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  1. If there are 15 kids in a classroom and windows cannot be opened because it is too cold and the kids are sitting spread apart for 3 hours and one kid has it, what are the chances the others will get it? I think pretty high. In three hours the air will diffuse through the whole class. In my area they want to open schools. They acknowledge that there will be cases and that kids can get sick and die but that if one child in a class tests positive they will test all the friends. Is this really enough? They want to open schools for mental health and so parents can work. What will the mental health of kids be if they see a classmate getting sick and dying? Is it not better if we wait a few more months? Also, I saw a doctor today acknowledge that even if kids are a symptomatic we don't know if the virus will affect them down the line.
  2. I was just looking at a Scientific American magazine from March 2018. There is a short paragraph in their "quick hits" section. It says: "A cave in Yunnan province houses bats that carry a type of coronavirus resembling the strain that triggered the global SARS outbreak of 2003, killing hundreds of people. Researchers hope studying these bats could help them develop a vaccine to prevent future epidemics." Yikes.
  3. Any vision problems? That's what it s for me.
  4. Mercy, you have posted many kind and caring words to me through the years. When I see your name the word "kindness" comes to mind. Sociopaths rarely have empathy for bullied people. They are usually doing the bullying themselves. ((Hugs)). We all have moments when we doubt ourselves. I hope yours passes quickly.
  5. How safe are play structures in parks if there are no other children on them at the time? They are closed where we live but they will probably open them. They keep talking about droplets. Will the droplet stay alive on a surface, especially in humid weather? For how long? There is no way I can stop my kids from touching their faces. I can't even do that very well.
  6. I think people will be posting their costumes online. Maybe candy in little bags that people leave on the driveway. Overall, I think there will be less houses participating and less kids on the street. Some cities or counties might even cancel trick-or-treating. I don't think a bunch of kids touching the same doorbell is a good idea so people will have to find a social distancing way to do things. I think most people will be celebrating at home.
  7. Have a set time once a week where you choose a new recipe that you will try out. Maybe something from a different country. If you do a different country each week you could also do other activities to go along with this. Virtual tour of country online; literature from country; music, dance etc. Once a week, after getting all ingredients, cook recipe as family. Study poetry together. Get them to choose a poem each and present it. Study a new language. Work on it one hour each day. Board games Have 2 read-alouds. Have the girls choose one they like. Also add a non-fiction book to spark discussion. We are currently reading a detailed kids book on politics and how politics work and one on the scientific method. Get outside as much as possible. Picnics in park. Also, play soccer, badminton. I agree that a schedule is a good idea.
  8. Okay, it sounds like s-mode really won't work. Which laptop would you recommend for a 14-year old high school student? What do most of them use?
  9. My son will be starting high school next year and I am thinking of buying him his own laptop. I have no idea which laptop to get him. Right now, all my devices are Apple but I don't think he likes Apple. The laptop would be to do homework, to participate in online school (Zoom, downloading etc.) if that is still going on and to do coding (he is learning coding) and some Minecraft. He might bring it to school occasionally, but probably not regularly but I don't want it to be expensive so it is not stolen and in case he breaks it. He is a boy who likes screens though I do limit him more than most kids his age. He has shown no interest in porn though he gets distracted by video games when doing homework. I am very scared of porn addiction because of discussions on this board and articles I have read and would like to help him avoid it. The person at Staples mentioned laptops in s-mode being good for high school students. The only concern is can he do everything he will need to do as a high school student with that? Will he be able to use all coding programs? Is a laptop in s-mode a good idea? What do most 14-year olds use (I want something that he can use for all high school).
  10. I agree with this in a way but comedians very often make jokes about their own ethnic backgrounds. This might be a big source of their material. If we don't watch their shows we are not supporting them. They don't want to be ignored. I'm not sure I phrased this correctly. Also, not all these jokes are put-down jokes but some point out diversity and celebrate it, in a sense.
  11. To make them healthier add vegetables like spinach, kale or cucumbers. Buy fresh local fruit now when it is in season and wash it and freeze it. You can also use fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit. Adding plain yogurt will also make it healthier.
  12. How can I explain to my 13-year old why it's okay for a black comedian to make jokes about black people but not for a white person to make jokes about black people? Any words, clear videos, web sites to help explain this?
  13. I have not seen this discussed here but I have seen staff in stores wear them. They are good for speaking and seeing a person's facial expression. How well do they protect? What do you think of them?
  14. I have not seen this discussed here but I have seen staff in stores wear them. They are good for speaking and seeing a person's facial expression. How well do they protect? What do you think of them?
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