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  1. I got extra of all those things. Yup—I got extra of those, too! Yup—all those as well, except for the extra toner. I also got extra cat food and litter. I keep a master list of everything I buy at the store and each week I cross off the items I don’t need and only get what’s left. Last week, I went in and bought 2 week’s worth of EVERYTHING off my master list. It was expensive. It would be best to do that over a few shopping trips, but I worried that I wouldn’t have the luxury of time. You’re supposed to grab a couple of paper towels. Use one to turn on the faucet to wet your hands and then turn off before you lather. Then use another to turn it back on and off after you’ve lathered. Sing Happy Birthday during the lather time. There will be more time when you’re rinsing that’s above the 20-second Happy Birthday singing. Washing hands properly takes a good 30-40 seconds. I cringe because I have a friend who sometimes just wets the tips of her fingers and then dries her hands on a towel—no soap, no scrubbing. Eep!
  2. Two things that only moderately help me, but they do help: 1. I schedule things over a week and not over a day. Instead of putting it all on one day and then whatever doesn’t get done gets pushed to the next day, I schedule what I can honestly, reasonably do in one day and schedule 7 days at a time. I can usually get done everything allotted to that day when I spread my list over a full 7 days. 2. Each day, I pick the thing that will make me feel the best if it gets done, and I do that first. If the nastiest job will make me feel the most relief when it’s done, then I do that first. If it’s something fun that will make me feel awesome when it’s done (like maybe re-arranging the knick-knacks or something frivolous), then I’ll do that first. Even when the entire list doesn’t get done, I still end up feeling good in some way about it because the thing that gave me the most satisfaction got done.
  3. I’ve thought about this, too. What happens when everything is shut down and businesses aren’t bringing in any income and can’t pay their workers? Restaurants, theaters, shops, etc. I’ve also thought about the poorest of the poor. We make cookies and cupcakes for various homeless shelters, and I’ve been wondering what’s going to happen at those shelters. Who will be willing to go out and feed the homeless? We don’t normally go. We make the baked goods and others that we know take them to the shelter. Will that keep happening? Will people keep going and passing out food?
  4. So he was on a plane with a confirmed case of Covid-19, and now he and all the other passengers and going about their lives? Standing right next to you having a conversation, breathing the same air as you? Welp. There’s basically no containment for this, is there? Not even an attempt really.
  5. I do have to admit that now that I have the 2 extra weeks of food, I’m tempted to go for 3-4 weeks. And if we are quarantined, I already know that I’ll be insisting that we eat at or barely above the minimum number of calories we need for our weights. No gorging until we’re stuffed. But I’m trying react and not overreact, though the temptation is there.
  6. I tend to live a bit under a rock. If not for this thread, I probably wouldn’t be realizing exactly what’s going on with the virus. This thread isn’t worrying me, but it did inspire me to have an extra 2 weeks’ worth of food in the house and to get some better vitamins for us—particularly with more vitamin D than we were getting in our old vitamins. I usually shop every 2 weeks and the day before grocery day can have us with pretty bare cupboards. I didn’t want someone to say, “Everyone in your area needs to stay at home as much as possible,” the day before grocery day when I have almost no food left in the house. So, I doubled up my groceries so that now I always have 2 weeks of groceries (or more if it’s the day after grocery day) on hand. I told one friend (calmly, without any drama, just stating quiet facts) about the 2 weeks of food and the vitamins and she laughed at me and said I was being silly. This makes me not want to talk to people about it. It’s not like I’m stocking up on 50 cans of beans and 50 pounds of rice, but I have a feeling that a lot of people will assume that I’m panicking and hoarding even if I calmly state, “Yeah, I figured I would want a little extra food in case they ask us to stay out of public places.” It was a little difficult to go to church this morning. They still do the “let’s all greet each other with a handshake,” thing, and the seats are very close together and I was thinking about how we’re all breathing on each other and touching each other’s hands. I don’t feel anxious, but I do feel like the virus news needs to be noted and some moderate efforts to prepare for a house quarantine should be taken, though the odds are slim that it would actually happen in my neck of the small-town woods.
  7. Not yet! I put it on my calendar to “figure out B vitamins” back when I started the thread. And then I got worried that I’d do it wrong and figured I’d need to put in a good many hours of research and every week, I move the “figure out B vitamins” entry to the next week to worry about “later.” What I’ll probably do, either today or next Sunday, is re-read this thread and look at the recommendations given and then just take the plunge without the hours of research and buy something and see what happens.
  8. We do, but I would look into if we should dump this money into it or not. When I was thinking about spending the $3k, I wasn’t thinking of the 529 at all—it just didn’t cross my mind—, so it’s something to consider now that someone mentioned it.
  9. Sounds like practical is what everyone would do, maybe putting aside a tiny bit for something a little fun, especially for dh. We have a moderate mortgage and one car payment—that’s the only debt we have. We’ve been saving for retirement since I was 20 and have a decent amount in there, though the 17 years I’ve been staying home means I will need to work once the kids are out to beef it up a tiny bit more. We have enough to retire when we plan to, but just enough. We have money set aside for emergencies, though not a full $12k as someone above mentioned. We’re at about $7 or $8K.’ll probably go toward the car or to beef up the emergency fund, since the emergency fund took a little hit when we put a down payment on the car last year. another poster said, we might split it up 3 ways into 3 different things. And I need to look into the 529 info Frances mentioned. sounds like whatever we do, being practical with it is the way to go.
  10. My dh got a “you’ve been at this job for 15 years” one-time bonus of just over $3000. What should we spend it on? We could put it toward the mortgage...toward paying off a car...toward a trip that’s already planned for this summer...into retirement savings...or to help pay for college costs. Or...what else? Or which of the above will give us the most bang for the bucks? DH doesn’t have anything specific that he personally wants to spend it on, so we don’t really know what to do with it. We don’t want to put it in with our regular money and just fritter it away mindlessly. We want it to mean something. If paying down the mortgage/car/trip/savings/college is really the best, that’s fine. We can be practical with it. Or is there something amazing that we’re not thinking about that we should do with it? Something that’s not practical, but isn’t just frittering it away either.
  11. You poor sweetheart. What crushing news.
  12. Garga

    Making a will

    It’s for my parents in AZ. I wish they’d just consult a lawyer. They asked me about free wills online and I don’t have a clue. I went to a lawyer when I did my will. It sounds like they already have a will, but have decided that once my oldest turns 18, they want to change it to add him as a beneficiary in the event that they are deceased as well as me. Everything goes to me first, then to my son next once he turns 18 this year. I guess my question is a littler harder than I thought it would be. I’d hoped a few people on the hive might have known of a good website. Oh well! Back to researching on their behalf.
  13. Does anyone know if this exists: a website with free templates to make a will that are legitimate? (Both the website and the free will being legitimate). Does anyone know how this works? Would you fill out the will template, print it, and get it notarized? Is there a process?
  14. I have read that these vitamins are good to boost immunity, particularly to ward off the cold and flu: Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin D Magnesium Zinc I can buy them all in separate bottles and get really high levels of them. Or I can get a multivitamin with modest levels of each in a single pill. What should I do? Buy the separate bottles and get the high doses of each? Buy one multivitamin (like this one.)? I *think* I want to buy them separately, but I don’t know if that’s a bad idea and that’ll be an overload of vitamins. Are those 5 safe to take together? Here are the links to the separate bottle of each vitamin I was thinking of getting:
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