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  1. It wasn't with a dog, but my cat had serious kidney failure. She looked half dead already and I was sure they'd say she needed to be euthanized. The vet did IV fluids a few times and then (after some extortion and a new vet) I was able to give her subq fluids daily and she lived happily for a year past that. When she finally passed it was more peacefully and she went quickly. The subq fluids never bothered her. She sat on my lap and didn't complain. It's easy peasy. I also gave her some supplements- I think phos bind or something, pepcid, and probiotics. We didn't give her the kidney food because she wouldn't eat it, but they also gave her an appetite stimulant. I had to syringe feed her until the meds kicked in. Her recovery with the meds/IV fluids was amazing. She went back to being a normal cat. I hope it goes as well for your dog. Your lucky they're only charging you $25 to come in. The first vet tried to charge me $75 a day and refused to let me do it at home!
  2. You could try Amazake- it's a fermented rice drink. My DD had a bag of some once and it kind of meets your guidelines but I don't know if it would be to your taste. I tried it and it was a little different and not really my thing. But it was warm and creamy...Maybe if you have an Asian Grocery store nearby you could find it cheaper.
  3. We switched seamlessly from Greek 4 Children to Lukeion. It was probably too good of a preparation because DS cruised through the first semester of Lukeion/Athenaze and then wasn’t prepared for the workload of the 2nd semester! It was a shock when he had to study!
  4. Greek For Children is pretty good for self study. You can get the textbook, answer key, and then video lectures that are like class recordings. I found the videos indispensable.
  5. I'd cut one at a time, maybe over several months. For me, it has helped to replace it with something. We will read stories instead of nursing or I will rub his back, tickle his arm, or something. I also had a rule that we only nurse in his room. If he wanted to nurse he had to drop everything and go there which isn't that fun.
  6. I quit during season 2. It was already weird enough for me.
  7. Same. I like weird stuff, but this was too much.
  8. We don't know what Britney is on other than reports that she was prescribed lithium. Lithium is considered ok to take while pregnant. She had a mental health crisis years ago but appears to have stabilized. I find it appalling that her father, a known abuser, is still in charge of her. I find it appalling that she's considered competent enough to work but must remain in a conservatorship. My parents tried to get guardianship of a relative after a medical injury gave him the mind of a 10yr old. He could not remember his parents were deceased, did not know who his wife was and believed he was still married to an ex that he'd divorced 15+ years before, and when told of these things, he would forget by the next day. He couldn't do math, complex thinking, and basic self care. After lots of money spent, the courts denied us and allowed him to marry a woman he hadn't known long and leave the state. He was allowed to marry a woman that he couldn't even remember the name of and thought was a different person half the time! If a person like my relative is competent, than something sure is shady with Britney's case. I find it incredibly patriarchal, misogynistic, and ableist that Britney still suffers consequences from a mental crisis when Charlie Sheen and a host of other celebrities have had public breakdowns without being put in a conservatorship for half their lives. Plenty of people with mental health issues lead successful lives and aren't child abusers. Her ex said he wants her around the kids and they love her- not the words of an ex who is considered about the well being of the kids in her care. You know who he doesn't want around the kids? The man in charge of Britney.
  9. Are you using albuterol 4-5 days while on symbicort too or just with the substitute? They keep trying to switch me off symbicort too but I notice an increase in symptoms immediately with any switch. Even Breo wasn’t good. My doctor would say that needing it albuterol that much is an exacerbation and he’d give me a shot. Sometimes it takes two shots over a period of a few weeks. He would be upset if I didn’t come in and tell him about it. Could it be the heat, smoke from some source, pollen?
  10. Would we be any more comfortable with trans men in the women's nude area? So, a person who looks like a man except for the genitals? Or would we be comfortable with intersex nude people who perhaps have a small penis but feel more comfortable in the women's area? I don't know. I don't know how you would enforce any of it. Would a rule of no exposed D- be possible? But I'm not sure that would help prevent creepy men who are doing it on purpose until it's too late. We can't have a rule that you have to "look like a woman" to go inside because then less feminine looking females or trans men not allowed in the men's room could be harassed. In this circumstance, it's hard to know what to think given I don't see any explanation from the person with the D- in the women's room. I suspect he's an exhibitionist pervert who identifies as male and is in no way trans. I think it's a difficult period for society because everyone is still figuring out how to respond.
  11. Only when I'm exacerbated for some reason but then it can be like 4-5 times a day! I'd go back to the doctor. You may need a shot or something to get it under control. When my acts up, it can be months before it calms down. I really don't think it would ever calm down without sucking it up and getting a shot or 2. When was the last time it was under control and can you pinpoint a cause for exacerbation in the last 6 months?
  12. How heavy handed is it? I don’t mind some Christian references, but I really don’t want theology in it or anything that’s too pushy. For example I’ve happily used CLE in several subjects and Pathway Readers were a favorite but I couldn’t endure Mystery of History. We’d probably skip the literature choices because we have a heavy literature load already planned for other subjects and I prefer my booklist but DD really wants a creative writing elective. I keep adding it and then crossing it off my list for her next year.
  13. I agree that we're in a pretty good upswing now, but throughout history it is not always a straight line. Looking at today and saying we're better now and will be better tomorrow because we're better now is shortsighted, imo. Maybe we will be, maybe we won't. We don't know what comes next or what the results of our collective choices will be. I think that's why it's important to not take any freedoms or progress for granted. History is full of examples of societies that had shining eras of peace, prosperity, tolerance, and freedoms followed by not so great eras of repression or collapse.
  14. Shouldn't that be exactly what we teach? I think high school students and definitely college students should learn all about the good and bad of capitalism, communism, socialism, etc. They are old enough for nuance and for learning that nothing we've come up with so far has been a perfect system. What economic system or government eliminates corruption? None of them. I think some are worse than others, however, and some have had better outcomes than others. There's no need to pretend that anything is perfect in order to see that something is better. That's ok. It's good to be a critical thinker. I don't think anyone would come out of those classes thinking that all things considered, communism has worked out better for anyone. I think we have learned some of the bad parts of capitalism in school and we learned about the Robber Barons, Gilded Age, rise of unions, and evils of factory abuses. The issue I see is that it tends to end there as if the problems of capitalism were solved. These kids will one day need to help solve their countries' problems and it's going to be a lot harder for them if they're taught not to question anything or that there are no problems. History is not a straight line of progress. Sometimes things have gotten better for some groups, sometimes things get worse, sometimes it's a mixed bag.
  15. I'm pretty sure opinions are not a protected class. Race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability- all protected classes with historic patterns of discrimination. Political opinions and beliefs are not. The only precedent I can see is with McCarthyism and the Red Scare and I don't think we want to go back to that. I think the law will be a joke. If I was a student I would never, ever answer those questions regardless of my affiliation. I may say I was undecided, independent, or a member of the pajama party. I don't see people cooperating with this and don't see how any kind of enforcement would be constitutional.
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