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  1. We’ve been in a rut for a while now, and this thread is my favorite thread at the moment! Thanks for starting it. I tend to like anything with broccoli and cheese. Absolutely anything. Serious comfort food there. Not dinner, but I like keeping the cream cheese and egg pancakes on hand for snacking. I think they are from I Breathe, I’m Hungry? I make them without sweetener or anything, and use wrapped with sandwich meats and cheese, or with swerve sprinkled on as a quick sweet treat when one is, ummm, needed. We are nut free here, and Dd is anaphylactic to dairy/DS to avocado
  2. This is separate from the original secret pizza shop worker? Another transmission probably from just picking up a pizza? I might be confusing two stories, here.
  3. Sweet! Congratulations! So happy for them, and for you!
  4. Carb Manager rocks! Welcome to Keto! I started in 2016 at a doc’s suggestion. I’m not hard core about it all the time, but always Keto inspired. Lost the weight I wanted to lose fast, and have kept it off. I have Hashimoto’s, PCOS, Addison’s, a slew of auto-immune issues, and I take steroids every day. Losing weight is a feat, and Keto has been my only route. I Breathe, I’m Hungry has some great recipes.
  5. Cheese is my nemesis as well. Did you know that the five essential food groups are actually cheese, bread, chocolate, coffee, and wine? I swear it’s true! I don’t struggle with cheese as much at the moment, as I’m on a Keto-inspired diet (going on 5 years now), but I’ve found that eating really excellent cheese once a week helps cut the daily craving. So a very nice cheese and charcuterie board with good olives on Saturdays kind of tides me over. Mainly I wanted to say that a craving for cheese and salty types of foods often coincides, for me, with something being out of wha
  6. My mom likes the prismacolor pencils. She started using adult coloring books a few years ago, and finally settled on those as her favorite. Markers are not her favorite, it’s less satisfying to her, somehow. Get a good sharpener, too.
  7. My recipe says it can be done the way you describe, just bake longer since it will be cold from the fridge. We sub GF bread, so the one time I tried to prep the day ahead, we ended up with mush. So GF bread does not work well that way, though I think regular bread would be fine.
  8. Candy, of course. For us, this is a big deal. We order from No Whey, so it’s nut free, dairy free, and basically free of everything - but pricey. It’s the one time the kids get things like little candy bars or m ‘n ms. Food allergies are the bane of my existence! Stockings are my absolute favorite thing to do, so we have an overflow area, too. We have ridiculously large stockings, too. Oops. This year there will be art supplies (special, coveted pens), book lights, eye masks for sleeping, various holiday themed little gifties from Ulta (this varies, but I got a ton of little ite
  9. I am so, so sad for all of you, and so very sorry for your loss.
  10. Oh, I’m sorry about the MCAS souvenir. Is that a common occurrence after Covid? I wonder what that means for those of us with MCAS already? Aack. (As an aside, how are they treating yours? I was new to MCAS just before Covid, and haven’t been in to the doc to discuss much since.)
  11. Same here. We’ve always had Apple TV, which is just a box that lets you use apps on your TV. So Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, whatever. And you can rent/purchase movies or shows through the store. Lots of app options, more than I listed. AppleTv+ is different. If you subscribe to that, the content on it is free. It’s like another Netflix, Hulu, whatever, but with different content. We have a year free at the moment, too.
  12. I remember this couple! I like the bird feeder idea. You could add a membership to Project FeederWatch or info to the Great Backyard Bird Count. Or ... a hummingbird feeder and food, and info about Journey South/North. What about a subscription box (or a one off box) of Scandinavian items? I googled Scandinavian box and several came up. Also, another poster on a different thread suggested a DIY “month club” - her kids are sending a used book once a month. Or special ingredients/utensils for a recipe. She described it better, it sounded really cool. Maybe you could think of
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