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  1. I taught myself statistics using the text book. I realized after a couple of lectures that they weren't just useless, they were actively confusing me. So, I skipped them. I did every problem in the book instead. I got 100s on every exam because they were open book and based on the problems from the text. At the end of the second semester, I needed to see the TA to pick up my final exam. She commented on how well I had done and how I had never attended her recitation. Since I was graduating and had a job lined up, I explained my study method to her. Instead of being annoyed, she just laughed and said that she was glad that I found the best way to learn the material.
  2. Our last year too! I'm going to miss high school. Dd will mostly be dual enrolling next year to finish up her AA: Calc 3 Either environmental or historical geology, depending on honors college listings Federal government (in the fall during the election, honors if they offer it) TX government honors Microeconomics (honors if offered) Macroeconomics Literature DE class of her choice Professional communications Phys Ed (1 credit required class) She needs two more classes at MPOA for her diploma. They have to fit around her college schedule so we'll pick them after we've registered for DE. She'd like Greek Drama and AP Latin, but we'll see. She'll continue with Homeschool Spanish Academy but it will just be conversation practice. We'll hopefully be able to get her applications in before school starts so that won't be hanging over her head.
  3. How big is the gap? Are you sure it's not intentional? I went to the U of Houston's Cougar Preview last weekend and sat in on the Financial Aid workshop. They specifically state that they will leave a $4000 gap between COA and aid. Their thought was that a student should be able to earn that much over the summer. I think other schools put that as a line item in their offer and then get to a $0 gap but the effect is the same.
  4. @1shortmomto4's comment made me remember something. TAMU has a living learning program for students with ASD called Spectrum. That might be something to take a look at.
  5. Okay, then, I think it's safe to say that a college that is a 6 hour drive won't work for someone with that level of anxiety. He has an acceptance at UTD, right? Could he start there if he really, really wants to live in a dorm? He could just take Texas Core classes until he knows what he wants to major in. They're things like US history, US and TX government, composition, math, science, art appreciation, a social science and communications. He might find a major he likes at UTD or he can easily transfer. If he doesn't care about living in a dorm and is willing to stay at home, I'd recommend starting at your local CC in the honors college. He'd take the same Texas Core classes and could get involved gently in the honors and PTK activities. At our CC, the honors coordinator is very good about letting students know about all the opportunities they have available and will walk them through the applications since many kids are first generation students. There's also a transfer center to help get students ready to transfer and walk them through the process. This might be enough scaffolding for him to start to self advocate and allow you to step back a bit.
  6. There are prayers for categories of people: Pope Francis and our bishop by name, government officials, people at war, the sick, the despairing, the dead for whom the mass is offered by name, those who have died and those who will die today. Really it covers billions of people but only a couple by name. Parishioners do not discipline anyone. There is the sacrament of Reconciliation, formerly known as Confession. That is a secret the priest must keep or he himself would commit a mortal sin. The priest assigns a penance as a help for the sinner but it's God who forgives the sin through the sacrament.
  7. I think this is the root of the difference. The RCC (and I think the Orthodox church) emphasizes that the Church is the whole community of 1.2 billion people who have been baptized, it's not the particular people who happen to be at any one particular mass.
  8. In a Catholic church, parishioners arrive quietly, dip their fingers in holy water and make the sign of the cross. Once you've done that, you should be in "worship mode". You should kneel and pray (often with a rosary) or sit and quietly contemplate until the Introit starts. In my local parish, masses are back to back at 7:30, 9, 11, 1 and 5 on Sundays. There is no time for coffee hour. 700 cars need to leave the parking lot before another 700 cars arrive. Social activities take place in a different building than the church at separate times from Mass and name tags would be totally appropriate. Fish frys, Teams of Our Lady, the Rosary Guild, parish carnival, bible studies, adult catechism, etc. could all use name tags. But those events are held on different days at a different place.
  9. There's a big difference between appropriate behavior at mass and appropriate behavior during a Knights of Columbus fish fry. Mass is not an opportunity for fellowship, it's a communal prayer in which all of a believer's attention should be focused on the mass itself: the readings during the Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharistic prayers during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. You shouldn't talk during mass. You shouldn't be looking around and waving at people. You don't need to know anybody's name. You're supposed to be completely immersed in Jesus' sacrifice. (Even my thoroughly unreligious current self would not dream of not following along with the parts of the mass attentively. It's just not acceptable.)
  10. That's a very protestant take on things. The reason Catholics have an obligation to go to mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is to be present at the Eucharist. In fact, priests can say mass with just one other person present.
  11. The same could be said of our yearly influenza waves in the US. The most vulnerable people are the very young, the very old and people with underlying health issues. We don't need a conspiracy theory to explain why most fatalities are older people.
  12. There are usually about 1200-1500 people at a mass in our local parish. There is no coffee hour. People don't interact except for the sign of peace and that is a ritual "Peace be with you" and handshake with anyone except a close family member who would get a kiss on the cheek. There's no need for a name tag and the quantities that would be needed would be wasteful. There are name tags at special events and retreats where people will interact with each other.
  13. I went to school 6 hours from home. (UPenn in Philly, I'm from Pittsburgh, so two major cities with decent transportation options.) My parents drove me and my stuff to school in August and picked me and my stuff up in May. I only came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break my freshman year. After that, I only came home at Christmas. It was just too far to do the trip for anything less than 4 days and even that was a pain. I used the train because of where Amtrak stopped in the Pittsburgh area versus where the airport was, but a plane would not have saved me more time because of the location of the PGH airport and the longer check in time. I wouldn't count on being able to go get him easily. A 12 hour round trip is too much for one driver to do on their own if he's too sick or tired to drive. Due to my experience, I strongly suggested to dd that she limit her college search to the Texas Triangle. She's found enough schools she likes to make that realistic. Has your son been to a Baylor admitted students day? Maybe he'll fall in love with it when they put on the full marketing campaign?
  14. I think the difference is that the scout fundraisers (and maybe the school ones?) have a secondary goal of teaching kids basic business skills. The girl scouts have badges based on cookie sales that are age appropriate introductions to thinking through marketing issues. Another obvious difference is that scout or school fundraising benefits an organization, not just the person doing the selling or soliciting donations. It feels different to give a donation to Mary Sue's scout troop versus giving Mary Sue money so she can go to camp.
  15. In dd's class with pop quizzes, the professor drops the two lowest grades. He states this up front in the syllabus. I don't think your ds will have an issue getting this absence approved. It's not like he can fool around with USCIS and I'm sure he's not the first to have to miss class for an immigration interview.
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