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  1. As long as evals are recent (within the last 3 yrs) with suggested accommodations, it is a super easy process at colleges. You definitely do NOT need to pay someone. If the disability office isn't accommodating, I would be shocked. Every school we have dealt with has been eager to help.
  2. This is what we do for history. I dont give my kids history tests.
  3. If doable with this particular student, you could do alg 1 and geo simultaneously. Then you could award credit either way.
  4. I know you say you want to stay with Saxon, but its format changes in 54 and it is an approach that spends too much time in the bark of a tree, not even the whole tree, for kids who grasp the forest. I have had a child who did the same sort of thing (on his own playing with Legos, he discovered the concept of multiplication and taught himself multiplication tables without even knowing what the x sign even meant.) He did that when he was 6. I had him skip ahead to a text with x/. He moved through concepts quickly and took his first alg course when he was 10. In my lack of understanding of
  5. I also recommend contacting the disability office at UGA. Disability offices usually go out of their way to help.
  6. Stripe, you can talk to admissions offices. They are people. There is no such thing as a CLEP or an AP exam for Russian. My dd, for example, had multiple high level awards in Russian.. I have absolutely zero qualms that in having a conversation with them that they would accept her course as being more than sufficient for their admissions criteria. Admissions criteria are for meeting the generic norm. They can't address the outside of the norm on their website. It doesn't mean that the outside of the norm is automatically dismissed. If a formula ends up being the only criteria that me
  7. My pt is that a grade report is not a 14 page list of all grades assigned in a course. If you feel like it helped your dd in admissions, great, but grade books are not what admissions offices mean by grade report or mid-yr report. Those terms have a defined meaning and they are final/mid-term grades. Course descriptions provide how courses are taught, materials used, and how grades are assessed. That is what most Us want to see and is sufficient for understanding a course's content. Being able to print out pages of graded assignments is not how I would go about assessing the quality of the
  8. I apologize if it sounded like I was suggesting you were a slacker. I could tell from the other post that you weren't. But, starting from behind and not being able to do school every single day adds a level of complexity to your discussion. I think Wendy's suggestions are sound. Math instruction every day does not need to be the same math every single day, but it does mean contemplating ideas, using numbers, problem-solving of some sort every day. Perhaps you could have 2 streams of math going. One for MWF with you and another with dad on T/H. Math and reading are the skillsets th
  9. I'm glad you are thrilled with the class, but a grade report is simply their grade. You didn't need to submit anything other than the grade reported for Russian 1 and her grade as of whenever the deadline was for Russian 2. @MamaSprout Do any of those providers participate in regional olympiadas? Or the Russian essay contest? https://www.actr.org/olympiada-of-spoken-russian.html I would try to find a provider familiar with these programs. Once they reach a certain level (I can't remember off the top of my head), their essays are sent to Moscow and graded there (prior to that they are
  10. Even ps's have field trip days, guest speaker days, 1/2 days, etc that are all counted toward their academic yr. We are pretty serious homeschoolers in terms of what we accomplish in a school yr. Our actual direct school days (not counting field trip days or 1/2 days) typically amt to 165+ days. 172 days is where I am OK saying any day count responsibility ends. But, honestly, goals are more important to me than days.
  11. Not contemporary, but Maxwell's School Composition includes literature selections (but older works like Oliver Twist, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc.) Maxwell
  12. I just realized that this thread and the one about a child being behind grade level due to lack of instruction, not ability, are by the same poster. I think it is important to acknowledge our weaknesses as parents when we are assuming the responsibility of educating our kids. In the OP in this thread it was acknowledged that weekends are not going to be used for school. That isn't an issue in and of itself, but I think that it means that hard realistic assessment of when actual school work and instruction will be completed needs to be addressed (not here online or in public, just personally
  13. I'm someone who says they ignore state standards, but I also know that what we do in our homeschool equips our kids with skills that exceeds anything they would learn in a public school by high school graduation. I qualify it that way bc I teach my children differently and what looks like it might be behind ps methodologies (thinking about the reams of writing ps's expect little kids to produce) actually prepares them to write at an advanced level by graduation. (My kids don't learn 5 paragraph essays, etc. They learn how to analyze, research, and write a supported thesis, not a formula, et
  14. @ClemsondanaI read it as core subjects 3x per wk, so math only 3x per wk. Even at 40 wks, I couldnt cover what I want in math in 120 days. I could do it, but that wouldn't be working up to potential, only minimum standards.
  15. I couldn't have done it with my kids unless I committed to doing school yr round with no long breaks. If you took 2 complete weeks off, that would equate to 150 school days. Maybe 150 days for 1st and 3rd, but by the time my kids are in 4th, we are doing way more work daily than in k3 and we need long breaks. Having to do school every single week, even if only 3 days, would ultimately drive me crazy. Some families thrive on yr round schooling (I just know I am not one of the teachers that can.) I need down time and planning time for the following school yr. 150 days also means as they
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