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  1. Being a teen mom was never exactly easy. Teen moms, married or not, had a higher death rate in childbirth, and in most families the young mom had to do a heck of a lot of work both in the home and out of it. So part of why we want kids to delay is that their life can be a bit better if they do. The ability to make one's own money also opens a lot more choices.
  2. Well since we're talking about high school, I really meant high school age. My kids will turn 17 in 12th grade, so I'm not talking about anything over 17. And yes, historically 17 wasn't necessarily young to be pregnant, but now it is desireable for girls to finish enough education to support themselves prior to procreating. And when I talk about teen sex being the norm in the media, I'm talking about kids who are nowhere near ready to raise children, and aren't mature enough to take on an intimate relationship. I'm talking about the media implying that sexual experimentation as young as puberty is healthy, normal, desireable, and generally without negative consequences. Even historically, the ideal was never to have casual sex outside of wedlock. But popular movies in the decades since the "sexual revolution" have made it seem almost universal.
  3. It's that they assume a student is not responsible enough to know when to take a Tylenol but somehow they are smart enough to know what to do with a condom. Also, it's refusing parents the right to cede responsibility on the former but forcing them to cede it on the latter. I hope most of us would agree that having sex is a bigger deal than taking an otc pill. I would be concerned that handing out condoms would give students the idea that a condom will protect them, though we know that many young people don't know how to use them right and the fail rate is not especially low. But, as a parent, I hope I will drum that information into my kids' heads (I have already started telling my 12yos that they should always use multiple bc methods if and when they want to have sex without getting pregnant). I am also concerned about the media influencing kids to think teen sex is and should be the norm. That isn't exactly anything new, but again, I have already started the parental campaign against those attitudes. I hope that my kids' choices don't come down to what's available in the nurse's office at school. But, who am I kidding - I would prefer that over a teen pregnancy.
  4. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Got some work done finally, like 3% of what I needed to do .... Got stuck in the driveway trying to back out. Because there was ice under the snow, I was not able to straighten back out and try again. Had to shovel a lot of snow, which I would not mind except that it made us a half hour late. Bought a new shovel and some melty sand on the way home. Recently found out the kids don't have school tomorrow. So yay for not having to worry about their work and the laundry tonight. They still need to do the work, but at least they don't have to stay up half the night to do it. (Tomorrow we will probably be in the same situation again kuz my kids won't use their gifted 24 hours wisely.)
  5. SKL

    What's for dinner?

    Me: leftover Indian food. DD1: Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches, because she doesn't like Indian food. DD2: Ramen Noodles, because the Indian food was not to her liking this time.
  6. My first thought is he was probably drunk, in addition to being annoyed as pushing stuck cars was not in his plans for today. I might have let some vocabulary fly today while getting my own car un-stuck ... not at the neighbors though ... my snotty kid might have been downwind ... but it was a life lesson about times when the only 3 things OK to say are "thank you," "I'm sorry," and "how can I help." 😛
  7. And I agree that it is ridiculous that kids aren't allowed to take over-the-counter meds when they want to without various levels of security applied. The fact that my daughters have to ask permission to take a pain pill for period cramps (possibly from a male teacher/nurse) should be an outrage. But I guess I should be glad they don't have to ask permission to change a pad ... yet.
  8. I think it's a fact of life nowadays. Parents need to be informed (that it is available to students) and they need to tell their kids whatever messages they want their kids to hear from them at home. I'm not a fan of "you're going to do it anyway so here's a condom." But I'm less a fan of a lot of other things that happen at high schools, some of which lead to pregnancy and worse. My job as a parent is to teach my kids our family values at home and do a lot of praying.
  9. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Today is my last chance to get caught up on my work. All of my clients are with governments, banks, and nonprofits so they are off today. I slept in until about 11:30. My kids are home, but they still have a buttload of homework to do. I'm about to go confiscate phones so they don't have the distraction. One kid has cheer practice this afternoon. She is going to skip gymnastics since she has so much homework / test study. That's about it - other than the usual reading, exercise, laundry,,,,,
  10. SKL

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I agree that safety is a huge issue in urban poor areas. Unfortunately that has been hard to address. Add more cops / crack down and people complain about discriminatory outcomes. Cops are treated as the enemy. So what is the alternative? Moving people out of that mess has been denounced as taking away poor people's community. And there is some truth to these concerns. Has anyone come up with something that works? I really hope for that. In my county, they have community college campuses and libraries right in the middle of the poor neighborhoods. I assume that helps at least somewhat - kids who have dreams / whose parents encourage them can see that there might be an alternative right there - all they have to do is walk through the door and ask questions.
  11. SKL

    Question for blog readers

    I like mild controversy to discuss - nothing super polarizing though. Stuff that people will actually enjoy debating or whining about, and still remain friends afterwards. I used to participate on a blog, and my job was to come up with "question of the day" ideas. Each day there would be an open-ended question where people would share about themselves in a way that helped us know each other better. For example - what was your favorite hobby as a child? What is a talent you always wanted to develop? The comments section was obviously important. There needs to be an ability to comment without people being able to trace your actual identity. (But the blog owner can block / delete people who are jerks.)
  12. Prayers for you and your family.
  13. SKL

    Asking for exceptions

    I'm pretty sure it's part of the job at any restaurant to at least try to accommodate reasonable substitutions. So I don't consider it "extra work" if you order something on the menu and ask if you can have it with this or that adjustment. For example, double the cajun sauce and sub the fries for mashed potatoes (assuming they sell mashed). On the other hand, it is also not uncommon for the wait staff to tell us they can't give us something on the menu - they have run out of xyz or whatever. So we adjust. It works both ways.
  14. SKL

    Asking for exceptions

    Good point about asking Mom first. Though I would have no problem interrupting my 6yo and apologizing for her if I didn't want her doing xyz. One of my kids is pretty good at advocating for herself, and sometimes people think she should shush up when I think she's doing nothing wrong. For example, last week on vacation we were all hot in the taxi - it needed A/C and the driver wasn't putting it on. My kid (sitting in row 3 of the van) piped up "can you please turn on the air conditioning?" The aunties sitting in row 2 shushed her. I'm still not sure what was wrong about a rider in a taxi politely requesting A/C. Is it a rule that if you're under 5' tall you keep your mouth shut?
  15. SKL

    Asking for exceptions

    I was thinking similar. Think from the perspective of the person who wrote the job ad. They are just trying to come up with a baseline of experience. However, your 3 years of experience might be comparable to my 2 years experience plus x trade certification, or the fact that my experience was higher level, or so many other things. Also it may be that everyone who applied with 3+ years of experience turned out to have other issues. As long as you're honest on your resume / application, and your background isn't completely ridiculous, let the recruiters decide if you're worth interviewing. 🙂
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