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  1. SKL

    Please pray

    I am so sorry for your loss. Continued prayers for your family.
  2. I've had to do that. It was horrible. I got lucky because they had felt it coming and told me, "we already know he wants us gone, so we've been looking for another job so we can quit first." I try to keep a layer between me and employees for this reason. Nobody likes firing others though. I feel bad when my boss-partner has to do it. But sometimes there really is no other choice.
  3. Happy Friday! Does anybody want a job, because I need to retire! JK - training a new person would be even more work! So last night, I learned that my work over the next week will be about twice as much as I thought it would (and it was already very heavy). Remember how I said a big part of my June deadline was moved to January? Well, due to the way the government designed a new process, it turns out that more like 95% instead of 50% of my June deadline has been moved up. This is not fair! I cussed a lot. It doesn't help that a computer glitch corrupted many files on my hard
  4. If there were any chance of rules being followed, I'd have rules. I did try. 😛 One of mine is just really gassy, and she claims to be unable to control it. (I can't relate. I would have died if someone heard me fart once I was old enough to be cognizant of it. But I don't really know why, since my siblings had no such hang-ups around the house.) I can't believe I just typed that f-word on a public board. Must be on the mental decline. I have at least tried to convince my kids not to do it in public, and they are getting better about not doing it at the kitchen table etc.
  5. It would be complicated, but so are a lot of things in life. Most adoptions in the US are "open adoptions" where there is some ongoing connection between the first mother and adoptive parents. Why would surrogacy pose more difficulty (assuming all willing parties)? Especially when the surrogate has no DNA connection to the child? I understand the parties go in knowing there are all kinds of risks. And I can understand why many people would prefer to just not go there. I dunno, I just assumed your DNA is your DNA unless you do something to legally terminate ties. Don't even sperm don
  6. I think if they do look for $, it would be to cover the cost of medical care that isn't covered by insurance. Hopefully the costs of adopting kids in-state where the legal parent is on-board should not be much (I'm not in Michigan though). I assume that if the dad didn't want the kid, paternity could be used to force him to provide support, so it seems backwards to prevent him from taking on the legal responsibilities when he wants to. I assume the law was written to protect women who would want to back out and keep the child, particularly if the surrogate was also a biological pare
  7. Just saw this and wondered what the Hive would think of this. Personally I think some judges are confused. Paternity established by DNA doesn't require a contract. The surrogacy contract can't be enforced, but because nobody is trying to break it, that shouldn't matter. So this couple has to adopt its own children ... hopefully there is a reasonably quick and easy process for them to do so. Thoughts? https://fox8.com/news/parents-denied-legal-rights-to-their-babies-due-to-outdated-law/
  8. Howdie, happy Thursday! Still plugging along on the new and old January deadlines. I turned around one task that I'd promised "overnight," and sent an email buying a little time on another one. I have about 100 other things that should ideally be done already .... My kids are back to hybrid school. Here's hoping it lasts this time. I don't love getting up earlier and worrying about everyone being out the door on time, but it's so much better for them than sitting alone all day. Done: Lots of alarms & snoozes & temporary wake-ups. Finally got up & moti
  9. I would return it for re-do, but give full credit if the re-do is correct. I would also re-phrase the assignment as "compose a sentence ..." for the future. I would have done that exact thing when I was a kid. 😛
  10. Howdy, happy Wednesday! I woke up early and got a couple work things out, yay! Here's hoping I stay on task and get a lot caught up today. Done: Went to bed early, tried to get up early ... did get up earlier than usual. Working on coffee 2? Caught up on emails, news, calendar, social media, checked the kids' grades. Sent out 2 important work items. To do: Take out the garbage. Wake the kids for school. Send an iteration (or more) of work to our foreign data people. House cleaning that's getting too behind. Shower & hair
  11. Re spectrum, I did ask the psychiatrist who diagnosed her with OCD. She doesn't think it's ASD because of something my kid does or doesn't do (I can't remember what right now).
  12. Y'all who sleep nekkid, I can't do that, because people think they can just barge into my room at any time of the day or night. And with my luck, the time I'd sleep nekkid would be the time I had to run out of my room to take care of some emergency.
  13. That might make me a little tiny bit annoyed. I might give him a tiny little harrumpf.
  14. I said 5-7. (Bottoms only - I sleep in the day's t-shirt or a clean t-shirt if I just showered.) It might be less if they get dirty or smelly - but cotton ones don't get smelly very fast. I hang them inside out between uses. I don't police my kids' pajamas, other than snatching any I find lying around when I'm gathering the laundry load they go in.
  15. Happy back-to-reality day! I have so much work to do, even though I got a bunch done on the weekend. I already found at least 3 mistakes / problems that could potentially be blamed on me (not necessarily fairly but ...). I just wanna go hide. But I can't. I know I'll feel so good once I get a big chunk of this work out. Done: Sent out some client work. Woke the kids for school. Caught up on news, emails, calendar, social media, and checked the kids' grades. A little reading + 3 coffees. To do: Lots more client work. Kids have trumpet at
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