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  1. I have a dear friend who has a senior in public high school. She called me in an absolute panic last week. She just found out he failed his AP Economics class last semester. He has already been accepted (and paid a deposit) to a large university in the Southeast. His counselor is advising him to tell the university about the failing grade but she and her husband are very hesitant to do so. He is now taking a regular economics class so he will end up with a passing grade in economics. They know the school will see his final transcript after he graduates in May. They are gambling the school won'
  2. I think it is very doable. My son did it by utilizing Khan and the practice SAT book. In my opinion totally worth the time and effort if it gets him more $$ on his scholarship.
  3. As others have said, try the free seminars. I've attended a few over the years and found them to be useful. I am not planning on paying for her services but she is a good source of info, especially if you are starting out with the documentation process. Follow her on Facebook for little tips also.
  4. WOW...This is outrageous. I'm digesting this new on little sleep but my mind is blown. Seems odd to me...it's an immediate stop (don't they usually give a few months warning?!) and drastically affects homeschoolers. Mine had not been planning on taking the subject SAT's but it was a possibility if needed. I've said for a couple of years the large number of kids taking AP is, well, just plain weird. As someone already said, back in the day (early 90's) AP was for exceptional students. Now, every kid I know in public high school has taken at least 4 AP classes by his junior year...if not more (t
  5. Wow, thank you for all the responses. I had it in my head that colleges would be asking for examples of work. I'm glad I posted as I would have offered up the work examples without being prompted. He's lucky in that he was able to take the SAT and ACT this fall and score well. It wouldn't hurt to test again but if the pandemic keeps thwarting testing dates, he should be fine. Again, this board is an absolute wealth of information. Love this community!
  6. My son just finished his first semester of Dual Enrollment classes at the local community college. He is currently halfway through his junior year so next fall he'll be applying to colleges. Should I plan on submitting examples of his dual enrollment work like I am for what he did at home and co-op? I'm thinking no dual enrollment examples would be needed as he has an official transcript but thought I'd ask. I do have the syllabi from his classes and he does still have the papers he wrote. Frankly, I just don't feel like adding all that to the pile of work but if I need to then I will. Curious
  7. I had the same issue....it didn't ask me to set up a new password, just refused to let me enter password. So I clicked forgot password and reset that way.
  8. @EKS...that is quite odd. But thanks for letting me know! I would've thought the answer to be no but there ya go. I guess it's always better to err on the side of offering more info than less...
  9. So I'm trying to keep all my son's paperwork updated and ready to go when the time comes and colleges ask for course descriptions. For the first two years of high school his education consisted of a mish mash of stuff at home with me, co-op classes and online classes. All of these I have documented in a a course description document. This year he is taking 3 dual enrollment classes at the local community college. Do I still need to write course descriptions for those classes? Since he will have a transcript from the college, I don't see a need to write up a course description as they issue the
  10. A lot to think about. I appreciate all the replies. He won't blow it out of the water. He has done well enough on the SAT so far...well enough for state schools and some private. Certainly not any of the Ivy League or really competitive schools-we were never planning on that route to begin with. I don't want to make it all about the test...especially since so many schools have now eliminated the SAT/ACT requirement (thanks COVID). I know the PSAT/NMSQT is different as it is your gateway into making National Merit Scholar....but he's just not NMS material. Great student, but not amazing. He's a
  11. I think I've made up my mind on this but thought I'd tap into the wisdom of this group. My son is 11th grade so he is "supposed" to take the PSAT this fall. I've had this on my radar since we started homeschooling so many years ago. However, I'm now thinking it may just not be worth it. He has already taken the SAT twice (once in Dec 2019 and then in Aug 2020) He did OK in December and pretty well in August. Well enough that if he didn't take it again, I'd be fine with that. The odds are very good that he wouldn't be one of the top scores on the PSAT...based on what I've seen on what comes out
  12. My son is registered and as of today the test is still on. We live in Georgia. He will wear a mask (it is required) and they say they will space the kids out. I'm having him take it as I have no confidence in that he will have other options to take it in the fall. I feel like it's just a matter of time until another local shutdown. People are not behaving here.
  13. I'm looking for an online photography class that feature individual feedback. I found a photography class on Funda Funda taught by Piers van Der Merwe. Does anyone have experience with him? Or with Funda Funda...I haven't used any of their offerings. I went looking for an online photography thread here and I found comments from 2018 about John Greengo. Anyone have current feedback on him? Website is a little confusing and I can't tell if he gives individual feedback or not. Any and all suggestions are welcome. This is the last class I need to figure out for my junior. He really wants something
  14. Funny you posted about this as I've wondered the same thing. Same boat here. Son made Eagle last spring and it involved asking for recommendation letters. He also had to ask for letters for applying to DE at local college and letters for a competition he's entering. This has all been in the last few months. I hate asking the same people but they are the ones who know him the best and are reliable to write the letter. He's a sophomore so he'll be doing this all over again in 2 years. I almost thought about asking people to write a generic recommendation so it could be used over and over but I t
  15. Thanks for the great responses! He is planning on attending the IHS meeting this summer (we live in the Atlanta area) and is applying for their Jr. Herp. award. His math skills are still not awesome-I'd say just your average bear. He is currently taking Geometry this year using Teaching Textbooks. He should be finished with that and starting Alg II in March. Since he is the way he is in math, I do want him to take a college algebra class and not CLEP out. If he goes slow and steady in math, he does fine. Unfortunately, it looks like taking that route may bite him in the college sciences in ter
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