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  1. Interesting... Not what our local paper reported though. But glad to see it.
  2. Well, I am not an anti-masker or anti-vaxer and I am losing my mind. Maybe hanging out with friends isn't a big deal to you, but it is to me. My guess is there was a lot of suicide on the prairies, they just were not reported... But really most people on the prairies had barn raisings, church potlucks that lasted all day. They just didn't sit in their homes. Being social is a part of being human. Don't dismiss my feelings as unimportant or sisssy. 20 months of this is a REALLY REALLY long time for someone who was used to be out among people 80 percent of her waking life.
  3. I use that, but also Covid Act Now. The thing is, in our region ( which I think we may be in the same one) show that the hospitalizations are declining, but they have not been able to open up to do elective surgery. My husband talked to his friend who is a cardiologist, and they are still restricted. One hospital has 46 people on vents alone. The ICU is full and then some. So even though the rate of hospitalization is 125 less or so than a week ago, the hospital is still bad because most of the Covid people in there are taking up the available ICU's. Regular hospital beds are available. That is different than our spike in December/January.
  4. But see many, many people who are not vaccinated here are Black and democrats. Yes there are some ultra conservative anti-vaxers. But chasing after this particular subset won't help get minorities vaccinated and they are not listening to anti-vax. There are some deep seeded healthcare/government issues that need to be addressed. I think we need to leave the anti-vax alone to suffer their fate. Instead, concentrate on the ones we can reach.
  5. Thank you. Nice to know. I guess I tried to click it.
  6. You are right about that . But there is a rather large contingent of vaccine hesitant. THOSE are the people that his bullheaded approach will cause to fall on the side he doesn't want. One county went up from 30 to 40 percent, the other county from 38 to 48 percent vaccination rate. We are getting there. But if I am wary, want to, but am scared because I don't trust the government ( as many Black Americans do not) and just worried it will hurt me, his approach would make me say screw you. I'm not getting it. Someone who is more compassionate about my concerns would help me to get it. Again, these are not anti-vaxers. These are vaccine hesitant.
  7. I know that with Alpha, the deaths lagged behind the cases. Well, for a long time, the graph for hospitalizations, cases and deaths looked pretty much identical. No lag. Now our cases have been falling over the last week or so. But the hospitalizations and deaths are continuing to climb. Also, we have over 600 hospitalized, and over 200 on a vent. Almost exactly a third of the people hospitalized for Covid are on a vent. I don't remember it being that high.
  8. I hate the way they did it. You used to be able to click on the person and do it from there. Now you go to your user account. In the drop down menu is Ignored Users. Then you have to enter the name of the person you want to ignore. And then, as I learned, check all the boxes.
  9. No, but it may affect people that are undecided. Some may just do it to spite him. Immature, yes. But it will happen.
  10. Ksera is so right. And bibiche because....it makes people like me say, "OK, forget it. Screw you. You want to make me out to be a heartless jerk. Not so black and white. Thank you. Then I won't wear a mask just to show you." Seriously. I want to put people like that in their place. I don't care if they are right. They are talking down to people and even though I agree with them, it makes me want to go to the other side. He will sway anyone who is wishy washy to his side. Calm, reasonable, I see your side will help those people stay on the side you want them to. The extreme ones won't change so it isn't worth it.
  11. Ok, figured it out. I thought when it said all that meant everything, but it doesn't. You have to check the boxes, so checking all doesn't work. Thank you everyone. Now it works. My blood pressure should return to normal.
  12. Ok I put a certain jerky board member on ignore, but I am still seeing his posts. What am I doing wrong? It is taking all of my self-control not to engage. But it will do absolutely no good.
  13. Maybe you could feed the cats?
  14. I don't know that it lowers your credit very much if you have good credit. Well, the advisory board may be handling money or at least advising how it would be spent, so you would want someone with decent credit. Don't know. I haven't had a credit check for any of the boards I am on.
  15. Well I don’t have a choice. My mom has stage 4 cancer and after filming ends this week the only people I will see is mom/ stepdad and husband. But yes I am the only one in a mask anywhere. Teens just have to be ready to lose friends. May not be fair but it is what it is.
  16. Yeah, but it is so so hard to be the only ones.
  17. Ha. I would be valedictorian at our local high school. Now other districts no. But I am really good at figuring out what a teacher wants and providing it. And the work is ridiculously easy. When I went to high school I didn’t care about grades, but I still made mostly A’s ( graduated 13 out of 625) Now at my neice’s school, not so much. They have a much more rigorous experience. So depends on the school. Plus now I almost can’t stand not to get an A. I am much more of a perfectionist than I ever was in high school. In high school I cared more about choir and drama than my academic classes. It was the entire reason I went to school.
  18. Yep, throw your schedules away with the house. You will keep your sanity that way. Even with remodeling, for every week they say, consider it 3. So yeah, don't get in a hurry.
  19. I won't repeat the word I said earlier, but yeah...that kind of behavior from him.
  20. Yes, I did as well. We traveled all of the United States and over to Europe. We took the RV and had a Civil War trip, did a unit on coral when going to the sea, did the junior park ranger stuff at every NP, etc. My middle one got a degree in history because we spent more time in living history and I didn't use textbooks. My children were not shielded. Oldest saw the condom truck in Ethiopia and heard stories of female circumcision. They have each served in poor areas on Honduras over 4 times ( my daughter more than 10 ). Daughter served in Ukraine, sons in Ecuador. Yes, I did co-op classes. But everyone in our church did public school. There was a "homeschooling" church in our town, but too legalistic for my taste. So we did homeschooling stuff in the other town. All of them had friend clicks because they went to the same churches and again, we were not quite as fundamentalist as they were. Funny though, oldest who went to public school through 4th grade is the least social and youngest who never set foot in a public school is most social. She is into musical theater, so we were at the community theater all the time, particularly for the last 3 years. She also played volleyball at a local Christian school. All thrived academically in college, younger two did socially as well. Middle one made friends for the first time ever. He is still visiting them now. As I said, we just didn't fit. They didn't have the same values as either the public school or the homeschoolers. They were appalled at the academics of the public school when the kids would moan in youth group about having to read 40 pages of a book in a week... They read 300 pages or more in a variety of books. But yeah, none of them are going to homeschool.
  21. Yes. The OP is being deliberately obtuse, but that is her choice I get it. But she sounds very, very bitter. (May have a reason.) But I am with you haven’t seen what she has apparently been through. A lot of people would treat her som as human.
  22. Yes. I think parents are the key ingredients. Really doesn’t matter what you choose. Yeah. I doubt mine will homeschool. They don’t exactly blame me but yeah, think having a normal experience would have beem better. And yeah, it took a huge toll on me. But I bought into all of the lies about homeschooling being superior.
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