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  1. So adorable! You are so cool for taking care of them. Yay, fraidycat! They are precious, and will be able to go to good homes, thanks to you. When I read your thread title, my first thought was, “Puppies!” … Not too far off! Baby animals sure do keep your laundry machines busy! And you. Wow. So much work. But worth it!
  2. I think that makes sense. 17 yr old here that still asks for a parent to be present, but he has a complicated medical history so it can just be good to have a second brain.
  3. Pause TV show. Kill the mosquitoes. Clap, or wait for them to land and smoosh. Resume show. No insecticide in the house. That is meant for outside. We live in Mosquito Land. We do actually spray outside for mosquitoes (we use a service) so we can use the yard without being swarmed, but there are occasional break through critters. We smoosh ‘em.
  4. Ouch. I’m so sorry. That’s so painful. I agree with doing something special with him on the party day, and if he wants to give her a gift or something on some other day, I’d be on board with that, too. (The gift would be for him, not so much for her, if you know what I mean?) Maybe you guys can find some new activities and he will meet some new friends, to help ease the transition.
  5. For modesty, the bath sheets. But I’m going to say, also, that towels might be better, depending on his assistance needs. Or maybe have both available, if the needs change and he needs more assistance. For example, I assist my elderly mom with showering. Her shower chair is such that it extends over a tub, and there’s a bit of maneuvering that has to be done. She sits, scoots, swings legs over tub, scoots. Same in reverse to get out. We started out using bath sheets, and I found that they got in the way a bit, and I worried that she might trip if it dragged the ground.
  6. Right. I lived in the SW, and did field work way, way out in some remote places, living in tents and sometimes hogans. We saw some very odd things at night, some frightening at the time for some inexplicable reason. We heard some very odd stories from elders with whom we spent lots of time. I met a lot of, ahem, alien people. Lots and lots of them. In fact, one of my tent mates and closest friends later became one (sigh) and really went off the deep end into fringe science. I have some crazy, funny stories about it all. And I still lean in the same direction as your ex.
  7. Still a thing around here. DS identifies that way.
  8. Thanks. The sick person is me, this time. I’ll stay hydrated, and I’ve got vitamins. Lots of drinks are a given. I just really don’t want to have unvaccinated DD bringing everything to my door, I’d rather have some stuff - even stuff I wouldn’t normally prefer - in the room with me to limit contact. I’m not planning on a long illness, and am not even sure I need to isolate, but given the symptoms … it seems the right thing to do. I’ll do a test tomorrow and find out for sure. I’ve logged a lot of time in medical facilities recently, so have been potentially exposed to all kinds of
  9. Oh my goodness, I hope you get some answers soon.
  10. Agreeing with the above. And sometimes you might just need to back down on the dose. So if you are taking two capsules at a time, back down to one at a time.
  11. I don’t really think it’s Covid. 😊 There’s so much other stuff going around, and I’m vaxxed. I’ve been at hospitals a lot lately, and it could be anything. So many colds going around right now. However, I need to be sure before going to a funeral soon, because I don’t want to risk passing it along.
  12. I read it tongue in cheek, and laughed the whole way through. Totally see that happening here!
  13. Ok, thanks. Symptoms started this morning, so will do it today.
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