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  1. Thank you! I've placed an order for a number of lit guides, so I'll start there and see which ones will fit best for this group.
  2. All excellent ideas. I am assuming they will do all reading at home, even it is on audio book. However, starting off with short stories or even picture books is a great idea! I am thinking fix it grammar will be quick-- something I write on the board and they take turns editing. The goal is to remember what they have already learned. I have looked at Figuratively Speaking in the past, I need to look again. I have Grammar with a Giggle too, which works well with groups. I am off to order some lit guides! I'll report back
  3. I am working on building a middle school English course for struggling writers, particularly those with dyslexia and other learning issues. The core of the course will be IEW level B (they are all completing level A now). The structure of IEW works well for these students, but I want to add both literature and some grammar. I think I'll do the IEW Fix-It grammar, since it works well with IEW, but I need literature instruction as well. I really like Lighting Lit 7 because it has direct information on plot, setting etc., however, it has a lot other things I don't need like composition, gram
  4. I'm in the medical field, have received both of my shots. From my personal experience, RNs, doctors, degreed medical staff (OT, PT, Speech therapy, etc) are 90% pro-vaccine. CNAs, technicians and those with high school degrees (vs. college, med school etc.) are much more likely to refuse the vaccine. They are more likely to be sucked into anti-vaccine propaganda.
  5. I would absolutely say something and report to Outschool as well
  6. My Texas friends are experiencing days of no electricity, not just rolling outages. Two friends now have homes with inside temps in the 20s. They will lose all their pipes inside. Pools are completely destroyed. Damages estimated at $100K or more
  7. I have two pair of Jag Jeans. The just slide right down to my knees. I haven't tried Talbots, will give a whirl.
  8. I tried these once, but ordering my regular size was two sizes to big. I sent them back and didn't try again. Maybe I should
  9. Yes! all of my current jeans are high rise. I am really long waisted, so they are a necessity. So glad they are back. I have a couple of pair of KFTK, but they are mid rise on me, and slide down.
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