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  1. Understood. I guess I didn't phrase the two questions separately enough. Sorry! Totally get it! Understood. We Orthodox Jews had similar questions at the beginning of covid with the added twist that on our sabbaths and holidays we don't actively utilize electrical appliances like computers for Zooming and such. Most said no; some sympathetic and innovative rabbis gave permission for people with mental health issues and similarly serious reasons to leave on a Zoom connection for human interaction on those no-go times. But we can't make a prayer quorum if there aren't 10 actual in person Jewish males above the age of 13 in a place.
  2. Does that "work"? Can you do confession or other rites by Zoom?
  3. I come to NC every six weeks. But honestly I'll come wherever something is held. If anyone wants to work on this I'll happily join in to share the burden.
  4. The Mid-Atlantic had get togethers for a while. I was going to fly in one year but I dislocated my shoulder right before. I'm willing to set one up up here in NE if people will assist.
  5. No way! That's insane! My used to be kosher son (and his best friend) suffered pretty bad hives after their first foray into non-kosher sea creatures. Of course it was their first time so no one can say if the allergy was already there or not. We told them it was G-d giving a smack down. Just kidding, sort of. Nope to know it could be part of his antibiotic allergy! Fascinating!
  6. I want a t-shirt and a baseball cap please! I hear so much of my life experiences in everyone's posts. Being multi-racial and a convert to another ethno-religion makes me even more a misfit. Add in homeschooling, home birthing, etc etc. Oy vey.
  7. I live in Boston but am not home until Sunday. Honestly please contact me if there's anything I can do on Sunday for her.
  8. Our local kosher (!) Indian place also makes curry pizzas. Wasn't on my radar until my BIL ordered curry leaf pesto pizza with roasted eggplant and tomatoes. It's crack for us adults. In kinda of still scared to try the other curry pizza versions even though I like them all in Indian food style.
  9. Of course I'm worried about dying from covid, but I'm perhaps even more worried that my loved ones get long covid. My husband has two grad students who contacted covid (one of them twice so far) and they both have severe long haul symptoms. One can't walk a short block without having to take a long break and still has brain fog almost a year after her second infection. The other almost died of heart problems while sick and still has an irregular heartbeat. Both are recently married and I know they were looking to start a family. With their current health I don't know if that will be possible. I mourn for their loss of health and potential. I fear losing my sense of smell and taste - I cook entirely from those senses and when I cannot smell due to a cold or whatnot I have a difficult time with food preparation.
  10. I agree with everyone else above. You aren't freeloaders at all and what you do is more than enough (for normal hosts). Some in our family keep kosher, some are vegan, some are vegetarian. Inevitably we bring food to every get together. More work for me, some awkwardness for everyone. It works more or less.
  11. We do that. Just have to remember to put it in the mix
  12. Please more vegetarian/vegan/low cholesterol recipes as most of the family has abandoned the omnivore path!!
  13. Semi finished. Most of the houses in the neighborhood were built between 1900-1930 so the furnace and hot water heater are there along with walls for rooms but not necessarily finished-finished. This particular toilet was up on a platform to boot.
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