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  1. Long term storage? I buy in #10 cans or Mylar sealed bags in 5 gallon buckets. There are companies that specialize in long term storage.
  2. When my unknown wealthy uncle dies and leaves me a fortune I'll keep enough for my new deck and send you some for a new car.
  3. If your FIL gets bored again send him my way 😄
  4. I badly want the money to hire someone to: Fix/replace the various broken doors in the house Replace the basement carpet with some kind of hard flooring Paint everything I haven't painted yet Replace both my toilets (or at least figure out how to find replacements for the broken ceramic tops) And build me a new deck as ours is rapidly falling apart and it is the only house access to the back yard. Some of this I will manage eventually--doors and painting, maybe flooring. Building a deck is not within my comfort zone.
  5. I don't feel like a slacker when I cancel things. Maybe because I am always juggling too many things so having to let something or other drop happens all the time. I've had to give up any delusions of being able to actually stay on top of everything.
  6. I saw Top Gun once, probably in college--it was popular among the wannabe pilots in AFROTC. I mostly remember a bunch of them getting up on stage at the military ball to sing "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling" 🙂 Cocky flyboys they were, but I've always had a soft spot for them. Most did end up with wings.
  7. I brought home a few of the berries and am going to plant the seeds; I posted pictures on the growingfruit forum and folks there verified that they are serviceberries. Also, the seeds have the typical almond flavor. They're technically a pom fruit, related to apples and such.
  8. They were on the west side of the Conference Center, so technically across the street from Temple Square. Dh and the kids were visiting the gardens up on the roof but littlest Kernel cried at being taken away from the waterfall so he and I were on our way back to it when I found the berry trees. Serviceberries are also called juneberries, June is definitely the month to find them.
  9. We went down to Temple Square in Salt Lake to walk around the gardens. I found what I am 99% sure are serviceberry trees with ripe berries--I tasted a few and they were really good. Now I want to figure out what variety they are because the serviceberries (shrub type) in my yard are not nearly as juicy. My kids say I set a terrible example by eating berries that I couldn't positively identify. I know I won't die though because that would be breaking the rules.
  10. It's the permanent marker that is the problem, it bleeds through paint unless you can get all of it off. And permanent marker on not fully dry paint....I used rubbing alcohol to get off what I could and put a couple more coats of paint on but it still bled through; I'm going to have to wait until it is completely dry them top it off with another coat or two. Still love my baby to the moon and back 💕
  11. He was soooo pleased with himself; he looked at his handiwork on the beautiful white walls and said "paper!" Clearly he thought I had just gifted him with the world's biggest sheet of fresh, clean paper 😄
  12. I finally finished painting the hallway. And...just as I was putting the finishing touches on the far end one of my children called my attention to the fact that littlest Kernel had somehow got his hands on a pink sharpie and was busily decorating all those beautiful white walls behind me. #whynaturemadetoddlerssodarncutewecan'tstranglethem
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