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  1. We use an Apple TV, and we buy from the iTunes Store.
  2. No. I love pets, and have always had many. (I am currently giving daily abx shots to a turtle, for goodness sake!), but my son is actually anaphylactic to cats. There was a time I’d have answered yes, but that was before I knew that people could have this level of allergy to dander. We had a heck of a time buying a house, and he almost had to use his epipen when some unscrupulous agents told us a house was cat free. His throat started closing within minutes of entering. He never made it past the foyer. When we considered leasing our last home, we wanted to allow dogs but not cats. Cats would mean that our young son could not come with us to clean between renters, or even go in the house again. We feared someone might sneak in a cat, and finally we reluctantly decided “no pets” had to be the answer. So, no. Of course not. Everyone has different needs, and some people even need pet free homes.
  3. 12 cubic yards of mulch being delivered tomorrow. Laid a half pallet of stepping stones today. And that’s just this week...
  4. Oh my goodness, the space they require! We just finished their new, larger habitat a few months ago, and this is as big as we can manage. It’s 150 gallons, an actual small pond in our basement. But it’s the minimum for three turtles! Aaack. I wish we had a better solution for them. We are struggling with their UVB needs, too. The vet was amazing. Passionate about reptiles. I never in a million years imagined giving injections to turtles, though. The things we do for love!
  5. Feeling compelled to update: our girl took a beak to the face. Aaack. She has cuts on the nose as well as eye, perfect beak shape. One of the other turtles must have bitten her, probably during feeding. They coexist peacefully, so we think it was a one off. However: it means we give abx eye drops twice a day: plus abx shots every two days for a long time. And we now feed separately. It’s So. Much. Extra. Work. ...But ok. Reptile vet was awesome. Our turtles are still young, at 11 yrs, so I’m glad we can help her. Still ... giving turtle shots every few days will be an adventure!
  6. We have the Ego cordless mower, hedge trimmer and blower. Have had all for several years. I like them. We have extra batteries, and they are also interchangeable.
  7. What a sweet story! 56 years!
  8. Yes, we are fortunate to have a reptile vet relatively close. Our regular vet doesn’t do reptiles, but recommended this one. Whew.
  9. Our 11 yr old Mississippi Map is having an eye issue. She lives with two other aquatic turtles (red eared sliders), and we think this is an injury - probably accidental. Nevertheless, off to the reptile vet we go tomorrow. What can we expect at the reptile vet? I am reading online about eye issues but they mostly focus on Vit A deficiency and water issues, which I think are unlikely as it’s only one eye, and other turtles are fine. Plus, we are a bit insane about feeding properly and monitoring water. Any words of wisdom or encouragement welcome. We love our turtles, and are trying not to panic.
  10. You win Mom of the Year for doing this.
  11. I would fix it up, if it’s in the couple hundred dollar range. I’d probably also offer to remove it at the buyer’s request. A cute, custom matching playhouse sounds adorable. A falling down generic playset does not. What does your agent think?
  12. We drive cars till they die, and hope it’s a long, long life. Our VW Passat Wagon died finally, and we replaced it with a ‘19 Forester. I’m in love with that vehicle. It’s ridiculous. I am so *not* a car girl, but man, that vehicle rocks. To be fair: I was pulling for the Forester, but honestly, it was the only one that fit our needs. Driveable by a short person (me - I must have sat in 50 vehicles to find one that worked), able to tow something very small, room for dogs or a wheelchair in the back, and a slightly roomier backseat than our last car. The ‘19 has a lot of smart car features which are pretty cool. I like them more than I thought I would.
  13. Thanks, I’ll check into these options, and run out there today to be sure we have WiFi out there.
  14. We have Nest cameras, and love them. We want something similar to use on another part of our property, like a wildlife camera. Nest cameras won’t work, I don’t think. They need a power source. We need battery or solar. We want something wireless, that will upload footage to the cloud, alert us to movement, and keep up to five days of footage. High enough resolution to identify a face would be ideal. Any ideas? Does this exist?
  15. Side note: My DS would like to hear more about writing scripts for Roblox. 🙂 Wanna share?
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