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  1. The 10/4 deadline is a recommendation from the CB. It might not be the hard and fast deadline but I think it's wisest to follow it unless you're sure that your testing site is willing to not follow the CB's suggestions. Our school uses APTUSA for registration and that enforces the deadline. From : October 2019 New! 10/4: Preferred exam ordering deadline. We also recommend you ensure that student enrollments are completed by this date. See how to submit your order. New! 10/4: Suggested deadline for students who don’t attend your school. By this date, homeschooled students or students from schools that don’t offer AP Exams should contact the AP coordinators identified by AP Services for Students to determine if one of them can arrange testing for the students. If you work with any outside students who plan to test at your school, let them know about this time frame. See what to do so they don’t miss the registration deadline.
  2. This may or may not help. There are "Exam Only Join Codes" for kids who aren't enrolled in a high school's class. I don't know if the school can get an exam only code for a class they don't offer but I suspect they can because my local high school offers the Italian and Latin APs even though they don't offer the classes. I just discovered that you need to use two join codes if you are in an online AP class and will take the exam at your local school. Both codes worked for me and we're all set up but, honestly, neither the administrator for our online school nor the testing coordinator for our local high school are completely sure about what's going on. This isn't a reflection on them because they've always done their jobs well in the past, it's the College Board's lack of explanation that has everyone confused. Plus, the October 4th deadline for regular registration is looming. What a disaster! I hope next year they don't decide to change it all up again.
  3. Go to the beach! Everyone needs a break and the peace and quiet is so restorative after long years of special needs parenting. You're in for a few more years of hard slog before your kids mature enough to make life fairly peaceful. My life got much easier once my sons turned 16. They just mellowed out even though GW still doesn't have much language and Geezle still has his anxieties. Take this time to strengthen yourself so you can make it through the next few years.
  4. So, back to your original question: Can the relationship survive? Honestly, no, I don't think it can survive. I think it's irreparably altered and there is no way to go back to Thursday. However, I do think that you, as the more mature person, could eventually reconnect and at least have some sort of relationship with your son and dil. Hopefully before you are a stranger to your grandchildren. But, I think the ball is in your court and you'll have to make the first step toward reconciliation. Hugs, you're in a tough spot!
  5. OMG, YES!!! Dd took PSYCH 2301 at our local CC last fall while a friend of hers was taking AP Psych at a local high school. The work load for that AP class was crazy, but it was also a lot of busy work. In her CC class, Dd had to write chapter summaries, takes tests and write an 8 page paper applying what she'd learned by analyzing some aspect of Hillbilly Elegy. Meanwhile her friend was doing all sorts of daily homework assignments and small projects that didn't involve much in the way of critical thinking or writing skills. They spent so much time practicing for the test instead of really learning psychology and it took a whole year to do it. Meanwhile, dd moved on to Interpersonal Communication which in addition to being a core requirement turned out to be a really interesting class. That experience made me much less likely to encourage dd to do more than the one AP that her diploma program requires. So she'll take AP Euro this year (her junior year) and call it quits.
  6. This is one of the best explanations of how admissions are influenced by ability to pay and USNWR rankings that I've read. What a Gordian knot!
  7. At dd's CC the writing center staff were mainly elderly women. I'm guessing they are retired English teachers.
  8. I know a young man who graduated from UMW two years ago. He enjoyed his time there as a finance major and did an exchange semester in Spain. His parents (dh's cousin and her husband) had prepaid tuition so he needed to stay in VA, but he has ADHD and didn't have the grades and test scores to go to UVA or W&M. His parents were freaking out a bit about his choices but it worked out well in the end and he's now working as a real estate agent which was his goal since it's his parents' business and owns his own home. My parents live in Williamsburg and my mom worked at W&M as a receptionist for almost 20 years until she retired last year. She loved the location but that's because she loved walking down Duke of Gloucester street at lunch every day to people watch. The campus floods with a very heavy rain, but there are pathways to avoid the worst of it if you know the campus well. What is unique about W&M is that it is smack dab in the middle of a huge tourist area. There are modern buildings further away from the historic area, but campus is right next to the heavily touristed zone. Even the food places tend to cater to tourists more than students. It's very different than being in an area where the school is the largest institution and dominates at least the area right around campus. My parents shop in Newport News every week. They're in their 80s (yes, my mom worked all this time) and pretty cautious about where they go. Newport News has a lot of inexpensive housing because it's a huge port and the Navy dominates everything. There are lots of enlisted families in the area. It's not a pretty college town, but the whole area isn't awful, imho. It's just suburban sprawl with relatively down market shopping choices.
  9. Can you take a lap top with you and make sure she has access to wifi to either join her classes live or watch the recordings soon after? We've had to do this a few times and it's worked out okay.
  10. Just eyeballing the picture, I don't think the spine will break when you open it. But it will absolutely be noticeable when you return it, so I'd contact them ASAP using the chat function J-rap mentioned. That's always worked well for me and there is less of a language barrier with written text than a phone call. Plus, they generate a transcript of the chat so you have a written record later.
  11. Am I the only one who googled this to make sure it isn't our council? (It isn't.) I'm sorry Serenade, that's really lame. If council started charging $19/month in addition to troop dues and national registration, I think we'd ditch Sea Scouts. That's a huge increase in annual cost for the same activities. And just to add to the doom and gloom vibe, there's this article in the WaPo today:
  12. We chose it because of the record keeping and transcripts but we're in a state with no requirements (and no umbrella schools available). They've been quick to send transcripts and other required documents when dd applied to her summer Latin program. Dd would have done all of her classes online anyway since she likes having outside teachers and other students to interact with and we don't have any suitable local coops or university schools.
  13. I think I'd encourage him to visit the two local 4 year schools and sit in on the classes he'll need his first year. I'd also have him sit down with the transfer counselor at the CC and map out the classes and grades he would need to transfer to the areas of engineering that interest him. If the two local unis are the ones I'm thinking of in the DFW area, he might get enough scholarship money that they'll actually be cheaper than starting at the CC. I'd also test out the commutes to each and check out the clubs he's interested in if possible. Once he's done his due diligence, either path will work out fine and it's just a matter of his personal preference.
  14. My dd is a junior this year and is taking 5 classes with them (Latin III: Cicero, Material Logic/Rhetoric, Dante, Chemistry and AP European History). She's been doing the MPOA diploma program for the last two years. She's also dual enrolling at our CC (Calc 1 and Honors Geology). She took 6 MPOA classes her first year and 7 her sophomore year. She just got into the rhythm of assignments and didn't find it overwhelming, but she did need to do homework for a couple of hours a day including weekends to stay on top of her classes.
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