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  1. I took my mother in law, her sister, and dh's cousin for a lake drive, and then a long beach walk on Lake Huron. Cousin and I had our hands full helping them take that walk. But they were just giddy happy to be out there, and the weather was perfect. We had a picnic by the shore. It was hard work. It was also joyful to see the two of them together. Cousin and I both felt like we might be witnessing the last of their adventures together as their physical health is declining so fast, and with that, their mental stability. At one point, my mother in law got really upset with me, and then we figured out that she actually had about 5 minutes that she wasn't sure who I was, then recovered, and auntie forgot her own daughter's name for an hour. Oy! But they were so, so happy to be out in nature, doing something that they have always loved doing. It made us feel good. And the added bonus for me is that this is the first time I have spent time with his cousin, and made a new friend. She.is.awesome.sauce! I mean just an amazing person, covid cautious, and lovely to be around. I have lost so many friends since deconverting and then been on the opposite side of most of the locals about covid. Being around her is like a breath of fresh air! She and I are planning a road trip vacation around Michigan (this is her first time to the Great Lakes and we are limited in what we can do because of the moms) next early summer. We are both really excited about it!
  2. Okay, so note to self (I don't have apnea, I do suffer from insomnia issues ever since my stupid ovaries decided 10 years ago to be weird and now can't decide if they should keep functioning or just give.it.up.already), get back on the Benadryl and no screens before bed, deep dark room, music to help me relax thing. I have not been falling asleep lately until 2-3 am, and am up at 7 am. I am nothing but a walking caffeine addict some days. It really isn't good. I need to be more proactive about this.
  3. Rural areas, agricultural areas will always be vehicle dependent, but a lot more should have been done. Our county seat, a town of 5000, has exactly one 10 seat handicap transport bus that does not operate enough hours nor stop at more than a few places. That is so stupid. A town that size should have some kind of public transport system, trolls cars, 13 passenger vans with a driver something. Sigh. I would like to see more green areas around parking lots, and would be okay with everyone who isn't using handicap spaces parking on moss/ground cover. Less pavement would be a good thing. But boy, say less pavement or public transport to a lot of people around here and they lose their ever.loving.mind. Shoot, I would be happy if there was some kind of reliable train between Detroit and Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids but Amtrak only goes through once heading west in the early hours of the morning, and then west again at night, and so many delays that what would normally take you 2 hrs to drive will take 14-16 hours. We once for fun to the train to Chicago with the kids, stayed down town, did the museums, and came back a couple of days later. And it was essentially unreliable with huge delays. It was comfortable, and the kids had a blast, but if you lived in say Benton Harbor, MI or Michigan City, Indiana and wanted to commute somewhere along the way for work, it would be impossible. Meanwhile, when I visit my sister in France, we only use the car if we want to drive to Italy, or take a picnic into the Riviera to sit and look out over the Mediterranean. It is otherwise easy to take public transport for most of the daily stuff of life. Their car tends to be parked M-F and then used on the weekend for excursions into rural areas.
  4. Same here. And for something like this the only choice the police give you is to get on the gurney willingly, or to be wrestled onto it by them and the paramedics. We don't have much for mental healthcare here, but this would be a trip to the ER and then a 72 hour psyche hold, and if a psyche bed cannot be found, they will turf them to one of the small, county stitch and ditch hospitals and put the person in a regular bed with orders to the staff to keep a strict eye on them. Our local hospital had done this many times until psyche beds opened or a psychiatrist could be sent out. My dad was held for 3 days at the local hospital and then sent to the city hospital because a bed had opened up. Janeway, I am so very, very sorry this happened! I can't believe that telehealth was the only thing offered, and a trip to the ER was forced. Many, many hugs to you and your family! 💓💓💓
  5. Katie, I am so happy for you that you have found this church, and that your DH is enjoying it. That has to be so wonderful!
  6. I took my mother in law and her sister to a U-cut sunflower field, and to buy decorating pumpkins. This was a huge hit! When we got back, Mark was power washing some build up off MIL's front steps. He carved a pumpkin with power washer, three minutes flat and never had to handle the innards, just dumped them out after carving out the "lid"/stem. Brilliant and so funny to watch. Here is the pumpkin.
  7. You are a great neighbor!!!
  8. Hugs, Dawn. I am so sorry for your loss.
  9. I didn't answer the poll because I am not a parent of a student. But I taught a zoom K-1 music/rhythm class last year using boomwhackers and a few other things. I charged $50 for supplies, and they kept them at the end of the semester. The parents seemed happy with that, and it was easier bookkeeping and logistics.
  10. Katie, I think if they are willing to schedule the appraisal, then probably everything is okay. Breathe deep, and go hide in a closet with some chocolate for a few minutes. Hugs from someone who honestly thought this bank would make her NUTS before we made it to closing! But it did happen. Phew. I told Mark, this.is.it. No more mortgages. We will pay this off in a few years, and then if we ever move again, it is to a retirement condo that we pay cash for because I can't take the stress. At one point they wanted biweekly statements for our checking account on bank stationary and our bank only issues them monthly, and if you order one in between you have to pay $10.00 and it is a computer print out on blank paper. They finally agreed to screen shots from online banking. Just crazy making!
  11. And if his parents gave him cash..... I suspect that they have helped him. I am not convinced he is hiding out in Florida. It would be easy enough to change his appearance, pay cash for everything, and hit the road.
  12. Sadly, I agree. I think the conspiracy stuff will not end until enough of them lose a spouse, a child, themselves die, or get long covid. I don't know what the magic number is, but I suspect north of 1.5 million dead, and 10 million or more with long covid and applying for disability in order for the economy to crash enough to get their attention. It does appear that economy and "maintaining the status quo" are the only considerations for a lot of people judging by what they post on social media.
  13. I too think this. I will say that Vanlife is very trendy right now, lots of vloggers, lots of GenX'ers, like us planning on doing it for a year, many corporate advertisers. So there is just a ton of social media following occurring that probably doesn't occur with other missing persons. I am not saying it is right, just saying there is a subset of people involved in a specific lifestyle that became even more prominent during covid because it was a fairly safe thing to do for those with work remote jobs, and young folks fresh out of college who managed to land work remote are adopting this lifestyle in large numbers while they pay off their student loans. All of my twenty-something kids know people doing it. This creates a big crowd of folks interested in the case. It does highlight some of the dangers of a transient lifestyle. Sigh, and then ratings. The stupid reality of the news. Higher ratings, more advertising buy. So reporting heavily on a case with a large, built in following is financially lucrative. Ugh.
  14. This. My mother really did not have enough savings to even think about being retired, but what was a women with a cancer patient husband and 70 years old supposed to do? She had to retire. We help support her while putting kids through college simultaneously. I went back to work in order to make I all happen. Now my job, community fine arts program director with a non-profit, has been gutted due to covid. But, after many appeals, we managed to finally find a V.A. lawyer who was able to make the V.A. cough up a gob of money owed my dad for injuries he injuries incurred in the Air Force that he had to pay out of pocket to treat. The settlement was no generous given what he went thriugh, however, it has left a cushion so I don't feel quite so stressed. But, once some level of normal returns to society, I will be going back to work for a few more years. I fell like Gen X, sandwiched between boomers many of whom thanks to modern medical advancements will live well beyond their money, and ridiculous costs of college and launching young adult children, will die younger than their parents because we will wear ourselves out crushed by the load. My mother's generation also seems to have much higher expectations for the level of personal care and attention they should receive vs. my grandmother's generation. My grandparents were really understanding and did everything possible to not make it harder. I can NOT say that about my mom and mother in law, and many people I know feel the same way about how their grandparents behaved in retirement compared to their parents. Not sure why this is. Possibly being post WWII boon in their formative and teen years maybe?
  15. Tell her that Covid has hit a lot of mail carriers so letters to Santa are going to take longer to get to the North Pole than last year. It is a courtesy to Santa so he and the elves can get some of their work out of the way now since there will be quite a rush of letters at the end.
  16. That would be good. I will see if anyone has started boosters around here. Are they going to allow those of us with Moderna, the Pfizer booster? I have my medically fragile mother in law to deal with so though not paid, if asked, elder.care is my high risk job. Her doctor doesn't think she formed any immunity from her JnJ jab, so it would be pretty darn risky if one of us got covid and took it to her.
  17. Our state is only updating twice per week. It makes me angry. We now have 5 schools in the county with an outbreak. The local religious school is one of them. The pastor at that church has had covid twice. Beta last fall, Delta now. They still have no protocols at the school. Meanwhile, the county commissioners are still fighting the state for the right to place a bizarrely unqualified person in the position or county health department director. If I were writing a dystopian, apocalyptic novel, I would only need to document the stupid here. No need to come up with an original idea, just write down the days news, sit in on some county commissioner and school board meetings, voila, novel done.
  18. 🍨🍧🍦🍰🎂🍭🍬🍹
  19. Wait, infestation of brown refuses followed by more fuzzy bugs??? That sounds like the script for a horror movie. Torch the place! 😂😂😂 I would not have handled that well.
  20. I get it! We built a house once. Just once. We have maintained ever since that we would never do it again. After staring at nothing more than a foundation for 30 days - not because of weather but because the contractor took on too many projects and then chose us to be back burner - I waited until I knew he was in the neighborhood surveying another building site close by and would see me. I took a picnic lunch, and spread it out on a gingham table cloth, poured some champagne, and waited. He saw me and came over, asked what on earth I was doing sitting in the dirt in the middle of what was supposed to be the dining room. I told him I was eating in my dining room and toasting the new house because obviously this was as finished as it would ever be. He.was.not.amused. On the other hand, a crew came to work the next day. So I feel your pain. All I can say is now might be the time to rent a cottage in the mountains and spend a week as a hermit, ignoring the project.
  21. We are now averaging about 2500-3000 cases per day. 23 school districts with outbreaks. Four districts in my county have outbreaks, but the local district still refuses to force masks. I think it is because some of the parents physically threatened the school board, "We will be waiting by your cars and you will pay" was the terminology. I used to be under the impression that publicly made threats such as this were taken seriously by law enforcement, but I was entirely WRONG about that. Our vaccination rate for this county is 39% fully vaxed, and 43% with one shot. Not high enough to do diddly squat. the unvaxers are not going to be happy campers if they they get it and need the hospital. The stitch and ditch can do nothing for them. The god so city hospitals they normally turf everyone to have said they are not going to take covid patients from our county. The county medical director has begun calling around to find out where they can send people once the sh#t hits the fan. I think this time it is very possible no one will. Michigan is on an upswing and if the city hospitals get hammered, since it is the rural areas with bizarrely low vax rates, I think they will stop taking transfers from the rural areas. The local stitch and ditch hospital morgue has only two refrigerator drawers/cubicles. I sent a letter to the editor of the local newspaper suggesting that the county commissioners request a couple of morgue trucks from the national guard now while there is time so they don't have bodies stacked on the sidewalks. I can guarantee you that they aren't going to publish that in the next issue! Meanwhile, in the publicly funded human zoo known as "school", a very bad label for the institution I might add, they never were able to hire staff and faculty, so the kids at the elementary school are still spending most of the day, shoulder to shoulder, in th gym watching videos, and being taken out in groups for 10-15 minute sessions of math, reading, and LA. All the written work is sent home because they can't move desks into the gym and have enough room for all the kids. There is no pretense of teaching social studies, science, art, etc. They claim they have music everyday because they sing two songs in the morning. This does not bother the parents just so long as their are no masks. It is not possible to reason with such insanity. At this point, all I can do is take care of my own family.
  22. We are starting school waves here. 19 outbreaks so far, four in my county. Mask mandates are few and far between. Sigh.
  23. I agree. Sadly, standardized prep questions are a the bulk of the focus of our local district. It is just souring more and more students and teachers on education.
  24. If you like to drive, so think AutoZone or Advanced Auto was hiring drivers to deliver parts within a certain mileage of their stores. It wasn't a huge range. The pay was much better than food delivery. I know retirees in our area doing it for supplemental income.
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