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  1. When I make brief observations like this to my kids (who have not stated they are trans, but have lots of friends who have), they label me as "transphobic." So they are learning not to listen to or trust those of us who don't encourage this trend. Not sure what to say about that.
  2. Howdie! I've been productive today! Done: Sent out some work reports in the morning. Morning pup duty. Took out the garbage. Kids and self ready, packed, and out the door. (Packed the trumpet stuff for p.m. lesson, as well as work and camp stuff.) Picked up friend and drove the 3 kids to camp. Bought a muffin and walked while eating it. Sent out some more client work. Caught up on calendar, emails, news, and social media. Some back and forth with the kids re having their friend spend the night. To do: Grab some lunch and wa
  3. Yeah, going back 41 years in both time and technology ... What was used for us was some sort of lighted screen that would flash line after line of text at whatever speed it was set at. The only "skill" I remember from it was that you're supposed to use peripheral vision rather than move you eyes from word to word. So you take in more and more words per glance or whatever you want to call it. In reading this line I just wrote, you would rest your eyes at just 2 or 3 spots, whereas many readers would rest their eyes at ever 3rd word or so. [I would note that this is something you co
  4. Oh, I should mention about what my kids don't keep in their rooms: Coats and shoes. We have a closet by the front door for those. Clean socks. I recently dedicated a bin near the coat closet for all of their socks. They would always forget about socks until they were getting ready to put on their shoes, and then they'd have to run back upstairs and make us late. Socks near the shoes makes more sense. Dirty socks - or, many of them. They come off shortly after the shoes, so they go in the downstairs laundry bin. Certain family games and similar. Sports equipme
  5. We built 2 good-sized bedrooms for my girls when they were 8yo. Previously, they shared a really small room. My girls do a lot of things in their bedroom. One of them really only uses the rest of the house to eat and watch TV. The other will bring her messy projects into the common areas at times. Both of my kids are poor at cleaning. I guess this is partly because I never expected them to really clean their previous room. The size of the room x amount of stuff required an expert organizer (me) to keep it under control. 😛 And now it's too easy for me to ignore their mess and "
  6. IME where it's coming from is mostly the internet and the peer group. A lot of my kids' friends who identify as not cis / not straight have still not dared to tell their parents that. At school, there is tons of acceptance and encouragement, especially from girls. Lots of attention given to individuals who claim one of the LGBT+ identities. And at least some of these kids have switched between LGBT+ identities over time. About a week ago, one of my kids' 14yo friends implied she was gay while we were driving to a restaurant. This girl (xx) has had a steady stream of boyfrien
  7. So we kinda met last year's modest goals, to the extent possible given Covid: starting to take ownership of their direction in life; finding balance and enjoying a full life; integrating successfully into a really large high school. My eldest is more on track than my youngest, as far as taking ownership. For 2021: Take more ownership of their direction in life; do things because it supports their growth and goals, not because Mom is forcing them to. Be willing to request and accept help when things are hard. Take more responsibility for a pleasant home (physically and
  8. Howdie! I'm in the small-town library again, this time off in a corner, which I like much better! Done: Sent out a couple of early morning work emails. Printed some things for the kids' camp. Minimal pup duty and housework. Kids and self ready, packed, and out the door. Some audiobook in the car. Picked up friend & dropped the 3 girls off at camp. Found good parking and checked work emails. Got a call from my sister. Had a long walk while chatting. Grabbed a muffin from Arabica and walked some more while eating. Set up in t
  9. As to the discussion of "trans women" in women's prisons, dorm rooms, etc.: I don't want xy in with xx, but I can at least understand a lot of the arguments if we're talking about a person with real gender dysphoria. But apparently today, being a "trans woman" is a free choice that any male can make. If I were a male going to prison, choosing to live in the woman's facility could help me in more ways than one. First of all, it would protect me from being a victim of violence in the men's facility, which is certainly a bigger threat to an xy than whatever could happen in the women's facilit
  10. Just want to say, I'm an extreme introvert, yet I did find tutoring fulfilling. Aside from making a difference, it appealed to my personal superpower of "organizing," because it involved breaking down complex things into simpler parts/connections for kids who needed that. And as it was one-on-one or one-on-two, and with small people who wouldn't judge me the way adults might, it was not really a social strain. But of course it isn't for everyone. Just wanted to kinda break it down a little. 😛
  11. My 14yo says she is having pain at the site of her first vax, which was done in mid-May. Anyone else have this happen over a month later?
  12. I would find this assignment frustrating also. But let me give it an honest try .... Write and perform great music that could help people in some way. [Not realistic but wouldn't it be nice?] Clean houses and run errands for shut-ins. (Preferably after getting my own house in order.) Motivate my kids to choose and pursue a meaningful volunteer gig. One thing I've done before and might be realistic for moms of grown kids: Be a [volunteer] reading tutor in a low-income school district. Another thought though - being happy is a legitimate, meaningful goal i
  13. Yeah, I'm another person who feels like decorations are clutter. I still have some obligatory items in the usual places, but nothing looks as good to me as a completely clear surface. 😛 And yeah, in my house, it does not matter whether a surface is clear or decorated. People will dump clutter on it. And I'm not just talking about kids. The only hope is to convince people that certain surfaces are "their" dump spots and others are not. So (for me) the decorations are just another thing to keep moving and dusting and trying to "not see" when I need to feel like things are in order
  14. Yes, there were lots of sex-based differences in my KG. For one thing, boys used the bathroom attached to the classroom, while girls had to walk down the hall to the ladies' room (church building). When a kid puked, the boys had to clean it up. The boys were selected to do all the "handy helper" type jobs. The girls were supposed to play with dolls and kitchen equipment, while the boys were supposed to play with building stuff. These are just the things I remember from 50 years ago. 😛
  15. I disagree that it gives the meaning bolded. We can agree to disagree on that. But I'm picturing two lines side by side, and that actually forces the sexes to be next to each other and do exactly the same things together in exactly the same way. It seems like that would have positive effects vs. always letting them gang up by sex or whatever other grouping they would choose on their own.
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