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  1. Litter on the bread! Yikes!!!! Last time I got grocery pickup, they also put litter on top of everything, but it worked out not to smoosh anything. What’s up with putting litter on top of everything?!? Next time, I’ll probably check how they put the stuff in my trunk before I drive away.
  2. A happy ending! I’m pretty sure that when I get grocery store pickup, that I am informed electronically about the substitutions and can say I don’t want them, but the worker who brings out the food still has to ask me, “Do you want the substituions?” to give me a chance to change my mind and take them after all, and I have to tell that person No or they put them in my car. Did the person who brought out the food mutter anything about substitutions to you?
  3. No; no guilt. I’d have been like you, wondering what the right thing to do is. And like everyone says, it’s not wrong to ask him to pay, but it doesn’t seem to be the culture of a lot of families.
  4. I doubt I’d have my kids pay for groceries in a short-term situation like that. But if I was going out to eat I’d probably say, “I don’t want to cook tonight. You can grab something from the fridge for yourself or get restaurant food with us. We’ll go dutch.” I don’t think I’d pay for restaurant meals for a working adult. When I go out with my adult friends, we usually pay our own way. But meals at home—if it’s not a financial burden on you, then don’t make him pay separately. (Unless he comes to live with you like a roommate, long term. Then roommate rules apply.)
  5. Good point. We rarely doubled up on my son’s lessons. It was mostly skipping quizzes and tests and working on math more than the usual 180 school days a year. Like we used to take off 3 weeks for Christmas, and he would still do math during those three weeks, except for the 25th and 26th.
  6. You can knock out a number of lessons with CLE if you skip the quizzes and tests. I can’t remember exactly how many lessons there are per book, but if there are 17 lessons in a book, you can skip the 2 quizzes and a test and only do 14 lessons in the book. (Those numbers aren’t quite accurate, I don’t have my CLE stuff nearby.) That’s 3 day’s of work knocked off for each book right there. Some people will have the student skip some of the review work and do 2 lessons in one day (maybe not every day, but from time to time.) My son was behind in math and I got him through 2 years of CL
  7. Flashcards. For algebra, any time your daughter learns a new formula, have her put it not on an index card, but put it smack in the middle of a piece of printer paper—as if the printer paper is a huge flashcard. (Paper in landscape orientation.) Make a 4x6 space in the middle of the page and put the formula in there. Then, as she’s learning about the formula, she has all sorts of room on the sides of the formula to add notes and examples. Show her how to figure out how her particular book presents formulas. In lots of books they’re in a special box on the page. Befo
  8. For writing, my oldest son struggled greatly with writing all throughout his schooling. I homeschooled him from 1st - 11th and I got him pretty far in writing. In his 12th grade year, he went to a cyberschool and they used a technique called RACES and that really helped him to understand what to include in his paragraphs. RACES is used when you’re answering a question in writing and need to cite information from it. Here’s a link to someone who explains the whole process: https://jenniferfindley.com/tips-for-teaching-race-constructed-response-strategy/ Ih the above link, she
  9. This book changed my thinking on studying quite a bit. I read it over the summer with my son who just entered college this fall. I took copious notes on this book and wish I had known this stuff all along. I realize that I never really knew how to study before reading this book and now I know. I would recommend getting it and reading it for yourself and taking lots of notes and helping your daughter implement the study tactics described in there. My son and I read it for his math/English class, so he hasn’t even used a lot of the stuff in the book, but what he is using is so help
  10. In the pictures, he’s posing and purposely looking tough. But what does he dress like when he teaches? Does he smile a lot? Is he gentle? I think I’d need to know what the man himself is like. I think changing the white of his eyes is weird, but otherwise, I’m not sure I’d want him fired. It looks like they moved him to a new grade, so he wasn’t entirely fired. If he’s a sweet person who has an extreme hobby that isn’t hurting anyone, I’m not sure I’d be too upset with him as a teacher. ETA: After reading a little bit about tattooing the whites of eyes and how risk
  11. I absolutely think you need to keep at it until you get them back. Tell her you need to get her on the calendar for when she’s going to drop them off.
  12. How long since you wrote the text and she hasn’t responded? Either she was thinking she could just keep the stuff, or she’s just being a scatterbrained young person. I remember borrowing a crockpot for a party I had when I was 20 and meaning to return it...and just letting life get away from me and I didn’t return it for a year. I felt like such a heel because there was no reason for me not to return it. I just felt overwhelmed with life and it seemed like such a big task. Once it was returned, I wondered what was wrong with me that it took me a year to finally do it. Young people
  13. I think you’re sort of right. At this point, I’m expecting more out of the group than they are ready to give. These women meant the world to me when all our kids were little and we got together. We were each other’s lifelines. We’d look forward to our twice-monthly gatherings and talk about how we just couldn’t make it without each other. (We could have, but we were all so grateful for each other to rely on.) But now that the kids have grown, it’s not the same and we’re not all on quite the same page. It’s probably just a natural transition. I think I’ve been slow to understand that.
  14. Hmmm. It’s actually refreshing to hear this. A couple of hours ago, another of the friends invited everyone to come to her house to watch Mulan. She said it would be indoors since she doesn’t have a projector and mentioned popcorn (can’t mask while you’re eating). I’m just going to give them a friendly “no”. I think they are being very irresponsible for getting together, but you’re right. I don’t have to go. I’ll just stay home. If the weather turns cold before we can get together again, I’ll just catch them next spring. They clearly aren’t interested in considering ways to includ
  15. My husband is medium-high risk. My friends know this. We got together on Friday night, outside. However, earlier in the week the hostess said that if the weather was bad, we would meet inside her house. I asked about masks in the group chat where the plans were being made. The hostess and another guest said they didn’t want to wear them. And the other 3 didn’t answer either way. It was hurtful. These are my friends. They won’t mask to protect my husband. I am feeling very judgy right now because I think they’re unwise for not taking it seriously and trying to protect others
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