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  1. We started with 8 and are down to 5. Where are they?? I'm sure they are lost in my kids' rooms in some item of clothing they don't like. Or my cats destroyed them. But yeah, 8 worked well. I noticed more static when we got down to 6. I just bought another set because of this thread! I don't know what 2 would do for you. Maybe it would be ok if you have small loads? It doesn't give us the smell of fabric softener, but they eliminate most static and the laundry is softer than if you used nothing. We get crazy static if we don't use them or fabric softener.
  2. But then we'd be required to visit family....so we can't go too close to there.
  3. How about Hawaii? Beaches and mountains and plenty of green and boating.
  4. The older ones said their favorite vacations have been to the woods for hiking, waterfalls, etc, but I'm not sure anywhere is warm enough in Feb for that. They also likes when my FIL took them to the lake but we don't have a boat- FIL did- and we aren't hiring one.
  5. We're definitely looking at whole houses and no restaurants. For the ski resort, I was concerned about reviews I'd seen about long lift lines and stuff. And I hate snow and would be the one stuck inside doing nothing with LO so it doesn't take much to put me off. I'd love to go to FL or SC or any beach, even a cold one, and sit alone and enjoy the view, cook meals at home, and not see anyone else, but my kids don't want to. Considering it would be a long drive to do nothing inside a house and we've gone to a beach the last 3-4 times we went anywhere I thought I'd look at things they may
  6. We have wool ones and they have completely replaced our fabric softener or dryer sheets. I think any wool ones would work but you want them to be kind of big and you want a lot of them. I need to buy more because some have disappeared and I can tell they aren't working as well without their buddies.
  7. We have to vacate our house for about a week next month while we have work done. It's not optional. I thought about just getting a place nearby to stay but then it was making me sick to spend all that money to basically stay next door in a place not as nice as home. We have a large family and pets to board so everything is expensive. I was going to go to a ski/snow tubing place that's reasonably close and would be fun but as I looked at properties and saw how few were left, I thought, hmmm....this place will be busy. We probably don't want to go to an almost sold out resort! Any id
  8. I got some loungewear/pjs for Christmas and I want to live in them every day. They're so soft and I stay warm all day. I don't care if it means I'm no longer a cool mom. I might buy another set. If you're tall they might be short, because I'm short and they aren't too long, which is a huge plus. The top is decent enough to wear in public and the pants may pass for walking the dog. My only complaint is the drawstring on the neck- what's that for? Are they trying to make my cats kill me? I might pull it out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B9JLSD3/?coliid=IAX8XBT147IWB&colid=2P2V6OH7Z164H&
  9. My talkative part siamese (pictured in my profile) did the same when she got older. I think it was because her vision was declining or maybe she was getting a little senile. She did so much better when we confined her to one room (ours) at night. We did it because we had to keep her separated from other cats, but the end to the nightly conversations was an unexpected bonus. Can you have her sleep with someone or in one room?
  10. I had a long time friend of the family pass away last week. He was diagnosed, on a ventilator, and passed within 3 days. I don't know much about any risk factors he may have had other than age. He appeared to be a healthy man in his 70s. I think it hit close to my dad who may *finally* be taking his own risks seriously.
  11. I don't think I would recognize anyone. I scroll through so quickly and don't pay attention to the names, avatars, or signatures on most posts. I used to do it deliberately because people could be so rude or um...weird.... many years ago and I didn't want to prejudice myself against a poster who may have useful or helpful info for me later. Now, I don't think it's necessary because most people are super polite or maybe my skin has toughened, but I'm always reading quickly. I'm not the most observant IRL either. I don't know if I have a tell. Maybe editing because I can't stand letti
  12. I don't feel especially anxious but I've had a headache for 2 days. I think it's from clenching my jaw. We don't keep the news on- maybe watch a little once a week, but I read and know what's going on.
  13. I almost didn't post about MIL because I felt so guilty that she did well when many people are struggling! But this thread was for the full range of personal stories so I went ahead. I do feel a bit of bystanders' survivor's guilt, however!
  14. My MIL had Covid the week or 2 before Christmas. The virus is so random- she is mid 70s, has a multitude of comorbidities- some quite serious- blood pressure issues, asthma, diabetes, and a recent cancer diagnosis! Fortunately she had not started chemo yet. She claims she was asymptomatic, but we feel she had mild symptoms. Before the diagnosis (routine test) she was complaining that she had never felt more exhausted, nauseous, or generally just bad, ever. She blamed it on the weather (and cancer, of course), but she'd had cancer undetected for a while and the weather has been variable f
  15. We have the instant pot air fryer attachment and use it for veggies, but the best use is for tofu. I know a lot of people hate tofu, but it's actually good in the air fryer. I've tried baking, broiling, and frying tofu and usually it just comes out acceptable or less than gross, but all the tofu eaters in our family think it's good when cooked in the air fryer. I just saw a recipe for shrimp in the air fryer that I'm going to try next.
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