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  1. My son is 13 and just starting to learn essay writing. It is not his favourite thing to do. Is there a fun way to help him learn? I am wondering if there are any online resources I could use. Cool or entertaining youtube videos? He particularly likes programs where he can get points and/or advance to higher levels. He needs to feel confident with essay writing and he needs to improve his writing skills in general.
  2. Thanks everyone! He is very calm now but so tired. He spent 2 nights awake and now he looks so tired. We got his hand looked at and there was nothing on the x-ray (I'm so thankful) and the bruising has gone down. It was bad. I was paranoid about getting sick from the other people in the waiting room. The whole x-ray process took a long time but it gave me peace of mind. There is so much going on right now with my other son in a bad mood, DH with medical stuff coming up and lots of appointments, my youngest with lots of activities to organize and homework that he needs help with and then just the regular cooking, cleaning and homeschooling that really takes up all the time. I feel like I need to catch up on the lost sleep from the other nights myself. I love the idea of a plan. I contacted someone and made an appointment to talk about that and spent about 4 hours on the phone today calling about services. I still have more calls to make and a bunch of forms to fill out. The whole pencil thing is a non-issue now. I don't think it ever happened and we were confused. I'm sorry to have worried everyone. Anyways, from now on there will be only crayons in his presence. They are more edible. I really hope my oldest gets his mojo back. He is so tired-looking right now.
  3. There are no urgent cares near me right now. What will they do for his hand?
  4. I really don't know if he swallowed anything. I am just guessing. DH doesn't want to go to the hospital. We will have to bring the whole family to a germ-infested place and wait for hours and him and my other DS touch everything. I am worried about his hand.
  5. He has gotten very upset in the past and then we found things he had swallowed like rocks, sticks, marbles. The other day, we had someone care for him and she left a bunch of color pencils everywhere. We cleaned up, even under the couches but what if we missed one. I don't think he could swallow a pencil unless it was short. Our children's hospital will not accept kids 18+ at all.
  6. I am not sure he swallowed a pencil. I am more concerned about his hand. The paediatrician is not there. If I call tomorrow they will tell me to go to the hospital if I am concerned. You are right. I need a medical emergency plan and more support.
  7. We think my son with special needs might have swallowed a pencil last night. It would probably be a short colored pencil. Anyways, he was screaming and frantic all night long and his self-injurious behaviour returned and we had a rough morning too though he is better or else exhausted right now but the top of his hand is red and a bit swollen but not deformed and his knuckle makes a noise or feels like it makes a noise when I move it. There is a big chance that he fractured his knuckle in some way. The only option I see is to bring him to the ER but what can they do really? If they gave him a cast he would hit himself harder with a cast and I can't imagine him sleeping or living with a cast. He has severe sensory issues and they absolutely rule his life. He would try to take it off in any way he could. He has never even allowed a bandaid. He is an adult now so he could not go to a children's hospital. This time of year the ER is full of people with flu (and maybe coronavirus) and the wait times can be 3-7 hours. We don't need more problems. We have enough. I don't even think they can do anything and I am feeling exhausted over last night. Will the red go away on its own? Will it heal itself because he is young. I am scared he will hit his hand again. I am feeling overwhelmed. He has been doing a bit better these days but not with swallowing stuff and then it hurts him. I feel so scared and sad and worried.
  8. Coasts or Mountains? I used to think oceans were best but now I think I could not choose. Both is best. I like forests, lakes and deserts too. Hopefully, the near future will allow me to spend more time in nature because it is one of the things I love most. I finally finished Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I got more into it than his One Hundred Years of Solitude. I am now reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us (non-fiction) by Paul Tough (Was this recommended here?). I am finding this second book really interesting. This is the most engrossing non-fiction book I have read in a while. For homeschooling, we finally finished Moby Dick. We also finished L'etoile du sud by Jules Verne and we are now reading Voyage au centre de la terre. We are also reading The Wanderer by Sharon Creech.
  9. We have been watching these on DVD and I am having a lot of trouble catching all the dialogue. I thought it was the British (and some Scottish) accents but I don't usually have problems with British accents. After a while, I thought it might be that the background noise is just too loud, making it hard to hear the dialogue. Anyone else notice this? DH is also having problems with this.
  10. A store that sells athletic equipment and apparel.
  11. Could you ask your library if you could do it there? Maybe they could advertise it with their other programming? You could put "quiet discussions" or something like that inthe description so as not to attract the wrong kind of person and then set ground rules the first week.
  12. I have kids with special needs and health problems. Through my interactions with researchers through the years I have gotten the impression that the veterinary sciences know a lot more about health than doctors for humans. Maybe I should dress my kids up in fur and bring them to a vet ...
  13. Hmm .... I don't know if he has low blood pressure but I tend to that, and even more as a teenager, but he is a teenage boy. How common is low blood pressure in teenage boys?
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