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  1. I believe they have moved the date to sometime in June or July.
  2. No ideas, just wanted to say I hope you find answers soon! Mystery health issues are the pits.
  3. Spryte


    Very exciting.
  4. A poster here mentions that a friend was at the White House and posted pics on Facebook, and that opens her up to demands that she give up her friend’s personal phone number? To someone that multiple posters here have posited may even be mentally ill? (I did not say that our Q poster is mentally ill, but recall reading others wonder if that might be the case.) Holy cannoli. No. Just no. Good friends do not pass out other friend’s personal phone numbers, not like that, not without permission! That is not a reasonable ask. If my friends willy nilly passed out my direct phone number t
  5. Oh! RootAnn reminded me. My teen gets up every day between 6:00 - 6:30 am so he can work on a project before school. It’s free time, as well, but also productive. Occasionally he will do something mindless like watch a show, but generally if he hasn’t produced something before school starts he’s disappointed, so he gets something done. Very driven, that one. Youngest gets up early to read sometimes, but prefers to sleep in.
  6. This is where we are. They have school work and chores, and then mostly free time which is generally spent pretty well, I think. Well, the teen has more hours of school work than the younger. And his “free time” is spent very productively - always on a major project (visual arts related, but can vary - right now he’s collecting voice acting auditions for an animated show he’s been working on, so pretty in depth projects). Pre-Covid we had more outside activities.
  7. Hopefully she will move with your Dad, or soon after. One more thought: about that untreated anxiety ... would she be willing to see someone for that? I know it’s a long shot, but it could be helpful. My mother’s anxiety impacted her decision making, and once she was medicated for that (among other things) her decision making improved. She became easier to live with, as well. It could be worth discussing with a doc but there are drawbacks, in that some meds can exacerbate dementia, so I’d never just say someone should medicate. Definitely a doc decision, my mom had a psychiatrist who do
  8. What are you saying here? You think Biden is ... possibly not Biden?
  9. Day 2 after second shot here: I’m really fine now. Arm is a little sore, body aches are gone. I am tired and have some other issues that could be related to the shot, but more likely are just part of my current normal. This is the first day I’ve felt the relief of having both shots done. Soooo happy to have been able to get our vaccines, almost giddy. And very aware of privilege in that respect. Our friends in Germany have not gotten shots and most don’t expect to until at least July.
  10. I agree with calling the doctor. And also the local agency on aging - ours has been incredibly supportive and helpful. The bathing has been an issue here, too, and even in assisted living - elders can refuse bathing (here, anyway). We have found that trying different aides and helpers can help, as our reluctant bather responds differently to different people. That might be one small idea to try - change up the home health aides who assist with bathing. Some more very practical ideas that may/may not help... making sure the bathroom is warm (the dread of being cold after getting wet coul
  11. Our family has had two types of appointments, each different. The national pharmacy chain wanted insurance info for billing, and other info (I don’t recall mother’s maiden name, that seems invasive!). County health didn’t ask for more than a driver’s license.
  12. Yes, I think it sort of spanned several threads. There are so many!
  13. I don’t argue or try to persuade people in person, or demand reasons, so I’m not debating that point, I’m not asking for explanations from someone who doesn’t get a shot. I’m a pass the bean dip girl. Hoping you won’t take this question as an indication that I’m arguing for aggressive behavior re: persuading friends. But I’d like to ask this, and truly want to know your answer... Would you say your friend should be honest? With her friend who has medical anxiety? I haven’t asked anyone about the shot, and am not sure if I will. But between friends - it’s been a huge part of our
  14. Gotta agree with this, having lived it. I felt encouraged, in this very thread, to postpone my second dose, despite not following the vaccine manufacturer’s recommendations. People here also helped me research, and found/linked multiple articles that supported getting the second dose in my particular situation, and yet I still felt supported in the decision to postpone based on (gasp) my feelings and possibly irrational fears. I did get the second dose eventually, thanks in large part to the linked papers that made me feel more confident.
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