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  1. I think the psych today didn't get the whole picture since she did not talk to the math teacher. Maybe my email back to her will suggest she talk to the math teacher. Not sure whether or not he would recommend more academic testing. For better or worse, she did well on the fall "MAP" tests in math, though that was unusual for her (in math). She also does fine on the homework, because she takes a lot of time and I usually review and supervise corrections. On tests, she doesn't usually do great, but the teacher allows kids to do test corrections to improve their score, so it helps her to keep a decent average. But anyone watching her actually trying to do a multi-step problem on her own would see what I'm talking about. I gotta get on a conference call. I'm still working this OCD stuff out in my head in between work deadlines!
  2. School psych for k-8 is suggesting the current school "team" come up with and document in-class accommodations to carry over to the high school. She said she was at my kids' school today and asked a few teachers (not including the math teacher) how she was doing academically, and they said fine. She will be there again Tuesday and offered to mention something to get a "team" discussion started. I told her I need more time to think and will email her about what, if anything, I want her to say to anyone on Tuesday. I don't know what to say. I am really just trying to figure this out. Maybe she doesn't need anything, or maybe if I do nothing then I will regret it later. I have no guidance other than you guys!
  3. Hi, I'm the OP of that thread. I am not offended by this post, but want to clarify a few things. I was asking for information so that I could understand what is possible. It helps to know going in the possibilities and the vocabulary, in case you need something. I'm told that there is therapy for OCD that can make a lot of the problem go away over time. Meanwhile, we need to get through the near future with mandated education requirements and set child up for future success where possible. As a lawyer, I can say that you can be a total complete introverted nut and still be a reasonably successful lawyer. I can also tell you that yes, we do a lot of repetitive proving at work. For one thing, you have to explain the same things over and over to every new client and every new employee at said client. You also have to teach younger colleagues and on and on. Some people don't learn everything the first time, so you may need to re-explain it numerous times to the same person. As an accountant, I post the same identical journal entries thousands of times. And last but not least, how many times does it take to explain basic hygiene and housekeeping each of our kids? 😛 All that said, I think accommodations have probably gone too far in certain situations. I got through law school without any of them, although not easily! My law GPA was somewhat of a shame, but I have the paper and the license. Some of it I couldn't help, some I could. I am OK despite not being able to brag about my position in my law class, despite being in debt for a number of years, despite having done my time in the school of hard knocks. I think these things have to be considered on a case by case basis. To the extent that getting through an impossible task is just a bridge to something that is actually right for the person, I can understand families making a decision like that. I can also see the benefit of doing hard things, even if nobody else has to do them. Further, I think that if accommodation is available and being used by other similarly situated people, then there is a potential disadvantage to not using them, which may or may not be offset by the benefit of harder work. For example, if you had to read a classic in Chinese, and there was an accommodation available to have a translator, would it make you a wuss if you took the accommodation? Depends on how bad your Chinese is, right?
  4. Current school is kindly providing some help, but not much. She is keeping up OK for now with hard work. She will be placed in regular classes next year. All 9th graders take algebra unless they are either honors math or special ed. We are not so far behind that we need special ed math classes. I foresee a lot of math work over the summer though.
  5. Just found out there is an 8-12 week waitlist to see the psychologist.
  6. Both really. Though the public school did give me a new name to complain to, my daughter asked me not to keep pushing it. The high school psych did indicate that if we got a mental health diagnosis, they would provide a comprehensive assessment to figure out what she would need in high school. I emailed my latest sped contact at the public school to see what they say about that, now that a psychiatrist believes it is OCD. (Not sure what documentation of formal diagnosis I would need.)
  7. It doesn't help that there are a number of other, more familiar diseases running rampant, at least in my area. I'm in the "this is serious but it's not time to panic" camp. Just being a little more careful to observe things I ought to do anyway. And we aren't trying to travel internationally right now.
  8. Sigh. Technology. Government. Government technology! I tried to complete a report yesterday - a day early for a change - but the website wouldn't allow me to save my changes. I put in a service request. I have received several confirmations that they got my request, but no resolution, and close of business is in 24 minutes. This actually happens every year with this client, because of it being on an unusual schedule. The tech folks are gearing up for calendar year people to do their reporting in June. My client is the guinea pig since they report 4 months earlier. Last year the whole system was down the report delayed almost 2 months, and I still needed to ask for tech help to finally get it submitted. It's not my fault. It just looks bad. My contact at the client is new and probably thinks this is another example of me doing everything at the last minute. Also she is not responding to my emails to approve the final certification should it by a miracle get fixed today. Ugh....
  9. The school system has refused to test her any further for math. She gets good enough computation results that it averages out the bad concept results. They don't care about the fact that concepts and computations are completely different things. However, the high school may be willing to do a comprehensive assessment given the new OCD information. I will see what the psychologist says about it.
  10. Wow, I finally got a call back from he high school counselor. We discussed my questions and the kids have a schedule ... however, he couldn't find my eldest in the system for some reason. He promises to try to figure that out and call me back today or tomorrow. Good news - you don't have to take gym if you take marching band for 2 years. Band also covers the art requirement. Yay! So that means my youngest can take mythology, which she wanted, but I thought was too much if she also had gym. No honors Algebra though, because they only offer that to 8th graders. I don't think my kids will care about that.
  11. Whew, I finally got out that report that I should never have promised last week. Called the school and left yet another message! But this time I asked an admin to help me set up an appointment vs. talking to the counselor on the phone. So we'll see if I ever get a call back about that. Called the OCD therapist. His voice mail greeting says send me an email if you want a response in a couple days vs. a couple weeks. So I sent an email. We'll see how long it takes to get that set up.
  12. I agree with moving the junk elsewhere and keeping the cooking stuff near the stove. I'm not a germophobe, but I can't see touching food with something from my junk/tool drawer. And since you usually use those items on dry ingredients, washing them before use doesn't sound like a workable plan. Your men heard these arguments and still insist on mixing tools with dishes? If we were arguing about which dishes should go with which, then I would say leave it to (a) the cook and/or (b) whoever has to put the stuff away / fit it into the space. But there are limits. I would tell them to find a different home for anything that doesn't get washed after each use, then clean out and maybe line the drawer before putting cooking stuff back in there. But it would be hard to fight any situation that involves the men cooking for me every day! 😛
  13. How did it get to be almost 2am?? I still did not get to one of my stressful client projects that I have promised every day since last Thursday. It isn't even that important, but since I promised it, the client went and told a whole team of people to expect it "early to mid week" this week. I think the added pressure is just making it harder for me to make it happen. I should try to do some tonight... but I'm not sure I will. To do Thursday: Switch out laundry so the kids have dry gym clothes tomorrow. (Done.) Switch out my Invisalign insert. (Done.) Maybe work, if I can focus. (Nope.) Sleep. (Yep.) Wake kid1 up early to study for math test. (Done.) The usual Thursday morning stuff to get the kids off to the school bus. (Done. Kids a little late but too bad. Lots of snow out there.) Lots more client work. Make appointment(s) with psychologist. Call the high school to get scheduling going. Some reading, exercise, laundry etc. Pay bills. Purge some stuff. Kids' evening work - music practice, test study, homework, picking up. Probably take the kids to eat somewhere and/or grocery shop. Might go pick up the ref letter from my kid's coach. Will there be any time for AHG work??? Whatever else gets done.
  14. I'm reading that OCD can impact school performance as well as behavior. What school accommodations are typically given for this kind of diagnosed issue? In our case, I can see how OCD symptoms (like needing to re-write a correct, legible answer) suck up time, and how distracting thoughts affect classroom focus. Even before the diagnosis, some teachers were giving extra time on tests, but not always enough. I understand that there have to be limits. But what does this look like? Should there be an IEP or a 504 or both? Kid has been an A/B student, but this has trended down in the past couple years. Still keeping about a B average, but with a lot more time and effort than normal. School testing generally places her about average IQ with achievement scores that vary widely. She has trouble with complex math reasoning; now I'm not sure if this is a learning disability or just OCD-related focus issues. What would you tell teachers about the situation? She has a big math test the rest of the week - mostly "story problems" - and she's worried she will bomb it. Also, at home, what are some ideas for how to respond to the issues that affect school work?
  15. Oh, and I also decluttered a couple of bins and took the junk out to the trash. Need to keep it up!
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