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  1. My older kids prefer to work in their rooms as well. There is only so much quiet that is developmentally appropriate for littles, and my last two toddlers have been especially big movers. We do have a schoolroom, central to our main living space so that I can easily do laundry and meal prep while supervising, but while we do aim for reasonably quiet in there (like, no wild running or yelling during school hours, headphones required for computer work, etc.), my littles do play in there, and so if the older ones prefer more quiet (also, 15yo has the dog, and dog plus toddler gets a little crazy)
  2. Possibly The Greatest Showman. The hint of a possible affair and a kiss is discreet and handled well IMO. There are some hard topics discussed, so you may want to look it up on common sense and all. Honestly, my little guys didn't mention the hard stuff and were just all about the songs and costumes and stunts and the ELEPHANT! And my oldest teen simply loved it.
  3. I'm in touch with one friend from high school, but y'know that's kind of helpful when you have seven kids and a mortgage together. Otherwise, nope, not at all. I was only sort of close with a handful of high school friends, but my high school social experience overall wasn't great, and when I moved on to college, I never really looked back. I did go to the same university as one of my handful of high school friends, and we hung out a few times at the beginning, but we had very different academic and social circles so it didn't last. I'm FB friends with one college friend, plus my
  4. Not only am I still using my ProClick and made a ton of notebooks for my four boys and myself for this year (all of our science/nature and history and half of our LA, plus music study, plus my teacher guides), but I took mine completely apart and gave it a thorough cleaning and tune up, so it works better than ever! I did switch to spirals instead of the easy open spines though.
  5. Oh that's lousy about the ped endo! Ours is at the children's hospital where my own kidney and endo specialists (separate ones, long story) are, and he does know about thyroid, but agreed, the doctor does need to know what they're doing.
  6. My endos don't like my TSH at a 4 either, but it took me a good couple of years to get to see an actual endo. It sure can be a beast to get someone to pay attention to it. My endos keep it down around 2.5. I would push for a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist even for a 17 yo because they should also be good at explaining to a teen what is going on.
  7. My almost 7yo loves to take pictures and videos with my phone and to put goofy stickers and effects on them, so I'm getting him a digital camera. Is there a photo editing program (for Win 10) that would be friendly for kids that also has the effects and stickers? It doesn't necessarily have to be free.
  8. I'd be okay with not crowded beach and public restrooms occasionally if you mask and wash hands. You'd have to touch exactly the wrong spot at the wrong time and then get it into your body before washing hands, and that seems like a fairly low transmission risk. I'm not comfortable with playgrounds yet partly because people in my area don't seem to be taking this seriously. I won't shop at stores in my county if I can avoid it either but will shop the same chain stores in other counties because their rates are different for the number of people they have. When we do WM pickup, we
  9. We have done History Odyssey with the Human Odyssey books, Notgrass US history, and OUP's series that Lori linked above. My rising 10th grader is doing medieval using McKay's western civilization books and some other stuff I mashed up. He used all eight of OUP's ancients last year -- fairly easy reading but lots of detail, plus questions to answer. My rising 6th grader will be doing medieval using Kingfisher and OUP's medieval series, also somewhat mashed up with History Odyssey.
  10. That's what I was going to suggest as well. We have certain things that are always in morning basket (Bible, poetry, a lit read aloud, and almost always some sort of history or geography reading/activity, and some sort of science or nature reading/activity), but the rest will rotate and vary. I have a running list on Trello of ideas by general topic (nature, art appreciation, composer study, math enrichment), etc., so I can kind of keep an eye on what hasn't been touched on recently. We can spend 30-60 minutes on that, easily, depending on the day, and that covers a LOT. Then anywhere from 3
  11. The Unit kept popping up for me, so I watched it. Liked it okay. I agree that I would have liked more of it. That last season was such a strange premise, though. My pick is always Crossing Jordan. Get them off that mountain, and give them a satisfying ending! I'd love more Rizzoli & Isles too, but they at least got a conclusion, and it wasn't the same after the one actor died. Oh, my other favorite that really, really needs more episodes, even though they did conclude it well is White Collar. So rare to have a show that was witty but not generally silly, and also
  12. FB is driving me nuts too. I can't leave it, though, because I need it for my volunteer job, but I also stick around to support my friends who are very worried about themselves or their loved ones. I've made good use of the snooze or unfollow buttons, though, and that has decreased my stress levels a ton.
  13. Oh, yes, school buses. No public transportation.
  14. I live on a large corner lot in the country. We don't really have issues with people whipping around the corner. First, we don't get a lot of traffic, and second, the side road comes up to a hill on both sides of the main road, with stop signs. We have a ditch that runs along the side road. We do have several trees along the side road, which gives some privacy to the house. The house has a very tiny side yard on that side and not much front yard, as it sits assymetrically on the lot. We have a huge back/other side yard though. No HOA, and nobody cares what we do. The township mows along the di
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