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  1. I actually really don't. But, I'm a woman with an M.Div from a seminary, so I have historically gotten a fair amount of theological man-splaining.
  2. Yeah, when I've heard it sung by young girls, it really does give me chills and I find it wondrous. When it's sung by a middle aged man, I want to punch him. Mansplaining the Magnificat to the Holy Mother....
  3. You have seen the ornament before. He had it up last year. So, his brother does not have a Russian accent. He has a slight Southern accent. And he's kind of suspicious about me taking pictures of his property, so I don't think I'm going to get a picture of him himself. Sorry. Maybe I'll tell my husband I need spy glasses for Christmas with a camera in the glasses?
  4. I don't know? In the fall he holds a pumpkin; there's the Christmas ornament, and there's a blue glass ball he holds at other times.
  5. YES! That's how I feel when it's sung by a woman. But I always want to smack the radio when I hear a man singing it.
  6. When it's sung by a woman, to me the vibe is less, "Did you actually know, intellectually? Let me tell you about this baby you're carrying," and more rhetorical wonder at the whole process. I really do feel differently about the song depending on who sings it.
  7. Honestly, I think being a vegan, unless you collect your own eggs from your chickens/ know the names of the cows where you are getting your milk from and know they're being cared for super ethically/ hunt for your meat or again, know the animals are very well cared for, is the most ethical thing to do, both in terms of being a steward for creation and also in terms of environmental impacts/ lessening of disease vectors/ etc. I think it's probably the right thing to do. I think for some people it's healthier, although I think that's very dependent on individual health needs. But I do n
  8. Am I the only one who this song drives me crazy? Like, I *WANT* to like it. But especially when it's sung by a man, it just sounds insulting and man-splaining. And also, I want to yell at the radio, "YES!!!! Yes, she knew! It's RIGHT THERE in the Magnificat in Luke 1: 46-55!!!" I shouldn't complain. It's still better than "Christmas Shoes." But still.
  9. Yeah, catnip isn't usually appealing till after six months. That's why I asked how old kitten was. When kitten is old enough, the Yeoww catnip banana, rainbow, and Pollack fish are absolutely FANTASTIC toys. Da Bird has been a very, very popular toy with certain cats. But with a kitten, pretty much everything is a toy.
  10. Putin’s brother already had two dogs, but now there are two puppies. One is a small chocolate lab. I couldn’t get a picture of it because he already thinks I am super weird. The other is older and maybe a golden? It’s not the best picture because, again, awkward... The monolith has a Christmas ornament now instead of a pumpkin.
  11. Time travel is real! We have proof now! This really is pretty cool!
  12. If you're referencing the monolith that is NOT in my neighbor's yard (which has sadly turned into just a boring but weirdly huge lighthouse), one just appeared in the Utah desert. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/monolith-found-utah-red-rock-country/
  13. This year we found a box of Saltine crackers with a "best sell by" date of 2009. We sampled a cracker. I hadn't realized "pantry" was an actual taste, but they totally tasted like pantry. We threw those out.
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