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  1. We have 2 packs of 12, plus whatever’s left in a 3rd open pack. I used to keep only 1 pack or 12 on hand, and when we were down to 4 rolls, I’d buy a new pack. Now, I’m keeping 3 packs on hand, and when we’re down to 4 rolls in the open pack, I’ll buy another pack. So, I’m keeping 2 unopened backup packs at all time and will dip into those packs if I must.
  2. I never felt any fear in the past. It was more like, “Ok, troops. There’s an enemy out there and we’re going to dig a trench and prepare and take no chances!” But now I feel like I have a better idea of where the enemy is and what their capabilities are. So instead of implementing sweeping cautionary activities, I feel like I can pinpoint the actual areas of risk in my life and relax areas that aren’t as risk filled. I don’t spray bleach water and let it sit for 10 minutes on all cold my groceries before putting them in the fridge/freezer anymore, and I don’t make my canned goods stay in a 48 hour jail until I put them away. I don’t put the mail in mail jail for 48 hours anymore. I did all those things until early June. I was at the point where I would use a rock to ring doorbells (I didn’t do that, but I would have done something like it) and I’m not at that point as much anymore. I don’t worry that I’m contaminating my mailbox handle for the letter carrier anymore. Information kept confirming that It’s just not likely to catch this from objects. It’s from all the breathing. However, I do still carry a bottle of water and a dispenser of soap with me and I wash my hands in the parking lot after I load the groceries in the trunk before I get into the cab of the car. Don’t want germy hands all over the interior of the car. Touching one or two things is ok, but when I’ve bought 2 weeks’ worth of stuff, I feel grimy when I”m done handling it all. With a pained sigh, I am letting my sons hang out indoor with some friends because I fear for their mental health otherwise, but my husband and I don’t go indoors to be with friends. In the past, it would have been a hard no the kids for hanging out indoors with friends for the boys. I know it’s risky, but it’s always the same set of friends, and I am just simply going out on a limb and taking the risk by letting them be with friends. They’re 15 and 17 and if they were younger I wouldn’t let them. But something about them being older and needing peers makes it really hard to say no. We mask up in public, especially indoors. I never had fear and still don’t. I do feel like I have a better understanding of where the danger is, so I can relax my high alert status. We went from red alert and are at yellow alert right now.
  3. Manchester by the Sea. I sobbed all through that one.
  4. OP here. I’m going to leave the poll as is. I was mostly curious to find out how many people I personally know who had/have covid. At the last minute I decided to add on the part of the poll about members of your household, but not for any real reason. I just sort of tossed that second question on there for kicks. Some of you know a lot of people IRL who have had it, but I don’t know any. So, I thought I’d ask here since I interact with you all so much to see if it turned out that I actually do know a lot of people with covid. Even if it’s not IRL, I still do interact with you all a lot and it feels like I know you. And it turned out that 8 of you are pretty sure you had it. A couple were even confirmed with tests or xrays.
  5. I don’t know anyone IRL who has/had covid. But what about here? Has anyone here had covid? Or a close family member of someone here? The poll will not make voter names public.
  6. Yes, something like that would be really good. Our oldest isn’t irresponsible with money, but goodness! An 18 yo suddenly having to deal with a mortgage, life insurance policies, paying bills in the house (gas/electric/water/car), and I don’t even know what else is a LOT. It’s more than he can handle. I think it would be more than I could handle alone as a widow. We would either just tell him, “Ask your grandfather to do it for you,” or we’d make it legal that my FIL is in charge of everything and doles it out to DS as appropriate until he is older and can take it on for himself.
  7. Yes, I suppose I mean executor. They are beneficiaries. Good point about the POD. Thank you.
  8. Our oldest will be 18 in September. Our other son is 15. When your oldest turned 18, did you change anything in your will? Make them the beneficiary? Or is that too young? A beneficiary, but with someone older overseeing things? How does all that work?
  9. Hm...good points, but I forgot to mention that my son is starting at a CC, so he’ll be living at home with us for the next two years. But these are good points for thinking ahead for when he goes to a 4 year. He has executive function issues from his ADHD, so I wasn’t picturing him paying his own bill at all. I was picturing us sitting side-by-side each month to pay it for right now. He still needs that kind of scaffolding, and we meet together every day for half an hour to plan his day/take care of important issues (like, today we need to order books for his classes.) And since he lives at home, if there’s a big emergency, we could be right there on hand so he wouldn’t need a big credit limit. But when he’s ready for the 4 year, we’ll have to reassess. I’ll have to see if he’s going to be ready to pay his bill properly and if he’ll need a bigger limit. Thanks for pointing out those things.
  10. What about a student credit card? My son just graduated high school and could get a card of his own. He’s very conservative about his money, so it would be completely shocking if he abused the card. We’re thinking of getting him a student card. Is there a reason everyone posting on this thread added their students to their own cards vs getting them a student card?
  11. My friend who is 48 finally just joined FB. I was a little nervous when she did because I knew that eventually I’d figure out where she stood politically and I wasn’t sure if we matched. Turns out we do, so that was nice. But she sent me a PM saying, “Wow! I never knew what people believed before! I’m finding out all sorts of things I don’t think I wanted to know!”. Just like your DH, my friend was finding out that she didn’t have as much in common with people as she thought. It can be so disorienting.
  12. I was thinking the other day that I’d like to get a job. Just so that I can put 20 hours into something and have someone say, ‘Great job, Garga! We’re glad you’re on our team!”. There’s so much work involved in the stupid high school paperwork, and nary a single “Great job!” from anyone. Sigh!!!! 😄
  13. Note: do the course descriptions. A school that I would have never thought wanted them, wants them. Call around and ask a few colleges that your student might end up at if they are going to want course descriptions for homeschoolers. They might and then they’re a pain to try to create quickly. I got mine done just a few weeks ago and it took me about 20 hours to do them. Seriously. Because I had to research how to do them and then sit there and come up with what to say. I created a little document on how to do course descriptions with examples of my son’s. If you want it, PM me your email address. (And don’t be like me and wait until 12th grade. Do them all along. Once you wrap your head around them, they’re really not that hard, but it can be time consuming.)
  14. Last year, my dad had cancer. At the end of his treatments, I decided to go out and see him. (My parents live 2500 miles away.). It wasn’t going to be a “vacation”, so I went alone. It was just to get eyes on him and comfort them with my presence as I’m their only child. My parents had been very stressed through the whole thing (very), but they didn’t want me there during the worst of the treatments (he was in a lot of pain and had ugly medical-type things going on that he didn’t want someone seeing.) But at the same time, they did want to see me because the cancer was emotionally brutal to them. So, I went just for us to put eyes on each other. It turned out to be the most relaxing 7 days that I can remember. Certainly the most relaxing 7 days in 17 years (age of my oldest.). We didn’t go anywhere or really do anything. We just hung around chit-chatting and going to Walmart to buy ingredients for dinner. We went to a few thrift stores to bargain hunt. The biggest thing is that my parents don’t have ADHD, the way my ds and dh do. I didn’t have to think for anyone that week; just myself. It was amazing. At first, I tried to think for everyone. If my parents said, “We’re going to have to head to Walmart at 4:00 today,” I’d automatically say, “Ok, then. I’ll set an alarm for 3:45 so we all know when it’s time to head out.” When I’d say that, my parents would just look at me funny. And when 3:45 would roll around, I’d say, “Ok, we have 15 minutes. We’d better get our stuff ready by the door.”. And they’d just stare at me funny. I never knew just how much I’m constantly scaffolding and thinking ahead and planning for the other members of my family until then. About 3 days into the trip, I stopped setting alarms (I don’t need them for myself), and my parents were already ready to do whatever needed to be done on time, without me having to tell them! Ahh, freedom! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to take another trip to see them all by myself, especially with Covid and my dad is now in a high risk category, but those were probably the most relaxing 7 days of my life. So even though the boys are older now and vacations aren’t quite as much work as when the kids were little (taking 5 year olds to the beach is Hard Work!), I don’t think they’ll ever be truly relaxing unless I can vacation with people whom I don’t have to think for at all. There might be a few friends I could vacation with. Going on a weekend jaunt with a couple of girl friends to the beach would probably be lovely. But I’d want my own room and time to just do whatever I want without having to schedule every moment with everyone else.
  15. I have a friend who is 67 with diabetes and a host of other problems. She asked me to drive her to the doctor back in April/May. I told her, “We will have to wear masks. I will keep all the windows down. And we can’t stop and get food to eat in the car.”. (We used to like to go out and get a snack from Taco Bell and eat it in the car together.). I told her, “I’m ok if you want to ask someone else to take you, because I know my rules aren’t all that fun. But that’s just the place where I am right now. Masks, windows fully down, no food.”. She was ok with it. And of course it poured rain when we were driving. So...we got wet. Windows down! I put hers up about 1/2 way, but kept the rest down.
  16. How long has he been saying he wants to go anyway and won’t wear masks? Has it been more than a day or two? Could he just be spouting off some frustration and if a day or two passes, he’ll calm down? It sounds like he’s been cautious up till now, so he could just be venting some frustration, but with calmer feelings he’ll get back on track.
  17. I introduced my son to her when he was 15 and I wasn’t too concerned with gore. He doesn’t necessarily like gore, but he wouldn’t be bothered by it. I also didn’t really know which books would be gory or not, so it’s not like I could have known which ones to avoid. For myself, when I was a young teen, I used to be ok with murder mysteries until the moment the murderer was revealed, and then somehow when they knew who did it and the person was confronted, I’d get creeped out. I only read a few as a teen because I’d get so creepy feeling in the last chapter when the murderer was found. When it was time to introduce my 15 yo to Agatha Christie, I used this article to get him up to speed on who Agatha Christie was and who her main characters were. It includes a list of some of her best books. I told him son to pick any book from the list. He ended up picking “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.”. It was a good pick. Not gory and cleverly done. As it says in the article, go into it without spoilers. And just remember that a lot of the “tropes’ of murder mysteries were invented by Agatha Christie and were astonishing and surprising to her original readers. After reading that book we watched the most recent version of Murder on the Orient Express and then by chance a local theater did a play of Three Blind Mice that year and we went to it. For Orient Express, I feel like it might be gory. I don’t want to give anything away, but the killing part seems excessive. And for Three Blind Mice, that killer in that one would have totally creeped me out as a kid. It would have jarred my world a bit and shook my sense of safety. (Don’t want to give away spoilers to anyone whose reading these! OP if you need more info and don’t mind spoilers, then PM me.)
  18. Oh my yes, on the having to think for everyone else. I wish I only had to worry about my own thoughts/problems/calendar. And then I get the subtle put downs or eye rolls because I’m nagging or harping or something. Um...seriously? And it’s not just the kids...
  19. People here at WTM have recently been saying that the education forums are slower than normal. I’ve been cyberschooling this year, so I hadn’t noticed and I thought they were exaggerating, but they’re not! Those forums are a lot slower than in the past. That makes me feel sad. But what I’ve noticed is that the WTM FB page seems to be pretty busy and I hate it! I hate it! If I comment on there and someone else comments on the post, FB notifies me, and when I click on the notification, it doesn’t take me to the thread they commented on. I’m at the top of WTMs FB page and have to scroll through and see if I can remember which post I commented on. The comments aren’t all in order. They’re attached to the person’s name that someone commented on, so you have to re-read pretty much everything to figure out who commented and when on whose post. I just haaaaaate it all sooooo much. The forums here were beautiful and excellent for continuing conversations, but FB just isn’t set up to work that way. WHYyyyyyy is everyone using FB over the forums?? It doesn’t make sense.
  20. I chose to outsource geometry and if you go that way, worked very well for us. They use Holt Geometry. There are live lessons twice a week.
  21. I babysat after school starting at 14 for 2 years and in one summer. My first real job, though, was at NSA at 16. I can make that job sound sooooo exciting. I mean, like super-seriously exciting! But IRL it was the most boring job in the world. We were overstaffed (grossly) and I was lucky if I had a full 30 minutes of work to spread out over 7.5 hours of time. Some days I literally had only 10 minutes of actual work to do and would sit there trying not to fall asleep for the other 7 hours and 20 minutes. That was doable when I worked the day shift, but the 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.shift with only 10 minutes of work was just brutal. You can only read so many magazines and books in a week before you feel like you’re going to go stir crazy.
  22. Can anyone recommend a good to-do list app and a calendar app (ok if they’re the same)? My 17 yo college-bound son needs one. He has ADHD, so one that’s good for ADHD people would be even better. I’ve heard that some are better than other for ADHD.
  23. This sounds really good and productive! Do you think your troubles are mostly over?
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