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  1. Couldn't you remove one of the seats and put a portable potty in that place? I'd also want something to put around it for privacy when in use! I really hate the idea of going to the bathroom inside the car ... it would smell ... I would suck it up and use a public toilet before I'd do that. Or ... hey, have you tried that poo-pourri (sp?)? It actually works in a regular toilet ... not sure about a porta potty .... I remember reading someone's portable potty hack ... they used a disposable diaper at the bottom of the pot to catch the pee. That way it wasn't sloshy liquid and w
  2. Yeah, I would probably write on the card "I am so sorry that we are unable to attend, bla bla bla...."
  3. If he's staying as a guest, I probably wouldn't ask for money, but I could see it being comfortable to ask him to do or contribute certain things. I think it would depend on the individual and the general mood. If someone told me I need to cook a meal if I'm staying at xyz house, I'd leave, but if they asked me to wash the dishes, I'd love that. 😛
  4. Not commenting about any substantive opinion, just disagreeing with the assertion that you have to provide a link if you state what you believe to be a fact. First of all, most of us are not prepared to do that about 99.9% of the facts we believe and state. (And no, I don't have a link for that stat.) Secondly, it stifles conversation if you aren't allowed to comment unless you have time to find and post links. Third, adults can disagree and move on if they don't like the level of evidence supporting a statement. If we're honest, most of the time when people rebut with "you have to pr
  5. I can't believe I'm the person saying this, but .... I kind of disagree with the logic here about whether it matters that this was a choice ... when the main deciding point for most above seems to be how scary he looks to kids. There are many things that can make a person look scary to kids that are not by choice. I consider it a blessing when my kids have the opportunity to deal with "scary looking" people, because they need to learn from experience that looks do not tell us anything about how the person is inside. If they learn it first from someone with black eyeballs, then mayb
  6. Hi folks, happy Tuesday. I'm kinda pi$$ed at myself. I fell asleep last night without finishing my walking. My total walking yesterday was less than 2 miles ... for the first time since March. I mean, I guess it's good that I got some sleep, but .... As for my pride, I guess I can still say I've walked every day, because I did some in the wee hours of 9/28 and some more in the evening. Just not enough. 😕 And today is a weird day. It is really unclear what the kids are supposed to be doing on this first day of "hybrid" school. The way I interpret the written instructions, nowh
  7. OK somebody needs to grow up. Maybe you could keep a song ready that talks about that. Any suggestions?
  8. 1) I don't care too much about tattoos that are just designs, as in this case. The eye thing, same, logically, even if some kids need more time to get used to it. 2) What were the rules for the teachers' appearance when he was hired? Those should be upheld. 3) I suspect there is more to the story ... there almost always is. This guy did everything perfect and he got fired in the middle of the school year because a little kid was irrational? Not buying it. Sorry.
  9. I agree with sending them outside, and if they don't like the heat, they can put forth a little more effort to act tame while inside. But, I also think maybe I'd set up a designated space indoors for kid-appropriate play and noise.
  10. Some of these posts remind me of a person with whom I was acquainted in grad school. She was moving, and she had some bags of books. She asked us to keep them in our apartment for her and she'd come back for them. She never did. For decades, I was careful to keep her books separate for when she would come back for them. Finally I just mixed them in with my books, read some, probably donated some afterwards. I hope I'm safe from her coming back at this point. 😛 And then there was another person who visited our house before moving to another state. She borrowed some of my kids'
  11. Maybe an aside ... might not be applicable, but we have a karaoke machine that we can't use because the electrical cord is missing. If a cat got the cord, I would be wondering if it were possible to just replace the cord. That way she could have her own karaoke machine too. 😛
  12. It is frustrating, but hopefully you will get your stuff back and be whole in the end. I would try not to spend mental energy thinking about what other people's negative intentions might be. Keep after your stuff though. 🙂
  13. From up to age 12, nothing really ... it was in the same metro area and my current home is nicer. Maybe being able to walk to many conveniences. From age 12-21, I miss having farmland a short walk down the street from home. The relatively clean air, clear skies, and gorgeous sunsets. I miss the oak woodwork and big windows of my folks' house (where they still live since 1979).
  14. And I agree that if this is a fee-pay option, then I don't see a problem. They could suspend the fee-pay part if the organization couldn't handle the volume.
  15. I guess I'd say it bothers me ... but I would wonder if there is more to the story. I have to say I've never known anyone like this, but I've heard of people who act needy, when what they actually need is some human contact or attention ... often these are mentally ill people. I try to remember that what I see on the surface may not be the whole picture of need. I actually hate to cook, but I would eat plain bread (and have!) before I would use a service intended for the needy.
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