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  1. Wow, all your posts? Bummer. Welcome back!
  2. Lands End Starfish here, too. So comfy!
  3. I take Boluoke. I don’t know that it’s recommended for everyone with the MTHFR mutation. DH and I both have MTHFR mutations, and doc has us both on it, but only after testing positive for hypercoagulation. We both happen to have “sludgy blood.” (Ewwww.) When I use it, I have more energy, fewer migraines, am more likely to exercise. You might want to ask your doc though! Here’s a link: https://www.researchednutritionals.com/product/boluoke-lumbrokinase-120-caps/ There are other supplements for MTHFR mutations, but I can’t take them all due to the Addison’s Disease.
  4. Yes! I don’t know that it impacted my weight loss, but one of the supplements that I started taking in earnest was because of the MTHFR mutation. I suspect it helped me exercise more/better because I feel differently when on it. And then the exercise probably helped. So a spiral of positives.
  5. Thanks! I started out running on a treadmill, because running was always my go-to exercise. Running outside wasn’t an option for child care reasons. C25K was my start. I set up a laptop and watched shows while running, shows I knew DH would not want to watch. After about 6 months, I had to see a podiatrist - apparently I have a genetic toe issue, and running is out for me now. So I switched to an exercise bike. At least 5 times a week, 30 - 60 mins, as time allows. With some floor type stuff afterward on most days. I try to find a series on Netflix that keeps my interest,
  6. Allergic reactions can get worse and worse with each exposure. So the next time it could happen quicker, or with a different reaction. Past reactions can’t predict future reactions. The managers are not going to work with him on this the way they should. I’d advise him to look for another job, personally. And when he gives his two week notice, it could be with a doc’s note about not washing dishes so some vindictive manager doesn’t create havoc with DS’s hands in that two weeks.
  7. I lost 25 lbs in 2016, and have kept it off. I take steroids every day for Addison’s, have Hashimoto’s (thyroid), and PCOS. Losing weight is a feat here. If I’m not actively working on it, my weight inches up daily. I’ve always been on the small side, the weight gain came later in life for me, and losing it is hard, hard, hard. I’m 49. The motivation at the start was not the same motivation that keeps me maintaining now. Then, it was more along the lines of mental health. I want to be a happy, healthy mom for my kids, and a fun, energetic person for DH. I had a perio
  8. This update changes my perspective that he might be just a clueless kid. He still might be, but it definitely is not the kind of interaction I initially envisioned from the first post. This makes him sound more like a kid who knew he wasn’t being on the up and up with any of you. I’d be ticked as heck that someone was going to film my kids and post it on social media for “likes.” We don’t even do FB here, I don’t want our kids online. Period.
  9. With those clarifications, I’d definitely be considering it. 😊 Good luck with whichever adventure you choose!
  10. Right?!? Old teeth. Ick! DS’s best friend once absolutely dissolved into screams while they were playing Lego. She found an old tooth in the Lego bin. Aaack!
  11. Fun! I love reading these. DD has been writing letters to the tooth fairy for the last five teeth or so. It’s nice, but getting a bit tedious. 🤣 I can’t think of a way to nicely stop the habit, other than growing up. And thanks to DS watching some now-cancelled show before losing his first tooth, when he was small, ours leaves “trinkets.” Sigh. That show should never have made it into production! Gaaah. The trinkets are under $1 in value - for DD it might be something like a tiny bottle of nail polish or some special pencils. I just keep a tiny stash. I don’t do glitter,
  12. What does the tooth fairy bring at your place? Is there anything else s/he does? (Answer or leave letter and notes, leave little glitter trails, that sort of thing.)
  13. We moved to a bigger house, on a woodsy lot, with a pond. It was a good move for us. I understand the urge. But our previous house was not paid off, we didn’t move into a fixer upper, and we did have a few reasons for our move that made it more compelling (proximity to elders being one). I’d be cautious about deciding now. No mortgage would be a big anchor here. And fixer uppers ... I personally wouldn’t choose one. But I have a friend who got her GC license in her 50s because she just loves fixing houses so much. So to each their own! (Be wary of the massive hidden costs
  14. I don’t think there’s anything necessarily creepy about a young teen filming with his phone. He’s not savvy enough to know to ask a parent first. Just ask him to stop recording and delete it. Pre-Covid, our house was The House. We regularly had 11 - 15 kids in our yard, sometimes more. It’s a kid thing, in some neighborhoods. They wander up and play with any kids who are out. They don’t always introduce themselves to the adults. I made a point of getting to know them, and if nothing else, I’d hang out on the porch and keep an eye on things. Maybe this kid is from a neighborhood
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