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  1. Construction design -- my DH does design work, and there are definitely elements of both engineering and art in what he does.
  2. Yes, I get this one too; the guy has been trying to reach me for years at this point. Also, yes, someone is very concerned about my non-existent student loans.
  3. My boys have Lenovo Tabs (10 and 8, I think are the sizes), and they're pretty pleased. They can be occasionally slow, but I'm not 100% sure whether that's the tablet or the internet, and they don't run Fortnite, but they run Minecraft and plenty of other games and apps.
  4. I totally understand this. It does not sound nutty at all to me. After my husband got hurt badly while I was pregnant with N, I commented that he was way more fragile than any newborn I'd ever had. I also found it extremely hard to leave him overnight at the hospital, even in good hands, and said that I didn't know how people were able to leave their babies in the NICU. I *know* that didn't cause everything that happened, but sometimes it's very easy to think that I jinxed myself.
  5. In that context, that's what it would make me think of as well. In any other religious setting, I'd think of Noah's ark and the flood. But when I see rainbows, I think of my sweet little rainbow baby and others like him, something new and beautiful after one heck of a storm.
  6. Our PCP is a family doc and sees all six kiddos plus myself. She only works three days a week, so for urgent visits (or for like the baby's three day checkup), we never see her, but we can generally get a followup or well visit with her in a reasonable time frame. She saw me a few months postpartum after N and wanted to see me again in a month and made sure the office made it happen for me. But we can see one of her partners or the NP/PA for urgent visits, or I usually just use urgent care because more convenient hours, and if I'm not going to see our regular doc anyway, I don't really care who it is that we see for an ear infection or the like. The UCs around here are all the same hospital system as our primary anyway, so the records are all there. Pediatric specialists, though. Oh boy. Talk about a wait!
  7. If his oral hygiene is good and it hasn't been a new development with a new routine, I would have him see his PCP for a thorough checkup to be sure it isn't something like diabetes.
  8. No, we haven't given gifts in years, but we go out for a very nice dinner together.
  9. This has been a source of noncontentious discussion in my house, and I doubt anyone else has a similar setup, but this is what we did. We have an old enclosed stovepipe that makes a square bump into the kitchen, and it sits at one end of the U shape. My husband suggested that he build a pantry onto it so that it sits flush with the counter. It is otherwise wasted space, but it has 6" or so of depth and so holds canned goods, bottles of vinegar, etc. nicely. We spent a while measuring things, including the spices. The spice shelves are only a few inches apart and are only like 3"? deep so that when he puts the doors on, we can hang measuring cups or something on the inside. Anyway, I keep them in alphabetical order, except for the Indian ones which are often in bags and which live on a different shelf.
  10. Walking through the site of the Gettysburg Address when my oldest two were 10 and 7, we passed a group of 20 somethings, American-looking and sounding (so, not likely foreigners to whom I might give a pass). As we passed by, I heard one of the girls in the group say, "Wait. Lee fought for the Confederates?!?" She was truly shocked. My kids were so appalled.
  11. I think that looks delicious, and how lovely that your son cooked it! I think it is rude that people. commented on the portion sizes without being asked. That probably has a little more rice than I ought to eat, and I would probably need more salmon in order to feel full. Or I would eat a much larger portion of squash, preferably with butter. (However, I've been pregnant, nursing, or both for all but 14 months of the past 18 years, so I'm pretty sure my hunger cues are a bit off.)
  12. Our libraries don't have the McKellen version! That might actually get him to like audiobooks. I'll see if the library has the Vandiver lectures too -- thanks, everyone!
  13. I love the idea of reading aloud. It may or may not be practical, though (see sig -- so many small brothers around here!), but maybe we can make it work.
  14. Thanks, Lori! No worries -- I wasn't planning on covering ALL of those things in one semester. That's just the list of possibilities, and the info here about how to whittle it down is perfect! I didn't realize we could skip some of the books of the Iliad and still get its benefits. A couple hundred pages is WAY more doable than 500! He is not at all an auditory learner, so audiobooks probably aren't going to work for him. I'm thinking I will go slowly in the fall. He will be adjusting to high school in general, and a heavier year overall (compared to last year where we were also dealing with my pregnancy, a new baby, and his new dog, so bookwork was a little lighter), so I don't want to overwhelm him. I have a plan for how I think we will approach Art of Poetry, but I don't think I'll assign any other reading outside of that until we know how that and his online writing class will go. I like to have a list to go to for whenever we are ready for the next thing.
  15. Do your kids have any favorite activities or ideas for practicing their foreign language vocabulary? The text has practice exercises, and I will set my son up with a flashcard app, but I could use some ideas for additional practice. I can make some crossword puzzles and word searches for some sections. Maybe a few "draw a picture and label" assignments. What other sorts of things do your kids like for working with vocabulary, especially when they don't know enough to write in the language?
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