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  1. Since this is a homeschool board here is a unit-study-worthy explanation of corn pollination and fertilization:
  2. In case it wasn't obvious I'm a bit passionate about corn. My farmer grandpa was known locally as The Corn King and I helped grow and sale sweet corn on the family farm when I was a kid. That's the background to my username 🙂
  3. You want to plant enough at a time that the pollen will fertilize well; corn is wind pollinated and every kernel has to be fertilized individually (that is what all those corn silk strands coming out the top of an ear are for--they catch the pollen, which comes from the tassels at the top of the stalk). Anyway, just a few stalks doesn't always give you enough pollen coverage for full kernelled ears to develop; you'll want to plant a decent sized patch.
  4. Sounds like a tough situation. It sounds like the boys do mostly want to go back to school? Retaining kids is tough socially, though this situation where they were only there for the last term of the school year isn't quite like being retained when they've been in the same class for a year or more. Have you talked to your boys about how the specific sequence and grade in which schools teach things is very arbitrary; being tested on stuff that this school taught when they weren't there says nothing either about how smart they are or about how much they have learned in the past year. You can tell them my story if it helps--I was homeschooled through second grade, then between 3rd and 12th grades attended 8 different schools in two different states plus four foreign countries. What one school was teaching in grade 3 or 5 or 7 was never the same as what another school was teaching; no matter what school I was coming from and how much I had learned the year before I was always behind and had to catch up on some stuff at the new school because they were all teaching different things in different grades. I have redshirted my summer birthday boys, I just felt like they could use the extra time developmentally. Several of my kids have been in and out of school at one point or another. Do you have any concerns about potential learning disabilities? If so I'd initiate the school evaluation process now.
  5. Wow beautiful produce! Corn often (depending on the variety) produces more than one ear on a stalk but all ears are produced/ripen near the same time. If you don't see more ears growing on your stalk now then that stalk is done for the year and you can pull it out, you won't see new ears just getting started on a stalk that has already ripened ears.
  6. maize

    Theater room

    Don't have one and don't want one, but my SIL and her family had one for a couple of years (rented house) and it was fun to watch movies there when we visited. We're just not much of a movie family so it wouldn't be worth dedicating that kind of space to a theater set up.
  7. Utah. I've lived in other states, this one has been by far the most flexible when it comes to education options.
  8. My kids have mostly not needed intensive grammar, I teach basic parts of speech and writing mechanics and call it good. Some of them also pick up spelling naturally and don't need a curriculum. Busy years with lots of littles I have focused on read alouds, math, and reading instruction for beginning readers. Otherwise library books of all sorts and whatever music or other extracurriculars seem to fit for my family. Do your children need spelling curriculum or do they pick up spelling from their reading? Same for writing and grammar. Not all children need a lot of explicit instruction in these. Science and history in elementary school are mostly about exposure. If I were in your shoes with those ages I would do a family read aloud, math, reading instruction for the k/1st grader, and piano as my core. Any others subjects you want to do including grammar and Latin could possibly go in a loop schedule; you get to them on days you get to them and it isn't a disaster on days you don't because you will just pick up wherever you left off in the loop on the next day or the day after that.
  9. I planted my first honeyberries three years ago, got just a couple of berries last year, looks like there will be more this year. I have polar jewel, borealis, blue moon, and blue velvet. I think the one with fruit ripening is borealis; I like the fruit but haven't tasted others to compare, that's the only one of mine that has produced fruit so far (blue moon and blue velvet I just added last year; for me at least they seem to take a couple of years to start producing). Mine get morning shade and afternoon sun. Nurseries can usually suggest varieties that bloom around the same time as they need cross pollination.
  10. I can't think of any reason you would need a riser if you don't need more height. I'm working on sprinklers as well, though not as extensively. I've been replacing a few broken heads and adding some tall risers in places where I've put in shrubs that used to be grass and the sprinklers need to reach over them. I'd love to get a good drip irrigation system going in some places but so far my attempts at drip systems haven't gone well. There's a triangle between our driveway and the neighbor's driveway that I thought didn't have an irrigation system; I was digging there earlier this spring and found a sprinkler head and pipe so I am trying to follow that back and figure out where it connects or is supposed to connect to the rest of the system and why it isn't working. We'll see how far I get before the ground dries out as hard as cement and I have to put the project off until next spring.
  11. In other news I'm almost finished putting up a chicken fence so I can plant corn. I'm trying out a red sweet corn variety and a purple popcorn variety that is supposed to good when eaten young like sweetcorn.
  12. My strawberries are happy this year, they seem to like the foliar fertilizer I am trying out. I tasted my first honeyberry of the year. Not really ripe yet but I'm desperate for fresh garden fruit and it tasted good anyway. Honeyberries are so tantalizing because they turn blue a couple of weeks before they are really ripe. The climbing rose by the house is blooming and my other roses are putting out buds.
  13. Most states probably are like that unfortunately 😞 Part time enrollment is specifically permitted in our education code in this state, all district schools have to allow it and lots of homeschool families enroll their kids for just a class or two--even in elementary, some enroll just for PE; charter schools (virtual or brick and mortar) seem to have a choice, some are very flexible with part time (our K12 seems to be one of the flexible ones) others require at least 80% enrollment. I don't know if anyone has ever tried to challenge that legally or not.
  14. Also, I have no idea whether this applies to your son but I would be very wary of the pull that video games can have on ADHD kids. They are designed to provide quick and easy brain stimulation and keep attention and I feel like brains that already struggle with directing attention to non stimulating things are too easily entangled in the virtual excitement and the all too real dopamine hit of the game.
  15. Stimulant meds take effect for me within an hour the first day I take them. That said, they aren't a magic bullet. They make it easier to focus but don't rewire the brain; I prefer to take them in a pinch but use other methods to manage the ADHD overall. In addition to the EF coaching, things that might be helpful include: A tutor who could provide extra support and accountability (I intend to encourage my kids with EF difficulties to use tutoring centers, study groups, and also private tutors if needed in college; I'd absolutely go that route rather than giving up on a dream career; for me just having another human--ideally one whose brain isn't as foggy as mine--to work with helps keep me on task.) Lots and lots and lots of physical activity. One of my cousins with ADHD made it through high school and college with a chemical engineering major and great grades by playing on the football team. He got to medical school and had to start using medication on an as needed basis because he was no longer able to maintain that level of physical activity (no football team, and limited time to work out). My ADHD kids function way better when they are averaging a couple of hours a day of intense physical activity; we do martial arts and Irish dance and tumbling. I did way better in college after I joined ROTC my sophomore year and was getting up early every morning for PT; my schedule was busier than before but my grades improved drastically. Targeted supplements--consider 23andMe genetic testing or something like SpectraCell micronutrient testing to help sort out what nutrients your kid may be deficient in.
  16. In our state you can do part time k-12; you can also do stuff like enroll part time at regular public schools. I wish all states were as flexible.
  17. Maus suggested Prodigy, which is great for math practice; my kids have played for many cumulative hours. There is a free version but the subscription price is only $14 per year if you jump on a group buy (there are prodigy group buy groups on facebook) and worth it in my opinion so the kid isn't dealing with constant "if you were a member you could have this cool thing in the game!" reminders.
  18. Well, I was driving around and around the neighborhood near our church on Sunday because my excessively grumpy toddler really needed a nap and driving him around in the car is the easiest way to get him to sleep...I look at houses as I go past because it gives me something to do and I'm bored. I do sometimes wonder when I do that if someone is going to call the police on me for suspicious behaviour 😄
  19. At least I can save the outgrown shoes for younger brothers.
  20. I do not look forward to keeping ds13 in dance shoes this next year. Those things are pricey and yeah he's outgrowing shoes at an alarming rate. Dance shoes also don't work well If bought too big so there is growing room.
  21. So I went out with my corn seeds and was promptly surrounded by chickens which reminded me that I cannot plant the corn seeds until I finish fencing off the chickens' section of the yard. Those seeds are too pricey to use as chicken feed...
  22. 9 year old with ASD home alone with an iPad sounds like one of the worst educational scenarios I can imagine. Please encourage your friend to exhaust every other educational option before considering such a thing. This child needs human interaction with a parent or tutors or teachers who are aware of his specific needs and are willing to help him work not just on academics but on his social and emotional development. I have special needs kids, I've done a mix of homeschooling independently, using virtual charter schools, and sending them to public school to help them get the education they need. I've sat through many IEP meetings, made extra appointments to meet with teachers, worked with speech therapists and tutors. I've needed every bit of extra help and support I could get from other experienced adults and these kids still need more than I can give. Your friend is in a tough situation but it does not sound to me like homeschooling is likely a good fit. I think she needs support and resources to help her advocate for her child within the school he is currently at or at another school.
  23. I'm planning to plant corn today. I bought seeds for a red variety of sweet corn and also a purple variety that Is more of a popcorn type by the look of the seeds but is supposed to be good to eat like a sweet corn when immature.
  24. I second the recommendation to use audio books if you are not already. My 11 year old has dyslexia, when she was 8 She wasn't even close to consistently sounding out CVC words. We kept working at reading though I did sometimes take breaks; things started to click between ages 9 and 10. She's still kind of a slow reader and struggles with spelling but her reading comprehension is phenomenal and I think all the audio books made a big difference there. I have a child with Tourettes as well, different kid. It's a tough diagnosis. We are in the process of trying to figure out some of the genetics behind those difficulties and hopefully address that via supplements.
  25. I did something like this when I was in college. I was sitting near a pine tree and heard a plop--a tiny little bird had fallen right in front of me! It didn't have real feathers yet and was definitely not at an age to be out of the nest--and I couldn't see a nest. I took it back to my apartment and made it a little best in a cardboard box. I found someone to drive me to a pet store and bought baby bird formula that I fed it with an eye dropper. As it got bigger and started hopping around and pecking for insects I took it to a little enclosed courtyard in one of the buildings on campus to explore and practice flying. A little later I took it back to the place where I found it and left it there in the tree; I used to walk by hoping to see it but never did.
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