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  1. Crystal Bernard from Wings? She wears a blue vest in the promos. How old do you think the show is?
  2. I think MM is a good program. For most students, I'd prefer to use it over CLE, but CLE was good for a few of my kids. But if you expect less tears with MM then I think you'll be disappointed. They used to have some pretty significant samples or cheap chapters of MM you could buy. I'd get one of those to go through over the summer and see how it goes. If she's having a lot of issues with frustration, it may not be the curricula as much as personality or that she needs more support. I might back down a half step for a while and build some confidence with games and fun things. You can
  3. But whether we cooperate out of fear of what the police will do if we don't or because we are legally obligated to do whatever we are told is 2 different things. I would probably cooperate but I'm not sure the law is actually on the police's side to do whatever they want. I mean, I'd cooperate if a carjacker told me to get out too. I think my young daughters should be very afraid if they are pulled over for something minor and asked to get out and into the car, alone, with an officer or 2. That's unusual behavior from police. Aren't we told not to go to a secondary location? I'd hope the
  4. Not the person you quoted, but that was definitely what I thought when I heard about the case. He was young, he's seen the news, he was probably terrified.
  5. I don't know...I think the easier fix would be to quit automatically reaching for weapons of any kind. A LOT of the videos I see where people are tased also seem like unnecessary force. I think using force frequently is a natural outcome of poor training. I see many times in these videos where excessive force has been used that people are being asked to get out of their cars right away too. I have never been asked to get out of my car or been a passenger in a car where the driver was asked to get out. Why are people asked to get out right away? If you're scared of them running off, ask for key
  6. One thing to consider is that if you hire movers they may charge by weight, so decluttering before you move is a cost saving activity. I think it's easier to declutter as we unpack because you really get a feel for what you miss or didn't, but if I was paying for it instead of the military, then I'd try to declutter first. We always pack up stuff before we move into storage so that we can show and maintain the house more easily.
  7. We've moved often but our cats have been inside cats. One was inside/outside at the time. Don't do the harness. It was a disaster and we only tried once. Put the cat in the crate with a litter box or pee pad, some water, and leave it there. It will be fine. If there's a mess, be prepared to replace bedding at a rest area. The only time we had an accident was when the cat got carsick. If you can, stopping overnight at a hotel so the cat is only in the crate 6 hrs or so is helpful. We sedated our cats for the longest move and it helped. I requested it ahead of time and the vet said to
  8. I couldn't believe he was the same guy out of the mask as the one in the mask. I feel badly, the actor is a real person, but the mask does weird things to his face. Do you think they're doing some fancy makeup or effects to make it look so bad?
  9. I got my 2nd pfizer shot yesterday. I had almost no reaction to the first shot. It was probably the least painful shot I've ever had. The 2nd shot was equally painless when she gave it, but I feel a little sick today and I tossed and turned all night because of arm soreness and general muscle aches. I finally got smart early in the morning and took some ibuprofen and that relieved most of the pain. I'm still sore and really dragging today, but it's like when you feel yourself starting to get something and not like really feeling sick. I hope it's gone by tomorrow. DH is older than me and
  10. My first thought is that it's likely correlation. A large number of the first people getting the shots are middle age or later. Tinnitus can be one of the first signs of hearing loss. I believe it's likely to be just the natural progression of hearing loss hitting people when it normally would, only this time there's a shot to blame it on. Have you seen reports of people who are getting tinnitus who don't have hearing loss or people who are under 40 becoming hearing impaired in significant numbers after their vaccinations? I've seen reports of people getting tinnitus and hearing loss afte
  11. I don't think the drugs should matter. Let's imagine a similar situation where a victim dies during the commission of a crime- assault, robbery, hostage situation, etc. Maybe the victim had drugs in his system, but had the crime not occurred, or had the hostage taker allowed medical personnel to help, he could have been saved...the perpetrator will be charged with murder. It happens all the time! The only difference is that the people being charged in these murders are not wearing badges during their crimes. I really dislike how George Floyd's behavior is being used to minimize the behavi
  12. I hope they will send him off to doggie reform school. I think he needs some more intense training than they have the time for right now. I've been enjoying Canine Intervention on Netflix- he needs to go somewhere like that with a real trainer.
  13. When I was younger, someone who had wronged me (and many others) told me I "could be bitter or better." It made me so angry- it's one thing to come from a person who's trying to sympathize, but another from someone who was actively perpetrating the offense, kwim? This person was in a position of authority in a school and church. It stuck with me; how rude it was to say and how manipulative it was. This year, I've had an epiphany- sometimes bitter is better! I was given a false choice! I've been very frustrated by some things I've seen this year. I can forgive, but I won't forget. It will
  14. What does that mean? Do you wear what makes you unhappy? I know it's trite, but I think anything worn with confidence and by a happy woman looks best. I'm trying to own that myself and to really think about what I want to wear instead of what I think others want me to wear. I'm pretty vanilla, but I think of the older women I know who look fabulous and most of them either are women who probably always looked fabulous and stylish or they are women who are so happy and comfortable with themselves, that they look fabulous in anything- it's their spirit that gets you. I want to be someone wit
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