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  1. Can you watch YouTube on the Show? I would like to be able to watch my kids from another room. Are you saying I need two Shows to do this or can I use my phone or something else?
  2. The ‘show’ sounds good for recipes and so they could watch videos while I cook. Does it show any videos off the internet? Can you also use it for podcasts and music like the echo dot?
  3. They like everything but they don’t participate much. I already have iPads but really I need to help them the whole time. They don’t do video games. They tend to appreciate things passively. I will get them more educational toys and art supplies but these are not too expensive and I have money which I will lose if I don’t spend. I have a catalogue for special needs toys and equipment, etc. so the special needs stuff is fine. The problem is that I don’t really know what’s out there in general in terms of technology, craft equipment, home entertainment and kitchen stuff. I was just thinki
  4. I might get another one just so I don’t have to keep dragging it up and downstairs. Should I get a slightly different product?
  5. I have the opportunity to spend money for entertainment, education for my kids. Is there anything you can think of? I am not very good at spending money. I tend to be minimalist, get my books at the library kind of person. I want things that are useful and not just take up room in our house and cause me stress. It is mostly for my teen sons who have severe special needs. There are not a lot of things they are capable of doing and we have a lot of toys that mostly sit in our house or they touch them and rip them up or chew them. But there are some things that are entertaining to the
  6. I saw the bedding and I thought it was very joyful ... .... but then I saw the puppy. I’m not even a pet person but that one is real cute!
  7. How many mothers have their small children do their makeup? This commercial seemed very off to me.
  8. thanks, but now i see i didn't write my post clearly. I don't want those things on the pedals. Are they separate or pre-attached?
  9. Can you recommend podcasts for me and my teenage sons to listen to? All topics are of interest. What are your favourite podcasts? These are the ones we are listening to now and I want new ones. Stuff you should know in our time national geographic scientific american
  10. I am thinking of buying one. I notice that most nowadays have straps that go over your foot on the pedals. When you are assembling the bike, do you have to put those on the pedals or are they pre-attached?
  11. I assume when people say cashless they are talking about cards or payment through phone or at home through computer. That can get inconvenient because of passwords, having to log in and credit card fraud. What about face recognition or fingerprint. Will that be the next step? I am not saying it is good or bad but just saying that we might go there in the farther future.
  12. We will probably move to cashless at some point but oh, the joy of the piggy bank. Somehow a card or an app isn’t the same, especially for a 5-year old.
  13. Interesting thread. It made me think and I learned so much in a few minutes just scrolling down.
  14. DS14 is volunteering an hour a week online with a seniors home. He was going to just talk to them but the coordinator says many just answer yes or no to questions and she is suggesting that DS makes a presentation to a group of them online on a big screen instead. An hour is long for him to prepare each week. I thought he could read to them a bit, make a shorter presention and then maybe some sort of demonstration ie. he could show some of the Tinker crates he made. I need more ideas for demonstrations, some ideas for presentations and general ideas of what he can do for an hour. H
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