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  1. We still aren't special IRT covid as a country or economic impacts. Every country is dealing with potential financial ruin. Some countries will weather it better than others- like us, even as bad as it is. I don't know if there's any good solution other than to do our best to get through it. I doubt it. We don't know the time table- we don't even know if people become reliably immune after catching it! We haven't helped ourselves with our many mistakes (ignoring it at first, not making public health a priority, and the awful testing situation), but even if we'd done things perfectly, it would be difficult because of other countries' difficulties.
  2. Honestly, what I think will happen is that rural areas will start to resist and try to go back to normal sooner than is recommended (by the medical experts, not politicians) nationally. We will start to see sharp increases of covid in some of these communities while others remain relatively untouched. It will hop around spiking here and there. The big cities will have to stay locked up longer and some of them will continue to see very large spikes among essential workers and their families at the least despite maintaining social distancing. Rural communities who haven't been hit will continue to say it won't impact them until it does. Most of the time it won't but by the end of maybe 2 years, most people will be affected by either having it in their community or a neighboring one. I think that scenario will still avoid the worst of it that would happen if everyone including big cities went back to normal. I think it would at least not be the whole country at once and allow unaffected communities to help out by sharing medical supplies and maybe sending some physicians and nurses to help. I'm not trying to be derogatory about people in rural communities- I think it is basic psychology for everyone that a distant threat like a disease that seems far away and may actually mostly be physically far away now is less pressing than an immediate one like local economic collapse. The only way to prevent covid from skipping around the country like that would be to find a way to avoid economic collapse so people only have the one threat to focus on.
  3. I don't want to look at our balance. I've been spending money since Feb! Trying to stock up, paying delivery fees, trying to eat out a little more to help local businesses, getting stuff for the garden I've had on my to do list for 5's a lot. DH is still working so gas is about the same as I stay pretty close to home anyway most days.
  4. Maybe sweet and even isn’t who you are. We should all try to be kind, patient, and reasonable, but that doesn’t always look like sweet and even. The world would be boring if it did. I think the best of your personality when you are healthy, happy, and rested would be a good place to start. You might be more funny or practical than sweet and that is just as good. I’m not saying it’s ok to snap at the kids (although we’ve all been there) but there are many good ways to respond and sweet seems so stereotypically perfect and maybe unattainable and even self-destructive for some of us. My DH’s grandmother was the epitome of sweet and my own was well loved by everyone who knew her but would be better described as feisty. I loved them both because of who they were but it would have felt like a loss if my grandmother had ever given up the feistiness.
  5. Don’t we all live imperfect lives and do things that aren’t optimally healthy anyway? It’s easy to pick reasons for why someone is responsible for whatever bad happens but the reality is that it’s still luck. People with COPD from smoking will still recover from covid. People who eat nothing but Dingdongs and Doritos can still recover. Nobody deserves it. Maybe I don’t run a mile a day while my very overweight friend runs 5. Maybe there’s more to people than their bad habits. Maybe the person with heart disease is the most fantastic teacher! Maybe the health nut kicks his dog. I regret detailing why I’m not a stereotypical high risk for asthma person because it really doesn’t matter and much of it isn’t anything I did anything special to achieve. I agree the typical American and American diets could be healthier but in many ways we are healthier than our ancestors who survived the common diseases of today when they were novel.
  6. People who had asthma as children and haven't had issues in years/decades are being lumped in as preexisting conditions. There's a lot of generally healthy people who have had a condition that has never before put them in the at risk category who are getting really sick or dying. My only behavioral risk for my generally mild asthma is picking the wrong parents. Not a smoker, not overweight, never been around a significant amount of 2nd hand smoke, healthy, mostly plant based diet, no allergies, mostly lived outside of cities/high pollution's honestly offensive to suggest it's my fault. I guess my kids' who were premature have themselves to blame too. No, I didn't do anything wrong to cause them to be premature except to find myself pregnant with multiples. I don't think we are unusual and we are not at elevated risk for almost anything else.
  7. I thought they said thousands of requested absentee ballots hadn't been sent out in time so people who had requested absentee ballots ended up having to go out.
  8. My American city/metro area is still following that criteria too. We are doomed if people won't stay home until testing expands.
  9. I'm not a very emotionally volatile person- I don't get super excited the way I see other people get excited and I don't seem to get too upset about much. There have been exceptions here and there, but in general unless it's very personal, I feel a distant, pragmatic concern about things. I am feeling about the same level of calmness as I usually feel. My immediate family is doing ok right now, so I don't have any personal,acute tension or anxiety. I am, however, very concerned for others who aren't doing well. I'm concerned for people in our country who have suddenly lost everything- family members, jobs, businesses, retirement accounts, safety. I'm concerned about what this mountain of loss will do to our country on a wide scale in the coming months and years. There's not much I can do about it right now, but I'm keeping alert for opportunities to help. I'm very concerned for people in countries like Haiti where health care was already a struggle in ways we can't imagine. I'm concerned that people in poorer countries will suffer because of our lack of preparedness. Normally, we'd be helping them but now we are diverting USAID supplies to us! What will these people do? I can understand not feeling a sense of panic personally, but at the same time this is a very big deal. If you are normally a more emotional person and now you are feeling dulled, however, I'd be concerned about some level of depression or PPD. 💕
  10. Since viral load seems to be an important factor in how sick a person becomes, is it possible that routine masking of mildly sick and asymptomatic individuals will increase their viral loads and contribute to more serious cases? I know countries where people routinely wear masks have fewer cases now, but I imagine sick people rebreathing their own exhaled viruses and I’m wondering how that may affect them.
  11. Because we don't believe it until we see it. Because our actual hospitals are putting out press releases that say the reality is that almost nobody can be tested unless they die and the government is having daily press conferences saying we have no testing shortages.
  12. Basically are numbers are a big 🤷‍♀️, but we know it's not good.
  13. I think our fatality rate is artificially high right now because most people can only be tested if they are really, really, sick or already dead. All of the people with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic aren't being counted.
  14. Walmart substitutions are funny. I ordered a 3lb bag of sweet potatoes. I received 1 of the very largest sweet potatoes I've ever seen. It's as big as my pineapple! I've been able to find a time for Walmart pick up every time I've tried at midnight, but the slots are always gone by 8-9am when I check in the morning. We don't have any other local options. I've given up on complicated recipes. I just search for food that I can use a variety of ways. This week they either didn't have or substituted 20 of my items. It was actually worse than last time but I am just glad I don't have to go inside.
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