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  1. Well considering that many actors who grew up in the industry say that child sexual abuse is rampant in Hollywood, I am not sure I get enough comfort from knowing there is an organization that oversees children's roles in film. I'm a big believer in voting with our pocketbooks. Honestly I think it is the only thing that moves some people.
  2. Well, I may make an exception for a book that is out of print that I really loved. But generally my kids don't like such books, LOL, so my grandkids probably won't either.
  3. Nope. I am sure they will be able to access books when the time comes. 🙂
  4. SKL

    Who’s going to tackle Friday with me?

    Happy Friday! I went to bed early last night and ignored most of my alarms this morning, so I guess I am caught up on my sleep. Good thing. I was close to falling asleep sitting up yesterday. Work discussion first thing in the a.m. Got the kids up. Did my yoga. Compiled some school paperwork and wrote a check. Cleaned up a very gooey spill in the cupboard. Packed for the day. Made coffee! Swung by the school to drop off papers / check. Drove kids to day camp - last time in 2018! Yay! Drove to library. Took a walk, about 2.3 miles. Reviewed library activity offerings for fall - found some goodies. Need to remember to register & put on calendar. Transferred cash to sister. Caught up on work emails, news, social media etc. Working in the library now. It's either cold or hot depending where I sit. Distracting environment. Trying to focus. To do: Eat lunch in car. Lots of work invoices to send out, and some other things. School online registration stuff. RSVP for kid to attend Sunday party. Pick up kids and take them to ice cream as promised. Go home and work some more. Force kids to watch educational videos kuz I am a slave driver. Call mom and let her know we are invading her space tomorrow. Laundry. Dinner out. Whatever, read-aloud or some evening activity???
  5. SKL

    Let's try this again- 2nd poll attempt

    I think I would mail it to the address on the card. Even if it is not their current address, it can likely be forwarded to their current address. If not, they are not much worse off than if I had not mailed it, I don't think.
  6. SKL

    Well-Trained Bodies- August Edition

    This morning I was pretty good - I did my yoga and a few other exercises before starting my day. I walked 2.3 miles outdoors before settling down to work. Most importantly I think, I got some decent sleep last night.
  7. Yeah, it's not only my laptop but also my coffee mug and water bottle. Not ideal!
  8. I thought about asking folks to watch it, but this is the "quiet room" and nobody has made a peep all day. It seems wrong to break the silence, LOL.
  9. We don't have Netflix, and this is one more reason I'm not in a hurry to subscribe.
  10. This has been my predicament various times over the past 4 days. I am working in a library for logistical reasons. I'm here from, say, 10am to 2:30pm and I've had coffee. You see where this is going? I need to leave the room for a few minutes, but I hate to shut down my computer and bring it with me every time. I don't think just leaving it here is an option. I mean I'm in the "quiet study room" back in the corner, with about 3 or 4 other quiet adults doing their thing. Most likely the computer would still be here when I returned. But if it wasn't ... I can't afford to take the risk. Would you leave your computer for 5 minutes, trusting that with multiple people in the room nobody would dare even think about snatching it?
  11. I'm not sure this will be a question in the young people's mind. I think it's understood that money management is like any other thing adults need to do for themselves. (Or maybe I live in a bubble?) You don't explain to teens why they need to learn how to cook, drive, or use an alarm clock. (Or do you?) What about asking the students to think of scenarios they have heard of (no identifying info given) where poor money management caused serious problems? Or make up a case study?
  12. Discuss opportunity cost. If you spend $500 on late fees / interest, you don't have that $500 to spend on something you would feel better about. Even for a rich kid, it is preferable to spend $$ on charity or experiences than just hand it over to the bankers. Also, discuss credit rating. Just a few poor decisions can lead to serious restrictions on access to cash they may need. Credit rating is also checked by prospective employers and perhaps others who matter.
  13. SKL

    Who’s going to tackle Thursday with me?

    I did not really sleep overnight. I did get the reports out before the clients' business day. Unless I have forgotten some. Still many more to do, but with more of "target dates" than deadlines. I did remember to pack the evening stuff and got the kids to camp within the start time range. We finished the audiobook Jane Eyre on the way. I walked about 1.5 miles before settling down to work in the library. The weather is lovely considering it's August. The neighborhood is quaint. Today I have a table in the "quiet study" room with a view of trees. The only problem is that sitting is still iffy for me (tailbone issue). I have to put a lot of effort into sitting just the right way. The one place where I could stand at a counter, there was a job interview happening arm's length away and I didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable. I am getting some work done. But really I just want to take a nap!
  14. I would try to find someone who would take it with 1 piece missing. Perhaps an assisted living type home? I would not re-circulate it without making sure the recipient knows there is a piece missing. I would still enjoy a puzzle with a missing piece, but I would explode my brain trying to find the piece unless I knew one was missing.
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