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  1. Spryte

    Communication with Lawyer

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. On the difficult woman question: I would ask him directly. If he has a conflict of interest, he should tell you.
  2. Definitely go. My close friend IRL ended up hospitalized.
  3. Oh, ouch. I’m so sorry. I had it a few years ago, and it was utter misery. DS and I had it at the same time. It was ... awful. I’m sure I posted here about it, but will likely never find that thread again. There were news articles that year about a bad strain going around. Whatever we had - whoa. We both lost our finger and toenails later, too. I hope it is easier on you than it was here.
  4. Spryte

    How often do you get a totally new hairstyle?

    I make changes all the time. Small ones, big ones. I like change. It helps that my stylist and I have evolved into friends. She comes over and we play with hair. Incidentally, I let my kids play with their hair, too. We’ve all had many colors and cuts. I can’t go too long, my hair is on the thin side. And, oddly, after I lost a lot of hair during medical treatments a few years ago - my hair grew back curly. That’s been an adventure. I am currently in the vicinity of Riley Blue from the show Sensate. But my hair curls more. That’ll change soon...
  5. You need a different doc. If you live your old doc, why not drive? FWIW, I see my long term family practice doc for routine care (my care requires 3 month checks, so more than annual) - and she’s 2 hours away. She’s worth it. Sick visits are at the urgent care.
  6. Nope. Not anymore. We used to. All I care about now is getting stuff out of our house to people who can use it. I don’t care if that’s a friend, neighbor, freecycler, thrift shopper or the recipient of whatever truck comes through collecting donations. We give away a lot of stuff, honestly. And we’ve always itemized.
  7. Spryte

    Curious-where do you donate your stuff?

    I’m in the “whoever will take the stuff” camp. Freecycle is my first shot, then I save it for the trucks that come around every month or two. If that doesn’t work, a local thrift for animal rescue, or Goodwill or the Sal.
  8. Spryte

    Sad topic - Alzheimer's ???

    Going through this with three aging parents, all in different stages. Sigh. Get B12 levels checked, check and recheck for a UTI. If you’re at the beginning stages ... Be mentally prepared for him to have one of his better days and pass the 30 point oral test they do in the office with flying colors. I have learned that it’s good to schedule appts at a time other than a parent’s most alert time of day. For example, my mom has a two hour window each day that is her sharpest time of day. I used to schedule all appts then, but her therapist told me not to do that, that docs need to see her at her normal level, not that small window. Huh. Ok. Makes sense. Make a list of examples and instances that worry you. Take it, but also be prepared that some docs want to hear mostly from the patient, not the tag along extra brain (aka caregiver), so if you can have your dad participate in the list, and relay the info, that’s even better. Good luck, it’s not an easy path.
  9. Wait. We are twins?
  10. So frustrating. DH and I have many friends affected. Not us, but it’s definitely having an impact on people we care for. We’ve been affected in the past, though, big time, and it hurt. I’m sorry, OKBud. It’s a crummy thing to happen.
  11. We have a T and N Mint. I like it, haven’t found it to feel hot. We have outgassing concerns and it was the most affordable we could find that fit our needs for low/no outgassing.
  12. Spryte

    Gift ideas for 13 yr old boy?

    Thank you! I think we are going to do a book (Ready Player One) and Magic the Gathering cards, plus some cash. DS (14) finally came up with some ideas. Though I’m double checking that both of those pass the Mom Test, and if they’re a no go ... all cash it is.
  13. Please help? He’s 13, plays baseball. I don’t know details about what he’d need or what teams he likes. He used to love superheroes and Lego, which was our go to gift, but not sure if that’s too young now. We are stumped here. He goes to PS, in a gifted program, and while he’s similar to my 14 yr old in lots of ways, he’s not as easy to buy for. Any ideas?
  14. I could do it. I would seriously miss my kindle app, though. My eyes prefer adjustable font sizes. I wonder if a straight up kindle, with no other bells and whistles, just books, is ok? Nav I could do with the car’s system, I think. Now I kind of want to try, just for kicks.
  15. Monica, I love that idea, thank you!
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