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  1. Gone to both orthodontist and dentist over this time period (when they were open). Try have both been rather conservative about reopening and their protocol are decent enough. Otherwise we are a family who masks (N96 or N99 equivalent) any time we are outside and occasionally go to indoor things.
  2. Northeastern U in Boston has announced that they will require all students to get the COVID vaccine if they want to be on campus (so it seems not only those who live on campus but also those who want to take in-person classes). They will allow religious and medical exemptions. They will also assist international students or other students who can't access the vaccine get the vaccine at arrival. Here's the email to all faculty, staff, and students (including our incoming sophomore): Dear Northeastern University students, Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern ha
  3. Can you make masking a holiday themed idea with stick ons or stickers in the shape of bunny noses or something like that so everyone will want to wear a mask if that's a potential problem?
  4. We rented a teeny lodge in NH for four days with an indoor pool and sauna for the intermediate days of Passover. My oldest's best buddy (who gave my 2nd son covid in December) came along as well as two of my next two children's best friends from Israel (one of them got permission to leave the country less than 4 hours before the flight! The older of the two is vaccinated; the younger one who almost didn't come isn't yet). So I have six teenagers and a tween in a kitchen with a finite amount of food (thanks Passover!). But everyone is having a terrific time so far. We had hoped that we could t
  5. I've been diverted for weather (annoying) and for plane trouble (very very not fun). I'm glad they are safe from the plane ride and that they get to their destination safely.
  6. My DH got his at his university (who was tapped to give out vaccinations in February and March; it seems to have been withdrawn in the recent past for reasons unknown) when they finished giving to healthcare workers and frontline staff they started in on professors. As my DH was and is teaching in person (most professors aren't) we were especially eager to get him vaccinated. He was vaccinated in Mid January and a month later with Pfizer. I was vaccinated in mid February (Pfizer) and just last week due to my work in a Jewish space where the women there have to be without their masks (for a
  7. If I didn't have to worry about nut allergies I would replace chickpeas with soaked skinned whole almonds.
  8. It's a good recipe. The caraway will not really be missed. The other spices will more than take care of that! Personally our family would not eat chickpeas nor caraway this week. I will miss the chickpeas more than the caraway (that I do use a fair amount the rest of the year).
  9. All the Ashkenazim (Eastern and Western European Jewry) I know who haven't gotten rid of the kitniyot (beans, rice, some spices due to their flours looking like or acting like flour) minhag (tradition which verges on law) think they are kitniyos. I know I miss them very much during Passover week.
  10. I'm a weirdo. I'm just not that sentimental. I loved each of those stages with my four children. I don't really miss them at all. I do go misty eyed at looking at little people pictures of them but I am so happy that they are growing up (even the oldest two who are giving us grief and grey hairs all too often). I prayerfully hope they will all be adults I can proud of in their different ways.
  11. The harissa spice mix she references has caraway which isn't kosher for passover according to most Ashkenazi Jews. Aside from that it's a Passover compliant recipe.
  12. Red wine and apricot chicken 1 cut up bone in skin on chicken (or the equivalent; 8-10 pieces. If using chicken breasts, cut the breast in half across the short side) Salt Pepper 1 Sliced onion (red or yellow) Couple of cloves of garlic (to your taste) Olive oil (not extra virgin) Small jar of apricot (or cherry) preserves or jam (not jelly) 1/2 bottle of sweet or semi dry red wine Oregano or rosemary Salt and pepper your chicken. In a large saute pan, saute the onions in a glug of oil. When they are soft and lightly browned, put the chi
  13. I'm doing my red wine and apricot jam chicken for first seder and likely either lamb roast or braised lamb chops for second seder. Accompanied by roast veggies and maybe potatoes. Soup, usually chicken and matzo balls and a vegetarian alternative. Gefilte fish and horseradish for sure. Hard boiled eggs. Dessert? Either something store bought or cookies I'll make beforehand. After eating the ritual parts of the seder (vegetables dipped in salt water - left on the table until dinner is served for noshing, wine, matzo, bitter herb - romaine lettuce in that case, and charades) and the extremely l
  14. Update from Wednesday second shot. I have a small bruise from the injection but a Covid lump (?) about a half an inch below the injection site. It hurt until today.
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