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  1. YaelAldrich

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    I believe Japan still gives only measles and rubella vaccinations as part of their recommended sequence. Mumps is not. I had at least one kid that needed to get an extra shot because of their immunization locations in childhood.
  2. YaelAldrich

    Small lost object

    If you want to cover all your ecumenical bases, give some money to charity in multiples of 18 and ask Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess.
  3. YaelAldrich

    how do you.... npd ?

    This actually might be Borderline Personality Disorder, NPD's cousin disorder. It's similar but when I hear "All of their actions are with the goal of stopping themselves from feeling bad, insecure, lonely, worried", this seems more like BPD.
  4. Me too! They have increased since December or so. I'm on the DNC and NoMoRoBo lists but we now get 6-10 a day. So frustrating!!!!
  5. YaelAldrich

    Anyone going to update their MMR?

    Went to Israel in December and alas measles is running through the Jewish world there (and here in the US), so I got my titers checked. I figured they would be since I had gotten the MMR in 2001 after finding out I wasn't immune to rubella during that pregnancy. I assume the kids were fine. No one got measles. Though we got lice - again.
  6. YaelAldrich

    Your favorite chapped hands lotion?

    Strangly enough, we love the Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment lotion found at the Dollar Store of all places. I use Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream too.
  7. My DH did something like this twice in our marriage when stresses were high. He did come clean (after I caught him) and I did insist that he find someone to be accountable to as well as using software that locked things down more. We didn't go through counseling then but we have more recently after a much more terrible thing happened between us. As many have said, forgiveness can come way faster than trust. My deepest hugs for you. I'll keep y'all in my prayers too. ETA: I'd really suggest that you try the exercises in Dr Sue Johnson's Hold Me Tight (there is a Christian version out there too). Or better, find a EFT therapist to help you through this rough patch.
  8. YaelAldrich

    Community college inappropriateness vent

    Nopers. That's a big time Title IX problem right there. If she doesn't want to go alone to report it (and I hope she does) she should get others from the class to go with her. My husband (a tenured professor) reported two professors, one for similar behavior and one who made it a point to attempt to sleep with his (male) students on an overseas trip as well as force them to work on his election campaign. If she needs to talk to someone about this, my husband would be more than willing to help her understand her rights. I'm sorry she is having this experience. There are so many good professors out there; these really stink up the profession.
  9. YaelAldrich

    Humor me... cold-weather houses

    radiant floor heating
  10. YaelAldrich

    Adoption and US Citizenship - NOT political

    If she really wants to go to grad school and she hopes to get it paid for by the university (i.e., not professional degrees), I'd work rally hard to get everything squared away. I know in the grad schools my husband have run, US citizens have an easier time getting funding. $1000 Is cheaper than grad school.
  11. YaelAldrich

    Packing help: 10 day trip to Israel

    I took ponchos to Israel in December in the middle of the rainy season. You look like a loon but you are dry!
  12. YaelAldrich

    Packing help: 10 day trip to Israel

    GF is really common in Israel since so many Jews are celiac. You should be able to get GF stuff all over the place and restaurants cater to that segment (at least in the kosher/Jewish restaurants). The grocery stores also have plenty of stuff. Everything labeled in a grocery store is labeled if it has gluten and in English as well. You can ask, "Ain glooten b'zeh?" and things are labeled ללא גלוטן
  13. YaelAldrich

    s/o What's in your house salad?

    I had a salad tonight - power green mix (1st salad) and roasted, slivered almonds and caesar dressing with a piece of shnitzel on top. Then I still had dressing left over but no more kale/spinach mix so out came the iceberg lettuce from taco night last week. More almonds and it was dessert! Sorry no pics. But it hit the spot!
  14. YaelAldrich

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    After the Thanksgiving thing I took my oldest aside and talked to him. Guess what? He already knew (without the specific words NPD) that she was off! Kids aren't dumb. They can see how people treat you and them and others. He said to me, "Why do you think I ignore most of her emails? She tries to control everything I do and tries to make me who I don't want to be!" She IS his grandmother but he knows that she isn't necessarily a good hearted person.
  15. YaelAldrich

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    I see you are using ABeka? Do you have an elder/pastor/minister/minister's wife in your congregation you can talk to? I think you need to get this out in the open and if you really think your husband would stew on it (guess what? it's his job) and you don't want that, please use a person of faith (who knows about NPD) to talk it out.
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