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  1. I have used MUS's alg and geometry as pre-alg and pre-geo (completed in a single yr) with all of my kids. It is a great, simple intro to the concepts.
  2. How to Mark a Book IOW, yes. We do have leather bound, beautiful copies that we don't write in. But, otherwise, write away! Love the book and have a conversation with it!
  3. Several people on the hs2coll yahoo loop have had kids accepted to UCs. I would suggest joining that group bc it is helpful and more high school to college focused than these forums.
  4. I have my kids work to mastery in math, so an A is their normal grade.
  5. Marketing, common app making multiple apps easy, and USNWR rankings.
  6. I suspect that several posters in this thread have never encountered a student who reeeaaaaalllllly struggled with math concepts.And I mean seemingly simple, non-issue ideas like 1+ 2 is the same as 2+ 1 and not even talking about limiting it to written numerical form. If I hadn't sat with a student simply having her pick up the 1 object and moving it to the other side of the 2 objects and still not recognizing that the amt hadn't changed, I probably wouldn't be able to relate to just how much variance there is to how kids process math. Students in AoPS or even upper level high school math have already been "filtered" by succeeding to the pt that they see them as students. It sort of reminds me of a poster yrs ago who said if she could have time with ANY child, she could have them reading at a high level by age 5. Her experience teaching reading was obviously limited. Oy!
  7. We had to specifically search for schools where it wasn't going to be an issue. She started off emailing depts. After she eliminated schools bc of coursework, we planned visits to depts that seemed a possible fit.. We visited a LOT of depts. French was an even bigger issue for her b/c of her level of French at the end of high school. For example, UAH's French dept told her not to come there b/c they had nothing to offer her. (Really disappointed her b/c she really like it.) She is super excited right now b/c one of her professors has offered to teach a group of students Georgian. 🙂
  8. My kids ACT scores were always way lower than their SAT scores. The ACT favors faster processing speeds. So slow readers or those who work slower have more time leeway with the SAT.
  9. She took private lessons over Skype from Julia Denne. They met 1x per week the first 2 yrs and 2x per week the 2nd 2 yrs. She would give Dd homework to complete during the week.
  10. Not Arabic, but my Dd studied Russian with a private tutor all the way through high school. When she went to college, the dept gave her a placement exam and she started in 400 level Russian.
  11. Or, you could be dividing an apple amg multiple children and simply have a conversation about how many slices you are cutting the apple into and how many slides each child should receive to have each receiving equal amts, etc. I think my little kids have never feared fractions bc we have been dividing wholes their entire lives. At a young age, my kids would have been able to tell that for 3 kids, 2/6 each would be fair. Lots of ways to talk about things without bringing it back to a formal definition. The formal definition can come later and they shrug their shoulders and go, yeah, ok. It doesn't have to be linear or even connected to anything else. Just life.
  12. Apples and Pears for my poor spellers. How to Teach Spelling with my other kids. I am not a fan of AAS. It is expensive for the words covered per level. HTTS covers way more, same rules/spiral dictation included, for a fraction of the cost.
  13. My kids have benefited from the programs at Bama and USCarolina.
  14. You fail to recognize that the posts are not derogatory toward you and your family's decisions. They are meant as encouragement for those who are disappointed in their outcomes. Bc, guess what, awesome outcomes do come from lower ranked schools. (I'll take my kids post college outcomes any day!)
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