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  1. Wow! How naive are you? They call up elderly people, and yes they may be a DNA match to some stupid kind, and harass old folks for money hoping to wear them down and exploit the information they get off genealogy sites. Good grief. I cane believe how naive people are. And I sure as hell will take the word of 13 year veteran of cyber security for the state police post over this forum when it comes to this.
  2. You are very naive. Oh that it were so easy to throw scammers off the scent. Besides the fact they know where she lives. We had to have a security system involved, and have had to change her phone number three times.
  3. The police officer is a thirteen year veteran of cyber security. He knows his stats. Yes, there are more people using DNA from ancestry and geni to scam people than to legitimately contact them about genealogy. Yes, the person in Australia appears to be both a possible very distantly related person through many generations back, and also attempting to scam for money. That is not related specifically to my aunt's issue. But, ancestry is the medium through which my cousin found the child my aunt placed up for adoption, and then gave contact information for my aunt and all of the rest of us without our permission, and it has been a NIGHTMARE!
  4. We each have a relative of the same ugly stripe!!!
  5. This is my aunt's story. My aunt had lifelong trauma and PTSD from her rape and forced birth because abortion was not available. I now have some crazy lady in Australia I am dealing with that thinks because of all this crappy genealogy stuff that she has a right to harass my mother day and night because they might be related through someone from the 1850's. WTH? It has been 170 years! Put the stupid name in the family tree and leave my mother alone. I called the police. This is the new norm. Scammers use the DNA and family tree information they find on Ancestry and Geni to pose as long lost relatives. They set up meetings and then scam for money or case houses for theft when they get addresses. Just in our tiny, rural county, they are investigating an average of 25 ish cases of scam based on DNA/genealogy per month. He also told my mother that there are more cases of fraud than legitimate cases of true relatives finding each other. It makes the car warranty and social security scammers seem tame by comparison. Strangers are strangers. The end. Just because they share a chromosome doesn't mean you should be putting yourself in harm's way to contact them.
  6. I think maybe in the more fundamentalist sects, it is because they are desensitized to it. They are in the club, they are better than everyone else, and the glee is a certain amount of what my grandmother would have called "gettin' your up and commins". I think is is an idea that the others deserved it, and isn't god good because they got it. Something like that. I don't get it at all. Even when I was a Christian I never felt like that about those that were not. It just didn't compute with me.
  7. Boy, can I relate to that part about being well. There is a certain fury from the previous church "friends" that we are thriving, and brimstone was not rained down our family. But the thing they are most upset about is that all of our kids went to secular universities, and none of their dire predictions of unwanted pregnancy, drugs, alcoholism, failing classes, etc. came true. They have been steeped in this worldview under their new pastor, and apparently it is very, very upsetting that ours kids have been successful. I think they have left the world of mainstream Christian belief and slid down the chute to cult. The progressive mainstream attitudes from Methodists and Episcopal believers has not been like that, and are generally positive. So I am willing to concede that within Christianity it is absolutely a spectrum, and many followers do NOT act like the church down the road! But living so close to the vitriol has hurt exponentially.
  8. We have already been thinking about that. Some except for a few fun things for our grandsons to open on Christmas morn, we have decided on experiences for everyone. Museum passes, park passes, membership at the aquatic center, mini vacations, etc. whatever type works for each household. That probably means Aquatic Center for ds, son in law, and grandsons, and museum pass for my sister and brother in law, mini vacations for my mom, and for our sons as well. Not sure about mother in law. Since we really do not know what her condition will be by then, it is hard to plan in advance. Probably if she is well enough to fly, a ticket for her and a travel companion/aid to come down to the new house in Alabama.
  9. I agree. I personally do think the American culture has some how managed to make itself hyper sexualized and then freaked at a glimpse of genitalia and heaven forbid, breast feeding. So I am just a big fan of private spaces and closed doors. We don't need male or female spaces, we need private spaces.
  10. But, it had been determined by scholars that none of the disciples actually wrote the gospels. The authorship of the gospels are actually up for grabs. Matthew and Mark in particular did not have the education in Greek to write them. At any rate, I don't really have a dog in the fight anymore. I simply do not believe, and I am convinced of the evidence against. So the struggle then is to, like Tova Mirvis, figure out how to navigate life as one who is deconverted, while dealing with all of the offensive proselytizing of relatives determined to get us back into the fold, while not hopefully giving up and cutting out those said relatives for good or the converse, getting shunned for good. It is all very complicated and not something that those still on the inside can actually understand. So back to the original post, I found the Q and A helpful. I am still digging into what all this means for me. I know it has meant a 100% loss of friendships, of being called wicked, apostate, bad, untrustworthy, etc. And for the most part I can handle that. I think what sometimes gets me is the absolutely glee in the voices of many Christians when they proclaim I am going to burn for eternity, and they are really happy about it. Like if I actually believed that was true, I would expect them to show to this burning with the ingredients for Smores so they could maniacally roast marshmallows over me. That is the thing I wrestle with today. It is a very good thing we leave tomorrow for a week of camping. I need a break from my mother in law and her fundie nuttiness, as well as from my mother's passive aggressive attempts to reel in her wayward daughter. Emotionally, this last week they have rubbed me quite raw, and it is just so disgusting because I do not EVER belittle them in anyway for their faith. Why do I always have to take the high road while they get to be horrible to me?
  11. The gospels all draw from a Q source as has been admitted by nearly every well educated, fluent Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek scholar for many many decades, and that source is not in existence today, has been lost since the writings of the gospels. The inconsistencies between the gospels despite drawing from a single source are immense. The OT gets even murkier as it is very clear the Torah was not written by Moses but by scribes hundreds of hundreds of years after the events had supposedly taken place. But it doesn't really do a lot to tell those who reject the old and new testament as divinely inspired that the bible proves if is divinely inspired, or literal because a character in the collection quoted it as literal. That is a lot of circular reasoning that we have rejected.
  12. Yes, and Bart Erhman's deconversion story has been helpful to me. True, deep scholarship of the gospels and Epistles of Paul doesn't bode well for the word of god idea, much less literalism.
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