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  1. Howdy. I finished re-reading the Miss Manners book about kids. Now I am reading one called The Drama Years, which so far isn't very good, but it was recommended so I will probably finish it. I have The Mahabharata ready for when I get sick of non-fiction. I don't remember where we were on audiobooks last time I posted. We finished A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, and now we are listening to Kidnapped. I think this is the first Robert Louis Stevenson book I have read. I think the language goes somewhat over my kids' heads, plus it gets dry at times, but I think they are following it. I want to do Pride and Prejudice as there is a P&P show at our local theater this month. The audiobook I have of P&P is not well done. I should check out the library. Not sure if we have time to listen to the whole story before the show ends anyway, but it's something I'd like to do if we can. Our read-aloud is still Evil Spy School, which is the 3rd book in the Spy School series that we have read (the kids demanded it though I tried to switch to another author). We are lucky if we finish one chapter a week, because we are all so busy. The kids are up so late for homework.
  2. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

    Howdy. Very unproductive day, so far, work wise. Which would be OK if I didn't have some work that really needed to go out. Many alarms snoozed. Kids off school - I let them sleep in. Coffee. Descaled the Keurig. Might need to do it again. Cleaned the downstairs for company / maids. A lot of work but not in the mood to list it out. Cleaned the critter cage. More coffee & shower. Checked work emails and such. Picked up kids' friend at his mom's request. Kids to Panera for lunch. Back home, theoretically working / catching up on social media etc. Maids arrived; direct the maids. To do: Get at least 4 work reports out. Friend to be picked up at 3:30, I suppose I have to say hi to his dad. Bills. Dinner out - supposed to be my "birthday dinner" (a couple weeks late) - Cheesecake Factory. Whatever else gets done. I did not hear from the kids' teacher, and at this point I probably won't, so I guess I won't be going to parent-teacher conferences this year. That's OK, I'm supposed to be meeting all of them if we ever get together to talk about my eldest's educational needs. We were supposed to meet in August but it went silent over there and I haven't pushed. Also I have already met most of their teachers and had email communication with all of them at some point or other. There really isn't much to say from my side. Maybe they have some test results to share with me - they can send them home via the kids.
  3. SKL

    What do you use for an alarm clock?

    I have an old electric alarm clock that makes a nice loud obnoxious noise, which is what I need. I also set my iphone alarms. Usually I have at least several alarms set to ring at slightly different times with different sounds. I still have trouble waking up, but that's more about me than my alarm clock. 😛
  4. Best Friend Finishing School Petiquette
  5. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Well I worked a lot today, but don't have much to show for it. Had a lot of communication about stuff that I've been over again and again. Somehow it comes out to be my fault. The client has so much turnover I can't get anything done with them - and I don't have time to keep re-training them just to see the next person leave in a year or less. So today this guy is chiding me for times I've told him I need a quick turnaround. Well I only need a quick turnaround now because nobody did anything the last 10 times I asked. Or because I got delayed by the 100 extra things they needed me to do. 😕 Went back to the chiropractor to get the "boot" they ordered for my kid, and it was too small - my kid's toe hangs over the front, but the doc said use it anyway. Whatever. Bought some squishy tops for the crutches she is supposed to be using. But she is cheating and walking and running without the crutches. Says her foot is almost as good as new already. And she wants to run in the 1-mile race on Sunday. Doc says no. Both kids are being a pill and a half today. Kids' friend's mom texted to ask me if I would take her kid for half of tomorrow, so he doesn't have to sit home alone all day. I said fine - but my house is a mess. Then I remembered the maids are coming tomorrow, or at least I think they are??? I am feeling too lazy to deal with all of this. I told the kids to clean, but they are not exactly spiffy maids.... All in all I'm feeling really impatient right now. (Please tell me this is NOT hormonal.) I still hold out hope of finishing one of the things I was supposed to do this morning ....
  6. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    I got to take a shower, yay! I also got one big project out. Still more to do before I can really de-stress.
  7. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    I've officially decided that this will be our last year with AHG unless my kids step up and beg to continue on their own steam. Probably should have done it last year. Too much stress on top of all the other stuff we do. And at their age, they are supposed to be driving it anyway.
  8. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Good morning! My kids are off school and my boss is out of town. But I have a couple of overdue projects to work on, so I can't take it too easy. Here's some proof that I need more coffee: I saw the words "substitute position" above and had to do a double take because my eyes / brain saw "prostitution." (Dyslexia does run in my family.) Up in the wee hours on the internet. Slept in until about 8am. Boss called and gave me a headache. Must keep the words to a minimum before my coffee. Changed arrangements with kids' driver for this afternoon. Having coffee and checking social media / emails / news. To do: Work work work work. Hopefully the kids' teacher contacts me with a time to meet. I missed the deadline to schedule online. Bad mom! Bills. Kids are on their own for food and (if I am up to forcing it) cleaning up their messes / rooms. Kid 2 to horse riding - driver will drive, unless the teacher's meeting time is an issue. Some housework on work breaks. Whatever else gets done.
  9. SKL

    Who’s going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Well my kid slipped off to bed and doesn't want to go to her gymnastics class today. She also says she didn't do well on 2 tests today. I probably should have kept her home. She would have the whole 4-day weekend to study. Oh well.
  10. SKL

    Who’s going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Just found out I missed the deadline to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. So now it depends on whether the teacher will email me back with a time. Ugh. Not winning the mom of the year award this year. I almost finished a big report ... hopefully will finish before the next work day ... but it's at least a week past the targeted date, which sucks ... not sure I'll ever get stuff under control. Time to go downstairs and check in with my kid who I haven't seen since 8am.
  11. One thing I have done sometimes is to buy all the young adults some form of wallet or wallet insert, with one or more gift cards inside. One year I gave them this, with a gift card: Another option is a nice mug with hot chocolate or something like that. For young teen boys, I usually try for some sort of age-appropriate science kit, or maybe gloves and a hat. That is a borderline age though. They might be happier with a gift card. I would say tools, but IME every male has already received every giftable tool item at least once.
  12. SKL

    adopted children and college financial aid?

    I just did a quick search, and it turns out there are a number of scholarships, mostly small, and mostly for kids adopted out of foster care at an older age. They tend to be specific to residency location or university.
  13. SKL

    adopted children and college financial aid?

    As far as I know, with few exceptions, your children are treated the same whether you adopted or gave birth to them. There might be some special scholarships based on race and ethnicity, and most of the adoptive moms I hear from assume that relates to the child's race or self-declared ethnicity (for example, their kids from Latin America may claim to be Hispanic although they have not been brought up in the Hispanic culture). I assume that adoption from foster care would come with its own rules and differ from state to state. I have never personally heard of a scholarship specific to adoptee status, though I have never looked either.
  14. SKL

    Who’s going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Hi guys, happy Wednesday! I thought I'd be back to normal after last week's birthdays, but nope ... I now enter into the world of a one-legged kid. Funny that 2 kids made it over 11 years before this happened. Let's not discuss how many alarms / snoozes happened this morning. Woke kid up about 5am to study. Got some work done. Other kid up at 6:45. Coffee. More work done. 1 work email sent. Helped kid with homework re "how I can improve my success in school." Surprising how hard it is to think of 10 ways to improve. Took out the garbage. Drove kids to school. They would not allow me to humiliate them by helping Miss Crutches get her stuff up to the classroom. Cleaned kitchen. More coffee. Sent email to client to hold off his inquiries while I check social media etc. To do: Work. Bills. Make parent-teacher appointments. Told the kids to come home on the bus since they are so big and bad they don't need me to help carry stuff. Driver will take Kid 2 to horse riding and then Kid 1 to gymnastics (she needs to watch the routine even though she can't participate). Kids can make dinner since they don't have homework / next school day is Monday. Whatever else gets done.
  15. SKL

    Cranky Person Post

    To the question whether it is useful to say something that someone else already said ... I think it depends. Most of the time when I see that someone else has already made a point I would have made, I don't post in the thread at all. There are exceptions. For example: I feel like the OP is sort of taking a vote/survey. How many of you think my MIL is crazy? If only one person answers "your MIL is crazy" does that mean most people think she isn't? Or what? I feel like the point I agree with has been misunderstood or has received unfair reactions. I feel like someone needs support. I want to participate in the camaraderie of shared experience. Probably others. While we could use "likes" to show our agreement, I don't think people weigh likes that way. If you have 10 "no you are stupid" replies to one "yes you are right" with 15 likes, what are you going to feel?
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