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  1. Done: Up in the wee hours binge watching a British show "Long Lost Family." Up about 8am, late, to get kid 2 off to horse riding. Packed hand-me-downs and gifts for niece. (Had to cull out the junk my kid included in her box of toys - it included cut hair among other things????) Kid to farm. Through exact timing and luck, met my sister as she was heading in for a hair appointment - saved me about an hour of additional driving & dealing with BIL. A little planning, clutter cleaning, getting Kid 1 ready to go. Checking emails & this site. To do: More coffee. Take kid 2 and pick up kid 1 from the barn. Make kids clean up the car as our house guest will be riding in it. Meet folks at restaurant. Some manner of entertaining guest, in between working and making kids do their homework. Laundry. Whatever else gets done - bills, filing, calendar, work, etc. Should try to wash my hair today, or it will look like crap at church tomorrow.
  2. Hard to say, since we don't all like the same things. I think my kids might say either Hawaii (the state) or Kalahari (the chain). Or when they were younger, Disney World. I think my kids' favorite thing to do on vacation is swim. And eat ice cream. I would say the vacations where we visited many exotic and/or natural places. India is probably my favorite. Iceland is also great. This spring we are going to some really fancy resort in Abu Dhabi, which might meet both requirements .... When my kids were about 6, we went to Disney World, then Guatemala (including Antigua and Tikal), and back to DW for my kid's birthday. That was pretty great - except for those few days when my kid was suffering from a massive spider bite in the jungle. 😕
  3. One of my kids used to take about an hour a day for homework, not including reading, in the 1st grade. That was how much time she needed to keep up with the class. She did do it without any fuss most of the time. I would not remove my kid over this when there are so many positives. Some ideas: Break up the homework times. Before school, after snack, after sport / before bed. Anything that can be done over the weekend or on a "slow day," do then. If you can get the spelling list in advance, spread the writing over multiple days. Use car time for practice - spelling (out loud), reading, math facts. Let your daughter do some of the homework, and then outright help her on the rest. (Like those math problems - talk through them and do them "with" her.) Count read-alouds as reading time when needed to just get it done. (Try to read more on the weekends to develop the skills.) Also count watching DVDs with subtitles. Test study - just read the text to her (preferably on non-school days), don't ask her to sit and study. It doesn't sound like she is ready for that. Maybe make some flash cards for vocabulary. Don't expect perfection, and beware of making your daughter demand perfection of herself.
  4. My kids completely blow off their school planners. Their excuse is that they don't get enough time to write stuff down. I have made plans to work on study skills over the summer for the last couple years, but I haven't accomplished much so far. I keep hoping, and I have some books for the upcoming summer .... But honestly, I am not sure the low pressure of summer is the right context for study skills. I mean, the time limitations and "closed book" nature of b&m school / tests are a big motivation for the kids to develop these skills in the first place. As far as academic review, I have found that somewhat easier to push during the summer, though it gets harder as they get older. I find it hard to be militant about it in the summer - we all feel like we need a break from homework, and "creative project" stuff takes too much energy to do all the time when you also work full-time. What I should do is set a fixed time each day and withhold the cell phones / computers until they get it done. Will I make it work this summer? I can hope. My kids still enjoy read-alouds, so I can sometimes get an academic-themed fiction or non-fiction book into the rotation without too much fuss.
  5. Ugh, it's one of those days ... I have so much to do, everyone wants everything "right now," and I have trouble prioritizing when everything is an emergency. We have a house guest coming tomorrow, so there is a lot to do today ... which is also a work day ... and I have several projects that should not wait until Monday .... Oh, and the kids are home, not that that makes a huge difference at their age .... Done: Clean for the maids (other than my bedroom). Change out pet bedding / clean cages for both pets. Get the kids to clean their rooms & start on their homework. Make myself decent-ish. Coffee up. Catch up on emails, news, social media. Started on "work" work. A tiny bit of reading. Got the maids started. To do: Lots of work projects - need to prioritize. Clean my bedroom. Errands during work hours - 2 banks, FedEx. (Need to get money for the maids among other things.) Bills, filing. Kids to TKD. Dinner out. All the laundry. One or two shows in the evening? Read-aloud? Prepare hand-me-downs and birthday gift/card for niece. Whatever I'm forgetting.
  6. I would not buy a new seat.
  7. Maybe they have a gift certificate to that expensive restaurant. As for the cookies, I agree with just paying and letting it go. Think of it as a gift you are happy to give them. As for selling unnecessary things to poor relations - I never ever do it. It will always cause a strain one way or another. I don't want them to feel obligated to give up something else so my kids can get some small goody for saying they sold some cookies.
  8. "Friend, I've been working on planning the upcoming season and trying to make everything fit. I have come to the realization that our participation in the co-op is unfortunately not going to work out this year. I am so sorry that I did not realize this when I talked to you about this last ___. But it cannot be helped, and I need to let you know now so that you have time to adjust or find another person. I wish you all the best with the co-op next season."
  9. I agree that there is no one right answer - it depends on what feels right to that family for those kids. I do pay for some friend entertainment. Most of the time it's for a special occasion or a one-time thing - and these tend to be activities that are on the expensive side. But my kids don't have an expectation that I will pay for whatever scheme they come up with. If they came to me today and said, "can we hang out with friends at Get Air?" I would either say "we can do that for your next birthday" or "how are you all going to pay for that?"
  10. I was up most of the night again, not for great purposes. This morning I went back to bed after sending my kids off to school - I slept until 12:30pm. Not having a super productive day so far, but I did get some things done, and I still have some time to do more. This afternoon I need my kids to focus on AHG badges / planning. (They don't have homework tonight because no school tomorrow.) I have a bank deposit to do, but I think I will put that off until tomorrow when the bank is open later. AHG meeting tonight. Whatever else gets done.
  11. One thing I don't do is require my kids to put part of their money aside for donations and future savings. I personally feel that should be a choice. My kids do choose to be generous and to think ahead without me telling them they have to. They also see me doing the same with my money. But I have been saying "yes, you can have xyz, did you bring enough money?" since my kids were tots. [Disclaimer - my kids are spoiled rotten. But I don't pay for *everything.*]
  12. You pay them??? They should be thanking you from morning to night.
  13. Once? I'm fine with charging the time it took to check the email. So if you spent an hour a day on work emails during an 8-day vacation, charge a day as work. But ultimately, if you have a full-time job you need to be working full-time, one way or another. Personally I never treated any vacation time as work time no matter how much work I did - if I wasn't officially on call AND working, it was a personal day. Checking the emails was largely done to make re-entry easier for me. Who wants a thousand scary emails in your inbox when you return from vacation?
  14. I don't think so. The people in my family who have dyslexia also have areas where they were literally naturals. Like playing music by ear, engineering / electronics, cooking.... They are good at math and great at science, despite having less education than many.
  15. This reminds me of the time my sister, then 4yo, was jumping from one piece of furniture to another. Much older sister (who was babysitting) said, "stop it, you're gonna break your arm." The next second 4yo fell and broke her arm.
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