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  1. I highly recommend the annotated Hamilton lyrics. It goes into a lot of information about both history and musical influences. For instance, when Burr says, "Grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher," do you know who his grandfather was? His grandfather was Jonathan Edwards. Stuff like that.
  2. You can get a soundtrack with clean lyrics.
  3. We don't have a dishwasher, and while I didn't really mind this pre-covid, I'm starting to get seriously irritated about having to wash dishes all the freaking time. I mean, I think my kids are wearing fewer clothes (what with their anti bra and pants feelings), but they are more than making up with it with the number of dishes. SOOOOOO many dishes!
  4. Yeah, I am very glad we got the soundtrack and listened to it over and over again, and looked up all the lyrics years before we saw it. I can't imagine having my first exposure to the music be trying to follow the plot as a whole. It's very fast. But the lyrics are amazingly clever, and they often are working in both references to rap/ hip hop music and history. Honestly, Miranda is a legit genius.
  5. Every St. Patrick's Day, my husband always threatens to wear orange in protest. He doesn't understand how come nobody does.
  6. My oldest was orange as a baby and hated carrots/ sweet potatoes. They did, however, LOVE spinach and ate vast quantities of it. It actually really took me aback and slightly alarmed me when I took them into the pediatrician and he said, "Oh, they love carrots, eh?" And I was like, no..... I guess it happened gradually enough that I didn't really realize they were orange, and it took a minute for me to realize that spinach also contains lots of vitamin A.
  7. It was so good. We had seen it a couple years ago at the Kennedy Center, but I loved being able to see faces. That said, watching it now with the state of the nation has a different feeling than even a few years ago.
  8. I'm wondering about why New York had such a big jump from the middle of March to the end of March, when other parts of the country with the same number of cases in mid March did not. I was looking back at numbers. On March 11, didn't New York have like 200 cases? But it was up to like 25,000 two or three weeks later. I'm wondering if the big difference was the announced "travel ban" with Europe in mid March? I remember those pictures of airports, with thousands of people crammed together. New York is a major hub. Could it have been that that made the difference between the explosion of cases in NY versus say, Washington state?
  9. I used Atelier. It's a great curriculum. We didn't get it done really, but that was my fault and not its.
  10. Where do you live that you were having temps in the 50's-60's in July???
  11. My younger kid takes anxiety meds, not ADHD meds, and is not in therapy. She has done therapy in the past, but hasn't for four years or so.
  12. Well, Mike's point is that people vary in whether they breathe primarily through their mouth versus their nose. But like I said, he apparently sneezes without using his nose, so I dunno? I mean, clearly it would be far, far better if people wore them over both their noses and mouths, but that's apparently not going to happen.
  13. This is probably stupid, but I would really, seriously, legitimately like to see if there's any reduction in risk when people wear a mask over their mouth but not their nose, since that's how I see at least 60% of people wearing their masks (if they're wearing them at all) around here. My gut feeling is that improper wearing probably invalidates mask benefits, but my husband said that's not necessarily the case and we'd need a study to determine if it helps at all. Of course, apparently he trained himself to sneeze out of his mouth and not his nose.
  14. Yeah, I spent several years trying to keep my kid from falling asleep in the mid afternoon. Honestly, all we could do was never go in the car and watch a lot of television, because she didn't fall asleep watching tv but if not actively kept awake, would fall asleep. But even two minutes of sleep would keep her up till 1 am. It was kind of awful. She also woke up every 2 hours all night long.
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