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  1. There is a bit of Libertarian propaganda in the books. These books are a mixture of things: how things were done in the past, past attitudes toward various people groups, a watering down of the darker things in life for children to read. They are meant to tell Laura’s life, but they are also meant to be fiction, so I’m ok with embellishments and made up scenes. But also, they were written to influence children (and probably any parents reading the books to their children) toward a specific political way of thinking. Maybe it’s not a lot, but it’s there and it seems that it was some
  2. I read them as a kid and gobbled them up and loved them. I read one of them aloud to my kids and was pretty horrified at various things in the books. It’s been a few years, so I don’t remember things specifically, but I do remember thinking that I didn’t like Ma at all and hated her parenting style. I never bothered to read more to the kids and they never even noticed. They’re boys, so they weren’t as interested in reading them as girls might be.
  3. Oh, I understand now why she said it. And I understand now that it was supposed to have meaning. I understand she wasn’t just tossing in her own thing. And maybe it made people’s hearts sing, I dunno. To me, it didn’t fit with anything else. It came across as aggressive in some way. It was a discordant tone out of nowhere. I also didn’t like when she was speaking Spanish. (Yup. I said it). If she was going to do that, they should have translated it on screen. I have no idea what she said. I actually didn’t even know she sang “Let’s Get Loud” because I was thinking it was still in Sp
  4. Haven’t thought about it in a while, but I‘m now remembering that my family growing up found it most amusing. But I married into a family that would never find it amusing at all and now my current household is a sort of a mixture of the two. We never play it up, but if there is an accidental noise, we all brush it off and keep things lightly humorous, with neither guffawing nor shaming, but maybe a little surprised giggle or light comment like, “squeaky floorboard...”. Sometimes there might be a smell that makes others raise an amused eyebrow at the offender, but again, not in a shaming
  5. I read the name a bunch of times before ever hearing it and had no clue how to pronounce it. But after reading what you wrote above, I doubt I’ll ever mispronounce it again: Kamala is the *first female VP and her name is stressed on the *first syllable. I very much hated JLo’s interjection in the middle of the song. It completely took me away from the moment in a negative, jarring way. I had no idea what was going on and still don’t. Is it referencing a song she wrote? I really feel like it was all about “look at meeee!”. But since I have no clue what was happening, maybe I’m misreadin
  6. No one attacked you. You didn’t say whether or not you believed that the election was hacked. In your original post, you said, “Ok, so say I think X...”. It sounded like you were posing a hypothetical question about what steps a person could take if they suspect a problem. In my post and in other people’s posts, I stated what steps could be taken (look at the evidence for yourself.) I never said you had to provide proof of election fraud, but I suggested that you go and read the evidence provided by the people legally alleging the fraud. I don’t see people jumping on you. I s
  7. Well, then you can question it, but investigate it. And yes, there were cases of fraud, but they were the normal cases of fraud that we see in every election. So, you have to ask, were there enough cases to overturn the election results? And then you see what the judges of each of the cases (63 or 64 cases last time I looked) decided. They were able to look at all the evidence and state that the “evidence” wasn’t there. The burden of proof is on the party alleging the crime. So, you look at each instance, one-by-one, where they allege the crime and see if their proof is real.
  8. Oo!Oo! I know! I know! I’m taking a government class with my 10th grade son, and the framers of the constitution viewed the president as being sort of like an executive assistant to Congress. That position was not supposed to have much power at all. Over the past 200ish years, it’s grown into what it is today. I’m pretty sure Teddy Roosevelt had a lot to do with expanding the powers, as did FDR during the WWII.
  9. Oh my goodness. That makes me wonder: did the doctor even know about it?
  10. @Melissa in Australia Has he gone yet? I’m not sure what the time difference is.
  11. 85 yo lady might have dementia. Younger lady calling about the lawyer office sounds like she’s in a bit of a panic. I agree with others who say that people are frayed and losing their cool a lot lately, especially after the unrest of the past week.
  12. The only person I’ve recognized by writing style alone was Remudamom. She was gone for a couple of years and then came back under a new name after the last update of the boards. Her posts were always ridiculously short, and yet insightful and incisive. What would take me 6 paragraphs to explain, she would boil down to 2 perfectly written sentences. When she tried to come back, though, people didn’t understand her style and thought she was a brand new poster and were a bit rude to her. Since she had a new name, they didn’t know she had hundreds of posts under her belt. You know we can b
  13. Remember the phrase: don’t throw good money after bad. Just because you already spent some money on it, and maybe feel that that money was wasted, cut your losses and don’t waste more of your money. That also goes for energy. If this won’t help you meet your goals, then I say it’s ok to stop.
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