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  1. I think the fines should be at least more than the bribes. I don't think it's fair, however, to say rich people need to pay higher fines in general. Justice is supposed to be blind- not blind unless you're rich. I am fine with the short jail time and would prefer no jail time and a more meaningful way for her to pay her debt to society. There was a time when people could not imagine justice without debtors' prisons or cruel and tortorous executions. I hope our reliance on prisons and imprisoning people ends soon. It isn't effective, humane, or sustainable, and IMO really makes us all less safe. We suffer from a lack of creativity in how we respond to people who violate laws and an over reliance on "common sense" ideas that aren't supported by the outcomes. I don't want to see any of the parents in prison as I feel it's a waste of my money and I have no desire to inflict that kind of punishment on their extended families. I think prison should be reserved for people who can't be safe in the community.
  2. I am a hard no on that as well. I would consider a responsible 16+ child who had a driver's license that I was comfortable with them using. I would not be comfortable with a child *trapped* home alone in the event of an emergency. I know you have older kids too, but I feel there's a huge difference between 14 and 16-17yr olds. I would be upset if I knew my 14yr old nieces and nephews were 7 min away and their parents left them alone because they didn't want to ask me. Even if I wouldn't want to watch them (which is not true) I'd much prefer inconveniencing myself than having them home alone when I could have been there.
  3. You can get swords that aren't sharpened yet and he can have it sharpened later if he wants. It would really depend on my kid if I'd let him have a sharpened one, but one to sharpen later would be no problem. They still look just like swords, they just won't slice your hand off.
  4. Could it be used for drawing and art? My DD wants a pricey art/drawing computer thing but this would be better if it also does normal tablet stuff.
  5. About the 3hr shifts for babysitting. It may be hard on the volunteers, but I think it would be very detrimental for the children to have a more frequent rotation of caregivers daily. Especially if this is a program they are coming to frequently, it would be bad for their mental health to have new caregivers every hour or 2. Hopefully the group you are working with will find people who love working with kids and you can move on to something that you enjoy more. It's not a crime to think working with a bunch of other people's kids you don't know isn't fun.
  6. Using non gendered pronouns when gender is known and claimed seems weird to me. I support using whatever pronoun a person wants and default to using whatever gendered pronoun seems most appropriate until I’m told otherwise. If I am unsure I don’t use pronouns because I don’t want to be wrong and cause offense. I had my first obvious clue that times are changing at a college visit this summer. The tour guide looked very much like a typical female student and introduced herself by saying, “My name is (common female name) and I prefer the pronouns she, her...” I wonder if this will become common and unremarkable in a few years. I dislike they as a singular pronoun but maybe I’m now old enough to be a grumpy old person who dislikes change. I think we should expect language to change.
  7. But despite what you read on the internet, "Bless your/her heart" is not always meant sarcastically or condescendingly. It can be used both ways and I think people from other areas may not understand the subtle nuances with southern conversations.
  8. Do you think the AP Psychology and English will be appropriate for actual high school students and not just advanced little kids? I was looking at it for my high schoolers but am hesitating because I know Athena’s has a reputation for skewing very young and being a little light and fluffy because of that.
  9. There's way too much going on in the world and my life to get upset over things like that. I don't care if you call me ma'am, miss, lady, honey, sweetie, Mrs Last name, Ms first name, or whatever as long as it's not blatantly offensive like Hey B-. I don't care if you say "no problem," to my thank you or whatever generic courtesy you want or if you just nod your head. All I want is basic civility. I'll notice if someone is especially kind but I don't hold it against the average service person if he or she only does the minimum. Who knows what kind of day they have had.
  10. Lukeion has one as well. I'm planning on using it later on.
  11. The college admissions advisor we spoke with said they liked seeing APs and DEs on your transcripts but they almost never allow you to opt out of their classes. You get credit/hours on your transcript but you still have to take their core classes. The exceptions were DE English and APUSH with a 4+ and maybe 1-2 others. It made it seem like a big waste of money only to look good. None of DS’s AP computer classes would let him bypass intro classes. I think colleges are starting to not want to give up the money they make from required courses.
  12. I want to add something you did not mention: the new practice of establishing relationships among children and adults with DNA testing- It is...I don't know the right words...purposefully dumb? Problematic? Mind boggling? Backwards? Discriminatory? Colossal waste of money? My own children aren't adopted but adoption is part of mine and most people's family or friends' family histories. We should know that DNA doesn't make families. Then you add in factors of custodial vs non custodial parents, family members authorizing friends or extended family to escort their children, step parents, and all kinds of other personal issues, and I can't understand who thought this was a great idea to prove or disprove relationships and trafficking.
  13. We are spending an awful lot of money trying to prevent immigration. We have walls and fences, patrols, attorneys who show up at deportation hearings for unrepresented toddlers, flights for people being sent wherever, detention centers, foster care, ICE,'s almost like prohibition. This doesn't even include the lost taxes as people are paid under the table, denied the ability to work and earn to their potential and become job creators, and put out of work during raids and detention. It's like our whole immigration and visa/green card policies and enforcement are to make sure as few people as possible qualify and not to make sure the process is as smooth, fair, and secure as possible. The trip to America and all the coyote issues and dangers are largely because it's virtually impossible to immigrate legally. Make it easier to come legally and they can come safely. Why? Why is our country so determined to keep people out? We aren't full. Our population density is low. Except for the Chinese Exclusion Act, most of our history did allow pretty free immigration and history shows people assimilated and contributed significantly. People are our biggest resource and immigrants, who have the initiative to do something hard- they have a lot of promise. We can't afford to care for immigrants? Most people aren't asking for help and seek to be self sufficient. We can't afford all this energy and money spent to keep people out and detain them once here. The people picked up in the raid were working. We could really help more of everyone in our country- immigrants and native born-if we took the money spent on control and invested it in people's futures. Why can't my neighbor's mother in law visit her grandchild? They bought a big house so she'd have a room when she came to visit and 12 years later she still has not had her visa approved and has not seen her grandchild. Now she's too old to travel here and her son is too sick to travel home. It's cruel and senseless. Economic protection? We're shooting ourselves in the foot! Immigrants are also job creators, tax payers, and keep our prices lower. Terrorism and crime? It's a false choice. We can increase legal visas and immigration and still conduct background checks and refuse entry to dangerous people. We'd probably have an easier time if the focus was primarily on finding the dangerous people. Making it easier for people to come legally does not mean open borders. It means a presumption of worth vs a presumption of worthlessness. My proposal- ease the crisis by making it easier for people to come legally and safely. Spend our time finding, deporting, and detaining people who are real threats. Divert some of this money to programs that help people get on their feet regardless of their citizenship. Offset the associated costs by some kind of a special green card tax. Maybe green card holders or new citizens could agree to pay 5-10% more in income taxes for a limited time-10yrs or so-after they've been here 5-10 years and have had enough time to give us a return on our investment. But I'm not paid to solve the problem. I'm sure we have people working on other solutions that are humane and just.
  14. I'm looking for something for Algebra 2 and from past readings I thought the AOPS Introduction to Algebra included material for Algebra 1 and 2. I was going to have her cover the Algebra 2 topics in that book and let her sister use the earlier chapters to supplement her Algebra 1. If I remember correctly, until recently AOPS didn't even use the term Algebra 2 and their Intermediate Algebra was more like Algebra 3 or advanced topics not usually covered in HS Algebra classes. I looked at their bookstore this morning, however, and I see the description for Intermediate Algebra says it is for Algebra 2 and PreCal. Has something changed? Help- what do I want?? If I now have to buy both books to cover Algebra 2 I'll just get something else. I'm sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it with the search function.
  15. We are also telling people who show papers that their papers are no good. What a scary thing. All day long as I've thought of this I've been hearing Portia on repeat in my head- "The quality of mercy is not strained..." We don't have to demand our pounds of flesh. I don't believe it was a coincidence that it was the first day of school for the children.
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