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  1. NHK reported the same information. At least there we know the human to human transmission. Where he got it from no one knows. He claims not to have taken foreigners in his taxi but who knows. There are two other land based people in Japan for whom they can't figure where they got it. A doctor in Western Japan and a 20-something in Chiba (just outside Tokyo).
  2. The one death attributed to Coronavirus is an 80-something just south of Tokyo. The taxi driver said he thinks he transported some Chinese. I got this from NHK. My husband's leaving for Japan next week. Not changing his plans nor our daughter's plan to go in April.
  3. Oh, and don't call hummus huh-mus. It's hoo-moose! Darn non-Jews/non-Arabs! 💕
  4. It's the one thing that will unite Jews and Arabs to make world peace. Hummus is savory, never sweet. 🤣
  5. Oh my no. Japanese customer service makes me swoon! Makes American CS look like dreck (junk, rubbish). Although elevator girls in Japanese department stores can be a bit too much.
  6. I'll bring you some if/when I get back to Australia this year (husband has been invited to Brisbane and Melbourne this year so far)! It's true; best toilet paper ever.
  7. This is one of Judaism's explanations as to why the Jews (anti-Semitism). TL;DR It isn't about any of the stuff people talk about; rather G-d tells us we're going to be on the outs in every generation because we are the conscience of the world and it resents us for it.
  8. The ones I have been to in Melbourne didn't have armed guards at the synagogue during normal services, although the doors are all locked in every synagogue we went to (many US synagogues don't lock their doors during services). The schools looked hardened with planters in the road/blockades, guard boxes, tire puncture things in the road. It's much more like the US than Europe. Without all the damn guns.
  9. Looks like you haven't had a real live Jew say anything in this thread yet. I am an Orthodox Jew living in Boston, MA in a Jewish area with lots of synagogues (both formal and informal), restaurants, stores, schools, and all the other necessities of a Jewish life. We have not nearly enough security for our institutions. Our synagogue's rabbi does not want a security patrol, but we have one anyways. Several of our members are armed (legally, hard to do in MA); my husband is trying for his LTC licence soon (and our oldest two have the potential for licensure as well him wanting all of us eventually to know how to and be comfortable with firearms even though he hates them). My husband and I are on our synagogue's security patrol. We are not armed but we do walk arounds during services (morning and evening, and Sabbath). Our synagogue is really small though so I worry if (I first wrote when) someone comes in who will get caught in the cross-fire. My husband (who does some counter-terrorism work for military/govt/universities) asked me if I realized the Jewish grocery store was recently hardened - bullet-resistant glass, one way out doors, specialized locks. I hadn't realized but it's necessary. Some US Jewish institutions will have more security; professional armed guards, metal detectors, and the like. It's nothing like Europe though. There, we have to register our passports and be screened [ETA: questioned about our Jewishness/Hebrew speaking ability] to even enter into any Jewish building, sometimes even restaurants. They have Israeli guards with semi-automatic weapons behind bulletproof glass. It's scary and comforting at the same time. And in Israel there is security everywhere. But since it's the "good guys" (and gals. You know you are in Israel when you see a cute 18 year old girl in a miniskirt, tank top and a automatic weapon walking to a nightclub. They have to carry/account for their weapons 24/7 the entire they they are in the army), I'm happy even though we have to get searched before going in most buildings. I think I have told the stories of how i/we have almost been victims in terrorist events here in Israel. There have been quite the upsurge of anti-Semitic incidents the last couple of years. I never would have thought that I would be interested in my husband becoming armed or bringing weapons into our home. He comes from quite an anti-gun family; my father was career military but doesn't have a firearm in the house. I think I'm ready now. If not for our family, but for our (Jewish) community to have an additional logical, head on straight, calm person who shoots really well for our/their protection.
  10. Does anyone thing small town/very rural living will be gone soon? Someone upthread said that the young people are not moving back after college. I know I left my small town, never to come back. Will suburbs/city living be the norm ever?
  11. I'm going for the ginormous fridge with the ice maker in the freezer but no water dispenser. We have one of those - it's called a sink. LOL I'm getting it in Stainless Steel as Bosch doesn't do these other finishes and I have read in numerous places they scratch easily and cannot be repaired. Thank you everyone! ETA: I mentioned Bosch because my dishwasher is not in great health and I will need to get one sooner than later and it will be a Bosch. GE 27.0CuFt French-Door Refrigerator with Spill-Proof Shelves
  12. The fridge I have now is dying and I have to get a new one. I have a red oak hardwood floor, similarly stained Ikea cabinets and butcher block counters. In other words a lot of warm wood color (which I love). The walls are white tile (which I hate). I currently have stainless steel appliances. The dishwasher will probably die soon and who knows about the oven. Shoudl I change over to the black stainess steel/slate or stick with stainless steel? Thanks!!
  13. But if they are looking for a great marriage therapy method, they should try to find a Emotional Focused Therapy practice. Great stuff; saved my marriage.
  14. Just remember there will be hamsin (the hot, super windy periods) which will drive dust from G-d only knows where - OK, Jordan really - into your home no matter if you put down the trissim (hurricane shutters). Which will look better with scads of dirt on them. I think grey, but beige should work.
  15. If you change your mind (you have time!) or think of stuff you want from the US to J'lem, please don't hesitate. I don't think we're going as a family until next fall but my offer stands for then (and we have LOTS of luggage capability!). A Merry Christmas to you in the Holy Land. Eat a sufganiyah (Hanukah doughnut) for me, preferably halvah flavored.
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