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  1. Here is the results of a small study from Israel about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine on the delta variation of covid. Not good. Not good at all. Israel National News According to Health Ministry studies, the effectiveness of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine against infection from the Delta variant drops to just 39%, Channel 12 News reported. The effectiveness in preventing serious illness has also decreased, but it is still high and stands at 91%. However, the sample from which the data was taken is not large because the number of patients is now severely low. The health system will continue to collect data.
  2. Finding any Airbnb or hotels are impossible or expensive. We're looking for a place to crash for one night in August en route to our beach house rental. The place we took last year (not fancy half an old house in a busy part of Lehigh PA) was gone and finding an Airbnb was impossible unless I wanted to spend $400. Found one in northern NJ and the just cancelled on us. I finally just took a suite hotel. I can't keep searching.
  3. We live in a condo/townhouse. We don't have any of those amenities. We are lucky to have a deeded parking space! We live in the city of Boston. Obviously the biggest factors are noise and there has to be communal decisions about everything that affects the outside of the buildings. The latter is a bigger deal overall. The former issue can be annoying. The other issue is having to deal intimately with neighbors and they can be crazy.
  4. My daughter gets her curly hair done at a fancy place on Newberry St in Boston. Those prices are in line with what I pay. I've never had such an expensive haircut ever in my whole life but her hair looks amazing so I'm willing (and thank G-d) and able to pay for it about 4 times a year. Hair products are another large expense but I buy her stuff from Target not the hair salon. When we lived in Indianapolis we found a DevaCut person who did kid's hair for $15. Oh my!
  5. He did recover. It took about a month though.
  6. Drink a LOT of water with doxy and stay upright for a good while after dosing. Ask my husband how we know this. He thought he was having a heart attack. Nope, he burned a hole in his esophagus from not drinking enough with the dose. I hope you feel better and have no liver issues from the doxy
  7. Start taking about dogs or food and he'll show up....
  8. This is the same for Northeastern University where my husband teaches.
  9. If the building is older than the 1980s and the building did not remove the lead I would hesitate before opening and closing windows and especially using fans that will blow lead dust all around the room. Asbestos would also potentially be an issue.
  10. I would. But reading your tales of covid skepticism and outright denial I'm not sure you'll be able to require masks for anything church related. I'm really sorry; we left our synagogue because they flouted the covid rules back in 2020 and they have not changed one iota. Various friends who stayed out went back after the worst was over keep asking us back. It is not gonna happen until the leadership changes (and knowing said leadership, that isn't going to happen in the near future). We have mourned that loss. We still don't know what we will do for our youngest's bar mitzvah in 1.5 years. We hope Israel will be an option! I'll pray for G-d's guidance and peace on the matter for you and your family.
  11. I brought that home. Infected my entire family except my youngest and also a good friend I hung out with for only 10 minutes.
  12. I got sick last week with covid (but also could be other sicknesses) symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, headache) and am fully vaccinated (and know I have immunity through testing). I got a rapid PCR test and was negative. It was just a hellacious virus - everyone but my youngest caught it. Sinus issues, chest cold, all around horrible experience. But it wasn't covid. I had been traveling (air and car) for three weeks straight and caught something in DC at a rally.
  13. My older three children stopped nursing around 2-2.5 years when I got pregnant and it became uncomfortable. My last one nursed until he was a little over 3. Each one I changed up our daily routine (by that time they were in their own beds -cosleeping for only until they were two. Then they got too big for my twin size bed!) and for bedtime nursing I picked a (shorter) song that was the amount of time we could nurse. Then we phased the bedtime nursing out too. Good luck no matter what you decide!
  14. Oh wow! I'm so sorry to hear about this. A woman in our community is suffering from the same thing. She's not a vegan or vegetarian so I'm not sure how this happened to her. She can barely walk and she is very jumbled. Sadly, she and her husband are hoarders and we community helpers are trying to figure out how we can help them without massive changes in their lives. She has a 3x3 ft area she can easily move in and can't get to the door or toilet easily by herself. I hope you have a good support network and you get better quickly.
  15. Keep the washer. My parents are still using their dryer of a little over 40 years (with repairs obviously). The washer kicked the bucket about 10 years ago.
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