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  1. happypamama

    Teaching reluctant teen to drive

    Hugs Garga. First, you ARE a good mother. A great one, actually. The fact that you care so much about the right way to approach this issue is proof of that. I can totally hear my DS1 in this because I think he will be much the same. He will feel the responsibility so heavily, and it'll come out in negative ways. For him, firm but gentle encouragement, lots of talking ahead of time about the scenario, reminding him of what he can do if he gets overwhelmed helps a lot, and I am sure you do all of that. I think gently pushing him is not necessarily a bad thing. But also, lots of kids his age don't drive (DD doesn't, and I wish she could because I'm tired of driving to karate and her other classes multiple times a week), and aside from being inconvenient for you, maybe he's just not ready yet.
  2. happypamama

    Family movies not to miss

    It may depend on how young/sensitive your children are, but some of our favorites: Sound of Music Mary Poppins Hugo Wizard of Oz Dr. Dolittle (the original) The Greatest Showman (my 7yo and 16yo both LOVE that movie)
  3. Thanks to my little postpartum trip back to the hospital for a couple of days which required DH to stay with me so that they would let the baby stay, he doesn't have a lot of vacation time so has to go back to work the 26th, so we gave the kids a couple of things last night so DH can enjoy them with the kids. Otrio was one of the gifts we gave, and it's a huge hit. The 7yo is quite good at it! A bit expensive IMO, but I can live with that. I hadn't really thought of another game for the 5 and 7yos, but while driving the other day, 5yo reminded me that they wanted Operation. Amazon Prime to the rescue! They will be so excited.
  4. happypamama

    Does anyone not do any presents for Christmas?

    I also do not think I would change things this close to Christmas. I'd maybe give fewer gifts and maybe more family gifts, but I'd have have some things to open this year, and then if I really wanted to do no gifts next year, I'd plan for that all year. Now, my kids did all say this year that they don't need any gifts because the baby is the best gift of all (and after some postpartum complications, having me here is also a bigger gift than they, thankfully, realize), but. They're kids. I appreciate how sweet they are and how they know what's truly important, but there will be things for them to open.
  5. happypamama

    S/O....the Christmas letter I DID write this year

    I'm sorry. You've had quite a year.
  6. happypamama

    What do YOU bring to potlucks?

    I brought instant pot mac and cheese once last year, and it was a huge hit. Plus it's something substantial my vegetarian kiddo will eat; she often finds that the main dish items are not meat-free, so she ends up being hungry. I handle our co-op's registration, so I know which kids have allergies, so I often bring dessert that I know is nut free.
  7. happypamama

    At what point do you include a kid's bf/gf...?

    Yes to all of this. DH and I have been together since we were 16 and 14 (only not band, LOL, but quiz team, and now we're raising a bunch of little random trivia geeks, haha). I think sometime around maybe when he was in his first or second year of college, and we were still dating, despite the distance, or possibly not until my first year of college, maybe his parents started giving me gifts at Christmas, and maybe sometime in there, we changed up our family traditions enough that we could be included in each other's family dinners or the like. (I mean, after all, if the choice is make a change so teen can be with GF/BF and be in a good mood vs. uphold the traditions just for the sake of doing so but at the same time, make the teen miserable, well, teen leaving family Christmas Eve dinner a little early to attend CE service with GF's family, or whatever, isn't the worst thing in the world.) But Christmas card? That seems strange. Now, maybe if the card had a little blurb about each kid and said something like, "Johnny is still dating Susie, and they had a great time at the prom last spring," or had a pic of the two teens along with a bunch of other pics, that would probably be fine. But definitely not matching PJs! (I will say that maybe my first year of college, my ILs gave me nice warm flannel sheets that were great for college in snow country. That wasn't weird and didn't feel at all weird, and they weren't from their son; they were from kind people who have always treated me like one of their own kids and who thought flannel sheets would be a practical gift that I wouldn't buy for myself. And they were right.)
  8. I'm looking at getting (kids are 16 down to 5, since the baby doesn't play games yet): Otrio Forbidden Sky Expansion pack for Sheriff of Nottingham Stupid Deaths (my olders requested) Rock Me Archimedes Sushi Go The big kids wanted Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, but they want the full version with the character pieces, and it's really expensive, so it's probably not going to happen. I might also look for one more game that my 5 and 7 year olds can play.
  9. happypamama

    I want to have a baby today!, update!

    He's great! I'll try to update my thread with a pic soon!
  10. happypamama

    I need something to watch

    Things I regularly watch on Hulu: The Good Doctor (seconding Garga's suggestion that it's generally okay for kids) The Resident 9-1-1 Last Man Standing Single Parents Splitting Up Together (No, despite those two, I have zero intention of splitting with my husband -- they're just both decently funny.) You could always binge classics like ER and Parenthood. I half liked The Mindy Project. I enjoyed Timeless too. I also like Life in Pieces. Oh, and I did love Rizzoli and Isles a lot. And Call the Midwife. If you can watch through the app instead, I really like Bluebloods and Madam Secretary. White Collar always gets my vote for a great show with some drama, some humor, and a bit of education, and a generally good lack of crudeness, but they took it off of Netflix, and it isn't on Hulu.
  11. happypamama

    I want to have a baby today!, update!

    The Foley isn't fun going in, but it did work well for me for number seven. Of course, that was coupled with low dose pitocin. But since you're so close to due date, and you've got the reason of DH leaving soon, maybe they'd consider it? I went overdue with four of my first five babies. It gets pretty miserable. I feel for you!
  12. happypamama

    Could you go one year without using a smartphone at all?

    I've only had a smartphone for a couple of years, but I did have an iPad for several years before that. Yeah, I could live without it for that money, but it would require a lot of reworking things. I use my phone for tons of stuff, other than texting and phone calls. It is basically my brain. My laptop is less easy to access and definitely takes longer to load up, whereas I use my phone for a million super quick tasks every day.
  13. I got Forbidden Desert last year because we loved Forbidden Island. FD wasn't as big of a hit because it's a lot harder. They tend to gravitate toward other games first. But I might take a chance on Forbidden Sky. This is a great thread! I love all the suggestions. Codenames has been a huge hit, and Codenames Pictures has as well, especially since nonreaders can play it also. The kids really liked Timeline last year, so I think another version of that one will go on our list. I think there is a version with music, so that would probably be a big hit with them.
  14. happypamama

    Update in first post!!! Calling all Hive Aunties. . .

    Mr. Five is completely besotted. He has the privilege of sitting next to the baby seat in the van, so the whole ride home he kept giving us hilarious and adorable updates. “He just made a cute baby noise. I’m petting him. He just moved his head.” And so on.
  15. happypamama

    Update in first post!!! Calling all Hive Aunties. . .

    @creekland I know you don’t get on here often anymore, but I thought you’d like to see my new little guy. Hopefully there will be a local meetup sometime!
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