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  1. I haven't. Don't think I will either.
  2. OK, I'm back. 🙂 Yes, sadly Orthodox Jews (both Hasidic and not) have been vectors of this (and previous ones too, sigh) disease. There are definitely groups of people in both Hasidic and "regular" Orthodox sects who are consciously not vaccinating. There is at least one very prominent rabbi's wife here in the States (non-Hasidic) who is very anti-vax and there are people who follow her recommendations. I took my kids to Israel in December and I made sure my titers were up to date as measles was raging there then. People travelling back and forth from Ukraine during the fall holidays and right now from Israel to the US (and vice versa) for the Passover holidays contributes to the spread to the States. People in my Orthodox community here in Boston are worried people from Israel or people who are going there and coming back will bring it to our community. It's happened in Detroit already and Rockland Cty in NY banned un-vaxed people from public areas but I know people are running around getting things done for Passover in two weeks time, so if they are following that I'd be surprised. However, most people in our communities do vaccinate. Our schools do require everyone to be vaccinated (although that wasn't always true) and compliance is over 90%. Questions (about this topic or Judaism in general) are welcomed.
  3. Orthodox Jew here. It's late so I'll comment tomorrow when I'm supposed to teaching the children about the upcoming holiday of Passover. LOL
  4. I had a number of previously important people in my life I needed to forgive and I used this book Forgiving Fourfold: Healing Ourselves by Bishop Desmond Tutu. The reading and exercises really give me something to work on and after working through the book multiple times I was able to finally forgive those people. That doesn't mean I willingly will put myself back into those situations with those people again.
  5. I make lunches (and in the semesters he has to teach at night, dinners) for my husband. It is definitely a love language thing for him. He likes acts of service and even if there are other things I could be doing with my time in the morning, it makes him (and me) happy to do it. Today he got his usual lunch (PB&J, apple, orange, yogurt, treat) and dinner (grilled chicken on a salad, Ryvita crackers, and chips). If I don't have time, he will make lunch (but it isn't as nice as mine). I will freely admit that he is super spoiled in this regard.
  6. Did you go to the Natural Foods stores behind Machane Yehuda shuk to find alternatives? Most bakeries in Jewish Jerusalem don't use dairy as then we can't eat meat products. I won't say they are healthy but non-dairy they are. I don't remember seeing Earth Balance while there but I can guarantee you that there will be some option that will fit the bill. There is a nice natural food store in Rechavia off of HaPalmach St. I know there are others but don't know the addresses.
  7. White House Black Market is wonderful as is Maggie London for nice dresses at decent prices with sales going on all the time.
  8. My husband had one on his lower leg and a ortho surgeon took it out under general.
  9. I get threaded after years of waxing (professional and self). I found that when I wax my upper lip, I get ingrown hairs almost every time. Painful and unpleasant looking. If I get threaded instead, nothing. I get my upper lip (that includes around the lower lip it seems as well for my thread place) and eyebrows done. It is somewhat more painful than waxing especially in the lip area.
  10. I believe Japan still gives only measles and rubella vaccinations as part of their recommended sequence. Mumps is not. I had at least one kid that needed to get an extra shot because of their immunization locations in childhood.
  11. If you want to cover all your ecumenical bases, give some money to charity in multiples of 18 and ask Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess.
  12. This actually might be Borderline Personality Disorder, NPD's cousin disorder. It's similar but when I hear "All of their actions are with the goal of stopping themselves from feeling bad, insecure, lonely, worried", this seems more like BPD.
  13. Me too! They have increased since December or so. I'm on the DNC and NoMoRoBo lists but we now get 6-10 a day. So frustrating!!!!
  14. Went to Israel in December and alas measles is running through the Jewish world there (and here in the US), so I got my titers checked. I figured they would be since I had gotten the MMR in 2001 after finding out I wasn't immune to rubella during that pregnancy. I assume the kids were fine. No one got measles. Though we got lice - again.
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