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    My kid is a slob

    1. Stick together throughout the day and tell her what needs to be done all day. Do it with her. Be pleasant. Show her how things are done. 2. Stick together throughout the day and ask her, “We’re done with X, so what needs to be done?” Then do it with her. Be pleasant. Correct her if she does it incorrectly, but don’t have impossible standards. 3. Back off a little bit from the sticking together and say, “Remember to tidy up as you go.” Check on her often and say, “I see something you forgot to do with the doll clothes...”. In step 1 you’re doing all the thinking for her. In step 2, you’re starting to get her to think on her own with prompts. In step 3, you’re expecting her to do all the thinking on her own without prompts. I would allow a good solid 3-4 weeks for each step. As she gets older, you might have to do this process in different areas. For example, teaching how to create and follow her own to-do list, or how to handle classwork on her own.
  2. Oh, and we don’t talk. My son is no where near ready to talk or listen to music while driving. Driving takes ALL his concentration and wears him out mentally. We drive in 20 minute segments and sometimes for 30 minutes on a certain road that gets up to 55 mph. I sit there in silence unless I’m giving him advice on how to handle something coming up in the road, like a particularly sharp turn or an intersection where you have to choose what lane to be in, etc. Otherwise, it’s silent. He can’t handle it if I talk about anything else—gets very anxious and can’t focus.
  3. I have a 47 year old friend who drives a bit more wildly than I do. I used to just ignore it since I’m in a car with her only a couple of times a year. But after these past few months with a new driver, it was all I could do not to blurt out, “Watch out for that car!” or “Slow down sooner, please!” when she drove me around this past Saturday. My son does that kind of thing. He almost smashed into a stopped car that was preparing to parallel park because “Well, I thought he was going to pull foward to park, and not back up so I figured he’d get out of my way..” And I’m like, ‘Red brake lights and stopped car in ftont of you means you slow down and stop, too.” He didn’t even slow down, just kept barreling toward the STOPPED CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. You can’t assume what the other driver might do in the future if they’re STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. YOU HAVE TO STOP, TOO. (I’m yelling here because I can’t yell at my son. Thank you for indulging.) Yes, good idea about going on the same route a few times (especially the part about having time for the driving instructor to regroup her emotional energy!) Yes...emotional trauma! I honestly thought that teaching my son to drive would be fun. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Wipes eyes). What an innocent I was. It’s been really horrible emotionally for me. I am wrung out.
  4. I loved the ending of Lost. 🙂. The story took them all the way to the end of the lives and beyond.
  5. From when I was researching a lot, it appears that the cranberry juice doesn’t really do anything to help. OP—are the AZO pills helping with pain while you urinate? I use Uristat (over the counter pain med for UTIs) and that takes the pain away pretty fast. Also—I’m so sorry you have this. When I get one, my mood sinks sooooo low and I will be scared every stinkin’ time I pee for months afterwards. I don’t tolerate UTI pain well at all.
  6. I get UTIs from time to time and was getting really nervous about being on antibiotics too often. So I started using D-Mannose (it’s a supplement), as it’s supposed to stop them from happening, and also, if you DO get a UTI, it’s supposed to knock it out without having to use antibiotics. I haven’t had a UTI since I started taking the D-mannose (I take it at night because my UTIs always come on overnight.). Not sure if I wouldn’t have had one anyway, or if the D-mannose is what’s keeping them away. I had to read the comment section to find out what to do if I had a UTI. There are a few ways that people use it to knock out the UTI. I copied and pasted them to refer to later if I needed to. Here are the ways people use it: (sorry for the large font that pasted over—ok I think I fixed the weird font) I get mine on Amazon, but perhaps it’s in a health food store near you? UTI infection: D mannose (if it’s not a UTI: I've also had times I was sure I had a UTI - my urine was super acidic and that was the source of my symptoms. (even the culture was negative) for that - my dr had me do 1/4 tsp baking soda in water 2x per day to neutralize the acidity in my body.—wtmer GardenMom5) There are a few methods: ***************** HOW I TAKE IT WHEN I HAVE A UTI (note that I have NOT A single UTI since I started using this as prevention!!) Okay when you notice signs of UTI (aka the horrible feeling of death, burning, and would rather give birth again,) take one large teaspon in about 2 onces of water. now WAIT 45 mins so it can go through your body to your bladder, you want it to grab as much bacteria as possible, then start drinking alot of water like a large deer park water bottle at least 12-16 onces of water. Then wait 2-3 hours and repeat, then after the first two doses, do it EVERY 3-4 hours until sympotns start to disappear, I take AZO with it the first 24 hours to help with pain, but after about 20-30 hours, you are going to be shocked at how much better you feel. IN NON PARAGRAPH FORM: DOSE: Take one large tsp of D-Mannose in 2 oz water. WAIT: Wait 45 min, drink 16 oz or more of water. Wait 2-3 hours and repeat the DOSE and WAIT steps. Now wait 3-4 hours and repeat the DOSE and WAIT steps. Continue repeating the DOSE and WAIT steps every 3-4 hours until the infection is gone. (Round the clock.) Take Uristat/AZO in the first 24 hours, but within 20-30 hours the infection should be going away. ****************** After doing a little bit more research, I found something called the waterfall method. This method is meant to prevent UTIs from occurring after having intercourse. I mix 1 tsp. of D mannose in the morning with a full 8 oz. glass of water and drink it. Then, one hour before sex, I take it again (1 tsp. of D mannose with 8 oz. of water). Immediately after sex, I take another dose. Afterwards, I take another dose every 6 hours for a full 24 hours after to make sure that there's no bacteria left in my system. This method has worked for me every time, and since following this method, I haven't had another UTI. I am so thankful to have found this product and I hope that this helps others. I have not experienced any side effects from taking this product. ********************** My 20 yr old cat who has chronic kidney disease takes 1/8 tsp 2x a day in 5mls of water with her meds to prevent UTI's. I have been using it with her for over a year now and it works really well on certain types of UTI bacteria. The secret is to not mix with too much water so that it clings to the sides of the bladder, I think. I'm on our 3rd bottle in a little over a year. Will continue to buy for as long as it works for her. ********************** I read some medical research about the product, and the studies I read about found that D-Mannose is slightly more effective than Macrobid when used as a regular preventative measure. Each day I take a teaspoon of D-Mannose in a small glass of water. I make sure I drink plenty of tea and water throughout the day. If I happen to get a UTI, which only happened 3 or 4 times last year, I take a tablespoon in a glass of water. Then I take another tablespoon with more water about 2-3 hours later. I do this until the symptoms subside, usually in about a day. Then I take a regular dose in the morning and at night for two or three more days before returning to my regular dose. It's been a full year, and I haven't had to make a call to the doctor for a UTI. I've been able to completely clear them up with D-Mannose. I've never had any side effects. It's truly been a lifesaver! I am thankful every day that I found this product! ***************** This is truly a life saver for me. I get UTI's at the drop of a hat. Antibiotics weren't working for me and I was sick of telling doc's I still had a UTI after taking multiple rounds of antibiotics. I now use this along with Monolaurin. I don't usually have to use both, but if by chance I notice the D-Mannose isn't working, then the Monolaurin will. I followed another user's advice on using the D-Mannose, by first putting a heaping teaspoon in just 4 oz of water, then waiting 45 minutes before drinking more. Ever since doing that method I haven't had any issues whatsoever. I always make sure I have this in stock! ******************* Anyhow - now since using this product I haven’t had a UTI in 2 years. As soon as I feel a little tingle or anything “off” I take a dose of this in 2-4 ounces of water. I find it works best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait an hour and the guzzle some water. Wait 4 hours and repeat. And somehow it works! I repeat this for a 24-48 hour period and boom all clear. ************** As someone who suffers from chronic UTIs, this stuff is a life saver. Wait until your bladder is empty, take a good-sized spoonful of the powder without any water or VERY LITTLE water. Wait about 45 minutes, then chug as much water as you can. This gives the powder enough time to stick to the walls of your bladder and flush out the bacteria. ***************** If you have a dog or cat thats prone to UTI's, this is a good supplement to keep on hand. If you have a cat with chronic UTI's, make sure to avoid all dry food and treats, cats in particular need a lot of moisture to keep kidneys and bladder flushed. For dog food, fresh food is always best, but if you feed kibble make sure its decent quality with no corn/wheat/soy, byproducts or dyes/preservatives. Also, email the company to inquire about ash levels. More ash= higher recurrence of UTI's. (ideally, it should be 7% or under). As far as dosage, for cats,- 1/2 tps mixed in with canned food or broth if they'll drink it. Dogs up to 40 lbs- 1 tsp mixed with 1/3 cup of goats milk or low sodium broth. You can add it to food, but it works better suspended in liquid. Dogs over 40 lbs- 2 teaspoons with broth/goats milk. You can give this up to 3 times a day until UTI clears. ***************
  7. Ooo Ooo! (Raising my hand high in the air). I taught preschool classes at church for about 7 or so years and was the FAVorite teacher. I would get right there on the floor with them and connect. The little kids and I just got each other. I also taught kids preschool aged and also older at the homeschool co-op and I was confident and handled it perfectly fine. But then I took a break from teaching kids—for years. And then my own became teenagers. Last school year, my youngest teen was back in the co-op and I was the lead teacher in a preschool class again. I was thinking, “Ok, I know how to do this!” But it was waaaaay harder than it had been in the past. It was every other week and that made it even harder, because I couldn’t get to know the kids. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t learn all of their names (there were 12 of them) until the next to last class (there were 11 classes spread out over 7 or 8 months.). I kept getting them all mixed up. The first 4 or 5 classes were really hard. Like, grinding gears without any oil. I thought, “I’ve made a horrible mistake volunteering for this job! I just don’t have it anymore!” I’m pretty sure the kids were enjoying things because I did pull out all my stops and did lots of stuff they loved, but *I* felt disconnected. About half way through (the 5th or 6th lesson), I started connecting to the kids. And finally by the end, I knew all their names and their personalities and was sad that it was over. Moral of the story: you are out of practice. The kids are all strangers to you. But if you stick with it, you’ll get to know them and you’ll get your groove back.
  8. Oh dear! I can never decide if I want to live in an overly cluttered house filled with wingback chairs and stacks of books and oil paintings on the wall or a super sleek modern house with practically zero possessions. I haven’t found a way yet to live effectively in between those two extremes, which is where most of us are.
  9. Not it! And at 46, I seriously don’t want to be. 🙂 But congratulations to everyone who is! So exciting for you all. 🙂
  10. I agree! They tend to resist going to doctors and nutritionists though. If they will agree see someone, that’ll be very good. But if they poo-poo the idea, well...I’ll do what I can.
  11. That's a good question. I know they're out right now so I can't call them, and then I'm out a lot tomorrow. In the meanwhile, he loves just about everything, so as far as I know there is no flavor to avoid.
  12. Yes, I'm interested! I've never made a smoothie for myself and don't have any recipes, so I'd love to know your favorites.
  13. These are all great ideas! Yes, he can eat scrambled eggs, but I hadn’t thought of the sweet potatoes—he might be able to get those down better than regular white potatoes. I like the idea of cottage cheese with a very soft or pureed fruit.
  14. Thank you! I was wondering what the protein booster was that you used. I’ll find out if they already have this or not and get it for them if they don’t.
  15. My dad had tonsil cancer (is in remission now—yay!) and is still recovering from the radiation. When you have radiation on your neck area, it makes your throat swell and become almost unbearably painful (swallowing water is like swallowing razors). You have to be fed through a feeding tube in your stomach. But he’s on the mend, and is now able to eat a *few* foods the normal way, though some food are still just too painful to get down. One of the biggest problems is that the radiation messed with his salivary glands (very common) and they’re not fully functional yet. This means that foods will simply not go down his throat because it’s just too dry. Things like potatoes are just too dry and it all gets kinda stuck. I’ll be visiting my parents next week (I live 2500 miles from them.). My mom simply doesn’t know how to cook anything, so has been only feeding my dad things like soup packets or canned cream of chicken soup and Dinty Moor stew (my dad can’t eat the potatoes in the stew, but he can eat the sauce and the meat because it’s practically mush.). Does anyone know of recipes, or even items to buy in the store, that are outrageously mushy (like applesauce) or are pureed? Like, I make a broccoli cheese soup, and I could puree the broccoli and it would still taste good. I’d like to take some recipes with me on my trip and teach my mom how to make them. A few years ago, I visited and taught her how to make tilapia fish and she’s been making that for my dad, because tilapia is so soft that he can get it down. I can teach her how to make things, but she won’t try it on her own. Also—he can’t eat anything too hot or too cold or it just hurts his throat too much. He could probably eat a soup that has cooled off, but very cold things like ice cream are out. Any ideas? ETA: things high in calories are a good thing right now. When I search online for recipes for people in my dad’s predicament, they suggest lots of milkshakes and things like that to try to get lots of calories in the person. When you can only gag down tiny bits of food, food with lots of calories is good.
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