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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you. I don’t know about walking alone. I’ve always had a big dog. Usually an Aussie. I think I would, personally, feel uncomfortable alone in some areas around our home. Not walking alone, though, could mean two losses - your walking partner and your preferred exercise. I hope you find a solution.
  2. Thank you. 🙂 We did have some good friends and neighbors to help out, and I am so grateful to them!
  3. Oh! Progress notes: we have been on a mini vacation as I’ve been posting, and just arrived back home. We arrived home to a new toaster on the porch (yay Amazon!) and we picked up a new skillet. Baby steps indeed, but ... progress. Tomorrow I will tackle the fridge and pantry, and begin to attempt to figure out how to change our kitchen. You are all wonderful. Thank you!
  4. Re: how I found out that things were being mismanaged. I have a complicated health history, and it’s terribly complex. Coupled with kiddos’ multiple LTFAs. Lots of management. When I got my initial diagnosis i just didn’t have the bandwidth for more. So I thought doing what DS does for wheat allergy would be enough. And it was mostly ok. And then... I have been terribly ill this summer. I have autoimmune issues and when I go down, it’s a big deal. I started with salmonella from administering daily shots to a turtle (despite precautions); moved to C Diff (because I have a history of it, and so am prone to it); then UTI turned kidney infection was resistant to antibiotics; and somewhere in the midst had several ruptured ovarian cysts. ...and with all that going on, I just stayed miserably ill for 3-4 mos. I’m a bit better now, but not back to my usual level of wellness. GI just did an upper GI, endoscopy and colonoscopy. So - it appears that my intestines look pretty bad, and she says it looks like damage from celiac. That is just from the GI talking to DH after the colonoscopy, and I haven’t had my follow up yet. I’ll get more info soon. So, I’m thinking that I’ve done a terrible, horrible job of managing the celiac issue. I will see her soon, and find out more.
  5. Oh no. This is so disheartening. But at least I can see where I’ve gone wrong. Wow. The wooden cutting boards? So no way to thoroughly de-gluten them for use? That’s disappointing - ours are mostly handmade by people we love, and sentimental. I guess they could become decorative? Vinegar, too? This explains why I was terribly sick recently, probably. I can’t thank you all enough.
  6. Oh my goodness, I’m learning so much. What a mess I’ve made of this! Body products, face products... I will have to check. Totally possible. And barley. Ugh! favorite formerly GF BBQ sauce now contains barley, I learned last night... And ... we don’t have wheat contamination in our kitchen at all, but we do have other gluten contamination. I’d thought (wrongly) it would be enough. Is it time for new pans? Someone said utensils - as in silverware, too? Or just cooking? Until now I have not been very careful. I just didn’t view it with the same urgency as my kids’ anaphylactic allergies. Now I do. I will ask my GI doc for a referral to someone to help guide us through the process, too. Thanks, all, for the guidance here!
  7. Thanks so much! This helps. I’ll write a bit more later, just wanted to say a big thank you now.
  8. Hello, all! I haven’t posted much lately, but occasionally manage to read. It’s been a busy/hard time lately. I need the brain power and collective knowledge of the hive. I don’t have the bandwidth, energy, or health to research a lot right now. If you are or live with an extremely sensitive person with celiac, can you talk to me about how to go GF, hard core? Pretend I know nothing, and am a total beginner. I live with two people who have multiple anaphylactic allergies to many items, so I’m good on general allergy maintenance. But while caring for those needs and dealing with other stuff, I have severely neglected my own celiac situation, and am in bad shape now. I believe (and the insides of my intestines attest) that I’ve been dealing with a lot of hidden gluten and cross contamination. One kid here is allergic to wheat, and I (erroneously) thought following along with his needs would be enough for mine. (Nope.) I think I need to start fresh, as if I know nothing, to see what I’ve missed. So ... what would you tell a newly diagnosed person, who knew nothing about celiac?
  9. First names. Or we use their grandparent names, mostly. DH’s sister’s husband calls them Mr. and Mrs. Lastname, and I know that MIL loves it. DH and I were already married when SIL got married, so we were set, but I wonder if MIL would prefer I do the same sometimes. That feels way too formal for family, to me. My other in laws, who are newer in our lives - we go with their grandparent names. Sometimes I call that FIL Pop, because I don’t already have a Pop. So it’s easier. And, no, it’s not as weird as it sounds! My second set of in laws are DH’s awesome, wonderful birthfamily with whom we connected maybe 7-8 years ago. 🙂
  10. Her urine culture grew staph. I would want to finish the abx, and add Pepcid or Tums as well. Cautionary tale: I have suffered for months with multiple issues (salmonella, then C Diff, then UTI, then kidney infection, and an ovarian cyst or two ruptured in that time period, to ice the cake). The UTI part was miserable. I had intense upper abdominal pain as it moved to my kidneys. None of the usual UTI symptoms. Ouch. Like ER type pain. The first ER missed the UTI. A week later it was diagnosed and I was put on abx for the UTI - which didn’t touch it. Another ER visit and a different abx ... with pain meds and Prilosec, and still taking C Diff meds ... even then it took every bit of the ten days of the effective abx for the UTI to improve. A UTI that moves to the kidneys can be serious, as well as painful. In your shoes, I’d want a full round of abx, and at the very least another urine culture. And keep in mind that a fairly high percentage of UTIs aren’t affected by certain abx. I hope she feels better soon! ...oh! One last thought... if they do a scan, check out the radiology site called image wisely (something like that)... helps you track how many scans you’ve had. I have been in hospital 4 times this summer, and had 5 scans altogether. Radiologist gave me the site info. 🙂
  11. This. We go out to dinner, if we can find a sitter. Every ten years we go to NYC, visit Rockefeller for sentimental reasons (ice skating), and stay a few days.
  12. Aack. Thanks. I don’t use straws, but see why some people drinks require them. Necessary evil, at times. The avocado straws above sound cool, but my kid is anaphylactic to avocado, so ... one more thing to watch for, right? If anyone has a link to the foldable straws that come with a tiny brush, I’d love to see it. Kids here might like them. 🙂
  13. Thank you. Some of those are among the few foods I can eat now. I will make sure to prepare them properly to optimize the benefits.
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