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  1. One of my kids has Eustachian tubes that close during a flight and never open back up. She gets an ear infection every single time we fly. That might be what happened. If that is the case, I would leave her in the care of your sister. Antibiotics will clear things up. Might ask for a steroid too.
  2. This is not a bad idea. You'd have to find a cup with a lid that is hard to get off though.
  3. Super fortunately, she doesn't drink. I personally can't stand the taste of alcohol. My kids seem to have inherited this. DH is a wine fanatic and we have introduced wine to the kids and they all hate it much to DHs disappointment.
  4. My DD is going to college this fall as a 19 yo junior. I would like for her to read a book or two on personal safety on a college campus. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks everyone for the tips! I checked into housekeeping for 6 weeks, but the minimum cost would be $1000, so I am going to skip it and hope my kids will keep up with everything.
  6. I've already told them that they have to help me not lift or bend. I know it will be hard for me. I am just do what needs to be done and never ask for help.
  7. Thanks everyone. I might need to hire house keeping help for a few weeks.
  8. My doctor said not to lift heavy things until 6 month mark to let tissues heal. I lift heavy things (50lbs plus) like horse feed, shooting targets, hay bales regularly. If I wasn't allowed to lift heavy things ever again, I would not have surgery.
  9. I am having surgery in August for a hysterectomy and POP repair. I have never had any type of surgery, so I am unsure how to handle recover. Any suggestions of things I'll need on hand at home when I get out of the hospital? Maybe things I'll need for my 24 hours at the hospital as well? Thanks
  10. I have hair that is curly on the sides, barely waving in the back. It's crazy making. 99% of the time I blow it dry and straighten because that's just easier to deal with
  11. For reflux, dairy generally makes everything much worse. I would ask him eliminate caffeine, all soda and as much sugar as possible. Check for hernia.
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