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  1. I’m so sorry that you’re hurt. It stinks, and there’s absolutely a sting — to put it mildly. It’s ok to sit with that, and feel it for a bit. Being hurt by family, your safe people, hurts. It’s a hard place to be. Give yourself some space to acknowledge that. Then, if it’s difficult to move past that hurt — I’m going to suggest therapy, if you can find that elusive unicorn: a kick-butt therapist. Even an adequate one could do trick, just be sure you connect with that person and can build trust. CBT was most helpful here. It’s not a huge time commitment, an hour a week, and the pay off is enormous. Everything else — talking to friends, books, etc — was helpful but didn’t teach me to change my thinking and behaviors around the subject in question (whatever that may be). Hugs.
  2. Everything prairiewindmomma said. I would call the pedi, the allergist and the derm — even if you haven’t seen them yet. Maybe try to get in early. I would want that seen, because it’s not improving. Take lots of pics and keep good records. Hugs. Allergies are hard. We have multiple food allergies here, too, plus skin stuff.
  3. I buy hair and face products that I really like, and work well for my hair and skin. They can get pricey, I’m sure I could have clean hair and a clean, moisturized face for less, but I like my stuff. I spend extra on make up that makes me extra happy, too. We have housekeepers come every other week. They. Are. Awesome. NYT — I love, love, love NYT Cooking. We only added it to our subscription recently, and it feels like I’m getting away with something when I use it. Love it.
  4. What I think of as “regular” grocery splurges: Grass fed beef Salmon Good coffee (Java Planet these days, because I need low acid but I am still a coffee lover) Good cheese And this. So much this. My sister keeps Kosher, and 30 years ago we’d comment that everything Kosher cost 3 times as much as non-Kosher. It was unfathomable to me at the time (I was also in my starving student days back then). Little did I know that allergy friendly foods and ingredients would be the same, and in our future. Our grocery bills are sky high. And there’s a lot of research, ordering and shipping involved. I shudder to think how much money we eat each month.
  5. I’m so sorry she had that happen after the Xolair. How does she manage the idiopathic anaphylaxis? I have just learned about idiopathic anaphylaxis, unfortunately. I had it twice in one week about ten days ago. Horrible. They did start me on Xolair, with samples pending approval, but I am constantly wondering if it will happen again. I worry about what to eat, and supplements and meds. It really gets in your head.
  6. Wow, so many in your family! Was Xolair helpful for them? Obviously not for DIL, yikes. I’m glad she was in the doc office when that happened! How scary.
  7. Especially if you are living with it. I want to know everything you are willing to share. Any experiences would be appreciated. What are your symptoms, if you have it? How do you manage it? And if you’ve had anaphylaxis as a result — how do you manage to eat without constantly looking over your shoulder?
  8. Not a game, exactly, but I enjoy the same types of games you list occasionally, so maybe we are similar enough that this might work for you, too: Duolingo. Pick a language or two and go.
  9. I’ll have to try that! We added eggs in recently, when one kid outgrew egg allergy. We make mashed potatoes often, just with stock and earth balance, salt, pepper, spices. Egg sounds interesting!
  10. This thread inspired me to make GF, DF hot cross buns — and everyone was so happy with them! Also, we made DF scalloped potatoes — another first for us, and it was a huge hit. I don’t usually try to recreate traditional dishes to fit our allergy profile, but this was fun, and everyone loved it. Yay!
  11. I think I would talk to to DS about it and see what he thinks. My 12 yo would think this is a really strange text, and maybe meant for someone else. Maybe focus on doing some fun college visits — our local universities do a lot of fun days, and activities, theater, events — so maybe not college visits, but just getting comfortable and familiar. Then maybe we’d have conversations at some point about what career options in trades might look like, throughout life. And what other options might look like. How would they be different, why might one appeal over the other? I know you feel undermined. I would be bothered, too, with that history. For now, focusing on taking back or keeping your influence seems important. So that’s where my effort would go. At age 12, we have a lot of visibility into the texting etc that our kids do — so keep an eye on that, too.
  12. Thinking of you all tonight, and hoping for the best possible outcome. Parenting is so, so hard when there’s mental health stuff involved. Huge hugs.
  13. Oh, I thought of another thing we like that I have not seen listed — the sealed packs of pulled rotisserie chicken are great for quick soups and chicken dishes. I sometimes pick one up to have on hand or freeze. Their rotisserie chickens are the only ones we buy. Need I mention the diapers there? If not using cloth. This helped with the best baby gift we ever gave to a nephew — a year of diapers, case by case from Costco. That was fun!
  14. Oh! If you need Udi’s bread — GF — this is the place to buy it. $9 ish for two of the largest loaves I’ve been able to find. Our local groceries carry tiny loaves for considerably more.
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