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  1. I'd much rather deal with individual school apps than the CA. I'm so glad my Dd isn't applying to a CA school bc the U app is so much easier to deal with. FWIW, I personally cannot imagine making a 4 yr educational decision based on whether or not a school uses its own app or the CA, especially since my kids received huge merit awards from schools where they filled out the individual school app.
  2. My course descriptions are 3 columns. The first is title, cr, and grade (if outsourced, this would also list provider. )The second is books, resources used. Third is the description.
  3. The column actually reads </=8th grade. Same thing as all course prior to 9th grade.
  4. If they don't want it, they don't look at it. (You could call and conf6with specific schools.) My dd's essay score was low, I don't remember what anymore, and she was accepted everywhere and with big scholarships.
  5. I include them. Every state I have lived in does. What is the norm there? Eta: btw, schools recalculate anyway, so no biggie. If they don't like them there, they'll remove them.
  6. I want to go back to your OP and focus on I don't condone cheating or lying. Lying is a huge character offense in our home. But, I do wonder if the above might contribute to the compulsion to cheat just so they can be done. I can't fathom being a 10 or 12 yr old boy without lots of freedom to just be a boy. It could be if they had less in their days, they might actually be more positive in taking ownership over themselves. Eta: my 9 yod 4th grader finishes in 4 hrs, easily. Thank goodness. She has more important business she wants to get to.
  7. What does she want to major in? Posters might be able to offer suggestions. Also, an 86th percentile score is not "low." Only 14% of students score higher. I'm not sure why they wouldn't validate her transcript. If her scores were below the 50th percentile, that might be concerning. FWIW, I wouldn't look at avg test scores. I would have her investigate depts and see if she likes them.
  8. Personally, I have never seen an admissions officer jump for joy. We have never even met with an admissions officer except when ds was trying to DE at 4 yr Us that didnt have DE ( or had DE limited to a specific list of courses we weren't interested in). There we took his transcript and test scores and AP scores (bc he was trying to enroll in post BC math as a 16 yr old) and his transcript from the 1st U to the 2nd U where he DEed. My printed at home transcript, course descriptions, and test scores have been accepted as valid everywhere they have applied. Most of my kids have not DEed, including my sr. (When we visit Us, we do dept visits, not admissions visits. 🙂 )
  9. I'm not sure this is a test/no test scenario, especially since she thought she did well. That is the part that would concern me. What subject was the test and what type of format where her perception of performance was so inaccurate?
  10. It really comes down to the tests don't actually test what they are presented as testing. For example, they test reading speed over deep comprehension/verbal skills, math speed over complex math skills, endurance over 4 hrs vs. actual knowledge, etc. I can't see a real motive for this other more $$ for more retesting. How Us will process the new data is definitely unclear. Maybe ultimately they are planning the equivalent of single subtests similar to subject tests that represent derper understanding vs rewarding speed on superficial questions???
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. It probably won't exist by the time your kids are old enough. My kids have been taking these tests long enough for me to have seen so many changes that I just roll my eyes now. No essay. With essay optional. Essay required. Essay optional. Most schools not wanting essay. 1600 scores. 2400 scores. 1600 scores. No score choice. Score choice. whatever. I think testing companies are revamping to their own demise.
  12. A couple of my kids specifically did not do well on the ACT bc it is a reading heavy test which left them exhausted. Since then, I have them all shift to the SAT. My physics grad student did extremely poorly on the science reasoning section bc he was so fatigued by the end of the exam (with absolutely no relation to his science reasoning.) Take the whole test 1 time and then multiple times one section at a time. Yeah. Very, very different scores.
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