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  1. Count me among those who love to hear languages other than English spoken in the US, especially in public forums--it feels like a needed acknowledgement of our diverse heritage.
  2. I agree with you about a lot of this. You can either not read them to your kids/not give them to your kids to read or go ahead and read them and discuss the things that need discussion. I did rather like Farmer Boy.
  3. I love tradition and ceremony. I find it evocative and comforting.
  4. The inauguration was beautiful and, for me, a perfect step towards healing. I was so glad my children got to watch.
  5. Little tiny or teeny tiny little here. Gotta really reinforce the idea of smallness!
  6. This is how things are with my own siblings as adults. We don't live near each other but we having a sibling group on an app and we all chat every day. And we love the rare opportunities we do have to be together. I also have one sister who is exceptionally good at reaching out and maintaining relationships.
  7. Dual degree can also refer to getting a bachelor's degree and master's degree simultaneously.
  8. My understanding is BA and BS would be two degrees, where if she did BS math and BS computer science for example that would be double majoring. But different schools do things differently. Is there some other distinction at her school?
  9. I genuinely can't imagine being jealous of my children.
  10. So she has credits for 9th grade and also for 10th, is that correct? If she needs an accredited transcript I would look into NARHS. They don't require as many credits as some schools do to graduate, nor as many hours per credit. Her horse work can count towards credit. She may need less than you think.
  11. There are likely some trace mineral differences as hydroponic set-ups have no minerals other than those you add and whatever is in the water you use, where soil may be more complex. Vitamin and macronutrient content should be very similar as plants produce those themselves.
  12. Thank you to all who have responded, this is very helpful 💉
  13. Simplest is probably how you feel about the risks for yourself, so maybe "not sure" in your case?
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