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  1. 8FillTheHeart

    Franz Ferdinand

    I was going to make the same suggestion.
  2. LOL!! Or they could still be in the thick of things ( my youngest is only 8) and the honest response is still relax and enjoy the process bc they don't need to learn everything now and gaps are real life.
  3. 8FillTheHeart

    Q about starting AOPS Geometry mid-way through AOPS Algebra

    Could you possibly just complete a simple geo program at this point and then devote a yr to AoPS's geometry?
  4. 8FillTheHeart

    Better than Expo dry erase markers?

    You should post a picture of the "erased gunk" for each of those. One thing I noticed right away and really appreciated was the reduced amt of gunk. I really disliked the expo mess after erasing the board multiple times.
  5. 8FillTheHeart

    Could you answer a question about a SN adult?

    I'm going to offer you an alternative perspective. Since he is now an adult, more than likely he can qualify for assistance through your state's Dept of Rehabilitative Services. I know that for our ds that the state paid for a complete neuropsy evaluation in order to determine what supports they would pay for. Ultimately he qualified for a job coach (paid for by the state), job placement assistance, private driver's license training, etc. The DRS was fabulous to work with and much quicker and more thorough than all of the private testing we had done when he was a minor.
  6. My kids have received their invitations to scholarship weekends in Jan and the actual weekends have been between Feb and Mar with notifications shortly thereafter.
  7. This is exactly where I am. I am soured on the commercialization of homeschooling. I visited the "blog" when I was trying to figure out where the emails were coming from and how they got my email address. "Link farm" with sponsors is an apt descriptor. It definitely comes across as commercialized. If they want people to find it via google search, great. Don't spam me with marketing under the guise of friendly homeschool support.
  8. I have been thinking about the entire use of the word veteran. It is not a word I opt to use to describe myself. I guess that relates to the core of my homeschooling philosophy. I am good at teaching our kids bc our homeschool is not just "school." It is our way of life. It is how our family functions. My kids are born into this rhythm and it flows through everything we do. I can share what we do, but in no way do I think that what we do is directly translatable to any other family bc it isn't. Every family has to find their own rhythm, their own way of functioning, their own way of meeting their kids' unique strengths and weaknesses.....inside their home, not out in the village. So, I am a veteran of what? Making our family's daily life offer our kids the best possible educational opportunities by encouraging their pursuit of their interests and exposure to what I want them to master. There are plenty of homeschooling families out there who have been homeschooling successfully for yrs that if I attempted to replicate their homeschools in our home, the outcome would be utter and complete failure. Homeschooling outcomes cannot be translated across families simply b/c of using curriculum x,y, or z. I guess it is the nature of homeschooling where (my prejudice here) from my perspective every homeschool should be a reflection of the uniqueness of the family engaging in the endeavor. Fundamentally, that there should be as many different "homeschools" as their are homeschooling families. We can know lists of resources. We can have experience with coping with kids with certain issues, etc, but at some pt, we are nothing more than a sounding board b/c the kids in that home are unique individuals with unique teachers with unique living circumstances that only that homeschool teacher can figure out how to deal with on their own. My ds's family is homeschooling. I have taught my grandkids. I know that they have their own unique struggles and ways of learning things that are very different from anything I ever encountered teaching my own 8. The only advantage I have over my dil is experience of seeing the really big picture and being able to pull different experiences out of my toolbox to see if this or that might encourage greater learning. If I had not sat with my grandkids every single day for weeks at a time, I would not have the insight into how they are processing and learning. That has only come from being intimately engaged day in and day out with them while they were learning. It is the "knowing how they are engaging" that enables me to offer her helpful suggestions, not simply b/c I have been teaching a long time. That is the strength of the homeschooling parent, knowing how our kids learn. It cannot just be packaged in "I have been doing this for x amt of time and therefore know y." The strength comes from being present with your child and being able to respond to how they individually learn and process things. It takes a lot more than offering a list of resources and having taught multiple kids b/c every child is different.
  9. 8FillTheHeart

    Better than Expo dry erase markers?

    My order came in yesterday. I also ordered some of their bargain bin dry erase boards. Dd and I just did math. Gosh, I wish Imhad these years ago. I ordered the base 10 grid and the graphing grid boards (and the USA map.) The boards are awesome. The graphing board is perfect for alg. I can see that the base 10 grid is perfect for long division and keeping those columns straight. ( I really like the markers, too. Great tips with ability to write smaller. Also, not as much "erase junk."
  10. There can be a lot of different scenarios that can result in that scenario. One could be grade inflation. Another could be undiagnosed LDs or known but not receiving accommodations. Another could anxiety.
  11. For us, definitely no way. $1560+ additional fees for a 3rd grader for 1 class is a lot. To put it in perspective, when our ds was in high school, we paid around $8000 over 2 yrs to our local universities for him to take 9 math and physics courses that transferred to him 4 yr university and enabled him to take 400 level courses his freshman yr. If you are already stretched, take that $$ and put it in an account so that when he reaches a point where you really need to have an outside option, you have a fund to pay for it. Upper level courses require more resources and are more expensive than when they are younger.
  12. Or state that they found it next to impossible to find good information on homeschooling (sometime after 2007). I think poor parents today are in information overload and that that overload is overwhelming.
  13. I told my Dh about this thread. He admonished me bc he said it wasn't being positive. I do agree with him but I told him it wasn't as if I went to their blog. They invited themselves into my inbox and told me it took a village. He burst out laughing at that point and said, "Well, that is totally offensive. Of all the things that is the one that would bother me." :)
  14. So, then technically speaking you are not a veteran homeschooler until you graduate 4 kids, right??🤣🤣🤣
  15. In thinking about this some more, we also don't always tie things together. This yr my 7th grader is reading vol 5 of Journeys Through Bookland but is studying ancient history (reading through mostly Landmark books.)
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