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  1. Cars are VERY hard to find and even used junkers are VERY expensive. My prof was talking about that in class. I would not count on finding a car there.
  2. I agree we need an end strategy, but wanted to comment on this. No, right now hospitals in Louisiana ( including a children's hospital) are overwhelmed. I looked at the status of our hospitals, and we more than doubled in a week ( went from 50ish to over 200). If we double again, we will be overwhelmed. Only 1/3 of the people here are vaccinated...so..... But yeah, I don't know what we do. How do we "live" with it when it is getting so bad again.
  3. No, it was sold by the builder who had lived in it for 2 years. We are the 2nd owner. But once again, that was back in 1997.
  4. Well, I don't know that either are accurate. Disclaimer. We bought our house in 1997, so that may make a difference. But realtor.com says we don't have a house and just 25 acres of land that they value at 189,000. We actually have a 3500 square foot house and 50 acres of land. Zillow doesn't have any info about our house other than square footage which is really close ( actually we may have a little under the 3500) and has ours for 432,000. Don't know if that includes the land or just the house. But yeah, we spent 300,000 for the house and 50 acres.
  5. Yeah, but at my church, people were pretty vocal Trump supporters. Now, they didn't like him as a person, but believed that because of abortion, they had to vote for him rather than Biden who would.... Now every single one of them is vaccinated, even the person that was hesitant at first because of the use of fetal cells. But in my church, these are all middle to upper class. We sponsored a vaccination day. (The big hub did this and sent stuff out to all the churches. They had a special day.) The outspoken ones here that are "the election was stolen from Trump," and all the vaccine conspiracy nonsense are what would be considered the "lower class" I guess. The ones I kind of know but don't socialize with. Though I hate that term. Barely graduated from high school. 70 percent of our kids are considered economically disadvantaged. My guess is that many of the ones unvaccinated are the ones in the Hispanic community, some of whom are illegal. Distrust for government runs deep, especially since many of them are from Honduras or Mexico. I wonder about bringing it to their neighborhood, but still do not know if they would trust it enough.
  6. LOL. My first car I ever bought in the early 90's was a Civic. I only got rid of it because we couldn't fit our kids and all their stuff in it. We had my husband's Accord for over 20 years. We bought another Civic that all of my children learned to drive on. Our youngest is still driving it. It is 12 years old and 150,000 miles. They really have been reliable for us! Guess we are the perfect demographic.
  7. Yes, my pastor says he doesn't know about many, many things. He probably says that at least once in every sermon. He also talks about how if you understand everything about God, then your God is way too small. That said, there are a few things non-negotiable.
  8. Well, today we are up to 34 per 100, 000 and 65 per 100,000 . In one day it went up do much. No masks and less tga 1/3 vaccinated
  9. Except our town couldn’t ever do virtual because a large contingency doesnt have internet. They sent home packets and they turned them in the next week. Our abysmal scores got even worse. 75 percent of Spanish speaking kids did not pass standardized tests. We need them in the classroom. We need them immunized. We need everyone masked. Some, but not all are undocumented
  10. Yes, I am beginning to feel really, really hopeless.
  11. To a certain extent, I agree. But how do you "learn to live with Covid" when many are not willing to do any kind of mitigation that stops it?
  12. Not sure where to put this, so I will just put this here. Please do not quote. Cases have gone WAY up over the last week. So far hospitalizations have not, but we will see. One county is now up to 18 cases per 100,000 and positivity of 16 percent. Other county is 44 per hundred thousand and positivity of 10 percent, but infection rate is 1.38 percent. Our youth are currently at youth camp...hundreds of kids unmasked and close together. Tons of pictures being posted. I guess we will see what happens when they return. That said, all that I know of so far are having "mild"cases. No one hospitalized. We shall see. Not saying anything because I think I am already viewed as chicken little, but masking. In person school this week, which looked like a good option 3 months ago. Now, not so much. I am double masking but the only one in the room to mask at all. Small room 20 people. No social distancing. Have absolutely no clue about vaccination status on any of them. The county were I am has 18 cases per 100,000 and positivity of 12 percent. So I guess we will see. I get SO much more out of in person classes. Being live doesn't help that much. It is easy to work on other stuff and not engage, which you cannot do when you are in person. We will see how I fare next week. Probably should have made a different choice, but until this week, it looked like a reasonable choice. Of course, when I signed up masks were mandated here. And everyone may be vaccinated. I just do not know. Thank you for letting me vent.
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