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  1. I like NYDJ. I get them used from eBay or thredup. I think they recommend you buy a size down but I rotate through 3 different sizes and they all fit well enough.
  2. Hard choice, but I think I'll take: 1- My grandmother for no reason other than I liked her 2- My aunt, because she'd like to be there too. Now I'm in trouble. In reality I'd have to invite my cousins at this point and probably my mom and we'd be done. They'd never ever forgive me if I didn't. But since it's a fantasy, I'll assume that nobody living is invited and everyone speaks English and move on. 3- I don't have an individual name, but someone from way, way back- like Lucy or the mitochondrial Eve. 4- Harriet Tubman 5- Robin Williams- so we'd all laugh
  3. Those counties are made of people- diverse people. No county is full of one party voters- most races are fairly close. Even as polarized as the states appear on paper, the minority (as in political party) voters are not insignificant. Hillary Clinton only got about 60% of the votes in California. Donald Trump only received about 60% of Kentucky votes. I don't understand the argument. Those unrepresented people in "safe" states would finally get a voice and there's no guarantee that it would favor any one party in a competitive race. More people voted for Trump in California (over 4 million) th
  4. Off topic, but I wish we had proportional representation with the EC. California's red votes get wiped out; Kentucky's blue votes get wiped out. I think the winner take all proportioning of the electoral college is a significant cause of polarization and why we can't have significant 3rd party representation. No state is really one party, but the EC makes candidates campaign as if they were.
  5. It’s not what your average boring person of any party does. People have a right to protest whatever they want. I was a Republican until 2016 and I remember Obama effigies being burned on tv. Not by boring Democrats...I found it abhorrent then and I find violence abhorrent now but I don’t care if anyone wants to protest about whatever as long as its peaceful. I’ve recently waded into Twitter and the stuff you see from angry people is equally bad and threatening on both sides.
  6. The question wasn't is there a coup being planned right now, but do we agree that it's definitely a coup if the following happens: stops counting votes declares the loser to be the winner allows the loser to assume or retain power I think #1 is fuzzy when I reflect on what has happened in previous elections. There's often been complaints that counting has been stopped prematurely somewhere. I think it's definitely a coup if the other 2 happen and if #1 happens with enough outstanding votes to tip the scale. I think if someone is behind by 1000 and you have 1000 votes in a b
  7. We are lobsters in a pot and it's getting pretty warm.
  8. Here's the known substances they'll be testing- Water, simple sugar solution, orange juice, soda, diet soda, starch, olive or canola oil, heavy cream, and egg whites. What would you add for a mystery substance? Honey may be too easy to identify. Maybe I could make a cereal/water slurry? They're supposed to see how the known substances react to the testing agents (benedicts, iodine, sudan, and biuret) and then test the mystery one to see if they can figure out what it may be most like.
  9. She’s perfectly within her rights and I think it’s reasonable to ask him questions about what he’s doing on her yard. But he is perfectly within his rights and it would be a reasonable response from him to not feel like answering.
  10. If we are testing for molecules and I want to give the students an unknown substance among a bunch of known ones what's a good thing to use for the unknown substance? We're testing for sugars, starches, lipids, and proteins. I know it's a common lab but I have no teacher's manual and I took Chemistry too long ago to have any memory of it. If it's some big secret and the chemistry teachers of the world don't want everyone to know what people like to use, can you PM me. I just want a substance that will react well and be pretty obvious if they do it correctly.
  11. That's because when you are a teen/tween you know everything and you don't realize how dumb you must have been until you have tweens and teens of our own! I still wonder sometimes if I was just an unusually smart and savvy teen because I can't believe how clueless my kids can be. There's no way I was that dumb....or I didn't feel it at the time. I wouldn't have thought twice about the incident.
  12. My little dog loves her wishbone. It's her favorite. It's kind of gross but I find it less gross than actual bones or even the antlers we tried. We have kongs but she's never cared too much for them.
  13. No, but I'm rethinking our retirement plans because of this and climate change. I really love the south and the beach. I'd be happy to never see snow again, but seeing the increase in wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding has me thinking it may not be so smart to retire on a beach or a tourist area. I actually spent some time considering my never ever states like Michigan, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. (Nothing against those states, BTW, except for the weather) I think DH and I would be fine, but I want to consider where we're planting our family and how they'll be in 20-50 years. I'
  14. Maybe, but it's not going to suit my budget! 😅
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