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  1. 8FillTheHeart

    Math Woes... I Screwed Up.... Now Help Me, Please!

    Since $$ is an issue, why don't you have him watch some of the Lials videos and get his feedback. You can get used copies of Lials very cheap and maybe you could supplement TT with BCM if you feel like you need more.
  2. 8FillTheHeart

    Math Woes... I Screwed Up.... Now Help Me, Please!

    I think @EKS has given you excellent advice. I would take either that approach or perhaps Lial's Basic College Math . There are a lot of supports offered for it like these: I don't think you have ruined your children! He is in 6th grade and there is still plenty of time to recover ground. It just takes getting serious about it now. Based on your description, though, I would not use TT. I would want to be more directly involved, discussing things with him every day, in order to ensure deep understanding is being mastered.
  3. I also include high school science completed in middle school on their transcripts. Fwiw, is it at all possible that this student might ever want to take more than 1 science per yr? For a student that far ahead in science in middle school, the desire to take 2 sciences simultaneously might end up making your concern unnecessary.
  4. Would separating the problem into 3 separate steps help? 79.97 x .07= , 79.97 x .30= , and then adding them together as the next step?
  5. If she can do that problem without difficulty, than the difficulty of the example problem does not make sense if she really understands the concepts.
  6. 8FillTheHeart

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    Middle school or mass pop culture is not something I care anything about. 😉 Like I stated above, it isn't a commentary on those parents, but my gut response to the fact that he does not emulate a lifestyle I would want for my kids (and gaming was the least of the things just one of many things in the article that I wouldn't want my 9 yr old doing.) (puffy ❤️you back 🙂)
  7. 8FillTheHeart

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    Not really. If you aren't into gaming (which no one in our household is other than our Aspie), gaming just isn't something that is ever discussed.
  8. Lanny, there are a number of parents on CC who have posted about their kids being accused of cheating and having their scores revoked. Arbitration files have been returned as decided against the student and the seals on the files have never been broken. Parents have submitted letters from tutors, teachers, etc and not a single one has posted success from arbitration.
  9. 8FillTheHeart

    SAT Math - pretty bad situation

    @Corraleno That was a great and easily understandable explanation!! I am suspect of the situation of Ruth's student. The whole "if it sounds to good to be true" sounds like it is ringing in the background.
  10. Absolutely. The accusation of cheating due to score increases has gotten to a ridiculous point. No one but the ACT believes that studying does not increase ACT scores.
  11. Thinkwell has an American gov't course.
  12. 8FillTheHeart

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    My post has absolutely nothing to do with taking him seriously or not because he is 9. It was simply pointing out that I don't find the article representative of a scenario that I personally find laudable. Their life; their choices. It isn't bashing his parents It means that as an outsider I read the article and did not agree with the choices being presented. Being PG does not mean childhood innocence should skipped over and that they should be immediately immersed in adult themes without pause.
  13. 8FillTheHeart

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    Not bashing his parents, but it is certainly not an article that makes me think, "yay for this kid and everything he wrote about." Gifted or no, he is 9. From my perspective, 9 trumps everything else.
  14. 8FillTheHeart

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    I thought the same thing about 1984 when I read the article (or knowing all of the dance moved in Fortnite. I didn't even know what Fortnite was until last night when talking to my sil about her nephew with serious behavioral problems who spends hrs on Fortnite.)
  15. 8FillTheHeart

    SAT Math - pretty bad situation

    Sounds like typing on forums. 🤣
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