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  1. Interesting. This condition is usually detected in newborn screening so I know my kids don't have it. Anyone heard of any other problems it can cause?
  2. Do people ever react badly to these? Why? Can they cause a burning sensation? I understand that MCT oil contains Caprylic acid but is it better tolerated and/or less likely to cause a burning sensation?
  3. He's not bad at directions but he loves the GPS so he has not had a lot of chance to use that skill. Interestingly, I have a bad sense of direction which might correlate with my subpar strategy skills?
  4. He played chess for a while but got tied of it.
  5. paving and window cleaning. It was okay. For the time they spent I think they charged a lot but probably not more than if I found someone online.
  6. Yes, he definitely cares more, likes them more and wants to win a lot more. His favorite strategy game is Stratego which we got about a year and a half ago. I can't stand the game and he wins very quickly. Still, he even tries to use strategy to win when we play Scrabble. he does not want to play it without points. I did not play a lot of games as a child and when I did it was only with other children. The one that perplexes me though, is Connect-4, where you have to have 4 disks in a row. It is a simple game and I enjoy it. He always, always wins! It's like he can predict all the possible moves in advance.
  7. Do these work? Are there any bad side effects? Can they hurt your health? your teeth? How long do you need to leave them on? How often should they be used and how long till results can be seen? Are there brands you like?
  8. Why is my 13-year old son so much better than me at games of strategy? He has been better at most games since the age of 8 or 9. He is better than my husband too. When compared with others his age I think he does really well though many are equal to him or a bit better. I am still much better at word games, trivia games and some games that maybe use more organizational skills than strategy though I wonder if this will change in the future.
  9. I guess i’m used to seeing the human skeletons and they look silly to me and they have to be hung so I don’t associate them too much with death. I never saw a horse skeleton before and so I was not used to it and it made me sad. They were life size and standing up (one might have been bent over and eating) A bit like the pretty lit deer at Christmas but missing something. Maybe if i see more I will get used to them. They probably were plastic. Halloween decor is changing faster and faster. I keep seeing pumpkins in new colors and new and more elaborate decorations all the time.
  10. I saw this on a lawn near me. It is supposed to be for Halloween but it did not feel Halloweeny to me. At first I thought they were dinosaurs because I am used to seeing dinosaur sleletons. There was a bigger one and a smaller one. I feel sorry for the dead horses. Am I missing something? Is this the new trend?
  11. I hear you. I have never loved meat. it was one of those things I ate to live rather than lived to eat. The past couple of years though I find myself wanting it a lot less. Maybe hormonal. I am still eating it though in small quantities and not every day. I can't make bean meals because my oldest gets bad moods from them. Strangely, I find myself craving whole grains, which I never have before: quinoa, oatmeal, sunflower seeds ... Also, I could have eaten a Greek salad every night for dinner in the summer. Be careful that you are getting enough B12 and be careful of soy.
  12. Sloppy Joe’s are pretty easy and filling. Make things ahead of time and freeze ie. meatballs, chicken breasts.
  13. Water all day until you are peeing continuously. Chicken soup. Emergency-C or equivalent. Probiotics. Rest. Rest. Rest. Watch or read something that makes you laugh and takes your mind off things. I think you will be better in time to go back to work if you rest and drink lots of liquid.
  14. Also, maybe she can help with physical chores? Mowing, raking, weeding, carrying laundry around the house, dusting, bringing groceries in, cleaning floors, etc.
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