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  1. We don't outsource very much at all, so I included the few that we did. AoPS, BYS (by the onion sea), CV (Connie's chem class), PAH (for AP chem.....that one I would see as necessary bc I called the course AP chem and I personally didn't have an approved syllabus), and PT for private tutor.
  2. Most universities have work being done across multiple different set ups from class to class. For example if a professor assigns homework through a textbook provider's site like McGraw-Hill, the homework might be linked to be completed on MH's website or the professor might pull it directly into Blackboard. Sometimes there are comment pages that the students have to go back and look at in order to see a professor's comments, etc. Keeping up with syllabi, Blackboard assignments, in-class assignments, online assessments is executive function heavy.
  3. LOL! The unknown advantage of always have younger siblings or nieces/nephews whose diapers need to be changed!
  4. We read different things for different reasons. Bedtime stories are more along the lines of Redwall, Mysterious Benedict Society, Princess and the Goblin, etc. Stories that I read aloud during the day for school are ones that we spend more time discussing like Narnia, stories from Journeys Through Bookland (which she loves and has fostered a love of Norse mythology), Wind in the Willows, The Secret Garden, etc.
  6. I am giving an online workshop on the college application process later today, so I dont have much time to do any digging. But I put history of Broadway musicals syllabus into google and got a bunch of hits, so that is a good place to start generating ideas.
  7. What an awesome idea! I have a rising 9th grader who is equally obsessed with musicals. All of her playlists are songs from musicals. I didn't think there was another teen out there like her. It never occurred to me to create a course around this interest. I'm going to have to think about it and see if I can generate any ideas. Musicals are completely out of any frame of reference for me. She is incredibly disappointed bc we were supposed to take her to see Anastasia for her 15th bday. 😞
  8. I had never heard of Julia Rothman nature books before, so I did an Amazon search. Almost every title had 4 1/2 to 5 star ratings. ????
  9. I agree. I also don't focus on spelling until they are pretty solid readers. And then, spelling has always required me as a teacher.
  10. I have never used RS so no direct experience. I do have experience teaching math to multiple kids (struggling math students to highly gifted math students) from K through 12th. From my experience, the most important factor in elementary math is the teacher. Kids who are taught math concepts well will do fine with just about any math program. The foundation is from the teaching, not just opening up a math book. Are you planning on accelerating her math or you speaking hypothetically in terms of her mastering concepts quickly? I personally not a fan of **parents** accelerating kids (which is distinctly different than kids accelerating bc they do. There are parents who school yr round and push their kids through level after level in order to accelerate them to finish grade levels early (parents accelerating) but there are kids who accelerate bc they are gifted and master concepts at ages much younger than avg (kids accelerating). FWIW, I use a spiral math program, don't accelerate my kids, but some of them end up there anyway. I personally prefer spiral programs bc they offer daily variety and constant reinforcement of multiple skills. Acceleration happens organically. They just move quickly through materials/concepts, not working longer or harder than the avg or struggling math student. FWIW, I didn't like BA 2. (And I say that as a parent of a student who loved every minute of AoPS....but then again, I have an equally strong math student who didn't like AoPS at all. The child I bought BA 2 for will be starting alg in the fall as a 5th grader. It wasn't difficulty that was the issue, just that the BA approach didn't mesh with the 2 of us at all.) I would urge you to not become wedded to any particular future math program as much as just finding a math program you and your dd thrive with using. I use a math program that pretty much receives nothing but disdain on the WTM forums bc posters say it is superficial and algorithm based. I don't agree and don't see the program in the same way at all. My kids' math outcomes also don't equate to their premise. So, that goes back to my main pt. If you enjoy teaching it and can teach it well, that is going to be the biggest boon to your child.
  11. Is this your ASD ds? If so, I would not jump into a financial situation for college that puts any sort of financial strain on your family. I personally would take the CC approach for him to explore majors until he settles on what he wants to definitively pursue. Inflexible thinking and having to follow strict course requirements that may not mesh with their "necessity" thinking can cause a lot of conflict. It is much easier to cope with all of the ensuing problems when the financial impact is less.
  12. He is used to it. Before the whole shelter at home order, I did math with the older 2 one day per week. He comes over for Mimi time frequently. Dil gets overwhelmed with all 4 kids at home, so this will provide more structure for them and give her fewer kids to focus on at a time. She handle the 1st grader easily. The 3rd grader is a handful, so not having to teach him at the same time as the 4th grader will be beneficial all around. No way we could do this with only the 3rd grader coming over bc the 4th grader is my dd's best friend.
  13. Ds came over today and we went over what they need to order (they are on sale until tomorrow). I own most of the books, so he didn't need to order whole packages. I decided he needed to order Horizons bc I didn't like their math and Apples and Pears spelling bc his dd is dyslexic. But, I think it is going to be a good yr. The program is very low key and very conversational--exactly how I teach. Dd needs more handholding, so plans she can follow will work well for her.
  14. Depending on the child and/or age, I often assign books by time vs pages. For some kids, I gauge how many pages for x amt of time and break it up that way.
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