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  1. U of Iowa's MFM has the Santillans, who are basically THE preeclampsia people. 😉 But, I believe it is Nationwide that has the BPD clinic, so that's one to look into too since it is closer. However, if you can get to 25-26w, most Level IVs will work. If they have specialized needs like BPD or something, that's different. And tbh, some of it isn't about age but size. My hospital did manage to intubate a 350g baby earlier this year, which is amazing!
  2. You're not being extra. This is not your fault! You hit your call in number, so you called. That's what you're supposed to do. And I get the guilt feeling, but again, still not your fault. My personal opinion is that for ongoing stuff, you arrange your school week around it and find a way. For stuff with a definite end date, eh. Do what you can, and give yourself permission to let the nonessentials go if needed. Plus, there is a difference between working around things like a child's appointments and therapies vs. working around your own appointments and needs. Guard your personal rest and peace when possible.
  3. Oh good gosh, that would have me so angry. Show them the picture. It's AHA, IIRC. Remember that you can tell them that you request it done that way in accordance with AHA/ACOG and that you want it noted in your chart that the refused. I suspect they're bringing you in because some of the labs are a little ambiguous, so they want to be sure it is CHT and not PE. I know it is super aggravating though. (We got WAY less schoolwork done when I was pregnant with AJ than we would have liked. It was rough with so many appointments. Prioritize the most important things, and the rest you can catch up later. I also planned that year with the anticipation that I might need my parents to step in at any point, so I say gently that you may want to consider whether any of your materials need to be adjusted in case things do go sideways.)
  4. Aw, mama, hugs, hon. Up to 160/110 is within ACOG guidelines. They can up the labetalol to 2400 a day, and they can add others. Nifedipine is the usual one, but since that doesn't appear to be good for you, they can look at others. I know ACOG says methyldopa is the other first line agent in addition to those two, but I am not well versed in whether they typically use it along with labetalol or not. They can look at second line agents too. I know, believe me, I know how scared you are. But they do have plenty of options for getting that BP down, especially if it is just CHT and not PE. Insist that they take your BP correctly. (That drives me bonkers when they don't, when the BP is the main concern, even!) You know how to find me or one of the others if you need scripts for talking to people too. You and your little guy are in my prayers. Remember that if he can get just a couple more weeks, we see miracles every day.
  5. That's a really great BP! Like, really, really great!
  6. Seriously?! You poor thing! You are owed a nice easy pregnancy this time. No drama! Swelling in ankles that goes away by morning is a known and common SE of procardia (I get a bit of it myself, and my nephrologist is not concerned, and of course, everyone reacts differently), but that does sound extreme. I'm so glad they're watching you! And also glad the BP is staying stable.
  7. Hugs @Arctic Mama I already gave you my best words, but I am sending more love and hugs anyway. It's so good that it doesn't look like HELLP yet and hopefully just thrombo and won't become HELLP or PE at all. It is great that baby looks good too! One day at a time. Ask to speak to a counselor or chaplain too if you just want someone to vent your worries to. @hjffkj Hugs to you and your LO too. Prayers for both of you.
  8. Eh, protein may just be normal; that's not diagnostic level yet. And you are definitely not being a hypochondriac to be vigilant. (((Hugs)))
  9. Ok, hopefully it is just muscular, and not cardiac, but please promise me that if it is that bad tonight, you will call your OB and ask about bloodwork. At 20w, it isn't likely to be HELLP, but it is theoretically possible, and what feels like unrelenting heartburn is one sign. It can refer to the right shoulder because of the nerve pathways.
  10. Hugs ArcticMama! That's a miserable day, although the little dude is cute! (You know I'm going to ask if that heartburn went away, right?)
  11. Get him a dog? I'm somewhat serious there. That could give him purpose and direction for his energy and brainpower.
  12. I have noticed that my kids all do that when they are learning to read. I think it is helpful in comprehension and figuring out words above your level later, but when they're first starting out, I remind them to read the word that is in front of them a lot. I'm on my fifth child now with reading, and they have all done this. (Well, maybe not my first, but she just sort of knew how to read at 3 or 4, and I didn't really do a lot of explicit instruction.)
  13. Hugs -- I remember that. Hopefully this is a very different situation. It sounds like it may qualify as gestational hypertension (BP over 140/90 after 20w but without the second symptom to be PE). Did they run labs or start a 24 hour urine? Those will tell them more, so if they haven't done those, you can ask if they would be helpful. I hope the headache goes away, but yay for no blurry vision or swelling! Based on my time modding a huge PE Facebook group (and PM me if you're interested in joining), it sounds like you are in good hands and being watched well. Many hugs!
  14. Hugs and prayers. I know that's scary. Hopefully it is either just gestational hypertension or chronic hypertension (since you're so early, it is possible it's unmasked chronic hypertension, especially if you had any elevated BPs before 20 weeks). How high are you running? Do you have an MFM on your team at all?
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