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  1. So glad to hear the good news. A dear friend of mine did TMS and it did wonders for 6 months or so. I think she is coming undone again, but due to a new set of stressors (her son who just started college is drinking and smoking weed and it is ripping her apart).
  2. We have an older man who walks around our local lake/reservoir in a thong and fanny pack, usually reading a thick tome. Now, that it is cold, we tend not to see him or maybe we don't know him with clothes? My husband guesses he is a professor emeritus from one of the local colleges. He hopes he will be that man someday.
  3. You don't really need the water in a slow cooker. You can put parchment paper in the bottom/sides of the crock pot to make for an easy clean up. You can put a little bit of water (maybe 1/4 cup) to make sure your slow cooker doesn't crack from heating without liquid (mine did over several years of making sweet and regular potatoes this way). Even for fat sweet potatoes, it takes about 5 hours on high or 6-7 on low. I start them right after breakfast and they are done between lunch and dinner and I put the pot on warm until serving time, Easiest and rather healthy side ever!
  4. Dry cleaner if it is that expensive.
  5. Yes it totally is. I can get up and do stuff unless it's the flu. Then forget it, I'm not getting up to do anything for anyone for days. I hope you feel better soon!
  6. During the DC derecho ours stayed frozen for 3 days, almost 4. Good luck - the winds are insane up in NE (we're in Boston)!
  7. Like Chiguerre said, see if there is any passport agency within reasonable driving distance. If you can get an appointment it's better but anyways just get there before it opens as there will be a line! Take all the documentation needed and the airline ticket (without they won't do anything). You should get the new passport within 6 hours. We did it whenw e realized that our youngest son's passport was expiring and we were due to fly in two days. You'd think that people who travel as often as we do would catch on but....
  8. Oh, and I lost almost everything in Hurricane Katrina. I only regret leaving almost all my jewelry, my very special stuffed bear from my childhood, my letters from my best friend, and a Korean dress that my mother got me. Everything I could have cared less about in the greater scheme of life.
  9. Like the others have said, purging is great for you and your home. But I would keep at least a couple of the letters from people that mean something to you even today. My sister passed away almost three years ago and I am grateful I did keep a couple of the birthday and other cards she sent in her last years. Usually I chuck them. Now that my parents both have cancer and I know they won't be around much longer I'm keeping their notes to me (voice mails and snail mail). I didn't keep many of sister's emails and I don't think I have any of her voice mails on my old phones and it makes me sad.
  10. Orthodox Jew here. If the space was used a Christian worship space in the past but is not used that way anymore, I'd be OK using it. I know there are Orthodox Jews who wouldn't even if the space weren't used for Christian worship anymore but was still decorated in such a manner. Each O Jew would need to make that decision (possibly with the advice/guidance/ruling of a Rabbi).
  11. My sister had bc at 31 and had a lumpectomy. She got cancer again with metastatic cancer in her brain, lung, bones, liver, and same breast after chemo, radiation, and Tamoxifen for 4 years. The new immunotherapy drugs kept her alive and pretty well for almost two years. If I get cancer I want them to take them both off even they are an integral part of my being. I couldn't live with a ticking time bomb. I/we don't have any identifiable mutations.
  12. YaelAldrich


    When BCPs are taken back to back there can be spotting and cramping. I'm not sure that it's the Keflex. I wish her pain-free days soon!
  13. Carolina is my (and my husband's) alma mater! Go Heels! My father-in-law is a prof there in Sociology if she needs anything; she can reference me (Yael Aldrich).
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