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  1. My ADHD son was/is that way. It got worse and worse and worse. Finally at 17, we realized he had full-blown depression mostly from his ADHD meds, but also just because he has depression. Does your son take ADHD meds? My son also has anxiety. The harsh tone was more anxiety and depression than anything else. He was utterly miserable inside and didn’t realize that not everyone feels so utterly miserable, so he didn’t know that he could get help. If you ask your son if he’s anxious or depressed, he might say no. I had my son take a little online quiz to see if he was depres
  2. Oh goodness! I wish I could sit on a couch with you and wrap you in my arms and hold you together. 😞 I’m so so sorry. I’m over here crying with you.
  3. Reading and photography as hobbies. Reading is obvious. For the photography, I learned all the ins and outs of my DSLR and I love it. But a person can have just as much fun with photography with a cell phone camera if they like. There are endless videos/articles about how to take nice pictures. And there are lots of “30-day challenges” where you take a picture a day for 30 days and they give you a new topic every day, so that you have something to take pictures of. Going out to the movies as an activity. Pre-covid I went every week and had seen about 150 movies pretty much in a row
  4. (Sorry for the funny font, I was cutting and pasting and it got weird.) I simply cannot do a lot at once. And I am ok with a bit of dust and I am ok that things aren’t perfect. I am ok with things being done in teensy tiny increments. I am ok with things being skipped for a week or two. For you, your very first task is to declutter. Pick a room. Pick a single piece of furniture. Clean off the top of that piece of furniture. The next day, pick a different piece of furniture in the room and clean off the top of that. And so forth until all the tops are
  5. Yes, the pain meds without enough food can make you sick. My poor guy didn’t eat enough and lost his lunch from the pain meds. The last thing you want to do is lose your lunch after having your teeth pulled out. It was pretty awful for him. Poor guy.
  6. Do you have cyberschools in your state? If so, sign him up. My sons finished out/are finishing out their education in cyberschool and it was/is a positive experience for them. I was bullied as a kid. DO NOT send him back to the bullies. It took me decades to get over it. Another poster wrote that whatever he told you, it was worse. Yup-I agree with that statement. It’s very hard to tell someone who loves you (like your mom) what a loser everyone else thinks you are. Make a rule that gaming doesn’t start until X:00 and ends at Y:00. Find a way to hang out with the cousins
  7. Does anyone have a brand of socks that they love? My son has hated all the socks I’ve gotten for him recently. Either they’re too tight around the ankle or they don’t soak up sweat, so he feels like he has wet feet all day. I don’t even know the brands I bought for him. They’re just whatever I find at Walmart, so probably Hanes or something like that. He wants black crew socks that don’t make him sweat and don’t cut into his skin around the ankle. He’s skinny, so I was suprised by how tight some of the socks are for men. Any suggestions? I looked ever-so-briefly at
  8. I suppose around 14 I asked them if they wanted me in the room. They’re 16 and 18 and still do. 🙂 For the 18 yo, his last two visits have been online and have been about talking to the doc about trying out a new ADHD med and getting the dosage right. He wants me to be part of those visits to help him remember what he wants to say (the nature of ADHD can make it tricky to remember all the details, you know?), but they’re not regular checkups. When it’s time for a regular checkup, I probably won’t be part of it anymore. And he’ll most likely call and make his own appointment, since he’ll b
  9. I’ve found this to be somewhat true as well. I’m a natural writer. It’s effortless, so I always thought I was being taught. Big surprise when I had my son. I can’t even describe how difficult writing is for him. My gray hair are all from dealing with teaching him writing. It’s been absolutely horrible, actually. I think people think they’re teaching writing, because a lot of people just figure it out for themselves how to write (somewhat). But when you have a person who just can’t write, when they have a huge block and the words simply do not come, then all of a sudden you rea
  10. I don’t know how a person gets a kidney infection without a UTI, but it’s not something I’ve really thought much about. I had been under the impression it started as a UTI and then moved into the kidneys. This thread has made me wonder how it all works.
  11. I don’t believe D-Mannose works for kidney infections (someone can correct me if I’m wrong), but it does work for UTIs. Whenever anyone posts about UTIs, I feel a need to do my pitch for D-mannose: I used to get UTIs once every year or two and I hated them with the heat of a 1000 burning suns. Someone here on the hive told me about D-Mannose, and that it can prevent UTIs and cure an active infection. So, I either take some D-Mannose in the evenings with a little bit of water (my UTIs always developed overnight) or I drink a ton of water without the D-Mannose before bed and just dea
  12. The OP said the daughter was in another room at the time. So, the clerk (to answer some other posters above) wasn’t supporting the daughter by using “they” since the daughter wasn’t even there. She was in another area getting the shot while her mom answered questions.
  13. I trust my vaccine so I feel completely safe for myself taking off my mask. And last I read, people with the vaccine aren’t transmitting covid to others, so I’m not hurting others by taking it off. So there is really no medical reason to wear it anymore—unless I’m wrong, and if I am, someone can correct me. But I don’t like having it off. I clothes and grocery shopped the other day at three different stores with it off. In my area people make a lot of eye contact and smile at each other when they do. They don’t do that everywhere: I used to live somewhere with little to no eye contact in
  14. I DID get the job!!! I started last Monday, the 17th. They’re paying me a ridiculous amount of money (in a good way), even though I only have a high school diploma and haven’t worked in 18 years. I just about fell off my chair when they told me the amount. I mean...anyone would just about fall off their chair. I told Quill the wondrously ridiculous amount they’re paying me, and she just about fell off her chair. So, I’m completely thrilled to be earning money again. The drive is long (over an hour each way), but they are serious about everyone working from home as much as possible
  15. I was going to suggest a lot of the same: 1. First, you grieve and storm at the frustrating changes. 2. Convert your current meals whenever you can. 3. Make only 7-10 different meals and be done with it. Just eat the same meals week after week. If you hate doing this, you can add more meals in later. This is what we do. We eat the exact same meals week after week and have done so for years. There are food aversions and dietary needs involved. 4. Don’t cook an entirely different meal, but tweak. For example, on Spaghetti night, my DH has gluten free pasta and the res
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