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  1. Howdy guys. Busy day today here in Abu Dhabi. Breakfast at the hotel. Kids went swimming. Ferrari World Park - rode the fastest roller coaster in the world among other things. Visited a mosque that allows tourists in - they lent us proper covering so no worries there. Dinner at a Persian restaurant at the hotel. Took a walk after dinner. Back in the room, got sucked into a dumb movie my kids were watching. Kept checking work emails throughout the day. About 2am here, logged into my computer to do some work. Now it's 5am and I still have more to do, ugh. I will try to do it in the a.m., otherwise on the car ride to our next group activity.
  2. Yes! I stopped using it years ago. No more finding random strips of shiny plastic for months after Easter!
  3. Hi guys. It's the wee hours of Thursday here - I just got up to check my work email in case I had anything urgent to respond to. We arrived in Abu Dhabi by car today. It is great so far. Our hotel is amazing. Most of the Wednesday was spent packing, driving, working, eating, watching movies in the hotel room, and a bit of swimming. Thursday my friends plan to go to a mosque. They are Hindu, but heard this mosque is so beautiful and that they will let anyone in as long as they are properly dressed. They say all we have to do is cover every inch of skin, including wearing a hijab. Apparently I am the only person who does not travel with a hijab for just this purpose. I asked where I can get a hijab but nobody answered. I do want to see the mosque, but how to dress .... Later we are going to some fancy dinner. These people love to dress fancy and assume everyone else has a jillion fancy outfits and that they bring them along when they travel. Wrong! I did bring one, but I am not sure how it fits as I've been overeating! They actually brought several Indian outfits for my kids (because I had only made them pack some school clothes), and my kids are not thrilled ... but it would be rude to refuse them. Well, we'll see how it goes tonight. I'm also told that we will be eating fancy several other nights. I really hate this part of hanging with these folks ....
  4. Yeah, my kid just denied everything when I took her to a doc. But, we did do some blood work, and they found she was very low on vitamin D. So that was something to work with. The vitamin D supplements might be a reason things improved.
  5. It's past 1:30am and I'm waiting for 5pm CT so I can go to bed!! It was a pretty good day. I did have to do some urgent work both before and after we did our fun stuff. I have some audits and tax returns due April 30 so I have to get last minute stuff to/from the auditors / tax preparers. Plus of course address other people's emergencies. I still have a few documents to review tomorrow morning. We spent several hours at the hotel's water park, beach, and pool. I stayed dry and took pictures - I just don't want to deal with skin problems from too much chlorine and sun - it ruins my vacation every time. Unlike the last couple days, the weather today was / is gorgeous. Plus, we have our actual clothes and toiletries, yay! Tomorrow is our check-out day. I am hoping that in the a.m. we can do a couple things we missed here at the hotel - it has a big aquarium for example. We paid extra to include stuff, so we might as well use it. After noon, we have a big taxi to drive us to Abu Dhabi for the second part of our trip.
  6. Oh and most game show hosts are just so weird. I can't take them, never could.
  7. Well, a lot of them, which is why I don't watch TV. But a couple who bug me a lot, though many people like them: Ellen and Anderson Cooper. I just never could stand them from the first minute, and still can't. ETA also Oprah. Just a great big drama queen. I have tried, I really have, but nope.
  8. I never have shred mine. I probably would just throw them out if I ever get around to decluttering that part of my closet. I agree with the idea to scan them first. That would definitely make the parting easier.
  9. I wish I had some great advice, but it sounds like you are dealing with pretty serious stuff. I assume you have looked into having her meds re-adjusted for what that's worth. In the short run, I would probably arrange things so as little as possible rides on your daughter's cooperation / responsibility in the morning. For example, have her shoes / bookbag in the car the night before, and some slip-ons by the door so there is no drama at home about final preparations. She can put her shoes on in the car or go to school in her slippers. If possible, have her driven there by someone who doesn't have a time issue - if she's late, it isn't anyone else's problem. As far as breakfast, is it possible she has an unknown allergy or sensitivity? I would just offer her a few choices that you know she can eat, and also keep a box of dry cereal in the car in case she refuses to cooperate at the breakfast table. She can also take her special toy in the car rather than waste time playing with it before leaving to go to school. The school should have something to offer as far as controlling her behaviors there. I am sure some teachers on this board have advice on that. Do you have a school or camp for her to attend during the summer? I will say, my kid with a somewhat similar (but milder) background turned a corner as she approached age 12. So hormones definitely play a role. We still have lots of challenges, but she is more often willing to make an effort to act right. I wish you all the best. I hope she turns a corner soon.
  10. Tough question, really. I have been in a similar situation. Without getting into too much detail, it could go either way really, but I think you should ask your child what he thinks he needs. I have heard of cases where a forced intervention just about destroyed the parent-child relationship without actually solving any problems. But other times, it is needed. That said, my child told me very seriously that although she has said those things, and has thought about them, she would never do it. She does not want me to involve anyone and will not cooperate if I do. So I am going with that for now. I can only hope this is the right thing. If she had answered differently, I probably would have acted differently. If this is hard for you to discuss with your son, is there anyone else you both would trust with something that personal?
  11. Well our luggage finally came about 12:30am. They weren't going to bother to tell us until morning, but I went down there and voila, there it was. Apparently most people think it's just fine to be without clean clothes in a hot country for >3 days. I had brought some emergency clothes in my carry-on, but I was really missing my personal toiletries. Glad that drama is over. Today we went back to the Dubai Mall to get the girls' nails done, but that project was aborted because it wasn't what we understood. My eldest was so mad, but she got over it. The mall had a food court with Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway, among others, so we had a nice dinner and that put everyone in a good mood. We bought some souvenirs for the kids' friends and a T-shirt for me. I got a pile of work out by early morning US time. I still have some more to do. I'll try to stick it out until at least 6pm ET when my clients' business hours are over. Then I will probably crash ... or stay up all night ... depending on whether I get my second wind.
  12. My first reaction is to run away from that. However, let's not be too hasty. You were not there in that meeting, and you don't know exactly what impression the client has of your experience, right? You don't really know your new boss or his communication style. It's one thing to lie and say Mary has been with the firm using X software for 5 years. It's another to allow them to believe the staff is capable of doing the job, andt not go out of your way to tell the client the person is brand spanking new. So in your situation, since you already left your previous job, I think I would do some research on / purchase & download the required software - something anyone would do. In the meeting, it would be awkward for any person to volunteer "I'm brand new and know nothing" to a client. I think there is nothing wrong with the strategy to ask a lot of questions and, if the issue of the new-to-you software comes up, you can say "I have worked with ABCware and I understand it is largely similar to XYZware which I am learning." In short, I think you can proceed without breaking your ethics in the short run. I would say (if you haven't already) that you do not lie to clients but you are willing to learn all you can to make it work. Meanwhile, keep your options open and be ready to run if your impressions don't improve with time. (I am assuming that staying with your previous employer is not a realistic option.)
  13. Up until like 6:something a.m.? working, still did not finish, back at it. It's 1:48p.m. here and we all way overslept. The kids are still asleep. Of course they didn't go to bed until like 3am so .... Looks like lunch isn't happening .... Need to go buy some t-shirts and bottoms. Maybe we will postpone the waterpark until tomorrow so we don't have to buy swimsuits. Our bags are supposed to come by about 11pm. No exciting plans other than working and enjoying the hotel amenities today.
  14. Howdy folks, belated happy Easter from Dubai! I think this is the first time I've been out of town on Easter. I figured it would not be much of an Easter since I'm in a Muslim country, but apparently Dubai is so diverse that they have Easter decorations all over the place. Our hotel even had "Easter breakfast" and a couple of egg hunts (which we were not able to participate in). One of my kids is still bummed about missing the grandparents. Then checking facebook, I heard about the bombings in Sri Lanka - yet another Easter terror incident - this also puts a damper on my vacation. But I suppose it does no good to dwell on it. Dubai is awesome. Today we went to the largest mall in the world, and later this week we'll have dinner at the top of the tallest building in the world. Our hotel is the Atlantis Palm, which is huge and includes a big water park and an aquarium among other things. Our initial flight to Boston was delayed, so we almost missed our flight to Dubai, and JetBlue decided to re-book us for the next day without even telling us. We demanded to be allowed on the flight (it wasn't full and they were still boarding when we reached the gate). But our bags didn't make it. We still don't have them - updated ETA is Monday night. We will have to buy some clothes. Maybe that flight insurance will pay off? Not sure if this is covered or not. Other than that, the flight was OK except that I could not sleep and my tailbone was hurting the whole time. I played about 100 games of "2048" on the game thing they provide on the plane. I tried to sleep it off at the hotel, but had a hard time due to a massive headache. But after some Tylenol this morning, I was fine. So ... it's 3:20am Monday here. I have some work to finish before I go to bed. About 25 tax returns and 30 audits to review - yes, the same ones I was supposed to do last week. Thankfully I don't feel particularly tired right now.
  15. FIghting down an anxiety attack as we have 2 hours before we leave and I keep hitting road blocks. I was hoping to at least have my computer files moved to my newer computer by now. UGH! I had better get on that. I will take my old computer on the trip, but want the files to be safe somewhere just in case. My friend and co-traveler suggested I buy travel insurance at the last minute, so I did ... it was so quick ... then I got an "is this real" message from my credit card company ... I said yes, but then started panicking kuz I had opened the website from a googled link rather than typing it in myself. I went on their site and tried to find my policy - it's not there ... I called and they can't find it ... well crap. Finally I talked to a human being who said their systems are slow and did confirm it was in process. BUT I did not have time for that! I need to go get the last clothes out of the dryer and get the kids started packing. After I start downloading files from my computer. But first I need to download the photos from my phone .... And a client just asked me when I'm going to send him the reviews he is waiting for. Well probably not today!!
  16. Reviewed/filed kid's latest school papers. Slept from about 5am to 10am?? 2nd load of laundry is in the washer. Clipped my nails kuz I don't want to have any grooming fuss on the vacation. Caught up on social media, emails, and news. Got about 10 interruptions regarding work issues, ugh. Half a cup of coffee done. Dear auditor: can you please stop asking new questions so I can get things done on my travel day? Dear internet: can you stop locking up every two minutes? Dear kids: I know it's your day off school, but do you have to play annoying music when I need to work? Dear clients: Take the day off so I can clear my to-do list!
  17. If he's not doing school then he can't just sit around ... in my family he'd be required to pay room & board, meaning work full time, and pay for his own car too. Maybe a little more "tough love" is in order. Then maybe completing 2 classes with a passing grade wouldn't sound so draconian.
  18. I don't think it's wrong to pray for a total stranger. But I would do it without asking permission. (Silently of course.)
  19. For me, I would want it to be more natural, stuff to climb and dig and "landscape," rocks and plants and maybe a stream, perhaps a shed with tools and materials for building forts and obstacle courses and such.
  20. I've never done this nor do I recall anyone doing it to me. I can't help wondering if people are sensing the troubles you are experiencing lately. If that is the case, I think it is kind of cool that they would reach out to you in a way they consider to be helpful. (Though I do understand why it feels awkward to you.)
  21. I would try to convince him that it would be a lot easier for him to just do enough to finish high school now, vs. starting a whole new program from scratch to get a document that many won't view as a "real" diploma. I would wonder if there are some drugs or other severe distractions involved. Girlfriend or something? Is he getting way too deep into one of those elaborate games? Is he under 18? If so, his parents can take away some of the possible distractions. I would also withdraw the parents' portion of car expenses unless he applies himself to graduate.
  22. Hi guys. I won't say Happy since it's Good Friday. I hope everyone has a peaceful one. I'm still stressed out, though I did get a bunch done yesterday. My critters are with my sister, and I got the Easter candy distributed. I took a long nap yesterday p.m. Obviously my days & nights are mixed up, but it doesn't really matter since I'm about to fly to the Middle East tonight. So now I hope I get some things done before I again succumb to sleep. All of the laundry. 2 or 3 loads. Transfer all files to my new computer. Send some items to the office for use in case of emergency when we are traveling. Work - review about 25 tax returns and 30 audits, send out a number of audit responses, info requests, invoices, and other emails. Get the kids to do their homework and pack their suitcases. Inspect / advise on both. Straighten up my room to ensure I am not forgetting any paperwork etc. Pay some bills. Make copies of kids' ID and adoption documents. Pack for 10 days of travel. Would still like to get a haircut if I can. Clean the kitchen / bathrooms enough so they don't stink when we return. Will probably get stuck helping housemate(s) pack and do other preparations for travel. Whatever I'm forgetting / whatever else gets done.
  23. Maids done, lawyer stuff done, except we need to discuss some issues that could not be resolved in the meeting. I went to Pat Catan's to return some stuff, only to be told that they aren't taking returns because they are in the process of going out of business. Apparently I am an idiot for not knowing this already. Got cash to pay the maids, and got a cheeseburger to eat on the road rather than mess up the kitchen. The maids decided to do stuff I specifically asked them NOT to do. Again. They move stuff around and it just creates more work at a time like this. But whatever. I should be doing some work now, but mostly I'm just decompressing at the moment.
  24. Stressed out again. Yesterday I got little done besides the audit, a nap, and some fusses with my kids. I have a lot of things that should have been done before today. Tomorrow p.m. we leave for "vacation." Today: Done: Kid 1 up at 5:45 to study. Kid 2 up at 6:20. Made breakfast & drove kids to school early so they could study / participate in review before school. They have 3 tests today. Coffee. Processed mail. Cleaned for the maids - kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and all my kids' clutter outside of their bedrooms. Put away some laundry. To do: Shower & get ready for the day. Write checks for investments. Get the maids started. Meeting at lawyer to sign wills / trusts / POAs .... Make return at craft store. Get cash to pay maids. Make chiro appointment(s) if possible. Make arrangements to get car fixed (insurance adjuster is supposed to call after inspection). Finish cleaning my room / file etc. Pay bill(s). Lots of work. Switch to new computer. Change out pet bedding. Pack up goodies for Easter for extended family, & hand-me-downs for nieces. Get hair cut. Some sort of exercise. Was going to go to TKD but forgot to take gear bag out of car trunk before taking it to the body shop. Kids do Easter eggs kuz we are not here for Easter. Laundry - so we can pack tomorrow. Make copies of kids' ID / adoption documents to take on trip. Whatever I'm forgetting. Whatever else gets done!
  25. Wednesday wipe-me-out day. Up most of the night watching old movies. Kid 1 up early to do homework. Kid 2 up, breakfast made, homework reviewed and corrected, kids packed and off to the school bus. Took out the garbage. Cleaned kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Shower, hair wash, ready to work in the office - meeting with the auditors for 6 hours. Dealt with car insurance and fixit companies. Various other work as I managed to get done. Kid 2 ready & off to horse riding. Kid 1 assigned to do homework. Helped with homework. To do: Sneak a nap ??? Work ??? Kid 1 finish homework & off to gymnasics. Kid 2 homework. Some sort of dinner. Read-aloud? Kids to bed. Whatever else gets done before I collapse.
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