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  1. Terabith

    Dizziness with flu? Is this ok?

    I always get a bit dizzy with a fever.
  2. Terabith

    Right Start Math still worth it?

    Probably not. Math U See sounds like a good fit.
  3. Terabith


    I ran genetics on me, before I really thought through future ethical or privacy issues. I’m now really nervous about the idea of running the kids, since my genetic stuff is out there and I didn’t use a fake name or anything. My daughter is not on ADHD meds. When she was seven, she was dx as mild ADHD by the neuropsychologist, but I am not sure if even he really thought it was an accurate diagnosis. She has certainly never shown attention issues in real life. We tried a couple different nonstimulants and stimulants. The nonstimulants really didn’t have any effect. The stimulants did improve her processing speed and possibly memory, but they also made her high as a kite. More or less manic. It was disturbing. Radical personality change. That was the end of our forays into ADHD meds. I’d be willing to look at them again when it’s time for her to drive, maybe. But I honestly don’t think she has ADHD. We did vision therapy and it was a disaster. Nine months driving two hours each way, with no improvement, and he told us she was going to be a juvenile delinquent. Plus she has actual, diagnosed PTSD from trying to do the therapy. It was awful. I think she needed vision therapy, but doing it is possibly my biggest parenting regret. I didn’t realize where the line between hard and impossible/ abusive was. I kept making her do the exercises, trusting in the process, and I absolutely shouldn’t have. I did basically bully her into learning to read, and I’m not sure I regret that, because she is a good reader and she was fighting me about everything in those days. But the vision therapy...that’s off the table.
  4. Yeah, if he just wants "get her done" math, I'd use Horizons. But I'd do supplementing with MEP or Beast Academy and math puzzles and games (Zaccarro and the like). He's going to need small amounts of "hard stuff," but for the days you just want to hand him something to practice skills, I think Horizons would be the best bet. But I'd use the placement test. CLE might work all right, but I think it would be tedious for such a mathy kid. Absolutely not Saxon, because he'd have to copy out problems and such, and he's asynchronous there.
  5. Terabith


    Yeah, my husband has a masters in physics. He continually was failing elementary school mathematics, and his fourth or fifth grade teacher tried to get him to promise to not go into any mathematical field. He is terrible at arithmetic, but he has an intuitive understanding of higher math. I think my husband thinks our daughter is the same way. Honestly, I don't think she is, but I hope so. I think her difficulty is rooted in the fact that she has almost no working memory, which is not something that's going to get better as math gets more complex. I have no idea how to remediate a kid who isn't really lacking in ability to understand the math but simply cannot hold more than one item in her memory. Trying to get her to recite a list of numbers....she falls apart at TWO, and is completely incapable of reversing even two numbers given to her. She doesn't understand time or money. I think if I were homeschooling her, I could focus on application and word problems of arithmetic and give her a calculator. I think with targeted work, we could get her functional with enough math to cope with daily life. I don't think we can do that while trying to get her through public school curriculum, however. I would be willing to try her in algebra, but I just don't see it as likely to be particularly relevant or meaningful for her, and despite her very high IQ, I am not convinced college is really what we should put our efforts towards. Especially since there's no real effective therapy for working memory issues.
  6. Terabith


    Yeah, I'm don't know if my daughter has a math disability. I don't THINK so, but she does struggle. My husband thinks she will do better once she gets to algebra, but I'm not so sure. I am very concerned, because while the math instruction at the private school was very good and she was making progress, the math instruction at the public school appears to be a complete....mess, I will say. But not really sure what options we have to fix that. I wish I could send her back to the Catholic school from an educational point of view, but socially, she really likes public school so much better, and the fact that they have electives like art and typing and music are pretty huge.
  7. Lewelma, your son sounds so much like my 13 year old daughter. She's got pretty good phonemic awareness and knows her spelling rules, but she has absolutely no visual memory. I think the approach that you've taken towards spelling and typing dictation sounds brilliant, and I kind of regret that we aren't homeschooling, because I think it might really benefit my daughter. She does pretty well with texting and makes liberal use of word prediction. I've been surprised at how much functionality that gives her.
  8. Only because I’m in the throes of it, but could they be ulcers? Like hand foot and mouth disease? Apparently it’s going around here...
  9. Terabith

    Wasn't one of the mom's here a education counselor?

    Rivka was on Jeopardy??? How did I miss this?
  10. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    I feel some better today, but exhausted and weaker than a kitten. Rash and ulcers are still uncomfortable but mostly just want to sleep.
  11. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    Definitely feeling some better but still have a fever and mouth ulcers and rash. Is it normal to feel utterly exhausted by this virus? I’m trying to do a bit more but even getting out of bed is exhausting.
  12. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    She thinks it’s just hand foot and mouth. Rash can be rarer symptom though she agreed it looked like scarlet fever. Said to rotate Tylenol and ibuprofen, magic mouthwash, and lozenges to try to get fluids in. Said it’s just miserable and to go back to bed but she doesn’t think it’s dangerous.
  13. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    I’m waiting, largely because of expense. Mostly large floater kind of things. Got some sleep. Going to try to get into doctor in morning. I feel lousy but not in danger.
  14. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    Doctor friend thinks I should consider ER because of exhaustion and dehydration. I worry about overkill. But I am having trouble sleeping because of pain and leading to seeing things out of the corner of my eyes.
  15. Terabith

    Has anyone had hand foot and mouth as an adult?

    Of course, if I go to the doctor, I probably should change out of pajamas. Sigh
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