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  1. Side note: My DS would like to hear more about writing scripts for Roblox. 🙂 Wanna share?
  2. You're not alone. We pay for everything we think is reasonable, and I think it’s probably more than some would agree with us on. That’s ok, everyone is different. Once in a while there’s a big “want” that we think is a bit over the top, and we will suggest the kids save up for it. They do have an allowance, though it’s not tied to chores. (They do regular chores because that’s part of being in a family, and they participate in our lives and household.) If we think it makes sense when they are actively saving for something - we will offer some suggestions for jobs for which we are willing to pay. But our kids don’t often have wants that we find unreasonable, honestly, I don’t think there’s a right answer here. I think all families are different, and most kids are going to be just fine, no matter how we handle this. 🙂
  3. DD is in 2nd grade. She needs a new book series, and I’m hitting a wall on what to try next. This school year she decided to read all the Magic Treehouse books, all the Merlin Mission books, and the Fact Checkers, too. She did it. She’s even read the most recent releases in both series, and the first book of the new “Super Editions.” She’s reading Roald Dahl at the moment, but would prefer a series. The MTH series was probably slightly below her reading level, but she enjoyed the characters, and especially the later books and the Super Edition book. She loved Zoey and Sassafras - but flies through those in an evening. Any ideas?
  4. Not a teen here, but I used it for peripheral neuropathy for 15 years. It helped my pain tremendously. I wasn’t depressed, but figured any happy side effects couldn’t hurt. I gained weight. Libido tanked. But getting off? Oh my. I tried off and on for five years. I was at a very high dose, and had to titrate down extraordinarily slowly. At one point I was breaking open capsules and counting beads. Sometimes I would take a break and stay at the same dose for months, to ease the withdrawal. I wasn’t sure it was worth it, and contemplated staying on it forever just because the withdrawal was so bad. The withdrawal is BRUTAL. (I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever used all caps on this board.). I finally got off completely 2 years ago. The final push getting it out of my system - oh my gosh. It took a good six months to be me again. The withdrawal symptoms were as Heathermomster described above, and they don’t sound horrible - but, holy cow, multiply what you think those words mean by 100. There was also pain - muscular, dizziness, fatigue, and extreme irritability and irrational anger. And the depression. I don’t tend to depression, so that was a shock. Suicidal thoughts are a big part of it, for everyone, from what I hear. Doing the extremely slow titration lessened all of the above withdrawal symptoms, FWIW, and made it mostly bearable, with the exception of the last push through at the end. That, I look back on and feel grateful to have survived. To be honest, I would discourage anyone from getting on that drug unless you’ve tried every other option.
  5. It really is. 🙂 I’m at the paint store (swoon) getting samples, and will post pics later.
  6. Soft fern is beautiful. I need another room. Hahahaha! Seriously, I have a paint addiction. We have a local faux finisher, who does amazing work, and I have a fantasy of doing an apprenticeship with him and faux finishing. I’ve done some, but not like his work. He’s going to retire soon, I see a niche opening up...
  7. Ha! Yes, I do love color. We have a warm neutral high ceiling foyer and upstairs hall, and a warm beige in the living room and office. Everything else - color. Love color. ... off to look at green. 😊
  8. Love the Hawthorne Yellow. Henderson Buff is similar to the current color of the great room. With the lighting and room as it is, it’s not quite right and has been called “baby puke yellow” (by whom I won’t say to protect their identity!) Now I’m laughing because Tranquil Blue was in our bathroom at one point. Hahaha! Love that color. Van Deusen is my favorite. I would that work in a large basement room? It’s seems dark, but I would dearly love for it to work.
  9. Yay Ben Moore! I adore yellows. The hall and guest room are perfect, but the particular color is too dark for the great room (I think). I’ll check out the yellows you mentioned, thanks! Oddly, we keep thinking blue, so I’ll check those, too. I’m weirdly irritated that we are considering the Revere Pewter because it’s so ... not “us.” It feels way too safe, and not enough character somehow. I’m not explaining that well. I think it’s too neutral for me, and feels like the rushed, safe pick. I tend to warm colors generally, but pretty open to almost anything.
  10. We had a recent water damage event, ugh. It’s resulted in the need to repaint our basement great room in a hurry, and I need help choosing a color in a flash. Stairwell, hall and basement guest room are a warm shade of yellow, with warm wood floor. The paint color seems to change depending on the light, and I love it. It doesn’t exactly scream yellow, it’s got orange undertones. I can’t describe it, but I adore it. The guest room down there is my favorite room in the house. We won’t be changing those colors. That hallway opens directly on a huge great room. Sliding glass door is the only natural light. We have recessed lighting and track lighting, and overall it’s very well lit. Still, we need a light-ish color, I think. We have an espresso colored leather sectional, and black expedit shelving with turquoise bins. There are red accents throughout. Though we can change out the bins/accent pieces if needed. Lots of bookshelves. It’s a huge space that wraps around to an L shape with a game table nook. The floor in the great room is grey slate tiles, with some color variation in the light terra-cotta range. And ... the biggie: an enormous turtle habitat. It is 6’ x 5’. 150 gallon pond with rocks and waterfall, and floor to ceiling forest stream mural behind it. Lots of forest greens there. I’m at a loss. Any ideas? We use Benjamin Moore paints, so their colors are best. We are looking at Paul Revere Pewter. But not sure that would work. We don’t want to end up with a Chip and Joanna Gaines look. (Snort! Don’t ask!)
  11. I am glad you mentioned this. We all need to make informed choices about that. Our family’s allergist has asked that we stop using nightly Benadryl for DS (he had issues with itching at night due to allergies, so had been on nightly Benadryl at doc’s suggestion). She gave us the studies to read, and while there is no hard data that it will affect younger people, she does not want to take chances. We now use Benadryl only on occasion when needed for allergic reactions or hives. In a family with sleep issues, it’s hard not to have Benadryl in the mix. We use a specific brand/type of melatonin (the others don’t work for us), and some serious sleep hygiene routines. Hoping for more ideas here. Oh, I too find that wine makes me wake in 4-5 hours. Though that doesn’t stop me on lots of nights! I do love a good zin.
  12. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. On the difficult woman question: I would ask him directly. If he has a conflict of interest, he should tell you.
  13. Definitely go. My close friend IRL ended up hospitalized.
  14. Oh, ouch. I’m so sorry. I had it a few years ago, and it was utter misery. DS and I had it at the same time. It was ... awful. I’m sure I posted here about it, but will likely never find that thread again. There were news articles that year about a bad strain going around. Whatever we had - whoa. We both lost our finger and toenails later, too. I hope it is easier on you than it was here.
  15. I make changes all the time. Small ones, big ones. I like change. It helps that my stylist and I have evolved into friends. She comes over and we play with hair. Incidentally, I let my kids play with their hair, too. We’ve all had many colors and cuts. I can’t go too long, my hair is on the thin side. And, oddly, after I lost a lot of hair during medical treatments a few years ago - my hair grew back curly. That’s been an adventure. I am currently in the vicinity of Riley Blue from the show Sensate. But my hair curls more. That’ll change soon...
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