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  1. I'm short of being a 3 because I am an aggressive-ish driver, drive on the interstate usually between 70-80mph. BUT I am pretty obsessive about keeping a good amount of distance between me and the next driver. In fact more aggressive drivers take advantage of that trait and get in the hole. I do live in Boston, where aggressive driving is the norm. I can revert (more or less) to my Southern driving roots. I've never had an accident that I have caused. I don't like cruise control much. I prefer to control and drive according to the traffic. I took a defensive driving course with my daughter and the instructors asked me if I wanted to take a job with them! So aggressive yet safe. Lol
  2. Google "kosher phones" or "kosherphone" or cell phone for Orthodox Jews. You might find what you are looking for that way.
  3. I'm sorry. That's a lot to deal with, especially with physical pain involved. I hope things get better soon.
  4. Massage: to me it's not really an indulgence because without a massage every couple of weeks I get terrible headaches. I like to get one every week. That's indulgent.
  5. Still doing different Caroline Girvan kettlebell workouts along with 15-20 minute cardio S-F. When I work out with my husband (M, W) he picks these videos where the trainer talks and talks and talks. I can't stand all the chit chat! Caroline just plays the music and clearly shows the next exercise.
  6. Olive dip: drain green olives with pimento (the cheap kind!). Blitz in food processor with a dollop or two (or three) of mayo until processed and smoothish. Techina/tahini: take the tahini and add lemon juice, pureed garlic (or garlic powder), salt. It will thicken up and get lumpy. Add water and zhuzh/blend/process/blend/shake in a covered jar until your desired thickness Matbucha: too complicated to give quick instructions. Google Tori Avery matbucha. Happy Easter!
  7. North Carolina once a month Israel (January, March, May, October) Japan (July) Australia (May or June) Probably Mexico, Panama, or Bermuda and separately maybe Nevada or Texas And anywhere fun my DH gets to travel to for work.
  8. Maybe I'm slow but what does the timing have to do with the headaches you are having cashing them out?
  9. Agreeing with everyone else.
  10. My DH also seems to have familial high cholesterol. His mother had a stroke and his brother had blood clots in addition to abnormal cholesterol levels. None of them are overweight. His doctor said either he needs to go on statins or do a change of diet. Note that we didn't eat much meat or chicken anyways nor a lot of junk food. He has always exercised an hour a day. 10 minutes stretching, 20 minutes cardio (and he runs!), and 30 minutes of weight lifting. So he went off all meat except salmon for two meals a week. He dropped junk food with rare exceptions. And he sticks to it. His numbers did go down. To mid-high normal.
  11. A color that matches or suits the tones of your upper body wear. For example, warm toned clothing with warm brown or cordovan. Cool tones with navy. Or neutrals like various shades of nude.
  12. Big Bang Theory Kim's Convenience Bob ❤️ Abishola Abbott Elementary
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