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  1. Sort of but not exactly. He takes leftovers for lunch most days, so whichever of us cleans up after dinner puts a portion in a Tupperware container and sticks it in the fridge. In the morning, he grabs it and puts it, an ice pack, utensils, and some bottles drinks in his lunch bag. I'm the one who does the meal planning and shopping and thus makes sure there is enough for him to have leftovers. If there aren't leftovers, or if he knows he will be out of the office, he buys lunch on the road somewhere.
  2. If you find it, I would love to know! I want a similar sort of thing. Unfortunately, I haven't found something that will allow X but not Y during certain hours, whether that's a website or a program.
  3. Oh, yes, I will take photos for our portfolios, for sure, since we have to do those here in PA, but I wasn't sure what a college would want to see. I don't think he'd want to do a write-up for every project, as that seems like it would become tedious, and I want it to be fun as well as educational. But a few reports, schematics, descriptions, plus photos will hopefully suffice. He has a host of younger brothers who will happily play audience for demos. 😉 Thanks, both of you! I think we will enjoy this!
  4. Thank you! I will check them out. Now, when a kid does some of these projects for actual credit, how do you record that? Do they write up some sort of lab report-ish thing like for biology, a demonstration sort of lab instead of an experimental one? And do they need a writeup for every single project?
  5. Welcome back Hunter! It's always great to see you!
  6. I'm considering putting together a couple of half credit electives for my rising ninth grader in robotics and/or electronics, using Great Courses as a basis. I need some additional suggestions for books as well as hands on projects (that do not involve joining a robotics team or spending an absolute fortune). I can use Google, but I'm unsure about what projects are actually teen level. I might take his younger brother through the giant SnapCircuits student booklet teaching guide with all the explanations and everything, but does anyone make a similar guided project set that would let a high schooler practice principles of electronics and electricity? We also have one of the robots that is supposed to teach programming, but again, I'm not sure if it would be considered high school level or not. I'm looking for fun electives that will also teach him some useful stuff, not so much core courses; I don't need the most challenging thing ever, but I want reasonable for a young high schooler.
  7. Of course he needs to follow that law, short of extreme emergency like Terabith said. And of course you should enforce it. Our law allows teens to have up to one or up to three unrelated passengers if not accompanied by a parent, depending on how long they've had the license (at least if I'm reading it right; my DD doesn't have her license yet because we don't have a vehicle that she can drive, because a 12 passenger van is a terrible new driver vehicle). That's a law I would enforce very strictly. I was a good, steady, reliable teen and a very safe and cautious driver, but I routinely drove and rode with teen friends to nighttime college classes. Even well-behaved, smart teens can drive like idiots, and four or five teens in a car is eep, tbh.
  8. Not a fan of open floor plans either. We have a good-sized country kitchen sort of thing (or at least we will, once the dining portion is done), bigger than just an eat in kitchen, and that is plenty open space for me. I like doorway spaces. Kids' junk get tracked into the kitchen enough as it is; I feel like open floor plan would encourage that even more. In fact, when we redid our kitchen a few months ago, we planned it so the main kitchen work space is a U shape, with a peninsula that looks over into the doorway into the schoolroom. Limited kid junk ends up in my work space, and I like it that way! Our kitchen/dining is the back half of the house, with the front east side being the schoolroom. Then there is a small room that is the front of the west side (and there is a room between that and the dining portion of the kitchen) that is our family room. It's only accessible from the schoolroom or the front door (which we don't use often), and I LOVE that we can close the door between it and the schoolroom and keep noise contained.
  9. I voted excited, but with limits. I eat meat, but I am kind of picky about what meats I'll eat if I didn't prepare myself. I almost never order meat (meaning chicken, beef, fish; I don't like pork or veal anyway and won't touch organ meats or raw meats and probably wouldn't touch anything like armadillo steak) when we go out but will eat them at home. I like when I can get shellfish. 🙂 But as for flavors, spices, veggies, etc., yes, I will probably try it. I do love going out to dinner and trying new types of food. My husband and I have an ongoing debate when there is a date night occasion (which is like two or three times a year that we don't take the kids): Do we try a restaurant that we haven't tried yet because new and interesting is a lot of fun, or do we try a restaurant that we have been to and loved because it was so good? As for dessert, I like pretty much all desserts, but I have certain things I really, really like and will almost always go for them if they're an option.
  10. I have a winter baby this time, and I generally just wrap a blanket around him and put him in a carrier once we're in the store, or I put him in the carrier in the car and wrap the front of my regular coat around him.
  11. I missed this earlier, but I am so happy for you and your boy!
  12. Older, but older has its own issues too. And you have to know what "older" means. Does that mean 80s, or 50s, or turn of last century? Or does it mean 1830s? Our house is from about 1830, and it has its strong points and its weak points. But there is no way my husband would go for new construction, and if he did, he'd build it himself in the style of some sort of older house.
  13. I love when people send us notes or even quick messages on Nate's birthday. Doesn't have to be a long note. A simple "Thinking of you/remembering Nate with you today" is lovely and something I very much appreciate. I have never known what to say either, but on my niece's birthday for over a decade, I have said pretty much that, assuming that that's what I would like to hear too, and now that I'm on the receiving end, it is exactly what I love to hear.
  14. Awww! She is sooooo cute! They have very similar smiles!
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