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  1. I have never been requested to provide any work samples by any college or program.
  2. There isn't going to be a single answer to your question bc no 2 individuals with ASD are going to be equivalent in level of functioning. My Aspie first attended college with a fabulous on-campus autism support system (to the point that he had a person who would go to professors' offices with him if he had a question. The person's role was to help him stay calm and cope with his anxiety and to ensure that they were communicating in a way he understood, not to ask questions for him.) He dropped out after a yr. At 26, he finally decided he wanted to go back. He just completed his 2nd yr and has decided to drop out again. He currently has something like a 3.9 GPA. It isn't b/c he can succeed in college classes. It is that he can't succeed in convincing himself that he can or wants to actually succeed in the career at the other end.
  3. She is a COTA (occupational therapy assistant). Her facility is also training her to eventually take on the role of reb director.
  4. Our family is all over the place in terms of our kids and what they are doing, everything from pursuing a PhD to 4 yr degree to 2 yr degree to high school diploma. My Dd with a 2 yr degree makes more than a relative with a master's and has a better career. Having a more advanced degree doesn't necessarily equate to better career. Our autistic ds just dropped out of school for the 2nd time.I am assuming he'll never finish a degree. His future will always be limited to low wage unskilled labor jobs bc of his personality and inability to cope. Our 7th grader, otoh, insists she is not going to college. She has been reading entrepreneur books and has been putting together various business options. She is planning on starting a business within the next yr. She has some great ideas that do not require a degree and if she gets her business going during high school like she plans, we will support her decision. I took our van to a body shop this week and was talking to the older man who wins the business. He was telling me that he only has 1 employee in his 30s and everyone else is in their 40s or older. He cannot find any younger people to hire. (He also said that with today's technologies and safety features that staying up to date on how to do repairs requires continual education.) He says there is void in the field and that his friends who are electricians and plumbers are facing equal difficulties. Our current push for a one-size, college-bound, fits all students' education is going to end up backfiring on our country when people can't hire tradesmen.
  5. Graduating early isnt really advantageous for most students and not yet having completed pre-alg at age 9 means that while advanced, he isn't so advanced that early graduation is the only recourse for him to have access to challenging content. (I have had kids taking alg at 10 who are now adults, so I am familiar with students functioning at that level.) Many people believe racing forward and entering college young opens more doors. Then there is the opposite perspective where letting them study subjects broader and deeper allows them to develop greater skills to be more competitive to reach their long term goals vs just being young and blending in with the crowd skills. A 14 yr old college freshman with typical high school level achievements will not stand out as much as an 18 yr old freshman with 300-400 level coursework readiness. The 18 yr old will be invited to join research, travel to conferences, do poster presentations. They will stand out as a top student. The 14 yr old will be just like any other freshman taking freshman level work, just young. Age is not an academic boost or standout feature. Fwiw, our ds who is now in grad school for physics would not be where he is today if we had graduated him early. He is where he is bc he always stood out as a top, high-achieving student. He arrived on campus yrs ahead of his peers. He took grad classes as an UG. Professors don't know ages and they don't care how old a student is. They want mature, responsible students who can walk through the door and immediately start positive contributions to their research projects.
  6. Exactly. English words need to be evaluated in context. Another example is the word "like." Like can be used as a verb as in to like something. But it can also be used as a preposition in terms of comparison.
  7. Baylor gives credit for a bio course (not sure which one) for 590, so I would consider that a decent enough score. Equally, I would suspect most students who submit scores, however, have scores in the 700s.
  8. It doesn't take knowing alg 2 to grade an answer with a SM. You could turn off the self- grading. You could switch to something like DO where she can ask for help if she doesn't understand, has lectures, and but has a textbook and a SM.
  9. I grade as they go through their problems. I can fold laundry, bake bread, or whatever with SM sitting beside me to grade the answers.
  10. Are you willing to watch the lectures and then teach what was presented. We don't use the lectures anymore (mine were on VHS when I had them!) but I know the material by heart by now, so I just open the TM, see what it is covering, and then just teach it. A typical lesson only takes about 30 mins to teach and that is what they work on all week, so it isn't a really huge time commitment 1 day a week ( the odd lesson in my books covers 2 different topics.)
  11. No answers, Elizabeth, just understanding and sympathy. Unfortunately, for our ds, it has just gotten worse over the years. Our youngest ds is getting married next weekend. This makes 2 younger siblings having moved forward with relationships/marriage/family and ds feels the loss of normalcy intensely. He spirals downward every single time a younger sibling makes a step toward adulthood that he has not taken. It wasn't too bad when our current college sophomore went to college, but when our current 11th grader starts college, I imagine it is going to be bad. We used to always refer to our youngest three daughters as the "little girls." When one of the "little girls" starts moving toward adulthood goals that he has not achieved, it is going to be a self-esteem destroyer. We have been unable to get him to accept himself for who he is and not compare himself to others and celebrate his own accomplishments. If I could figure out a way to make him celebrate him as who he is, I would be thrilled. Instead, his self-awareness just undermines his self-confidence and esteem.
  12. I like your breakdown list @Lori D. MacDonald, Chesterton, Tolkien are all regular authors we read in our home. Expanding to Scottish and Irish authors, my dd loved Marmion, and we have all thoroughly enjoyed Dracula. What I love about having kids well-read in foundational works is watching the connections my kids make. For example, my 11th grader and I just finished Dracula. Both Rime of the Ancient Mariner ("like a painted ship upon a painted ocean") and Marmion (the entire Whitby scenario ties into Marmion) are alluded to in Dracula. When they recognize these allusions, it is exciting for them to make the connections to the author's deeper storyline (and in Dracula's case, the eeriness intensifies 😉 ). Those conversations are the ones that make me love homeschooling.
  13. Agree that it is such a huge topic that it is hard to narrow down. I don't teach a straight British lit class, but some British works that I want my kids to read that are not mentioned above (though I might add some different works from Shakespeare) Rime of the Ancient Mariner possibly Rape of the Lock at least 1 work by Dickens Screwtape Letters (We puffy heart love Lewis and this book is part of a list that all read before graduation. 🙂 ) maybe some Wells Gosh, there are so many that we love but have spread over yrs vs trying to fit into 1.
  14. It is hard for me to understand the bolded. My MUS texts are not like that at all. There are no pages at all dedicated to symbol memorization and there isn't a single page in the student book filled with written text. The student text only has the problems. All written text is in the TM. It sounds like the edition you have is completely different than the book we have. (I know mine is older and that alg and geo are combined into the same text. But, when I looked through the books yrs ago when they separated them out into 2 separate texts, they looked the same in content, just not interspersed with each other. Sorry you are disappointed.
  15. You may find you don't need it. My kids have all gone from Horizons to Foerster's without issue. I've only worked straight through the text.
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