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  1. Can you take a few strands and put them in a mini elastic in the back, in a way that’s not too tight or uniform? It will grow soon.
  2. Is long COVID autoimmune at all? Are people who suffer from autoimmune disorders more likely to get it? What about the children getting rashes on their feet? Is that a form of long COVID?
  3. Things are getting worse where I live. It started slowly at the end if summer and got much worse a couple of weeks ago. Everyone has been wearing masks in all public places. They say most of transmission is happening in people’s homes. There hasn’t been transmission in schools. At first it was mostly young people and then it moved into nursing homes again and we got more deaths. It makes me so sad. People in nursing homes can’t do anything to protect themselves. People are sick of isolating. I was in Michael’s the other day and it was busier than before Christmas prepandemic. I thin
  4. This is hard to describe: My fabric and paper lampshade is held up around a round metal frame with a narrow fabric border trim that was glued in place with sticky glue. The glue has mostly dried. I put it back on and it held but after 20 minutes it fell due to gravity. What can I use to stick it back on? I called the crazy glue company and they said not to use it on fabric. I know there are fabric glues. Will they work with the gravity problem? The border is a somewhat silky/nylony fabric and the shade is pleated/folded so the border does not touch the whole thing. They are both white t
  5. Clean all the dishes you used to make something while that thing is in the oven.
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a reason I have heard this old song on the radio about four times in the past few days? Or, just coincidence?
  7. Can you please direct me to funny websites, blogs, memes that I can read? Just not video or audio. I can’t listen right now.
  8. So the antibodies are specific to the virus? Are the trials going well?
  9. How can I help my child with essay writing so that he learns to do it himself and improves but so that I do not do it for him? He understands how to structure the essay and can think of ideas but cannot expand on the ideas or express himself that well. The essay becomes very short. So I try to offer suggestions but then he tries to get me to do the whole thing. Either he eats or plays or goes to the bathroom when I try to explain things or he cries that he is going to fail and so that he should not even try and goes off on that tangent instead of letting me ask him questions that will get
  10. Is this used for average citizens who get sick with Covid or just the elite? Or, is it most often used in severe cases? Does it have any risks/side effects? What is it made from? thanks
  11. Do any of these products have bad side effects?
  12. What mild and topical things can be done to reduce acne for a teen boy? He does not have oily skin and the acne is not in the t-zone but more on the sides of his face. It is not deep but there it is not a mild case. I put tea tree oil in his soap and have used witch hazel but that is not doing much. His hair is not on his face and not greasy.
  13. Which countries have significantly reduced their case numbers and what have they done?
  14. Which things can you eat and are tasty or have a neutral taste but that people don’t eat or consider food? It might be things we ate in the past but not anymore. Or things eaten in some parts of the world that most of the world does not eat.
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