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  1. Ask them what is the purpose of the National Student Clearinghouse. U's can easily verify if a student has been enrolled in schools not reported, including high schools. Not reporting, as Lori stated, is a serious ethical violation.
  2. I'm not an unschooler by any stretch of the imagination, but I am very much an interest-driven homeschooler. I have certain expectations that I expect my kids to meet and I assign all of the work they complete. I do, however, design courses around areas of interests. My kids have all been internally motivated and self-driven by late high school, settin high expectations for themselves that they have worked hard to obtain.
  3. This is what I'd have him investigate. My college sr has been taking 2 700 level classes each semester this yr. Her scholarship covers them and if she attends their masters program, the masters will only take 1 yr.
  4. It definitely isn't anything close to a simple remedy or solution, especially when things flucuate according to administrations. Suggesting it as a solution or that students can just take the AP exams in lieu of the subject tests are not valid suggestions for the way the country/states/public school districts in this country operate as of today. Students currently homeschooling in need of specific validations just had a simple viable option removed.
  5. Bc of the 10th amendment to the Constitution, I don't believe that a federal exam will ever exist. The federal gov't's involvement in education is limited. It can ensure equal access and rights and can withhold/grant $$ for following federal guidelines. But, offering federalized exam standards, maybe I am wrong, but that seems to exceed its authority over the states'. It is why any attempt to create a national curriculum is seen as overstepping the state/federal boundary.
  6. I don't think we can project what admissions will look like over the next 3-5 yrs. With covid, fewer activities, virtual education, lack of testing dates, canceling of subject tests.....it is going to take a few yrs for college admissions to figure it out.
  7. I agree with @Roadrunner. Not to mention that AP exams are not easily accessible. Schools don't have to grant access. WHat if the subject you want the exam in isn't offered? AP exams are more expensive. They have limited testing date options. There are far from offering equability of access and will be more of a hardship for many families.
  8. Bc states have a vested interest in presenting their students well. If federal, I suspect it would be a power grab to control a federal curriculum. As much as I dislike CB, I dislike any trending toward controlled curriculum. Complicated admissions scenarios would be the least of my concerns at that pt. I wont relinquish control of content. My homeschool. My standards. Superior in every way to anything politicians and modern educators profess to embrace.
  9. Exams connected to specific curriculum is not a solution which is what they'd produce vs generic knowledge which is what subject tests offered.
  10. Welcome to college admissions. It isnt new. My first high school grad graduated in 2007.
  11. I wouldnt care what CB did if they didn't have a monopoly on college admissions through exams not available through any other entity.
  12. CLEP exams are funny things. They go through periods of states wanting colleges to offer more credit for them bc they are the "everyman has access exam" including self-study. Then they go through periods of disfavor and the number that Us accept drop way down. When my current college freshman took 3 clep exams during high school, the ones she took were accepted at her top college.d By her sr yr, guess what? No longer giving credit. Basically, accepted scores and/or accepted exams are fluid from yr to yr. ***************************************************** In terms of the disc
  13. You might find additional resources here: https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library?search=world war 2 https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library?search=cold war
  14. A Night Divided (excellent!) Tear Down This Wall https://www.audiofilemagazine.com/reviews/read/50716/
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