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  1. What are the things that you do regularly that make your life better? Here are some of my good habits: washing dishes right away Making bed every day I can’t think of any others which probably means I need more!
  2. I bought a healthy pot of mums about 10 days ago. It rained a lot and then I watered it more and the leaves got droopy. I thought I had overwatered so I left it a few days and it hasn’t rained but the leaves still look droopy, just more dry. The flowers are okay so far. What should I do? I really want them to live a couple of months. They are so pretty. I seem to kill all flower baskets :(
  3. I have taken it and given it to my son who often reacts badly to things and he did not react badly. It is a natural supplement. I think it is made from citrus.
  4. DS13 will be taking a long swimming class. The class will end fairly late and I want him to go to bed when he gets home. I will give him a snack right after the class. I think he will need a lot if carbs. What is a good snack for after a big workout and right before bed?
  5. Young kids love sledding. It is better to take them on smaller hills so they don't get hurt. If you want to play in the snow make sure you have snow pants, very warm jackets, good boots, gloves, hats and scarves.
  6. Zucchini boats. Basically, chop off ends, cut in half lengthwise. Bake in a bit of oil. Cover in pizza toppings: tomato sauce, cheese, other and bake until done. Easy, fast, filling.
  7. Most books I get at the library because we read so much. I go every week and lugging them back and forth is laborious because of their quantity. I buy books from thrift stores, garage sales and the library used book store which is really good. Things I can't find so easily I get through Amazon. I have also gone to a homeschooling store about an hour away in the past. Space became an issue and still is so I get rid of books that nobody is going to read anymore and that are not extremely sentimental or rare. This is painful though.
  8. yes, he was male and older but this happened a while ago so I hope he is retired. it's more the childbirth bleeding he was talking about.
  9. how much she bleeds every month or how much she bleeds during childbirth (either vaginal or c-section)? If a woman bleeds too much is she to blame or is it possibly due to a flaw of character? I would have thought it was not in her control but an obstetrician once insinuated otherwise (though I might have misunderstood). Anyways, I am curious if the amount of blood is purely a physical phenomena or associated with something more psychological that I don't know about.
  10. Also, is there another town nearby that might be nicer for staying?
  11. Is this a nice place to visit in the fall? Is it a nice town? The fort looks good. What else would you recommend doing? Is there anything to do if it rains?
  12. I finally finished The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Unfortunately, I really did not like it. The writing was good but just not enjoyable to me and the book was just so negative with so much foreshadowing of all the bad stuff that was to come. I also felt the author was really trying to shock rather than tell a story. I read I'm Supposed to Protect You From All This by Najda Spiegelman. It was non-fiction based on her mother's life, her grandmother's life, her own, and their relationships. I appreciated her effort to try really hard to find the truth and then admit that she could not completely. I read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was a captivating thriller who-dun-it and hard to put down at times.
  13. It could be. I am tired and he loooooves tricking me.
  14. I thought he might be but then I didn't when it worked for my other kids but not my husband.
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