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  1. In general with anxiety/OCD driven scrupulosity I do think that giving in just reinforces the anxiety. I do not see a way for it to relieve anxiety, the anxiety will still be there and will just find new targets to focus on. There is always something more to be anxious or scrupulous about. There been a few instances with one family member in particular where I went out of my way to "fix" an issue that was a significant anxiety focus and it had zero positive effect in terms of reducing anxiety. The anxiety was never really about the specific issue at all, with one issue resolved it just shifted to a different focus.
  2. With photos you're also dealing with photo editing, my sister is a professional photographer and part of her job is adjusting lighting and color saturation in photos. Different skin tones in different photos of the same person can be any number of things, from the effects of degree of tanning from sun exposure, type of lighting, photo editing, and yes makeup. I see no reason to nitpick any of it. I have a kid who dances and uses tanning products or skin makeup because it is what is expected to make legs especially show up better on stage. She has to use a darker color on her face as well so it isn't a preposterously different shade than her legs. I may have opinions about the ridiculousness of dance performance expectations but none of it has anything to do with trying to appear as a different ethnicity.
  3. I want to shoot off fireworks for Batman day.
  4. If there is a chance to have a priest reassure him that might help. Or the parents discuss it with a priest and bring his reassurance back to the child. Probably not relevant but I will bring this up just in case: I have a child who struggles with OCD and one of the most common manifestations of the disorder in their life is as religious scrupulosity, a constant worry about not meeting religious obligations with perfection. If this child often struggles with anxiety and scrupulosity that might be something to consider.
  5. I do not understand being upset by the casting of Naomi Scott. She is of mixed heritage, her mother is of Gujarati Indian descent and her father is British. She is mixed race just as Barack Obama is mixed race. I'm not sure what the concern is--her skin isn't brown enough? Someone of Gujarati descent can't play a role cast as West Asian because in spite of close genetic ties between the populations South Asian is too different? Would people be upset if a person of Irish descent played a Russian role? How specific are we going to be? I see no evidence in Aladdin that they have done anything to alter her skin tone, it looks as it does in various photos over the years, a lovely olive tone. Maybe Ausmom's husband was just picking up on differences in lighting. Her acting and singing were an excellent fit for the role in my opinion. *edited because I got the the last name wrong
  6. We have an outdoor play only rule with neighborhood kids.
  7. I have had a lot of experience with diversity in my life but surprisingly little with African Americans specifically. I currently live in a state where less than 2% of the population is black and most of the black people I have known as friends or friendly acquaintances in my life were from Africa. DNA says I have some black ancestry myself and I've figured out one of the family lines that came through but there's a solid brick wall there genealogically--had to be I suppose back when anti miscegenation laws were taken seriously and someone was passing as white. In any case it's too far back to help me with a modern cultural interface I don't have the background to understand.
  8. I took one seat yesterday, debating taking another tomorrow.
  9. Girl, I think, if she would spread her wings I would be more confident. Males have narrower black lines and a black spot on the lower wing that females lack.
  10. Found out one of my children has mild hearing loss today. Wondering if it relates to dh's hearing loss. It has gone downhill since I last took him to the audiologist five or six years ago, then it was still within the normal range though hovering a bit at the lower end.
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