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  1. Thanks. I think we have a plan for going forward. If all goes well they will stay where they are through the end of the school year and then we'll reevaluate. If things are such that we have to pull early, we have a plan for that as well. He won't receive Fs. At worst it would be some Incompletes and he'd have to retake them if he doesn't clear the Is.
  2. Too late to register. They offered homebound but it only gives the core 4 subjects. It's a possibility but not an especially good one. You all will have to trust me that it isn't a whim and I am fully aware of the negatives associated with potentially pulling anyone out. It would be done under duress. It's not that I can't be involved in the education, but that I won't be lead teacher for all or even most subjects for this student.
  3. He's taking AP US History and Computer Science Other current classes are Chemistry, PreCal, but his school calls it something different, Spanish, English, and some electives that aren't necessary to find elsewhere. We would prefer secular but we're open.
  4. We have had a situation come up where the best option for some of the kids may be to return to homeschooling. They had been doing well in school academically and the plan was to continue in their programs, but let's just assume, hypothetically, that returning is not an option. I really don't want to discuss why it may not be an option or justify any decision I make. We'll have to decide very quickly. I'm not too concerned about the younger children involved (possibly 9th and 6th graders) as they have time to recover and build from the switch. My DS, however, is entering the 2nd semester of his junior year and is taking 2 AP classes. He was homeschooled from 3rd-8th grade so I'm not naive to the situation. I cannot be the primary teacher for more than maybe 1 subject for him. I won't do it again. It was too stressful for me because of personality issues and at this point I need to just be Mom. I'm happy to help with homework and be a facilitator. In this situation, what online classes, providers, etc would you suggest and how bad would it be for his college prospects? He is a high achieving student and we would like solid classes but because of reasons, that's not really the priority. The priority is finding something good enough that he could transfer into immediately, not lose a year, and that is flexible. I don't want something with all live classes but 1-2 live classes would be fine, especially if there's an offline option for occasional missed days. To give you an idea of what he likes, his last year homeschool he did AOPS number theory and stats online and Lukeion Greek among some other things, and he really, really enjoyed those classes. I am open to something totally one stop like Laurel Springs or piecing together from different independent sources, but we don't want to spend all our money. Laurel Springs would be more money than we'd prefer to spend. Self paced classes are good, but we need grades from an outside teacher or he won't work.
  5. Paige

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    They definitely did, but they had style. And I think, but I'd have to rewatch, but I think they mixed up the words and delivery a bit more. We didn't see the Doctor mourning Bill or dealing with her complicated feelings about Missy. We don't know what happened to Nardol. It was disappointing considering that Jodi meets her new companions right after the regeneration. All that should have been fresh in her mind, but we got nothing.
  6. Paige

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    Was he supposed to have dyspraxia? I must have missed that. If he is, then I agree- they aren't writing it well. I like Jodi. I didn't really care for this season. It didn't feel like Doctor Who to me but more like the Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood, but not as cool as Torchwood because no Captain Jack. I wanted some more continuity with something- all the companions were new, almost all of the villains were new, there were few references to recent history, and it felt like some other show in the Who universe but not Doctor Who. I got really really tired of the writing and all the, "No! It couldn't be....But what if....Oh, it is!" I liked the new companions too- nothing wrong with them and I especially like Graham, but something was missing.
  7. Paige

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    That is my dream!! I want my own room for me and my cat!. DH snores. He wants his blinky lights and computer noises all night. He drops to sleep literally within 10seconds of hitting the pillow most nights so none of that bothers him and I'm awake for hours without silence and darkness. I'd love to have the rich people set up of adjoining rooms with separate sleeping areas and bathrooms. I sometimes go to the guest room when it's really bad but it's not an option when we have guests. I have listened carefully to DH and I don't think he has apnea but who knows. He doesn't think he needs a sleep study. My Dad has apnea and I think DH doesn't want to use the machine since he's seen it. He usually quits snoring once he hits deep sleep so I will stay awake for hours downstairs and go up only when I no longer hear snoring. I hate it when DH stays up late because it means I'll be up really late but he gets offended if I try to imply he should be going to bed. My MIL snores really badly too and she's not overweight so I wonder if there's something genetic about it.
  8. OshKosh/Carters will have them too.
  9. Paige

    Ignore this thread!

    Good news- We finally found something to keep DDs eczema under control that she can use every day. Bad news- It costs over $700 a month with our share being over $100! 😦I guess that's not super expensive compared to some people's meds but most of what we've ever needed was more like $5-10 out of pocket.
  10. Paige

    Ignore this thread!

    That's a good idea. I think she's scared of being found out but maybe she could call and ask for advice. It doesn't help that their family doctor just retired and they are seeing new people. Yes, but it started over a year ago. I think he'd been under general anesthesia the first part of the year we started noticing things, however. Could it have caused problems that lingered? He uses his phone and she doesn't have the password.
  11. Paige

    Ignore this thread!

    He's in mostly excellent health and just had some elective surgery that required lots of physicals and testing so he would be quite suspicious about another physical being suggested out of the blue. They live independently and aren't that old. I asked my mom about something like this and she said she isn't allowed in the doctor's office with him and he'd be mad if she tried to schedule him an appointment. He's never been in a position to have someone look after him or make decisions for him so he'd be upset if we suddenly acted like he couldn't manage his affairs. On top of that, one of his primary symptoms has been irrational, paranoid, controlling behavior....
  12. Paige

    I feel like a terrible mother

    I did that twice in one month with my first! I should have learned. He was tricky and would swipe the keys and lock the door himself when I shut his and went to open mine. He was somewhere between 9-15 mos
  13. Paige

    Ignore this thread!

    One of the crises we are dealing with, and sadly and unfortunately the one of that's actually less significant and easier to deal with, is that I spoke with my mom last night and we really need to get my Dad evaluated for early Alzheimers. Has anyone dealt with this? He is showing some very concerning signs that can no longer be ignored but he would be irate if he even knew we were thinking it. We have no idea how to get him into a doctor and my brother and I aren't local so we can't do much. I need to talk to my brother and convince him of the situation but the last time I broached the subject he told me I was nuts. It's scary but there's also a very promising study in their town where if he was diagnosed soon he may get to trial a new exciting drug. If he doesn't get the placebo...but we will hope for the drug if we can somehow persuade him to seek help in time. 50/50 chance is better than no chance.
  14. Paige

    Misuse of the equals sign.

    I've never seen anything like that. It's weird. 12=/15 Why would it even be there?
  15. Paige

    I feel like a terrible mother

    My parents used to forget me all the time. Maybe it wasn't all the time but it was often enough. Once the school got a call that I wasn't to ride the bus that day and my mom would be picking me up. She never did- my teacher actually took me home with her after several hours! My mom was lucky social services wasn't called. It was before cell phones so I just called my home number every 30min and finally when my Dad got home he came to get me around 6:30 or so. I still love them, though. It makes for funny stories and I tell my kids to be grateful that I'm only a few minutes late sometimes! I'm more likely to totally forget to take them to their classes or appointments in the first place.
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