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  1. My oldest had/has terrible driving anxiety. He refused to leave a parking lot for 5 months. We just drove around in circles in the lot for 5 months. And he could barely make it 15 minutes. Sometimes we had to stop after only 5 or 10. We started him on counseling around that time when we realized how bad the anxiety was. The counselor helped him by setting goals like, “in the next two weeks, go through a stop light.” Even if I drove him to the light in the middle of the night, and we exchanged places, and he drove through it, and then we exchanged them back—that was the goal. We didn’t ha
  2. For anyone else reading this, I looked up what it’s called: rejection sensitive dysphoria. It’s not a pleasant thing to experience, so the person with ADHD who has it, does have a hard road. I’m compassionate toward my DH and DS for having to deal with this issue. But for so many years, I was colored as the villain in the house, when I’m soooo not a villain. It is incredibly hurtful to be painted as the villain when you’re not. And yes, when I realized I wasn’t a bad person (and neither was DH), but that his ADHD was messing with his mind, I felt some anger. I felt vindicated, but I
  3. (((Hugs))) There’s a book called “Is it You, me or Adult ADD?” I didn’t read the book, but I read the comments people made about the book on Amazon. That was the turning point for me. That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone. Just knowing that there are common issues that spouses of people with ADHD share, I was able to be more clinical about being married to someone with ADHD. I stopped internalizing the weird little arguments and I started being more objective. I started seeing that my DH and DS aren’t the problem and that I am not the problem, but the ADHD is. I could support them,
  4. You should. My visit with my parents was glorious. Each decision was simple. Things got done. No one messed anything up for themselves or for me. No one let me down, and then I didn’t have the emotional toil of comforting someone else who felt bad for letting me down.
  5. I had moments like that when I first started my app! Yes!! About how the food is less temping once you know the calories/points. If you realize that by eating that chocolate bar you’ll have to forgo your entire dinner...you don’t eat the chocolate. You just wait for dinner. Or even if you realize that eating that huge hamburger with sauces and toppings will mean you can’t eat lunch OR dinner...you don’t eat the hamburger! There have been a number of times where a single entree on a menu will have more calories that I’m supposed to eat in an entire day. Portions at restaurants are e
  6. I’d like to hear them for myself, if the OP doesn’t mind.
  7. I didn’t realize just how much I had to do the thinking for everyone until I went alone to visit my parents for 8 days in the summer of 2019 (they live 2500 miles away.) At first, I found myself trying to be the EF for my parents. For example, they’d say, “We’ll visit your aunt at 5:00,” and I’d say, “Ok, then I’ll set an alarm so that we all start getting ready at 4:45.” My parents would just stare at me like I was a little nutty. It took a two or three days, but I was amazed to discover that they could just get up and get themselves ready without any prompting and we’d all walk out the
  8. I was always pretty strict about full 180 school days. If we were having a short field trip, then I’d expect we’d do at least math and language arts on the same day. If we had a field trip that would last most of the day, then I would count it as a school day, but it did need to be educational. Hanging out at the creek in 5th grade all day wasn’t educational in my book. It was a vacation day. But hanging out all day in a museum was educational and would count as a school day. In high school, I was even more strict. Field trips were on weekends because I had a lot of content
  9. The portion sizes is a big part of it for me. My weaknesses have been too many chocolates throughout the day, and mindlessly eating well past the point of being full. I’m much better now at knowing when to stop because I can recognize a reasonable portion.
  10. You need to put an @ symbol before Kand’s name for it to notify her that you wrote to her, or else she might miss your request.
  11. For homemade meals, you do have to look up the calories for each ingredient in the Lose It app. I tend to eat a lot of the same foods, so it took some time in the beginning, but then it saves what you’ve entered before, so I was able to just click on my previous entries when I ate the same meal again. I didn’t find it to be very difficult. Just took a bit of time at first. I thought it would be daunting, but it wasn’t. But, of course, everyone has to find what works for them and what they know they’ll stick with.
  12. If your daughter is taking the permit written test next week, she’ll be hard-pressed to read the entire manual and retain it. I might have her take a bunch of practice tests and focus in on the questions she gets wrong and read the pages about those questions only. However, I might have her read the manual after she passes the test, just to be sure she knows everything covered in it. Or else you read it and make sure you cover all the different scenarios in it while you’re teaching her to drive.
  13. Two years ago, I was able to get my hands on one of the last paper copies in my state of the driving manual that teaches all the rules of the road (am friends with someone who works at the DMV.). Nowadays, you can read the manual online for the state. My state has an app with the manual. For my oldest, 2 years ago, I told him to read it on his own (trying to teach him independence.) I think that was a mistake. I realized that with my 2nd son. He wasn’t ever getting around to reading the book, so I said, “Fine! I’ll make you sit here while I read it out loud to you!” And when I did that, I
  14. I’m an INTJ female. I got a 15 on the test. It was very hard to answer some of the questions as you said. As you said, I do enjoy socializing, but it depends on a lot of things. I adore being one-on-one with a friend or with a small group of quiet people for quiet conversation. Being at a party with a bunch of people that’s noisy with a billion activities going on? Not so much. Well...not now anyway. There were a few years where I did enjoy that, but only a few years. It came and went. The last time I went to a party like that (a New Year’s Day party), I just wanted to go home. But 10 years ea
  15. I use the app Lose It. You can pay to upgrade it, but the free version is fine for me. I needed to lose 15 pounds about 2.5 years ago and lost 17 on it. It took a few months, but I met my goal. I kept the weight off until Covid. This past covid year, I’ve gained four pounds and am currently working on losing those 4 again. Once covid hit, I started baking. A lot. A lot a lot! However, for those who have eating disorders, you’ll want to be careful using the app, because it’s a calorie counting app, and I’ve heard that people with eating disorders can struggle with counting calories and hav
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