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  1. Actually, my husband (a professor) said that the incoming freshman class will be composed of mainly the redshirted freshman plus a small number of the "real" freshman. The redshirted ones will "reserve" their spots in the following year and therefore taking spots away from the "real" freshmen. THIS is the actual issue here.
  2. I ordered some beads! I like this idea very much! @wathe, I took your description and ran with it! Made kid and adult masks. We plan on giving them away this week.
  3. Video link please? Great idea though!
  4. In our basement. I read or watch TV on my Fire while running. It gets used with all the other quarantine gum equipment (weight bench, lots of weights and bars) I got. My husband thanks me a couple of times a week. Without the Hive Mind I wouldn't have gotten all the equipment at good prices before everything went south. He uses it every day as well as most of my kids (the 16yo everyday even while zooming school, the others at least a couple times a week). Our basement is crazy full now but at least we have options for workouts.
  5. Husband spoke today to a American grad student doing a Fulbright in Russia. She has absolutely no knowledge of the "accidents".
  6. My 18yo son got his lifeguarding certification right before COVID-19. So he hasn't gotten a chance to use it. He took a job in a convenience store but that only lasted a month. He got his hours cut (and he was less than pleasant to some unruly customers) and then was let go. He needs to focus on graduating high school and his summer community college classes start next week (yes before HS graduation). My 19yo bonus son (my son's friend who is living part time with us) got a job in a pizza shop and got let go within about one week. He is focusing on finals and then he will see what he does for the summer. My 16yo son thought he would try working for Trader Joe's but that's on hold. My 13yo is a highly sought after babysitter/summer camp leader and is wondering if she can run a camp this summer for a family or two.
  7. And I totally bookmarked your post and then forgot to reference it before I started again. Let's see what I can do now! Thank you, thank you!
  8. The part where my machine is hanging up is the part where I hide the rough edges with the channel. The last step before inserting the elastic.
  9. I need some help please! I am making the St Charles pattern with the pocket and nose clip. Everything is going swimmingly until I get to the part when I have to sew on the bias strip (or my case, fabric). My machine won't easily advance and the bobbin side gets all nested up (lots of loopy threads). I have changed out my needle twice (I have more on order), I have played with the top tension (higher and lower) and cleaned out the bobbin case thoroughly. I think it is because there are too many layers of fabric to go through but it's not like I can make the layers fewer - I'm not even putting in much of a pleat as I am making kids' masks and I am worried they won't cover enough of the face unless I limit to one small pleat. Can anyone give me more advice? I can continue cutting new masks and doing all the sewing until this last step but I don't want to finish out the mask by hand!!! Thanks in advance!
  10. My 18yo DS (senior due to a "gap year") is out and about, no mask, and I imagine no social distancing. He is selling weed and G-d only knows what else. If not out being entrepreneurial (!), he's in his bed and chilling with YT and etc. His best friend (a freshman in college) living with us part time now (when he's not with his father (cancer patient) and grandparents (lots of conditions). His mother and he were not getting along and we decided to take him in. My 16yo DS is 95% online with friends (mostly a good friend in Israel who is even more isolated than ours is) and 5% taking walks with other masked schoolmates. My 13yo daughter is on the phone, Zoom, Google Hangouts a lot more than ever before. Sometimes a friend comes over and they chit chat from far away or she goes to a friend with a big yard (we live in Boston proper) and sits and talks. My 10yo DS is the worst off. His friends don't want to videochat. So we are his social life right now and the older kids are making trouble for him at times (other times they play and have fun with him). We all wear the Totobobo mask (F96 filtration) except the oldest who is too smart and cool to wear one. We'll see what happens now that we in MA are mandated to wear a mask/face covering as of next week.
  11. Can y'all imagine the march over Selma Bridge with MLK, etc all carrying (even unloaded) guns? I cannot help by falling over in laughter. Forget dogs and water cannons; it would been a bloodbath. We all know why they were allowed to do this.
  12. My husband is working with people in chaos theory and physics (he does social (human) capital to do this exact stuff right now. Been working on other projects together and now they got some grants to do COVID-19 stuff.
  13. Sent out our 10 yo son's passport for a renewal about 2.5 months ago. Usually we get them back within 4-5 weeks. No sign of it and I doubt we're going to get it back anytime soon.
  14. Prayers please. In addition to the other stuff I mentioned above my son's (whom some of you have heard his exploits on here) best friend abruptly is coming to stay with us for an undetermined amount of time. His mother has mental health issues and his coming home from school just blew up. His father is recovering from cancer (and is not 100% either in MH) and although he can go there he really wants to stay with us. They've been thick as thieves since they've both been released from school (mine senior year, him freshman year). He's a good kid but another kid in our little condo makes seven.
  15. One of the bigger fruit and veg distributors said they can handle this. I am guessing they are hurting from so many restaurants closed or doing much less business so I hope it helps them and they will be able to keep helping our community during this time. I'd be running though gap year scenarios if I were you.
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