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  1. All y'all wanting these biblical Jewish people to your table and you don't keep kosher? I'll be your caterer - kosher food for your ultimate dinners!
  2. Massachusetts is requiring everyone who goes to school or college, public or private, to get the flu vaccine this year. People are saying homeschooling will get another bump up from this.
  3. The spin off Mixed-ish might be a better fit for your family. It has some of the same racial stuff (compounded with Bow's family being biracial) and cute (to me) flashbacks to 80's life. I'm Black and Korean and of a similar age so a lot of the stuff resonates with me. It's a show that might be a better entree into racial sitcoms.
  4. Mush around a chewed up crisp apple? That's what I would try!
  5. I'm also saying hvac filters or air purifier filters
  6. Can those of us on the East Coast (or other as unaffected areas - second day our skies were smokey) help you or others by sending filters to you from our locations? Yael
  7. I've used them in Israel and Europe and they seem to take hours to do a wash or a dry. That's better that I have had...
  8. Does the Miele washer and dryer take eons to do their thing?
  9. I was in Dulles a couple of weeks ago laying over on a flight back from my parents. Almost everyone was masked in the airport and lounges but the United flight from IAD to BOS was about 90% full.
  10. You're not going to believe this but Boston's skies today were discolored from the wildfires in the West Coast. It looked like a snow sky but it's 70F.
  11. I find it crisp and easy to read. The amount of white space is almost but not too much. Interesting how we have to click on longer quote boxes now.
  12. Do you have a Wegman's near you? Try their flavored sparkling waters. The flavors are bright and loud (but in the best way). The absolute best sparkling water is the Trader Joe's Green Apple sparkling water. It is only around in the fall-early winter. If you like Granny Smith apples, you will adore this. It has the appley essence PLUS the bitter tang of the skin all in one drink! I purchased the 12 Days of Beauty at Xmas time from TJ's but I haven't used it yet. I just got a surprisingly good balconette bra from Amazon. Not as good as the Polish bras that @Bagels McGruffikin
  13. Not exactly. Litzman resigned because he claimed the Corona Czar could have started this earlier and stopped this process happening over the High Holidays. I'm not really sure that this is even realistic as this time of year is like Xmas and Thanksgiving all wrapped up in a three week period, i.e., family visiting, worship services etc.
  14. If they tried to really lockdown (like NZ) there and not let group worship there would literally be bloodshed. Orthodox Jews need to have at least 10 men to conduct important parts of the High Holiday services. It's like missing Easter or Christmas Mass but not once but multiple times over a three week period. I mean, we've lived in all sorts of places in places where we don't have a regular Sabbath community, but never ever have we done that for the High Holidays. Our family is joining five other families on the Cape in an outdoor (covered with no sides tent) Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
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