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  1. If you would consider a full-size van, I drive a mid-roof (tall but not the tallest option) Ford Transit. The 10 passenger version minus the back row of seats would be fantastic for transporting tall people + large instruments, and there are a variety of seat configuration options.
  2. It's probably a soft case, needs something in it to give it form.
  3. Newspapers can be interesting for sure--including for turning up some of the more colorful bits of family history! Years ago, I was researching the G-G-Grandmother I was named after and found a whole juicy scandal that she was involved in, complete with eloping with her then-husband's hired man and heading for Mexico with him and her children. She led an interesting and repeatedly traumatic life, including 6 marriages, 2 divorces, being widowed 4 times, and the deaths of several children--one scalded to death as a child when the family was processing a slaughtered pig, an adult daughter who drowned in a river when she was several months pregnant with her first child, and an adult son shot to death by his father-in-law who supposedly mistook him for an intruder. It's hard to idealize the past if you have spent any time at all investigating the lives of individuals and families who lived in any period of history.
  4. I've also been contemplating the harsh reality that the group of contemporary Americans who have the highest probability of having slave-owning ancestors are probably those Black Americans who are themselves descendants of slaves. Powerful men spreading their own genes far and wide is another of the universal realities of human history.
  5. I've been researching the branch of my family from South Carolina since yesterday and can find no evidence of slave ownership--they were far too poor. There was mostly no property ownership at all, including land. They moved frequently trying to make a life for themselves, heading further and further west.
  6. My last name is crazy common, including among Black Americans. When we lived in California the Black family next door shared our last named and we told everyone we were cousins. Definitely caused some confusion!
  7. It's worth keeping in mind that this is an international group. The history of slavery in the United States (and before that in the North American colonies) is indeed exceptionally relevant to ongoing realities of life and politics in the United States. It isn't what is most relevant or significant for every person in the world. I'm also one who thinks that more context is usually more helpful than less; nothing happens in a historical or cultural vacuum. The United States has never, ever, been isolated from larger world trends and affairs.
  8. Do you think you might enjoy DnD? If you get into it, It could be a good way to develop more of a social group locally. I've never played myself but have a lot of family and friends who play.
  9. @Amira what documents other than wills are likely to show slave holdings? Did censuses show which families held slaves? I have at least one family line from the south, but I dont know much about their history there. My family is also among the significant percentage of whites with sub-saharan African DNA in the mix, we think we've traced that as far back as Kentucky (based on which DNA relatives share that portion we can narrow down which lines it could have come from) but there the trail goes cold.
  10. Wikipedia has a decent summary of slavery around the globe and throughout history. Humans exploiting other humans has definitely been the rule rather than the exception. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_slavery I'm glad we've done away with legal slavery, but we've got lots of room for improvement in the realm of harmful exploitation of members of our own species.
  11. Charging the same whether kids show up or not is in my experience the rule not the exception for most private music studios-- there's a set monthly fee, paid in advance, that reserves your lesson time every week--meaning the teacher can't schedule another student in that slot and you are paying for the teacher's reserved time whether you use it or not. That's not a draconian policy, it's industry standard in professional music teacher circles. Makes perfect sense too.
  12. I think the challenge in this case is that OP has health challenges and really needs to avoid getting sick. A generous makeup policy is meant to encourage students not to come for a lesson if they are at all sick.
  13. Maybe offer two sick day make-ups for everyone per term, and explain that more may be requested for extenuating circumstances such as extended sickness. You might want a separate policy for planned absences such as for a family holiday or other planned-in-advance event. Maybe 1-2 planned-in-advance absence makeups and 2 sick day makeups? I assume you are already making it clear that you really take sickness seriously out of necessity.
  14. maize


    Microsoft 365 is what most universities provide student accounts for now--it's in the cloud just like the Google suite and has these same benefits.
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