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  1. Thank you everyone. Sorry its been a while since the last update. It doesn't look good. Her kidney function is very, very poor, BP hard to control. She was pretty lucid after her hearing aids were turned on, so we've been able to have good conversations with her. Yesterday late afternoon she fell asleep, and only awakened for a few minutes a couple of times since then. I guess that is good. She doesn't appear to be in distress. I think for her, as she has expressed before, she's had a great life, but all of her friends are passing away, and just last week, her sister in law died. Dh's dad
  2. Wow, Dr. Hive. You guys have been awesome with so much timely advice. I just got an update, and am heading back to the hospital. My theater group had a performance this morning, and another this afternoon, so i was out of the loop for a long time. I did manage to briefly log in and look at 1 p.m., and then called dh. Thank you to the person who mentioned hearing aids. Dh didn't realize hers were turned off. Once he turned them on, she immediately perked up. The BP is still too high. She's had a lot of meds, so I'm very worried. Pain levels are okay. She isn't requesting much f
  3. I am very upset. She's 83 and a wonderful grandma to my kids. She tripped over a rug that we've taken up time and time again because it was a hazard for her, and she kept getting out again. It's a rag rug she made years ago. Her knees are stiff so she shuffles her feet and would catch her toes on that rug. She has fallen due to that rug before. I don't know why elderly folks have to be so stubborn. She didn't do so well through the night. She has BP troubles, and kidney issues as well. The BP was hard to get down and keep down. It's more stable now. But she seems "off" to me, and the doct
  4. Raccoons here can be very destructive, and have rabies. We've had some cases of that in this county so everyone is quite wary. They definitely go after farmer's chickens, and so end up on the wrong end of a hunting gun often. We actually need the state to hire some hunters to thin them out. There are way too many because there aren't enough coyotes to hunt them. The rabies issue will get worse if the population isn't reduced. They also attack dogs and cats, sometimes small children, and the stuff they destroy.... They may look cute to people who don't normally deal with the buggers, but t
  5. When I was first married, they insisted on referring to themselves as "mom and dad" and wanted me to call them that, but I had both of my parents so it was very uncomfortable because I would use their first names, and they would come back with "mom and dad". It wasn't a fun three years. But then we had our daughter, and the other grandkids referred to them as Granny and Grandpa Sandy (Sandy was a nickname) so I started using those terms all the time. Father in law has been gone for a number of years, but granny is still granny even though all the grandchildren are adults. She likes it. So happ
  6. Oh yikes. Clearly these people are totally unobservant! I think it's okay to simply cut them off and say, "I'm sorry. I have my day carefully planned, and won't get this yard work done if I take the time to chat. Have a nice day." Walk away. Refuse to engage. If they can't take a polite hint, that's not your problem.
  7. I love lentil soup. Fell in love with it when we were in Egypt. I use red or orange lentils, and slow cook in my crockpot with chicken stock and finely diced carrots. I add garlic, tumeric, and cumin. Shredded chicken is a nice addition if you want meat. Dh and I like to have a big pot of vegetarian style and just eat on it all week. Dh is known to make himself a grilled cheese to dip in it. I also make a meatless chili. Canned tomatoes run through the blender to puree. Garlic, tons of cumin, only a mild amount of chili pepper, little bit of salt. I add one can of red kidney beans or if I
  8. Agreeing with Ottakee, here they want paraprofessionals to work with special needs students for $12 an hour and want a minimum associates degree. Not really certain why they think they deserve that level of qualification for that price, but there is no accounting for the "thinking" of bureaucrats and administrators. Sub pay is worse. If I sub for the local district, I have to have 90 college credits, bachelor's preferred though at this point they are so desperate they'd take any warm body that hasn't committed a felony, arrive at 7:30 p.m., stay until 4 p,m, and if an elementary classrroom eat
  9. I am so relieved to hear from you. When I heard about the shooting, I can honestly say my first thought was of you and your family. I am so sorry Arctic! I know you feel the pain of your community very strongly. Many hugs.
  10. And I agree with that. One should be cautious about throwing one's hat in the ring as expert leadership, making a names for oneself for doing it because one uses that celebrity status to influence others. That should not be a responsibility taken lightly. Most of the time, I think it is often taken VERY lightly. In the case of the Harris's, I think they are feeling this keenly at least taking into account the wording of Josh's apology.
  11. Most laws about this are state or locality specific, and some areas do not put any responsibility on the part of the server while others put a lot of responsibility on them. I think it's somewhere down the middle. But young servers in particular without much life experience, in my opinion, should be given a lot of training, and should work with experienced servers to help learn the ropes of figuring assessing situations and responding appropriately. Management and owners should have very well written and thorough policies as well because that helps the servers know exactly what to do and
  12. That is the crux of the matter. Deconversions/Deconstructions among prominent members of a belief system sometimes rock the world of others who adhere to the same or similar beliefs. It wasn't easy for people connected to Moody Theological Seminary when Bart Ehrman deconverted. it was a bit of a scandal in that community, and heart breaking for many of them. There is a lot of pain that can be involved when leaders have a change in worldview. Compassion needs to be extended both directions so people can heal. A huge amount of marriages don't survive these things either, and especially
  13. Maize, God Be With You is the closing of the non traditional service - which is really a blended, relaxed service but not particularly contemporary. Pastor and I wrote the arrangement so it would be pretty and lyrical, yet upbeat and joyous to sing. I like the keyboard part I wrote. Except for around specific holidays, it is sung at the end of every non traditional service. People seem to really enjoy it
  14. This. Unfortunately, we've experienced some epic with the trains when we used them.
  15. Agreed. Without the sun, the temps would have been too low to sustain plant life even if it was only for 24 hours. While it says "let there be light", light doesn't necessarily mean life sustaining temperature. Instant freeze. So unless one believes in some sort of suspended animation kind of thing, or some other methodology for warming the earth that isn't explained, then it's pretty hard to take as more than a story of how ancient Israelites thought about the natural world and how it came to be. I've listened to all the arguments for young earth, middle earth, old earth based on interpr
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