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  1. We gave some really nice throws this year, and they have been enjoyed by everyone. Fought over, in our house. Elders all use them. Smithsonian magazine has some interesting articles. She might enjoy that. Also, a subscription to an archaeology journal could be good. I enjoy those. Homemade treats? Intermittent cards? Phone calls? Do a book club with her, and read the same book. Make a date to discuss it. Or use Audible and listen. Generic gifts the elders here enjoy: slippers or fuzzy socks with grips; food treats; soft, warm cardigans and sweaters.
  2. Yes, I would put up physical signs as well. Our sweet chihuahua was abandoned - end of a semester, university area (common rental houses for students, not university housing) and we spent months putting up signs and placing ads in papers. We finally had to get her shots so she could be boarded while we went out of town, and the vet told us, “she’s yours now.” (Sigh. I miss her, she lived to be old and grey, and was just the sweetest girl.)
  3. DH’s coworker has been sick since Jan 3. Nightly temps in the 102 range. Pulse ox 89-90. Two negative Covid tests so far, third is pending. He says he’s planning to lose some IQ points. Can’t pinpoint where he got it, probably the Apple Store when he bought a watch, he thinks. But it sounds like he’s out and about quite a bit, so who knows?
  4. I’ve wondered how effective the school dashboard in our county is, too.
  5. I have a problem with printers. They die. Ugh. As we say goodbye to the latest, I’d like to ask for the Hive’s favorite printers. Any recommendations? Bonus if I can use a continuous ink system with it, to stretch on ink costs, but that’s not a requirement.
  6. I’m so sorry it was a bad day. Some days are like that. There will be better days again. Hugs!
  7. I’m so sorry. Have you been in close contact with him, too? Oh no. My heart just nose dived for you.
  8. Oh no. I’m so sorry. The quarantine part sounds like it can be very drawn out, and it could be quite lengthy. I sure hope they don’t all get sick. This is one of your employees? Is there work s/he can do from home?
  9. I voted beach because I’m not a lake person. This due to an unfortunate encounter with leeches - aaaack! - as a teen camper. But I love mountains. And collected mountain ranges, as a backcountry camper. They all feel different. But really - I’m a desert girl. Or better yet, mountains on the edge of desert. Sigh. That’s my happy place.
  10. Yes, it was upsetting! Fortunately, I’m able to cover anything for her, for a time, if necessary. But not everyone has that option. But ... it arrived last night!!!! We are all very relieved. Almost two weeks late, though. If she still lived in her senior apartment, we’d have had to scramble for her rent and bills due the first part of the month. Yikes. It makes me worry for seniors who don’t have family who can help. And, well, everyone.
  11. It’s been 20+ years, so I’m hardly an expert. I did it in large groups, we all had proper winter gear. Layers, good tents, sleeping bags rated for the temperatures. We did backcountry camping, so bathrooms consisted of a shovel and a private spot. It’s more difficult if the ground is frozen! We were often not recreational camping in that weather, rather trying to get one more trip in for data before the season ended. It was cold, and I didn’t like snow, but the right gear helps. Recreationally - DH and I once had a freak snow storm blow in, after we’d taken some trea
  12. That’s not the way I’d get back into camping. Not me, personally. I have fond memories of winter camping, and we even have the gear for it. But I would not choose that as a reintroduction to camping after a long time not camping. Unless you love the cold?!
  13. Working out is my anxiety relief. And projects. Oh, and in a moment of inspiration I asked DH if we might turn off the internet (WiFi) at night, to curb the late night doomscrolling. I thought it was brilliant! Until it actually shut off, and we realized it meant our cameras were offline, and so much for the internet dependent alarm system. Oops. 🤣
  14. Oh, adding that we pay for the monthly service on Nest to keep 5 days of footage. It seems to provide better footage, too. We tried it without, and the cameras were not picking up as much, things were not so clear. We actually had an attempted break in during that time, and the camera seemed to sort of kind of show a person leaving the door that triggered the alarm and running through a flower garden. But it was very hard to make out, choppy and hard to see. I signed us up for the service that night, scared out of my mind (after the police had left), and we’ve had no problems wit
  15. We have Nest cameras, and a Ring security system. For now. No doorbell camera, our other cameras cover that. In the past, we’ve had ADT and one other big national security chain (can’t recall the name at the moment). Oh, and present house came with an unmonitored system the owners installed. So we’ve had a lot of systems. The Ring is my favorite for security. I like being able to control it with the app on the phone. I am not a fan of the Ring’s window sensors, though, and I think they could be better designed. For cameras, we went with Nest. We wanted to be able to physic
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