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  1. I got my kids Tracfones for their 10th birthdays, and iphones for their 12th birthdays.
  2. I think it's fine as long as you aren't in close quarters with others most of the time. Yesterday I was talking to a friend who is heading off for a vacation this week. She wanted to stay at one of those treehouse resorts, checked all the places in 3 states, and the are all booked up. Makes sense - that would be great for socially distancing while still having fun. My idea of a nice vacation is to get away from everyone and everything ... hard to blame Covid spread on that. But the people I live with have other ideas, generally involving airports. We aren't even talking about planning our next trip at this point. If I wasn't so behind on my work, I'd consider renting a camper and doing a road trip. I don't worry about using public bathrooms any more, as I don't think Covid spreads from surfaces generally.
  3. Howdie, happy Tuesday. Mom 31257, prayers for your dad's situation. I got almost zero client work done yesterday, so let's just say I took a day off like normal people do (without guilt). 🙂 The friend get-together took up almost my entire day, between cleaning beforehand, cleaning/laundry after they went out in the downpour / played in the creek (and then dripped all over my kitchen) 2x, ordering dinner delivery (why must everything be harder than it needs to be), and having long chats with two of the moms. It was nice though. So today: Done: Kid2 to horse riding. Fixed the glove compartment after kid somehow managed to break it. Switched out the laundry, cleaned the goop out of the front of the washer. Ordered napkins for Sunday party. Caught up on emails, news, calendar, social media. Working on coffee 2. To do: Yoga, TKD practice. Lots of client work. Pick up kid2 from horse riding. A little reading. Make kids clean up party mess and practice instruments. Order cakes for Sunday party. Kids' music lesson. Get a haircut? Make Kid1 run. Make 2 donations. Watch 2 church services? 2 or 3 loads of laundry. Walk. Whatever else gets done.
  4. There is an exception for doing vigorous exercise. That said, our taekwondo dojang asks people to wear masks if they can, and so far I've only seen one child there without a mask. (I assume he has a health exception which is none of my business.) Just today, based on some new rules, they have said a mask is required if you are going to do anything that involves being less than 6' away from someone, e.g., any kind of two-person drill. If you can't wear a mask, they will assign you a drill that doesn't involve another person. Our rec center asks people to wear masks when walking through the building, but not during exercise. Kind of similar to restaurants where you take off your mask to eat.
  5. Staying positive in all this uncertainty, what am I looking forward to ... hmm ... being able to walk uphill without sweating buckets? Oh, also fall breezes and foliage! I really look forward to the time when realistic planning can resume ... I just don't know when that will be.
  6. Childhood - age 2, I was gonna jump off a tall dresser (onto a bed), got scared, and was "helped" by my 5yo brother (missed the bed). Got lots of stitches. I used to be proud of my jumping ability, so once I ran and jumped over a large pile of junk in the basement (my dad was cleaning). I didn't notice that on the far side of the pile, there was a broken glass bowl, which I landed on. My foot bled for a week, but Dr. Mom kept it under control without medical assistance. I do still have the scar. When little, I used to fall down the stairs regularly, not sure why. Which is funny, because my most lingering adult injury was also caused by falling down the stairs - this time trying to avoid dropping my computer and 2 half-full coffee cups. I am pretty sure I broke my tailbone. I couldn't sit for 3 days, but eventually the pain went away, until somewhere around age 50. Now I can't sit like a normal person without pain. Hoping to find a solution, as it sucks not being able to sit. I've also had a sore shoulder for many months because of doing an ordinary move in taekwondo. It is a lot better now than when it happened, so hopefully it goes away completely. Trying to do a little bit of running these days, and I do mean a *little* bit, but my shins always hurt unless it's uphill. Ugh. Once I cut off part of my fingertip by trying to cut potatoes while flustered. I frequently have bruises whose origin I can't remember. That has been a lifelong thing. I think recently it's because I play spar with my large children, who are 2nd degree black belts. Maybe I ought to stop doing that.
  7. My kids have some friends coming over in the afternoon, so we need to make the house ready for that. Meanwhile, I have work as always. Thought about doing laundry in the morning, but I'm not sure I'm up to it. The kids are still sleeping. Maybe 2 loads and leave them in the washer/dryer until the guests leave .... Whatever else gets done ....
  8. SKL

    Reopening schools

    Oh well, it is my personality to look for the bright side once the bad news has a chance to be absorbed. So ... on the positive side, I think, hope, that schools will take this opportunity to refine their online teaching skills and develop kids' online learning skills to a point where it becomes a real viable option in the future. And then, the costs of things like standard college courses can go down and make higher education more accessible, which has been a hope of mine for a long time.
  9. SKL

    Reopening schools

    Well that isn't how people acted in my school district. People really did lock down for months. The curve was flattened and the hospitals never came anywhere close to capacity. Deaths went down to zero for the whole state at one point. There is now a statewide mask mandate which people are following. All for what? Now they have recently increased the number of tests, so there is supposedly an increased number of positives, mostly mild cases of course - the ones that would not have been in the numbers at all previously. I guess our health department has unilaterally decided that there must be zero illnesses before we can open schools.
  10. SKL

    Reopening schools

    Well it's official, for the moment anyway ... my county's schools are going all virtual for the first quarter. Unless they change it again for the 12th time. I really don't think this is gonna inspire people to be more careful. People are beyond done and no matter what they do, crap upon crap happens.
  11. SKL

    Reopening schools

    I just wonder what the plan is to make sure that kids will graduate from high school with the knowledge they are supposed to graduate with. Or move from, say, alg2 to trigonometry with the requisite background, or how that's going to be remedied if they don't.
  12. We follow the laws, and we stay away from people who (a) have risks we know of or (b) choose to be more careful. We are very transparent with those we do spend time with. If they are OK with what we're doing, we're OK with what they're doing. Just like I stay away from my parents, they can decide to stay away from theirs. In my family, my sister and I are the only ones with young kids. The other 4 siblings can visit with my folks while my kids & I stay away. My choices are based on our specific family situation, but for us, IMO it is more important for my kids to have time with their peers than for us to go breathe on my parents right now. Each family can decide for themselves IMO.
  13. Happy Sunday! At last, a day when nobody expects anything of me! Wow! Done: Slept in. Cleaned the kitchen. Turned the garbage cans upside down so the rain water can drain out. Sent texts inviting kids' friends to hang out tomorrow. Caught up on emails, calendar, news, social media. Working on coffee 2. To do: Client work. Watch 2 online church services with the kids. Yoga, TKD practice, walking. A little reading. Make the kids clean their room, bathroom, and other messes of theirs, and practice their instruments. Catch up on the laundry. Make a schedule for Kid1 to practice running while school sports are not active. Catch up on some personal stuff like compiling personal tax stuff, donations, filing, etc. Whatever else gets done.
  14. Absolutely I would do it over risking loss of teeth. Loss of teeth is a serious health risk.
  15. SKL

    Reopening schools

    So I am wondering how schools (especially high schools) may be changing their curriculum or schedule where the start date is pushed back much. Maybe a topic for another thread.
  16. I agree there are still opportunities to get expose to germs, but I am concerned by the number of families who proudly say they have been almost nowhere and seen almost nobody for half a year ... and plan to continue this for much longer ... and apply various kinds of pressure on other families to do the same. I understand that this is not a choice for some families with specific risks, but IMO it doesn't seem to be ideal for most families. I guess we'll see down the line ....
  17. Yes, to clarify, I was also concerned about killing everything via sanitizers / antibacterial soaps ... seems just a year or two ago those advocating for "personal choice" re antibacterial soap etc. were the stupid, selfish ones. I thought the concern was that those banned products were going to cause superbugs to appear and destroy the human race. Haven't heard a word about that in 2020, and all those products are back on the free market and actively pushed by the government ... even though, last I heard, there is no evidence this helps against Covid.
  18. Is anyone else wondering whether social distancing, sanitizing, etc. are preventing people of all ages from developing /maintaining healthy immune systems? As this goes on for months and months, doesn't it increase the likelihood of more severe illness if/when one does get exposed - to Covid or anything else? What are your thoughts about this?
  19. My kids are now church members. The Confirmation ceremony was nice. My dad came, which was a nice surprise for my girls. We went out to lunch after, and then spent some hours with the girls' Godmother. Other than a little bit of house cleaning, I haven't really done anything productive yet. Not that I was expecting to get much done today. I'm supposed to be doing some client work though. I need to figure out how to walk 1.5 more miles though it just started raining. Might watch a movie with the kids tonight, though right now, nobody seems interested?
  20. Is there a reason to believe your mom would not tell you within the same day if her parent died (even without your asking)? Would it be OK to just ask her to let you know if anything changes? And then of course call her from time to time to check on her .... In my family, my mom or dad would call me the same day re death of someone so close. I assumed it was the normal protocol.
  21. Howdy, happy Friday! Another deadline day, and I am in need of focus to prioritize my work. I also have things to do to get ready for the girls' Confirmation service tomorrow morning. Done: A little walking and computer time before sleeping. Woke up at my leisure, since the kids' sports activities are canceled. 😕 Even so, I got up before 9am, which is a bit surprising. Yoga, TKD practice. A tiny bit of housework. Fed the bird. Caught up on calendar, emails, news, social media. Read half of a health article my friend sent me. Thought about work .... Working on coffee 2. To do: Prioritize work and send stuff out. Want to wash my hair and get a haircut, if I can fit it in, so I don't look scary in church tomorrow. Should probably decide on the menu for next Sunday's party. Or can that wait until tomorrow? Want to sit with my kids and do church-related things before tomorrow. If there's time, I'd like to read some of the readings they gave us parents last fall that I never got to.... Dinner out probably. Would rather skip it, but it's not my choice. Walking. Whatever else gets done.
  22. It's been at least 4.5 months since I have been home alone, and as an extreme introvert, it's practically killing me. Like you, I would play the piano if I had spare time alone. I don't like to play when others are in the house. 😞 I also like to do my cleaning projects when home alone (could be why my house is messy these days). Also doing yoga or other exercise outside of my bedroom. I could probably think of other things, but since I work at home, the work guilt keeps me from getting too relaxed.
  23. SKL

    Reopening schools

    Something seems wrong - how can the staff attack rate be way higher than the attack rate for age groups 18-21 and 22+? Or was this a family camp?
  24. SKL

    Reopening schools

    Well scratch everything I said yesterday. They have now shut down all music and sports everything at my kids' school, effective immediately. I am not happy. These summer activities are optional and do not force anyone to be exposed if they don't want to. The health toll on our communities from not allowing kids to opt in to sports and music will be way worse than the Covid impact of these activities would have been, and yes I am considering the fact that kids can spread Covid.
  25. Well along the lines of 2020 and nothing going as planned .... Kid2 had to leave the barn immediately because her instructor fell off her horse and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Kid2 was too freaked out to think or communicate about how I was going to go get her (12 minute drive). So she invited herself to be whisked away by her friend's mom, and has now spent the afternoon with them, and just texted to tell me it's time to pick her up. Also, church lady texted me early afternoon asking me to send photo of my kid in her confirmation gown. (I was waiting to see how the other kids' photos looked so my kid's would be mostly consistent. Said other photos were emailed to me this morning.) I saw the text come through, with the first few lines, but did not open it right away as I was busy. About 4pm I took the photos and got ready to text them ... but then I noticed that at the end of the church lady's text, it said the photos were needed sooner because the secretary was going on vacation at 3:30 today. And if she didn't get my photos in time, she'd use a school photo. Ugh! Oh well, I sent them anyway, so we'll see what happens. Why can't people give a little more notice when things are time sensitive? Now off to pick up my kid ... and then we will all eat & go to TKD.
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