to 20 hours! It didn't get resolved......
  4. I know for some of my irl friends their reasoning for sending some kids to high school was because the boys just needed more than mom could offer. Some boys just really need people and work outside of the home. I think it is one reason apprenticeship was so common for centuries. As boys become teenagers some just NEED to be out of the house and not around mom most of the day. But I am sure some girls are like that too. I just think it is more common in boys. I also think some people grow and change as their children grow. What they are so vocal about when they have a 5 year old can change as they see life unfold more. I have seen that in a lot of areas of life not just educating children. And I think the competition for higher education also plays a big role too. Of my friends irl very few who are so vocal about homeschooling do I think will last the whole time. One in particular is so black and white when it comes to schooling and parenting, but they really just haven't experienced much in life yet. I doubt they will always see it so black and white. I homeschool and know one other family in my city that does. But many that are back "home" do. It is difficult to do something no one understands, but I try to keep pressing on.
  5. Sorry for your family's loss.
  6. What 2 books from the Christian Heroes Then and Now series would you pick that take place in Asia? We are learning about Asia and I have many picture books to read, but want to include a biography. Ds is in 2nd but listens well to read alouds. Any other chapter books that take place in Asia to read too?
  7. We love Jim Weiss here! I think he is a wonderful story teller.
  8. I have looked at and done some on Gattegno book 1. Is there a guide for about what grade each book covers? How much do you cover in a day? Just do one exersice a day?
  9. Wow! That is a great schedule.
  10. I need something that says do this much on this day. And do this together before giving the worksheet kind of thing. Singapore has too many books and parts for me to plan a day out too. I don't need a script although I can use one.
  11. I have had the hardest time picking what math to stick with. I need some hand holding. For K we used Miquon orange book and MEP reception. It was perfect. Ds loves miquon. For 1st we used Singapore and Miquon. Not bad, but I don't want to continue with Singapore. I need more guidance day to day. Miquon has gotten harder as the concepts have gotten harder. So I am still searching for a plan for 2nd. I have all the Miquon books and we are working slowly through them. R&S I love the looks of the TM. The TM looks perfect! I like how simple it looks. MEP I like how it is free. And the depth. But it looks very teacher intense, and the tm needs a lot of tweaks. Help! Ds loves math, gets stuff easily, but needs repetition. He would do math all day if I let him.
  12. I was 22 when I met my in-laws and married. So youngish but not real young. I didn't view it as gaining parents, more becoming a family. I still had both my parents then too. And still called mil mom, but fil has always been first name. But I think that is more that he is not very fatherly. We could go years without him talking to us (even though he was a present dad for my dh as he grew up).
  13. I have kept nothing but the baby book, blankie, and stuffed animal. Cleaning out my parents home made me realize stuff can be replaced so easily. Memories are better than figuring how to hold on to things.
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