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  1. Sounds like you have two attorneys working for you!!!
  2. That’s me, too. I’ve struggled for 11 years teaching the oldest about writing. For his 12th grade year, he’s going to cyber school and I beyond thrilled that someone else will teach him writing this coming year. It’s that constant dance between trying to help him get better vs crushing him because the writing needs work. I went in with bright eyes teaching the preschoolers at co-op. Nine classes. By the last one when we were sitting on the floor in circle time, I couldn’t get a single one of the 13 children to look at me at all (rolling around, looking around the room, talking to each other). I just sat there, put my chin in my hand, sighed, and stared at them for a few moments trying to figure out how to get them to just look at me for only a couple of minutes. My lessons were never more than a few minutes long and it was just so much hard work to obtain and then keep their focus for even 4 or 5 minutes. I think class sizes of 2 or 3 sound good. 😄.
  3. This is me, too. I have standing time with friends every week and I schedule time to meet various friends each month. I agree with everything you said. I actively and deliberately work on keeping up the friendships.
  4. I’ve heard that running is a bad idea once you get into middle age. I don’t remember the details, but probably has to due with injury rates and wear and tear on joints. I’ve always had fine, straight hair. I’ve started using dry shampoo a lot and this curling iron. I use the dry shampoo at night before going to bed and I use that curling iron in the morning and my hair looks puffier than it actually is. I don’t wash my hair every day—I wash it every 3 days now. Without the dry shampoo and the curling iron, I had to wash it daily because it was so fine that it would look like a total grease pit after 24 hours.
  5. My coworker used to joke that he wanted the casket lowered from the ceiling while dry ice poured into the room and Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” played in the background. Most of the funeral meals I’ve been to have been at restaurants, but it would be nice to have my favorite dessert, which is that thing with the baked crackers and vanilla, butter, and sugar with chocolate on top.
  6. I would read it asap--right away, like walk away from the computer and start reading. It deals with this exact issue. It will help you get the right headspace to understand this decision. The book was pretty eye opening.
  7. Ugh, Quill. From other things you’ve posted, I think I know who it is and if it’s that person, then this does affect you very much. And even though they’re not a young person, I don’t think they’re old enough to just give up without any fight at all. They still ought to have years left in them. I’m pretty sure you’ve read Being Mortal, right? You might want to revisit that book or read it for the first time to remind you about why people make a choice to forgo medical treatment. It’s about when people decide not to use medical interventions to get better if they have a life-threatening illness. Of course, most of the examples in the book are about people whose quality of life will be much worse after treatment, and so it’s more merciful to just....go, rather than live in misery for the next X years. But it’s a different thing if the person just wants life to be over because of the religious side of it and they *could* be treated and still have a good quality of life. In a way that’s coming across as being selfish to everyone who knows this person. They have the ability to be treated and still live a good life, but are choosing to die instead so they can get to heaven faster. I have no words of wisdom, and I hate it that you’re dealing with this. My mother is the sort who would possibly rather die than deal with doctors. She has often talked about how she’s just treading water until she can get to heaven. My father got cancer this year and is being treated. My mom said to him, ‘You love life so much—why did you get the cancer and not me?” And he said, “Because if you got cancer you’d give up and die, but I will fight it and live.” They were speaking as if there was a plan and God had to choose one of them to give cancer to, but I don’t believe that happens. But the sentiment is there. Some people will fight and some will give up. Will the treatments make this person’s quality of life just awful? ETA: Just read the responses above mine—those are very good points. If the quality of life becomes years of misery, then this choice can make sense, and the person can have peace in it if they have hope of a better afterlife.
  8. We just finished physics here and it never took more than a couple of days. Never weeks! Yikes! Only about 3 or so days at the most. I suppose there are different people who grade different classes. Maybe the physics people were more on the ball. We sent the assignments in online using CamScanner.
  9. About 4 years ago, I realized that I was the one who needed a summer vacation even more than the kids. However, my youngest will lose pretty much all of his math knowledge over the summer, sooo...he and I do math over the summer, but about half of what we normally do. Just today, we had taken off about 2 weeks from math and jumped back in and he forgot how to convert a mixed fraction into an improper fraction. He’s been doing it for years, and yet completely forget it was even a thing. He looked at me like I was working magic when I started converting and said he’d never seen such a thing before. Sigh. Yes he has. A billion times. Any break in math means he loses all sorts of stuff. After I broke down for him what I was doing, he remembered. If you’re afraid they’ll lose stuff, only work on the stuff they’ll lose and then only at half speed. YMMV, but half speed is all I can manage to do for myself and also all I can get kiddo to do without a mutiny on my hands. A friend of mine has a daycare and has school-aged kids in there during the summer. She gets workbooks that are designed for school kids to use over the summer so they don’t forget what they’ve learned. Each day, she has the kids work in the workbooks. The parents love it that she does that. Perhaps you can find something like that? Just a couple of pages a day and then done. She says that the kids don’t hassle her about it and seem fine doing them. I don’t think they’re taught anything new in the books; they’re just review so they don’t forget everything for the next year.
  10. I would go. If you had said something half a second after you first heard of the plans, then you could have bowed out before they paid for anything. But I think it’s mean to bow out now. It’s probably not the response everyone else would have, but I would make this sacrifice for your inlaws. Yes, it will be a sacrifice, and I would make it. This is the ONE THING they have waited years to do with the family. Yes, it is the ONE THING your family hates....but I’d suck it up and go because it’s more important to them than it is to you. I’d make it very clear that ds9 would be staying in the condo probably more than they think and make sure they’re prepared for that. He might only be out on the beach for 20 minutes and then be done for the day. They’d need to be ready for things like that. I’d probably try to figure out what sorts of things would be best for ds9 to do while there and see if they can fold that into the planning. Like, perhaps he gets up early and is on the beach before it’s too crowded. And very quickly after this trip, let it be known that this was a one time thing. No more trips to Myrtle Beach after this one. Take a TON of pictures and then have them printed out and give them to the grandparents. This is their one shot to share this special week with their family. Let them have it.
  11. Reading. Some kids learn easily. And some surely don’t. Mine didn’t. It was horrible and I’d be the one in tears hiding in the bathroom at the end of the lessons from the pure frustration of it. And I’m really hating teaching driving right now to a son who has anxiety over it. Sometimes we’re done a lesson and I feel completely raw. I go in the house and have to hide in the bathroom again to collect myself. I won’t go into it too much here because I don’t want to derail the thread, but I just hate teaching driving to someone who is working through anxiety about driving. It’s hard for everyone involved.
  12. I’ve never had them but I love cheesy potatoes. I’ll be they’re great with those crispy fried onions on top. I’m drooling right now. I’m trying to watch my calories, but maybe I could make this casserole and then freeze it and only eat it in little bits? Because it sounds divine and I wanna try it!
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