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  1. Put the coffee maker in the “need right away” box, along with coffee. Or a French press, ground beans, and a small pan to heat the water. Don’t forget some coffee cups. Or tea, if you do tea. Just don’t wake up in the morning on your first day in the new house without your morning drink. 🙂
  2. My DD is anaphylactic to sheep, goat, and cow milk. Her reaction to sheep and goat milk is crazy severe. So do be cautious, we’re all different.
  3. We ordered new fabric about a month ago. The old fabric was fine, looked new, I just wanted a color change. We’ve replaced a few cushions that the dog chewed. So it was worth it, for us. It’s held up well, cushions have kept their shape, and it looks like it did when we bought it. I like it. I’m not in love with it, and if we didn’t have this crazy dog, we’d have something else. But it works! For a space like you’re describing it might be a good option.
  4. Yes. Igenix is the best. It’s expensive, but better than false negatives and years of going untreated. That’s what led to many misdiagnoses for me (MS, fibro, soooo many more, all resolved with proper treatment of the underlying cause). Have to do the blood draw early in the week, you don’t want your blood sitting over the weekend. Your friend should test for co-infections as well, it’s rare to have only Lyme. She really needs a LLMD.
  5. Love it! Nice job! It’s beautiful! My stylist does mine, but at my house these days (she lost her salon in a vicious divorce and does travel styling now). I have had the cut you linked above, platinum, a few times. It’s a good one. I’m still platinum but have the blonde from Sensate cut now. Riley Blue? I was going to suggest the purple shampoo, too. But don’t waste money on the conditioner! Also, if you really want to get rid of some gold, and/or your toner doesn’t come out right - I’ve used the little packets called Malibu Blonde. They will take off your toner though! (I did it after an unfortunate experiment with a pearl opal, aaack. I’ll stay platinum, thanks very much.)
  6. Spryte

    Household Help

    Ok, I have to share this silly story about our current cleaning crew, because it seems relevant: Before the second time they came, I had gotten out the big wooden box of silver from my great grandmother, that also has various other expensive, old pieces in it. The kids wanted to see it, it’s not something we keep accessible normally so it’s special, like a real treasure box. I meant to hide it before the cleaners arrived, but forgot. I left it on the floor in the master bedroom, unlocked! 😱 All pieces accounted for after ... whew. I really like our current cleaners. It’s a mom/daughter team, and they scored big points with me that day. I like the laundry basket idea - so easy to pop that in a locked car!
  7. Yes! Wow, that brings back memories.
  8. Spryte

    Household Help

    Oh, heads up: we have had many different cleaners over the years, and none did our closets. The current crew, though ... imagine my shock when I realized they straighten and vacuum the closets! I like it now, but at first I was mortified that someone had hung items that if dropped on the floor that morning. 😊 Always ask about the closets, I guess. Ha! We found our current crew next door. The friend next door has used them forever, and she thinks they are the best. She’s a real estate agent and had tried tons - these are the favorites. If we need to find a new crew, I will always ask a real estate agent now.
  9. Spryte

    Household Help

    We have cleaners, and I’m not as careful as I used to be about some things, but I generally don’t leave jewelry lying around as if it had been carelessly put down. Valuable items that are usually out - I leave (decorative, some things in our dining room, etc). I just put everything away where it belongs. Sensitive paperwork - I tuck in a folder or inside a roll top desk. If it’s organized in a specific way, and a work in process for me, I sometimes just make sure the top paper in each stack is not sensitive. Other than that, I just have clean sheets ready for all the beds, the washer empty so they can toss in the dirties. The kids pick up their rooms, and that’s about it. Enjoy! Our cleaners come today, too. Yay!
  10. I hope it all goes well. If she’s ready for info, she will let you know. If not, it’s available, and your son, his dad, and you can all enjoy. Nice detective work!
  11. How exciting for your son and his dad!
  12. I wish we could all bring you some dinners, boxes of tissues, and OJ. That sounds miserable.
  13. Yep. Better music for the win. Good choice. 😊
  14. Massive stress here (repercussions from my long thread last week), so I’m reading along for more ideas. So far, here’s what I’ve got: - prioritizing the ridiculous number of things that must be done, and scheduling them in the most sane way possible. One major, emotional thing per day. - eating well, even if it means ordering from Door Dash - outsource anything possible: grocery delivery; amazon for small items we need; help cleaning; etc - passing off what I can to DH because my brain can’t handle much more, I don’t have the bandwidth. He’s handling kid drama this week, etc. - morning coffee with DH to discuss the plans for the day and any new items that have arisen. We each keep a list of items to be addressed. - scheduling time for winding down and hanging out with DH - exercise! I don’t function well without it, so when things are stressful I stay on top of it I hope you feel better soon!
  15. A MIB movie was released in June this year, so it’s not too crazy to think someone would be discussing it this year. I only know because DS recently rented it. 😊
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