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  1. Cool! I hope they work for you! We have had one of ours for around 10 years now. The other is 4.5 years old. Both going strong. So hopefully this will help, and they will keep going and going for you, too. I vacuum around the air intakes, and the bottom of the unit now and then - ours collects stuff in those places. Seems normal. I just ordered replacement filters from Costco. 😊
  2. Oh, for Pete’s sake, someone is going to waive their right to vote because they don’t like the way the votes are being cast? I guess the issues aren’t that important to that person after all? I hope they won’t complain after the election. I don’t understand protest votes or non-votes. At all. No one should endanger their health or face fear and anxiety at the ballot box, for any reason.
  3. Spryte


    Definitely check out the education boards for more focused discussion. It’s still happening. I think of the main chat board as a place to come when I don’t have a need to discuss educational issues, either because I’m happy with what we are doing here (I am), or sometimes because I feel a little burned out. Chat board is like a break, for me.
  4. Hi twins! Waving at you! We still have not done take out. I’m reading with interest, hoping to be ready to do it soon.
  5. Oops! I underestimated, should have put 7+. On any given day: parmesan cheddar mozzarella sartori Merlot (this is a staple here) aged cheddar of some sort smoked gouda We usually have one or two extras, as fun cheese, or for recipes, but these vary. And we often have snack packs to grab and go with cheese and charcuterie. We used to keep a selection of goat and sheep cheeses, but DD is anaphylactic to those now, so alas, only cow’s milk cheeses here now. Also, do these count? We keep a selection of dairy free cheeses for the two allergy kids. Usually: Daiya shredded cheddar, shredded mozzarella, sliced cheddar, and sometimes cheese sticks. Did any other cheese lovers see the holiday cheese advent calendars at Aldo last year? Those were fun!
  6. Another word of caution, and I hate to throw this out there, because it’s a painful topic.(Trigger warning) Please be cautious on where she moves, and check police reports. I helped my 78 yr old mother move into a low income senior apartment. She loved her community, and made good friends. And then, one night, an unknown assailant somehow opened her front door (did she leave it unlocked accidentally? We don’t know.). He sexually assaulted her, and while her new next door neighbor heard screams, she did not call the police. I found my mom the following day, after she didn’t answer my calls. She was delirious and hospitalized for 3 days until she came to enough to be able to say that she thought she’d been attacked. She is my hero for doing the sexual assault exam. My mom has never remembered details, and the DNA test was no help, but it was clear on the exam that she was raped. At 78. 😨 Our detective has been wonderful, but I think we are at a dead end. My mom has never fully recovered from this event. This can happen anywhere, not just low income housing. So ... if you’re helping your mom through finding a place, I would absolutely check for cameras inside and out, on her hall especially. I would check police reports. And I would ask to install a lock on her door that automatically latches when the door is shut. She can wear her key on a lanyard. I’d also consider a camera inside her apartment, pointing at her door. Not to watch all the time, but as a back up. I have more thoughts on this, ideas from the detective who helped us, but you get the idea.
  7. My thoughts are so, so different on this. I’m very happy in life now, but I do sometimes wonder what would have been different if my dearest friend and mentor had not become ill and passed. Helping her through that time, staying with her while she passed, then fostering her 14 yr old son was pivotal for me. And also - she and I had plans involving a different trajectory re: grad school and location. So I’d have quite likely ended up in CA doing my grad work, and not married to DH, living on the east coast. So it’s not so much something I could have done differently, as something that might have been different (if she had gotten a transplant in time, or never fallen ill, so really not in my control). But ... I’m very happy where we are now, so it’s not really a regret. Although ... I’d have listened to DH when he wanted to invest in Apple in the late 90s!
  8. Yes. Ditto on the carbon filters. The difference is noticeable. They are on the pricey side. We found that buying the Blue Air carbon filter refills from Costco was less than buying direct, and the difference basically covered our membership fee. So we went with those, and bought refurbished machines. Actually, we should replace those cartridges now...
  9. I gave a lot away, I could not hand wash at the time (my hands didn’t work, and we thought I’d never get them back. I did, finally, but don’t regret the extra space!). I actually posted on Freecycle, and picked the person who genuinely seemed excited to receive it. I know it’s in a happy home, and loved. Sadly, I need to do it all over again. I’ve inherited much more, aaaaagh! It’s all in boxes, like MEmama’s, shoved under boxes of homeschool materials in the basement. Do you have cousins or other extended family who might love it? ETA: I have something like 4 coffee and tea services, too. What on earth does one do with those now?
  10. Oh no. I’m so sorry. please take good care of yourself, too. And maybe make sure you’re taking the supplements that Pen has mentioned. Please keep us updated. Will be thinking of you.
  11. Thank you! I’m off to check out those air purifiers, we will be needing in for our basement soon. And will be checking to see if I can find some of his talks, too. Sounds excellent! (And, yes, I did think my doc was a little out there when she started treating DS in very out of the box ways, but we were so desperate. She made him her test case, and went to conferences, and put a lot of effort into it. And - it helped.)
  12. Hahahaha, yes, they chose poor messaging on that! People with allergies don’t exactly want trees inside! It’s gorgeous flooring, by the way.
  13. You could do some really beautiful stuff with concrete. If you aren’t ready to put down hardwood or tile. Getting rid of carpet was a game changer.
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