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  1. Yep. Very distracting sometimes. I always wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning hearing a dong.
  2. I don’t have a problem with tgat. I agree. But still feels like a double standard when tge board bashes people for telling tgeir girls to dress modestly. Maybe tge difference is it comes from the girl? But then why is the other uniform bad if nothing is truly sexual. Only the way someone looks at it is sexual.... Just so confused
  3. Ok. I sm confused. This boards seems to be that modesty stuff is harmful and a bunch of crap. But you are for having gymnasts cover up so it isn’t sexual. But in regular clothes for regular people, you would condemn people for saying it is sexual and my boys shouldn’t bounce tgeir eyes. What a girl wears shouldnt influence them? So which is it? Sorry. Such a confusing time to raise boys. Or girls. I told my girl to be careful how she dresses. I love tgaes new uniforms, but I am surprised rhis board likes them
  4. I don’t think that there are any alternatives for fall. They can require. Some will forge. Many will not. I don’t want best to be enemy of the good. Just realize many will slip through. Bit it is better than nothing.
  5. I was masked myself in the waiting room. I didn’t take it off until in the exam room when the doc told me to. I just wasn’t sure why some were not wearing it when the doctor was adamant that those not vaccinated had to wear it. Only thise vaccinated could forgo it. When I went last summer, they had temp checks and mandatory masks for everyone.
  6. Nope. At OB/GYN no temp checks. None of the staff wore any masks. The doctor told me I could take off my mask since he and his entire staff are vaccinated and I am. He then also told me to get as many friends vaccinated as I possibly good since it has tricked to nothing. He talked to me for 20 minutes about the safety and importance of the vaccine, horrible long Covid, etc. I am guessing the few patients in the waiting room that were wearing a mask were not vaccinated. But that is a guess.
  7. Yes i agree, but it typically does not do that to postmenopausal women, which is what I as the OP wanted to ask and address.
  8. Yes, but for me, I have not had a period in 5 years. No bleeding at all for 5 years. None. And it was not quite 3 weeks after the shot. Had a pap smear. Doing a sonogram. Doctor did not think it was related. Thinks it is probably nothing, bit doing tests to make sure. And I still feel like it was related. We will never know, but I am pretty confident all test will be negative and I won’t bleed again unless I have to have a booster.
  9. I dont have any of that for any vaccines on my shot record. Just a list of shots. And not even that for my childhood shots.
  10. I agree with you. I just think this fall will be a mess for those who require proof. I foresee a lot of issues and viral videos. Both sides making their extreme cases and saying how awful the other side is. Just terrible.
  11. What is a vaccine charge number? I was born in mid sixties. My shot record from before age 20 is on a piece of paper my doc and my mom scribbled on. One of my sons was vaccinated in New Orleans, no info taken. None for me either at the mass vaccination place. Just looked. Not in my medical records, but I have a card.
  12. It depends. Most of my true friends are vaccinated. The ones that are not would just transfer universities if need be. These are friends that are not anti-vacs. They just want to wait 3 years or so to get more definitive info. They have every other shot. Bur the general population of my town. Yep. Those at the public school most definitely. The homeschooling ones would not lie, are outright defiant, but their kids are just getting an AA or are in the workforce anyway. College prep isn’t big in my community and especially the homeschool community.
  13. That is weird. We waited for 5 years and no one was whispering. Well, wait. We lived and went to church in a place where our Sunday School was made up of people born between 65 and 67 . So we were 25 when we moved there and bone of the couples had kids. We all had our first one between 28 and 30. However, when we moved to our town that we live in now, I had a one year old and was pregnant at 30. We went to our church’s age appropriate Sunday School and all of them were 10 or older. Everyone was way past having babies. We finally went to a younger class. And when my youngest played so
  14. So far, other than my children, I do not know of any young adults/ older teens that are vaccinated. Everyone that I know that is vaccinated is 50 or older. And what I witnessed with driver’s ed .... Oh my goodness. I know TONS of parents who created and signed a log, but didnt actually do it. None of my close friends at the time, but still probably 10 or more parents that I knew of. My daughter is taking an online pe class this summer. She will be doing it, but she knows many people that just faked that log. As Bootsie said, these cards are easy to fake. It will happen. The logic w
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