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  1. Yeah, everyone here is congratulating themselves that school opening is going well, but....cases are at the highest levels they've ever been; there have been a lot of cases in schools, but they aren't announcing anything other "case in school," not classroom, since the whole "within six feet for 15 consecutive minutes" is the thresh hold, and very few schools are actually open. So to me, reopening is NOT going well at all.
  2. Our local numbers are super high right now. We actually have tied for records.
  3. I have two kids with severe anxiety, one of whose started kind of suddenly and was at least partially related to ptsd related to sounds. Things that have helped us: vitamin D supplementation (it was genuinely deficient, not just "not optimal"), noise canceling headphones, counseling, and eventually meds. I wish we had started the meds earlier, but we had a strong family history of anxiety and excellent response to ssri meds.
  4. Oh, it's entirely possible it's just anecdotal. But since both myself and both kids had levels that all the medical professionals deemed "deficient," and some of us had levels that put us in danger of both rickets and (I had not heard this one before) psychosis, supplementation seemed like a no brainer. And since we apparently have to continuously supplement to stay out of that range, I figure we might as well shoot for good/ optimal rather than just "not in danger of rickets in the next year."
  5. Oh, I so, so much do. Our neighbor's cat that I named Kamala (and she came to it) has disappeared, and I'm so worried about her, but when I tried to talk to my neighbor about her cat, she completely ignored me. I thought maybe she didn't hear me, so I went over close to her, and she just stared past me and literally wouldn't make eye contact or anything, and it was one of the most awkward situations I've ever had in my life, and I miss her, because she let me pet her. But we have two cats, but neither of them is MY cat, and Obama is a complete jerk, and Scout is pooping on the floor, so I k
  6. Not for OCD, but both of my teens take sertaline for anxiety. The youngest actually started just after her fifth birthday, and it was seriously life changing. She has not had any side effects that we have noticed, but she started so young, that might have been hard to tease out. She actually had an immediate positive effect; it didn't have to build. I mean, we had more improvements over time, but she had significant changes with the first dose. The preschool teacher, who did not know we had medicated her, asked what had changed, because she was so different. (Her anxiety was released eno
  7. My husband expressly forbid me to plant mint freely in the yard because he did not want to be dealing with a yard all the way full of mint.
  8. I really like having fresh herbs: mint, rosemary (although that's doing fine), lavender, tarragon, several varieties of basil. (I love basil.)
  9. Because of the way our deck is, it had shade for about half the day. Regardless, I think I might get the aerogarden. That sounds perfect for my speed. I found by September I was really resenting dragging out the hose and watering everything every day.
  10. I was getting viruses ALL the time, and my health improved greatly when I started supplementing vitamin D, but my level was only like 12. My oldest child's level was either 7 or 9. We definitely are huge believers in supplementing here, but our levels all drop to the "everyone agrees they're clearly deficient" range without pretty rigorous supplementation.
  11. I probably didn't give it enough water. It was in a pot on my deck. And.....it's possible it's not totally dead. The bottom part looks like sticks, but there are some blooms up on top I just noticed. Regardless, it's ugly as sin. I've been surprised at how not invested my cats have been in the catnip. They're definitely catnip reactive, because they love toys and dried catnip, and years ago, I bought a catnip plant, and one cat in particular went insane. So I actually thought that the plant had been mislabeled, despite it looking exactly like all the catnip pictures on the interne
  12. Yeah, I think my Happy Mask is a solid construction, but it does not fit my face super well, so I don't wear it in what I consider "higher risk" encounters. I wear masks that may be of poorer construction but fit my face better for things like going to the doctor's. If I was going to do something riskier, I might get some tape to fix the gaps and wear it, but that's more of a commitment than I feel a trip to the store merits. I'll wear it if I'm outside or going through a fast food window or something like that.
  13. That is probably a good idea. Putin's brother's yard looks phenomenal, though. And I got five different tomato plants. One of them produced prodigious, delicious tomatoes in large quantity, although they were larger than cherry size but not as big as regular sized tomatoes. There was a dwarf tomato plant that produced some okay tomatoes but they tasted terrible. And three that all rotted as they ripened. So maybe it's hyper specialized? Likewise, the mint died but the catnip flourished.
  14. Definitely! They are amazing. But.....I mean, I couldn't keep MINT alive. (Catnip, on the other hand, is flourishing.)
  15. Here's my favorite description of the difference between those two philosophies: http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.com/2020/08/play-instead-of-playishness-making.html
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