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  1. This, like every other thing about college, depends. My dd is applying for a Navy ROTC scholarship in addition to having gotten her enlisted contract back in August. However, for her, it seems that enlisting would be the better option if she doesn't plan on having a long term career in the Navy. The issue for her is that she's graduating hs with more than 60 college credits that will all transfer to her preferred in-state university. So she'd only get the two or three years of funding that she'd need to graduate (depending on how easy it is to enroll in all the classes she'd need for her major
  2. Also ask if they'd accept an SAT II subject test score in lieu of the Regents test. Those are given regularly (or at least they were pre Covid) and are only an hour long.
  3. The PSAT scores come out in batches based on your state. They'll post their release schedule. The score just appeared in dd's account on the release date.
  4. Dd got some nice Navy swag when she enlisted. She's got the official Navy Delayed Entry Program t shirt, baseball cap, mini backpack, bumper sticker and water bottle. They must feel the pressure to compete with college swag. I think it's effective because dd uses that mini backpack a lot because it says Navy on it. She only wears the t shirt to DEP meetings because it has to last till June. We only got a U of Houston pen when we did their Cougar Preview day. Definitely a low budget operation. Dd has a UT tank top she got at rowing camp. She doesn't wear it much because it's not wicki
  5. I think that Lori's idea about using Power Basics and calling this her Sophomore year is an excellent idea. If you can get a formal diagnosis, she may qualify for time and a half on the ACT or SAT and that will make getting a passing score much more doable. For that to work, you really need to hold her back because the diagnosis needs to be established before you request the accommodations. I'm not an expert on this, but there are threads about this on here that will give you a ton of information. Personally, I'd get the Power Basics Algebra and Lial's BCM and look them over. You'll be ab
  6. Hugs! My ds finished high school in TX in 2019 in Special Ed. His transcript showed Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Math Topics, but the reality is that he was working on money handling, basic budgeting and other life skills topics. He will get his diploma when he finishes his job training program in two years. The major takeaway from this is that those course titles do not exactly reflect actual content. But, since your dd wants to attend college, you do need to get her to a level where she will be able to pass the math requirement in the TX college core curriculum. Even if she goes
  7. In the end, dd just applied to UT Austin. If she can't ship out to the Navy for some reason, this is her back up option. It's weirdly a reach, match and safety all rolled into one. The absolute worst case scenario would be that dd is CAPed and has to attend another UT campus for a year, get a 3.25 and transfer to Austin (this is highly unlikely unless they filled their class ridiculously early this year with rolling admissions). Dd is a strong candidate for regular admission. The reach would have been the honors programs, but I think she's ruled out applying because she's not planning on atte
  8. Very chic! But since you live in the Bermuda Triangle, she might want to go with sage scented candles instead. I can't get over your neighbors car exploding and Putin's brother installing an interstellar beacon on his front lawn.
  9. I'm feeling nostalgic since we'll be staying home for the holidays this year. So I'm going to pick Sin Rencor, the most famous Christmas Gaita ever. It's not actually a Christmas song, but gaitas are the dominant Venezuelan holiday music and this is the one that everyone knows the words to: And as an added bonus: The Biggest Christmas Earworm Ever Created, El Tuqui Tuqui:
  10. From personal experience, you can teach them the skills to research a job, a major and a university, but you can't steer the decision. My dd is finishing hs with her AA so she would need to declare a major immediately and she's not 100% sure what she wants to do. The most likely path is a business information systems degree. That was her original plan along with actuarial science (which might work as a major for your dd if she likes math and economic modeling). Now, she's leaning more toward actually working in IT so it might make sense to do CS instead, or even software engineering. She even
  11. After almost 20 years of being an ABA parent, I think it's worth trying. Will it work for everyone? No. Is every ABA program well run and successful? No. Should you shop around as much as possible given the dearth of supply and interview your alternative providers? Yes. I don't think GW would be able to live with us if he didn't have an ABA day program. He's 6'1" and 180 pounds of muscle. If he couldn't take care of basic selfcare, he's too big for me to help. If he couldn't express his preferences, he would be constantly frustrated. If he couldn't consistently keep his behavior in check
  12. I am so sorry that your family is going through this. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  13. Dd enlisted in the Navy as an IT with a 4 year contract last summer and will ship out in June. She'll graduate high school and get her AA through DE in May. I'd suggest spending some time looking at specific job opportunities in the military. Dd and I concentrated on the Navy because she had her heart set on going to sea. When dd started exploring, she was considering enlisting as a linguist (the rating in the Navy is CTI, you'll need to check the job codes for the other branches). That's a 6 year contract but includes between 9 months and 1.5 years at the Defense Language Institute and g
  14. Right now the issue is El Paso which is getting hit very hard. In Houston, we're the second lightest color on the hot spot map, and I think DFW is also doing pretty well. In Harris county, the mask mandate is still in place and I haven't seen anyone unmasked in my forays into our local super markets. I think people got sufficiently scared this summer to respect the rules, at least for now...
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