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  1. I'm a person with poor executive function. It's been a challenge my entire life. It is very, very hard for me to keep my environment tidy because the way my brain functions isn't tidy. It loses track of what I am doing and what I intended to do. For example, no matter how carefully I organize my kitchen, I have never yet been able to consistent put dishes in the same spot when unloading the dishwasher; things end up wherever seems convenient at the time. Which frustrates even me but I can't just change it by deciding to change. I take clothes off and drop them where they are not because I
  2. I really wonder how many of the people who react strongly to the first dose especially have had a prior covid exposure. Out of those in my family who have had the vaccine, only my brother had a strong reaction (felt pretty sick for a couple of days). He got the vaccine less than a month after being sick with something that may well have been covid (he never got tested).
  3. Update on dh who got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Friday; we waited a few days to see if any side effects would develop but he never even got a sore arm.
  4. I would choose based on where I think he would be more comfortable socially and have a better chance of making friends. Most likely in this case that would incline me towards the Catholic school if he already has friends there. Academics to me are secondary to emotional and social health. Of course, it is possible for academics to play a role in social and emotional health. Most of my children have attended school at one point or another; academics did play a meaningful role when I sent some of them to a foreign language immersion school. I withdrew them for social and emot
  5. The various responses of different states and countries are probably going to keep epidemiologists and public health researchers busy for decades analysing interventions and their effects.
  6. Residential care facility vaccinations started here on Dec 28th.
  7. I just saw in a local news source that my state currently has 17 outbreaks in residential care facilities. These people should have all had access to vaccination by about the end of January. I don't know if the outbreaks are because of low vaccine uptake percentages? I know uptake has been lower than anticipated overall. I'd like to see more specifics. What percentage of people in care facilities are refusing the vaccine?
  8. Dh got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. I'll try to report in a day or two how he is feeling. I am so immensely relieved; it's been a stressful year worrying about him because of underlying health issues. It will be nice when the rest of us can be vaccinated, but his risk was by far the greatest. I know the vaccine isn't instantaneously effective but I see light at the end of the tunnel. And between him getting vaccinated and covid cases dropping rapidly in our area, I feel like we'll be able to move towards more normal living soon. Plan to keep wearing high quality m
  9. Most estimates I have seen put the actual number of recovered infections at 3x or more the number of confirmed cases. 25+% of the population does move us materially towards the 70-85% mark.
  10. This is what I was going to suggest. Take a look at https://www.oaim.ie/ Trad music can be a lot of fun, and is generally more relaxed than the classical music world. Once you have picked up the basics you can see if anyone is hosting a trad music session in your area and join in. Here's one place to find them: https://thesession.org/
  11. Did these ladies never have children? It would have been uncommon in their generation to never allow kids to play in the neighborhood.
  12. I know that human trafficking is a real, serious problem in the United States and elsewhere.
  13. That is cold! Is her ear numb? I think it is worth having a Dr. look at.
  14. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/frostbite/symptoms-causes/syc-20372656
  15. How cold is dangerous cold? The Mayo Clinic site suggests that frostbite can occur in thirty minutes if wind-chill temperatures are about -16*F. Has it been that cold?
  16. Dd17 has been studying with this Outschool teacher for a year and likes his teaching: https://outschool.com/teachers/Youness-Belfqih#abkjaek802 You can also find tutors on Preply or iTalki.
  17. Bonafide is a good place to order https://bonafidemasks.com/face-masks/?sort=featured&page=1 Amazon can be hit or miss, there are lots of fakes out there.
  18. Ds15 is struggling with completing the square problems in Algebra; can anyone recommend a really good online explanation or video?
  19. I'm not putting a cloth mask over KN95 or N95. I try to make sure I have a good seal with the respirator style mask. I have found when I try to layer another mask on top it sometimes interferes with the fit of the respirator mask. I'd rather make sure all the air I am breathing is filtered through the respirator mask than add an extra cloth filter layer but end up with unfiltered air seeping around the edges.
  20. Adults and older kids. My 8 year old wears the adult size (he's a big kid with a big head) but I add double sided fashion tape to the nose to keep it in place and form a good seal. My younger kids wear these, they fit their faces well but I have to either add the fashion tape or tie a knot at the tip of the earloops to get a close fit: https://ppeshop.store/collections/n95/products/g-box-childrens-kn95-particulate-respirator-regular-pattern-individually-wrapped25-pcs
  21. We wear KN95's. The ones from bonafide masks are good.
  22. Not herd immunity, but enough to lower transmission rates yes, quite possibly. Especially with a dynamic in which those who are inclined to be less careful have been infected, and therefore developed immunity, at higher rates. If an infected person is in a room with 25 other people, and ten of those are immune, the risk of infecting someone is lower than if all 25 were susceptible (as at the beginning of the pandemic). And the maximum number that might be infected by that one individual is much lower (this matters since we know that superspreaders play a significant role in covid spread).
  23. I've had kids at two different dance schools at times because of different needs (i.e. some children with one school, some with another.)
  24. I don't think a child experiencing human nudity in a context in which nudity is socially normative is abuse. Many human cultures would be inherently abusive if that were true. Not just the occasional tribe here and there; there are many cultures with traditions of communal bathing, saunas, unclothed swimming, etc.
  25. Research into asymptomatic influenza infection appears to be somewhat limited; we don't know to what extent asymptomatic influenza carriers spread the disease to others, and the rate of asymptomatic infection varies quite widely from one study to another. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4880086/ There is no wide-spread testing during a normal flu season comparable to the covid testing efforts of the past year, there is no meaningful comparison to be made there. As a point of biological accuracy: viruses are not cells. There are no covid cells or flu cells. The corre
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