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  1. Teaching3bears

    Book a Week 2019 - BW8: 52 Books Bingo - Something New

    I read The Europeans by Henry James and I liked it. This author is "new to me" but I see a couple of you are reading other novels he has written. I am now reading Geisha by Liza Dalby. It is non-fiction about an anthropologist from the US who went to Japan in the 1970s to study geisha and became a geisha for a while as part of her research. A couple of weeks ago I read Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and book by Dalby was mentioned so I thought I would read it to see if it painted a similar picture and it does. For homeschooling we read Lyra's Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman. Which other books by Philip Pullman should we read? We have already read His Dark Materials trilogy and La Belle Sauvage.
  2. Teaching3bears

    Alternatives to OTT Lite?

    I discovered these lamps that I think will help me a lot with reading in the dark. I am thinking of buying one but I don't really like the styles they have. Is there another brand of special lamp for reading/crafts?
  3. Teaching3bears

    Verb usage in kids

    I knew a child who was impossible to understand until after age 10 ( I can't remember if verbs were a particular problem). As a teen this problem resolved and he became extremely gifted and ended up becoming very successful. You never know.
  4. Teaching3bears

    My blueberry muffins were too moist. Why?

    Yes, they were frozen. Maybe I will try less milk and oil instead of flour. Oil would be easier.
  5. I made some blueberry muffins. Here were the ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour 3/4 cups whole wheat flour 1/4 cup sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 cup blueberries 1 cup milk 1/2 cup melted butter 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon salt I baked them at 375 for 20 minutes. A couple were falling apart when I took them out. After a day in the fridge they are just too moist for my taste and not particularly amazing. I could not really taste the blueberry. Is there something I should tweak?
  6. Teaching3bears

    This article really spoke to me

    I think there is some truth in this article but it does not really explain why men do better in the workforce. While there is definitely an ultra-conscientious type and nine times out of ten she is female , I don't think most females, by the time they get to high school, are getting straight As, or being perfectionist at school. They might be doing better than boys and generally working harder but most are average or slightly above average. I think once they get to the workplace males are more conifident, they feel more confident showing that confidence outwardly and we let them show more confidence. I agree that men are allowed to make more mistakes. Also, I think we have a general deeply-bred stereotype of a male body being more competent. We listen to males more when they speak in meetings. Women in managerial positions are often more masculine in their physique or they do things to make themselves more masculine. If a woman becomes a politician her physical body, the way she dresses etc. is called to attention way more and this stops people from taking her seriously.
  7. Teaching3bears

    Holocaust Art Teacher

    So nice to know that there are people who want to create, inspire, teach and give even in the midst of such evil times.
  8. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    So, now they both have bad colds. The giggly often coincides with colds. Putting them in school is not an option and homeschooling has been absolute biggest blessing in their lives. My health is generally fine (unless I catch this cold).
  9. Teaching3bears

    If you used to have a microwave and now don't...

    We put ours away in the basement many years ago. It used to be white. Now it is yellow. We took it out for kitchen renovations. I don't miss it. I didn't like the yucky smells it made. The noise agitated the kids. It took up room. We use an air popper for poppcorn. It had bad karma.
  10. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    He is walking better today, though still limping. I am so grateful!
  11. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    I think he pulled a muscle or hurt his knee in some way. It is not swollen or red at all but he is really having trouble walking and going up and down steps.
  12. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    Both boys were laughing. The older boy was laughing the most and kept us up all night. He was not the one with the hurt leg. He fell asleep at around 2:00 this afternoon and now it is 6pm. I don't know when he will wake up.
  13. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    I have asked him about voices. He has always indicated that he is not. He just cannot control the laughing and he does not like laughing this way.
  14. Teaching3bears

    Prayers and support for rough night and day and I need to vent

    It just looks like he's on drugs. I did discuss it. The neurologist did not think the laughing was seizures.
  15. My special needs teen sons had a rough night. My oldest could not sleep last night and he laughed all night which woke up his brother. His brother slept this morning but when he woke up his face was puffy and he is limping badly. We went through this last summer. He limped for a few weeks and then got over it but this seems worse and what if he broke his leg? Nothing seems swollen but this normally hyperactive boy is really going slow and and avoiding using it though he was laughing for an hour when he first woke up. My oldest has been laughing all morning really loudly which probably woke him up. All the loud laughing is really getting to me. I did not sleep last night and I am feeling very sad about the bad night and my son limping. It's just hard to hear so much laughing. I tried reading to them and they were laughing and then my oldest started to fall asleep so I brought him upstairs but he got hyper once he got there even though I was reading again and then he took off all his clothes three times till I gave up and brought him down. My life is very difficult and doesn't make sense. I sometimes wonder if there is some spiritual reason our lives are so bad and my children are suffering so much. I feel like eating lots and lots of candy. Homeschooling was going well and we were reading so much until last night. I am thinking of getting my sons tested for drugs. The weird laughing makes me feel like they have drugs in their system. My oldest has been laughing like this since he was two and stopped talking. I am not talking about real drugs because they are with me all the time just like babies because their special needs are so severe but I feel like it's almost like their bodies produce drugs. I wonder if I could get them tested for drugs, both illegal and over the counter? I understand this post will not make much sense. It is full of run-on sentences and I live a really really weird and surreal life and the post makes me come across as crazy but I am not and just needed to vent.
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