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  1. I had a breast reduction surgery where 7 lbs of tissue was removed from one boob and 4 lbs from the other one. I honestly asked if they could just cut them off entirely, but the plastic surgeon would not, and I do not have strong feelings: either attachment to them or revulsion for having them. Many people and doctors started suggesting reduction from the time I was 12 (they absolutely would have done it before I was 18), but I wouldn't until I was done with breast feeding. Frankly, I have systemic back damage from years of breasts that were that large. My oldest is nonbinary, has a
  2. If you're driving through Mitchell, SD, a trip to the Corn Palace is entertaining.
  3. We like bombas socks, but they are kinda tight.
  4. We have had vaccinations in adolescence. They've had a tetanus booster, HPV vaccines, a meningitis vaccine. Maybe hepatitis A? Our pediatrician does my younger one's mental health and asthma drugs, so we have to go at least twice a year for that.
  5. I vote for either slapping the mosquito, covering up, or going outside and giving yourself a misting of bug spray, but not spraying it in the house. Honestly, I'd be tempted to misplace the bug spray.
  6. I haven't started sending them into the doctors alone, but I would be fine with it if they wanted to go in alone. So far, even at 16 and 17, the doctor has wanted to talk to me, and I like to hear the information from the doctor, since my kids aren't the best at remembering things like shots or instructions. I keep expecting the pediatrician and the psychiatrist to want to talk to the kids without me in the room but that hasn't happened yet. (Actually, my husband does most psychiatrist appointments with my oldest. But those are virtual these days.). Only doctor that has ever asked me to st
  7. Maybe I need to rethink that! https://www.bostonherald.com/2021/06/11/cape-cod-fisherman-ok-after-whale-gulps-him-down-spits-him-out/?fbclid=IwAR20LbAaNLvnHPTF0jZRszsjIaY3Jct6s_wHhS68ms55utap5ip6RFrkoIY
  8. Wow!!! I am so impressed! I have friends who make their living working Ren Faires and doing medieval style crafting that they sell online. It's a unique life but a surprisingly good living.
  9. I got a full ride: tuition, room, and board to a private college. Granted, 25 years ago. But the week I won the scholarship, the lottery in our state was for almost the same amount as my scholarship was for four years. Really was like winning the lottery. I was lucky.
  10. Right??? It really, really is! She actually has rather good social skills now, although she is acutely aware of the power of eye contact and has been known to use aggressive eye contact and physical proximity to intimidate bullies into leaving her friends alone.
  11. I will confess that I did apologize and tell the nice man in church who tried to pass the peace to my youngest that she was autistic after she growled and hissed at him. Which, may not have been best practice on my part, but it wasn't typical behavior for her, and I was just so taken aback and he looked so startled and horrified that I just didn't think it through. That was a number of years ago, though. She was 12, so old enough that it wasn't little kid cute/ funny anymore, though?
  12. Okay, that sounds like it might have given the sheep indigestion. But is also hilarious. No, immediately after placing the first sticker, we tried to peel it up, but nope. Instantly adhered like superglue. Unfortunately.
  13. I can't find the statistics, because it was from so long ago now, but Sweden's evidence for herd immunity seemed a lot flimsier than Manaus's. I mean, they had bodies stacked in the streets in the spring. They had a LOT of deaths. 70% infected seemed pretty darn reasonable based on death rates there.
  14. I don't know about how reliable it was, but I remember reading about Manaus having such a huge epidemic early on and most experts thought they had reached herd immunity, and then the city got hammered again. But I don't know how many of those people were officially tested or not.
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