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  1. Can you call your regular doctor? I would say this warrants an after hours call to the doc on call. I’m so sorry. Please call. It could be that you need to be seen again.
  2. Sensing another WTM influenced purchase in the future ... This looks incredibly useful. Why didn’t I know about these before?!
  3. Ten members of our extended family are exposed. Three positives. Everyone else quarantined. It sounds miserable.
  4. I was taking it for nerve pain, too. So glad it helps you! You didn’t ask this ... but since you have nerve pain, I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you about my experience on Cymbalta for it. It worked wonders. But! I took it for ten years, five of which were spent trying to get off of it. Oh my goodness, if you get to the point that they offer it to you ... just know in advance that the withdrawal is something fierce and horrible. I would never, never recommend it. That’s my little PSA of the day.
  5. Ouch. Be careful, if you’re still taking it!
  6. Florastor is excellent, I only mentioned the constipation issue because that’s a complicating issue for you at the moment. In the C Diff world, we take pretty high doses and the general advice is if you become constipated - back down on the dose. I big puffy heart love Florastor, just be aware! C Diff is awful, so Florastor is a must! I actually have a UTI at the moment, too. But not like yours! Any time you have one ... even if you’re on abx ... if you start vomiting, or things get worse - please go straight to the ER, or have your DH call right away. I hope you just get
  7. My mother takes 30 mg Buspar am and pm. It’s the highest dose they will write for her, but it’s amazing how well it works. She has other meds as well (complicated history) but that one really helps with anxiety. Also - mirtazapine before bed, helps with sleep and anxiety (maybe depression, too). My mom has GAD, among other things. My experience with gabapentin was for pain - didn’t work here, I was brain foggy and off balance. But it works well for two other people I know!
  8. What a nightmare! I’m so sorry. Did they tell you anything to watch out for? Like vomiting - go back to the ER. Yikes. But seriously, if you vomit - go to the ER, ok? I’m sure they told you that with a UTI and kidney infection. (BTDT with a kid, awful, she was in hospital for a few days.) Florastor is a great idea. A heads up that taking too much of it can cause constipation, and since that’s already an issue, just keep an eye on that part! I take Florastor every day, C Diff survivor here. (Shudder) Feel better and better!
  9. Yeh, no. That would be a no here. I can think of lots of reasons, but they’ve all been listed here.
  10. Well, “count” or not, I’d just start with thinking about who has the kids for winter break that academic year, and make sure the other parent has spring break that year. I think that’s pretty standard. So you’d have the kids Thanksgiving and spring break one year, he’d have them winter break that year, and alternate. We included things like President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc, too. Any school holidays. Might as well iron out the inevitable trouble they will cause now, rather than later. We ran into issues with needing to change pick up drop off times on 4th of July, due to firewor
  11. This. We had a 50/50 plan (I don’t know what you are going for), and our parenting plan was extraordinarily detailed wrt alternating holidays - major and minor - and things like Mother’s/Father’s Day, alternating kid birthdays (if there are siblings, would you include both kids on each bday, so they stay together to celebrate? Would make sense.). We had specific times and on and on. Every detail imaginable because we were in a high conflict situation, and things had to be spelled out.
  12. DH works closely with a guy in Switzerland, whose whole family is now in quarantine. Wife works from home but went to a work event. They followed recommendations to the letter, plus some. They were all masked the entire time, spaced 3 - 4 meters apart (so more than 6 feet), opened all windows every 20 minutes. Hand washing and sanitizing. 6 of the 9 people in attendance are now positive. Wife is on Day 8. It’s one of the new variants. Super spreader was present, maybe.
  13. No guilt. We all do our very best. Sometimes our best looks like more/less, but every one of us here is doing the best we can, with the resources available. It’s a terrifying place to be. I hope you’re not there any longer.
  14. Spryte


    Question: why would the dasher not use the coverage provided by Door Dash?
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