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  1. Update: oldest son who stayed in the room with our parent zero took his last covid test to be released tomorrow. 8 negative tests in the last 18 days. Grateful to be in a state I can get testing (I have to be aggressive but I can get them)! DH and I also tested this week and were negative as well. My father got his first vaccine today. My mother on my request tried to get them to give her one too since they just changed the age recommendation to 65 and older. No luck sadly. But she's on the list to get it.
  2. Update: my son who was positive is now out of quarantine. My son who started in the room tested Friday and was negative (again for the 8th time since diagnosis). He's going to test again (at least once) by Wednesday so he can be released from quarantine as well.
  3. Beth, I'm so so glad that it looks like Kasier is coming to its senses regarding telehealth for ED and all MH issues. It's the only moral option right now. I hope you will start again very soon and that you will get the help you need to be healthy and happy!
  4. I would totally agree with you if it were only ONE or even TWO tests. He's had 5 (and another today and Friday so it will be seven tests in 1.5 weeks) from two different labs, all PCR. The probability would be astounding that all were false negatives. But on the other hand, on yesterday's ride to testing he told me that he came down with something resembling COVID (mild fever, loss of smell, headache) in March after my DH came back from Japan. Our best friends (with whom he spent a lot of time) are the Chief Rabbi of Japan who took care of the Israeli and Jewish passengers who were on
  5. Admittedly, I'm worried about that.
  6. I did and it sounded lovely! Wish me luck!
  7. Darn it! I never buy stuff from you guys and your recommendations but I literally just got out of a hot, hot bath with epsom salt and tomorrow is my birthday.. So I bought the salts. Happy birthday to me!
  8. Update: My 16yo patient zero in our family is feeling somewhat better. He never had a fever, only sore throat (still) and a light cough in addition to loss of smell and taste. My oldest, who boldly (stupidly!) stayed in the same room with patient zero, had a headache on Friday (told me on Saturday!) and he tested on Sunday (well, all my kids tested on Thursday but only got one result out of three back last night - grrr). He tested NEGATIVE. I took my in-person school (and right now zooming) daughter to be tested with hopes she can go back to school Wednesday as she has no symptoms.
  9. My parent's county (Sto...) put out the word on their FB (!) page to sign up though email or phone calls. So I emailed and will throw in a phone call too today.
  10. My DH who before this traveled 1-2 weeks a month said today he thinks he'll be back traveling November 2021. He hopes it will be sooner because he's planned a summer school class on the road for July. But he's not banking on it.
  11. That does not sound like a positive day. Lots of gentle and supportive hugs
  12. Get everyone else in the family tested today (the day after my DS's diagnosis) to try to catch more positive cases and shave off quarantine times for everyone. Test again on Monday. If my daughter is not sick and not symptomatic, she can go back to school Wednesday. My oldest son, whose friend (our bonus son) "brought" this to us 😢, decided he wanted to stay in their joint room and catch covid. I love obstinate people. 🙄 I slept fitfully last night with my Totobobo mask on. It's much easier to do that when you are hopped up on morphine (as I was in the hospital when I broke my leg)! Our p
  13. Well, my 2nd oldest son came down this afternoon saying his throat hurt and he had a headache. You know we've tested so much the last couple of days. We went to our pediatrician and got him tested. He's positive. We just figured out where he got it. Our bonus son caught it from his dad's girlfriend. He stayed over Friday night with us. This royally sucks. We're lucky to have one of Boston's best infectious med doctors as a good friend so he's talked us through what we need to do.
  14. My family got tested Sunday morning since we had been in contact with our close friends whose oldest son got COVID a week ago. We're all negative still. Their whole family also got tested yesterday. Their younger son, the one who comes to me everyday to be homeschooled in secular subjects, is now sick (with no symptoms). Thankfully the last time any of us saw him (and their family) was last-last Saturday (the Saturday before Christmas) because we had a school break and then my DH took me away on a getaway Christmas week (that thankfully required testing both before and during the trip). I
  15. My update: both the husband and I took covid tests on Tuesday. Negative. The mother of my youngest son's best friend (he also comes over to our house for school everyday) just let me know her oldest (a good friend of my second oldest) has Covid-19 as of Monday (just got the results back today). She's quite worried as he has Type 1 diabetes and evidently this can be a problem. Thank goodness for a holiday break that started last week Wednesday and my husband's insistence that the two of us get away for a quick trip this week so anyone in our family last saw them Sunday afternoon (that's my daug
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