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  1. Howdy guys. I've been spending less time here lately, not because I don't like you guys, LOL. I am just kind of a mess these days. Need to focus more on work. I'm one of those people who have too much going on in my head that I can't share with anyone. Sometimes I feel like bringing it up on here, but I don't want to trigger others who have the same problem. I am way behind on some work things. Things that should only take a short time to finish. Wanted to get up early this morning and crank some out, but I didn't hear my alarms. Oh well. Today the kids' school is holding "closing chapel" online. The end-of-school-year stuff is being so dragged out. "Instruction" (such as it was) ended last Friday. They had until Monday/Tuesday to finish some of their work. Book return was Tuesday. The teachers still don't have all the grades in the online system, so I keep having to check. They are putting the kids' graduation announcements on facebook, two per day, and my kids' haven't come out yet. The drive-thru graduation is next Tuesday. Sheesh, can't we just get it over with? I want to move on! Done: Up in the wee hours watching stuff on youtube. Coffee 1. Caught up on calendar, electronic school stuff, emails, news, and social media. A tiny bit of work. A tiny bit of coffee. To do: More coffee. Lots of client work. Kids' final chapel online, I think it's at 1pm. Make the kids do something productive. Clean their mess areas, practice instruments, pack suitcases, maybe some scout work? Mail sympathy card for my aunt who lost her husband. Bills and similar. Pack and go to hotel for the weekend. We are staying in our hotel which we are opening today to accommodate the few people planning to travel this weekend. The idea is to be there so we won't need to pay many staff for hardly any work. I don't love it, but it would not be fair for me to dump it on the other partners. Sounds like we're doing this next weekend too. Ugh. Yoga, TKD practice, walking. Whatever else gets done.
  2. I don't have any major regrets from my early 20s. I was a full-time student who also worked various jobs. The things that were not so good were really not choices, but circumstances. My personality which was extremely introverted, risk-averse, and insecure. My family circumstances i.e. poor. 😛 I graduated with my law degree, MBA, and years of job experience at age 25. Passed the bar exam and CPA exam shortly thereafter. I got a really interesting job right out of grad school. I am still friends with my best friends from my early 20s. I only wish I had more maturity and confidence in those days. I wish I had a better sense of how to prioritize and what to try for in law school. Though I probably wouldn't have been as happy going into a traditional law career anyway, so maybe I should take that back. I spent many hours enjoying the museums, libraries, and walking paths when I should have been outlining my law books, so .... In my later 20s, well, I started "dating," and that didn't go so great either. 😛 But again, not sure that was about "choices." I really believed "Mr. Right For Me" was going to turn up someday. 😛 And again, if I'd married and had kids as originally projected, then I wouldn't have the kids I have now, so ....
  3. Interestingly, I googled and there are a few articles from years ago, regarding studies that show recent vaccines can create false positive titers for coronavirus antibodies. As more people get tested for covid antibodies, it might be interesting to see if there is an association.
  4. SKL


    We've had small confined pets (started with fish, then parakeets, then a guinea pig) from the time the kids were 8. Right now we only have a parakeet. I wouldn't mind having a cat, but we have a housemate who is allergic, so that's a no. I have said no to a dog. My kids beg for a dog, and my sister, who breeds German shepherds, is on their side. 😛 But I don't like cleaning poop. Also the housemates don't want an indoor dog, and I don't have the right setup for an outdoor dog unless I go to a lot of fuss and expense. My kids are now 13. I remind them that they are free to get all the mammals they want after they are adults on their own turf. (I might still be willing to allow a dog if all the stars align someday. But they probably won't.)
  5. Another "Is this true?" I've seen it in a couple places: The flu vax is causing false positives for Covid19? If true, that would help explain so much.
  6. Also there is an EMT on this board who mentioned she had seen a huge spike in attempted suicides in her own daily work.
  7. Kids' sports activities. Most of my friends are from when I was in graduate school. Trying to remember if I have any friends remaining from "work" or nonprofits. Not really, they all gradually fell off because we couldn't find ways to get together without kids in tow.
  8. I'm about back where I was last year ... really not sure about continuing next year. And if I don't decide to remain active next year, then should we just drop the whole thing right now? Or finish what we'd planned to do before crossover? We've been on a hiatus since corona delayed the crossover. We are still very close to finishing enough badges to get the level award. We will have time this coming week to finish that. But I'm not sure if it's worth the effort ... I think I have become lazy or something. Motivation is at an all time low in all areas. I think it's the inability to plan for the future that has muddled up our present. So I haven't said anything to anyone about it yet. Right now I'm leaning toward finishing those badges, and trying to get close to finishing badges for the next level too. My youngest should easily have all the requirements for her 2021 level award, if she proceeds with the fall Operation Christmas Child project - though, who knows if that is even possible this year? Then they could both reconsider whether to continue when they are a little more mature. I had thought they were going to go to high school in the same city as the AHG meetings, which would make things a lot easier. But now they are registered for a school that is still farther away. I don't know what high school is going to be like - what the extracurricular schedule / homework demands will be. So it's hard to say. If I agree to continue, I'll probably have to be a leader, which is a real commitment for me ....
  9. I would prefer the private one. Walking a little in between working is a pro, not a con. I assume she would still be allowed to use any other bathroom in an "emergency."
  10. First of all my kid was not grade skipped. She was placed in KG a year early by her school. She was born 10 days after the regular school cutoff anyway. For the grade she was placed in, she was above average in ELA and (at the end of that year) exactly average for math. She was consistently an honor roll student from grades 2 through 6. Now she straddles the line between honor and merit roll. Yes she fails to retain math concepts at her grade level, but with extra work she has never fallen below B (for a grading period) in math. Many kids older than she do not do as well. Nobody (teacher or otherwise) who knows her IRL has ever suggested she be retained. It would be ridiculous. You keep bringing up a decision made by a school 9 years ago. You seriously think my kid should flunk and be placed in a grade where she knows nobody, because of one area of relative weakness? (Why anyone would wish a second year of 8th grade girl drama on anyone is beyond me regardless.) Or is it that you want me to say I did something terrible to my kid? You think her math would be brilliant if she had been held back in all areas? I don't believe that for one second. She has native strengths and weaknesses, period. I don't believe in redshirting just for an advantage. I was youngest in my class and practically died of boredom every day. I hated being treated like an irresponsible child when attending high school. I have also read studies that show that kids do step up when given more challenge. Anyway - you have brought this up enough times and I don't appreciate it. I don't criticize what you do with your kids. Please leave it alone.
  11. Howdy, happy Friday. I am really confused, but it seems today is the last day of school? Except some things are still happening up to June 2. Whatever. What a strange world it is when a planner like me doesn't even know how to tell what day it is. I did the alarm-snooze thing for a few hours this morning, but did get up a bit early and get some work out. I have a pile of work that still needs to go out. My accounting software is giving me trouble though. Hopefully a reboot will help? Done: Coffee 1 & 2. Sent out several work items. Kids up in time for their band jam zoom, given instructions for the day. Texted teacher. A little cleaning. Caught up on calendar, emails, social media, news, and electronic school stuff. To do: Lots of client work. Laundry. A little reading. Make the kids finish their school work, AR reading. Yoga, TKD practice, walking. Dinner "out" (restaurant food at home). Probably a movie at home. Whatever else gets done.
  12. My observation is that the same people who are disgusted by stubborn anti-mask-wearers are subject to the exact same kind of thinking that so disgusts them.
  13. I've already enrolled her in an online pre-algebra course that we'll start next week (as "school" is ending). She will also need extra work on "story problems," for which I have some materials and ideas. The way this year has gone, between her having mental health issues and the so-called "online learning" which I am unable to monitor at all, I have no confidence in anything that was supposed to happen this year.
  14. When math is the only area that is behind - and only one part of math (she is still above average at computation) - it does not make sense to keep the child back in all subjects. It would have been nice if she'd had some real math help at school, but the high computation scores prevented that. I might also note that her current score in math class is 96%. She just isn't gonna retain the concepts, so she'll spend the summer reviewing. I think you need to stop attacking me for my parenting choices already. You don't know my kids.
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