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  1. Terabith


    Oh man. Those are pricey. I mean, if it meant I didn’t get so many low grade cruds in summer and fall, probably worth it. But man. It’s hard for me to think of myself as having a high stress life because compared to so many other people, I know it’s nothing. But things have definitely been pretty damned hard lately for sure.
  2. Terabith


    I did pretty much just stay in bed. And it’s not like these are serious illnesses. Low grade colds and respiratory viral things. But yes, I get them a lot, especially in summer and fall. I have an immunologist appointment in a few months but my blood work is good and my GP thinks it’s primarily related to stress and depression. I’m not sure if there’s a naturopath around here, but I should look. I had a hysterectomy this summer, too, and my GP thinks physical trauma from that didn’t help. Ironically, I almost never get seriously ill. Just low grade fevers and viral things every 6-8 weeks in the summer and fall that last a few days. Winter and spring I don’t tend to get sick much more than other people. Definitely feeling a lot better.
  3. Terabith


    Yeah, I have had blood work. Everything looked okay. Have an appointment for immunology in spring but psychiatrist thinks it’s stress. Anna is not doing well really. LOT of stress there.
  4. Terabith


    Trying to decide if just staying in bed would be a rational thing to do.
  5. Terabith


    New sickness. Had crud about a month ago, recovered, now this. Husband and children seem to be mostly fighting it off after a couple days in bed. Taking longer for me, but I have some serious emotional repercussions about what’s going on and I can’t talk to anybody about it and it’s eating me alive. I think my body figured it’s easier to run a fever than deal with long term grief, fear, and shame.
  6. Terabith


    Our whole family has got this cold type virus without the nasal symptoms. Bad headache, sore throat, body aches, chills, exhaustion. Some of us have low grade fevers. None of are sick enough that we can feel like we can cancel everything and go to bed, but none of us feel up to doing much of anything. Even too much tv or reading makes eyes ache. It has been a very very stressful couple of weeks, so it’s not surprising. But still. Blah.
  7. She likes to read books she chooses. Books I choose are not going to be read. My husband says, “So she doesn’t graduate and lives in our basement playing video games all day. Oh well.”
  8. That's what I'm looking for. Something quirky. Different. Not necessarily not rigorous. Just different.
  9. Of course, she refuses to watch the Great Courses geography. Not doing anythign with it. No projects, no writing. Not even any discussion. Just sit through the lecture. So....guessing that's a bust.
  10. Yes, younger daughter is in public middle school with an IEP. It’s pretty useless as such things go. Small group testing for certain tests. And they are very different people. I’m just feeling burned on my ability to read people because I thought Anna was doing okay until she wasn’t. I mean, I am sure there are underlying areas of difficulty we will bump up against, but so far we haven’t bumped up against them. My main concern is that classes of 34+ kids with regular fights in them aren’t great for anyone’s learning outcomes. Not sure an IEP should be necessary to decide that.
  11. It was. Then I had to go drop older child's textbooks and computer off at the high school, and I burst ino teacher because we coudln't find the charging cable and have looked everywhere and nobody wanted to ask what was going on and I was just blubering. It was a mess. Plus the whole, "Ann'a was doing great when she was in 8th grade class, she going to be able to make the transition to high school?"
  12. Strategically applied bags of charcoal helps.
  13. White, sweaty clothes get washed in bleach and vinegar, too.
  14. I'm like the very opposite of an essential oils guru, but Young Living Purification oils is pretty much tailor made for this exact issue.
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