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  1. She's not especially dog friendly. She wouldn't enjoy the dog park. At school they weren't really allowed to socialize but she got exposure so she would be tolerant. Her crate hasn't's not with us but she's always been fine. She's even barking if left alone uncrated while we're all upstairs or something during the day which has never been a problem. Someone's with her 90% of the time, though. She has a chihuahua's potty habits and cannot be trusted alone so I always try to keep her with at least one of the kids. Thyroid could be it. She's fat despite a tiny appetite and we increased her walks and exercise to try to address her weight and saw no improvement over months. Even when she was little obedience school was tough because her appetite was so tiny she would begin rejecting treats halfway through the class.
  2. She's always been a little growly with strangers (she's a chihuahua mix) which is why she was in doggy school for so long. She needed the consistency and even failed her CGC the first time because she growled when a new to her trainer tried to pick up her paw. So it's a return of bad behavior in that area rather than new behavior. She does have her CGC and has been so good for a long time until recently. The issues with the cats and barking are entirely new however. I thought maybe it could be a vision or hearing thing? Or definitely boredom too since she loved doggy school. I will take her in. She had poor reactions to vaccines and flea/tick meds so she doesn't see the vet annually and has titers taken every few years instead.
  3. Our 4yr old dog has been acting unusually. She's lived her whole life with our cats and lately she's been randomly snapping and chasing them. It's possible they are sneakily provoking her but it's unlikely that they've been doing it more than they did the past 3-4 years. She's been crate trained for years, but now she's started barking at night when left alone. We let her out but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I don't think she's barking to be let out to use the bathroom but because she wants company. She's also been growling at people when we take her for walks. She seems healthy and nothing has changed except that she's no longer going to her doggy school. She was doing things like scent training, agility, and obedience since she was 6months old, but they almost doubled the price earlier this year and we had stuff going on, so I decided to take a break. Any ideas? It's a problem.
  4. I agree that Shiller's games are actually not bad. My kids hated games that weren't really games.
  5. You could email Larry Shiller personally and ask. I bet he'd be helpful. Shiller doesn't get a lot of love here but I really really liked it for young kids. It's time and parent intensive, however. I'm not sure how it compares with Right Start but I know they are the same general style. I don't know where your DD is but the first level starts very, very, basic. It's like for a 4 yr old basic but it increases in difficulty pretty quickly and it would be easy to skip some lessons and go faster. They have some manipulatives with the program but I really prefer C-rods to the ones they had (at least what they had about 10 years ago!).
  6. I would see whoever you can see faster. I see an allergist for my asthma. I've never seen a pulmonologist so I can't compare, but my allergist has been great. They claim to be allergy and asthma specialists. I was tested and have no allergies, but I stay with the allergist because he has gotten me under control. I'd probably had asthma for about 10 years that I passed off as seasonal allergies and fall viruses. This is the first fall in forever that I haven't been sick. What did he give you? I'm on a maintenance and rescue inhaler now. I cannot take the cheaper maintenance inhalers (tried and failed), so maybe try a few before giving up. It took us about 6 months to really calm my symptoms. You may need a shot or two or prednisone in addition to the other stuff.
  7. Does anyone recall if Cyber Monday will be a better bet anywhere? It seems like Black Friday/Cyber Monday have been rolling together this year.
  8. There are some high schools these days that go in order of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, PreCal (Math Analysis is the newer term). IMO, I think the Algebra requirements of Math Analysis/PreCal are much higher than that in Algebra 2 which has a reputation of being a lighter course. I'd rather have a gap between Alg 1 and 2 than Alg 2 and PreCal. You might be able to find an integrated Algebra/Geometry course.
  9. I don't know. I saw how some states' public schools were using that number too (150hrs for regular course/180 for course with labs) so they may have pulled it from that. When I saw 30hrs I was surprised because I don't think I spent 30hrs in lab with my anatomy and physiology class in college and we had a lot of labs. It was a 1 semester course, very intense, and lots of time in lecture. 30 hrs would have been about 6 labs a month, or more than once a week. Considering it was a 2 day a week class, there's no way it had that much hands on lab work.
  10. Those are some I was looking at. How many will you do?
  11. I was going by the HSLDA. Virtual labs would be ok for some, but I'd like her to do some hands on things as well. Dissections aren't my thing- I opted out of them myself in high school because of issues with where they may be getting the animals, so virtual labs for that would be ideal. 30hrs sounds like a lot to me too, but if you divide it over a year it may be fair. I saw some homeschool people promoting a 2 day intensive for "all the labs" you'd need to turn your science into lab science. That sounds a little crazy too. What do you think is realistic?
  12. It's anatomy and physiology. I don't want to dissect a furry creature if possible.
  13. My DD wants human anatomy and I want to add labs for credit to make it a full science credit. The class (coursera/ open university/don't judge) doesn't seem to expect at home labs and I couldn't replicate university labs anyway, so I will be assembling some things. I know that the requirement for labs is 30 hours.That seems like a lot if it means seat time, but I think I can manage 3 labs a month for 10 months. Or maybe I could do 15hours for a half credit? Does anyone have a list of suggested labs for a high school course? I think it could get really expensive so I want to make sure I have realistic expectations before getting into it.
  14. I just call it a day off if he's off. There's no point trying to focus.
  15. I like the books/story in Paragraph Town, I just didn't like the exercises. As for punctuation, I may have misspoke. It teaches some but I don't recall it being a full course. I think it teaches sentence punctuation but not necessarily things like underlining or italicizing titles, possesives, using commas between cities and states, lists, different uses for quotation marks, etc. I could be wrong. There's no drill beyond the practice sentences and I found that wasn't enough. It's been about 5 years since I looked at it but we used almost everything up through Magic Lens. Hated Magic Lens and stopped there but it was probably because I dislike MLA style.
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