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  1. I think this is excellent advice. Your girls are full adults at this point. They are at a point in life where many women have children of their own. While there may well be a significant generation gap in how you think and perceive the world and how they do (you might find the book The Coddling of the American Mind interesting as it discusses some of the trends you are seeing) I believe it is possible to establish healthy adult-to-adult mother/daughter relationships. That will probably involve a lot of intentional letting go on your part; they are going to have to forge their o
  2. There are other valid reasons to outsource, including meeting the social and emotional needs of kids.
  3. The idea of pursuing PTSD diagnosis if she doesn't have that already and seeking disability on that basis may have merit. I am so, so sorry that your family is falling through significant cracks in our system. If a condition is disabling it is disabling; we shouldn't view some disability as more valid than other. When we were seeking disability accommodations for my husband for work we had to emphasize his more externally evident disabilities--hearing loss and tremors--even though his most disabling condition was in the mental health category. Apparently the
  4. Have you worked with a disability attorney? They typically work on a contingency basis, there is no fee unless disability is granted, and then the fee is a percentage.
  5. Dehydration is likely your biggest concern. Do you have something like pedialyte on hand?
  6. I got my second Pfizer shot around noon on Monday. Developed a low grade fever about 24 hours later; that lasted for 6-7 hours. Went to bed feeling tired Tuesday night. Woke up almost back to normal Wednesday.
  7. Total bunny trail but since tin whistle is being discussed I'll put in a plug for my favorite non-shrill beginner's whistle. The wooden fipple makes a big difference in mellowing the tone: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B9JZ78?pf_rd_r=NF1YHBVN3HRVHNP1FZNE&pf_rd_p=89879054-2e37-4233-9fd7-bd5a93dd076a&pd_rd_r=dec34c06-a6cb-4f25-9da8-259ea6d9cf10&pd_rd_w=8LLm5&pd_rd_wg=Bi5oo
  8. https://www.vyvanse.com/coupon
  9. I don't have specific advice about med combinations, but have you looked into discount programs for vyvanse? There should be one.
  10. I played flute for a couple of years in high school but don't really remember the fingerings. I'm hoping to re-learn eventually 🙂 I'm struggling right now with right hand positioning for the big whistle; I have small hands and even with only three holes to cover they are far enough apart that it is hard to cover all three at once without cramping my hand. I can use the piper's grip and cover them with my first three fingers but it's hard to get enough pressure to cover the holes completely with the middle finger section. Or I can use my pinky to cover the last hole and that lets me cover
  11. I've wanted to really learn to play the recorder ever since a recorder quartet performed at my junior high decades ago. I especially love the sounds of alto and tenor recorders. I'm busy right now teaching myself to play the low D whistle though, so recorders will have to wait 🙂
  12. The reasoning I have read for tin whistle is that it is a "real instrument"--in fact I think they called it a "real orchestral instrument"--with the implication that the more common recorder is not a real instrument. I'm fond of tin whistle because my family is into Irish music and dance but that reasoning was nonsense. We did one year of CC because we had just moved to a new area and needed to connect with local homeschoolers. The people in the group were fabulous but I was exceedingly unimpressed by the actual educational value.
  13. I hope they make it easy to cancel the Monday appointment! Our county site makes it easy to make appointments online but to cancel you have to call and it takes many attempts to get through.
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