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  1. Thank you everyone. Sorry its been a while since the last update. It doesn't look good. Her kidney function is very, very poor, BP hard to control. She was pretty lucid after her hearing aids were turned on, so we've been able to have good conversations with her. Yesterday late afternoon she fell asleep, and only awakened for a few minutes a couple of times since then. I guess that is good. She doesn't appear to be in distress. I think for her, as she has expressed before, she's had a great life, but all of her friends are passing away, and just last week, her sister in law died. Dh's dad, his two brothers, and now their wives as well. She still has a sister, but auntie's health is in very, very poor shape. MIL got to spend two weeks with her sis this summer, and her comment when we picked her up at the airport, was "This may be the last time we had together." I think maybe mentally, she is somewhat ready to let go. The fight doesn't seem to be there. I am trying to help DH process it all.
  2. Wow, Dr. Hive. You guys have been awesome with so much timely advice. I just got an update, and am heading back to the hospital. My theater group had a performance this morning, and another this afternoon, so i was out of the loop for a long time. I did manage to briefly log in and look at 1 p.m., and then called dh. Thank you to the person who mentioned hearing aids. Dh didn't realize hers were turned off. Once he turned them on, she immediately perked up. The BP is still too high. She's had a lot of meds, so I'm very worried. Pain levels are okay. She isn't requesting much for meds which is very good given the opioid issues. Of course, she isn't moving around right now. I'm sure that if they stabilize her and she goes to rehab, she might have to move in ways that will cause a lot more pain. So we'll have to discuss that. I am taking her kindle to her so she can read, and play candy crush. Ottakee, I will ask them if they've tested for any infections, and mention bladder infection. She already has kidney issues so my guess is they are monitoring that closely, but she is a bit prone to bladder infections. Thank you all so much!
  3. I am very upset. She's 83 and a wonderful grandma to my kids. She tripped over a rug that we've taken up time and time again because it was a hazard for her, and she kept getting out again. It's a rag rug she made years ago. Her knees are stiff so she shuffles her feet and would catch her toes on that rug. She has fallen due to that rug before. I don't know why elderly folks have to be so stubborn. She didn't do so well through the night. She has BP troubles, and kidney issues as well. The BP was hard to get down and keep down. It's more stable now. But she seems "off" to me, and the doctor isn't really very helpful. Dh has asked him what to expect, and they just rush around and shrug their shoulders. If you've had an elder with this injury, can you post here? What was recovery like? Pain management? Did they go to rehab before coming home? Were they able to walk? Should we worry about pneumonia? How much physical care did you need to provide and for how long? If they went to rehab, did you have to be there a lot, did they require lots of advocating or was it fairly straight forward? Thanks to all who respond. I think I'll be at the hospital the whole day, and will try to check back on my cell phone.
  4. I am trying to do a translation but have to get to work. My sister sent the link to the 2017 judge and Epstein - believe it or not, authorities in France were rather interested in the man (NOT SHOCKING) - and it was in French. I read French. Gah....I can't translated it very well. I will try to get back to that after work. Maybe I made an error when I was reading it in French, but it appeared to show a link to the 2017 judge and Epstein.
  5. Wiki has it. I had the timeline wrong. It isn't recent. Someone posted it to me with the wrong dates. So I've edited my post. So, potentially not so closely related to his current incarceration, but it does beg questions about Epstein's suicide, when the judge who originally sealed the documents was found in the river. It all seems too convenient. But sorry about getting the dates wrong on Danny C's death.
  6. Also, Danny Casalaro, and free lance investigative journalist writing a piece on Jeff Epstein and in DC interviewing persons of interest related to his investigation, was found dead in a Martinsburg, Va hotel. His wrists were reportedly slashed 10 or more times each supposedly to make it look like a suicide, but all of his documents and his laptop are missing. How convenient.
  7. So he's on suicide watch but still manages to commit suicide. How convenient. The judge who originally sealed these documents turned up "suicide" in the Hudson River in April, 2017. How convenient. I'm normally not a conspiracy theorist at all. On the other hand the kind of powerful people connected to this man likely have the means to make their "problem" go away.
  8. Really? No evidence of mistreatment???? This is only a small number of eye witness accounts and journalist reports.
  9. Do you think that A. the bulk of them have extensive history education B. tv's, internet, etc. and access to news. C. and fluency in English enough to understand what they hear, if they hear it. It isn't as though there is mass advertising on billboards in their dialects, and assuming literacy, flashing "America is going to do x,y,z to you when you get there". I am always a little shocked that the assumption is that the most poverty stricken and oppressed humans outside of the western world have access to CNN in their primary language.
  10. You are wrong. Note that by ICE's own admission, children are being held for days, weeks, even months, without trial and without legal representation, by the administration's own admission, the policy is being used to frighten people away from seeking asylum or refugee status. This is the very definition of a concentration camp. We had them for Japanese Americans during WWII, and the excuse was national security, and blah blah blah. Were they death camps? No. Did people die in them because of inhumane treatment and human rights violations? Yes. One does not have to be cyanide poisoning masses of people and cremating their remains to make it a concentration camp. Were they held indefinitely without legal representation and a speedy hearing? Oh for dang certain. Were they separated from their children? In many cases they were. Were the children provided for basic needs? No they were not. Thus the high disease rate among children. Is it acceptable because other nations have done it? I've heard that before. I consider it so morally repugnant as to make me physically nauseated. It isn't defensible. The end. Full stop. This behavior, these kinds of policies, always end up in nothing but hideous, human tragedy. 10% of Japanese Americans interred alone died from tuberculosis, that doesn't account for all the others who died from their internment. Just tuberculosis.
  11. Good to know. Then we should have policies that are consistent. So if you ever get a speeding ticket, your children should be seized, placed in cages, given little food or water and no hygiene products, and you should go to detention. At least then this country would be consistent in its application of how it treats criminals.
  12. Raccoons here can be very destructive, and have rabies. We've had some cases of that in this county so everyone is quite wary. They definitely go after farmer's chickens, and so end up on the wrong end of a hunting gun often. We actually need the state to hire some hunters to thin them out. There are way too many because there aren't enough coyotes to hunt them. The rabies issue will get worse if the population isn't reduced. They also attack dogs and cats, sometimes small children, and the stuff they destroy.... They may look cute to people who don't normally deal with the buggers, but they are nasty and a menace. Dh had to shoot one that wouldn't stay off mil's front porch, and tried to attack her little King Charles Spaniel.
  13. When I was first married, they insisted on referring to themselves as "mom and dad" and wanted me to call them that, but I had both of my parents so it was very uncomfortable because I would use their first names, and they would come back with "mom and dad". It wasn't a fun three years. But then we had our daughter, and the other grandkids referred to them as Granny and Grandpa Sandy (Sandy was a nickname) so I started using those terms all the time. Father in law has been gone for a number of years, but granny is still granny even though all the grandchildren are adults. She likes it. So happily, the problem did resolve.
  14. Oh yikes. Clearly these people are totally unobservant! I think it's okay to simply cut them off and say, "I'm sorry. I have my day carefully planned, and won't get this yard work done if I take the time to chat. Have a nice day." Walk away. Refuse to engage. If they can't take a polite hint, that's not your problem.
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