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  1. I got a decent start on homeschool planning today, mostly for my k and 2nd graders. I've been keeping at dd16 to get through her chemistry course.
  2. I got it confirmed today that my cold is indeed just a cold and not covid. Always good to know.
  3. I've been out staking tomato plants. Our AC is usually set between 72-75, which means upstairs is always mid 80's by afternoon but at least the basement is cool.
  4. Have you checked local libraries? I just found one that offers RS, it isn't super close but anyone who is a state resident can get a card and right now card applications can be done online.
  5. Call from the doctor's office and a notification on my state's contact tracing app (opt-in system). Negative results. Took 24-56 hours (there have been three tests in my household at different times).
  6. Quoting myself to update; my test results came back negative as expected. Yay I get to go grocery shopping 😷 I am grateful that testing is accessible and quick here.
  7. Are you able to grow through the summer?
  8. One possibility would be to use lower shelves for young plants then move them to the top shelf with lights higher above them as they get bigger.
  9. I did do a small hydroponics set up this past winter, I got a kit from Amazon. It grew well and wasn't hard but also wasn't very efficient--I would need a much bigger set up to produce a decent amount for my family.
  10. Have you ever tried amaranth leaves as salad? There are varieties that are grown mostly as greens (rather than for the seeds which are used as a grain). I planted some in the garden this year and have been really pleased with how fast it grows; I planted lots of seeds close together and have been thinning it by pulling out the bigger plants to eat. I only planted two weeks ago and have harvested three batches already. Amaranth is a bit high in oxalates (like spinach) so if you have family members who need a low oxalates diet it might not work so well.
  11. The ones you saw might have been migrating. We have migrating bats come through this area in the fall.
  12. It sounds like testing in your area is a real mess 😞
  13. I cancelled our orthodontist appointments and my kids' private tumbling class this morning because a couple of us have mild cold symptoms. I was able to get a covid test, hoping for results tomorrow; I am grateful that testing is readily available here at this point. Doubt it will be positive, our symptoms are mild enough that any other year I would barely have noticed. But...abundance of caution and all; we are staying home for now. Most of those I know of locally who had the virus only had mild symptoms.
  14. Is testing free and available by request where you are? They wouldn't qualify for testing here (must have at least mild symptoms or known positive contact) and if they could get someone to test them insurance would likely categorize the test as not medically necessary and wouldn't cover it. Quarantine should be enough. I know it is hard to take even tiny risks with such a medically fragile child but I think the risk in this case really is tiny.
  15. Thinking back to a period when I studied and worked in a field that was heavily male dominant, I found no difficulty personally in maintaining both appropriate professional and friendship interactions with married or attached men. When I was single and surrounded by attractive, intelligent men near my own age I very easily categorized them as available or unavailable. I remember wishing that one guy I had an unreciprocated crush on would find someone to get engaged to because I knew as soon as he was taken I would find it easier to interact as just a friend without all the internal awkwardness of wishing there was something else between us. There were married guys I absolutely would have been interested in if they had been single but I would never even have thought of flirting with them. Once I was married, I felt the same about any guy who wasn't my husband. There's no reason people have to walk around seeing everyone as a potential partner. Humans are quite capable of maintaining appropriate boundaries without making a big issue of it, even when working together daily. We just have to choose to do so.
  16. The form of English found in Shakespeare and the KJV Bible is called early modern English. I grew up in a family where reading both the KJV and Shakespeare were common and we picked up the language just by exposure; it can be fun to read Shakespeare in a reader's theater format where you divvy up parts among family members. The term Old English is used to label the language spoken in England in the period before the Norman Conquest; it is much more different from the language of Shakespeare than Shakespeare's English is from ours--closer in many ways to Dutch and German than it is to modern English even though modern English is its direct (much modified, and enriched by other languages) descendant.
  17. Dd16 finished her essay. The kids are now watching Star Wars Episode IV as a reward. Somehowt they'venever seen the original trilogy--this must be remedied immediately! May The Force Be With You Booyah!
  18. Dd16 is gritting her way through an essay. She really, really dislikes doing school work. If only all of life could be theater and dance and martial arts!
  19. My earliest planted corn patch is now five feet high; we got lucky with a warm springs, I was able to plant earlier than usual for this area.
  20. My newest garden favorite is amaranth--grows incredibly fast and is delicious roasted with sesame oil and salt.
  21. This would depend on what the case rate is looking like in your area, what precautions the studio is taking, how big the classes are, and what your family's risk tolerance is. My kids have gone back to some activities and not others. Our dance studio continues to offer zoom classes as well as in-studio classes and we have stuck with zoom except for one class that is only my children plus the teacher and everyone wears masks.
  22. We were supposed to be back at church for the first time today--they split the congregation into three groups and assigned each a different service time so people could be spread out, encouraged mask wearing, planned a shortened service, and recommended anyone in a higher risk group stay home. Then they cancelled the plan to resume services entirely two days ago because of increasing case numbers. So we're doing home church again this morning.
  23. I may or may not have ordered a new bookshelf from Amazon this week...
  24. Your dh needs to take the kids and get out of the house somewhere. That's the only way I get any time to work on something without interruption.
  25. I'd been planning braces for this year and set money aside in a limited-use FSA for it. My kids have evaluations next week. At this point I am still planning to go forward, we lose the money if we don't use it and it can only be used for dental or vision stuff.
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