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  1. ASAIK which is really only rowing, it's very normal to hire someone to help an athlete package themselves and make sure their profile has been sent to all the relevant colleges. I'd also add that I do know a TX girl who got a full ride for rugby to one of the very few colleges where that's a varsity sport instead of a club. There are not many girl rugby players and there aren't many colleges where it's a scholarship sport so the it's not common but it does happen every once in a while.
  2. chiguirre

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Does it really need to fit well? Obviously too small doesn't work but is too big a problem? When I lived in Venezuela, I lent out an old overcoat that I had from my Boston days. It was an XL but many of my petite friends lugged that thing with them to the US or Europe. It wasn't pretty but it was warm (and there is literally no store that sells winter gear in Caracas, you have to take a cab to a store as a first stop from the airport and buy something immediately). If you find a men's winter jacket, it will be big enough in the body and you can roll or push up the sleeves.
  3. chiguirre

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    I'd try ebay and Craig's List. You might get lucky. Also I'd try posting on Facebook and any local boards to see if someone local can lend you a coat. (I totally feel your pain. Dh has to go to a 2 day team building event at a NH ski resort. He had to buy ski pants and a parka, long johns and water proof gloves which he will use for less than 48 hours and then will sit in our closet for the next 5-10 years until he has to go to some other outdoor winter thing in snow country. The most annoying thing is that he does have a winter coat and a puffer jacket that folds up but neither of those will work for skiing and snow shoeing.)
  4. Hey, I resemble this remark. My left is my close up eye and my right sees distance. I used to be able to read easily with both eyes but then middle age happened. I do wear glasses to drive and now they have to be graduated lenses so that I can read in them if I need to.
  5. This will help a lot:'s+the+new+math+sat+game+plan
  6. chiguirre

    How to tell child his bio parent died?

    What terrible news Pen. I'll be thinking of you and your son.
  7. chiguirre

    Gifts for kids with Autism

    I've always bought my sons stuff related to their current interest. This year, GW will be getting a plush Neptune because he's been collecting the whole solar system and that's what's next. Geezle will be getting a bunch of Disney Pixar Cars vehicles and some wiki stix and sharpies to add attachments and modify their paint jobs. These are the last toys he still uses. He makes videos with them as the characters. As you can see, good luck to someone sending a gift who doesn't know their current interests very well. Our distant relatives stick to gift cards or things like sweat shirts with team logos that everyone likes.
  8. The WaPo's Alexandra Petri has turned her powerful snark to compiling a top 100 list of Christmas songs and has thoughtfully created Spotify lists to fully enjoy them. This is well worth using one of your free articles (or using Incognito, or even, paying for). Even if you don't like Petri's snark normally, this list is well worth perusing. Some of the comments are hilarious. If you know of other excellent Christmas compilations or lists, post them here!!!
  9. chiguirre

    Our power is out.

    That was a deluge last night. Trinqueta had her choir concert and no one realized how bad it was going to be until the kids were all dropped off for rehearsal and we all had to go back to get them anyway so there was no point in cancelling. I have never been so stressed out driving as I was coming home. I'm glad you all got through the storm without a septic disaster.
  10. chiguirre

    Narcissistic mother-in-law and aunt called cps on us.

    Oh, wow, that makes things so much more difficult for you. Is there any chance at all that you can move?
  11. chiguirre

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    The one I usually shopped flooded in Harvey and when they finally reopened it was the new style. I hate it. I used to be able to see the whole store's layout from the doors and head for what I needed. Now, they have higher shelves in grocery and faux walls that block the shopper's view of the hanging department signs. Luckily, there's another Target that didn't flood and hasn't been remodeled that's also pretty convenient so I've switched to going there. I don't shop much in person anymore and, when I do, it's usually WalMart because they have more extensive hardware and OTC medicine sections and those are the items I'm in a real hurry to buy Otherwise I shop online.
  12. chiguirre

    Payless Shoes marketing prank

    Didn't these people notice that the Palessis weren't leather? You'd think that would be a huge give away that they weren't really luxury Italian shoes.
  13. chiguirre

    More Changes to Advanced Placement

    Both of our state flagships are very generous with their acceptance of APs and CLEPs. They even accept SAT IIs for some classes. They're considerably more generous awarding credit for test scores than the CC that Trinqueta attends. It depends so much on what state you live in. It would be nice if there was a bit more uniformity but I'm glad I live in a state that has good public universities with generous testing and transfer policies.
  14. chiguirre

    More Changes to Advanced Placement

    That new fee makes the CLEP even more attractive for homeschoolers. If you get sick on the one day that the AP is administered you're out more money than you'd pay for a CLEP that can be scheduled at any time (although you have to make an appointment with the college's testing center but they're pretty flexible). We're truly fortunate that our CC waives tuition for DE students, they only pay fees. For the same amount that I'd pay for an AP exam, Trinqueta gets a CC class plus access to the tutoring and writing centers, a subscription to Microsoft Office, gym facilities once she's 16 and free access to the NY Times and a bunch of magazines. That's a very solid deal for us compared to AP testing.
  15. chiguirre

    PS High School competition- is this similar where you are?

    It was 10% originally and it's slowly become tighter because more students eligible for automatic admission use it as college prices at other schools soar and our state flagships are a better value. The top schools fill 75% of their classes with automatic admits. UT only takes top 6%, TAMU also has an automatic admit for SAT and ACT scores. Students who don't qualify and don't get in with holistic review can get in via CAPP (UT Austin) or Blinn Team (TAMU). The deal is that you enroll in another UT or Blinn (the CC in College Station) and take your freshman classes. If you get a 3.25 you can transfer to Austin or TAMU your sophomore year. TAMU has also launched a program with other CCs for a similar program to Blinn Team. There are lots of details available on the school's websites and the College Confidential boards for UT and TAMU are a wealth of information about these options. It's also worth seeing the transfer counselor if your kid takes DE classes to evaluate that possibility.
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