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  1. If she's got two solid options that she'd be happy with and that are safeties, that really is enough. You only need to find one school that you'd like to attend, will be accepted at and can afford. If you want to have more options, she can always apply to a few that offer free applications/no essays on the Common App and see what shakes out.
  2. No, she decided on IT because it's only 4 years, goes to sea and sets sailors up well to work in lots of clearance-required tech jobs. She's thinking that a three letter agency is her goal. That's her main career interest but she wants to try it out in the Navy before committing to it. Other options are getting out, finishing her degree and commissioning as an officer or deciding the whole military intelligence thing isn't for her and studying accounting.
  3. Dd will finish her AP Latin the first week in May, take her DE finals by May 13, graduate with her AA on May 15, finish French 1 by the end of May and ship out June 2. She's got her USAA account and we got the first form verifying her home school enrollment for her clearance. All she has left to do for the Navy is her final fitness prescreening, reminding her clearance references that they'll be contacted and sending in her final transcript. It's coming up fast!
  4. I'd be tempted to have an epistolary relationship since conversation is so awkward. Maybe you could drop off a treat and a pack of letters and just limit your physical visit to a brief wellness check. The letters could be from anyone so you don't have to write them all. They could even be articles that you'd like her opinion on (even if you don't really, but it will get her interacting). My aunt had the opposite problem, she was mostly blind so she depended on audio books for entertainment and daily phone calls. She wasn't fond of physical visits and that suited everyone just fine. Find w
  5. This was true a month ago, but now it's relatively easy to get a vaccine appointment in Texas, or at least in Houston but I doubt there's a significant difference in availability in large cities. If you need another appointment, I've had excellent luck scheduling right after midnight on the Walmart site and keeping the HEB site open and refreshing every 15 minutes or so until a local site opened. I managed to schedule my 18-21 yos at Walmart for appointments this week. There were so many slots I could pick and choose convenient times and locations for all three. Dd is hoping that she
  6. I haven't gotten down yet but it's a real possibility once dd ships out. This week is the Model UN online conference (8 hours a day of zoom meetings, ugghhh) and I've got a grumpy teen so I'm not feeling the empty nest just now. She'll be done with her all her classes except French 1 by the middle of May so we'll have two weeks to do fun things before she leaves. That might be bittersweet. OTOH, once she's done with Boot Camp, she'll be able to video chat and text so we'll get an update on how the forging by the sea is going.
  7. Do you live near a Clinica Hispana? They offer low cost healthcare to uninsured patients. In spite of the name, they treat Anglos too. They're sort of a combination Urgent Care/Family Practice for people who can't afford a normal doctor. Hugs!
  8. Yeah, they have 6 periods a year and students take 2 or 3 classes each time for a full load. Adding to @Lori D.'s list: AOPS has summer math classes and Brave Writer has summer writing and lit classes. Dd has done both and they were excellent choices, just as they are during the school year. Another choice for taped asynchronous classes is Homeschool Connections. https://homeschoolconnectionsonline.com/ This is a Catholic provider that offers lots of everything both taped and live. For the taped classes you can opt for grading and/or tutoring. Some of their lit, philosoph
  9. For online DE, off the top of my head I know UT Austin offers asynchronous classes in a wide range of subjects. Most of them fulfill Texas' core courses for college students. I've never used it because it costs quite a bit more than the equivalent class at our CC which offers free tuition for DE. Another option is ASU online. That one allows you to take the class and then decide if you want credit. If this is a first dip into DE, I think this is the best idea because you don't risk a permanent bad grade if your student isn't ready. Another low risk option is to use Modern States to CLEP a clas
  10. ASU can be a good choice depending on what you want to study. Their business degrees tend to be highly ranked and they offer an accounting degree that checks all the boxes for the CPA exam (many online schools don't and you'd need to do a masters as well). Their CS offerings are more limited and not as highly ranked. But, free is free, and ASU is certainly better than 99% of the online options. This and especially if you can finagle a top secret clearance. (The straightest path for this is the military, but there are other options.) A TS clearance and some solid beginner level certs (t
  11. Dual enrollment is better if you have access to a good CC or an inexpensive 4 year school that will allow it (and is good). You have a much wider array of classes to pick from to fulfill your area requirements and, if you're lucky, the classes themselves are more engaging. Professors have more latitude than high school AP teachers who must prep for a very specific test. The down side is that not all kids have the maturity to handle DE courses. The grades are forever. Most of your classmates will be older (that has both good and bad points). Your day is much less structured. (for both goo
  12. I came up with a random possibility this morning while I was reading about the Ever Given. How about naval architecture? Specifically, the Webb Institute is tuition free. It's on Long Island. If she likes the idea but doesn't like NY, there are schools that offer the degree in the Midwest but they charge tuition.
  13. Just throwing out ideas: Do you live in a state with HOPE style scholarships? Are there guaranteed transfer agreements at your local CC? Could your sons win a NM or National Recognition award? If yes, look at the schools that offer full tuition or full rides. These change every year. Once you have an idea about what major they'd like, look at schools that are strong in that major and offer good aid. Just looking for good aid is sort of a scattershot approach unless you can narrow it down a bit by major, geography, size, etc. Good luck!
  14. You might want to look at honors colleges in large state Us. I liked the previous edition of this book: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KH4B2T1/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0 There's also a website: https://publicuniversityhonors.com/new-top-programs-by-category/
  15. This. I'm sure dd would not have explored enlisting in the Navy as a serious option if she hadn't lost all her extracurriculars and had all her DE classes go online last spring. She wanted to get out and explore the world either at an REU for CC students or a summer program in Peru, and, well, she ended up sitting in her bedroom taking accounting and English lit all summer. I'm sure that daydreaming about sailing away motivated her to start looking at the Navy and then she discovered that that was what she really wanted to do. I'm glad that she found something to keep her moving forward during
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