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  1. I’m majorly counting on being fine by Monday/ fever free by Sunday. That should be reasonable, right? Like eight days?
  2. I’ve taken some. It does help. It’s just disturbing. Usually with bugs I might feel terrible but can get up and function. And I just plain can’t. I’ve felt too sick to do anything. Is it normal with the flu to be so weak brushing your teeth is almost impossibly hard and exhausting?
  3. Husband took her to doctor. Doubling Zoloft, which is reasonable because it wasn’t a therapeutic dose. Did blood work. Looking for an OT for her. She can see an adult psychiatrist if we can find one. I should call guidance counselor.
  4. To be honest, the flu test was negative so it was deemed flu like illness. Have pondered doing the teladoc thing. Feel too sick to go back to office. But if I am honest, flu or other virus, I feel terrible and really struggle to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I feel sicker than a dog.
  5. My mother says I am a wuss for going to bed with the flu/ pseudo-flu. But every time I try to get up to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, I get dizzy and weak and wobbly. It just seems safer to stay in bed, as well as slightly less miserable.
  6. As soon as I am well enough to leave the house, I will get a picture. Or solicit someone else to do so.
  7. I’m not, since they specifically said 17 and up and she’ll just be 16 next month. I guess I could ask though.
  8. It’s just the way she is. The first time I got pregnant and called her and told her, her response was, “You will probably lose the baby. And if you don’t, you might go crazy and kill it.” But my whole life, she’ll say stuff like that and then swear up and down she never did. It makes me think I am crazy. And I know it’s dumb, but I still feel ashamed, like I must have done something wrong to get sick, etc.
  9. Doctor is doubling her Zoloft dose, which seems appropriate because that’s the standard scaffolding up. Looking for OT. In theory if we could find an adult psychiatrist, she could see them. Took blood for a bunch of labs. She has a cold sore but we can get some otc stuff for it.
  10. Honestly, she neither has an ASD dx nor seems ASD. Her sister is both dx (despite passing the tests) and seems ASD. She has sensory issues and some anxiety/ depression/ perfectionist traits and had a speech delay as a toddler but caught up by age 2.5.
  11. Yeah, I have taken my NyQuil and am laying in bed like a good sick person, but I’m shivering with chills and everything frickin hurts, including my eyes and my hair, and I am not even sure how that is possible. I think everyone is on their own for dinner and homework tonight. I feel way too sick to deal with anything.
  12. Not “fresh.” Believe me, I feel like we’ve tried it all. Not trying to be obstreperous. She throws it out.
  13. As soon as I get out and about I will get a picture.
  14. No picture for a couple days because I am out of data (yet another mystery). But the ladder is gone. The monolith is wearing a hat.
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