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  1. Paid a speed cam ticket. 😕 Tried to do some research on CYO sports, which my sister assures me will accept my kids ... but I think she is wrong. Got a bit of work out. Stalked my kids' grades way more than I dare to admit. Trying to decide what to do for the next 30 minutes before I take my kids to their musical.
  2. Speaking of mysteries, I had a friend whose garage would magically open whenever he drove up the driveway. It took him a while to realize his door opener had slipped behind/under his seat. I realize that has nothing to do with the noise in your car ....
  3. Given all that you have said, I am thinking maybe there is something sort of loose somewhere behind your bumper (or maybe a part of your bumper) is moving toward the wheels because of "wind" when you go fast. Did anyone get down under there and look for things hanging awkwardly? A long time ago, I had a car that would start shaking at a certain speed, without fail. That speed happened to be the speed limit (55 in those days). It was great as it kept anyone from accidentally speeding. 😛
  4. I did my yoga and some other exercise. Walked around outside a little while eating my cashews and checking the mail. Read a couple more pages of the Mahabharata. I sent an email to the church pastor asking him to work with us this summer on my kids' "God and Church" program for AHG, and to assign me to be their "counselor." Then I signed both girls up to help with the setup for the church's VBS. (They will be thrilled I'm sure.) Then I signed us all up for a self-defense class to be taken with our AHG unit in June. And requested a refund for the other class I had already signed up for. I am waiting to hear back from various people now - 3 BSA people from earlier this week; our pastor re God and Church; the church re VBS volunteering; the Krav Maga place re the self defense class refund. Maybe others that I'm forgetting. I should probably get some work done now ....
  5. Crap, it's Friday. Am I the only person who dreads Fridays?? This is the day I have to feel like crap because of all the stuff I did not finish all week. So anyhoo. No fire alarms went off in the night, so that was good. I was supposed to get my kid up at 6 to study, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Oh well. I just can't worry about it any more. By my calculations, today's test won't matter unless she gets less than 20%, which is unlikely. In other news ... I had not been playing with my Rubik's Cube for a long time since I did not want to mess up the evidence that I solved it some months ago. But yesterday I decided to be adventurous. I messed it up and solved it again. Today the same again. I still do not know how I am getting the corners right though. Is it random luck, or is some strategy working but I can't remember what I did?? Various alarm fails. Kids up about 6:45. Mom up about 7:45; made breakfast; spilled yogurt drink everywhere; invented many alternate cuss words; cleaned yogurt; sent kids off to the school bus at 7:55. Only 3 more school mornings!! Cleaned up the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Coffee. Sister called as I was finishing my kids' leftover toast. Blabbed about kid stuff. Work discussion. Boss is so excited to tell me she sold more work for me to do ... urgently.... Re-filled, photographed, and emailed a school form I already sent yesterday. They are lucky I have 2 kids so I always get 2 of everything. Caught up on emails, social media, news. Texted driver. Tinkered with Rubik's Cube. Made this post. To do: More coffee. Lots of client work. Make dentist and chiropractor appointments. Yoga/exercise and some reading. Kids - make them clean some mess in their bathroom / bedrooms after a snack. Kids' choir musical at 7pm. Dinner out somewhere. Maybe watch some old shows on DVD. Maybe send a text out to kids' friends' moms about possible get-together tomorrow afternoon? Whatever I'm forgetting. Sleep??? I don't think anyone has to go anywhere in the early morning tomorrow ... but I am not sure. It depends on other people at this point. So I may get to sleep in for a change ???
  6. It should be fine until the younger one is maybe 6 or 7. Of course you would be alert for clues that it isn't working well.
  7. I prefer DVDs because nobody needs me or my computer to be present if they want to watch it ... also I am not motivated to figure out the technology of making a computer file work on our big screen TV. I have downloaded one or two movies, or got rights to them, whatever, but never watched them. I just don't like doing it that way. That said, we are experiencing a space issue with our DVDs, despite various efforts to manage it ... like I bought a bunch of thin double dvd holders which can store up to 4x as many DVDs as the original packaging. But we are still overflowing.
  8. My kids want to get together with their friends at Wendy's and a public park. They are looking to me to coordinate this with the parents of all the other kids etc. My thought is, you guys make a plan via text and whoever shows up, shows up. The kids are 12 & 13, and at least some would need a ride to the meeting place(s). Am I wrong? Do I need to go back and forth with each parent in order for this to happen? Or should I just send out a text and say, "the kids say they and their friends have plans to meet at ___ [place, day, time]. Just want you all to know that we will be there from ___ to ___. See you there if you can come." Or what is the protocol if none of the above apply? In the past, I have contacted each parent with all the details and arranged all the kids' transportation etc. But that was for special events / whole evenings, not simply "meet at the hamburger joint and then hang at the park."
  9. Well I am glad I thought to ask my kids about the "gang" graffiti on my outbuildings [before calling the cops]. Turns out one of my kids did it - it is apparently a symbol she created from her initials, LOL. The outbuildings are in disrepair and one is about to be demolished, so I don't really care, but I did not realize I needed to tell my kid not to do that. I guess moms can't take anything for granted. I believe this is the last night of school homework until September, so yay! One kid is still up making herself beautiful in the bathroom. I hope she finishes soon kuz I want to go to bed! I have a headache and it's traveling down my neck and back.
  10. I finished the laundry and got a few more work things out. Walked around the house for exercise and found some things that needed cleaned up, so I did that. Just noticed that apparently some neighborhood kids have been spray painting what look like gang symbols on our outbuildings. Guess I need to inform the cops. 😕
  11. Yes, 7th grade. I know I should not be concerned about the grades. But they announce to everyone who got 4.0, honor roll, and merit roll. (My kids are usually honor roll and have never been below merit roll, but that may change ....) Also, one of my kids' summer activity rides on her GPA.
  12. As for teaching kids to read - it's always been a thrill for me (I had volunteer gigs etc). Pre-motherhood, I had long made a hobby of planning and writing materials and collecting books etc. Well, come time to teach my kids, and that stage went by ridiculously fast. I had to donate most of my stuff unused, LOL. A good problem to have, I know.
  13. As mom of kids in b&m school who are tested regularly, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, there needs to be some accountability for schools to help the kids who need more help with the basics. The way our state does it, they try to prepare the kids for the 3rd grade tests, but those who "fail" are given additional help later. They are not retained. I agree with this approach in general. The other side of it is that kids' test results can be extremely unreliable. One of mine tested at a pretty high level in 3rd grade (advanced or accelerated, I can't remember), but in 6th grade they said she was not meeting state standards. Same kid - what changed? My other kid's result decreased from the beginning to the end of 3rd grade (this is my voracious reader). I have observed that both of my kids go up and down from year to year on all of their standardized tests. So when I see a poor result on a group test, I honestly blow it off. I have a pretty good handle on my kids' general strengths and weaknesses. And furthermore, how do we know the tests are even designed properly to gauge who is on track in 3rd grade? I've seen some pretty awful tests. So, I'm thinking, what does a 25% fail rate really mean? It means 75% passed and won't get extra help - hopefully they don't need it. Of the other 25%, some of them probably had a bad day or misunderstood some test questions. Others probably need help, and hopefully will get it. I'm not sure I view that as a big tragedy.
  14. Happy Thursday! The day started with the smoke alarms going off shortly after midnight as I was trying to switch out my laundry. The detector between my girls' bedrooms went off and that somehow triggered the ones in each of their bedrooms. I could not find the reason for the alarm, nor could I get it to stop, so I had to take the battery out so we could sleep. Not sure how this is going to affect my kids' tests today .... I am all wired up about the kids' school - they tell me tomorrow is the last academic day. I still don't know how their grades are going to go in a lot of the classes. Not to be a broken record, but teachers should update grades more often! And yes I am stalker mom! Grade stalker that is.... Neither of my kids was as focused as they should have been this year; I just want to know how much damage was done. Done: Switch out laundry around midnight. Deal with smoke alarm debacle. Spent at least a half hour trying to find out why the sensor was unhappy. Filled out school permission form. Bed. Kid 1 up at 6:20. Kid 2 up at 6:45. Me up at 7:45, late, but got the kids fed and off to the bus well enough. Only 4 more school mornings! Cleaned kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Made coffee, but forgot about it. Snagged a nap. Caught up on emails, news, social media. Got a little work done. To do: Lots of client work. Yoga/exercise, reading. Since I am home alone, I may try to play some piano??? Just a thought. Hang / fold / put away the laundry I washed last night. Personal filing, etc. ... bills .... Make chiropractor and dentist appointments. Kids have TKD tonight, but the driver will drive them. Kids' work - I plan to make them review Spanish since they claim to not know if they have a final quiz or not. Their Spanish teacher could use some coaching IMO. Nobody ever knows what they are supposed to be doing to prep for her Friday-only classes. Whatever else gets done.
  15. I agree with giving them a choice. Maybe state an amount and tell them they can decide how it breaks down between cash and festivities.
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