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  1. Do you live in Houston? I think the sports coverage is regional so if you're not in the service area of AT&T Sportsnet Southwest, you won't get that channel. From the Fubo website: ABOUT ATT SPORTSNET SOUTHWEST AT&T SportsNet™ in the Southwest is the television home of the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets. The network delivers more than 250 live events each year across five states. AT&T SportsNet is owned and operated by AT&T Sports Networks, which operates regional sports networks in the Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions. The three networks combined reach across 19 states and own exclusive rights to produce and distribute live events from more than 15 teams and conferences.
  2. We live in Houston and ATT Sports carries all the Astros games that aren't promised to ESPN or one of the big broadcast networks. This is actually why we cut the cord. Our internet/cable company only carried the Dallas teams for some weird reason.
  3. If she would have time to get through the complete Calc sequence, I'd start her in Calc 1 again. An easy start never hurt anyone. If she wouldn't be able to finish Calc 3 at the same school, I'd have her thoroughly review Calc 1 and start in Calc 2 in the fall. I would avoid having her split the sequence between two different colleges because they may not line up well.
  4. I started wearing masks again today. All of a sudden I noticed that about 1/4 to 1/3 of people were wearing masks at the supermarket and that flipped the switch for me. Last week I didn't see anyone wearing a mask so I guess a bunch of my fellow urban Texans freaked out about the Delta and the Lambda (say it isn't so!!!!) variant at the same time. At the rate we're going we're going to be at Omega by Christmas.
  5. We use a roku device that costs about $25. When you turn it on Fubo shows up as a channel like HBO or Netflix. Then once you click on Fubo it takes you to a menu of all of their channels and you can pick what you want from there.
  6. I bought these because they were inexpensive and have more than 7000 reviews with 4.5 stars. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08852WYM2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. We have Fubo because they carry every Astros game. The service works well and we've never had an outage that wasn't due to our internet provider that doesn't always work well.
  8. I put in an order for disposable masks. They were amazingly cheap on Amazon, 4 cents apiece. I guess we're early panickers! I'm dreading having to go back to masking and locking down. I had such hopes for this fall. The local performing arts scene was coming back and we were looking forward to going to the opera and theater again. We were hoping that we could go and visit Trinqueta while she's at her Navy A school but if there are a lot of break through cases, she'll be locked down. I know these are really trivial concerns in the grand scheme of things, but they were the things that bring me joy.
  9. If you're married, you're independent.
  10. Mrs. T I'd still get an special ed advocate if you can because that will be less confrontational as a first step if this school is your only option. You need to get a better Behavioral Intervention Plan in place and make sure they know you'll raise a stink if they don't follow it. In my state you can request a meeting with the IEP committee at any time and they have a set number of days to honor your request. I'd get this ball rolling asap. Unfortunately, you'll need them to provide services to your son as he ages. You can homeschool him for now, but finding job training later without going through the school district is very difficult. It's worth it to try to fix things now and establish that you are a strong advocate for your son's rights.
  11. I'm sorry Mrs. T. I think it's time for you to lawyer up. Unfortunately, some school districts only act when parents exercise their legal rights. If they can't provide him with a FAPE, then they'll have to pay for a private provider. Handcuffs are definitely not the least restrictive environment so I think you have a solid case.
  12. This depends on what's available locally. For example, my dd wanted to play volleyball but I could not find a homeschool team in a reasonable commute, so instead she tried rowing until that team broke up and then she took up rugby until Covid shut that down. You would think volleyball was an easier ask than rugby, but not in my town. If your son would like to learn to sail, check out BSA's Sea Scouts. This was dd's favorite activity in high school. She was also a GSA Mariner. Eventually, she roped in dh and took American Sailing Association classes with him. Those were adult classes so I'd say they're appropriate for older teens. (But be warned: dd loved sailing so much she decided to enlist in the Navy. She's in boot camp right now.) If you have access to local high school extracurriculars, you'll have a lot of choices close to home. If you're in a state like mine (TX) you have to look for homeschool activities. In my area they are almost always Christian. So my dd did Christian theater and Christian choir and Christian orchestra. This wouldn't have been our first choice, but we made the best of what was available. You can also check out your local community college and adult organizations. Since my dd dual enrolled she participated in her CC's Model UN team. Normally, they would have travelled for that week but this year is was online (which sucked most of the fun right out of it.) She also did a couple of youth seminars at our local Asia society. Those were also online (and a lot less fun than normal). Since your son has 4 more years, hopefully he can do his activities in person without the Covid disruption. Dd got the chance to do the University of Dallas' Summer Latin class in Rome. If this is something your ds would be interested in, I would highly recommend it. It was the highlight of dd's high school (right before Covid cancelled or reshaped most of her other activities.) If you have any other specific areas of interest, post them here and someone will have an idea. This is an excellent resource for finding opportunities for your ds. If you have a local homeschool facebook group, they're also a valuable resource for local ideas. That's how I found the rowing, rugby, and musical opportunities for dd.
  13. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary. I'd say we're friendly and comfortable but still spouses not roommates. Our relationship is a little different than most people our age because we're still actively parenting and will be for the foreseeable future. We'll never get to empty nest. We're still in the shared project stage with goals to get our sons as launched as they can be in the next 5 to 10 years.
  14. chiguirre


    It looks like they were mercenaries, but they could have been hired by one of Moise's many Haitian enemies.
  15. I showed this video to my kids a couple of years ago and then we had to have a long discussion about how "the past was a different country". (I should clarify the "other country" we were talking about was the 80s not cut rate Ren Fest.)
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