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  1. Question about scheduling. How does the 2nd dose get scheduled if a person was a "walk in" for the first dose, i.e., came unscheduled to use up excess doses on a mass vax day?
  2. Yeah - when I say I want more data - I want it to include not only what adverse effects occur, but also what time in the pregnancy, and to what specific groups of people (ages, races, blood types etc.). This for both Covid infections and the vax.
  3. Oh and if this hasn't already been suggested, can you start by asking "do you want my advice or just my sypathy?"
  4. I can kind of see some of this coming from my daughters in the future. They hear all kinds of things at school and of course their friends know better than me. They've already started with the labels and it's not gonna end well at this rate. 😛 In your shoes, I'd try just listening to your daughters' side and doing the "uh humm" thing so they feel listened to. They are adults and they are going to do what they are going to do. Drama and extra precautions won't hurt them. As for giving them cousin's contact info, I think it is OK to give it, and it's also OK to say "let me check w
  5. Once there are more data, yes, that would make sense. Though "probability of covid" is affected in part by choices that could change the calculation. Meanwhile I fully support anyone planning a pregnancy getting the vax and then waiting until the likely reactions are past. That should solve the problem for most prospective moms.
  6. Well if people are following recommendations to vax while pregnant, then I pray that the ultimate numbers prove this to be safe. Meanwhile I would personally advise against it until more data are available. I would again remind people that the logical comparison isn't vaxed vs. symptomatic covid. It's vaxed vs. not vaxed. Most people who are not vaxed are still not catching Covid during the pregnancy timeframe, especially if sensible precautions are taken.
  7. Don't misquote me please. I said early numbers showed increased risks. You have enough education to know what that means and what it doesn't mean.
  8. Yes, but 88% of what, given that the rates of ventilation of women of pregnancy age are extremely low. And is it never the case that pregnant women are ventilated for reasons other than Covid? I'm not a pregnancy expert, but I've known a lot of people who had very serious problems during pregnancy without having Covid.
  9. The number of cases in the studies I've seen have been very small, which, as you noted, is an issue for statistical significance. I am saying we need more research before I would recommend this vax for a pregnant woman. Common sense tells that with the side effects many people are experiencing, they wouldn't want to intentionally subject a pregnancy to that unless the alternative (getting the vax some months/weeks earlier or later) was clearly more dangerous.
  10. This shows higher than average pregnancy loss rate in people who have had the vax.
  11. Yeah, this is like when they say the vax is "safe" without explaining that it's not totally safe and not safe for everyone. I saw the raw numbers and there were more miscarriages in the vax group. (I think this may have been a group of women who were in the trials and didn't know they were pregnant or got pregnant after the trials started.) The summary described it as "not significant," partly because the raw numbers were too low, as there wasn't an intention to test pregnant women at that time. To me, it's enough to wait if I'm pregnant, and use other methods to avoid catching Co
  12. My kids at that age generally had one or two hours of free time on school nights. They did participate in many activities which were good outlets for them, so their need for "free time" was less than if all their guided activities were stressful or sedentary. My kids tended to use their free time in sedentary activities (still do), so I don't feel like they needed more of that. If they used their time more like I did as a kid (outdoors, active, social, creative), I would feel differently.
  13. There was an article out probably over a month ago, but I hope there is something more recent or will be soon. Obviously the numbers of pregnant women already vaxed were pretty low until recently.
  14. Wouldn't it make more sense to compare the odds of a pregnant woman with Covid being admitted to the ICU vs. the odds of a pregnant woman without Covid being admitted to the ICU? Lots of pregnant women get admitted to ICU whether they have Covid or not. Your link does show the comparison of pregnant women with vs. without Covid, and yes, the ICU numbers are higher. One wonders how much of this is out of extra care that pregnant women in any kind of distress or illness normally receive. Early numbers from the vax also showed increased risks though, including risk of stillbirth. IMO it
  15. Howdie, happy Friday! I've been so bad all week. Just really a mess as far as focusing on anything important. Such a waste of a kid-free week. I kinda feel like I've had a mild bug all week, or maybe I've just been drinking less coffee? Pup duty isn't helping. I was promised no early mornings from Thursday through Sunday since I did all of them in the first half of the week. But the person who promised to take over fell yesterday and can hardly walk. So I'm back at it - 6am wake-ups. This is hard for me because I can't just make myself go to bed early. I am up into the wee ho
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