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  1. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    So I took a nap and now I have a little over an hour before I have to leave for my kids' concert. I had so many things I wanted to do today ... but I'm really not feeling well. The wildlife people did not call. Not sure what that's about. Let me try to get a couple more things out before I call it a day.
  2. My kids weren't very adventurous as tots. One of them did climb/fall out of her crib once, but never tried it again until I lowered the rails and instructed both to get themselves in & out. I also had to teach them how to go up & down stairs because they just didn't care. So different from my family of origin, who wore bruises constantly due to the unending quest to the top of something or other. 😛
  3. I would text but ask them to somehow confirm they received the text. "Hello, this is ___. I hope it is OK to text you. I wanted to RSVP to ___. Please let me know if there is any particular type of gift that ___ would like to receive." Then they will respond, usually to say they will be happy to have you there and any gift or no gift would be fine - or they will give you a little info e.g. __ is very into Hello Kitty or Lego or whatever.
  4. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    I still have a lot of work, but I am tired and I think I will lie down a little.
  5. SKL

    Failure to launch

    I do agree that it is unseemly how the media is treating this story.
  6. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Thanks! I knew it was mentioned on here a couple weeks ago, so I did a search and found it. I took a couple around 9am, so let's see how it goes .... So far it's still pretty heavy and I have no way of knowing whether this is an improvement or not. The kids' concert tonight will probably exceed an hour in length, meaning I'll probably have to sneak out at some point because of this lovely stage of life. Hopefully I can slip out when the littler kids are doing their thing.
  7. SKL

    Do you know what your family name means?

    I just looked up my mom's and paternal grandma's maiden names (which are Dutch and Hungarian) and found the meanings pretty quickly on google.
  8. SKL

    Do you know what your family name means?

    Yes, I know the meaning of my last name. Can't say the same for my mom's maiden name, or my dad's mom's maiden name ....
  9. SKL

    Failure to launch

    After hearing the interview, I think he may have whatever disorder my brother and his son have (the extreme halted speech), which is scary (my nephew has it much worse). He might also have some comprehension issues. Naturally it is hard to get a job if you can't answer a simple everyday question. I wonder if there is some help available for him (disability / job placement services) should he seek it. Of course that is not an excuse for how he is behaving. Multiple times he said "I want to do what's best for me," apparently assuming that his audience would agree that only his personal interests needed to be considered. Of course it stinks that a matter between parents and their child had to go in front of a judge. It's hard to say whom to blame though. There's a pretty good likelihood that whatever issue he has was inherited from his parents, meaning maybe they aren't the most thoughtful folks either. But at some point the parents' responsibility to provide a roof over their kids' head ends, however that gets implemented. Now part of me is wondering whether this kind of thing happens more often than we realize - and also, why this particular case made it onto the news ....
  10. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Happy Thursday! It will be a busy one! Got up early so kid could work on homework. She was a hot mess last night so I sent her to bed. Helped with homework, made breakfast, other mom stuff .... Kids off to the school bus early. Only 3 more school mornings!! Cleaned up the kitchen, fed the critter, cleared some clutter. Coffeeing up. Electronics - dang computer rebooted in the night when I was in the middle of a project. I'm in the process of re-opening the many files I was using. Also caught up on email etc. A little reading. Made this post. To do: Need to make a quick drugstore run for woman stuff. But first I want to look up what OTC med people said was good for heavy periods. A lot of "work" work. Plumber due to come at 10am. Wildlife catcher supposed to come in the afternoon. I should make a car appointment. Kids need to eat dinner and then we go to their evening school concert. Whatever I'm forgetting. Kids to bed. Work or sleep.
  11. SKL

    Not good news...

    Prayers for you and your family.
  12. I've used all natural in the past with good results. Right now I'm a Toms user - I don't know if that's all natural but it seems a little less unnatural than Secret etc. 😛 It generally holds up for about 24 hours, give or take. I might be a person who sweats less than average though. I wear the Secret when I'm going to TKD. Just no point risking it. 🙂
  13. SKL

    Failure to launch

    OK well the rest of us single parents deal with our legal issues WHILE holding a job. We don't claim the inability to work because life is happening. 🙂 (Not saying I haven't thought about it a couple times.)
  14. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Handed off a letter to housemate's brother, packed the kids' dinner, got some more coffee, sent a couple emails ... still avoiding serious work ....
  15. Better not get me started on examples of arbitrary rules, LOL. They really bring out the worst in me!
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