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  1. maize

    Ignore this thread!

    Can you disconnect the power or source/battery?
  2. Well, my family gets sick kids are in a lot of group activities though. And there are just a lot of us to potentially be exposed to stuff and being it home.
  3. maize

    Arabic as a major in college ?

    BYU has a good Arabic program/major if he wouldn't mind being a religious minority at the school.
  4. maize

    Arabic as a major in college ?

    What grade is he? Has he looked into A cousin of mine is a military Arabic linguist, they taught her. My dd15 went to the Arabic STARTALK program at BYU last year, it was a really great introduction to the language and she is planning to go back this year.
  5. maize

    Ignore this thread!

    Right now dd15 is the only one doing any practice at all. My mom was very tiger-mom-ish about music practice, I always felt like I was in trouble for not practicing enough. I remember staying home from school sick in bed with a fever, but trying to get up when I heard my mom coming down the hall because I was sure she was going to tell me I ought to be practicing. I don't want my kids to feel that kind of pressure yaknow? But I do want practice to happen...
  6. maize

    Ignore this thread!

    I need to figure out how to make music practice happen around here. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to put me of all people in charge of executive function for an entire family...
  7. maize

    Ignore this thread!

    This is why my signature has birth years rather than ages; I got tired of updating...
  8. I would give full credit for that response!
  9. But colleges want financial information from both parents. I'm not sure what happens in cases of abandonment?
  10. But why is it necessary to create different looks? Men can usually get away with very similar clothes every day, no one tells them to accessorize to create different looks. This is why I loved wearing a uniform to work...
  11. maize


    I kinda wonder where he keeps finding new lawyers--are there a bunch of lawyers out there desperate for any kind of business?
  12. maize

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    Interesting question. I think it would be possible for our brains to respond more strongly to some people than others, for reasons of their own... Looking beyond biology, I do personally believe that humans have spirits as well as bodies and that we can have a spiritual awareness and recognition of others. That however is beyond the realm of scientific investigation...
  13. maize

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    Biologically, this may be explained by an especially active mirror neuron system. Mirror neurons in our brains fire when we observe someone else doing or feeling something--just as if we were doing or feeling that thing ourselves. And yes it is profoundly uncomfortable when we are picking up on the negative emotions of someone close to us.
  14. maize

    Ignore this thread!

    Go for it! I've started taking classes at my kids' dojo, I got my yellow belt a couple of weeks ago 🙂 I've been taking dance classes with the kids as well. It's nice to discover that my body isn't quite as unresponsive as it has felt these past few years of being totally out of shape.
  15. Who volunteers to stand still while a bull charges?!?
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