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  1. What a jarring experience. That would unsettle me. At best, he was stressed and snapped. It might also explain why you think he might be EX-dh to the lady across the street. Stories like this are what make me want to sit down and talk with my teenagers. They do this to me from time to time--snap because they're stressed. But it's just not acceptable. Maybe that guy's mama never explained to him that it's not acceptable. 😐
  2. Garga

    Asking for exceptions

    They say that this is specifically one reason why men get better jobs than women. A man will go ahead and apply, even if he doesn’t have exactly all the qualifications, but only close enough. A woman will read the qualifications and say, “Oh, I have only two years and not three...” and won’t apply.
  3. Garga

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    Well...I would, but then you admitted that you don't have disembodied mannequins. Maybe you have a deer head on the wall or a mummified chicken at the very least? I could be persuaded to travel for a mummified chicken.
  4. Garga

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    Aw, thank you, Quill! I had a lovely time hanging out with you. It was easy, as if we've been hanging out for years. The bald disembodied baby heads were hilarious. I was trying to figure out what educational value they had when Quill explained they were for knitting baby hats. 😄 (Here's an example of one.) Though, truth be told, I'm not sure that Quill and her son actually do any homeschooling. We collected about 50 billion Nerf darts from behind the furniture in the room, so I'm pretty sure the two of them have mighty Nerf battles all day long instead of working. 😁 Oh! And I got to see her yellow door and decorated porch in person! Looked even better than the pictures! I thought of everyone in the hive who'd posted about paint colors when I saw that door. The yellow looks so nice against the rest of the house.
  5. Garga

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    How old are the kids?
  6. Garga

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    I caught a couple of allusions to adventures that the four of them have been having that weren't episodes we watched. I think they've been together doing more things than we've seen. Also, being together 24/7 in multiple life and death situations would probably make people handle their stuff in a different way than normal. They'd be forced to confront the issues and deal with them and resolve them, too, in order to be able to depend on each other for survival. Eccleston HATED Rose's family and was pretty clear about it--he called Micky by the wrong name on purpose and sat around moping and rolling his eyes whenever he had to be around Rose's mom. Capaldi was downright vicious toward Clara's fiance.
  7. The re-write is awesome! Great job!
  8. Garga

    Yet another decluttering issue

    Exactly how many empty cubbies will you have vs how many are there total? It sounds like you should leave them empty for a while. I would not declutter and immediately run out and buy baskets to fill them. You may find that you like having a few empty cubbies. It’s not that uncommon for minimalists to have empty spots like that. I’m not a minimalist. I’m a middle-ist. I don’t like a hoard of things out but I do like to have quirky or interesting pieces displayed on my furniture. I would find one quirky thing per cubby to display. But if I was a minimalist, I’d play with the idea of having a few empty cubbies here and there. I’d wait at least 2 months before deciding you want to fill them or not. For you, though, I think that open cubbies for a minimalist is a bad idea. The point of cubbies is to fill them with things to display and that’s not who you are. For you, I’d probably sell the cubbies and get a piece of furniture that’s closed in. Maybe something short and put a large picture above it.
  9. I’d teach her a couple of the rules for opening and closing paragraphs. Start with a little hook (a sentence that gently catches the reader’s eye), talk a bit about the topic you’re writing about, then end with the thesis. As it is now, she starts with the thesis, talks a bit about the book, then ends with a sentence that’s completely unrelated to the rest of the essay. (She mentions Voldemort later, but she doesn’t need to mention who he is until she gets to that later part, when she could write, “....supporting the evil Voldemort...” and that would be enough.) For the closing paragraph, usually one doesn’t add any new information to the essay. Usually one reiterates what one already wrote and reiterates the thesis. If she wants to discuss the other books, that needs to be mentioned in the thesis, and then she needs to add an additional closing paragraph. Having that opening and closing is (to me) what helps make things less stilted. It brings the reader alongside the writer and then sends the off with a thoughtful farewell.
  10. Garga

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    The writing got confusing in the middle of Matt Smith and continued through Capaldi. I could never figure out Clara. She was utterly perplexing to me as a character. I find the writing easy to follow with Whitaker and I appreciate that. I was often left hanging for the past few years wondering, “What the heck actually happened in that episode?” And finding glaring plot holes in most episodes. But Whitaker’s epsiodes are straightforward and I like that better. My dh was getting so very sick of how every episode had the entire future of the galaxy resting on the Doctor’s shoulders. He much prefers episodes where the Doctor is helping out some random group of people on some planet somewhere and the whole of existance isn’t in the balance. So, he’s been happy that they toned down the scope of the episodes. He’s a rabid fan. We play a game here where we play the first 20 or so seconds of any classic Who show, and he will tell us the name of the episode, the director, and possibly the writer. When I say he’s a fan...he’s a fan! So, he appreciates that they’re pulling back and these episodes are more like classic Who episodes or like Eccleston, before every week was almost the end of the universe. Jodi needs to work on packing an emotional punch. She gets a lot of lines that, if said right, would make the hair on your arm stand up because they’re so good. But she says them too fast or without the right emphasis. But I might be comparing her too much with Tenant. A bit ago, I was watching a bunch of Matt Smith episodes, and randomly watched a Tenant epsiode, and wow. Tenant is just so far above everyone else in his acting that he makes everyone else seem bad by comparison. (My opinion, of course.). Sometimes Whitaker says a line and I think, “But Tenant would have emphasized a different word and made his eyes look different and it would have been *better.*”
  11. Garga

    Post Holiday Family drama, updated

    That’s a great update, especially the part about your son feeling confident that you had his back. Awesome!
  12. Garga

    Another weighted blanket question

    @Indigo Blue A deal on weighted blankets here-- Not sure if it'll fit the tall teen, but I'm sharing it anyway.
  13. Garga

    Kids movies I hate

    I never watched the Hunchback, because I’d read the book. The book is weirdly sexual and creepy and I couldn’t imagine how they’d possibly turn that into a Disney movie. 😳 My son loved Beauty and the Beast because of the beast. 🙂. Or they have characters that change. My youngest hates it when the characters morph into something else, and it happens a LOT in kid’s movies. Or they change their personalities, like Toy Story 3 when that bear turns out to be evil. Maybe preview the second Paddington. I found the first one very charming, but missed seeing the second one. And everyone goes on and on about how good it is. It gets a 100% from the professional reviewers on the Rotten Tomatoes score. I’ve never seen a movie get a 100%. That’s incredible. When I get the chance, I’d like to see it. I like Marvel movies for the first 2/3 and then the last scene. But the last 1/3 is always a looooooong overdone action scene. I take a little nap during those scenes and then wake for the ending. I wish they’d stop with those same-old action scenes at the exact same spot in each movie. But, I’m a 46 yo woman and not a teenaged or twenty-something male, so I guess it’s not a surprise that I don’t like that part of the movie. I used to like the action scenes until I was about 36 and then I started getting bored with them. I can’t really think of what I don’t like, but I adore Babe. I cry just thinking about the ending—happy, sappy tears.
  14. I keep remembering to sit up straight when I start to slouch. (My resolution is better posture.) I’s a lame resolution, but I really do want better posture.... OP: Are you going to wear business clothes next Friday?
  15. Garga

    What could this be a ssymptom of?

    Or sleep apnea. Not getting enough sleep will cause a host of memory issues.
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